Slamming the Brakes: The Trump Plan to Cut Immigration in Half

President Donald Trump put the majority of his emphasis on illegal immigration during the campaign, so it’s easy to forget that he also promised to limit legal immigration as well. But while the thugs crossing the border are a major problem, some argue that the number of people being allowed to legally migrate to the U.S. is far too high and has taken a toll on job availability and the overall American economy. According to Politico, the Trump administration is designing a plan that would address these problems with some dramatic solutions. The goal? To cut legal immigration in half for the foreseeable future.

The White House has signaled its support for a bill sponsored by Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue that will debut later this summer. Under the terms of the bill, the U.S. would revise down the number of legal immigrants allowed into the country annually by 50% until 2027.

“Senator Cotton knows that being more deliberate about who we let into our country will raise working-class wages, which is why an overwhelming majority of Americans support it,” a spokesman for Cotton told Politico. “He and Senator Perdue are working with President Trump to fix our immigration system so that instead of undercutting American workers, it will support them and their livelihoods.”

The senators have a strong ally in White House aide Stephen Miller, a man who – along with Attorney General Jeff Sessions – has long had uncompromising views regarding the state of legal immigration into the U.S.

In comments to Politico, the White House said they were going to be taking a strict look at those who want to come into the United States, starting with their ability to contribute to their adopted homeland.

“In order to be eligible for citizenship,” said a senior administration official, “you’ll have to demonstrate you are self-sufficient and you don’t receive welfare. You’re going to reduce low-skilled immigration substantially, which will protect American workers and recent immigrants.”

The fact is, as much as the phrase “we’re a nation of immigrants” is used for liberal political purposes, the truth of that phrase is growing more inarguable by the day. Forty years ago, approximately 1 in 20 American residents were born in another country. According to the latest Census projections, we’re rapidly approaching the point where 1 in 7 residents will be foreign born. We cannot be too simple minded or soft-hearted about what this means for our country, our economy, and our way of life.

America is changing quickly. But we have the right to stop and have a discussion about the speed with which it’s changing without being accused of bigotry or xenophobia. This isn’t about nationalism, this is about our rights AS a nation. Our right TO BE a nation. And the questions that need to be answered need to be answered now. If we wait much longer, it will be too late.


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  1. sandraleesmith46

    ALL immigration needs to be HALTED, until our economy is dealt with and the illegals and “refugees” already here are deported, since they aren’t really refugees mostly, but hijrah, an invading army. Islam was banned from entering this nation some 65 years ago by law. That means all those the UN has foisted on us are here ILLEGALLY too; and they are NOT assimilating; not even trying. WHEN we have these problems resolved, THEN we can resume admission of legal immigrants who come to BE Americans; not to invade and conquer our nation.

    • Right on Sandralee, but the Leftist loonies will say it’s unAmerican as we are a “nation of immigrants”! They ignore the overflow and it’s impact on our economy and security. A moratorium is the only solution for the foreseeable future!

      • A diverse nation is not one that only allows Mexicans and Muslims.

      • Absolutely Jack. Hats off to your comment. My father’s family came to America in the early 1900’s from Scotland and became LEGAL residents of Fairport, NY and had their citizenship papers. They contributed to this country and didn’t come here to suck off the system.

        • sandraleesmith46

          And YOUR ancestors were TYPICAL of immigrants, up to about the ’70s; from then forward there was a dramatic change in the attitudes of those coming in, for the most part. Not all, of course, but the preponderance now come to conquer and suck off the welfare system.

          • And that change in attitude was everything that the “progressives” like. More dependency on government (Democrats), and to hell with the well being of America.

          • This thing started idk 30 years ago when Mexicans ran over here to have babies so the would have citizenship. And later a gateway for them to enter the country
            We should of put a stop to it way back then. But same as today democrats see them as votes. Dems care more about power than the welfare of the real American people

          • sandraleesmith46

            I’ve lived in AZ over 37 years; it was commonplace when I moved here. And it was costing border states enormously already. Reagan issued the first amnesty in ’86, and Dems “promised” a wall and a stop to it; well here we are 31 years later: no wall and tsunamis of illegals pouring in!

          • In the 70s i turned 18 i went to work at the salt mine. They passed a law that if you hire or work an illegal they would fine you. If you get caught a 2nd time they would fine real high the 3rd time they would take your business. I remember it so well because this old mexican man who worked at the salt mine came said goodbye to me and told me what happened. We were friends and i hated to see him go. As far as i know that law is still in effect.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Yes, those laws are in effect; they simply haven’t been ENFORCED much. Trump is starting to do that again. The primary reason Sheriff Joe is being hounded and tried by Feds is that he kept enforcing it in Maricopa County; the Dems didn’t like that.

          • Sandra, Sheriff Joe was a breath of fresh air when he was elected, and it is criminal that he should be hounded by Obama’s bully-boys just because he felt the laws were to be enforced! It is also a sad fact that far too many of the latter day retirees in the state are helping the illegals skirt the law, all because they feel sorry for the illegals. No, I have NO respect or liking for retirees—-they have helped destroy my state, and I shall never forgive them for doing so!

          • sandraleesmith46

            I know; and that is his ONLY crime! All the rest is manufactured lies. Many of those retiring in from elsewhere, yes; but not all us retirees are enemies of AZ. Some of us actually DO things to better the state for us all. Up here in Prescott we have a large coterie of retirees who are constructing our trails, serving on mayoral or standing committees to help keep the city as it has been, in character in other ways, or to improve safety and accessibility for all, among other things. It was mostly retirees who worked to clean up our problem with “sober living homes” (another destructive force foisted on us), and in the process creating a model for other cities and towns beset with them to follow. And most of our city council are retirees as well. I agree those coming in from back east and /or CA have little or no respect for AZ and its natural character. They’re like the “refugees” bringing their bad habits and beliefs with them and they need to let those go and assimilate.

          • Reagan gave the money boys what they wanted OPEN BORDERS politicians use the lies that the democrats lied.
            Even a very bad brain dead actor should have known that rewarding bad behavior results in more bad behavior.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Yes it does. And there were promises of a wall but he never pushed to get it built; the result was a decided uptick in illegals flooding across our border.

