Should We Designate the NRA a Terrorist Group?

Each time one of these mass shootings happen, the gun-control freaks inch a little bit closer to outright insanity. Since we decided as a country that the big story from the Charleston murders (somehow?) centered around the Confederate flag, these liberals have been chomping at the bit to get back to their favorite cause. The shooting in Oregon gave them their opportunity.

This time around, they are making some very strange suggestions.

One of the strangest came from Linda Stasi at the New York Daily News. She doesn’t just want to crusade for gun control; she wants the U.S. State Department to list the National Rifle Association as a state sponsored terrorist group.

It is the National Rifle Association and for their unending lobbying that’s kept a lid on gun control we now have 428 times more American deaths by gun than deaths by foreign terrorists.

Stasi, like most of the liberal media, was only too happy to follow President Obama’s suggestion to make that particular comparison. As though one thing has anything to do with the other. Is it a major NRA platform to claim that terrorists kill more Americans than guns? No one is disputing the president’s claim. More Americans are killed by a lot of things than terrorism. What’s your point, lady?

America is supposed to be ‘the home of the brave.’ But there is nothing brave about blasting away nine innocent people at a college.

What is this? An attempt to write an article making only points that everyone already agrees with? Who is out there claiming the Oregon shooter was brave?

Therefore the NRA should take its rightful place on the State Department list of terrorist organizations, because its influence is more of an immediate threat to the lives of our citizens than foreign terrorists.

Oh, so that’s the game. You say a bunch of stuff that is obviously factual (if completely irrelevant), and then you make a point that has nothing to do with what you said.

Stasi admits that the NRA is not actually “state sponsored,” but it’s enough that they donate to political campaigns. Apparently, that makes Planned Parenthood a potential terrorist group as well. And unlike the NRA, they actually are state sponsored, at least for now.

Instead of seeing which side can out-hyperbolize the other, maybe we could have a real conversation about improving the state of gun violence in this country. Maybe we could do it without actually doing irreparable harm to the integrity of the Constitution.

Unfortunately, Democrats have made that impossible. We can’t trust that they will stop with something halfway reasonable, like universal background checks. Every time these kooks get something they want, they immediately start pushing the goalposts. So when they complain that Republicans aren’t willing to do anything, they have only themselves to blame. When you’re out there saying that the NRA is comparable to ISIS, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt.


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  1. Michael Dennewitz

    Where in the world are these totally crazy bastards coming from????

  2. Now, I am a liberal and I don’t think the NRA should be designated a terrorist group. The members, or most of them, are responsible people; but not the leadership of the NRA. But irresponsible comments, etc., does not make a terrorist. And they won’t be so classified; too many members of Congress are in fear of the NRA, and some members just simply agree with the NRA leadership.

    • No we are not aussies but Gun crime has been dropping yearly since 1993 and a year back was compared to the 1960`s. The govt. just shouts anything it can to distort truth when Anyone can go to the FBI website themselves and find the stats to showing our gov knows gun crime has continued to drop….

      Media jumps on every single incident where a gun is involved in a crime and plasters it in everyone`s face to promote the Lefts agenda and paint guns as these evil objects that force people to do bad things..
      Never do they show how many people are saved from rape,death,robbery etc. thanks to having a weapon to fight off an attacker.

      Ive never been a member of the NRA, i appreciate how they have fought all these years to help educate the public on Gun Safety and to expose the lies coming from our govt. about gun violence..
      If not for the NRA, we would all be living in fear of a Criminal having a gun and the citizens all being easy targets.

      Also there IS a website for the aussies like our FBI site, that can be found and the myth about crime dropping after confiscation is total BS..

      Bottom line is the NRA has helped keep crime lower in America by helping educate people on how to not become a victim.

      • But no gun massacres. Only two. Well we are a hundred times more than that. Plus, Australians still have their guns; you are just required to get a license. But requiring a gun license hits those who are paranoid that the feds will confiscate their guns. Somehow requiring a license or even requiring a person has to take a gun safety course to get a concealed permits is seen as going against the second amendment. I find that argument as being paranoid BS.

        Now, the NRA has had a wonderful history of providing instruction in gun safety, etc. Most members of the NRA was responsible gun laws; but not the leadership. They are, for the most part, fear-mongers and calling police officers jackbooted thugs, etc.
        Two thirds of firearm deaths are suicide, and the rest being homicides. States with the strictest gun laws have the lowest number of firearm deaths. Those with the least or basically none – have the highest. The exception is Wyoming, where you have a high number of firearm deaths, but none that are homicides.

        But on the whole, nothing is going to happen, too many members of Congress are afraid of the NRA and so they stall and ignore a debate about gun safety. And for some conservative members of congress they see these massacres as the price to be paid for keeping the second amendment.

        • Do you work for the govt maybe? U state the same LIE that states with the “”strictest gun laws have the lowest number of firearm deaths.”” One example blasts that in the water, Chicago! Another is DC..

          Law`s are ONLY for law abiding citizens, if criminals obeyed laws they would then Not be a criminal!

          Now the other lie.
          “””Those with the least or basically none – have the highest”””
          Gun Town USA, when the town was trying to pass the Every head of household Must own and maintain a firearm and ammo in the home”””
          The clowns were out in full force, OMG it will be the wild west all over again!!!!
          But in actuality it went 25years Murder free after that passed and this is a town very close to high crime Atlanta…If you dont know the City name just search Gun Town USA.

          Can you name 50 of the 200 massacres you claim to have happened here since Sandy?
          Unless your including weekly gun violence in Chicago where blacks are killing blacks ALL the time then i think your number is inflated more then 150 too high.

          You do realize there are Many other people besides the NRA that fights against more stupid gun laws/infringements on OUR rights?

          Multiple other gun groups and Millions of Citizens call/mail/email their reps and do so very often to help assure that Congress has the “people they represent in mind”…

          My aunt was murdered by 2 blacks in 1989. NO GUN! She was stabbed 47times.
          My ex-wives older brother was murdered about 1985. NO GUN! He was stabbed over 60x and his head cut off.
          Lee Hall is a thug i went to school with that later in life decided to kill his g/friend when she wanted to break up. NO GUN! He poured gasoline on her while in her car and cooked her.
          A.P. Patel a small convenience store owner and friend of mine was also murdered during a robbery. NO GUN! He was stabbed multiple times and bled to death..

          Is there not laws about killing already?
          How in the heck can any Sane person believe that a Criminal gives a damn about any law passed?

          Only a fool believes that more gun laws and more restrictions will stop a thug from getting a gun.

    • Yes, they curbed gun violence in Australia, but the death rate by other weapons like ball bats, knives, gang beatings to death, robbery, rape, etc. have all increased. So how did removing guns help the victims of these crimes, when they could have protected themselves with a firearm? Two hundred gun massacres since Sandy Hook? Where did you pull that one from, Americans being a violent people? Have you looked at the Middle East? The only thing you have proved is that you ARE a LIBERAL. Make things up as you go, who needs facts, right?

    • Yes, let us have more stabbings and beating deaths or chemical suicides, just like Aussies, instead of gun deaths. It is the instrument of death that is horrible, not the action of murder. (sarcasm off)

      • Let’s face it, do you rally care? Mass stabbings? Not really, for that you can easily run away. Same for beating deaths. What do you mean by chemical suicides? Taking something to commit suicide? Or have a group drink something?

        • If they are Mu-slimes or DemonicRATS I am all for it……start mixing their PC LiberalTARD Kool-Aide and serve with FRITO-GAY chips.

          • It is always interesting as to how many of you here want to kill your fellow Americans. You can’t win in a debate or a presidential election. So, kill’em. What makes you different from ISIS? And what does your comment have to do with what I said here?

    • Thank you for looking at this objectively. Its not that all liberals are crazy, because I know some, and they all own guns, and said they would never give them up. Its just the platforms some of these people run that are in higher positions of power use propaganda as a fear mongering tool to sway the public, and not very convincingly either. 2014 violent crime statistics arent out yet, but up to 2013, there were just over 12,000 violent crime deaths, with just under 8,000 committed by firearms. While thats high compared to lets say england or australia, their overall violent crime homocide rates for both countries, as well as their violent crimes reported was way higher than our country, as criminals are turning to other lethal meams to carry out their crimes. The U.S. doesnt even rank in the top 50 in violent crimes, or the top thirty in gun deaths, even with all the firearms owned in this country. I know a couple from Australia that moved there back in 95, that were telling me that right after their mandatory buyback that violent crimes including homocides jumped up over 46% within the first month, and has held steady since. But on their last visit here this past summer they said that the Australian government has loosened some of its gun laws, and now with permits you can own certain guns, and the husband owns a .22 rifle, and a 30.06 deer rifle as well as a .243 rifle, even though he said they still have big restrictions.

  3. Liberals are closer to being terrorists then the NRA then could ever be.

    • Christian_Patriot7

      Liberals are NOT closer to being terrorist, Liberals ARE the Terrorist!!

      • You are probably more right the me.

        • Funny, never have seen any liberal terrorist groups since the 70’s. Would be interesting from find a liberal Christian white supremacy movement or group.

          • You have not looked very hard, the liberal terrorist groups
            were active far beyond the 70s and they are still actively
            plotting. I dont know of any NRA Terrorists.

          • I don’t consider the NRA a terrorist organization. Can’t speak for all NRA members. But what liberal terrorist groups today? What is there to compare with the KKK, Phinehas Priesthood, Army of God, Sovereign Citizens, Aryan Nations, The Order, United Freedom Front. The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord.
            The only ones that would be considered liberal would be the Animal Liberation Front,, although they go out of their way to avoid harming anyone, and the Earth Liberation Front, but they are not intent on killing people, although the fires they set could become dangerous. Now those are the liberal ones. The Weathermen are long gone.

          • The Weathermen wont be gone until Bill Ayers and all his followers are dead. Although he has recently retired he became a professor in a left wing college to spread his hate and propaganda. Which he is still doing. I dont see any of the organizations you mentioned spreading their propaganda on a national News Network.

          • Big difference, while Ayers has this troubling past, the Weathermen, while responsible for some deaths, never intended anyone to be killed. All of the organizations I mention want the extermination of American Jews and the suppression of other minorities, at the least. The Weathermen were wrong in what they did in opposing the Vietnam war. As for Ayers continuing to teach hate, not true. So, go read the history of what he has done post Weathermen.
            By your definition of left wing colleges, then 99.9999999% of colleges are left wing.

          • I dont have to read about it, I listened to him talk I know what he taught to our young children in his position of power. You are right except its only about 85% and thats no accident. While Ameican Patriots answered our countrys call to arms, people like Ayers and most other liberals ran to Canada or Academia to avoid joining or dodging the draft. So dont lecture me about Ayers I lived through it.

          • So did I. But, there were liberals figting in Vietnam; not everyone ran to Canada. A lot of conscientious objectors ended up in prison. To be sure there were draft dodges who went to Canada, but they were not all liberals. And then there were those who were able to get out of the draft multiple times like Cheney, not exactly a liberal.
            Now, I do have to admit that a lot of guys decided to become education majors; not academia, to avoid the draft.
            I am not defending Ayers, he still thinks that the Weathermen’s manner of protesting the war was correct, perhaps a little misguided. I see it as totally misguided and if the FBI hadn’t screwed things up, he would have been convicted and sent to prison. Something that I would have approved. But, he has done since then a lot of good things.

          • Please tell me what good he has done. I have watched him
            and and he is still ranting his his communist views and he said if he was faced with similar conditions he might do it again, his quote not mine. Although I know he would not do
            it with his like minded person in the White house.

  4. This sounds like a Liberal Communist Democrat Question . Here is one for you ! Should Obama be put on a Terrorist watch group list ?

      • And kept in GITMO where he can watch the construction of the ONE MILLION DOLLAR SOCCER FIELD being built there for the terrorists (plus, the gallows being built for a neck-tie-party).

    • Yes as a jihadist muslime.

    • 0’dumma IS watching several terrorist groups – AND supporting them… he has given guns to the Mexican cartel and Syrian (Al Qaeda) rebels, given heavy weapons to his Muslim Brotherhood, paid the Taliban for the release of an Army deserter, and has air-dropped “humanitarian aid” (food and weapons) to ISIS. He sent 3 representatives to the funeral of a thief ( while Ferguson burned), and ignored funerals of decorated combat veterans. How much more can we, “the people” stand, till we are under the CONTROL of the American Emperor ? THAT is where we are headed unless something BIG happens.

      • Now El Chapo has a $100m bounty on Donald Trump.
        The CIA has its new orders.

        • I see your are off your medications again. Must be hard being so paranoid and delusional. What are your legitimate sources on this?

          • I’ve never lied about a thing since the first day I started posting and there’s absolutely no reason that I can think of to lie anyway.
            But since you automatically assume that someone must be lying because they write something that sounds strange then it must be because you commonly lie.
            Did you really think that Trump would get away with saying things about mexican criminals forever without at least one of them getting pissed and want to take him out.
            I’ve been expecting him to be threatened since the first time he commented about illegal immigrants criminals.
            You obviously live in a different world outside normal reality.

            Report: Trump targeted by El Chapo for death, 100m Bounty.


            Edit out [ ]s to use link

        • They FEAR he will hurt their $150,000,000.000 business of drugs and under-age-sex slave trade within the USA which is so well assisted/helped/aided/expanded by the current regime.

          • Yes sir, and the gun running to mexicans that get transferred across the open border to the hands of criminals and mass shooters. Got to have an excuse to continue attacking law abiding gun owners.

    • I would put all the Neocons who told us that the Iraq war would last three months and pay for itself.

  5. The NRA fights to preserve the second amendment. The terrorist are in the white house!!

    A statement released in 1935:

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized
    nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more
    efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”

    Adolph Hitler 1935

    Obama, wants to control the country as a solo-leader via, executive orders. This is exactly how dictatorship works. Every candidate presently running for president under the Democratic Party is running under the premise
    of “DICTATORSHIP!! It’ll never happen as long as the 2nd amendment remains intact. The real choice is between “FREEDOM and BONDAGE.” Choose Wisely

    • Now before Hitler, German had some of the strictest gun laws. When Hitler came to power, he loosened those laws for the military, members of the Nazi party and ordinary Germans, i.e., Germans who were not Jews. So, there was no confiscation of guns by Hitler in Germany. He did have the confiscation of guns in every country that the Germans had conquered.
      As for Obama, he has expanded gun rights, so, for example, you can now carry in National Parks.
      So, be happy with your paranoid delusions. Nothing is going to happen a lot of members of Congress are in fear of the NRA so no new laws, even when it comes to gun safety.
      The price of our freedom to bare arms is paid for by those who have died in gun massacres.

