Should the NRA Speak Out on Philando Castile Case?

The National Rifle Association is accustomed to being attacked by liberals who think they represent the EVIL gun industry, but they have been getting hammered this past week from outlets and thinkers who typically have nothing but praise for the organization. After a jury returned a Not Guilty verdict in the case of the officer who shot and killed Philando Castile in Minnesota, conservatives wanted to know why the NRA was so damned silent about this obvious travesty of justice.

Of course, there are many aspects of the Castile case that turn the usual “conservatives vs. Black Lives Matter” situation on its head. For once, the BLM crew – one of the most deceptive, divisive, inane movements to ever emerge on the left – were in the right. No one could read the transcript and watch the video of Castile’s death and come to any other conclusion than wrongdoing on the part of Officer Jeronimo Yanez. Castile could not have DONE anything better than he did, and yet he still paid for his encounter with the cop with his life.

Now why should the NRA have anything to say about this? Well, because this case goes beyond the usual Black Lives Matter scope of things. While we don’t doubt that Castile’s race played a significant role in causing Officer Yanez to panic, the greater part of the officer’s overreaction came because Castile told him that he had a gun in the car. And Castile, being licensed to carry that gun on his person, had every right to have it there. He did not reach for it. He obeyed the officer’s instructions (even the other officer said so in the heat of the moment)…and yet, he was still shot and killed.

We’ll admit it – it makes us slightly sick to our stomachs to land on the same side as Black Lives Matter on ANYTHING. Perhaps the NRA’s top officials feel the same way. Completely understandable. It’s not as bad as finding out you share a common view with the Islamic State, but it’s at least as bad as reading a PETA essay and saying, “Hmm, yeah, they have a point.” It just makes you feel dirty.

But when you’re right, you’re right, and there’s simply no reasonable way to defend Yanez’s actions or the jury’s verdict. Police officers deserve the benefit of the doubt, yes, but we can’t stretch that to the point of insanity.

As it stands now, concealed-carriers have reason to be concerned about what will happen when and if they encounter a police officer, and that’s a damn shame, considering that Americans with such a permit are known to be far more law-abiding and peaceful than the average population. For that reason alone, the NRA should get over their reluctance to speak out and make a firm statement condemning the Castile incident.

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  1. Only if NRA can instruct black people how to “COMPLY” when they are pulled over by the law!

    • they already know what they should do but some are ignorant and think they are above the law and can do what they want to do and not obaying a police man with his gun on you you do what he says and not argue with them.

      • Yes & I’ve only saw this once, but his car fit a description of a car used in a hold-up at a mini-mart in the area a short time before.

      • obeying not obaying

        • U being 2 critical

          • No, bttrap isn’t being too critical. Obeying means to comply, obaying sounds like Obama howling at the moon! (the word is not in the dictionary)

          • I think you are right after all!

          • “U” are part of the PROBLEM!

          • How you figure that? I work my ass of trying to make life better for my kids, and have A better life than my parents had. Pay taxes so these welfare low life’s can sit on there ass at home and have everything free. Screw all day and have a illegitimate kids with no daddy around to teach them right from wrong. Yea I am the problem, go look in the Mira and the first person you see is the problem.

        • Did you know what he meant?

          Since you corrected him, you did, therefore you have no right to be a PITA.

      • Do what the police officer asks should be instilled in them when they are 3/4 yrs old and until they reach 18+.

        • Instilled in them? ROFLMAO!!! They never learn how to walk until they are 65 YO! As a matter of fact, all they ever learn is that they are victims entiltled to anything!

      • OBEY the officers orders, unless, of course, you want to commit suicide by cop!

    • Criminals will newer follow the law , you can not spoon feed that into them . If Momma would have stayed home to raise their kids instead of being on the bar stool to produce another welfare kid society would be better off .

      • I saw a video of a black guy instructing black people how to react to a traffic stop. He did it in a calm & professional way. I was really impressed by it. However your post is sad but true!

        • There is a national Hate group against law enforcement, is what is rely sad .

          • That’s the trouble—Sometimes, all an officer has to do is tap on the driver’s window–Next thing you know he is blown away.

          • The media will twist something lake that to being the cops own fault , that he should not have stopped or talked to the individual .

          • Also, all you hear about is mostly black people are shot by cops. I checked online. According to the Washington Post ( I AWAYS ADD,TAKE THAT FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH) Twice as many white people were shot by cops than black people in 2015.

          • There have been similar articles in different publications on that subject .All the hate for law enforcement can be tacked to the Media – Sharpton – Jackson – Democrats – ACLU and Obama .

          • I also saw an article where a guy noticed every time there was a BLM March–Black shootings rose sharply. Not just once,almost every time.

          • Living between two major Dem . controlled cities I can relate to that as it is real .

