Slap in the Face: VA Pays Millions in Bonuses

Over the last few years, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been exposed as one of the most corrupt, ineffectual, and bloated agencies in the federal government. But even in the midst of widespread scandals involving patient wait-times, the VA thought it appropriate to pay out more than $142 million in performances bonuses.

The figures are from 2014, and they show that the incompetency and outright disdain for the taxpayers continued long after the first news reports started rolling in. In fact, if you listen to spokesman James Hutton, it continues to this day.

“VA will continue to review tools and options in order to ensure the department is able to attract and retain the best talent to serve our nation’s veterans, while operating as a good steward of taxpayer funds,” Hutton said in an interview with USA Today.

The best talent, eh? The talent to falsify documents so that it looks as though you’re not letting sick veterans die without care? That type of talent probably does take a bonus to attract, but it’s unclear why we would want it around in the first place.

What could these millions have done for our nation’s veterans if they hadn’t lined the pockets of incompetent (and, in some cases, criminally negligent) bureaucrats? Well, if we judge it by the standards of the federal government, $142 million probably wouldn’t buy much. If we judge it by the standards of the rest of America, though, that money could have saved lives.

Veterans’ Day is this week, and the vast majority of Americans won’t pay it any more thought than their Facebook news feed forces them to. That’s too bad, because there wouldn’t be a Facebook without men and women brave enough to fight for this country. There wouldn’t be television, the Internet, video games, malls, or anything else that dots the American landscape. Our history is often lamented as one of bloodshed and violence, but it was only because of that bloodshed that we are able to live such peaceful, carefree lives as we do.

Is this an argument for war? You don’t have to make an argument for war. War is. War will always be. War is what made the world what it is today. To pretend like these statements aren’t true is to deny reality. To pretend that we will one day have “world peace”…you might as well be wishing for an alien encounter. Sure, anything’s possible. But what makes you think it’s actually likely?

No, war is here to stay. And without Americans who have the courage to suit up and do what needs to be done, this country’s time will soon be over. For a group of individuals who have given us so much, why are we determined to give them so little back?

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  1. This was just another thing that 0bama was going to get to the bottom of….

    He sure has been a worthless sack of shaeet.

    • I thought that he was already on the bottom…oh no did I say that??

    • IMHO government employees should NOT get bonuses. They are overpaid for what they do as it is. That goes for all government employees. Just think of how much money would be saved. That money would do better going to the national debt. Besides since it is for veterans obama, the biggest military hater in the history of America, could care less.

      • Agreed, but that wasn’t always the case. Before the Government got so big, bloated and controlling, the private sector had better, higher paying jobs… The collusion of Government, Union, and big business, with the use of crony capitalism by the politicians has made capitalism a thing of the past.

      • They should be allowed to EARN bonuses. BUT: 1. They should be earned in real terms. 2. They should not be like winning the lotto…instant millionaire. 3. Their salaries should be cut so that they need to earn the bonuses to make a decent living. In other words, more like REAL jobs.

        • Based on the fact that the federal can’t run anything with even a modicum of competency a bonus program is out of the question IMHO. People will be over compensated and the bonuses will not be properly given out and we will be right where we are now, wasting millions and millions of dollars to managers who can’t properly perform there jobs. If someone is doing a bang up job give them a raise or promote them but no bonuses.

          • And of course, you coild do it better.

            Let’s put the U.S. Coast Guard on call, you know, like a volunteer fire department.

            We can do that for the Uniformed Services as well. Why should we pay them to sir around doning nothing between wars?

            And all those Public Health and VA Hopitals, they takw business away from the commercial sector. They need to be closed as well.

            Yes, sarcasm, but hey, you make it clear Uncle Sam cannot do anything riight …

          • That’s right, Uncle Sam CAN’T do anything right – at least not while our pervert President is at the help!!!! ANYONE could do it better!!!! Some Commander-in-Chief – exploits the very people he’s to protect!!

          • Is it the lack of facial expression and/or voice tone that lets saerasm slides right past your right-wing brains?

            Congress makes the laws, Congress spemds the money.
            You elect Congress.

            If you knew rhw first thing about how your government works, you would not be out here play ignoeanr bigot before the entire world.

          • Speaking of ignorant, you can’t SEE my facial expression or HEAR my tone of voice! And I wasn’t being sarcastic, just telling the truth. Obama has gone over Congress’ head several times with his executive orders, acting like they don’t exist and he’s made his own laws, again finding ways to go around the Constitution. Like he said, he’s got a pen and isn’t afraid to use it. I know how my government is SUPPOSED to work, but just like when Hitler was in charge, a tyrant just doesn’t allow the workings of government to proceed the way they’re supposed to.