          • Having lived in Arizona as long as you have, you most likely remember some of the times some hotshot visited the state, and brushed aside the pleas of the Arizonans for help to stop the flood of illegals–the comment was always the same–the illegals were only trying to “better themselves, and after all, they didn’t have as much as the Americans did, so the Arizonans HAD to share!” But, that did NOT mean Janet Napolitano could seize a person’s ranch to be given to an illegal, because the AMERICAN DARED to protect his property! I am a descendant of Arizona Pioneers, and my family helped build the state. My mom was born in Camp Verde in 1909, her brothers 1906 and 1907 respectively, and she has told me the Mexican uprisings in the early 1920s were as bad as some of the illegals are these days. I wish you could have heard some of her stories. I think you would have enjoyed them.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Well, we didn’t “HAVE” to share anything; anymore than an home owner is obliged to “share” with a criminal who breaks into his home to rob him. Charity is to be GIVEN freely, NOT stolen! I expect I would’ve loved her stories; my grandmother’s tales of the journey by covered wagon from what would eventually become SD to IA were wonderful glimpses into a time almost beyond my imagining. And playing with the shedful of cast off “junk”, which later became “priceless antiques”, as a child was an education as well. I’ll bet your Mom would scarcely recognize the Camp Verde of now since the mines pretty much razed it, from what her childhood there was like. Pancho Villa and others raided across the southern parts of NM and AZ pretty often and were rather vicious from what I understand. I can imagine they stirred up others here as well.

          • I read in several news articles that illegal alien immigration into our nation reduced sharply when Trump became our POTUS. I also read that many have chosen to leave.
            I don’t know just how true this is, for I don’t trust the media.

          • sandraleesmith46

            ICE and the Border Patrol are reporting smaller numbers coming in since Trump took office, at least in AZ. I can’t say for sure about the other 3 states.

          • Sandraleesmith46, I have never read anything concerning how well our oceans on the east and west coasts are monitored. Have you read any info about that?

          • sandraleesmith46

            Coast Guard does patrol, and attends to those seeking to sneak in by boat, pretty well. They’ve been doing that for centuries, in fact.

          • That is good to know!!

          • sandraleesmith46

            That’s one of the reasons we HAVE a Coast Guard; to guard our coasts from invaders/drug and other traffickers. Rescue is secondary.

          • Demoncrats don’t give a damn about what is best for this country! The only thing that matters to them is getting elected, and re-elected! One of the DUMBEST things that congress has ever done, and they’ve done some very DUMB things, was to tell a Mexican woman, who is pregnant, to just come over the border, give birth to the child, and he/she is automatically a U.S. citizen! DUMB, DUMBER, and DUMBEST!

          • sandraleesmith46

            And unconstitutional to boot. READ the 14th Amendment upon which they base that; the part that says “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, applies to the mother and therefore her offspring too; they are still subject to the jurisdiction of the nation from which Mamma came. That law was intended ONLY to apply to the offspring of persons brought here as slaves against their free will and held here subjects to US jurisdiction, then freed under that jurisdiction by later laws. It was to insure their offspring were equal citizens to other citizens born here or naturalized according to our laws, not for illegal border jumpers and their offspring.

          • And what is bumber is the democrats will not let that law be changed.

          • Very Simple! We all know, WHEN, Not IF, TSHTF, it will be Conservatives V/S Commie Leech Azzed Liberals! That’s when we will Solve ALL of the U.S Social Problems!

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          • I agree! NO more anchor babies becoming automatic citizens!

        • and so does my wife….she just received her 10-yr green card last week. We followed the rules of USCIS. My Irish ancestors got here in about 1873 and Philadelphia had its finest dairy farmer. His son, my grandfather was a Philly policeman

          • Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !pa142d:
            On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it
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          • John F., I thought when you married your wife she would be declared an American citizen.
            That should have happened automatically, but I guess not. It seems to me it should have happened!

      • there’s an overflow because of LACK of enforcement of the laws on the books

      • I came here LEGALLY in 1959.

        Everything was very strict, no public asistance first 5 years (I never took a penny anyway and worked hard for what I have). Came here with $ 65.00 with my little son.

        Started working right away and blended in with the Americans and never demanded anything. Oh boy, how everything changed lately.

        • Wonderful to hear this, Glatik, and the biased media should hear from you as the perfect example of welcome immigration. My ancestor came from Ireland in 1839 as a widow with a 9 yr old son and us descendants were blessed by her sacrifice and perseverance!

          • Can you imagine hoe legal immigrants feel if they see what happens now?
            Every year we had to register our address with the post office so they knew where to find us. Now people just come in and go wherever.

          • In the ’50’s-’60’s there were Ads on the TV telling all Aliens they had to report to immigration once a year!

        • That’s how it is supposed to work! Thank you for doing it the right way! Too bad that our IDIOTS in congress don’t have enough sense to see to it that everyone does it this way!

        • sandraleesmith46

          You came the right way, and for the right reason; belated welcome to our home. It was very different then from now. Anyone who comes here to BE an American and contribute to our nation is welcome; and we’ll happily learn about and even share the good things of the culture from which you came. Those who break in against our laws or are brought in as supposed “refugees” and demand we conform to their ways are NOT welcome.

      • It’s all about government control from the left over white America.
        We must never let that happen!

      • Hey, be careful how you use the word “loonies” to mean weirdos. There are lots of us “Looney’s” here and we all pull our own weight. — Cheers.

      • sandraleesmith46

        We could handle the numbers; but we can’t handle the ideologies and hate; the refusal to assimilate and contribute, only take.

    • Good Lord, we have over 350 million people in the U.S., isn’t that enough? Do we really need to cram more people into every vacant space in the country? It’s time to remove that poem on the statue of liberty and start looking out for ourselves. It was put there at a time our country was empty, that’s not true any longer.

      • Right; that inscription, written by a Jewess poet, while it may sound like pie in the sky, was not a decree on how to run this country!!!

        • sandraleesmith46

          It was also written at a time when it likely wouldn’t have occurred to her that it would be twisted so grotesquely to include law breakers and people coming here for conquest. At that time, people came here to become Americans, not to destroy America and her citizens.