      • Youre an IDIOTIC MORON , OBOGUS has Expanded Gun Rights ??? Just what Planet are you from ??? DICKHEAD LIBTURD IDIOT

        • I know it is hard for you to recognize reality. Any things that goes against your delusions has to be a lie. So, explain how it is that under Obama, you can now carry in National Parks? Has there been any attempts to take away your guns? No. You really should change your user name to ihatereality

          • I like how you only focus on the laws that he did pass but you do not make note of all the laws he tried to pass and failed.
            jan 16th 2013
            banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
            Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 (AWB 1994) that expired in 2004
            Limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds
            Banning the possession of armor-piercing bullets by anyone other than members of the military and law enforcement
            Eliminating a restriction that requires the ATF to allow the importation of weapons that are more than 50 years old

            There is just a small sample given 1 “massacre”. Get informed don’t be a sheep.

          • Why does one need an actual assault weapon – if we go that far, should we have the right to own shoulder surface to air? How about an M60? Why should civilians armor piercing bullets other than to kill law enforcement officers?
            All in all, as I have written elsewhere – no one really cares about gun massacres of which we have had actually 297 this year alone.
            I have also written that it is not a matter about guns, but frankly, we Americans are more violent, more homicidal that those of other nations.

          • Morgan your NUT’s

          • more like “moron you have no nuts”…

          • how many people were killed in chicago last weekend and they have the strictest gun laws in the nation! and run by democrats! they killed 9 in roseburg and all christians!! and 16 in chicago but no media hype about that!!

          • facts do not impress children or communists…someone like opre or the twat whoopi or even the dipwad billy mahair, now they listen to them…

          • Just go to another state and buy or buy online. Or simply but from a private owner. It is easy to skip the background checks and the strict laws – just cross the state lines.

          • Wrong again Mogan. You cannot legally go across a state line, purchase a weapon and return. If you do get away with it, you and the dealer who sold you the gun just broke a federal law and that can cost you time in the pokey…
            You purchase LEGALLY in the state of residency.
            Buying on line also requires the seller sends the gun to an FFL licensed dealer in your state. Then you can pick up your gun from them AFTER a background check !! Federal
            law mandate the gun MUST be sent from an FFL dealer to another FFL dealer. Any other transaction can make you a felon in a hurry, private sales excepted within your state of residency. Also many firearms classified as “antiques” can be purchased without a background check. Black powder firearms fall into that category also.
            Firearms passed within a family are also exempt, at least for now.

          • Be careful catman, you will confuse him with facts!
            Liberals are not wired to compute truth only half truth’s and spin!

          • I guess if you count Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans and New York you would be correct the thing most of these crimes have in common? The STRICT gun laws and black populations that vote Demon Rat!!! There is also a whole lot of Demon Rat Mayor’s city council member’s State and national representation that seem to be mostly Demon Rats!!! Maybe it is your policy look the other way to avoid responsibility! Everyone needs to have at least one gun in society today!!! NO CCL 2nd amendment is our RIGHT and that is law!!

          • Just knew a racist would appear

          • muskrat and his leg humpin buddy moganinsky follow the party line…..

          • John Wesley Bletsch

            Over 290 of those massacres have occurred in Chicago.

          • Assault weapon? who in this country has an actual assault weapon ?. For your info.:A real assault weapon is full auto/select fire.;. not many of them around . If the weapon wasn’t made from the factory as an full auto, then it can’t be a legal weapon. A legal weapon costs $18,000.00 to $35,000.Armor piercing.223 isn’t armor piercing, it has a steel pellet in the center lead bullet. An armor piercing bullet is made of one solid piece of high carbon steel /with an copper shell around it. Just a little info for one who doesn’t know much about guns.

          • No Mogan, I use my armor piercing bullets to cap drive by shooters in cars. As for those other weapons of mass destruction you mentioned, have you ever heard of “COLLECTORS” or “MILITARY HISTORIANS” ?? I happen to be a collector myself. How about you??

          • Auto wrecks kill 40.000 people a year–mostly due to speed. So using your logic on types of guns; why do you need a car that con go from 0-60 in 4sec. or attain speeds over 80mph ?

          • If you’re going to keep using that magic number 297 please do a little research, it’s way-way off!
            You can’t repeat a lie enough times to somehow make it a fact!

          • That’s pretty much the latest count. Most don’t get noticed, but they are so routine now.

          • muskat antonopolis

            hey..i say most of those laws sound pretty reasonable…why do you need magazines
            capable of holding more than 10 cartridges for anyway…what are you planning on shooting
            that lives on this planet anyway….armor piercing bullets…hey we sure need them when
            we go squirrel hunting…..those squirrels have Kevlar jackets and helments….you know,
            we just gotta have our fully automatic, air cooled, .50 cal., turret mounted toy to go
            hunting with and to protect us from our noisy next door neighbor…..the more that you
            low, low info, pro-assault weapon, 2nd amendment spouting, foul mouthed and obnoxious
            bunch keep pushing your agenda, the more that Reasonable people will oppose your
            demands and threats……NRA…good people…..I belong…but not in agreement with
            the crap that is posted on the net by some of you…and are you even NRA members..
            pay the dues or buy your drugs???? tough choice…eh?

          • Muskat, the problem with your argument is that one never knows how many thugs will attack you at a given time, suppose you get attacked and are in a fire fight for your life and your 10 round mag goes empty! What are you gonna do, throw your gun at them?
            The argument against armor piercing bullets has nothing to do with squirrels or hunting, it concerns target shooting as that type ammo is usually cheaper than name branded stuff as it is often available as surplus! Besides how many homicides are committed with armor piercing ammo any way?
            And then finally you stupidly bring up .50 cal machine guns like we can even own one without some ultra expensive and lengthy legal crap!
            You see an AR15 isn’t an assault rifle any more that than Joe Biden’s double barrel shotgun is! Assault means attack, so you could have an assault bat or hammer or even fist!
            I personally will keep my 15 round mag in my Glock because I choose not to carry a spare and I’ll keep my so called armor piercing ammo in my Mac 90 because if my government should decide that I need to be placed into a concentration camp I’m sure they will have the same type ammo to use against me!
            I think I’ll pass on the Browning belt fed machine gun because if it gets that bad they’ll just kill me and my family with a drone of some kind!

          • muskat antonopolis

            thank you for a reasonable, thought out comment…I got carried away last evening after
            being exposed to all of the “kill em all” mentality of many who post….no…I am not stupid
            as you implied…far from it….but I see the futility of some of the reasoning of some of
            the posters…..I AM as concerned for the continuation of our Nation and its Citizens
            ….for the health of our Nation and….for its protection from those, any inside and out,
            from those who try to harm or destroy her….as any Patriot!!!!!…..but, any action must not
            be done in a helter-skelter manner like John Wayne in True Grit….both guns
            ablazing… will NOT WORK…..all that it will achieve is division of a Nation and
            death to many innocent brother and sister Citizens ….not a very good objective…
            weaken our country through division…..”a house divided cannot long stand”….its
            been done forever and just that way…..get everybody mad at each other and then the
            enemy comes in and takes over……Some of these so called Patriots who post
            are NOT Citizens but subversives…those who WANT to divide us and weaken us so
            that the enemy can come in and make like the “good guy” solve our problems and
            then settle in as our “beloved leader”…come on….If Pres. Obama has done anything
            in his tenure as a Pres……he HAS brought many, many Citizens to the awareness
            that our Nation IS very sick just as Matt D. said……Obama has unified the Citizens
            in that WE THE PEOPLE better understand just how easy it is to destroy a Nation
            through apathy…andhow important it is for our Citizens to get involved in our Govt.s
            day-to-day operation….WE Do Not Need for this to ever happen again and If WE
            do…then we have only ourselves to blame,,,,have a great American day!!!!!

          • Not through apathy but irrational, pathological hatred for those who disagree with you. That is what I find here. That is combined with an irrational paranoia, that leads many to believe anything if it supports his or her delusions – Obama is not an America, FEMA has 800 concentration camps, Jade Helm 15 is an attempt to bring marshal law, Obama wants our guns, he is a Marxist, he is a fascist, he is a Muslim, he is a Christian that goes to an extremist Christian church, etc., etc. You have people making money off of all of this because they know that fear and paranoia sells.

          • Where do you live that you are in fear of thugs? Downtown Baghdad? I mean, really, you live where there are going to be a gang of thugs attacking you? But now I see, you are against the government of the United States, and the thugs are local police, deputy sheriffs, state police, the FBI, etc. Well, finally nice to discover an American terrorist in our midst.

          • You being a liberal and all sure do know how to twist words around, Nancy Pelosi will be very proud of you!
            How many home invasions do you know of that was carried out by only one person? That’s what I thought, usually it is two or more that kick in you door!
            Around here most of our law enforcement think as I do, we often target shoot together so you missed again!
            As for the federal law enforcement all bets are off since we have been shown that our executive branch along with our so called justice department would sooner wipe their ass with our constitution as to uphold it!
            You can keep coming back with your stupid a$$ remarks but you are not going to make any points here!

          • Well, I had a single person trying to break into my home, but that really didn’t work. As for actual home invasion, don’t live in an area that is prone to that. Sorry but for a lot of police officers that can’t hit the side of a barn when the adrenaline is going.
            As for the DOJ, etc., not really; just your own delusions because you don’t like how the nation is changing and for the better.

          • How do you know which area home invaders will select, do you live in a gated community with guards?
            I live in rural Alabama where most of us haven’t lived pampered lives, we have in fact had to work hard in order to succeed and we take our personal and our families safety very seriously;This is why we oppose gun control!
            I’ve only had the need to call our sheriffs department once in my 61 years and it took 90 min’s for them to arrive, needless to say the problem had been solved long before then and as it happened there was no blood shed! My guns have never harmed any human being and I hope they never do; Needless to say though I will be armed and prepared just in case!

          • Well, I don’t live in one of the deep south states because they are the capitals of crime and homicides. Response time is much shorter since I don’t live in a rural area. Now, how would the requirement of background check and the requirement of license have slowed you down when it came to that incident?
            Who has lived a pampered life? I normally work 12 to 17 hour days, seven days a week.

          • Wow; Just how do you find us southerners to live in the capitals of crime and homicide?
            You must live in one of those states that have legalized Weed, or is it crack?
            If you remove Texas which is as large as many three or four state area’s and then liberal leaning Florida we in the south probably have a lower homicide rate than the city of Chicago!
            I didn’t even mention Detroit ,Boston and New York!
            You have truly lost your friggin mind. I will also say that you are a pathological lair because you don’t work 12-17 hrs per day, seven days per week, those numbers may include commute time which some of you in the mid west seem to be addicted to but you don’t spend that time on the clock!
            If you want people on here to believe you, first you must keep your story believable, your brags have left you somewhere over in left field holding a can full of bull shit!

          • whoops, those facts are not supposed to have seen the light of day…dracula has now whipped his cape around his head to shield himself from the bright glare of truth….

          • muskat antonopolis

            hey morgan…there is no point in trying to hold a conversation with people who haven’t the
            ability to recognize truth if it walked up and slapped them in the face…..and, there are
            only so many expletives in the English language….so very quickly the guys and gals like
            “ihatelibs” run out of words and just sit there and fume unable to speak…their little bitty
            minds having exhausted the depth of it*s ability to communicate…..ahhhhhh….poooorrrrr
            “ihate libs”…what a pathetic little creature……..

          • You get an A for having a brainwashed mind, and another A for being addled!

          • Not really; I always observe how many here don’t like reality if it doesn’t figure into their preconceived notions. Just like all of that paranoia over Jade Helm 15, or FEMA having concentration camps. People like you are the most gullible – you will believe anything if it goes against the government or Obama, etc.

          • muskat antonopolis

            nooooo not me old patriot,,,,i am NOT brainwashed…(did not vote for
            Obama either time and knew years ago that he was incompetent)..
            did you vote for him?….addled…..ha ha…my wife might agree with
            you but no again…..far from it thank God…..hope you have a good day

          • have you had an opportunity to get you worn out hot dog traded in for a brand new taco…your leg humpin buddy and you should take advantage of kenyan boyo’s free gender reassignment surgery paid for by Real American taxpayers…and they will sign you candy ass up for birth control pills after you get your taco up and running…hate to see you slowed down by an unwanted pregnancy …

          • muskat antonopolis

            the main theme of most of Your type poster is to add nothing to the
            content of the conversation but meaningless words and name calling….
            reminds me of children say 2nd-3rd grade at recess… calling
            and trying to shame a classmate….just like children…..pitiful….but when
            attacked respond in kind……so, well crap for brains…have you had your
            daily dose of Patriotisim this AM….the brand that many spout on the net
            indicates to me that it isn’t about their concern for the USA…but
            simply mental anemia and immaturity……I spent 13+ years in the
            military….how about you?

          • we read what you post and realize that you are an indoctrinated coward that would prefer to live off of others…oh by the way I spent a few days getting to know the commie rats in the Central Highlands of Vietnam…then watched as cowards and mental defectives indoctrinated by the scum commies that have been infecting the USA since the 1920s pressured some scum sucking pigs that were pretending to be politicians, but were really just parasites with suits, into abandoning our allies and then to get more votes from the cowards they cut the supply lines and kept the bombers and fighters on the flight line…traitors like that worthless maggot teddy “the murderer” kennedyinsky…and the traitors live on today…brain dead twits even considered making one of the most inept clowns president…johnny “I was wounded in Vietnam” kerryinsky..

          • muskat antonopolis

            and you are trying to say?????…thanks for the history lesson…and the short bio but
            really not interested…..btw….you don’t win many co-Patriots by starting off with
            labeling them “cowards”……good grief Charlie brown…..

          • Does Mogan also go by the moniker of “reality check”??? Both sound like trolls to me ..