          • I had engaged in sarcasm, which you missed, thus forming a reply based on the wrong assumptions.

            The Founders saw fit to provide a Presidenr with the Constitutional authority to act. Obama used the tools provided to the office he holds. He exercised the authority of his offce.

            If you do not like the decisions, fine — say so. Comdemnation built upon lies is another story, altogeather. It is unacceptable to me. It should be unacceptable to all Americans.

            There is no tyrant in office. If there were, the Senate would act. Obviously, they can as os demonstrated by the Clinton adultry.

          • My whole answer wasn’t based on the sarcasm issue, just one comment. The rest was based on truth. Are you kidding? Obama has FAR overstepped any boundaries given to the president by the Constitution. And NO, I don’t hesitate to say I don’t like his decisions. I DON’T LIKE HIS DECISIONS – NOT ONE OF THEM!!!!! Nothing I have said is built on lies. He IS a tyrant, hoping to get control of this nation so he and his Muslim brothers can kill all the infidels and rule the world, just like the Quran says they should do. And as far as Clinton is concerned – you have got to be joking – what happened to him – big whoop – they “impeached” him if you want to call it that, but he should have lost his position as president To me, true impeachment means not to slap someone on the wrist, but to replace them with someone who will take the positions seriously. Obama takes it seriously, alright, as the means to destroy our nation – and he’s doing a darn good job of it!

          • Name the powers the Constitution grantsa President.
            Then name just one of Obama’s action that does not fall within that authority.

            There is this Law Degree bestowed by Harvard Law School which also bestowed academic honors. Pkease let me know where you completed law school, and graduade cum laude.

            Also, if your accusations are factual, please explain why the Senate has not acted. They impeached Clinton for adultry, surely they wouldimpeach for something as serious as you accuse the President of.

          • No one even KNOWS for sure that he got a law degree from Harvard – no one is handing out transcripts! Just like Hawaii isn’t handing out info on the fake birth certificate that showed up years after it was asked for! It’s now against the law to even ASK about the birth certificate in Hawaii. Doesn’t sound even a bit fishy to you? I have no explanation for why the Senate hasn’t acted except that they are in his pockets. The president should be impeached for treason and hung by the neck until dead!!!!

          • The entire Senate, all 100 of them. You have to be kidding.

            Hawaii also published his birth certificate on line for over 2 years.

            Everything you have said sounds fishy. That is because it is une lie after another.

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Don’t tell me, I know the answer. You are a Republican, Red State, high school dropout and a racist.

          • Obama graduated magna cum laude.
            That says how he “got a law degree from Harvard” —
            brains and a whole lot of hard work.
            What is your problem: jealousy, ignorance or just plain, old fashioned racism>

          • Obama is a Communist and Muslim, in his own words on 2007 and 2009.

          • Freedom of religion is what the Founding Fathers fought and died for. The majority of the Founders were not Christian.

            Islam is the second largest of the world’s religions. The Nazi mudered 8 million Jewis men, women and children.

            Should we build concentration camps, death showers and ovens to burn the bodies?

            Shall we tatoo numbers on tjeir arms?

            Where should we put those camps?
            What job should uncle give you? Maybe you would like to drag the bodies from the gas chambers?

          • One can only hope; you are the first one, that they decapitate.

          • AMEN. So let it be written, so let it be done.

          • Where should American build her concentration camps?

            Where should the extermination showers be placed?

            Do you think the American people could smell flesh burning and not investigate?

            Do you think the American people would tollerate gynoside?

            On second thought, don’t answer that. Amaricans already have a history of gynocide.

          • Harvard Law published the data on their website for more than 2 years. It is also published in multiple newspaper which are available on line.

            You are repeating lies. What youare doing is wrong. Doubly wrong since we are srill at war,

          • You certainly are a crude truck driving idiot. Everyones knowledge of you is …..You certainly are NO LADY, and second you are a BO BUTT lover, that does not know your arse from a hole in the ground.

          • On the olther hand, you are simply a rude, ignorant, brainwashed fool.

          • America is at war.

            Do you really think this is an appripriate time to make disparaging remarks against your government?

            Freedom of speech is oen thing.
            Aiding an abetting the enemy is quite another.

            If you are an example of what you consider to be a lady, I am quite pleased not to be one in your estimation.

          • The Hillawitch adultry was when she went to bed with another idiot that was not BILL and had Chelsea 9 months later.

