Singer Macy Gray Triggers the Woke Mob After Transgender Comments

Singer Macy Gray triggered the woke mob after making a declaration about transgenderism and what actually makes someone a woman. Gray was speaking to Piers Morgan on his new TalkTV show when she was presented with a question that elicited the comment.

If you grew up in the 1990s, you are probably well aware of Gray and her music. Even if you can only name one of her songs, I bet you can sing every word of it. That’s the kind of cultural impact “I Try” had at the time. It was everywhere and lingered in commercials and movies long after its release.

Ironically, Gray also happens to be strongly pro-LGBT and has been outspoken in her support in the past. That wasn’t enough to save her after she had this to say, though.

Consider how uncontroversial what Gray is saying is. Scientifically, she’s absolutely correct that someone doesn’t become a “woman” just because a depraved, self-serving surgeon chops things off or adds things. On a moral level, being a woman represents suffrage, carrying an immutable distinction and history. For a man to claim they are suddenly a woman just by dint of how they “feel” is insulting and nonsensical. Being a woman is a unique, biological reality that can’t be appropriated.

Yet, in today’s woke world, you must hold ever-delusional positions on the matter of biological sex lest you be destroyed, and the mob is now out to destroy Gray. Even though she bent the knee, the move to cancel her has begun.

This is an excellent lesson in why you don’t capitulate, specifically when you are right. Though they treat it like a religion, there is no forgiveness from the members of the LGBT mob. They don’t just want tolerance, they want to force “acceptance.” And acceptance doesn’t just mean saying “Well, you are a transwoman.” It means having to proclaim that a man is actually a woman. In other words, even affirmation of the psychological issues at play isn’t enough. You must bend reality itself or be labeled a “bigot.”

This only stops when enough sane people stand up and say: “Enough.” Obviously, Gray isn’t going to be in that number, as she quickly fell apart under the slightest amount of pressure, pretending that she meant “woman” is a title that has to be earned by even biological females. But we all know what she actually meant in her original comments. It’s a shame she couldn’t be counted on to stand up for herself.

Besides, she’s already marked for destruction so what’s the point of not sticking to the truth in this instance? Her “apology” has done nothing but make the mob angrier because the mob only exists to exact vengeance.

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  1. There are only two God created sexes, male and female. Any body that wants to be different is a fag.

  2. A woman is a woman and a man is a man from birth to death. I could care less about Trans or sick gay people. Just live you fake little lives and enjoy Monkey pox.

  3. All through the fake pandemic, democrats including these same mentally ill twisted gender folk were screaming “FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!! FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!!
    We were! Masks didn’t work. Social distancing didn’t work. The vaccines didn’t work. The boosters didn’t work.
    So here we are “following the science” again!
    X-Y chromosome is male, X-X chromosome is female. Cutting off your “winky,” stitching on some “boobies” don’t make you a woman! Cutting off the “boobies” and stitching on a blow up “winky” don’t make you a man! And, certainly, a man just saying “I feel I’m a woman” and a woman just saying “I feel I’m a man” don’t make it so!!
    It’s proven SCIENCE!

    Try calling a psychiatrist instead. Maybe they will order a lobotomy! BOOM!! You’re fixed!
    Macy shouldn’t have caved. She had it right the first time.

  4. SconsinPatriot

    Nailed it. Not only science, the Bible, whether you believe in it or not, says it too.
    It also says same sex relations are an abomination.
    “Male and female He created them.”
    God doesn’t make mistakes.
    A person mutilates themself, they’re saying that they know better than God.
    End of story.

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