          • Colon mucus obscuring hearing, sight brain activity is very common with LiberalTARDS, DemonicRATS, RINO’s, paid PC Trolls and Mu-slime maggots.

        • moron, sorry, ,mogan, is a liberal obama butt kissing troll. iv’e run into him b4.

      • The only reason Owebummer signed the law allowing concealed carry in National Prks, is because it was attached to a pile of bills that he wanted to desperately pass. He hates guns, gun owners, and legal carry. Get real; he hates our Second Amendment!

        • James he also hates Jesus and all Christians and I love Jesus ,,,He loves me. OVOMIT is going to need an asbestos suit done up in the latest BRIGHT RED style……….

      • Hitlers goons went house to house and confiscated citizens weapons.
        Sounds like pretty strict gun control to me.

          • Yep.
            Did Hitler reduce gun control after he had all of them?
            Sure! Why not!
            There was nothing left to control.

          • Again, he didn’t do it in Germany, unless you opposed Hitler or were a Jew. The confiscations took place in the countries that he had taken over. Standard military practice.

          • He took guns from Germans. Look it up.

        • And that was not true, that is coming from right wing propaganda machines. Again, the guns confiscated were not those of German citizens, unless the German citizens were Jews. The confiscations took place in the countries that the Nazis had taken over.

          • nationalreview[.]com/article/365103/how-nazis-used-gun-control-stephen-p-halbrook
            Edit out [ ]s to use link

          • The article proves my point as to whose guns were confiscated.

          • Read the article from the Austrian woman.
            Then tell me if Hitlers gun registration scheme of matching serial numbers of criminals guns against against registration records doesn’t sound familiar to what is being pushed here.
            Nor was the practice only conducted in Austria.
            Also, compare other situations that are occurring here to her stories of education, removal of religious symbols, healthcare.
            Everything our govt is doing mirrors Hitlers actions.

          • It was done in Austria, Poland, France, etc., but not Germany.

          • Nonsense, the only people that were allowed guns in Germany was military, police, govt agencies and elite

          • And common German citizens. Read some actual books on Nazi Germany that were not written for gun organization groups.

          • When a nation stoops so low spiritually that they nickname an entire city, “SIN CITY”—where Americans flock by the millions to gamble, fornicate, patronize strip clubs, view whorish theatre performances, partake of witchcraft, and nearly every other sin imaginable—that nation has already gone to hell.

          • Again, the weapons were not confiscated in Germany but in the countries that the Nazis took over.

          • Again, you’re wrong

          • infowars[.]com/yes-hitler-really-did-take-the-guns-before-throwing-jews-into-concentration-camps-or-gas-chambers/

          • Took them from the German Jews, not the rest of the Germans., If you were a Christian German, you still had yours.

          • beliefnet[.]com/columnists/on_the_front_lines_of_the_culture_wars/2011/04/she-survived-hitler-and-wants-to-warn-america[.]html

          • So what country have we annexed? I take you are comparing Obama to Hitler, so where are the prison camps for people like you or me? Am I to assume that the agents of all Federal Law Enforcement agencies are brown shirts and hob nailed jack boots? Have we had the burning of books?
            Now, tell what freedom have you lost? Have you lost the right to bear arms? Do you still have freedom of speech? Do you still have the right to refuse to house troops in your home, etc., etc., etc? Have there been any real attempts at that or just people fearing that it is going to happen? And what is the grounds of their fears? All of this paranoia has been going on for decades?

          • There are currently 800+ known FEMA detention camps in the US.
            All of the federal agencies are being armed with fully automatic weapons including the USDA.
            All of our police depts are being militarized.

          • There aren’t. That has been completely disproven. The photographs of those so called FEMA sites included closed Natural Guard installations, AMTRAC way stations and North Korean forced labor camps. Even Popular Mechanics has disproven that.
            Now it is true that many police departments have been militarized because they requested and got military equipment. When it comes to the USDA they have an criminal investigative unit with a small police forced. The same is also true for criminal investigators for NASA and the Small Business Administration.

          • Disproven by who and where?
            I hope you aren’t using Wikipedia for your citing.
            Also, there is absolutely no legitimate reason for the USDA or BLM or other federal depts to have FULL AUTO WEAPONS.
            Granted police depts may have to go into shootouts with some drug dealers who have auto weapons, there is still not legitimate cause for the police to have them, nor should any federal agency other than the BATF or DEA have them.

          • There are no FEMA camps. You can just go to Popular Mechanics for that. Not exactly a propaganda magazine. LOL. As for the use of automatic weapons by police departments, on the one hand they need them – match firepower to firepower. On the other hand, SWAT is called for the most routine actions and things are bound to go wrong.

          • rense[.]com/general63/brutalpurgeofpmstaff[.]htm
            Edit out [ ]s to use link.
            Liberal media at its finest.
            PM is now state controlled.

          • When a nation stoops so low spiritually that public school children are taught that they are animals, who evolved from stardust, that nation has already gone to hell.

          • So, you want children to be illiterate when it comes to science? The whole physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, geology things are just a scam?

          • “Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grand-children are once more slaves.” —D. H. Lawrence (1885-1938)

          • Good quote, but to whom does it apply? The generation following WWI? WWII? Vietnam? First Iraq War? Second? Afghanistan? The problem with that quote is that on the whole,now, Only 1% of the population is involved in fighting for freedom. The rest of us are completely unconnected. For many who thanks those of us for our service, what they are thinking is ‘thank God it was you and not my child.’ That is a sad state of affairs.

          • Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.
            – Adolf Hitler

          • Nice way of talking about World News Daily, this website and others like it.

          • Hell will be hot!!! Romans 12:19 promises that God is going to recompense evil for evil in eternity. The wicked will be punished. They think that they’re getting away with all these crimes, laughing at their elite parties and high-brow functions; but God is going to hold them accountable for even the words they speak (Matthew 12:36). Politico reports the cost of the bailouts is approaching twice the GDP of America. 23.7 trillion dollars is about 80,000.00 for every man, woman and child alive in this country today.

            “If you spent a million dollars a day going back to the birth of Christ, that wouldn’t even come close to just one trillion dollars — $23.7 trillion is a staggering figure.” — Rep. Darrell Issa (R-California), the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee.

            The total outstanding household debt in America is 13.7 trillion. What that means is the banker bailouts could have paid off ALL outstanding debt held by private citizens and then some.

            Student loans? Home mortgages? Credit cards? Auto loans? All of it, paid in full.

            Now the private Federal Reserve has the audacity to go before congress and declare that they DON’T KNOW WHO GOT THE MONEY.

          • When a nation stoops so low spiritually that God’s name is taken in vain in nearly every Hollywood movie produced, that nation has already gone to hell.

          • When a nation stoops so low spiritually that pornography is legalized and people are downloading it to their cellphones, that nation has already gone to hell. Sodom had no such evil inventions.

          • Genesis 18:32, “And he said, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak yet but this once: Peradventure ten shall be found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for ten’s sake.”

            I used to say that America is going to Hell; but then realized one day that our nation has already gone to Hell. The United States is incredibly wicked today, spitting in God’s face and disregarding the commandments of God’s Word. The U.S. has become an obese, pleasure seeking, arrogant, angry, worldly, Godless, self-righteous, ungrateful, sick-minded society.

            When a nation stoops so low spiritually that 4,000 precious human beings are slaughtered every day by abortion, that nation has already gone to hell. Young girls today, they just wanna have fun. Young girls today just wanna party. Today young girls wanna go to a nightclub and have open sex on the floor of the nightclub, and then put it on YouTube, and if they should get pregnant they want to throw the baby into a dumpster. That’s the new America! No morals. No self-respect. No nation. No borders. No language. No culture. No responsibility. Now that’s America today!

      • You have No idea what you are talking about! Obama hasn’t done anything to loosen gun laws!!! I don’t know where you get your info but it sounds like you are the de!usional one!!!

        • Just google it when it comes to national parts and carrying.

        • Just to add facts – Obama has only ever signed laws expanding gun owners’ rights.

          One of those pro-gun laws took effect in February 2010 and allows people to carry loaded firearms into the Grand Canyon and other national parks, according to the AP.

          Paul Helmke, who was at the time president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said national parks were the safest spots in American but guns could change that.

          The other major pro-gun law Obama signed allows Amtrak passengers to carry guns in checked baggage, reversing a ban that was put in place after 9/11, according to USA Today.

          In addition to signing pro-gun laws, the Chicago Tribune has pointed out, Obama also failed to make good on a campaign promise to close a loophole that let some people buy guns without background checks.

          • yes those guns in checked baggage residing in the baggage car will do a great deal to thwart the dunce cap that stole his neighbors gun and opens up in the diner…your messiah did the same kind of BS when he signed the legislation that reduced the capital gains tax on small business…wow…sell some of your trucks or tools and you will not have to pay as much tax…any thought of the fact that that was a hollow clown act unless you liquidate your business???

          • Not really. When it comes to small businesses, that includes the New York Times, and the Koch Brothers. Small businesses include those that simply have one or two owners. Doesn’t really deal with mom and pop stores. So, not really thrilled by lowering it.
            As for this thing with the diner – what are you talking about?

          • that is the railcar where the food is served..while your pistol is in the baggage car as you are enjoying your pie ala mode and the mental retard shoots up your day…also read up on “capital gains tax”…it only comes into play when you dispose of “capital items”..has absolutely zip to do with day to day operations where other tax reductions would have an immediate result…GWB’s business background and his advisor’s recommendations to change the rules on “capital acquisition” and charges for depreciation had small and medium sized business moving out into the market to acquire new trucks pronto…and that caused the slow down in auto manufacturing to perk back up right after the rag attack that billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney allowed to develop by refusing to smash bin laden and move the military into an offensive mode taking out real targets, not aspirin plants that effectively neutralized a retired security guard while he was having dinner…(notice two “n” mean food, one “n” in a place..)..

          • Clinton was hampered by Republicans for going after bin Lauden following the attack on the Cole. They claimed that Clinton was attempting to ‘wag the dog’ and throw off attention from the sex scandal. And then he was hampered by the impeachment hearing. And, Clinton was never a rapist. An idiot who couldn’t keep his zipper up? Yes.
            What security guard are you talking about. Your comment was turning into gibberish at the end.

          • America is an evil nation today. We are living in Sodom and Gomorrah. Americans are so blinded to their own wickedness, that they’re unable to see the forest for the trees. Anyone who can’t see that we are living in Sodom and Gomorrah today is a fool. Once a person backs up a bit to view the big picture in Light of the holy Scriptures, the dire condition of America is clear. I read the precious Word of God everyday. I love the Bible. I love it so much! The Bible has so many precious passages of Scripture. The Bible is my best friend in all the world. The more I suffer through life, the more precious the Word of God becomes to me. I have suffered in agonizing pain for years, without remedy.

            I was reading this week in Matthew 6:24 where Jesus said no man can serve two masters, for he will despise the one and hold onto the other. Thus, is it surprising that so many people despise Jesus Christ, the Bible and the things of Christ nowadays? Instead, people hold onto money, rock music, SIN CITY, television, video games, pornography, gambling, worldly possessions, the stock market, et cetera. I serve the Lord Jesus Christ!

            That’s why I don’t watch TV anymore. I hate it. I Guarantee you that if you stop watching TV for a year, live in the Word of God day-by-day, and then see the TV a year later, you will be absolutely shocked and made aware of just how evil this generation has become. Homosexuality, just like abortion, is becoming mainstream. Everyday in America, 4,000 precious children are killed in the womb, without a word being mentioned in the newsmedia. It’s insanity! While the newsmedia spent one year idolizing the O.J. Simpson murders, over one million children were silently holocausted in abortion death clinics all across America. The hypocrisy is unprecedented in history.

          • God was angry with the inhabitants of the city Sodom for their rebellion and wickedness. God decided to destroy the city entirely. Abraham pleaded with God to spare Sodom. God told Abraham that He’d spare Sodom if 50 righteous people could be found.

            Genesis 18:26, ”And the LORD said, If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city, then I will spare all the place for their sakes.”

            Abraham knew immediately that it would be a challenge and began to barter with God to lower the number, eventually settling for 10 righteous people.

            Genesis 18:32, “And he said, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak yet but this once: Peradventure ten shall be found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for ten’s sake.”

            Abraham couldn’t even find 10 righteous people, i.e., saved, born-again believers. Sodom was utterly destroyed with fire and brimstone; but even more frightening is that the Bible says they suffered “the vengeance of eternal fire” (Jude 1:7). Jude 1:7 tells us that Sodom was destroyed in such a manner as an example to the ungodly, of what will happen to them as well. Please do not be mistaken, all Christ-rejecters will suffer “the vengeance of eternal fire”

      • Gun free zones kill!!!

      • vintageautomobilia

        First, “bare” as you use it is spelled “bear”. The rest of your comment is wrong also.

      • Morgan, you should have paid attention better in class. Your facts are wrong concerning Hitler, and for that matter, Obamaas well.
        You apparently cannot read, otherwise you would be aware of what our President has been talking about doing.

        • No. You are a complete idiot. Any serious historian of Nazi Germany knows what Hitler did with gun ownership and that was loosening the laws for most Germans; but not for the German Jews or those countries taken over. Just read a history book on Nazi German by a legitimate historian; not some fanatic from the NRA.

      • Your so brain washed it is pathetic, Obama didn’t do any such thing, your more than delusional your lost all your senses period.

      • No dip shit the price of our freedom was payed for by young men willing to die for it. Were all sorry for the kids that got killed but if you can explain to me one law that would of stopped this then I’ll be on your side 100% and don’t tell me background checks as we all see how well they work . Disarming America definitely is not and option as all that would do is start another civil war and if you don’t think so just read a few posts and you’ll see their are a whole lot of people waiting for that to happen. If a man intends to commit evil there will never be a law to stop them as the old adage says where there’s a will there’s a way

        • Well, one thing is that to require a license similar to what Australia has done. They did that in response to a gun massacre in 1996 and they haven’t had one since. You can still own guns, but evidently requiring a license seems to have ended it.
          Now, should I assume that requiring license is contrary to the second amendment?
          But, also remember the rest of my comments, a bit part of the problem is that we are a violent people. You have a 53% greater chance of being the victim of a gun homicide than in any of the other western industrial nations, Japan, Saudi, etc. And more than likely by someone that you know. For women, they have a great chance of being murdered if there is a gun in the house. The murderer is usually a relative.