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          • The Congress, just like you, will find a rotten apple at the bottom of the barrel. Most rotten apples are in the form of DEMS and closet DEMS. YOU ARE NO LADY, AND A LIBERAL IDIOT.

          • Congress is elected by ‘We the People.’
            I fyou do not like our Republic, please find somewhere else to live — the sooner the better.

          • AKLady must work at the VA & does not want to lose her bonus. OH, and you are no LADY. TYPICAL LIBERAL……insane.

          • Those “red” states have the highest level of school dropouts. (Source: U.S. Census).

          • You know very little about the military when you say sit around between wars. When I served got up at 5 AM and the day didn’t end until 5 PM and that was only if you didn’t get guard duty. We were on call 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Saturday we had inspections while in the U.S. every week so that took us to 12 noon. We had many alerts so a lot of time we also spent the weekends waiting in ready position to go immediately where needed. I could go on but you seem to know it all anyway.

          • I have been married three times. All three are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
            Two were KIA in Vietnam. One died of natural causes a year ago.

            I served in Vietnam — putting sorry A$$es like you back together.

            You go boy, show your ignorance by telling everyone how “smart” you are. Smart-alick that is.

          • Quite a story, too bad there is no way I would believe that tale.

          • Tell me why anyone should care what you think?

          • Guess I could ask the same question of you

      • Well, it is obviois papa has never worked for Uncle.
        Why do you think it is acceptable to lie?

      • They are judged by how many veterans they do not help!

        • It sure seems like it. That being the case they have been incredibly successful.

          • I have many years experience with the VA. They simply are free to do as little as possible. What help they do rovide is rampant with hassles.

            VILE LIBERAL [Progressive] SCUM hate the military and veterans! They see us as their ENEMY! They are correct. We all swore an OATH to protect and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. This translates to VILE LIBERAL SCUM at War with the US Constitution.

          • I am 100% disabled and have been dealing with them for quite a few years also. I know many folks at different VA’s who have gotten terrible care. I have been very fortunate and the care I have gotten has been overall excellent once you get away from the primary care docs. I have had heart surgery, and deal with many other ailments and I am impressed with the care. Now the primary care folks have a lot to be desired. One almost killed me because of gross incompetence. My recommendation is to try and get away from the PCP and when ever possible get referrals to the specialty care folks.

          • Yes you have a valid point. I am speaking of the upper management of the VA system. Many good people work in the lower levels at the VA. This being said a few are self absorbed with them knows it all attitudes of me smart you stupid! I am speaking to the Liberal mind set of a college degree equals they have a brain because some frauds from some college gave them one.

            The ones I work with were clueless depending on employees to cover for them. Today this is ending as those with the knowledge are retiring,

            At higher management levels at the VA, it is all about the money!

          • No argument there. The uppers are totally incompetent and should be fired.

          • Right you are!

          • Its great that you were fortunate. You give good advice.

          • You are to kind. If I can pass on info that has worked for me I am glad to. Veterans are treated like garbage by this administration.

          • The VA’s primary care system is over-worked and under paid. It depends heavily upon physicians still completing their residency in Internal Medicine.

          • Follow the money…….

          • I have seen your posts on so many subjects to so many that even though I am retired wouldn’t have to time to handle that many posts. You really should get a job and quit living off the backs of others.

          • Work hard.
            Save your money.
            Invest wisely.
            You will be able to retire comfortably.

          • That is one way to do it but in your case living off the government dole will get you there without much effort.

          • And get a FED/GOV job and don’t pay your taxes like over a million other Federal employees.

          • Where did that fiction come from?

          • They are NOT under paid. The residents get paid from the program they are in. The docs at the VA start at about 200K a year plus incredible benefits to include all insurance paid etc which adds a big chunk to there pay checks. Most residents are in the 50K range no matter where they intern.

          • In private practice, physicians would earn roughly double the salary those working in government receive.

            The U.S. Office of Peronnel Managemenr has a web site. Maybe you should try using it?

            The pay scsle for physicans is $100,000 to $300,000 per year, depemding of specialty. OB/GYN, Cardiologiss and

            Anesthesiologists are the highest paid. There is also USAJOBS sight.

            The health insurance which can be PURCHASED by an employee is listed there.

            Government ohysicisns do not need to buy malpractice insurance.

          • VA docs are mid range to the scale of 100K-300K. However like you said they don’t have to pay for malpractice ins which could be 80-100K a year depending on specialty. VA docs don’t have to pay for a nursing staff, a building or any other overhead. They don’t have to buy any equipment etc which brings there net pay way down.

          • You must be very easy to fool.
            Your statements are false.
            No federal employee receives “free” insurance — none.