          • You’re between a rock & a hard place! Forgive me I couldn’t help but say it.

          • No hard feelings .

  2. The Officer told him 5 times do not reach for it. They were doing drugs in the car with two children in there.

    • Yes….too many times the policemen get the bad rap. It is a case of obedience! How hard is it for suspects to do exactly what the police ask of them? Ask permission to make a move….if not…OBEY! Parents should always teach respect for the men in blue…are all of them honest? No. But in all walks of life there will be those. However, when the uniform is on…R-E-S-P-E-C-T!! And O-B-E-Y!

  3. Not many people are willing to jump out of an airplane, at any altitude, some say they will but they just don’t have the “Intestinal fortitude” to do the “Right thing” when they get to the open door.

    And there’s people who don’t have the “Right Stuff” to suffer through a “Scary moment” to do the “Right Thing” when that door opens in front of them.

    Most of us past sixteen have seen people who believed they became god when given a badge or authority.

    and some people are so afraid, they shot first and ask questions later.

    In law enforcement giving the defendant the “Benefit of the doubt”, literally means let them “Draw first”.

    These law enforcement agencies need to do a better job of screen out people with these type of “Defective Personalities” for the job of Policing.

    • Not necessarily I have drawn down many times with my finger out side of the trigger guard mostly on felony stops but other times also. what would you do if there are four of you and twenty or so teens after dark and one of the little turds tried to sneak a handgun into the car? I yelled gun all drew and everyone was ordered to stay on the ground until a female Deputy arrived and we could search everyone. So forget your benefit of the doubt theory. since it eas after 11 PM we waited untill the last parent came to claim their children. Of course after they were frisked we had them sit on the curb.

      • Thank you for your service, and please be careful out there.

        • The pleasure was mine but I’m retired now the only thing I’m in danger of is my oldest daughter buzzing me on her broomstick. lol but thanks for the kind words

    • BULLSHYTE; Hope you are catholic and NOT related to me.
      What you spewed about Letting them draw first is nothing more than absolute stupidity and ignorance.

    • There has been alot of police officers murdered in the last few years. That officer told him 5 times to not reach for the weapon. If the moron would have listened he would be alive today. After the first time the officer said don’t reach for the weapon he should have put his hands up immediately, if he would have done that he would still be alive. I don’t care what the idiot was supposedly going for, if the officer tells you don’t you stop, that’s it plain and simple. I want these officers to be able to go home to their families safe and sound. If they wait until they see the weapon they could be dead. It’s so easy for you to say that he should have done something different, when your life is not on the line.

      • When you have your gun drawn, pointed at the individual, asking them for ID/license, whatever, you have to expect them to reach where most people carry them, in their back pocket. With that kind of advantage of “Gun-in-hand” If the officer is so scared in doing his job that he can’t wait until he actually sees a gun in the hand before firing, he doesn’t need to be a cop. There are “MANY” people who just doesn’t have the “NERVE” to handle “STRESSFUL” situations without going off “Half Cocked”, and they can be as much danger to their own people as to others. Being in law enforcement means dealing with stress, and for some people, even when they’re not on the Job.

        • Let’s try this one more time. Yes the officer asked for his drivers license, then the driver while going for something he informed the officer he had a gun before he told the officer he had a CHL. I don’t think he even told the officer where the gun was. That was the first mistake the driver made. When you go through a CHL class they teach you what to do. Here’s what you’re supposed to do. You keep your hands on the steering wheel, and tell the officer that you have a CHL, that you have a weapon, and where it’s located. That’s what you do even if the officer has already asked you for your information, before you told him about your CHL. Then you follow the officer instructions. This moron didn’t do that, and if he would have got his hands up immediately, when the officer ordered him to stop reaching for the weapon, he would still be alive! The officer told him 5 times to stop reaching for the weapon. The point is it doesn’t matter what the driver was reaching for when an officer tells you to stop you stop. This officer wasn’t trigger happy as you have suggested.

          • Obviously, there was some confusion between the Officer telling him to show ID but don’t reach to where the ID is carried, “Back Pocket”. And that tell me, the Officer was experiencing some stress about the person in the car before anything was ever said.

            Some people “go all to pieces” under stress, they can’t “Think”, other are “Cool” and “Calm”, at least until it’s over.

            Asking for ID and not expecting them to reach for the back pocket is not normal “Thinking”, and when a person says they have a “CCP” (Concealed Carry Permit) you should know they are not a Criminal or they could have never obtained the CCP.

            The Officer obviously wasn’t “Thinking” in a normal manner caused by stress, that’s not his fault but a sign he doesn’t have the type of “Personality” necessary for that particular kind of “Job”.

            “Show me ID but don’t reach for it”, setup a situation that should have never been, just a person trying to do a job they wasn’t “Cut out for”.

