“Smoking Gun”: Congress Just Proved Obama DOJ Was Playing Favorites

In comments Tuesday, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va) said that his committee had uncovered evidence that the Obama Justice Department deliberately shuttled settlement money away from conservative organizations so that liberal groups could pick up the lion’s share of the cash.

The revelation, which comes months after Attorney General Jeff Sessions put an end to the practice of putting DOJ settlement money into a slush fund, is yet another instance of the Obama administration using what should be a non-partisan tool to fund partisan interest groups. In many ways, this is the accompanying note to the IRS scandal that dogged the administration for years (and, frankly, has STILL not been properly resolved, even now).

“It is not every day in congressional investigations that we find a smoking gun,” Goodlatte said. “Here, we have it.”

Goodlatte’s evidence came in the form of internal DOJ emails which show quite plainly that there was quite a bit of favoritism being played in the halls of Eric Holder’s Justice Department. In one emails, a senior DOJ official expresses reluctance to see the money from a major settlement to a conservative law firm.

“Concerns include: a) not allowing Citi to pick a statewide intermediary like the Pacific Legal Foundation (does conservative property-rights legal services),” wrote the official. “We are more likely to get the right result from a state bar association-affiliated entity.

In another series of emails, we see outside organizations and internal officials praising then-Associate Attorney General Tony West for shuttling money to liberal interests.

“Now that it has been more than 24 hours for us all to try and digest the Bank of America settlement, I would like to discuss ways we might want to recognize and show appreciation for the Department of Justice and specifically Associate Attorney General Tony West,” wrote Charles Dunlap of the Indiana Bar Association in 2014.

A person named Bob LeClair responded: “Frankly, I would be willing to have us build a statue and then we could bow down to this statue each day after we get out $200,000.”

Making matters worse, Goodlatte reminded his colleagues on the House floor that Obama administration officials had previously denied having any interest in divvying up settlement monies according to political preferences. He recalled that DOJ oversight official Geoffrey Graber testified in 2015 that the department “did not want to be in the business of picking and choosing which organizations may or may not receive any funding under the agreement.”

“But internal DOJ documents tell a different story,” Goodlatte said. “They show that contrary to Graber’s sworn testimony, the donation provisions were structured to aid the Obama administration’s political friends and exclude conservative groups.”

Right now, at this very moment, Democrats are trying to accuse the Trump administration of foul play in their awarding of an energy contract to a small Indiana firm. But you’ll notice that neither now nor then did they have anything to say about the Obama administration’s unacceptable, illegal, and unethical use of lawsuit settlements to fund liberal special interest groups.

What a shock.

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  1. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    The REAL question is, will anything actually be done, as in CRIMINAL PROSECUTION? Hell no.

    • Hope, however, does spring eternal, as long as their is breath! It is hard to sleep these days, counting sheep is no help. It is caused by the heavy endorphin release from seeing “The Clinton Crime Family” being perp walked in their orange prison “pantsuits!”

  2. This is not really surprising given the former AG’s track record. He should have been fired after he was found in contempt of Congress. The communists have been trying to undermine the U.S. since the 1950’s, but unfortunately no one took it seriously. Obama’s contribution to that effort was successfully dividing the country by tearing down our institutions – the Constitution, the police, the military, the church, health, and racially. We will lose our freedom if good people do nothing.

  3. Here we go again. All talk ! No action!
    I wish someone or something would light a fire under this House and Senate.

    • What you talkin’ bout? They, the Dept of Defense, took action. Already locked up one sailor for taking some pics of his sub for one year, and they loaded on a few other consequences. By that measure, “The Clinton Crime Family” should all be serving life without parole!

      • I see you have read that very interesting article!! I was shocked when I found it. NOT so shocked, however, that I was unable to believe every word.

        • Not sure what you mean about “unable to believe every word?” My main point being that had I done 1/100th of the “criminally careless” handling of ANY classified material that I was responsible for, when holding a Top Secret security clearance, my famdamily would still be digging trying to find out how far they had buried me UNDER Leavenworth – or, possibly having to visit my grave plot (not in Arlington), after my execution! Additionally, that pardon of Manning, by Obama, was not just a slap in the face to every military individual that performed their security obligations diligently and faithfully, he managed to relieve himself on the graves of those his better….