          • Your pants or panties are on fire fruitcake…..VA employees are very OVER PAID, VERY NON-PRDUCTIVE, INEPT, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION TOKENS, and UN-SUPERVISED BY MANAGEMENT……….criminal acts are protected by corrupt unions & crooked management.

          • VA employees are under the same pay scales as all other federal employees.

          • Wake up fruitcake… For just one example: AZ VA Hospital employees receive over double the local going rate paid in a civilian hospital. They also receive huge bonuses, enormous perks, days off with pay, vacations, can watch hard core porn on the job and all the while build Job Security (and most importantly stay out of prison).
            Count how many VA employees have responded to the comments about VA corruption?
            Zero, Zip, Nada, NONE !

          • The Civil Service employee pay rate is set by Congress.
            Suggest you visit the Office of Personnel Management web site.

            Double the civilian rate? VA corruption? What corruption is that?

          • Clear the colon mucus from your eyes……. DEATH BY DELAY VA POLICY…DUH!

          • Your anger is very obvious, however, it does not speak well to the veracity of your statements.

            Your “death by delay” is the result of too few to serve the many.

            There is this huge problem in modern warfare — field medicine has become too efficient. Thus, too many live even though they have bern seriously wounded.

          • Now clear the colon mucus from your ears…….by cooking the books they can receive huge bonuses (and numerous other perks) Death By Delay is due to GREED not from over working. See help AK Troll…..

          • And you are a prime example of that ‘vile liberal [rogressive scum”. Liars are as vile as it comes.

          • Hey I did not come up with this. God said this about 2,500 years ago.

            Isaiah 32:5-8King James Version (KJV)

            5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.

            6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

            7 The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

            8 But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.

            King James Version (KJV)

            by Public Domain

            The TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!

            God and Jesus Christ appear as twins for if you see one you see the other.

          • Really? Yes, the religious right has, in fact, changed the Word of God to suit their politics. Another brainwash victim is brought to light.

            Isaiah 32:5

            “No longer will the fool be called noble, Or the rogue be spoken of as generous.”


    • Get to the bottom of problems at the VA? Now that is the joke of the century. The agency heads play money games, tranfering money from one unit to another, to clear it from the books — so they can get more from Congress.

      • Just another lie by 0bama… Kind of hard to count them isn’t it?

      • They also build new VA Clinics with every Restroom having Baby Diaper Changing Stations……but forgot to have doors wide enough for the disabled vets in wheelchairs, on electric scooters, crutches, etc.
        Maybe just a scam of course to correct at a high price and share the Payola?

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    • Geeze, now I understand why they took ALL of my disability away from me. I was getting $1379.00 monthly and over a year ago they took it all but $1.33.. Yes, I printed it right. I only get $1.33 now. But to add insult to injury, last month I got a letter from our great treasury dept and they said THEY’RE taking 1/3 of my social security. And they bragged that they’re allowed to do it…. Soooooo, now I have to give up the beautiful house and rent a room somewhere.. GOVERNMENT SUCKS

    • Yep just like the border. He knew about both and promised to fix both. He’s made EVERYTHING worse.

  2. Typical of the Government greed and corruption. Pay fools for not doing their jobs while Veterans and other
    are dying as a result of their greed. They should be taken out and put in prison for corruption an abuse
    of their position in Government and any who supported these individuals should also be up on charges
    of corruption.

    • AMERICA!……………” GIT HER DONE”!

    • Those guilty of manslaughter should be arrested, charged and face Justice. Setting an example to other VA criminals.

    • Prison is to good for them and we the people will have to pay the bill, They need to be put in front of a firing squad.

    • Lets shut down all the governmenr. Start with the military — they just sit on thei hamd waitfor a war to happen. Then we can do awau with the CDC. Private indistry would njever do anuthing to harm American’s health — they jight lose a customer …

      • At last you have shown your true colors. Anti American peacnick who would bend over to
        terrorist and those who would destroy our nation. You are not the sweat of on person in
        the military who put their lives on the line daily for less than minimum wage, all to defend
        some POS like you who had no respect for the sacrifices made by those who keep out
        nation safe. It is not the Socialist Democrats nor the GOP political cowards but the U.S
        Military and the Men and Women who stand in the breech just to keep your sorry ass
        safe. May God have mercy on you and your ilk because I have none.

        • Let me suggest that you increase your knowledge and recognition of sarcasm.

          By age 19, I was a war widow. He is burried at Arlington.

          By 24, I was widowed a second time, again a casualty of way. He is also buried at Arlington.