      • Do you wonder why he confiscated guns in countries he conquered? Does this ring any bells in your grey matter or are you incapable of rational thinking? God save America.

      • The number of those who have died in gun massacres is dwarfed by the number of our military who have died protecting our Constitution and our Bill of Rights! The Second Amendment confirms our right to BEAR arms. It’s not just for our right to hunt, or for competitive target shooting; its specific purpose is to allow us to have weapons to protect ourselves, if and when the government oversteps its bounds and becomes oppressive to the citizenry.

        If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the past few years, you have probably read of several of these government overstep instances. Obama has even said that we have no right to protect ourselves, but he keeps plenty of protection for himself and his family. Why should he and his family be protected when I and my family are denied that right?

        It has been in the news that several different federal offices have been acquiring thousands, even millions of rounds of ammunition. Among those are: the Social Security Administration,
        the U.S. Postal Service, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

        Several government offices have recently received large shipments of ammunition AND firearms. Those offices include: the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department
        of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Internal
        Revenue Service, among others.

        Our government, under Obama, has all of these weapons and all of this ammunition. Why? Some of these agencies have security divisions that would require some weapons and ammunition, but not nearly as much as they presently have. No other administration in the history of this country has ever seen a need for that degree of armament, but then no other administration has ever sought to overthrow our government. Our government has a
        full arsenal of military weapons. If we, the American people, are to have any chance at all against an oppressive government, we must have at least similar weapons, or the government can kill us or do anything with us that they want.

      • Hell of a lot More American Citizens (well over 100million known) who own guns then are NRA members. We owners constantly write our congressmen about the issues so its Not just the NRA they fear. There are also several other large Gun rights groups across the country.

        Don’t forget all those men/women/children who were Not raped, killed, robbed as well because of those freedoms….
        Guns are Not the problem, criminals will use a knife,bat,pipe,bottle,gas or whatever..

        These are a few that did Not pay that price (Major Gun violence studies report as much gun use defensive or more then by a criminal). Your media don’t report these as it`s against their agenda`s. They are searchable to see the actual story from the local News channel that doesn’t wanna show the other side of the coin here.
        Obama himself hasn’t done anything for gun owners except create an ammo shortage, drive prices up and manage to sell more guns in his term then in the last 50 years(was not his intention since he has tried every way to get more regulations Against gun ownership thru congress)..

        1 of 2
        GA homeowner shoots 1 of 3 burglars during second break-in (VIDEO)
        12/21/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Armed passerby with CCP thwarts attempted robbery in Minneapolis (VIDEO)
        12/19/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Church’s Chicken manager shoots, kills 1 of 3 would-be robbers (VIDEO)
        12/18/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Chicken plant robbery goes wrong… for the suspects, that is (VIDEO)
        12/17/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        An attempted robbery early Friday morning outside a chicken plant in
        Monroe, North Carolina didn’t go as planned when the victim turned the tables
        on the two armed suspects and shot them both.

        Armed suspect shot while attempting to rob off-duty D.C. cop (VIDEO)
        12/17/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Colorado school shooting likely stopped by school resource officer, sheriff
        says (VIDEO)
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        Police fail to locate burglary suspect who’s later found, shot by
        76-year-old homeowner (VIDEO)
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        Suspect shot, killed by store clerk in Chicago during attempted robbery
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        Kentucky teen shoots abusive father during domestic dispute (VIDEO)
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        Store owner buys gun for employees after machete-wielding clerk stops
        robbery (VIDEO)
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        Police follow blood trail to find suspect shot during home invasion (VIDEO)
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        ‘Date’ turns deadly during botched robbery attempt; Female suspect arrested
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        Memphis homeowner shoots burglar while waiting for police to arrive (VIDEO)
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        Armed 70-year-old woman scares off drug-seeking intruders: ‘I’ll blow your
        head off’ (VIDEO)
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        Elderly woman killed in shootout, but not before shooting suspect in the
        stomach (VIDEO)
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        Store owner shoots alleged robber more than 10 times after getting shot
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        ‘I have a bigger one than you,’ store clerk told robber who promptly fled
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        Washington homeowner fatally shot ‘crazed’ intruder during break-in (VIDEO)
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        Teens armed with pellet gun try to rob pizza delivery guy packing real heat
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        Kansas City woman shoots intruder to death after sexual assault (VIDEO)
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        Woman pulls gun on intruder who asks ‘Are you ready to meet God?’ (VIDEO)
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        Circle K employee fired for shooting at armed robber; Company has ‘no gun’
        policy (VIDEO)
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        Teen shot, killed during break in, two other teens in custody (VIDEO)
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        Military vet faces second-degree murder charges for shooting intruder
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        Family members rescue kidnapped victim, kill captor during confrontation
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        Church pastor shoots, kills son-in-law who violated restraining order (VIDEO)
        11/09/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Fort Wayne resident shoots, kills one of two suspects during home invasion
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        Female clerk shot during robbery, returns fire killing the suspect (VIDEO)
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        Chicago robber with fake gun foiled by clerk with real gun … sort of
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        Two robbers dead, driver arrested after robbery stopped by armed citizen
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        Suspect shot with shotgun during home invasion, second suspect on the run
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        U.S. soldier stationed overseas witnesses wife being stabbed during video
        chat NEEDED A GUN!
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        Wheelchair-bound jewelry store owner with handgun stops robbery (VIDEO)
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        Would-be robber fatally shot in the neck by off-duty deputy (VIDEO)
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        California homeowner shoots, kills zombie-ranting intruder (VIDEO)
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        Suspect shot, killed after homeowner walked in on the robbery in progress
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        Clerk fired for pulling gun on robber ‘armed’ with hot coffee, a knife;
        Incident caught on security camera (VIDEO)
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        Robbery gone wrong: Pizza delivery guy packing more than just pizza (VIDEO)
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        Wichita mother shoots late-night intruder, who turns out to be her neighbor
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        Arizona party turns violent; Gunman stopped by armed partygoer
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        Elderly man finds 22-year-old in bed with his wife, hits him with a
        ‘warning shot’ (911 AUDIO)
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        The man told police that when the young man lunged at him, he fired a
        “warning shot.”

        12-year-old who shot intruder honored with ‘911 Hero of the Year’ award
        10/18/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Tulsa homeowner empties magazine on intruder, wishes it had been just
        ‘another boring day’ (VIDEO)
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        Gas station clerk thwarted robbery, fired for violating company’s ‘no
        weapons’ policy (VIDEO)
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        Suspect shot during home invasion dies after being taken off life support
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        Homeowner, who interrupted burglary, left shaken after killing suspect
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        Virginia gun dealers help law enforcement arrest convicted felon trying to
        buy gun
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        Pit bull shot, killed after attacking two kids (VIDEO)
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        Armed 72-year-old woman stops intruder from beating friend to death with
        baseball bat (VIDEO)
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        Vietnam vet shoots, kills suspected burglar trying to break into his home
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        Cop’s teenage son–who’s never shot a gun before–shoots intruder during home
        invasion, second flees (VIDEO)
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        Produce stand owner killed suspected burglar, held another at gunpoint for
        police (VIDEO)
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        Georgia homeowner shoots intruder in the face, second suspect at large
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        Bloody end to family feud: Father shoots daughter after she murdered
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        Charges for pulling gun on trespasser dropped against Pennsylvania open
        carry advocate
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        Toledo woman defends her property, holds suspect at gunpoint for the second
        time in months (VIDEO)
        10/02/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Store owner arrested, charged with murder for the shooting death of a man
        stealing beer (VIDEO)
        10/01/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Homeowner shooting at fleeing burglars raises questions on when and when
        not to shoot (VIDEO) Reno
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        Off-duty deputy kills one, wounds two during mugging attempt (VIDEO)
        9/28/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Oregon homeowner with gun, deaf dog scare armed intruder into submission
        9/26/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Florida grocery store owner shoots robber in the chest after robber refused
        to back down (VIDEO)
        9/25/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Armed, off-duty soldier saved at least 100 people during Kenya mall attack
        9/25/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Bank robbery suspect shot and killed by off-duty Denver cop
        9/23/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Three armed robbers try to mug pistol packing retired federal agent (VIDEO)
        9/19/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Houston homeowner shoots intruder who broke into his house with a rock
        9/18/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        ‘Anti-gun’ Seattle man uses shotgun to stop half-naked man’s marina rampage
        9/17/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        77-year-old Montana homeowner shoots early morning intruder
        9/16/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Texas woman changes stance on guns after two men break into her home
        9/14/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Reluctant at first, she’s now thankful that her husband kept the gun in the
        house and took the time to show her how to use it because she now realizes that
        “it changed the situation completely.

        Carjacking victim shoots two would-be car thieves, killing one (VIDEO)
        9/13/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons: Blame the people pulling the
        trigger, not the guns
        9/13/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Drunk man breaking into home begs to be shot when held at gunpoint (VIDEO)
        9/12/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Pistol packing pharmacist stops machete wielding would-be drug thief
        9/12/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Houston homeowner shoots naked man attempting to break into house (VIDEO)
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        Tennessee business owner shoots suspect caught attempting to break into
        9/09/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Crime spree comes to an abrupt, fatal ending when car thief targets wrong
        9/06/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Once the suspect saw the homeowner, he attacked him while holding a
        screwdriver and a set of pliers. A scuffle ensued and the suspect attempted to
        take the shotgun from the homeowner, but the homeowner wouldn’t have it

        Doped up intruder plays dead then attacks elderly woman who shot at her
        9/05/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        “She was very powerful. She was high. She was wild. I didn’t want to shoot
        her, but I didn’t want to get hurt. I told her to stop, but she kept coming at
        me,” the disabled woman recalled.

        Surveillance Video: Man attempts to rob liquor store, instead gets gun
        shoved in mouth
        9/04/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Harvard study concludes that gun control does not prevent murders, other
        violent crime
        8/30/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        The fact that some countries have very few firearms has not reduced the
        rate of violent crimes. In fact, according to the study, “Homicide results
        suggest that where guns are scarce other weapons are substituted in killings.”

        New Mexico homeowner shot 250-pound bear after it tried following him into
        8/30/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Burglary suspect shot in the head, escaped from hospital, then calls police
        pretending to be someone else (VIDEO)
        8/30/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Teens playing ‘Knockout Game’ target unsuspecting passerby, victim fights
        back with .40 cal
        8/29/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Texas teen shoots suspected burglars, leaving one dead and the other in
        critical condition (VIDEO)
        8/29/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Milwaukee bar owner robbed at gunpoint holds CCW class to a packed house
        8/28/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Rural Pennsylvania homeowner shoots, kills 18-year-old intruder (VIDEO)
        8/27/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Pizza delivery driver shoots, kills armed robber with violent history
        8/26/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Milwaukee bar owner robbed for the second time, shoots and kills suspect
        armed with BB gun (VIDEO)
        8/23/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Elderly man kills escaped convict after being held hostage for hours
        8/21/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Florida woman and her .45 stops man from beating girlfriend
        8/20/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Homeowner shoots, kills ax-wielding man threatening his family (VIDEO)
        8/19/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        West Virginia homeowner catches burglar, holds her at gunpoint until police
        8/17/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Tulsa homeowner shoots armed intruder in the leg (VIDEO)
        8/16/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Florida homeowner shoots intruder, who turns out to be his neighbor (VIDEO)
        8/14/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        A Florida homeowner shot an intruder who he found in his home early
        Saturday morning. Only that intruder turned out to be his neighbor and although
        police believe he was drunk, his intentions weren’t entirely clear.

        Woman exchanges gunfire with armed robbers at Houston Denny’s, saves hubby
        8/14/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Raleigh resident shoots, kills armed intruder (VIDEO)
        8/12/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Memphis cookie store owner in hot water after firing at robbers who took
        off with his cash (VIDEO)
        8/10/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Buffalo resident shoots two armed robbers, sparks discussion on use of
        deadly force (VIDEO)
        8/09/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Two teens shot during botched home invasion outside Atlanta (VIDEO)
        8/08/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        San Antonio Home Invasion Turned Deadly for Intruder: ‘I did what I had to
        do’ (VIDEO)
        8/07/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Texas kidnapping victim shoots suspects after they forced his wife into a
        bank vault (VIDEO)
        8/06/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Houston Man refused to be a victim for the second time, shoots 2 of 3 armed
        robbers (VIDEO)
        8/05/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Memphis Woman Robbed at Gunpoint Twice, Buys Gun, Stops Third Robbery
        8/03/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Would-be Waffle House robber shot by armed citizen (VIDEO
        7/31/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Gun Toting Motorcyclist Stops Would-Be Robbers Armed with a Knife
        7/29/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Epic Fail: Man attempts to rob gun store with a baseball bat (VIDEO)
        7/27/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Gun Ownership in Hawaii Continues to Climb While Gun Violence Continues to
        7/27/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        The state Department of the Attorney General released a report showing that
        in the state of Hawaii gun registrations are continuing to skyrocket while
        violent crime in the state, instead of increasing, has continued to do a steady

        Armed homeowner chases down, shoots at man stealing his AC unit (VIDEO)
        7/26/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Dad Tricks Robber by Making Him Think He Has a Gun, Gets Son’s Stolen Watch
        7/26/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Indiana homeowner shoots, kills suspect during ‘peculiar’ home invasion
        7/25/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        California homeowner shoots, kills homeless trespasser caught stealing
        7/24/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Study Shows Most First-Time Gun Buyers, Especially Women, Choose Firearms
        for Home and Self-Defense
        7/24/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Home Invaders with Fake Guns Get Shot with One Very Real Gun (VIDEO)
        7/24/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        AL Homeowner Shoots Man Attempting to Steal His Flat Screen TV (VIDEO)
        7/24/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Woman Zaps Attacker Between the Eyes with Stun Gun After He Tries to Remove
        Her Shorts
        7/23/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Camo-Wearing Woman Guns Down Man at Gas Station, Records Body on Cell Phone
        7/22/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Wichita Man shoots at knife-wielding intruder; One suspect arrested,
        another missing
        7/20/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Surveillance Footage Shows Would-be Robbers Stopped by ‘Armed’ Citizens
        7/20/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Cleveland Homeowner Stops Armed Men Holding His Fiancé and Kids at Gunpoint
        7/19/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        when Johnny Bridges looked out the window of the house and saw the men, he
        armed himself and prepared to protect is family.