          • I was talking about the “Clinton Crime Family” article. I found it quite by chance a few years ago when I was looking for something else.

            I meant that I did NOT know how much of it was true, and YES I absolutely agree with you regarding Obama’s AND Clinton’s Nefarious activities.

            Had I done anything REMOTELY close to what Manning did, I would STILL be living UNDER Leavenworth, believe me.

            You know, since the evidence of DNC and Hillary Clinton collusion with the Russians came out, the Dems are now saying, “Well, we have worked on this long enough, and it’s time to get back to work” . . . .

            What they DON’T say is that the “work they need to get back to” is the work of burying any evidence against Hillary, Bill, Barack, Jarrett and Lynch” under the rug!!

          • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

            That lump under the rug is beginning to look like Mt. Everest.

          • They make up lies about Russian medaling in the election or whatever to cause problems. Their plan is to use the media to distract president Trump so he doesn’t accomplish anything. They keep him off balance and on the defense. President Trump needs to request the presence of these so-called Republicans at the White House. I would do it one at a time or in groups of just 4 or 5 at a time. Then I would explain that it is decision time. You can either start doing the right think for the people so we can fix this country or, you can continue to block and make it hard for me to get anything done. If you chose the latter I can assure you there will be consequences when reelection time comes around. The people of this country are not going to let people like John McCain who is a Republican by label only. When the president does drain the cesspool in Washington there are plenty of Republicans going down the drain with a whole bunch of Communist Democrats. Oh sorry Progressive Democrats. Communist just sounds so negative and doesn’t progressive sound so much better. There is no difference in their political view or what they are trying to do to the United States.
            They have been trying to destroy this country for over 50 years, I have proof. Obamas real father Frank Marshal Davis. Yea that’s right Frank Marshal Davis is Obama’s real father. Not the goat herder from Kenya like he claims. Look into it yourself. I don’t want you to take my word for it. The whole big cover up about Obama’s birth certificate had not one thing to do with where he was born. The whole fake birth certificate cover up was because the original one said FATHER – UNKNOWN.
            Frank Marshal Davis met Obama’s mother in Hawaii. He was married and 40= years old when he met Obama’s 18 year old mother. That’s not even why they covered up who his real father is, the reason for that was Mr. Davis was a card carrying communist and proud of it. Some of his writings would scare you. He actually wrote “the is no way the USA could ever be overthrown from any outside country on the planet. The only way to take down the USA is from within their government.

      • Think back, we’ve had more than one Spy, enter our Military, our last Covert Operative to enter Public Office; Barack Obama. … . Obama, is a Traitor, had he had his way, to fulfill his agenda, he would’ve totally disarmed the US Military, as it was, he did pretty well. … . He forced over 500 Field Grade Officers out of the Military, numerous Generals, rather than serve, Retired. … .

        Further; Barack allowed a Convicted Traitor, to be released, after first, fulfilling his dream to become a woman, Obama Pardoned Manning, but Manning’s day is coming, he’s going to be looking one way and suddenly he’ll meet his fate . … .

        Obama, utilized the Peoples Government against the People, it was designed to protect. … .

        Now, President Trump’s left a huge mess to clean up. … . The Democrats, need to rethink their Platform, or simply admit, they’re intent on turning the US into a Socialist Democratic State. … .
        Well, that is, once they can get the Leftist Sexist, they used to so proudly call Democratic Prime Donors . … . LOL !!!! As the List Grows, Hollywierd will soon be mostly Women, because all the so called Men, will be under investigation for Sexist Crimes against Women. … . But, have you noticed, the real Radical Leftist, Susan Sarandon and Hanoi Jane, have failed to mention a word or sounded off against any of these perverts. … ? That’s because, they themselves, consider the Perversion, comes with the Power. … .

        2018, SHOULD BE SOMETHING TO WATCH. … . GOP, Shedding the Snakes, getting rid of the R I N O’s . … . Let’s watch as President Trump Drains the Swamp . … . I love watching the Left, Burp, as all of the Garbage, gets Regurgitated and Pewked up . … .