          Husband #3, retired after an 30 year military career. He lived to spend two years of his hard earned retirement. He died of a heart attack.

          Oh, and my parents were miitary. I was born in a military hospital. I also served In Vietnam.


  3. Where is our treatment. Having to wait months to even get an appointment is B.S. Bonuses for the Cadre, while we go without!

    • When you can cook the books you can make your work look good/fast/helpful……and guarantees a bonus for you AND your Executive Management…….

  4. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I just pray we put a Republican in our what house and he’ll see that our VETERANS ARE TAKEN CARE OF LIKE THIS ONE HASN’T DONE AND DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM.







    • Every Veterans organization must construct a muster list of members 9and non member veterans) of their members branch of service, rate or rank, specialty and length of service and have them assigned to sections with the express intent of being able to respond to emergencies.

    • Hapens daily in the military. Top of the wasted money, as well. Why are you complaining about the civilians?

  6. I’m thoroughly confused. First the Department of Veterans Affairs has been exposed as one of the most corrupt, ineffectual, and bloated agencies in the federal government. Then the IRS is investigated and it is thoroughly corrupt and then we Go to the EPA which has people swearing at the corruption in the EPA and we also have the Dept of Education which is acclaimed to have fostered common cause education. which is admittedly one of the largest failures of the 0webomb regime. Finally we have the 0webomb euthanasia/genocide plan which cannot even maintain the health care that we had when it was initiated.
    other than outright incompetency and corruption what else is going on in DC ( district of corruption)? .

  7. How about that , Govt. employees rewarded for being govt. employees. Aint that special.

    • CRIME DOES PAY ! And pays very well.

      • Really. What crimes did uou commit as a government employee?. The militsry are government employees.

        • You need to read your words before posting them, words like uou, commit and militsry but of course we are know you are an idiot anyway.

          • Be fair now…AK could have been born stupid, may have had a severe brain injury, likely in menopause and over dosing Xanax (or Kool-Aid), or could be just another crack-head?? SELECT any TWO.

          • Jarhead even if you combine all of those you listed I don’t know if even that combination could make a person as stupid as she is.

  8. Go Trump! Congress and this POS prez need to go. Vote them out!

  9. Walter H WILSON3rd

    YOU, WHO SAT HOME ON THE LAST TWO presidential elections and YES I’m calling out you Republicans We still out numbered the dem/libers & ALL THEIR ILLEGALS . But Because, you didn’t like the choice of a vice-president from Alaska in the first! !!! And , the rich guy running for president in the second, who put his dog in a cage and secured that to the roof of the station wagon ! You, DEFINITELY REMAINED IN YOUR HOME CASTING YOUR VOTE for ALL YOU ” SEE NOW” !!! YOU are the TRUE MEANING OF ” TRADER ” !!!!!

    • Do you mean Traitor?
      I agree too many republicans did not vote, but I believe that we the silent majority has awakened and will vote the democrats out. Of course unless they cheat and have dead people voting and illegals voting then we could be in trouble. We definitely need a president who cares about we the people more than they care about themselves, illegals & “refugees who are terrorists.”

      • Walter H WILSON3rd

        Carla , no as in baseball cards . You know one thing for another . But , I can see now , that was being to clever. One thing is for sure , if the last two were WINS, we would be showing photo ID at the vote location.

      • We should not be fighting among ourselves & that is the main difference I see between conservatives and liberals. The democrats Only allow one candidate to run while the republican/conservative vote often gets split between two people. That is why the dems have won in the last two elections.

        • Sorry NO! corruption, fraud. dead votes animal votes, deceit, several double triple or more vote, low info votes, and of course the mechvoters, etc etc I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point.Mechanical screw-up of the machines, Officials not checking

    • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      We the People do not elect a President. Never have. Cannot, the Constitution does not permit it.

      • Walter H WILSON3rd

        Your ONE WHO STAYED HOME , both times? sad very sad! Hope your a dem/liber now !

        • American ignorancw, obviously a Republican.
          The red states have the higher levels of school dropouts. (Soutce: U.S. Census)
          Look up the Electoral College.
          Learn how your country works.

          • Walter H WILSON3rd

            An American Republican that can spell words such as, ignorance and source. Point of interest . Phrasing of your first sentence, so your not an American? An ,illegal alien perhaps ? Or , an adversary of freedom? Or a socialist agitater, stationed at one of our collages . Try having someone, who has mastered our language , read my country’s Constitution to you . See you on the battlefield.

          • We can have a conversation or you can insult.
            Take your pick.

          • Walter H WILSON3rd

            Your not looking for a dialogue! You, fired the first shot. Make it easy on yourself , pick !