        Mississippi Homeowner Shoots and Kills Man Breaking Into His Car (VIDEO)
        7/18/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        BB Gun Wielding Robber Stopped by Store Clerk with a Very Real Gun (VIDEO)
        7/17/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Charges against PA man for shooting at intruder dropped under Castle
        Doctrine Law
        7/17/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Woman shoots, kills abusive husband 11 minutes after he’s released from
        jail (VIDEO)
        7/16/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Earlier in the day, the police had been contacted about the man who was
        allegedly irate, suicidal and homicidal. He was armed and threatening to kill
        his wife and children according to the report.

        FL Homeowner Shoots 1 of 3 Armed Robbers during Home Invasion (VIDEO)
        7/12/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Record-Breaking Violence in Trenton, NJ: Lack of police presence has
        ‘Opened Pandora’s Box’
        7/12/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Suspected intruder shot, killed after confrontation with Denver homeowner
        7/11/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        NC Businessman shoots, kills Copper Thief (VIDEO)
        7/10/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Violent Holiday Weekend in Chicago Ends with 12 Dead, More Than 70 Injured
        7/09/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        The violence was a result of gang warfare, good weather, easy access to
        guns and a reluctance of residents to identify those responsible for the shootings.

        Indiana man shoots, kills suspected burglar armed with a hatchet (VIDEO)
        7/09/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Armed Citizen in SC Helps to Stop Dangerous Crime Spree by Two Armed
        7/09/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        California Resident Shoots at Intruder Attempting to Crawl Through a Doggy
        7/08/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Tulsa Man Hogties Burglar Then Leaves Him in the Front Yard for Police
        7/06/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Houston father fatally shoots armed intruders during home invasion, saves
        family (VIDEO)
        7/02/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Nanny Cam Home Intruder Arrested After Viciously Beating Woman in Front of
        Her Kid (VIDEO)
        7/01/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Indiana Woman Shoots Leopard in Her Backyard (VIDEO)
        6/27/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Florida woman wards off masked intruder with a toy gun (VIDEO)
        6/27/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        84-year old Florida homeowner under investigation after shooting at burglar
        6/26/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        An 84-year-old Florida man returned home with his wife Sunday afternoon
        only to find a burglar’s car parked in his driveway and the man stuffing the
        resident’s belongings into his car.

        Pickpocket shot dead by patron in line to buy new LeBron James shoes
        6/24/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Teen Arrested After Shooting Robbery Suspect
        6/22/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Houston Homeowner Shoots Intruder During Suspected Burglary (VIDEO)
        6/21/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Late-night intruder grabs daughter, attacks father, gets shot
        6/21/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        NJ robber threatened to kill store owner’s family, robber shot dead by
        owner (VIDEO)
        6/19/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        An armed robber walked into a NJ jewelry store, threatened to kill the
        owner’s family, then demanded cash and gold.

        NY pharmacist takes out getaway car, stops armed robber looking for drugs
        6/17/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Teen Intruder Shot, Killed by Armed Homeowner in Yuma (VIDEO)
        6/14/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Georgia Man Shoots Knife-Wielding Would-Be Robber in the Butt
        6/14/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Intruder pleads with armed Grandma: ‘I’m sorry, ma’am. I’m leaving. Please
        don’t shoot.’ (VIDEO)
        6/12/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Retired Dept. of Homeland Security Agent Shoots at Burglars… And Misses
        6/11/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        69-year-old Liquor Store Owner’s Quick Draw Stops Armed Robbery (VIDEO)
        6/11/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Intended Victim Shoots Armed Robbers, Killing One (VIDEO)
        6/07/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Paint-Huffing Trespasser Shot by Homeowner (VIDEO)
        6/06/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Florida Man Holding Teen Burglar at Gunpoint: ‘You can cooperate or go home
        in a box’ (VIDEO)
        6/04/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        One teen dead, another in custody after an attempted robbery with an
        airsoft gun
        6/03/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

        SC Homeowner Shot, Killed Parolee Who Broke into Home with a Shovel (VIDEO)
        | by Jennifer Cruz

      • 2 of 2

        Former Philadelphia cop fatally shoots would-be robber as he holds knife to her chest (VIDEO)
        6/24/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Would-be robber flaunts gun to victim, then gets shot with victim’s gun (VIDEO)
        6/23/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Armed former Marine protects young daughter from creepy guy with knife (VIDEO)
        6/20/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Convenience store clerk suspended after pulling gun on armed robber
        6/18/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        73-year-old man shot in the face, holds burglar at gunpoint until police arrive (VIDEO)
        6/17/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Desperate homeowner shoots intruder as his 911 call is transferred to voicemail (VIDEO)
        6/16/14 | by Jennifer Cruz VOICEMAIL ON 911????????
        A Florida homeowner is lucky to be alive after four armed intruders broke into his Port Richey home last week, demanding cash and prescription drugs. The man tried to seek help from local law enforcement, but was forced to shoot one of the intruders as his 911 call was transferred to voice mail.

        Drunken man shot by homeowner after trying to enter the wrong house (VIDEO)
        5/05/14 | by Jennifer Cruz Cali
        Teen shot in the head during attempted burglary last summer arrested again… for attempted burglary (VIDEO)
        5/03/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Detroit does it again: Female homeowner opens fire on intruder (VIDEO)
        5/02/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Suspect fatally shot with own gun after Philly couple interrupts burglary in progress (VIDEO)
        4/30/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Armed stranger stops purse snatching suspects in Family Dollar parking lot (VIDEO)
        4/30/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Six wounded, gunman dead in Georgia town with famous ultra-friendly gun laws, but inside ‘gun free zone’ (VIDEO)
        4/29/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Two arrested in fatal shooting of Oakland woman who recorded crime on her cell phone (VIDEO)
        4/26/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Family of suspect shot while stabbing officer suing police department for $200 million
        4/25/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Armed jewelry store owner, son thwart attempted robbery involving four suspects (VIDEO)
        4/23/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Teens sentenced after burglary with fake gun causes victim to jump from balcony
        4/23/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Suspect on trial fatally shot in courtroom while attacking witness (VIDEO)
        4/22/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Home invasion suspect critically wounded after being shot by homeowner (VIDEO)
        4/22/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Mass. teen faces murder charges after robbery accomplice is fatally shot by would-be victim
        4/21/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Botched burglary turns into shootout, suspect killed, victim injured (VIDEO)
        4/18/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Detroit homeowner shoots, kills intruder before he crashes into neighbor’s home (VIDEO)
        4/17/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        NY pizza delivery guy fights back against four armed robbers… and wins (VIDEO)
        4/16/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Burglar caught in the act shot in the neck with a 12-gauge (VIDEO)
        4/15/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Another bloody weekend in Chicago: 36 shot in 36 hours (VIDEO)
        4/15/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Another Detroit homeowner opens fatal fire on intruders: Justice or out-of-control vigilantism? (VIDEO)
        4/12/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Suspect in violent home invasion sues PD, seeks $450K for physical, emotional damages
        4/11/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Armed robber no match against WWII vet and gun-grabbing wife (VIDEO)
        4/11/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Mom helps thwart shooting by monitoring son’s Facebook page (VIDEO)
        4/10/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Police say that a mother who was monitoring her son’s Facebook page may have helped to stop a planned shooting near a Salt Lake City high school and possible saved her son’s life.
        Armed Detroit nurse saves man being beaten by angry mob (VIDEO)
        4/10/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Intruder fatally shot after breaking into home of three armed residents (VIDEO)
        4/08/14 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Chicago reports state’s first defensive gun use by concealed carry permit holder
        4/07/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        In what appears to be the first reported defensive gun use in Chicago by a legal concealed carry permit holder, a man scared off two armed suspects who approached him outside of his home in what was believed to be an attempted robbery.
        Off-duty Dallas cop fatally shoots suspect during stabbing (VIDEO)
        4/05/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        ND homeowner, shot three times, still manages to send intruder to hospital
        4/03/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Former Navy SEAL shot, chases suspect, then drives to police station for help (VIDEO)
        4/02/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Oklahoma man comes to female neighbor’s aid during home burglary, leaves one suspect dead (VIDEO)
        3/31/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        CA man holds burglar breaking into neighbor’s home at gunpoint until police arrive
        3/21/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Spokane coffee shop baristas packing heat after string of robberies (VIDEO)
        3/21/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Memphis woman shoots, kills would-be robber with his own gun (VIDEO)
        3/20/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Intruder fatally shot by Montana homeowner (VIDEO)
        3/19/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Houston home invasion turns deadly for one of two suspects (VIDEO)
        3/18/14 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Suspect shot, killed with own gun during sexual assault (VIDEO)
        3/16/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        A man is dead after he was shot with his own gun while sexually assaulting a woman Thursday night in New Orleans. Apparently while the suspect was focused on the female, a second victim grabbed the suspect’s gun and fatally shot him.
        Portland school resource officer shot, killed violent fugitive wanted for kidnapping, bank robberies (VIDEO)
        3/14/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Man defends 83-year-old mom against violent intruder armed with knife, shovel (VIDEO)
        3/11/14 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Houston cop fatally shoots one of three suspected burglars
        3/08/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Three intruders broke into a Houston home Thursday morning, apparently unaware that the homeowner, who happened to be a cop, was inside.
        Another would-be burglar dead in Detroit as armed residents continue to fight back (VIDEO)
        3/07/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Armed intruder tackled by homeowner’s ‘big friend’, fatally shot with his own gun (VIDEO)
        3/06/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Another armed Detroit resident fights back, fatally shoots man breaking into her home
        3/04/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Suspect wearing surgical mask confronted by homeowner with a handgun (VIDEO)
        3/01/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Florida man gets shot after attacking supermarket patrons with a sword (VIDEO)
        2/26/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Armed Detroit residents fight back against criminals; City sees three defensive gun uses in one week (VIDEO)
        2/25/14 | by Jennifer Cruz

        One killed, three jailed in robbery attempt gone wrong (VIDEO)
        2/24/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Four people planned to rob a man at gunpoint in Hubert, North Carolina, Sunday night, but they didn’t anticipate that their intended target may have also been armed
        Washington homeowner shoots man after alleged rape
        2/22/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Would-be burglar shot in the groin by intended victim (VIDEO)
        2/22/14 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Off-duty cop fatally shoots teen suspect beating and robbing victim (VIDEO)
        2/20/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        When an off-duty Houston police officer witnessed a robbery and beating, he stopped to intervene, but the confrontation turned deadly for the teen suspect when he revealed a pistol and began to come at the officer in a threatening manner.
        Detroit mom uses ‘assault rifle’ to scare off armed teens breaking into her home (VIDEO)
        2/19/14 | by Jennifer Cruz This is Not an assault rifle, looks like a Hi-Point 9mil carbine which is more like a pistol with a rifle barrel and shoulder stk.
        ‘Crazy b*tch has a gun!’ suspect yells as he runs from victim’s home (VIDEO)
        2/18/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        23-year-old attempts robbery at senior citizens club, gets shot by 65-year-old (VIDEO)
        2/14/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Would-be robber armed with stun gun fatally shot by 76-year-old victim armed with a .38 (VIDEO)
        2/14/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Resident fatally shoots one home invasion suspect, injures a second, while police search for third (VIDEO)
        2/12/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Off-duty Chicago cop interrupts robbery in progress, fatally shoots suspect (VIDEO)
        2/11/14 | by Jennifer Cruz

        SAFE Act proponent arrested after accidentally bringing loaded gun on school property, prompting lockdown (VIDEO)
        2/10/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        A well-known gun control advocate and supporter of the NY SAFE Act was arrested Thursday afternoon in Buffalo, New York and now faces two felony charges after authorities discovered he was carrying a loaded handgun on school property…Anti gun and busted with a gun lol.
        SC woman fatally shoots abusive boyfriend after he attacks her
        2/08/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Mom with 9mm keeps masked suspect armed with machete, shotgun at bay until police arrive (VIDEO)
        2/06/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Teen robber looking for cash, condoms, cigarettes gets shot by store owner (VIDEO)
        2/04/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Would-be robber shot by armed employee at SC restaurant (VIDEO)
        2/04/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Two robberies in under two hours leaves one suspect dead, another shot and a woman in critical condition (VIDEO)
        1/30/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Would-be robber claims to be armed, takes off when store clerk pulls gun (VIDEO)
        1/29/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Intruder fatally shot during break-in, homeowner charged for firearm violation (VIDEO)
        1/28/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Suspect tries robbing 7-Eleven with pellet gun, bites clerk, gets shot (VIDEO)
        1/28/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Would-be burglar held at gunpoint on rooftop of Tulsa home (VIDEO)
        1/25/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Homeowner’s son fatally shoots burglary suspect; ‘I wasn’t going to have my dad die in front of me’ (VIDEO)
        1/23/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Armed suspect with extensive criminal history fatally shot by victim during attempted robbery (VIDEO)
        1/21/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Two break-ins in less than 24 hours, 77-year-old Phoenix homeowners fatally shoots intruder (VIDEO)
        1/20/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        No guns allowed: Customer fatally shoots gunman in Dollar General store which prohibits open carry (VIDEO)
        1/18/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Armed intruder fatally shot by resident during Boston home invasion (VIDEO)
        1/17/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Three in custody, one on the run and one shot in the groin during a robbery gone wrong (VIDEO)
        1/16/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Man covered in blood breaks into Nevada home, gets shot by homeowner (VIDEO
        1/15/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Number of women arming themselves for self-defense continues to rise (VIDEO)
        1/15/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Louisville resident shoots 1 of 3 suspects during home invasion (VIDEO)
        1/14/14 | by Jennifer Cruz

        Knoxville homeowner shot by suspects returns fire killing one (VIDEO)
        1/13/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        A 64-year-old homeowner was shot Wednesday night during a confrontation with two men in their twenties, but the homeowner returned fire, fatally shooting one of the suspects.
        Attempted robbery in St. Louis went wrong, for the suspect that is (VIDEO)
        1/10/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Would-be victim knocks out shotgun wielding robber (VIDEO)
        1/09/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Great grandma shoots, kills teen intruder during attempted robbery (VIDEO)
        1/08/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Off-duty Oklahoma cop shoots, kills prison escapee during home invasion (VIDEO)
        1/07/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Florida man uses AK-47 to defend himself against three armed assailants (VIDEO)
        1/06/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Atlanta homeowner shoots, kills intruder, heartbroken at senseless loss of life (VIDEO)
        1/03/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Armed 90-year-old laundromat owner scares off much younger would-be robber (VIDEO)
        1/02/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Oregon residents form armed patrols after budget cuts reduce sheriff patrols by 80 percent
        1/02/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        10 most talked about self-defense stories of 2013 (VIDEO)
        1/01/14 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Teen robber’s bullet ricochets from victim’s face, strikes and kills robber’s accomplice
        12/30/13 | by Jennifer Cruz
        Burglary suspects caught by homeowner’s gun toting nephew (VIDEO)
        12/28/13 | by Jennifer Cruz

      • You have from this moment until the moment that the Antichrist is revealed to get saved, because once the Rapture happens it will be too late for you. For that man of sin shall not be revealed until the Christians have been caught up in the air at the coming of our Lord (2nd Thessalonians 2:4). Are you saved?