            That’s why I say “Screening” people is necessary, don’t hire anything/everything that applies for the job.

          • You can’t write worth shit. … But at least what you were trying to say made a lot of sense!

  4. I saw the video, and could not see what was going on inside the car when the cop became so frightened as to shoot the man who had already told him he was armed. It does look suspicious, but I am not the one to condemn the cop for his actions. I am very sorry for what happened, but whenever a cop says for you to do something, and the cop has a gun drawn and pointed at you, you had better do as he says, and make your explanations later. This was a tragedy, and to make more of it isn’t going to bring back the victim, but it may well give cause for others to become victims!

  5. The NRA, even though the organization could have had a part in the Castile case, they really had no need to get involved. It appears that indeed the court decision was a miscarriage of justice and this lays squarely on the justice system.
    According to the record Castile complied with Yanez’s request and his skin color or BLM should have never entered the decision making process.
    Castile was legally licensed to carry and it is clear who was at fault in this case for both, Officer Yanez and the court decision for the acquittal.
    Even though the NRA could have had a moral obligation, clearly they had no legal obligation to get involved.

    • The NRA took the correct stance in this matter. No matter what they did, they would have been criticized for it. They let the law take it’s course, and so should you! None of us was on the jury, and we did not hear what they heard. A short video, taken at a distance, is only a piece of the evidence presented. I’m sure that the jury heard all the evidence, as well as testimonies, and made their decision after due consideration.

    • The NRA never has a legal obligation but they do have a moral obligation and if you read my earlier post you would see where I stand. True we have a split second to make a decision and thee courts have as much as they need apparently the officers decision was not he right one. Training, Training, Training and more training.

      • buzz off you liberal bozo; you just spewed more moronic idiocy based on liberal anti-gun propaganda. Now back to your liberal safe space.

    • AND we get another moron spewing its load of asinine ignorance.
      Back to your corner moron; you weren’t there you ignored what the officer said OVER AND OVER, you ignored that the driver failed to respond and obey the officers commands, There is NO record that the driver “complied with the officer’s Orders ( NOT REQUESTS YOU IDIOT). There is some question whether or not he had a permit. The Court made the RIGHT decision.

  6. Carrying a Badge for 23 years and teaching 1000’s of Concealed weapons holders as well as being a Vietnam Vet and a Lifetime member of the NRA as well as a Charter Founder of the Second Amendment Task Force. Having served In a large Northeast County PD and a large Southeastern County Sheriff’s office I can tell you it’s not the screening process it’s the training process. Alot come in filled with piss and vinegar and the time with a Field Training Officer usually tones them down. We had our ways of getting the message across. Me I hated to write tickets and my LT knew if I checked out on a traffic stop when someone asked for backup and another checked out on a bathroom break at the firehouse that was a BIG RED FLAG. I advised the NRA to stay out of the Zimmerman Case because I believe the little prick belongs in prison. I lost a friend who is a published author and nationally known gun rights attorney over it. But un aware as I was about this situation I will certainly weigh in at the top on this one. As you might have noticed was there any hint of an us versus them attitude in my message.

    • Kenneth Kirkham

      Why do I feel the need to were boots when I read your post? It small like BS for the most part.

      • Probably for the same reason when I red your other posts on your profile I notice you are not to bright and can’t read try reading Professor Gary Kleck’s report on armed citizens on a county by county basis what was meant to be an anti 2A report completely turned a liberal professor around by fact. I am far from being the grammar police but when you can’t spell in a 22 word comment I tend to discount your opinions. An while we are on opinions they are like a-holes everybody has one. And as for your opinion I don’t give two turds. And try posting your land moron. buh bye

        • You based your analysis on a typo? As a LEO you should be better are understanding people. You post that I responded to was not clear (and I can read). As a Vietnam vet and Life member of the NRA myself I am a strong supporter of the second amendment.

          By the way, thanks you for your service in both the military and as a LEO. Have a wonderful day.

          • As I read your other posts there was no indication you were a brother. Had I realized that I would have been gentler in my response. For that I apologize and say welcome home I have been A life Member for a while they screwed up my records and my current card says 2006 but I think my original was around 1993. I get my back up when my integrity is attacked and tend to go on offense. I know who you are now and you know who I am. Let’s let bygones be bygones and start fresh. The opinions of people here who have never worn a uniform of any kind and have never seen combat or worked the streets are off base a good portion of the time I had a clown call me a liar and I backed my statements with facts and a picture. The people who are genuinely interested in learning I don’t mind imparting my knowledge to. People also need to realize there are 50 different states and 50 different Penal codes or Statute books our laws in Florida are much different then other states. So those who make general statements about the Law are some times out in left field because they only know what some guy told them in a couple of hours. I had a full police academy in New York and another 268 hours in Florida for high liability training. In K9 I had 500 hours of Patrol training and another 250 hours of Explosives and Ordnance Detection training. I don’t believe that being a LEO makes me a special class. I’m just an American citizen with a different job., I spent 2 years in the training division and we taught everything. So when I speak I speak from experience.