      • sandraleesmith46

        It’s not that we’re running out of space; we have room for people. The problem is that people coming are NOT desirable sorts, and nearly all are UNWILLING to assimilate and BECOME Americans; they’re here for conquest, whether illegals from Latin America, China, or the ME/Africa. THAT needs to be STOPPED, and REVERSED! Those who come to become Americans, to learn the language and assimilate the culture are welcome; those who come to conquer and take are not! We simply cannot afford to keep taking those who come to plunder only. If you live east of the Mississippi, I can understand you thinking there’s a lack of space, or in western CA, the same would seem true; but in the middle of the nation west of the Mississippi and east of the Sierra Nevadas, you’d see there’s SPACE enough. It’s the incoming attitudes that aren’t welcome or helpful. I grew up in the NYC metro area in the post WW II years and knew lots of immigrants coming in after that war; they were a different breed than we get now; they WANTED to BE Americans; and strove to learn the language, history, civics and culture. Their kids were in my classes in school; there were no special “English” classes; they learned the SAME as we did; and by playing with us and watching American TV, and they picked it up fast. Parents encouraged their kids to play with American kids for that reason. And a lot were coming in then, seeking better lives after the ravages of that war, but they didn’t demand welfare, or special treatment. Now I live in AZ and see the dramatic difference in those coming in here illegally, versus those who came legally to be Americans; those invading over our borders are here to “take back” land they believe, erroneously, America “stole”; ignoring the fact that we not only conquered in an equal war, but then PAID $15 mil in 1849 dollars as well, for it, as much as Jefferson paid for the Louisiana purchase. They call themselves “conquistas” and have not even attempted to assimilate some in nearly 40 years of being here. That’s also true of the so-called “refugees” from the ME, of the Muslim persuasion. Somalis have been here over 30 years and made no effort to assimilate; quite the reverse, they’re demanding we change to suit them; and THAT is where the problem is! That, NO nation can long endure under; it’s either a separate and distinct nation, or it’s not a nation at all.

        • Absolutely agreed. It is not that there are too many people in America; it’s just that nearly half of them don’t like America as it was established, free, prosperous, and a magnet of opportunity for oppressed and downtrodden people throughout the world. With “progressive” help, we can throw it all away, or we can Make America Great Again! Bring us people who value what America stands for, and not those who just help the enemies in our midst to destroy our nation and its culture.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            My great grandmother was 100% native cherokee indian. Need I say any more???

          • So was mine! Good stuff. After the Trail of Tears betrayal (a Democratic government initiative), this would strongly suggest that “fereners ain’t welcome,” but getting the other 87.5% of my make-up to go back to their original homelands would be tricky! And, for all the mess that America now is, there is just no where else that competes, no other place to call home. Beyond that, I find great encouragement in meeting people who value approximately those principles written in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and am pleased to be on the same team with them. So, maybe we could arrange a trade of those who live in America and hate it, for their counterparts? (Yes, I know. Some snowflake will argue that everyone who is trying to bring America to its knees really loves this country and wants only to fix it. It takes a very strange, deep love to try and convert what you love into something that it never was, never had the least desire to be, and was designed intentionally not to be.)

          • sandraleesmith46

            You don’t fix it by destroying it! And it wasn’t broke ’til they started tinkering with it!

    • I totally agree with you Sandra. People need to use their heads. How many illegals do they think can support this country? Our taxes in NYS are high enough and weI have worked and contributed to society over 45-years, including our generous welfare system. When they can’t seem to find the money to raise our Social Security payments, why should we bring in people that haven’t earned or contributed to the system?

      • sandraleesmith46

        Absolutely; they can’t find funds to give our troops or vets a decent raise, or any raise at all many years, either; and yet THEY take raises annually, AND bring in these “refugees” and allow in the illegals who collect MORE in welfare of 1 sort or another, than the average of any of those or a senior citizen on SSA. The Constitution sets their DUTY as to the CITIZENS of the nation, not those coming in from elsewhere, whether quasi-legally or not! Most legal immigrants come to work and contribute; as they have done for centuries. The illegals and “refugees” mostly do NOT!

        • It’s already been determined that if all of the money that was being given to illegals in a year, for doing nothing but sneaking into this country, it would be enough to pay for the building of the wall!

          • sandraleesmith46

            We could’ve built a wall all the way up the Sierra Nevadas, across the Canadian border, and down the Appalachians for that money, never mind just the southern border.

    • The refugees that have already come into out country should be required to pitch their tents in libs. backyards for awhile. Let the libs. think about how loving the ragheads really are.

      • sandraleesmith46

        And every lib should be required to host them for at least 2 years.

        • Shoelace Von Hitlerpants

          How can we present that plan to Congress to vote on? 🙂

          • sandraleesmith46

            Hmmm, not sure exactly; I’ll have to consider that a bit. Perhaps a few amenable members would hear it and present it as a bill; and since the libs are the minority in both houses…. After all, they stuck us with obamacare without a vote.

    • Legal immigration should not be touched, as that’s the one, single way we have, or our forefathers had, of coming to America. Illegals and refugees are a TOTALLY different story but applicants coming through the USCIS should not be touched or affected. Church agencies, the UN and international orgs have NO BUSINESS bringing people in MY country, especially as I do NOT wish to pay for their resettlement nor contribute to their welfare on MY soil. My Filipino wife, who came over in 2013, was not foisted on any Americans, has a job and involuntarily supports these same welfare recipients. the problem will not be ironed out by stopping LEGAL immigrants. they are a benefit to the USA!!!!!!!

      • sandraleesmith46

        Legal immigration does need curtailed until we get the mess under control again; simply because of the costs added via infrastructure and such; but that should only be a temporary halt; as for the illegals and “refugees”; that needs to STOP PERMANENTLY and completely! I welcome your wife here as a future American citizen! I’ve known quite a few Filipinos and they’re generally great people. But I agree, the invasion needs to be STOPPED forever! My ancestors were here to fight to make this a free nation; that doesn’t mean I think the barn door should now be locked; only that we need time to right the mess we currently have. THEN we open it again to those who come to BE Americans, to assimilate our culture with where they came from; and share the richness with us as used to be the case.

    • Any ideas on how to force our elected officials to do this? They will never do it on their own, they have already proved that.

      • sandraleesmith46

        SOMEHOW, Trump, as POTUS has got to be made aware that HE, as the chief executive, has the full and sole authority over this when based on national security, as this in fact is; that NO court, even SCOTUS has the authority to override his decision, based on extant laws that they have already declared to be Constitutional, and made to STOP listening to Jared and Ivanka, and DO what’s RIGHT for America! That’s the ONLY possible way to do so, that I can see.

    • Well said.

    • If you cut immigration who will work? Most of locals now want to do drugs and alcohol. I hired 30 people for various assembly work; 20 were locals and the rest were immigrants. After paying them, half of locals were gone. I was left with immigrants. Please stop encouraging Trump to stop immigration and illegals. It is the illegals who are now working.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Cut the welfare; they’ll work if they want to eat and have their various fixes. We can’t afford the illegals; you may pay them but the BULK of them are also still getting welfare too. And they are NOT assimilating to the American culture, which is a serious problem culturally too.

        • But most of them are Republicans or TEA Partiers and their sons and daughters. If you cut their welfare, they will hunt you. Just come to my city. Most of pan-handlers are Republicans. They do not want to work and prefer pan-handling because it is not taxed. People join the Repubs and TPs to cry wolf for paying tax


          • sandraleesmith46

            That’s absurd! The TEA (taxed enough already) party isn’t homeless and/or low income panhandlers; its the working tax payers, and retired workers. Those who vote for freebies and welfare vote straight DEM if they vote at all! Really, do get your party straight.