      • In 1933, the ultimate extremist group, led by Adolf Hitler, seized power and used the records to identify, disarm, and attack political opponents and Jews. Constitutional rights were suspended, and mass searches for and seizures of guns and dissident publications ensued. Police revoked gun licenses of Social Democrats and others who were not “politically reliable.”

        Read more at: Hitler disarmed his adversaries!!!!!!

        • niversity of Chicago law professor Bernard Harcourt explored this myth in depth ina 2004 article published in the Fordham Law Review. As it turns out, the Weimar Republic, the German government that immediately preceded Hitler’s, actually hadtougher gun laws than the Nazi regime. After its defeat in World War I, and agreeing to the harsh surrender terms laid out in the Treaty of Versailles, the German legislature in 1919 passed a law that effectively banned all private firearm possession, leading the government to confiscate guns already in circulation. In 1928, the Reichstag relaxed the regulation a bit, but put in place a strict registration regime that required citizens to acquire separate permits to own guns, sell them or carry them.

          The 1938 law signed by Hitler that LaPierre mentions in his book basically does the opposite of what he says it did. “The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as well as ammunition,” Harcourt wrote. Meanwhile, many more categories of people, including Nazi party members, were exempted from gun ownership regulations altogether, while the legal age of purchase was lowered from 20 to 18, and permit lengths were extended from one year to three years.

          The law did prohibit Jews and other persecuted classes from owning guns, but this should not be an indictment of gun control in general.

          • Thanks for the info. I have no problem with your summation. It’s true;
            they relaxed gun ownership to supporters of the regime, and only initiated
            stronger gun-control to their adversaries. My point is focused on purpose; a
            regulation that empowers aggression, purposed to limit resistance.

          • But that is with the Nazis. Now, unless you believe that the FBI is the American version of the Gestapo, we are not dealing with similar situations. The parallels are not there. But, you do have people claiming that that is exactly what the FBI is. You have that with the director of the NRA calling federal law enforcement agents jackbooted thugs. People like him are expecting those that they are targeting to believe them without checking the facts. They are counting on people being illiterate when it comes to history. Not that hard, when we have students thinking that we fought the British during the Civil War.
            To be sure, there are those who are extremely paranoid when it comes to the federal government. Think of all the paranoia over Jade Helm 15, which completely panned out, or those who thinking FEMA has 800 prison camps, where as the photos are of AMTRAC way stations, National Guard facilities and North Korean work camps. There is just a lot of people making a heck of a lot money out of this.

      • Thank God for good men like 32 year NYC veteran Firefighter, Rudy Dent, who still have the courage to tell the truth…“The public is mesmerized by the mainstream media. And let me give you my opinion of the mainstream media. The mainstream media, their mission, is to act as the most effective weapon of mass deception and public manipulation the world has ever seen. And if you don’t think that’s so, ask anyone any taboo question that the mainstream media frowns upon with its army of trusted celebrity presstitutes. Alright, and you will see a sadly predictable knee-jerk reactionary response from the public, because that’s what they’ve been trained to believe and trust in.”

        SOURCE: Retired firefighter Rudy Dent, a 32 veteran of the NYC fire department and the NYPD)

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    • Truer words about who are the terrorist have never been written… The current potus and his actions against the 2nd. amendment are truly anti American in deed… All despots in the past and present have caused the populace to lose their rights to own, and protect themselves with firearms. The folks who do not want us to have firearms are not going to take them peacefully. And the NRA is Right On in it fight to protect the 2nd. amendment……

      • Those words are not true at all. When it came to Hitler, he loosened the gun laws of Germany for members of the Nazi party and also for German citizens who were not Jews. He confiscated guns in the countries that he had conquered. The reality is going recognize the difference between rhetoric and actions.

        As for Obama he has not signed any laws that are anti-gun.Obama has only ever signed laws expanding gun owners’ rights.

        One of those pro-gun laws took effect in February 2010 and allows people to carry loaded firearms into the Grand Canyon and other national parks, according to the AP.

        Paul Helmke, who was at the time president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said national parks were the safest spots in American but guns could change that.

        The other major pro-gun law Obama signed allows Amtrak passengers to carry guns in checked baggage, reversing a ban that was put in place after 9/11, according to USA Today.

        In addition to signing pro-gun laws, the Chicago Tribune has pointed out, Obama also failed to make good on a campaign promise to close a loophole that let some people buy guns without background checks.

        It’s not so shocking then that the Brady Campaign gave Obama an F in January 2010.

        • You are a danger to yourself and every American. Such distorted thinking and perception of historic events. Had we been in a foxhole in Nam I might have made a man out of you.

        • Did you just get hit with lightening?? I hope you recover .. soon.

          • So, everything that I wrote about and has been reported on is a lie, a sham. Give me the proof that reveals that? Not paranoid fears, rumors, gossip, etc. What claims in my comment are lies?

        • Obama is aware of the strong undercurrent of support for the second amendment and no doubt believes the expedient path is to lean toward the massive support in the American society. It is a fact that cities with the strictest gun laws also have the highest gun crime rates.. I don’t own a gun but when laws are imposed to restrict my access to this personal protect, I will buy one. Right now criminals are being released from jail and this need becomes a real issue of life and death. The key to resolving these issues is a massive return to God’s Word.

        • Your misinformation reveals who you really are, so does your votes!

        • We’ve gone too far ladies and gentleman. We’ve gone too far. The fruit is too ripe. The earth is too ripe in wickedness. The angel is ready to pull out his sickle and thrust it into the earth, and the earth shall reap the harvest of her wickedness. The world today is as rotten as can be. The only hope for any kind of unity at all is not in a party; but in a man, and that man is soon to come. He will be a man of ideologies, a peacemaker, the man of sin, the Antichrist.

        • Sean Hannity is an unsaved Roman Catholic, bound for the Lake of Fire in his sins. Hannity’s arrogance and sinful smirk while he’s lying, won’t help him in eternity when God holds him accountable for continually lying to millions of people. What a sad career… lying to people all the time, deceiving your neighbor. Hannity is a lying career criminal just like O’Reilly and the rest of the mainstream newsmedia. Revelation 21:8 says that all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone (which is the second death).

          It’s not acceptable to lie to your neighbor in order to protect criminals. Shame on Fox News for mocking their viewers, whom they’re deceiving day-by-day. The criminal globalists have taken over America. If you were ignorant before, the passing of NDAA on December 31, 2011 ought to have you VERY concerned. Stop being a mindless lemming.

          • For all the decades of the paranoia concerning criminal globalists, nothing has happened. What is the problem with the 2011 NDAA?

        • Bla, Bla, Bla. What about his Executive orders? What about his Administration putting pressure on Banks to stop doing business with Gun Dealers, effectively putting them out of business? Lets not forget his rouge ATF forcing gun dealers in the Southwest to sell over 2000 guns to straw purchases? They were suppose to be tracked to Mexican Drug Cartels. They are still showing up at murder sites around the USA, not to mention the original well publicized killing of some Border Patrol agents. Then there is the buying up of billions of rounds of Ammo and having his lackeys sign contracts with Ammo Manufacturers that effectively prevented them from shipping Ammo to Dealers. If you can’t ban guns, get rid of the ammo right? The Brady Campaign and Bloomberg will not be happy until every gun is removed from citizens hands. Obama isn’t moving fast enough for them. I hope they keep giving him an F.

          • The claim that the Obama administation is hoarding ammunition is a false claim. According to the GAO, in 2013 DHS had about 199 million rounds, sufficient for training and operational needs for 22 months since there are more than 70,000 armed personnel. The DOJ has 69,000 armed personnel with an inventory to last 13-20 months, which would be3 about 90=138 million rounds. Combining these two agencies, that is 80% of federal armed personnel, which comes out to 250-300 million rounds on hand.

            According to the GAO, DHS’ use of ammunition over the past six years has roughly equaled the amount it bought. In 2009, the agency bought 133 million rounds and dipped into reserves to use a total of 141 rounds. In 2013, the agency used 89 million rounds compared with new purchases of 84 million rounds. The DOJ purchasing trends and usage rates are similar. It also said DOJ’s inventories are below DHS’s.

            In short, with inventories and purchases going down, and usage roughly equaling purchases, the government is clearly not “stockpiling” ammunition. And while Buchal is correct in his assertion that the government has “hundreds of millions” of rounds on hand, even he later acknowledged that “in all likelihood,” those rounds are being used for training purposes.

            On a personal note, this whole conspiracy of hoarding ammo is really crazy. The US government with hundreds of billions of dollars in military spending, etc., not citizen group will win an arms race.

            When it comes to the Fast and Furious program by the ATF, Its origins are in another operation, “Wide Receiver” that started in 2006. That was a screw up and so was Fast and Furious There was a failure of tracking, no doubt about it. Both were carried out by the same people and directed by the same person. For the rest, read the actual report. But yes, it was a screw up, clearly with the Phoenix ATF office, but probably at the DOJ, as well. There were 14 employees of the ATF and DOJ that were held responsible.

            As for the administration focus on banks and gun dealers, you left out the rest, coin dealers, credit card schemes, credit repairs services, pawn shops, dating services, debt consolidation scams, escort services, get rich products, government grants, home based charities, payday loans, etc. This was Operation Choke Point from the DOJ to investigate US banks and their connections to companies that have a risk for fraud and money laundering.

            In April 2014, Four Oaks Bank settled with the Department of Justice for engaging in the types of activities that Operation Choke Point is intended to stop. According to the complaint (dated Jan 8, 2014): “As of today, approximately 97 percent of TPPP-TX’s merchants for which Four Oaks Bank permits debits to consumers’ accounts are Internet payday lenders. A payday loan typically is a short-term, high interest loan that is not secured (made without collateral) and that has a repayment date coinciding with or close to the borrower’s next payday. Most payday loans are for $250 to $700. Annualized interest rates for Internet payday loans frequently range from 400 percent to 1,800 percent or more – far in excess of most states’ usury laws.”[10]

            When it comes to results. For example, on April 17, 2014, Kevin Wack of the American Banker reported that Fifth Third Bank and Capital One had terminated their accounts with payday lenders amid alleged increased scrutiny by federal regulators. Wack notes that “in a recent submission to a congressional committee, the Financial Service Centers of America, a trade group that represents check cashers and payday lenders, listed several banks that it says have terminated their relationships with at least one of its member companies in recent months. Besides Capital One and Fifth Third, banks on the list include Bank of America, PNC Financial Services Group, Wells Fargo and U.S. Bancorp.

    • I have already chosen. I am a Life NRA Member!!!

    • Should the NRA be designated as a terrorist group. In a word NO. Should the obama administration be designated as a terrorist group. In a word YES. Should congress be designated as a terrorist group. Every single one in congress who supports obama absolutely should be designated as terrorists. That includes Boehner and McConnell. Like president Bush said if you aren’t with us you are against us. That goes for the members of congress, if you aren’t with the patriots and those who want to save and protect America then you are with the terrorist in charge and should be thrown out of office.

      • Those who have added Obama in the destruction of this county should be impeached immediately. I believe it is the people who will survive this country and not the politicians. My new novel “INSURGENCY” being released late November, calls out to patriots. Subtitle “Where are the patriots.”

        • “The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.” —William Hazlitt (1778-1830)

    • Well said albert.

    • So well written!!! All the above is true…People get your head out of the sand and stand up for you
      Rights and Your Country!!!

    • Has the NAACP been designated a Terrorist group? Has the democrat party been designated a Terrorist group. Has Bammie Bojangles been designated as the commander-in-thief of the country’s terrorists? Let me know when this has been accomplished, then I will consider my NRA membership renewal. But don’t plan on my terminating my membership, it’s more valuable than my SS card.

  6. American Terrorists: Obama, Demonic Party, Liberals, Socialists, Clinton”s, Communists and Congress!

  7. CAIR is terrorist organization. not NRA

  8. Well that would make one hell of a lot of us terrorists, as NRA members. Being a Veteran, I take issue with that.
    The insane Obama Osama, Shitlery Clinton, and their ilk, like Geraldo, couldn’t tell fact from fiction if their lives depended on it. I am sick of the insane ramblings of politicians. Go Trump

  9. And the Liberals ARE state sponsored, at least they take my money (Taxation) for their crusades.

  10. NRA members are one of the largest security group against Terrorists

    • And that is why open-borders, destroy our military, we-can-all-live-peacefully-under U.N.(one-world)-control fantasists hate us.

  11. It is obvious where the liberal dem bloodsuckers are going.
    They have already run into more opposition of their quest to destroy Christianity in the USA, than they expected.

    No w here we go again on weapons.
    It is obvious that we can no longer co exist with the liberal gravel brains, it is time to effect partition and physically separate ourselves from these ersatz life forms, it is the only way to prevent civil war.

  12. Only if you do the same for the DNC.

  13. Congress needs to be designated a “Terrorist group”

  14. that is exactly right the Obama administration is the terrorist the n.r.a are American hero’s to us

  15. only if you are on team Obama and only if you are a terrorist yourself.