            Once again I apologize we are brother’s that went through a lot of crap over there and back home I had to fly in through San Francisco you can imagine what that was like…………….


          • Kenneth Kirkham

            I came back to San Fran but flew to LAX. I had an amazing event getting off the plane that I will never forget. I was seated at the back and as we moved forward I stopped to let an older gentleman and his wife go in front of me. He said “No soldier, you go first.” with a level of respect that brought tears to my eyes, then as it does now 45 years later. Outside the plane was a different story.
            I do have a question for you. My police training was in 64 at Oakland Peace Officers Training Academy and in 65 at LA Police Academy. It seems to me that today training is very different as we were taught how to avoid confrontations and to take cover rather than start shooting. I see far too many officer involved shootings that had a safe way to retreat to cover to allow time to sort out things. Since you have been training a lot more after that era how is that general situation supposed to be handled today?

          • Unfortunately I was spit on and had garbage thrown at me and called a baby killer all through the Airport real nice for an 18 year old kid.

            At that time LAPD was the crown jewel of training I even had a real copy of their training syllabus. But by the 70s things were a lot different in Northern California. You had the SLA and Black Power groups running wild. The bank Patty Hearst was involved with held my Harley note the Bay Area was out of control. Not many years befor you guys started a SWAT team and things spread. I had been sent back to Lackland for Law Enforcement Training and then back to Mather. Our Armory was always considered a target and those of us who lived off base got Security Licenses so we could purchase and carry Revolvers at that time. Our base was an anomaly we were both Air Training Command (Navigator and Electronic Warfare Officers) we were a SAC Alert base too. So we had a Nuclear weapons Storage Area for the BUFFs on alert. So between the Buff Pilots, EWO’s, Tanker Pilots, Butter bar Trainee’s and Admin officers we had 7 officers for every enlisted. That was important to know only because we had a Brigadier General as Commander instead of a Bird like almost any base and he gave us a place to store our personals and then pick up our duties. Chippy’s were rough because they had to be I arrested the First Shirts son. Stopped him for DUI while administering the tests he tilted his head back and had a joint behind his ear he took a swing at me caught me on the nose. No more Mrr. Nice Guy after that. Buy the time I was done the Chippys drove up they had been looking for him for a hit and run. They took one look at me spread him over the hood and said so you hit that officer? and slammed locked cuffs on his wrists that was pretty much the end of trying to cool down the situation take action!!!!!

            Two years later I was in the Academy on the other coast and they decided to try ommunity policing. A lot of role playing and the Policeman is your friend BS. Then you hit the streets and the FTO”s told you forget everything you learned in the academy we practice street justice. I don’t think I need to explain.

            By the time I came down south I had 12 years in and already had been stabbed twice. One sliced the tendon in my right shoulder still have a metal staple in there from July 5th 1980. A

    • SAME bullshyte idiocy as before from the same idiot.

    • It is obvious your former friend the published author and nationally-known gun rights attorney was right and YOU ARE STILL WRONG.

      • What part of I don’t have time to waste on you did you not understand? Sub 90 was the correct eval. But if I must that was the Zimmerman case where he killed a kid because he tried to play cop. His Felonious activity and prosecutorial incompetence almost crushed a very good Stand Your Ground Law that a lot of people and the NRA and many other organizations put a lot of time and money into. Ask somebody to assist you with the big words. Now F Off

        • What part of YOU don’t have the time to waste on ME didn’t YOU understand?

          Trayvon Martin was no longer the cute little 13-year-old kid as in the photographs the ANTI-GUN leftist propaganda news sources frequently showed to generate sympathy for Trayvon Martin and anger toward George Zimmerman before the trial in an attempt to influence to the verdict.

          Trayvon Martin was a violent 17-year-old who was out peeping in windows at night despite having been expelled from school for beating a teacher. (If his parents had grounded for being expelled him he’d probably still be alive today.)

          George Zimmerman was a member of the neighborhood watch who dialed 911 when he saw a young man peeping into windows in a neighborhood that had a recent rash of break-ins.

          (I suppose you would not dial 911 if you saw someone breaking into one of your neighbors homes.)

          George Zimmerman had the RIGHT to be in his OWN neighborhood (Does Stand Your Ground). Trayvon Martin had NO right to be peeping in windows whether or not he was planning to break in. Trayvon Martin caught the much smaller George Zimmerman after he saw heard and saw George Zimmerman talking to the 911 dispatcher and began bashing the back of George Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk.