  10. NOTE: not a single VA employee has, so far – to my knowledge, responded to the NEGATIVE comments that the Disabled Vets have been making….Verrry Interrresting.

  11. Hello Congress! Defund the VA and assure that all veterans receive Medicare and Medicaid. The VA is broken and obviously can’t be fixed so eliminate it. If illegal aliens can receive Medicare/Medicaid most certainly it should be available to our Best and Bravest Americans.

  12. Walter H WILSON3rd

    PEOPLE, think the one they RELENTLESSLY ATTACK is the ONE they “”””””” MOST FEAR”””””” !!!!!! And it’s not the CIRCUS RINGMASTER !!!!

  13. I just received notice this week that the Doctor treating me at the VA Hospital has resigned. He’s the first one in 35 years who was actually trying to stay on top of my issues. figures, he got tired of the circus.

  14. This once great nation that so many of us fought for, and so many died for is finished! We have removed God from the culture, and replaced Him [“they” think!] with secularism which will, in turn, be replaced by Islam! There is no such thing as a spiritual vacuum! The Supreme Court has shown its true colors, as have the recent Administrations and many “lifers” in the Congress! The VA scandal is but a symptom of the miserable corruption throughout the leadership at all levels! We are reaping what we have sown! No human government, Democrat, Republican or other is going to save this nation! Only a return to God Almighty will save this people, and it is highly unlikely that will happen. God’s patience with this nation is done! He will do to us what He did with Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and the British Empire! The fools who want God removed from our Pledge of Allegiance, from school, and the Public Square will get what they want, and they will find out they have absolutely nothing! You need to be careful what you ask for . . . you may get it!

  15. Obama and Macdonald are great just ask them.

  16. Why is this any surprise. I have warned of “empire building” for several years.

  17. Whenever a private company isn’t doing good. some cut bonuses, salaries, wages, over time, regular time or the number of employees. Those that give bonuses to the chiefs (CEO, CFO ….) during times of hard ship usually either fail at the stock market or at survival and enter bankruptcy. What the VA has proven, like most federal bureaucracies, is that corruption is rampant. No wonder the hard working Patriotic American tax payers are being taxed to death. Sounds like a communist/socialist country ….. wait, we are almost there. Just by eliminating the corruption and waste, we could probably start paying off the national debt. But since our representatives cannot do that, then we must replace them until they do. US Navy vet, 1966-1970.

  18. Is it a wonder that all federal employees are above the law. If it was a private corporation they would all be fired but then again what do you expect.

  19. As a VA user, it is a little better now than it was, but many VA employees and administrative should be removed for incompetence. If you call you never get to speak with someone and if you leave a message, they never return your call. At the clinic I go to, there are more blacks working there than whites and if you want to see chatting all the time, it is obvious. Nuff said. The VA officials need to get out from behind their desks and see what is going on.

    • wonduh Do you think any of them really care?

      • Yes, I think most of them do care about veterans. But as with companies, there are those who are just punching the clock. If they happen to be Administrators, they need to be culled immediately. Regardless of Civil Service regs, no one should be affecting adversely the care for any Veteran!

        • In government employment hardly anyone looses their job as they are well protected no matter how lousy of an employee they are. How many have you ever heard of getting fired? I have seen several that after loosing the job they were on they were just put on another job and some of them even got promoted. In my job before I retired had to deal with a lot of government agencies and if you saw the type of people I had to deal with it would make you wonder why anyone would hire them. Of course like they say most work for the government because there is no way they could hold a job working in the pubic companies

          • Been there and done that. Held up a promotion for a G13 who worked in my office. Met the Civil Service Board, presented the facts, they concurred and the guy was not promoted. It can be done IF people with integrity stand up and get rid of incompetent employees. Nothing is sacred; it just takes someone to stand tall and firm.

          • That’s true it can be done but how often have you really seen it done? It is probably as rare as ants on the moon

          • In my 20 years in the AF, saw it done several times; but in this administration I don’t see the trash being tossed out. They vote for whomever is in the seat at the time. Which to me, means they are just punching the clock for $$$. Need to shut down many unnecessary departments.

          • I would say about 70% of the government

          • muskat antonopolis

            this just in from the stellar tellerscope center and labore-a-tory in downtown Guade-low-pee NM, scientists and observers of the moon and
            it*s environs have today made the incredible sighting of a colony of red
            ants on the surface of the shine on silvery moon way up in the skyyyyyyyy,
            don’t clap just throw money…………….

          • That must have been a democratic report as the rest of us are still looking.