  4. This proves without a doubt that the old hag was not just guilty of dirty politics but embraced TREASON.

    • When all else fails, name-calling is the best way to go.

      • Nah – Play the race card – Claim ignorance although as a vet of the military and LEO – IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE or so the judges and lawyers tell everyone else—— as you get hanged and fined outta existence…..

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      • You don’t like the TRUTH ????

      • Hey Richard, some people DESERVE to be called “names”. Hillary for one.

    • Did you hear this – Special counsel Mueller is about to jail somebody as relates to Russia investigation? I am counselling Mueller not to jail our president Trump now. It is too expensive to elect another one now; and I am not ready to have Pence as new president. Pence is anti-progress in this Country. Look at his eyes. Pence would be perfect as president in Iraq, Somalia, S. Arabia, Kuwait, Libya and Iran. These countries do not believe women are regular people. Please Mr. Mueller do not jail our president now; wait until his term is done in 2020. I will pay for his one way ticket to Trump Tower. After all it will be only $95 as one-way.

  5. That whole FRAUDUAL so called administration was giving the finger to the STUPID Democrat voters

    • They do not care they been screwed over, their media stations feed them lies hourly, and political propaganda just makes them more stupid, and Obama needs ignorant people he can fool. Honestly, uranium one scandal is enough to put them all away, but our congress us do corrupt it will never happen, add Jeff Sessions to the list of RINO’s.

  6. Richard Bagenstose

    i’d like to know how much oboma pocketed, now their going to pay these groups millions of our tax dollars while oboma and lynch collect their pensions and laugh all the way to the bank , and they call bernie nadoff a crook ,until you start locking up these criminals take your b/s and shove it

    • I’m a firm believer that anyone who will lie to you will steal from you. I also do not know of a progressive communist so called democrat who does not lie. Therefore………………………………………………..

  7. Sounds like another case of closing the barn door after the horse escaped. In MY opinion, ALL the “players” in these TREASONOUS “dirty dealings” should be ROTTING in a prison cell to await EXECUTION, and all their cushy “pensions” GONE. s time to seek out ALL the “implanted” COMMUNISTS and DEAL with them for once. “CONGRESS”….. time to get off your BUTTS, get to work and EARN your “pay” otherwise, find another “line of work” (that doesn’t cost “WE THE TAXPAYERS” our hard earned money, so you can “vacation” constantly.)

  8. We are surprised how?

  9. SURPRISE SURPRISE !!! Dan French

  10. The lying, treasonous, hate filled witch has the face that all these “sins” carved !!

  11. This sounds like they funneling money from the DOJ slush fund to friends or associates in Libertard Groups. That could be construed as misappropriation of funds. A felony under Federal Law.

  12. Probably the most corrupt administration in our entire U.S.history. Some of the dirt is seeping out from under the edge of the rug, finally. What a shame to see Holder and Lynch tarnish the Justice Department with these shenanigans. If the things come out that should come out I believe the Democrats will be carrying a black name for many years to come.

  13. Surprise, surprise, Sergeant! Wut is it Gomer? They just proved that our government agencies play favorites. Gomer, Gomer, you gotta be smarter than that. Why’s that Sergeant? No.1, it isn’t your job to question what they do up in that puzzle palace of DC. No. 2, That stuff they do in that pig sty, that would curl the hair on a hairless pig, goes on all the time! Now, git bak to peeling those spuds, before I turn you in to the IRS!

  14. Tell me something I didn’t already know.

  15. America is slowly imploding! It has turned away from God and from the Constitution which was based upon Judeo-Christian doctrine and faith. Too bad! But, every other empire/nation that denied God has gone down! This once great nation known as the United States of America is no different! Honor God, receive His blessing! Deny God, He removes His blessing and lets that nation bring itself down! The ACLU and other God-hating groups never learned this truth! So sad!

  16. Nah =- can’t be true because they claim it isn’t……

    Whatta world DC and Hollywood is —– judges and lawyers have become accessories to treason – a nugget like obozo and holder running around the world loose and making millions while jamming up the courts – NFL kneeling while brave people die – POLITICIANS SELLING OUT EVERYTHING THE COUNTRY STANDS FOR…..