          George Zimmerman could NOT get away with the much larger Trayvon Martin on top of him. (At 17 years old, Trayvon Martin was not the cute little 13-year old as in the photographs the ANTI-GUN leftist news kept showing to falsely portray Trayvon Martin as the random shooting victim of a law-abiding person with a concealed carry license.)

          George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin as a last resort to save his own life as Trayvon Martin was bashing the back of George Zimmerman’s head on the sidewalk. George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin as a last resort when Zimmerman could not escape and he was in danger of losing his life or suffering serious bodily injury. Trayvon Martin could have gotten off George Zimmerman and walked away before being shot however Trayvon Martin continued the assault when George Zimmerman was nearly incapacitated.

          (I suppose you’d allow a thug to kill you by bashing your head against a sidewalk instead of using your pistol to defend yourself.)

          Then the ANTI-GUN leftist propaganda news sources altered the photographs of the back of George Zimmerman’s battered head to make it appear that George Zimmerman really never was in danger of having his skull split open.

          Despite all of the ANTI-GUN leftist news propaganda directed against George Zimmerman that you foolishly chose to believe, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN WAS ACQUITTED BY A JURY for the “crime” of defending his life from a thug.

          Yeah, that’s right, both George Zimmerman and Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez were acquitted by juries therefore YOUR TWIST ANTI-GUN OPINIONS OF THEIR CASES NO LONGER MEAN ANYTHING

          Your former friend the published author and nationally-known gun rights attorney IS STILL RIGHT AND YOU ARE STILL WRONG.

          Who was your former friend? If your former friend is already a published author and nationally-known gun rights attorney you will not be violating his privacy if you tell us his / her name.

  7. Let’s get a few things straight. He did not do everything best. He should have told the cop right at the beginning he had a gun. Send this with his hands on the steering wheel. Instead he told the cop he had a gun as he’s reaching for his pocket. So the cop is supposed to guess what he’s reaching for. Also the cop told him to stop reaching twice parent Lee he wasn’t listening or whatever.

    • Don’t listen to a cops orders you are giving him the right to act .The Jungle bunnies better start behaving . People are getting tired of blaming the cops when dealing with non conformers .Next thing that needs stopping is Judges giving family big awards to the criminals shot by police .

      • Didn’t G. Gordon Liddy advise “headshots”?
        YOUR hero?
        Was Judge J. Sirica “soft” on crime?

        • You are soft in the head alright .

        • Huh? What are you talking about?

          • Ever jear of a monster named Viktor Bout?
            He was a Russian arms dealer!
            He tried, to sell arms, to Colombian outlaws!
            They wanted to murder Americans!
            Eric Holder, and the FBI, nabbed him!
            Did the NRA, ever, denounce him?

          • If Eric Holder ever did anything good for this country, that is news. Good to hear that he may have done anything positive at all.

      • I would like to see the EXACT law that says the Gestapo has the right to order us around like we were their slaves, that if we don’t comply they can shoot us without compunction and without penalty. It happens all the time. WAKE UP America, the cops are NOT your friends.

        • You sound like the typical anti White and one that cops are looking for. How many arrest warants are out for you and how many parking tickets have you not paid . Sounds like you are from NY or Chicago .

        • THAT is the exact mentality which causes this crap to happen. When a police officer tells you to do something, DO IT. Yes, he has the right to make sure he’s going home to his family. There are too many cases where criminals shoot police because the officer hesitated. This has nothing to do with race, except for the fact that blacks are more involved, by a significant amount. ALL people need to comply with police officers, regardless of the circumstances…….

          • So if a cop “ordered” you to bend over and drop your pants, you would obey? If you were that stupid, you would get what you deserved.

          • It sounds as if you would not obey. That sounds like a nice decision to be able to make, as long as it doesn’t get you killed. Not that fear of death should be a reason for people to surrender and do what is wrong, but there is that matter of deciding what hill you want to die on. Oppression needs to be opposed, whenever it really exists, but to survive a battle often requires more than overt defiance, challenging superior forces where one can only lose.

    • The only good doper is a dead one. They are 10 times worst than drunks

  8. You obviously didn’t follow the case very closely. Why do you suppose 12 jurors, including 2 blacks, found that Yanez was NOT guilty of reckless homicide? Cops have to make split second decisions at times, and there will always be Monday morning quarterbacks who want to judge the case in hind sight. You did NOT hear all the testimony. You did NOT see all the evidence. You were NOT looking over Yanez’ shoulder. You do NOT know what he saw or didn’t see. What on earth does this have to do with the 2nd Amendment? Why should the NRA speak out on this incident? Are you suggesting cops not carry guns?