        • So who is going to blow the whistle on corrupt, un-earned bonuses, perks, cooking-the-books, fraud, thief, perjury, rat & pest infested VA Clinics/Hospitals????
          Once when out of town and had to go to a VA ER, I waited for over 5 hours in the waiting room…….but the VA Records show I was taken care of in 4.5 MINUTES….bet some one was working on a BONUS or pay raise?

    • Union will not allow inept VA employees to be fired or demoted so VA management is helpless.
      And by overlooking the filth, the rats, the corruption, the crimes they can get a huge bonus.
      Last time I had to call the VA Hot Line about an Emergency they had me on HOLD for TWO HOURS & 26 MINUTES……I finally hung up and went to a civilian ER.

  20. Why should the VA be any different than regular doctors and hospitals? They have been draining Medicare and Insurance companies for years.

  21. My husband was a vet and very ill with Cancer and the V.A. was a nightmare . Especially the Emergency room where the Veterans who were there were treated like garbage. They would ignore them and let them sit for hours in pain and my husband was one of them ,so I know what went on. He was choking so bad one time and the other Vets there said take this man and do something for him. They were all angry at what was going on. He sat for 10 hours to be taken in more than once. I saw a man fall into the floor and was ignored and a man who was brought in by his son in extreme pain. His father could no longer endure the pain and his father was falling out of the wheel chair as he could no longer sit up. His son finally had enough and said,” Dad I am taking you home and calling an ambulance to bring you in that way.” My heart cried out for the men who were treated worse than a dog.

    I wrote Mary Bono what was happening but was ignored. My husband was put in Hospice at the V.A. at the end and it was a horrible experience for him and our Family. God forbid anyone else has to experience what he and our Family went thru. He was in horrible pain and was put in the part of the Hospital that was not Hospice. He was ignored and we would find his room dirty . He fell out of his bed three times and they refused to put the railing up! He is gone but I pray to God something is done so no one else has to endure what he did.

  22. This is a government agency not a private corporation so since when should they get bonuses for for doing their job or at least the half ass job they do. On top of that how many are ever fired for not doing their job and sometimes when loosing the job they are doing get promoted to another one.

  23. Why are they paying bonuses to V. A. Employees, the problem has NOT been solved yet !!

    Why doesn’t the Government hold the inept, uneducated, lazy V.A. Employees accountable for their failures ? They should not reward Failures.

    The problem is Nationwide and, I believe they only demoted, or fired 3 or 4 V.A. Employees..

    That is a real crime and so very Shameful to the Obama Administration.

    May God Bless and Protect our U.S. Soldiers from America’s elected
    representatives !!

  24. Government executive employment and BONUSES just do not go together! I don’t know when this recruitment enticement first began, I wish a reporter, say Breitbart, would do an investigative piece on it. It was a part of the corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Executives from the Clinton administration were cooking the books in order to generate higher bonuses for themselves. Barney Franks and Chris Dodd did eveything they could to stop George W. Bush from prosecuting.

  25. Disgusting.

  26. Give the money to the military now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Describing these bonuses as “A Slap In The Face” is a totally unwarranted distortion of the English language.

  28. Post all the names who received bonuses with the phone numbers and let the calls happen…maybe with enough phone calls, they will donate the bonuses to military hospitals. It’s the right thing to do.

  29. The TPP hits town a week ago and the Right Wing Media STILL DOES NOT TALK ABOUT IT.

    WHY is this more important to discuss than the trade deal that is going to end America?

    wake up silly cons

  30. For the record, the liberal thinks bonus’ for these people is CRAZY.

    I also think congress needs a serious pay cut.
    Minimum wage sounds good.

    they get money to live, so it’s not like they can’t manage like they think others can on minimum wage.

    • Reality Check they don’t need any pay they get enough bribes under the table and their wages are just a fraction of what they get otherwise.

  31. Most don’t understand how the Constitution works and how the government operates.


    That is why you are getting TAXED and REGULATED to death and all of it nearly ILLEGAL!!