  17. I highly doubt anything will be done…recalling the Kill-liar-y questioning on the murders of 4 Americans in Benghazi; the obvious attempt to cover their guilty rears, … a video is to blame for the murders. No one was held accountable.https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cf04060cd5a2562b93a258a12f5cab6d9efed7759a134a133aa528153a902d74.gif

  18. here we are , Obama and his MOB looking to a get rich scheme that is now falling apart ! please do not believe what Democrats are saying they are saying ” THIS IS A COVER UP TO MOVE THE RUSSIA INVESTGATION AWAY FROM TRUMP ” well they are right , but they did the moving with their ” I can get away with it ” attitude

  19. Breaking new tonight! The Russian sources have disclosed that Don Jr. lied about the meeting with Russian lawyers in the Tower and that Trump lied when he drafted Don Jr’s letter proving the intent to collude with Putin representatives. Both Trump and Jrs now shown to be guilty of prison worthy violations and Mueller has it all.

  20. Swamp cleaning 101, unfortunately you can not trust all the people who are supposed to be looking after your interests, This, however vividly shows the contempt the Democrats have for the Constitution, anything goes as long as you can get away with it. Obama’s administration were all major Rats from the swamp. They all lived high off the tax payers, and they were a brotherhood, determined to keep power at any cost.

  21. Great hyp but we need action, Jail them on the RICO laws of collusion and they’ll do big time !!!

  22. “Obama DOJ Was Playing Favorites” …. DUH!

  23. Dennis B Anderson

    No one is talking about the war Obama & Hitler-y started all by themselves in Lybia.
    You might as well say they assassinated Gaddafi and brokered weapons to both sides of this faction. The weapons & surface to air missiles ended up in Benghazi for sale again? Stevens was up to his neck in this corrosive situation. They created the problem thats in the middle east.

  24. The entire Obama administration was as crooked as they come, yet the democRATS try to block everything the president does even tho it’s legal

  25. You really aren’t telling us something we already knew. Obama’s administration was the most injudicious, shameless, despicable bunch of worthless idiots, including Obama, this country had ever allowed to govern. We Conservatives should have taken to the streets when ALL of Obama’s administration went rogue. Holder especially, the Clinton, and Lynch. and everyone in between. We should have given them a taste of their own medicine. I’ll bet Obama would have installed Marshall Law if we ever did all the violence and destruction to infrastructure the left and liberals are doing now.
    We knew for a long time the Obama administration was as crooked as an Appalachian mountain road.
    But what is just as bad is the legislative body made up of Democrats who had the majority and they let Obama run this country like a dictator. Democrat legislatures are the most ignorant stupid bunch of politicians ever nominated. Conservatives need to fight fire with fire. We need to make accountable all of Obama’s criminal administration to show that no one is above the law. Even Obama who’s presidency was illegitimate in my view. We need to go after him and hang him for selling America out and trying to make us a third world country.

  26. You know if you squeeze it hard enough and the slim will run out. Obama’s slimy group of thugs deserve everything that get.

  27. Obama’s DOJ was really Dept. of INJUSTICE as any American can tell you! You think Mueller will reveal that, don’t
    hold your breath?

  28. Carol Juliano Popp

    No great surprise. Lock him up.

  29. Is there anything that Obama administration did for the voters??????they certainly did alot of financial rewards plus legislation that really screwed the voters …. and the DNC is doing their damdist to carry on the practice in every way it can!!!!! Is there ever an honest elected politician or government employee??????seems like the swamp will take forever to drain…..Its easy to lie for money rewards in the swamp????? what happened to IN GOD WE TRUST or if that only outside of Washington….

  30. Time for real justice against the past administration, including Mueller. He is the snakes other head besides Obama. Cut it off like Isis does in front of the world for all to see what happens when you say one thing and do the opposite. Traitors

  31. I am not sure that any of what is outlined in the article is any sort of a surprise. The fact that the Obamanites in the government were and are thieves, liars and traitors to the country is recognized by most of us, with the exception of the pro-Hillary trolls among us. This is just more evidence of that. Will it lead to jail time for any of the guilty parties? Not very likely.


    • DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and payments to Fusion GPS

    • Hillary’s campaign involved with payments to Fusion GPS

    • Fusion GPS own Kremlin connection

    • Fusion GPS own Daniel Steele, x-British spy, connection

    • Fusion GPS own Russia’s foreign intelligence agency connection

    • Fusion GPS own CNN connection

    • Fusion GPS Democratic Party connection

    • Fusion GPS pro-Russian campaign to kill the Global Magnitsky Act

    • Fusion GPS invoked the 5th Amendment for EVERY question as it appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee

    • FBI connection with Fusion GPS

    • Comey’s connection with Daniel Steele and Fusion GPS

    • FBI connection with Daniel Steele

    • McCain’s connection with Daniel Steele and Fusion GPS

    • Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who was put up to meet with Trump Jr…she promised to produce damaging information about Hillary Clinton

    …AND her connection with the Obama admin

    …AND later was a guest of former Obama administration Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul in Washington DC for a House of Representatives hearing on U.S. Policy Toward Putin’s Russia…she got a front row seat…


    Company linked to Trump-Russian dossier has its own Kremlin connection…


    • Seth Rich, the murdered disgruntled DNC employee and not ’Russian hacker’, who really was the one who turned over the DNC’s emails to Wikileaks

    • Hillary and 20% Uranium give away to Russia and subsequent millions of dollars Russian donations to Clinton Crime Foundation (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Bill’s $500,000 speeches paid by the Russians (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Hillary and Bill’s Clinton Crime Foundation and other Russian connections (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Bill’s $750,000 speech paid by Swedish Ericsson telecom resulting, 7 days later, in giving it exempt status from Obama’s sanctions prohibiting selling to Iran (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Clinton Crime Foundation ‘pay to play’ schemes (while Hillary was Sec of State and then running for President)

    • As Sec of State, Hillary headed up a program to help build the Russian silicone valley, ’Skolkovo’ in which she not only helped our enemy, but received untold millions in 19 donations to Clinton Crime Foundation from the 28 companies involved

    • John Podesta’s $35 million payoff Putin connection (while Hillary was Sec of State and then Hillary’s campaign manager)

    • Tony Podesta (John Podesta’s brother and Democratic Party lobbyist) $180,000 from the Russian government’s uranium company connection (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Huma Abedin’s (vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and prior to that, deputy chief of staff to Clinton) Muslim Brotherhood connection

    • Loretta Lynches collusion with the Clintons and Comey to insure Hillary would not be charged for her violations of security and email scandal

    • Comey’s connection with the Clintons and his possible expectation for appointment as Attorney General of the United States if Hillary became President

    • Obama’s last minute executive order allowing anybody access to certain information in attempt to derail the Trump admin and hurt the country

    • Obama admin peeps using unauthorized unmasking to hurt the Trump Presidential campaign, Presidency and country

    • The FBI’s (Deep State aka Obama moles) efforts to leak classified, but unsubstantiated allegations to hurt the Trump admin and country

    • Comey and Mueller connection

    • Mueller CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and Buzzfeed connections…

  33. Isn’t it time to get a warrant for obama,s arrest?

  34. 145 million for treason

  35. Who’s this hillerie bitch??? Never heared of her before, fly by nighter if anyone is interested??????

  36. What is the DOJ going to do about this and the liers?

  37. lock em up

  38. Why didn’t the award monies go back to the persons who were harmed by the banks? Why did Obama want the money under his control and not returned to the people?….because Obama is criminal!!

  39. I hate to see where this is going if Trump does not start taking these issues a little more serious and get rid of the Corrupt obstacles that the Obama Administration left in place to help damage Trump and help leak out info that they feel will put an end to him. Will they ever get it that the American People are not dumb or blind anymore. We see who and what they stand for over the American People. We will not allow them to wrongfully remove the President We VOTE FOR. Get over it and understand that it was the people say, so where do you think you have the right to go against our say. Are you above us? We will fight for our President before we allow you to sell out America and her People. We are watching and informing.

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