          • As a former Dem 45 years, I verify that what you say is true. Sorry it took me so long to see the malfeasance. The liberal press takes the most extreme membersTEA party and casts them as typical. That would be like taking an illegal immigrant killer and welfare cheat and casting him as a typical Democrat.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Welcome back to the world of sanity! We’re glad to have you. The TEA Party was vilified from the start by media who literally knew NOTHING about it, and still don’t. Sadly, they don’t really go far enough; the TEA Party wants to deal with “fiscal” issues, without getting into the underlying SOCIAL issues that are COSTING the money! Can’t really do that. But you’re right about how the media portrays things.

          • In my view many of the social issues have resulted from the buying of votes by offering free benefits from the federal government. The way it is done—e.g. a debit card that automatically fills at the end of the month–panders to human weakness. There are human rights, but there are also human responsibilities. If somebody needs a meal, let them appeal to their community. That’s why federal handouts don’t work: they don’t require people to fit in and interact with their communities. A lot of learning goes on that way, and that’s lost under the present system. And the benefits are too generous.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Yes it is, and that’s where the TEA Party went wrong in ignoring those drivers of economic ruin. The whole welfare system has for decades been the problem and expanding it just makes it worse. God set a plan for welfare for Israel in the OT; and it would be just as effective today. It calls for personal accountability and productivity, even for the very poor, only the infirm and disabled were to be “aided” by others. And that’s as it should be. It’s found in the book of Numbers and demonstrated again in the Book of Ruth.

          • Shoelace Von Hitlerpants

            ?!? So you asked what their PARTY was before you hired them?

          • Repubs and TPs hate paying tax. Pan-handling money is not taxed. That is exactly what Tax Enough Already (TPs) want in their lives.

          • no one at any income level likes to pay tax. Paying tax is fine as long as you are not the one paying. Polls have been taken among pan handlers and most would rather take a job at minimum wage than they would panhandle. The average panhandler takes in less than $400 monthly. some do take in more and most take in less. the only tax collectable would be ss since they qould qualify as low income, but would be eligible for earned income tax credit which would wipe out any tax paid. provide some source that says that they are from any particular political party. That is unfounded opinion , but does indicate that you are not likely to be republican nor member of the tea party. I paid tax for my entire career, but grumbled every time I saw what was taken out of my pay. If pan handling proceeds were taxed how much do you think would be collected. Many surveys say tat the proceeds for an average pan handler is very low, Some estimates have the take at as little as $30 per day.

      • I think you are full of crap, but a quick math check of the 30 hired with 20 being local and the other 10 immigrants. after payment if 10 of locals do not return, you would have 10 locals and 10 illegals not just illegals. it was you that said half of locals were gone after being paid. Logically if only half left, then half of them returned. think about what point you are trying to make and quit making up quick facts to prove your point. On this one you did fail. to employ illegal immigrants violates federal law if you were not aware of that. I hope you get caught and go to jail or have to pay a huge fine.

    • Amen, Sandralee! ….and well said.

  2. I am real tired of reading that America is a nation of immigrants–so what. Every Country on the Planet can claim that IF you go back far enough. Allowing people to come in is ok but being “invaded” isn’t. Its like being flooded by people not water. I have a Book from 1947 where Canada was begging for immigrants to come but it said “NOT POOR PEOPLE”. Don’t come with nothing. Todays immigration people is like NOTHING we have experience in the past. Things change. We need to restrict and now. Pres. Trump has the right attitude but the Judge’s seem to have a problem.

    • You’re right. There’s a big difference between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants. We were a nation of legal immigrants! Now, we’re a nation of unwanted invaders.

    • The Judge have a problem because most of them place there by OBAMA & he still go around try to influence them to get on President Trump way ,Obama ,Democrat, Liberal ,they are the problem, we can not have America back the way it was till all of them out of the office ,look today the protester every where, the Muslim women call for Jihad…..OBAMA ,DEMOCRAT, LIBERAL they have both their hands & feet in there ,we have the power to VOTE ,get out & clean the swamp

      • sandraleesmith46

        The trouble with most of those judges is that they are appointed, not elected and getting them out must be done by impeachment; we can’t simply vote them out. That’s complicated by a very corrupt Congress which hasn’t the SPINE to adhere to the Constitution they swore to uphold against ALL enemies, foreign or domestic, indeed, many of them ARE those enemies of America! And we can’t vote a clean sweep of Congress because only 1/3 of the Senate is ever up for election at 1 time; the remaining 2/3 then infect the newcomers as soon as they hit DC.

        • Thank you, for open my eye

          • sandraleesmith46

            You’re welcome; I only wish I had a more pleasant answer for you. THIS is not the America I grew up in; or the America my ancestors for generations fought to create and leave us. Obama was the culmination of the evil that has been spreading its poison for a long time undetected, until we achieved swifter communication and with broader audiences at a time, which was a huge part of what put the monkey wrench into their works and got Hillary blocked from the WH. Too many have become aware of their intentions and actions against us.

    • You are absolutely correct and President Trump has been trying to control the situation only to get shot down by some Liberal Judges and the GD DEMOCRATS. I was born in 1947 and my father’s whole family came here from Scotland in the early 1900’s and didn’t suck off anything from the system and they all managed to have jobs, supported their familes and were able to buy their own houses. They contributed to society, became volunteer firemen in the community and PAID THEIR TAXES. They never got welfare, food stamps, Obama phones. They were very proud people and good citizens of the US.

  3. People come here because their own countries are very messed up, and they want law and order and all the benefits of American society. That raises questions. First, why would we want you if you break the law to get here? That’s what you’re trying to get away from. Second, why not work on your own country and fix it? The bottom line is that with sufficient illegal immigration America will cease to be America and be downtrodden and utterly corrupt like most other places, and our reps in DC already seem to be working hard to make that happen!

    • Which is exactly what’s happening to AMERICA.

      • A cabbie in NY, from Bangladesh, explained it all to me. In his and most other countries, the corruption goes from the top all the way to the bottom. It’s always in your face! But in America, it’s mainly at the top, so it’s easier to ignore!

        • Smart immigrant.

        • The bottom is just as corrupt!

          • Yep, the crooked dealings that go on at the city level would make Congress blush……………almost!!