    • anAmericanByChoice


    • Very good point

    • I personally feel that the NRA should say that no Law Abiding legally gun owning citizen should be shot by the police simply because they are carrying a gun; and as a legal gun owner and a black woman that made me afraid to leave my house with my firearm for fear that I too maybe shot simply because I’m carrying and the problem with that is I work at night in Downtown Atlanta.

      • Toriiey – Depends on the training you have actually had and if it covered your actions when stopped by a Police Officer. If you never received any type of training regarding those encounters then you should not be carrying! Having said that, most training classes, if they are credible will instruct you to have your ID & Concealed Weapon Permit ready for the Officer, and immediately inform him/her that you have a Concealed Carry Permit. You should then tell them where the firearm is located (you purse, holster on your right/left hip, under seat, center console, etc….), all while keeping your hands in plain view. If they don’t tell you what to do with the firearm, ask them! If your reaching for something, tell them prior to reaching what your reaching for and where it is located.

        • When I am stopped by police I keep my hands on the wheel until the officer tells me I can do something else. I DO NOT start reaching for my wallet or for the registration until after I tell the officer what I want to do and why.
          If you get stopped and start moving around, the officer is already going to be suspicious of what is going on.

      • Cops are not going to shot you for carrying , but if you do not listen to them and do not as told you might get shot . Time to leave Atlanta and don’t go to Chicago just as bad .

      • Philando Castile was NOT shot for carrying a gun. Castile was shot for reaching for the gun despite the police officer warning him THREE TIMES not to.

        Simply obey police officers’ orders and you will be safe.

      • Had he “OBEYED” the officer he would still be alive.The officer told him more then once to NOT MOVE OR reach! He did NOT get shot for carrying, even though he had a CCP! He got shot because he did NOT know that STOP MEANS STOP!

  9. Correction – One child in the vehicle. Certainly no indication to the officer, at the time he shot the man, that ANYTHING illegal was going on. And to be clear, from what I have read, nothing illegal was going on. He was polite and complying with the officer. He was not legally obligated to inform the officer that he was armed, but he did so. I am sure that his intent was to avoid exactly what happened. This officer may be a good man, but he is guilty of murder, and like anyone else that makes a mistake, he MUST be held accountable. Certainly he is not cut out to be an armed officer dealing with the public. I fully support law enforcement, but this is just plain wrong. Hopefully the family will sue and be compensated, but that will not bring him back. The officer knew he screwed up as soon as he shot the man. Just listen to the anguish in his voice, which went on for several minutes. If I shot someone who I truly believed intended me harm, I would not have reacted with remorse. And Jasper, Certainly officers need to carry guns, but they must be held accountable when they make a bad call. And shooting someone 7 times with innocents in the vehicle is a BAD CALL.

    • anAmericanByChoice


    • I could not find anything that stated directly that one “MUST” inform an officer that he had a gun on him and that he had a CCP BUT if I were in that situation I would have kept BOTH hands on the wheel, informed the officer of such and asked him how do we proceed from that point on!!

      It’s only logical!!! Now I have seen the footage BUT as Allen above you posted (?) he was told many times “DO NOT REACH FOR YOUR WEAPON”, and he did, BANG!!
      The guy was a COMPLETE and UTTER DUMB SHEIT!!!!! The article says he didn’t reach for it, yet Allen is saying he did! The link below from the Dash Cam proves it! The jury did right!!!!
      According to Jasper2, 2 of the jurors were Black!!

      He was told not to reach for/ pull the weapon but the A–HOLE continued to reach and try to pull the weapon!!!!! The officer then tried to PREVENT him from pulling it!!! The perp was “ONE F—ING TOTAL A–HOLE!!!! How F—ing STUPID!!!!!
      Had he listened to the officer he’d be alive today!!! It’s not like a Stop Sign where EVERYONE thinks it means keep moving!! STOP means STOP! PERIOD!!! ,/I>

      Stop | Stop Definition by Merriam-Webster
      stop, cease, quit, discontinue, desist mean to suspend or cause to suspend activity. stop applies to action or progress or to what is operating or progressing and may …

      • Most states require a concealed weapon license holder to IMMEDIATELY inform the police officer during traffic stops that the driver (or passenger) has a concealed weapon license even if the police officer does not ask.

        Depending on the state, failure to IMMEDIATELY inform the police officer about a concealed weapon license during a traffic stop could result in arrest or fine despite no other traffic citation being issued.

    • Probably manslaughter but other than that I agree with you.

    • Probably manslaughter but other than that I agree with you.

    • I am not certain about Minnesota, however most states require a concealed weapon license holders to IMMEDIATELY
      inform police officers during traffic stops that the driver (or
      passenger) has a concealed weapon license even if the police officer
      does not ask. Depending on Minnesota concealed carry laws Philando Castile MAY HAVE BEEN OBLIGATED to inform the police officer. Even if not obligated, it is still wise to inform the police officer which is THE ONLY THING PHILANDO CASTILE DID RIGHT.