  16. The NRA is not the terrorist group in this country — it is this administration and his band of illegal loving, racist, gun grabbing sh!tbirds !!!!!


  18. That linda stasi lady, and I use that term very loosely, justs looks like a miserable bitch period. She wants the N.R.A. designated as a terrorist group, but no mention of the (SPLC) the southern poverty law center, or louis farrakhan, or the black panthers. This broad needs to pull her head out, as it will be the pop heard round the world. Not to mention the Tennessee Gentlemen’s club, that became the KKK was formed by old south democrats, and the N.R.A. was formed to arm and teach newly freed slaves how to defend themselves. The black caucus of Washington D.C. was in a video thanking the N.R.A. for all the help they had given to the freed blacks to further promote their freedoms. So miss stasi, talk some more b.s. won’t you.


    • muskat antonopolis

      you are one hate filled sicko man…your words are full of hate for people who are not your color…So is this
      what the NRA is all about? Hate filled speech directed at black people…I mean “kenyacoon”…”nigger”
      and more from your sick mind….IF this is the type of people that say that they are members of the NRA
      then I may just withdraw my membership….I DO NOT think that the majority of NRA members endorse
      the garbage mouth of people like “ihatelibs” and then link themselves as part of the main body of NRA
      members….or is it?..How many black members are there in the NRA…..? Or do you suggest “ihatelibs”
      that black people should not be allowed to own guns… citizens of this Nation…they have the same
      rights as YOU do you jerk….and you better thank the next black veteran you see…because if you lived
      elsewhere where it is against the “law” to spaeak as you do…you ass just might be jail or worse….
      get some mental health HELP!

  20. Trying to get the NRA listed as a “terrorist group” is the same thing as trying to make a lead ball fly on it’s own. The NRA is the oldest gun SAFETY organization around and NOT the only organization to promote the 2d Amendment as well as gun safety. MOST states recognize the NRA as a SAFETY organization = requiring citizens to pass a NRA Hunter Safety Course before getting a hunting license. THAT equates to the BEST safety course available in this nation. How some idiot can call the NRA a terrorist group is beyond me, because that person or group has NO IDEA what the NRA, and gun safety is all about and have ignorance as their best factor going.

  21. <<< NRA LIFE MEMBER . nuff said

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  23. The NRA is the oldest civil rights group in the entire nation. They are certainly not a terrorist group, nor have they ever murdered anyone in cold blood. The Black Panthers have done just that; committed murder, kidnapping, etc.

  24. This thought to declare the NRA a terrorist group is absurd. It is the liberal dream. We should declare the Democrat Party and CAIR terrorist organizations as both have the destruction of our Republic first on their dance card.

  25. How about this: We will designate the NRA as a “terrorist group” right after we put all the Communist/Socialist/Democrats in prison for treason, that is, actively working to destroy the United States Government. I know, it will be hard to justify the designation of the NRA as “terrorists” but, if we can accomplish the first task, it would be an interesting discussion to have, who knows, maybe there are some constitutional issues there that could be found out. But for now, let us support the NRA as an organization that clearly supports and defends the Constitution of the United States.

  26. The leaders of Roseburg, OR are calling for people to arm themselves now.
    It’s a shame how it takes the deaths of people to wake up Liberals to the real problem of the criminals being the ones that need to be disarmed.

  27. No, the NRA is not a terrorist organization, but YES!!! Let’s place Planned Parenthood on the list with the rest of the terrorists! They kill children, and have killed more than the terrorists and guns in America combined.

  28. Since John Wilkes Booth, nearly all of the assassins and mass shooters in this Country have been DEMOC-RATS!!!! They are the TRUE terrorist group in this country. Democ-rats are typically people who lack the ability to think for themselves – and often to think at all. They are emotionally driven. To them Truth is relevant to how they feel – at the moment. There is no greater authority in their lives than their EMOTIONS. If they feel bad it can only be the fault of someone else – someone who is infringing upon their “happiness” (liberals are statistically less happy than conservatives). Shooting people is – at any given moment – the right and just thing to do in the moral estimation of these senseless Emos!!!
    We need to list Democ-rats as the Terrorist6s!

  29. This incident in Oregon is a copy of the same situation that existed at Sandy Hook. We can maybe reduce these kinds of mass shootings if we could identify similar home situations. Without naming names, shooters in Arizona, Colorado and Connecticut and have similar backgrounds of mental illness and guns in the home. I would not rule out Charleston either.
    We need a system of being able to track multiple gun purchases and especially semi automatic rifles by individuals such as these. That can tip off law enforcement to such people and take action to curtail their behavior.

  30. the only terrorists in this country are obummer, hilly, and all the dems, but yet they buy guns or pay for protection. they do not want the Constitution around these terrorists in washington

  31. Hell NO, the terrorists are the anti-gun control freaks and the Islamic maniacs.

  32. If that dumb-ass woman knew how STUPID she sounded like when she opened that pie-hole of her’s, She would KEEP HER DI@ SUCKER SHUT!!!!

  33. Just a fact. Despite being a gun owner since age 10 (yes, supervised until I was an adult), I didn’t feel the need to join the NRA until I was 66. The driving force? Obama, and socialists in both political parties and the public school system. I have encountered bullies and thugs before. You have to be prepared to defend yourself. I suggest you carefully read the Constitution of the USA, and make up your own mind who the true terrorists are.

  34. Patriot( retired Navy)

    The biggest terrorist resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He and his minions are systematically destroying America for his coveted agenda. The NRA and other groups stand between his goals and our freedom. Obamas people are the true terrorists.

  35. What ! have you bumped your head ? The GOV.’T are the terrorist, Ovomit and every seat in in the HOUSE and the W.H. are the terrorists. I don’t care that they ALL SAY that they are PATRIOTS B.S. You have to tell the truth before WE THE PEOPLE accept any of you as an true AMERICAN PATRIOTS or you can get out of dodge and we revolt [1775] and put a true Republic back in place as it says……..” and for the Republic for which it stands”. Do you or anyone remember the pledge of allegiance to the Flag of the U.S.A. I DO and also my military oath.

  36. Only if we can include the NEA, EPA and the PPFA (Planned Parenthood does in fact euthanize an average of 1.2 million innocent babies each year).

  37. The NRA is made up of FREE men and women of this great nation, FREE because we are Americans,the NRA is your friends, your family your neighbors. WE THE PEOPLE are the NRA. TERRORISTS I think not.

  38. The Democratic party should be designated a terrorist organization as everything they pursue leads to death and destruction not to mention poverty and hopelessness.

  39. I agree, Planned Parenthood should also be listed as a terrorist organization. Let’s look at the numbers: 1) If you assume the current murder rate in the USA (3.5 per 100,000), multiply that by the current population (320 million), you get about 11,000 deaths per year. Even if you assign ALL of those deaths to the NRA (which is clearly idiotic, but consistent with Leftist dogma), that is far less than the number of abortion murders committed by Planned Parenthood (over one million abortions per year). (Okay, PP didn’t commit all of those one million murders, but they directly assisted in several hundred thousand, I believe, and that kind of reasoning is consistent with assigning 11,000 deaths to the NRA!) That means Planned Parenthood is (roughly) one hundred times deadlier than the NRA. Liberals are such idiots it makes me want to scream!

  40. Dennis B Anderson

    Terrorist group to whom left wing broken wing liberals. You whacked out freak when they take our guns away they will be coming after you next. Give you dumb zastards
    a light and you will follow it anywhere for the free stuff wont you. The one excuse you have for not working is because an immigrant got your job. You would rather sit on the fence wouldnt you with your food stamp purchaced ice cream cone.


  42. YEA! WHAT ALBERT L. BIELE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Ya and while you are at it include the Secret Service as well. (sarcasm)


  45. Not no but HELL NO!!!!

  46. In effect, it’s already been done by the enemies of this Country.

  47. The biggest terrorist to the American People is the lowly snake in the White House along with his minions like the New York Times and other assorted left wing Marxist organizations. He hates America and it is painfully obvious except to all the liberal jackasses.

  48. She sounds like another moronic fanatic. Do you know what kills more people than guns? Government! When governments push for gun control and take away law abiding citizens right to protect themselves, they start murdering millions of their own citizens. Read your history. Hitler is the first that comes to mind. I can only hope that if Obama succeeds in stealing our guns, she is one of the first he goes after.

  49. How about designating the black panthers and black lives matter along with the southern poverty law center and the aclu ås terrorist communist infiltrated organizations, add too that laraza and any other progressive organization.

  50. It figures that the Socialist, Communist, democratic Party would make a accusation such as that…
    We know who the real terrorist are…
    They’re the ones who don’t follow the Constitution

  51. What should be labled as TERRORIST Groups are groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the
    Entire NBC and MSNBC organization.

  52. They will keep at it indefinitely but now that you can make guns with your 3D printers all the controls in the world will not work. Here in Canada we have all this gun control of hand guns and two things are happening.
    -There are more stabbings going on all the time and
    – Hand gun violence seems to be increasing.

    With a few hundred bucks you can buy an illegal hand gun on the street and their controls are useless.

    In many cases everybody knows about these sickos but with the laws being as they are nobody can profile them and at least monitor them.

  53. The National Rifle Assoc, is without a doubt, the most Patriotic Group, on the Planet, and will draw a lot of Fire from all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic…..and is.

  54. I find it interesting that the alphabets FBI, CIA,CISIS, RCMP etc. etc. are allowed to follow and monitor so called terrorists who want to do damage to us but these sickos seem to get a free pass despite the fact that in many if not all cases everybody knows they are a threat to the community etc.

    If their teachers, Drs. friends and family report them as being potentially dangerous then why can’t the authorities monitor them? I know in a perfect world this would be big brother and not good but considering the alternative is monitoring them too far out?

  55. Ignorance abounds with these knee jerk idiots.

  56. How about the terrorists in the New(ha ha)Black Panthers or the Nation of Islam and Louie Farrah CON or the DNC or GOP elite’s or the Planned Parent hoods???? I mean it not like we have any foreign policy to speak of!! Now one of 0’s mentors Vlad the impeller Putin has taken over the world on a silver platter also in true Demon Rats fashion for FREE!! The old KGB guy knows what being in the elite commie party is like and 0 longs for that system here!! 2 ways to do it? Lose the middle class by inflation or devalue the currency then raise minimum wage as a illusion you are EARNING what you DESERVE instead of costing jobs and lowing expectations of advancement by merit and lowering the middle class standard by 3 to 5 thousand dollars a year then you increase government aid to make up the “difference” as the economy continues to decline the more the government steps in to “help” the next thing you know YOU work for the government standing in line for TP and government CHEESE !!!!! Drones for the good of the STATE!!!! Yes it started 199 years ago in full force in this country.

  57. Linda Stasi (Wasn’t ‘Stasi’ the name of the state police of the former USSR or something like that?) should be declared incompetent to manage her own affairs and put in a rubber room.

  58. Christian_Patriot7

    The NRA is NOT the terrorist group! The Liberal Democrats, Muslims, CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood are the TERRORIST GROUPS!!

  59. If there be a sponsored Terrorist group in this country then I would say the Democratic Party pretty well fills all the requirements of that classification. The are trying their damnedest to bring this country to its destruction and largely succeeding with the unprecedented nonresistance of the Republican Party to stop them. “Let’s Roll Trump!”

  60. Re citing the NRA as a terrorist group, AFTER The Brady Group and Handgun Control among others, are so designated, not one moment before. Then let the chips fall where they may. Those who so cite should be held legally responsible for defamation.

  61. Irrational people, i.e. liberals, are the only ones who think in such a fashion!! I,seriously, believe that all liberals have a mental defect and can not think rationally!
    I am very thankful for the NRA. If I am called a terrorist because I fully back them, then I am a proud terrorist, but sane people know that I am being sarcastic!!

  62. All the NRA is: Law Abiding American Citizens exercising the 2nd Amendment that our Founding Fathers wrote in the Constitution. Any one who would call us terrorists is an enemy of the USA.

  63. DID you know the NY Daily News is a terrorist organization? It is if it claims the NRA is one. And Linda Stasi should be labeled a terrorist for saying that.

    And what about Planned Parenthood tearing babies up and selling body parts? What do we call them? A Piece group?

    No, we should call the NRA a peace group. They don’t do that.

  64. Stasi, another dumbass liberal know nothing bitch! Grew up surrounded by her daddy’s money, went to a liberal know nothing college and came out dumber than she went in.

  65. The left hard at work convincing the idiots. The NRA is the enemy. what utter bull shit.

  66. We should encourage expansion of the NRA. No NRA member has ever committed one of these mass killings!

  67. Interesting…more people died in swimming pools than US citizens were killed by terrorist…Hmmm.

  68. WRONG GROUP. The terrorists are in all 3 branches of government. Designate THEM and throw the bums out!

  69. Least we forget: A well renown Democrat and President of the United States once said: “By calling attention to a well-regulated militia, the security of a nation, and the right of each citizen to keep and bear arms, our founding forefathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy. Although it is extremely unlikely that the fears of government tyranny which gave rise to the Second Amendment will ever be a major danger to our nation, the Amendment still remains a major declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason, I believe the Second Amendment will always be important!”…John F Kennedy…April 1960.


  71. The ones proposing this are the terriorist

  72. She’s one of the leftist terrorists herself, hiding under the cloak of “journalism”-a journalist, she’s not! Most of these anti-gun nuts need a trip to the range to get their heads straightened around into reality! Pathetic bunch of self-deluded, rationalizing idiots.

  73. Just another clueless idiot making noise. Taking the legal gun owners guns will do nothing but make the number of gun deaths rise. Example: Legal home owner with a wife and 5 kids shoots and kills an armed criminal that just kicked in his front door. We now have one dead criminal who will now harm no one else Take away legally owned guns and you have 7 dead innocent people and an armed criminal loose to commit more murders. How many doors will he kick in and how many innocent people will die before he is apprehended? The NRA is in no way a terrorist organization. The NRA has a long history training legal gun owners in gun safety and the proper handling of a fire arm.

  74. The NRA has traditionally fought to preserve the 2nd Amendment and to teach gun safety and marksmanship. I’ve been an NRA member for years, and recently became a life member. If you own a gun you should be an NRA member and/or a member of the GOA. I belong to both.