          • sandraleesmith46

            That’s true; but MORE so in larger urban areas, which, SURPRISE, are mostly Dem controlled; whereas smaller cities and towns are LESS (NOT immune from or free of) apt to be as corrupt. I’m 1 of those odd ducks who GOES regularly to my city council meetings and speaks to the issues as they come up. MORE of us NEED to be doing that. It’s a lot harder for the shenanigans to happen when people are watching.

        • The cabbie from NY made sense and that is exactly what is happening. This country has become divided and people are not working together. I never realized just how much corruption was really in our government system. Deplorable.

          • My journey to better understanding began about a dozen years ago when my wife had skymile points about to expire and she used them to get the WSJ—which we had always understood to be a conservative rag, not to be trusted. Amazingly, it was mainly about business, and the interaction of government with business. With critical reading and comparing it to what I read in our local, much more liberal newspaper, I began to understand that you can’t believe what you read in the newspapers! Then I discovered all the debt on government websites, and the malfeasance started to become clear…

    • Exactly, especially since we are already one of the most corrupt countries in the World. The people within our Government, bureaucracy and lobbyist make sure of that.

      • It’s all a matter of perspective. I’ve visited countries with far, far more corruption than the USA. Not to say we aren’t catching up with them….

        • sandraleesmith46

          Was that a contest, to see whose nation could be the most corrupt? When did that happen?

          • The contest has been going on throughout human history!

          • sandraleesmith46

            I think the evil has been going on that long; but I don’t know that nations were actually trying to outdo each other for vileness and corruption.

        • In third world countries run by dictators you would expect the corruption, but in the USA with elected politicians we expect more honorable Government officials and the bureaucracies they create to be without corruption. So why do we keep electing so many corrupt Government officials nationwide, statewide, countywide and locally?

    • Completely correct. We must institute a quota system which would permit us to select individuals who believe in working and are not totally dependent on the American taxpayer from cradle to coffin. No one should be allowed entry unless they can support themselves. No welfare, food stamps, section 8 and lest we forget the free cellphones.

      • I believe those are the emigration rules to get into Canada, and I believe Australia, as well. Sensible!

      • Those coming in also need to PROVE that they can assimilate with those in our country, to be willing and able to speak our language (at least when in public) and that they are going to live by our CONSTITUTION AND LAWS…

        • sandraleesmith46

          Sharia becomes a problem there; the Quran encourages LYING to further the cause of Islam; so how do we believe any of them even if they’re “swearing allegiance” to the US Constitution?

          • Looks like they wouldn’t make it through the gate if the follow the quran. That would keep that group out. Round up the rest that want to follow the quran laws and ways and ship them out also.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Don’t forget the education and health care, as well as all the infrastructure costs to which they add as well.

    • Years ago, La Raza group of Mexicans said that Mexicans should flood the US and have lots of babies, and eventually, there will be more Mexicans than whites, and they can rule. They said that they will take “their” country back.

    • They don’t want our law and order. If they did, they would not be burning our flag or trying to start Sharia law.

      • Come to think about it, there was a demonstration last week in Time Square calling for the destruction of Israel and calling US the biggest terrorist nation. There’s free speech and all…but I have to wonder where these people are coming from, when lady liberty rescued them from far worse conditions than here.

    • You got that GD right CV. People don’t use their heads. Nothing lasts forever without abiding our laws so this country will go down the drain eventually.

  4. Regardless, not going to get jobs back unless the “FREE” trade agreements to all third world counties ( Mexico, India, China) stop being “free” to them. There should be NO incentives for American companies to move out of the US. PERIOD.

    • the “incentive ” should be for companies to move “into” the USA…a survey of 40+ CEOs that was conducted about 10 years ago had them answering a question concerning the reduction of corporate taxes in the positive with all suggesting that a significant cut in those taxes and the possibility of changes in punitive legislation would result in the companies moving back to the USA and those that have never had a presence in the USA would begin building facilities and hiring Americans…of course the twits that elect the democrapo turboturds, such as nance pe$lutsi or that grand wizard maxi headwaters do not have enough economic knowledge to fill a thimble..that way the morons that they send to their state houses and to DC only have to say “GOP bad”, “big business bad”, “Donald Trump bad” and like a well trained chimp they jump out there in the street and start demonstrating that the are all ahole puppets…

      • soros puppets

      • The Corporate Tax rate should be zero. Tax the people who work for the company or otherwise make money off it. As it is, the double taxation rate is crushing—dividends are taxed at an effective rate of 65%—probably more, now.

  5. Obama increased it ten fold. Trump would have to cut it in half FIVE TIMES to make a sufficient dent.

  6. If we can’t stop them then let’s send them all to California and New York to take care of. Not judging those that are in those states legally.

    • Gee Susan Scott. We are from the high taxed NYS and were born here. I am sick to death of supporting the dead beats. We also live in suburb of a Santuary city, Rochester, NY. Most of us are against them letting the illegals into our country of Monroe and sucking off our tax system. The politicians have more say here than the taxpayers.

      • sandraleesmith46

        How about we send them to NYC, LA and SFO; and maybe Chicago; where they love all these “immigrants”, and demand the CITIES support them without help from the rest of those states?

      • I’m sorry to hear that Pam, it’s very frustrating when the politicians never listen (and they don’t). I really think these deadbeats should go to NYC and let Mayor DeBlasso take them in at his house. It’s sad to see how he has let NYC turn out again when Mayor Giuliani had cleaned it up. Basically you and I are on the same page when it comes to paying for deadbeats. The Mayor where I live said he’d take in 10,000 refugees when OBAMA was trying to find a place to put some, thank goodness our Governor said NO.

  7. Strange that the liberals would be in favor of curtailing legal immigrants yet want more illegals. I say stop all immigration for now regardless of where they are from.

  8. ?Muslims. Get rid of the Muslim men Obama let come here or we shall regret it.

    • sandraleesmith46

      They ARE banned, by a 1952 law that hasn’t been being enforced, which bans ALL immigration from regions where the prevailing political attitude is the overthrow of our gov’t and Constitution; and THAT is what sharia advocates.

  9. STOP THEM ALL from entering! When our country joins the ranks of the “Third world” pieces of crap, Where will we go when we become overcrowded and starving, and dying in the streets? Where on this planet will we go? NO WHERE! Because We the People are so kind hearted, that we cut our own throats!? This immigration Bull***t HAS TO STOP! I am NOT kind hearted. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, and that is way too many! I will be dead soon, so I really don’t care about the up and comers, but you baby machines have a very difficult lesson to learn! STOP ALL IMMIGRATION NOW!!!

  10. Just more attempts by the (d)emocrats to indoctrinate the public into believing their propaganda. Illegal or negotiated mandate immigration will not fly with the US citizens. (d)emocrats and RINOs are trying to force this NWO/Internationalism in our face as necessary for human survival. Many of us are really not that stupid. Add this to their Global Warming hoax that continues their NWO/Internationalism agenda to scare the masses.