      Also, Philando Castile did NOT comply with the officers instructions. He continued to reach for something (the gun perhaps) despite officer Yanez yelling “Don’t reach for it. Don’t pull it out. Don’t pull it out!”

    • Carmen Triplett

      Well said…

    • MORE IDIOCY; The man behind the wheel FAILS FIVE TIMES to obey the ORDER to NOT REACH and to KEEP HIS HANDS ON THE WHEEL. HOW does that make it the officers fault? What was he SUPPOSE to do, wait until the guy grabbed the gun and pulled the trigger.
      Pull your head out and think.

  10. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. The NRA has nothing to say on this matter, because no matter what they say it will be construed the way a liberal wants it to be construed. The police office told this person many, many times to not reach for his weapon. I do not know if he did not comply, if he continued reaching, if he had the gun in his hand. I do know the officer was not charged by a jury. It was not the NRA that did not charge him.

    • I wonder who the idiot is? I left a message with Wayne LaPierre’s assistant after writing my last message. It was simple. The NRA needs to publish a response having nothing to do with the decision but to open discussions between permitted or constitutional carriers and Law Enforcement because in states that require training should be required to teach not a gun show class where they teach squat but from a knowledgeable instructor. The owner of the range I taught at got pissed every night I taught because I taught every minute of the required 3 hours. Why didn’t he get someone else? Because they came back and took tactical classes and bought firearms from me. I’m not a personal protection expert but many of my students went on to take classes with the experts at Gunsite and Mas Ayoob. The NRA needs to stop taking the hits and giving the gun grabbers any more ammunition. And in case I didn’t realize the NRA uses Stand and fight. I started using it when my home state passed Stand Your Ground Which Zipperhead almost destroyed.

      • I love that you called him Zipperhead!!!!!!

        • I have to call him something but he’s been in trouble with the law numerous times since his acquittal. He is proof that at least in Florida the screening process does work he was rejected at least once. Some agency’s outside of the state use a test called the MMPI anyone with 3/4’s of a brain and a decent memory can beat that test easily.

      • Good thoughts, generally, but now it is the NRA’s job to start telling states what their requirements should be for CC instruction? And they should start picking up the microphone in response to police shooting incidents? That sounds like what Obama would do and has done. I’m not sure I want the NRA copying Obama’s lack of propriety and professionalism.

        • No Bill I guess you didn’t read my reply close enough I said open a dialouge between LE and Firearm owners defining the responsibilities of both parties. Many of the instructors are NRA Certified that’s where they need to take responsibility.


    FYI: BLACK LIVES MATTER IS NOT WHO YOU THINK THEY ARE. It is an organization funded by George Soros, a billionnaire only interested in bringing “Chaos” and destruction to America. Soros makes his $$ when Countries collapse. He is like a buzzard, swooping in to eat all the road kill and make his millions – that’s exactly how he made his money – off other people’s misery. BLM is just another tool to breakdown a Society and weaken a country.That being said, this officer/Black shooting was created by BLM, Soros own treachery.


    It is what it is — another senseless officer/Black shooting that didn’t need to happen if the Black guy would have LISTENED AND OBEYED THE OFFICER’S DEMANDS. But he didn’t and as most typical Black men, thought he could talk his way out of this situation INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING THE OFFICER’S DEMANDS.

    What happened is exactly what happens most of the time in an interaction between a Black man and an Officer – normal. The officer gave explicit instructions to keep the Black guys hands ON THE WHEEL — NOT MOVE THEM AROUND. Did the guy do that? No. Did his own actions accelerate the situation? Yes. Was that stupid to do? Yes. Should it have ended his life? No, but it did and this same “dance” is danced throughout Black neighborhoods all the time. Sad.

    AGAIN, DID THE BLACK MAN OBEY THE OFFICER’S REQUEST OF KEEPING HIS HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL? NO HE DID NOT. That was the Black man’s defining hour and mistake that would end his life.

    Some things happen which are out of our control. Both the officer and the Black guy entered a dance that was going to end badly – it’s like a second dimension where actions direct the ending — NOTHING can change the ending. Did the officer want to shoot the Black guy? No. But his training taught him to follow protocols.

    Here is the twister. Why are so many Black males shot in criminal apprehension situations? What creates the deadly scenario? Is it that the Black male REALLY DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING ASKED OF HIM — OR — ARE BLACK MEN SO ARROGANT THEY THINK THEY CAN OUT FOX OR OUT RUN THE OFFICER AND WIN THIS BATTLE?