  75. No, you have it wrong, it’s the NBA.

  76. Oh come on now Hitler took guns away why can’t Obama? Just think if he got everyone’s guns how much better off the world would be…Until he declared there would be no more elections. There would be food rationing. If you are Christian then you get no food but if you are a muslime you get all you want and 72 virgins to boot. Oh yea you can pick those virgins from all the Christians you want….why wait until you die. Join the NRA, donate to it’s causes because if you don’t this country will become like Germany in the late 30s.

  77. An absurd question. As for Stasi: Wasn’t that the name of the communist secret police during the days of East Germany?

  78. The point of this idea is that law-abiding citizens should be defenseless and criminals could then have free run for their activities. The various police agencies do try hard but have no requirement to protect every individual. Let;’s thinnk that the NRA and other simiar groups have the interst and do the activities that enable individual to have a chance to act and survive. Remember: If help is needed in seconds, the police are minutes away. I want to be able to try to even the odds.

  79. the state sponsored terror groups in this country are the muslim groups and the entire obama administration and both should be run out of the country, jailed or both……the NRA has only done good things for the people of this country and if you do a bit of homework you would see the good deeds they do…

  80. When the White House leader “Obama” proclaims that CAIR is a terrorist organization, then we will take in under “Advisement”.

  81. I will give up my guns, I will expect my police to protect me, I will allow my government to protect me, I will expect my “GUN FREE ZONE” sign to protect me, I will allow my media pukes to make me feel guilty if I use my gun to protect myself or my family! They ALL, will also make the thugs do the same!!

  82. Obama would do it in a minute, in fact I think that clown plans to make anyone who disagrees with the fascist fool a terrorists who needs to be eliminated. The only terrorists I know lives in the white house pretending to be President. The only thing he is President of is ISIS.

  83. Congress if you call yourself real Americans then impeach that lying treasonous fool Obama.

  84. Dennis B Anderson

    If you paint the NRA as a terrorist group then you should be able to label Muslims as being terrorists, Washington DC head quarters for muslim terrorists and Obama head of this rainbow band.

  85. The song and dance team of the western corporate and banking oligarchy is in the White House – OUR house. THEY are both the terrorists and creators of terrorism. We are lied to by cronystic, prostituted government and the truth is obfuscated by an equally prostituted media – save for those few patriotic voices primarlily from radio and on-line. Why, pray tell, is the government so interested in capturing the internet? We are so damnmed naive, abjectly stupid and victims of our own narcissistic statis normalism it is truly sickening. WE were given our government by our founders. WE have squandered the greatest gift given a nation in the history of mankind. WE continue to insist on squandering it. Salvation of our liberties can now come only by and through US. If WE don’t do it WE will deserve every catrostophy intended for us. It can never happen in America? It’s been happening for at least 50 years – already!

  86. YA, like the KNIGHT’S OF COLUMBUS OR THE MASONS!!!!!!! Just shows the inmates are now running the ASYLUM!

  87. They the left are not really about more or tighter gun control, they want all guns taken away from USA citizens so they can totally control them.

  88. I support the Second Amendment, but too many psychopaths and criminals are getting military arms and ammo without any background checks. This needs to be stopped!

  89. This woman’s name is Stasi. Google it. You will find that Stasi is also
    the name of the former East German Ministerium für Staatssicherheit commonly
    known as the Stasi, one of the most
    repressive intelligence and secret police agencies to have ever existed. One of its main tasks was spying on the
    population, mainly through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and
    fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures, including hidden
    psychological destruction of dissidents.

  90. Obama, Hillary, the Democrat party, cair, and Islam should be declared terrorist organizations now! They are ALL opposed to American values and culture.

  91. The NRA is an anti-terorist group; it’s dedicated to producing ex-terrorists. Ex as in deceased, bereft of life, pushing up the daisies; gone to sing with the choir invisible &c.


  93. Planned Parenthood is state sponsored murder, it has annually killed more innocents than gun violence ever thought to. Yet the terrorists in the white house want to try to remove our second amendment rights, and the right of self defense with firearms. The NRA is our primary group to fight to preserve the second amendment and our God given right to defend our selves, from the fore mentioned terrorists. Let us stand up and be heard, now is the time, we cannot sit idle any longer while the white house terrorist pushes to devastate our rights, our Christian religion, and our sovereignty.

  94. The struggle to disarm the American people has now reached the point of desperation, and is turning increasingly violent as the left realizes that the clock is running out and we are still not District 12 of the socialist muslim-dominated world government. The only state sponsors of terror in this country are the mohammedan marxist quisling, his traitor regime that bombs hospitals full of children and the bloodstained bisexual battleaxe who has been designated to replace him if he does not attempt to hang on as president-for-life the way his African dictator homies do.

  95. More
    Americans are killed by a lot of things than terrorism – See more at:

    BUT Terrorism is the ONLY thing the right is trying to do anything about.

  96. This group is one of the most biased bunch of ppl I have ever heard!!!!

  97. The NRA is one of the only organizations that support and fight for Americans to be able to PROTECT ourselves and our families AND they keep third world countries from invading the United States because they would not only be fighting our militaries but EVERY AMERICAN that owns a gun

  98. We need to declare the DC DICTATOR’S REGIME as a TERRORIST ORGANIZTION

  99. I agree Albert!

  100. I see a lot of distortion here. Terrorist group my more than ample butt! This administration wants your guns no doubt and just because you distort the facts with your “facts” does not change the fact that to get your guns he has to have them registered so he and his minions can come and get them. He cant do it massively so they chip away a bit at a time. Just like termites destroying a house.
    The second amendment is to protect the others and more importantly is for people to have guns and keep them so they can protect themselves from the result an over reaching government!
    NEWS FLASH: We have that over reaching government right here and right now. The corpses in Oregon are still warm and this “president” want to make capital on that. He doesn’t want to enforce guns laws, he want them confiscated. You guys that state your ‘facts” had best understand that just because he didn’t do much yet doesn’t mean he wont still keep trying and perhaps succeed if we let our guard down.

  101. Our country is being emasculated from the traditional Judeo-Christian values of our past. We really need a spiritual revival but the likelihood of this happening is remote. All of the liberalism endemic to the younger generation’s education . . . . diversity, political correctness, illegal immigration and entitlement. All of this manifests itself in lawlessness and selective law enforcement. Our founding fathers provided for our safety and concord by formulating the constitution. The NRA is composed of law abiding citizens who love democracy.

  102. The only thing keeping a lid on gun control is the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution and its defenders. It is a Creator given, Constitutional right to, “… keep and bear arms…” there is no mention of sporting or even self defense. “Arms” means weapons of war and anything smaller. The “arms” are meant to deter a tyrant from trying to take over the government of the US and to take the government back from a tyrant if need be.

    A special note to Mogan: Hitler DID confiscate guns from all Germans, as well as the people of every nation he conquered. Only the German police, military and the Brown Shirts (Nazis) were allowed to keep and bear arms. Hitler controlled all three, he needed to control the rest of the German people, as well as the people he subjugated
    My family emigrated from Germany. I have many relatives still living in Germany. Stop using liberal media diatribe as your only ‘facts’. BTW, you are also practicing another of Hitler’s tactics by repeating the same questionable claims over and over again; “Say the big lie, say it loud, say it often! Soon people will come to accept it as truth.” — Adolf Hitler, Meine Campf.

  103. The NRA is fighting for our freedoms, our right to protect ourselves, our second amendment, and for the survival of our country. When an administration identifies an organization which is striving to protect us as a terrorist organization they reveal their true intent which is to endanger our God given right to protect ourselves and our family. This administration believes that if they and their comrades in the CFR corporate press repeat their lies often enough the people will be brain washed into believing them. Unfortunately for them the fact that the NRA is working to protect our freedoms does not change.

  104. Instead of blasting this administration you should be applauding it!. They have done more for gun rights, in the wake of all the shooting disasters in the last 6 years! But with POTUS get the credit he deserves? Not from you haters! and, BTW, when all you NRA types with your guns join your “WELL ARMED MILITIA” then you can spout off about the 2nd Amendment.

  105. Yes, The NRA is in all the pocket of the ammo and gun manufacturers. They are against even guns sold illegally, mentally ill not being able to purchase guns, no restrictions at gun shows. They are silent of mandatory jail sentences for guns used in a crime and felons caught will a firearm. I support the 2nd amendment also, but the US MUST put in place new laws to Decrease the killing in the USA. There many licensed gun dealers that selling weapons illegally, and they must be caught and punished.

  106. Designate the New York Times, the president (Barak Obama)’ and the Democratic Party as Terrorists.

    President and the LEFTIST IN THE SENATE.The FACTIONS THAT NEED TO BE NAMED TERRORISTS ARE, ISIS,AL-QAEDA,AL-SHABAB,and the people that are in and run CAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. That’s a bunch of hogwash that’s like saying candy stripers are a terrorist group NRA members aren’t the ones out shooting up schools

  109. What part of “get your fuckin hands off or guns” don’t you get Mr Hussein O’commie?

  110. We had seventy eight Million death at the hands of the Domestic Terrorists at Planed Parenthood and it does not concern the Liberals. Only deaths that enable them to attack our Constitution concern them!

  111. I wonder how many of these anti gun liberals go to sleep at night and leave their front doors open because they feel so safe in the environment that Obama has brought to this nation. How about the cars they drive; do they leave keys in the ignition and their kids play in the parks well after dark because the neighborhoods are so safe and after all, all they have to do is call 911 and eventually the police will arrive to take care of the little rascals.

    FKN liberals and their desire to have a dictatorship with the people all corralled like cattle should all move to San Francisco, as they don’t give a damn that your children are gunned down, After all, they are protected by Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi and the ilk that follow their directions

    • They live in “gated communities” with armed security and their families are carted around in bullet proof vehicles along with armed security. Some of Obummer’s biggest supporters have small armies that are financed with federal $$$$s. Their kids go to private magnet schools or are home schooled by private tutors, just the Obummer family. Let’s just call them the commie elite.

  112. This Linda Stasi is a LIBERAL THRU & THRU, AS are Pelosi, H. Reid, & Shumer. if we had not had the NRA in the last 10 – 15 years, God only knows what laws the KOOKS wud hv pushed thru to tone & remove our 2nd amendment rights. Like Charlton Heston said, “I’ve give up my gun when they (Government) pries my cold dead hands from the gun itself.

  113. How about designating obama & his Cabinet as a Terrorist Command Group? They have done more damage than ISIS, one of their proud creations.

  114. Obama is the muslim terrorist anti Christian gay. Bragging about the Christians are now under his LGBT on their rights. He keeps telling us that the muslims are peaceful while they are killing Christians, raping and selling sex slaves. He supporting their genocide is now come to this countries Christian population. Is he going to protect them or just make excuses and blame others for his failures?

    • Obummer, his radical liberal minions, drones and sheeple are all commies. Obummer came from a family, parents and grand parents and friends, of commies. He lived with Bill Ayers family, card carrying commies, while attending primary school in Chicago. He, along with the Clintons, rubbed elbows with Sal Alinsky (Rules for Radicals), Cloward and Piven and other radicals of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, all card carrying commies. So, don’t tell me they aren’t hard core commies.

  115. Hell NO!!! If America banned personnel weapons and the Second Amendment, we would be like the former USSR, or Nazi Germany, or communist China, N Korea, Cuba or any “gun free zone”. We are here because of our citizens militia and those brave individuals that sacrificed everything for the US of As Freedoms. We don’t speak a mandatory foreign language because of our Patriotic Warriors of yesteryears and their unmatched Honor, Duty and Service. Todays fight against radical jihadism is the latest job for Freedom loving individuals and families.

  116. U.S. states with most gun laws have far fewer gun deaths, study shows

  117. Brenda Kay Welch Spurlock


  118. Linda Stasi your the terrorist, if you don’t like the existing laws of the USA move your ass out of here!

  119. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. The NRA is on of the best organizations who is protecting the second amendment. The terrorist are in the WH like Albert said and I would never say the NRA is a terrorist group. Obama is letting all the Illegal Immigrants into the US, so how many of those are we going to call terrorist. I guarantee ;you that those young guys who have entered our country is ISIS terrorist and with Obama’s approval they would get rid of the American people and they have smuggled guns and everything else into the US. Whoever said the NRA is a terrorist is crazy and I sure wouldn’t trust them for a minute. Talk about terrorist in the WH, look at all the Muslim Brotherhood who are Muslim terrorist. So there you go and if you don’t like then lump it.

  120. What is wrong with this country? obama is on a wild trip to cut-off this nation at the ankles and the congress and senate just stands by and let it happen. These politicians have forgotten about the elections or they don’t care because they seem to follow obama’s example, just stay in office and fuck the taxpayer. They are taking our savings, retirements and any money we have in banks with no reguard for our rights. A dictator is running the country and these elected officials of the people don’t give a shit. History repeats itself and we have a “N” hitler this time, and the part of the jews will be any white person except muslims or immigrant. They will come in and take over the country while we whites are “dealt with”, the jewish problems becomes the “white problem”. This is not the country I served in the sixtys, and not the country that I grew up with. This “N” potus has country-jacked us. Sorry for the “N” word but that is appropriate in this situation due to the fact that he is one and he was elected by the “N” people and the low-life white “N” lovers. If this is not so, prove it. We have been taken from within by a non-American and the powers that should protect us, just look on from the side lines, as long as they aren’t effected the attitude seems to be “SO WHAT”.

  121. i dislike the NRA twice as much as the next most disliking person on this site… but the word “terrorist” needs to be used judiciously lest it lose its meaning. NRA is extreme (fundamentalist even on some topics) and a disaster (i feel) for our public health and welfare… BUT they are part of a dysfunctional “democracy” run by special interests but are not a terrorist group. not even by a long shot. that said, they will make a turn (back from whence they once came) and begin to retake the leadership role in sensible, effective gun control legislation and enforcement. maybe, when one of their own kids die… or when one of them…or maybe when they just wake up some mid-night weeping over the realization in their complicit role in so much of this mayhem. But, there will need to be a lot more pain before that happens i fear… but, extreme fundamentalist views inevitably bend and break. its inevitable.

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