  11. Yes we are a nation of immigrants, Immigrants who contributed to their adopted home land and helped build our wonderful nation. Unlike a lot of them today who come here with the idea that they will change it to suite them selves or their beliefs or religion. Then there are those who come here only to steal our jobs by working for low wages because some stupid politicians give them our tax $ to subsidize the low wages that they are paid. Close the borders to anyone who can’t contribute and or is unwilling to live by OUR laws and Constitution.

  12. Immigration needs to be shut down completely until America has jobs to support immigrants. Only those that have work and want to become citizens in the USA. ISLAM SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED IN THE USA.

  13. Right put the brakes on immigration.until the borders are secured and the illegals here are dealt with then work on immigration again.

  14. If the administration and Congress can make this happen, it will be one of the best things to happen to America in a very long time. I’ve said for the past 30 years or so that we should put a moratorium on ALL immigration for at least a decade until we can determine who is here and why they are here. In the early 1900’s, immigrants had to show that they were not bringing in diseases and were self sufficient. Many actually had sponsors. Immigration must be controlled.

  15. It said b4 its to late. Hell its already to late. The economy is in shambles. You can’t get a construction job in houston the Mexican’s own that. When they need extra workers they bring up more from mexico. Not only that this is a hub for bring illegals in and sending them around the country to fill jobs. It has got that organized. I remember when i was young when the country got slow people could always come to houston and find work. That alone kept our economy running smooth. But no more and letting all those dam mexican come here caused it. I am so sick of hearing they just want a better life. Yeah well so do i and i don’t have that anymore and not just me there are millions of Americans that no longer have it. Just because democrats wanted voters


  17. I AM 110% IN FAVOR of cutting immigration. Especially of my own experience. I applied to the same job and two foreigners that were in my class both of them got the jobs, but I had experience and they did not have any. One received his US citizenship 1 1/2 years ago,and the other guy, I am not sure of his status, but I could not understand him sometimes with such ascent and his English. Also in May, 15 illegals got fire from a pipeline company for falsifying documents with good jobs and a judge in Texas in judge got fired for not being a US citizen.

  18. Michael Dennewitz


  19. This country can’t handle its own citizens problems so the least we need is more immigrants on the welfare rolls!

    • We moved to the USA in the late 1980’s and had to be FULLY self supporting. We had jobs from day one but were specifically excluded from any welfare, housing assistance and/or medical care. Oh how the rules have changed or just flat out been ignored.

  20. I agree with slowing down Immigration but let’s not forget about the ability of close family members being able to migrate here to be with their parents, I am speaking about the immigrants like my wife that waited 24 years to come here legally and is a doctor in math and has worked ever since she has been here as soon as she was allowed. because she had to wait for so long for her visa # to come here it left her children unqualified to immigrate here with her. Now we could use those children to help us in our old age like other Americans and might I add I am a born American citizen my wife was just Naturalized 2 years ago. She is a wonderful compliment to America and my life but we really need some of the children to help.

  21. One flag, one country, one language!!!

  22. I agree, except it needs to be done this year. We need to go back to the days where the priority was skilled workers that the US needed, and who embraced our culture. We want character, not characters. Diversity used to mean contributing different ideas to reach a common goal. Today it means to divide and conquer! Trump should write book “The Art of the Deportation”. He is definitely heading in the right direction.

  23. How many of those peace-loving, law-abiding illegal immigrants have illegal papers??????

  24. I, Also agree that all immigration should be halted

  25. disqus_thqGMwIIHV

    To the American people of the U.S. Refuse to pay your taxes next February. Is all of us refuse to do that, how are the monkeys in the white house going to get paid. Now is the time for we the people to fight back. Let’s lock and load with the brains God gave us.
    God be with us! Our government isn’t!

  26. Starting in 1921 and ending in 1967, the U.S. virtually cut off all immigration. War brides, like my mother, were an exception. The intent was to allow for a period of time for assimilation to take place. By the early 60’s, that 40 years served it’s intended purpose of having a fully Americanized population with a fairly uniform set of values and outlook. Then, we started to develop the notion that diversity is per se a good thing in human populations – maybe, in nature, but not in nations.

    As it is, we have become a robber nation. Countries such a India send their best and brightest and many try to stay – we drain the talent of countries who desperately need those talents. I think Trump’s plan might actually benefit other nations.

  27. The judge is mindless, Immigration should be stopped asap until the government can stop the illegals who are already here and what to do with them .

  28. Assimilating is just a word the left likes to use as a political tactic.
    The meaning of assimilating is you come here and adopt our way of life not the other way around.
    8 yrs of this pot stirring fool Obama and his ideological comrades are ruining this country.
    They want socialism so they can have control of the way we walk, talk and think .
    Their goal is for everybody to adopt the sensitivity rhetoric and if you go against that you will be labeled, sued and possibly thrown in jail.
    Thats not america!
    If that’s what they want then lets start with Pelosi, Clinton and the biggest bigot of them all Aunt Jamima Waters
    For the way they speak about Trump and his cabinet and family.
    Liberals are scum!!

    • sandraleesmith46

      The left doesn’t LIKE assimilation at all. Quite the reverse. They want us to change for the invaders, to destroy our culture as well as our economy. And NO, it’s not America at all; our Founders would be HORRIFIED by what goes on now! They gave us a free republic and it’s become a socialist hellhole!

  29. How about making new comers work min of 10 years, before drawing welfare or any benifits

  30. All we need to do is ENFORCE the laws passed by demotards. They own this mess, but like usual the GOP will need to clean it up!

  31. Hey, just use the immigration laws our antecedents had to face – no sickness, someone who will take you in and support you, or you have a job awaiting you. Now, we must be insistent they learn English somewhat before they can be accepted, i.e., Holland says you must speak Dutch or no entry. Logical isn’t it? Most of the invaders on our soil whether illegal or invited don’t want to learn English, insult us, and in some areas muslims are living under sharia and NOT our Constitutional laws and they must be deported asap and by the whole family. Invaders on our soil with families here should have the whole family removed because the whole family know that he/she is a criminal and by not divulging that, makes them criminals as well. We have enough home grown criminals without accepting nor letting others stay here. The family must go as well because that is logical!

