Should the NRA Speak Out on Philando Castile Case?

The National Rifle Association is accustomed to being attacked by liberals who think they represent the EVIL gun industry, but they have been getting hammered this past week from outlets and thinkers who typically have nothing but praise for the organization. After a jury returned a Not Guilty verdict in the case of the officer who shot and killed Philando Castile in Minnesota, conservatives wanted to know why the NRA was so damned silent about this obvious travesty of justice.

Of course, there are many aspects of the Castile case that turn the usual “conservatives vs. Black Lives Matter” situation on its head. For once, the BLM crew – one of the most deceptive, divisive, inane movements to ever emerge on the left – were in the right. No one could read the transcript and watch the video of Castile’s death and come to any other conclusion than wrongdoing on the part of Officer Jeronimo Yanez. Castile could not have DONE anything better than he did, and yet he still paid for his encounter with the cop with his life.

Now why should the NRA have anything to say about this? Well, because this case goes beyond the usual Black Lives Matter scope of things. While we don’t doubt that Castile’s race played a significant role in causing Officer Yanez to panic, the greater part of the officer’s overreaction came because Castile told him that he had a gun in the car. And Castile, being licensed to carry that gun on his person, had every right to have it there. He did not reach for it. He obeyed the officer’s instructions (even the other officer said so in the heat of the moment)…and yet, he was still shot and killed.

We’ll admit it – it makes us slightly sick to our stomachs to land on the same side as Black Lives Matter on ANYTHING. Perhaps the NRA’s top officials feel the same way. Completely understandable. It’s not as bad as finding out you share a common view with the Islamic State, but it’s at least as bad as reading a PETA essay and saying, “Hmm, yeah, they have a point.” It just makes you feel dirty.

But when you’re right, you’re right, and there’s simply no reasonable way to defend Yanez’s actions or the jury’s verdict. Police officers deserve the benefit of the doubt, yes, but we can’t stretch that to the point of insanity.

As it stands now, concealed-carriers have reason to be concerned about what will happen when and if they encounter a police officer, and that’s a damn shame, considering that Americans with such a permit are known to be far more law-abiding and peaceful than the average population. For that reason alone, the NRA should get over their reluctance to speak out and make a firm statement condemning the Castile incident.

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