  32. McCain left 705 POW’s in Vietnam when he returned here, covered it up. He sat on an oversight committee of Veterans in Hospitals, gave up the position. Federal Gov’t oversees themselves-Corruption at its highest. Obumer’s culture of corruption employs 4.1 million gov’t workers. America through its electoral college, this said for you nit picking liberals, keep voting in corrupt congress crooks. This is our last chance for a true Christian Conservative Republican, weather your ego will allow it or not, an outsider who has money, has the guts, connections internationally, won’t bow to foreign leaders. Won’t allow treaties,trade or other policies detrimental to the U.S. Economy & its workers. Doesn’t take campaign contributions-no favors, no pay to play, no special interests, no lobbyists. Can, does and will put the money into the Vets direct care and not the bureaucrats. Weather you like it or not, closing the border will eliminate 60% of Americas economic woes- Medical, welfare, infrastructure jobs back into the hands of U.S. citizens, funds taken away from sanctuary cities. Bottom line, O’Riley & Trump,(Who give to the Wounded Warriors) give more to the Vets than any two individuals in the U.S.!! Put away your egos!! Our Veterans have kept us free, America would not be America if it wasn’t for our past & current Veterans & soldiers now! Disagree ? Then leave or shut up. TRUMP 2016-24

    • Robert McCain has always been a bad joke at best. He ran as a vet and said he could help the vets but every time a vote came up he said it would be a conflict of interest and didn’t vote. Don’t forget he was a democrat and changed parties because in Arizona at that time a democrat couldn’t win an election. When he joined Kennedy on legalizing the illegals that really showed what side he was on. If you look at his voting record he doesn’t vote a lot of times, part time senator full time pay.

  33. Anytime that an employee can not be fired for poor performance, failure to do their required duties or any other malfeasance you no longer have an agency, company, department or any type organization! You now have a Union which is the absolute proof of the “Tail wagging the Dog”. Almost like our Congress!

  34. Bonuses are for the well deserving. It should feel a privilege to take care of veterans.

  35. The veterans themselves should start a class-action lawsuit for the amount of the bonuses – with the government to also pay their attorney fees. Seriously!!!

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  37. Barry and his cohorts have MANY more important ways to spend our money!!! If it were not for the Veterans of ALL wars, Barry would not be President!!! Remember the Vets who fought in the CIVIL WAR to free the slaves – do blacks not honor them and thank them????
    The one in the White House and the Democrats protect the despicable leaches who drain our country dry!!!! NO ONE IS EVER FIRED; and in some cases PROMOTED!!!! They are living off our hard earned money in retirement or at other jobs!!!!
    NEVER VOTE FOR a Democrat again!!!!

  38. No One Wants to Stop this shit!

  39. War is NOT the natural state of humanity. Every major war and conflict since the French revolution, including our own Civil War has been carefully planned and deliberately provoked, to suit the agendas of these secret cults like Freemasonry that infest our government. Albert Pike, one of the most reknowned Grand Master, etc. of the Freemasons, decided that there must be three world wars, and he stated the reasons. The first two wars happened exactly as planned, and the only ones who profited from it were the corporations and financiers who sold arms and weapons of destruction to BOTH sides, and who made millions raping the nations afterwards. The third world war is shaping up to be a war against civlization and Islam; it’s exactly what Pike wanted to destroy Christians, Jews and Islam so they can sustitute the one-world apostasy that Pope Francis is helping whip up. Ths is all prophesied, and it is also propesied that there will come a time of such great tribulation that if God did not cut it short, no human being or the earth itself would survive. However, these nimrods will only rule with their “antichrist” one Biblical hour and then they will be destroyed, along with the nations that have tried to destroy Israel. God doesn’t mess around.

  40. The sad truth is the VA is infested with VILE LIBERAL [Progressive] SCUM! Brainwashed into Communist ideology in the so-called schools of “higher” learning that indoctrinated as opposed to educating them. This SCUM hates America and especially the veterans of our military. The only ones they have any respect for is WWII veterans for it was the single War Russia was an ally of ours.

    Yes, this is true of many of them, especially in high levels of management.

  41. Give bonuses for murder. Are we sure Hillary is not running the VA?

    • VA prefers to call it DEATH BY DELAY. Corrupt Unions run the VA…..Congress just runs away….

      • True. The Great war heroes John OMcCain and Hero Hanoi Kerry should be fighting for Vets. But that’s who we elect to Congress. McCain wouldn’t lift a finger to help our POWs, as a matter of fact covered up and wouldn’t even tell what he knew. Kerry never really saw combat so he wounds himself and get on his knees 3 times before he could get a purple heart. He should have got a purple rear end. Then says the the rest of us were baby killers and murderers. Funny who is really murdering babies? Sorry but I get so fricking mad when 8 think about the traitors, communist and Rinos in Congress. We should fight them not fight for them.

  42. TRUMP IN 2016. Get rid of the muslim USA haters. The muslim is corrupt.

  43. Two VA employees who stole $400,000.00 where never charged with the crime, demoted, fired or forced to pay back the money…… much more corrupt can a FED/GOV Agency get?????? And a few wonder why Disabled Veterans must face DEATH BY DELAY ??

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