    • sandraleesmith46

      They didn’t have to speak English before arrival even 50 years or so back; BUT they did have to speak it fluently and read it, and KNOW our history and civics to become citizens; which hasn’t been true since the ’90s. And it used to be a mark of HONOR to them to learn those. Some of the most staunch citizens I have known weren’t born in the US. There used to be adult language classes in the evenings for newcomers to help them learn it. And the kids didn’t get interpreters in school; they got the SAME classes we did! Living according to different laws was absolutely verboten. Aiding and abetting a criminal is also a crime; so yes, those protecting illegals should be penalized as well.

  32. We have too many people here already, so we should be very selective. Only those who are educated and can add something to our civilization should be allowed to immigrate. We are a nation whose people are descended from immigrants, but we DON’T WANT TO BE A NATION WHERE TOO MANY PEOPLE LIVING HERE ARE ACTUAL IMMIGRANTS. My ancestors, and also me, have served in the military and worked hard. We should not give the results of our efforts outsiders, except a few who can bring special expertise or abilities here. Cheers.

  33. I call for no immigration for the next 50 years. After that not more than 100 per year!

  34. Immigration (all types) must be stopped now.
    Federal government hiring immigrants as opposed to our own citizens is a crime, especially with taxpayers money to set up positions for hiring them


  36. President Trump is fixing this mess that the Leftists created. Typically for the Left, they want to open our gates to everyone no matter where they come from. My answer to that is: move those new immigrants right next door to those Congressmen who voted for them to come into our Country. Most of our Congress people go home to Security Neighborhoods and do not have to deal with the riffraff of the violent pseudo immigrant. The Liberal Congressmen (they are on both sides of the aisle) are safe inside their protected neighborhoods. Why should they care how those violent immigrants attack or hurt Americans? They don’t.

    I totally agree with the bloggers on this site. HALT ALL FURTHER IMMIGRATION…PERIOD. Those immigrants inside our country now: If you do not contribute to our Society, you will be deported. We are NOT going to support you nor your families indefinitely. Either you contribute to our American Society…OR YOU LEAVE! No more U.S. paying for babies so immigrants can stay here. Just because your kid is born here, it doesn’t mean you are a citizen. You can take your kid and go home. We will not support you nor your child and forget getting your kid educated. That will not be paid for either.


  37. I agree it should be greatly limited. Why is the suggestion 50% (only) until 2027???
    Also, notice language suggesting potential immigrants need to show self sufficiency and no dependency upon welfare to qualify for citizenship. Presumably no voting rights until then. So, if we have people on welfare (some by their own choice) why do we allow them to vote?

  38. If our President can, He should stop ALL Immigration from from all Arab and Muslim Countries.There Lifestyle and Religion does not fit in to the American Heritage.If we forget that this Country was developed by Christians and forget to honor God then HE should take his protecting Hands off this Country and show the American People how Life is in Bandage.Jewish People know about Punishment from God.

  39. We could take a lesson from New Zealand when it comes to who can immigrate here. Until then immigration from anywhere needs to be cut by 100% for 5 years. Give this country a chance to deal with all those who have already come here and are living on the governmental teat, not working and not learning the English language. This press 1 for English is just absurd. Learn the language and assimilate or get out.

  40. The country is going to shit in a handbasket and democrats has everyones attention on russia. The Russian’s had nothing to do with who won the election. It was Obama’s policy’s and stupid Hillary running on those same failed policy’s that lost her the election. When they do a poll and call half blacks and half whites obama already has 50% from just the blacks they call that is the only reason his numbers were alway high. Or at midway. Now that is not being racist its just telling the truth.

  41. looking for a job

    It’s not our President Trump that’s guilty of anything. It’s that corrupted liar who is the guilty one. She is the one who leaked the 2016 Election. This entire country knows about this woman and how she attacks the elitist to fund her for her Clinton Foundation. That’s all she was and still is interested in. She bankrupted this country. She must be indicted and must be prosecuted for treason and selling our Nation to open boarders so that the Islamic Radical Jihadists who hate us infidels with only one thing in mind, terrorize our people and take us as hostages and murder us all. Rape women and children and cut off heads. Is this what you people want? Just think about it.

    It’s Obama who is a Muslim and all along the past 8 years was only focused on converting our Nation to believe in Sharia Law, Quran. He believes in the NWO who in charge is George Soros. Go Google him and you can read more about this criminal who buys people with money as Senator John McCain and Senator Macro Rubio. How do you think that they became so wealthy. Remember one important factor. These Senators and Congressmen don’t have to live next to any Muslims, they are protected and live in the finest neighborhoods while the middle income person with no job has to struggle to stay safe and worry about finding work and their children. The whole entire system is on the wrong track and we the people of our Nation are paying for it.

    Obama needs to be stirpped of all his credentials and appear in front of a congressional board for them to vote and find him guilty of treason. He should not be able to get away going free to be able to give speeches and lectures for $400.00 per hour. Who the hell is he. After all the damage he caused out people he must sit in Prison, let him share a cell with someone who thinks that they are smarter than he is. He requires a dose of his own medicine after what he caused this nation. Don’t ever forget about all our law enforcement who were killed because of the way he opened his mouth, that only “Black Lives Matter”. I will never forget that day. He is the one who instigated all of the rhetoric coming out of his so called eloquent mouth. Except for the fact that he is not eloquent one bit. He’s just a smooth talker trying to convince his audience that he feels he is right about everything. Don’t you ever forget how he neglected our Military. The Military are the support of this Nation without them this country would be nothing.

  42. Mickey McPoland

    I certainly hope that the people who post on here will register and VOTE. We need to continue to improve America and not dilute and separate the people.

  43. With the free almost everything including healthcare what do you expect

  44. Immigration (with some presumed exceptions, like political or specialized workforce needs) need to he halted until get this matter straightened out.

    First we have to take care of the delinquents we already let in illegally. Second, we need to figure who to let in (generally only those who can contribute to our society) and under what conditions. Third, we need to figure out just how many legal immigrants we can let in and absorb without stressing our infrastructure (like schools). Fourth, anyone who comes into this country should NOT be a drain on our social benefits…they should have a job! Fifth, legal immigrants should be expected to integrate into our society (i.e. no doing drivers license test in 20 languages..learn English). Sixth, any legal immigrant who is convicted of a crime looses citizenship and tossed from our country. Seventh, Anchor babies citizenship should be discontinued (it was only meant for children of slaves in the first place). Eighth, no foreign entity (like the UN) should be dictating our immigration policy. Ninth, there has to be a wall on the Southern border. Tenth, if you ascribe to a belief or ideology whose goal is to undermine our society, you should not be given citizenship. Finally, we need to get rid of the Sixth and Ninth District court of appeals (over 76% of their decision get overturned)!!

  45. Yes! stop all foreignors for right now, until we can get this country back on our feet.

  46. It should be said that America is a nation of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. People from other countries came here legally to work their way up to better themselves. No welfare, no freebies. More than time to stop immigration. The country is already overpopulated. Your sick, your main…. does not apply anymore. Those that are coming here ILLEGALLY for the freebies should be stopped or DEPORTED. Moratorium too on legal immigrations. The population should be increased by legal births, not by immigration, even legally.

  47. I believe we are a nation of citizens vs immigrants, who embrace and uphold what America is all about, assimilate into being America citizens, including respecting our country, laws, freedoms, other cultures, regardless of our ancestry. Too many of those coming in, both legal and illegal, and refugees, have no intention of assimilating into being part of America, do not respect our culture, beliefs or laws, and the liberals, for some reason, believe that we, who take issue with those who do not care to assimilate or preserve what is great about our country, are racist. Controlling immigration and making new immigration policies is a wise strategy for our future.

  48. Everyone that came in as a refugee that will not abide by our constitution but cling to sharia law need to be rounded up and deported, these people will never be Americans they will always be citizens of where they came from so send them back to where they came from and get them out of America don’t let them apply for American citizenship

  49. James Higginbotham


  50. We do indeed have too may people (legals included) coming in — and one problem is that many want to be
    here but not even try to learn to speak English. It’s wonderful to retain one’s heritage, but that shouldn’t mean
    replacing Americanism, forcing us to have all sorts of multiple languages every time we phone a company or
    agency. Enough already! It would help if we had English declared our official national language. And though
    we’re “a nation of immigrants,” there needs to be limits; the job market is strained and American citizens
    should not be pushed aside to give immigrants jobs at the expense to “already here” citizens. (And of
    course NO jobs should go to illegals at all, and people who hire them are also criminals.)

  51. The world’s biggest problem is overpopulation, the human race is fornicating itself out of existence. All immigration should be stopped forever and education about population control should be made readily available to all.

  52. Why wait to reach this goal by 2027 ? Cut it in half now!

  53. WHAT A GREAT IDEA, MASS IMMIGRATION HAS TWO PURPOSES, IT BRINGS IN LABOR TO DRIVE DOWN COSTS AND CUSTOMERS TO INFLATE PRICES. the proof is that after the legal limit was raised in the mid sixties and Reagan did away with our borders in 1986 the middle class went into rapid decline and the income gap went into high gear.

  54. There should be a lifetime ban on immigrants collecting any form of welfare, including refundable tax credits like EITC.

  55. soldier for liberty

    The left want the immigration to help speed the destruction of America ! People used to come and assimilate because they wanted to be an American now they come to TAKE and DESTROY us!

  56. I wondered where all these people were going to fine work. How many leaf blowers do we need?

  57. STOP ALL IMMIGRATION UNTIL EFFECTS STUDIES CAN BE DONE…….. Businesses have the right to do it when the shop goes union …….WHY NOT IMMIGRATION …..and get rid of that moron watson…..

  58. Dear Dobbs – The informed KNOW what’s going on – just keep reporting on the facts – Comey is getting millions for throwing law enforcement and people under the bus for his buddies – McCain is getting his and it isn’t the VA or obozocare – MSM is getting theirs for their help to destroy the US and keep the morons in power – Lefties are getting their funding from soros and his buddies to do nothing but attack working people – etc…….Make’em do community service as part of their degree programs and scholarships – Peace Corps duty in Iraq – Afghan – Syria – Venezuela – Cuba and other places will wake them up to JUST HOW GOOD THE US IS…….



  60. As a first step, this plan is fine, but, it doesn’t go far enough. Immigration on ALL levels must end no later than the end of this year if America is to survive. We cannot be the lifeboat for the ‘huddled masses’ any more—all the would-be emigres must learn to cast their buckets down where they are, and work to improve their own countries—-NONE of them seem to realize it took us Americans a good fifty to 100 years to start our country —it didn’t happen overnight! Immigration was fine during our first 150 years, but now is no longer necessary for craftsmen and farmers to come, and, the critics are right–the foreigners depress our economy, take jobs, and mess up our neighborhoods—-NONE of which is good for us Americans,who have NEVER had their country to themselves! It is time for that to change!

  61. I have said this before. We have 100 million unemployed (with 88 million of these long term unemployed) and only 6 million open jobs. We have about 150 million total jobs and a workforce of 264 million adults.

    Why do we have anybody else coming here?

    A moratorium on on legal immigration should be started and maintained until we can take care of our own people.

    A couple of percentage points fewer in poverty but still more people in poverty than we did in the mid-1960s, when LBJ declared a War on Poverty. The percentage is down because we pay them to keep just above the poverty line. We have 50 million people in poverty.

    We allow almost 1 million to come here legally, annually? Again, why?

    We have less than 5% of the world’s population but 20% of its immigrants. Why? We’ve taken more than our fair share the since the mid-1960s, again.

  62. No More Imported Smuggled-in, Sneak- in Welfare sucking Slackers! We have Too Many Damned Leech-Type People here Already! They are the Antithesis of Western Society! They will Never assimilate, and work to subvert Us!

    When TSHTF, we will have to Kill most of them, especially The Moslems! Historically, I;m Correct!

  63. I agree completely stopped with Court approved exceptions. I signed for an Italian Immigrant he had to have enough Money to support himself for six months by signing I was responsible for his support if he wasn’t able or he would be deported. He got a job right away studied English applied for Citizenship and became a successful Businessman in five years that is the way immigration is supposed to work. Also coming through Immigration he was examined by Doctors for contagious Disease.

  64. This alleged form of news is nothing but a bunch of chezzy half baked ads that are on late night TV. Oh no! The former CIA Director says we are going to perish so buy some piece of shit generator.
    Cutting immigration? Then bettter get the old pecker ready to pop one more kid at the cost of a bottle of PETER ROOTER and get that jizz Johnson fertile again so that bitch you shot gunned married knocked up again..
    Holy shit more pictures than a carnival sideshow of titties, old hag stars and free bottles of cheap stuff that makes any fucking lib so jealous he will have to become a redneck pull my chicken maamy republican. What trash this is for the moronic masses and plebeian multitudes. Please Jesus let the not judge on content but the value of the tabloids have hit the internet. Get me off of this psycho show.

  65. Hey Trump….don’t tell what you are going to do because that liberal judge in Hawaii will halt everything. Just DO it.

  66. The only immigrants that should be allowed to come in are European since this country was founded for them. All Third World people should be banned, especially africans plucked out of the jungle who have never even seen a toilet. All mexicans should be banned because all they do is come here waving the flag of the country which let them down, looking for hand-outs and not even attempting to learn English.

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