    WHY are there so many more officer shootings in the Hood than any other Race Community? You do not hear of so many incidents happening In Latino neighborhoods nor Asian neighborhoods, WHY BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS OR BLACK EVENTS? My guess is that Black males refuse to submit to authority and as a result end up dead. It’s NOT THE OFFICER’S FAULT BUT THE BLACK MAN’S FAULT FOR NOT OBEYING THE OFFICER’S DEMANDS. End of story.

    When Blacks finally accept that it’s their own ignorant/arrogant actions that create these fatalistic scenarios, there will be less death happening in their lives. Drop the “ignorant macho” attitudes and “LISTEN” to what’s being asked of you. We ALL are responsible for our choices – including the Black population.

    • Nice deductions. Are you on the job do you speak from experience? Had the officer followed his training the man, woman, grandmother, teenager black, white yellow brown or red would have to move against natural body position to look at in my case the business end of an H&K .45 and the decision to die would be clearly on whom ever. And that position would be held until back up arrived. Talk all you want but there is a point where the situation turns dangerous and I’m going home to my wife and kids. I thank god that although I had the justification I did not have to pull the trigger but my training is a lot better than whomever and they knew they were going to die or stay. My firearm went from holster to 2 shots center mass in1.68 seconds how many milliseconds do you think it took my finger from outside the trigger guard and hit my target.

      • Do you think the Officer was a rookie, new to this type of warfare? I think he was already “spooked” (no pun intended) by the Black Lives Matter movement which has become violent, especially to Police. Youth, inexperience, trepidation…all contributing factors to the incident.
        I agree totally with you. If the officer showed more control of the situation, conveying that if the subject moves he WILL BE SHOT, instead of letting the situation accelerate into “no man’s land”, that Black man would be alive. But I still put most of the blame on the Black man, because he was NOT listening and doing as the Officer directed. It was the Black man’s refusal to follow directions of an Officer of the Law that got him killed, not the jittery finger of a nervous Law Officer. Let’s call it what it was.

        The whole trauma was sad, but it did do one thing indirectly. It showed those kids in the car that you had better do what the Law OFFICER says or you could lose your life. This drama will always play through their minds and later on will either create a more respectful adult or one that absolutely hates all Law Authority. You have to feel bad for the kids and the Officer because both their lives have been changed forever.

        On another note – every American should be able to defend themselves and their families from criminals — even criminals disguised as “do gooders” like George Soros. That is the one person most Americans do not know much about and must learn how evil he is and his plans for the U.S. He rubs shoulders with many political people — however President Trump will not let him close to his own family or the White House. Soros was bho’s puppetmaster and he called a lot of the shots during Obama’s administration. Soros is as dirty as they come and will stoop as low as necessary to make chaos happen in his plans. Black Lives Matter are being funded by Soros and he has directed it to create chaos and disruption everywhere he directs it to go.

        That Black man and the Officer are only “puppets” in Soros chaos plans, The more he can drive a wedge between the races and breed hate and anger, the better for Soros. If anyone wants to blame someone for this travesty, BLAME GEORGE SOROS. IT WAS HIS BLM GROUP THAT CREATED THE ENVIRONMENT THAT EVENTUALLY CAUSED THE DEATH OF THE BLACK MAN AND CHANGED THE OFFICER’S LIFE FOREVER. Guess what? George Soros couldn’t care who was killed, but I bet he toasted his BLM’s actions the night of the shooting. He’s a pig and a snake – interesting visual. He needs to be stopped and deported from our Country before too many more Americans are hurt by his actions.

        I have no doubt that if you were in that Officer’s position, the Black guy would not have given you any crap or moved his hands off the steering wheel. He would have known that his life was hanging by a thread — or an action — and he would have not moved an inch. Obviously our Law Enforcement needs more stringent training when it comes to confrontations involving any individual that has a gun close by, whether they be Black, Brown, Yellow or White. But the bottom line is convincing the perpetrator you mean business…you seem to have that special knack!

        • It’s hard to discern if he was a rookie or not. When I started most everybody was 21 or 22 now alot of the guys and gals are coming back from tours In Iraq when we had a large presence and multiple tours in Afghanistan so where I was hitting my 5th year rookies are coming in at 26 or 27. I wear a thin blue line Bracelet for PO Ashley Guindon she was a member of the National Guard I don’t remember how old she was I believe she was in her mid 20’s. Never knew her but I do know Prince William County sworn in 2/27/ 2016 End of watch 2/27/2016 sworn in in the morning KIA in the evening.

          As far as Soros is concerned I agree with you but he should have been terminated without prejudice by either the Nazi Hunters or the Mossad. At 15 he was working withe another Nazi following behind the SS rounding up Jews. He and his partner would clean out the valuables from the vacated houses. he’s always deserved to die and I’m Catholic that animal is evil.

          As far as being in Yanez’s place I had good FTO’s and mentors in NY and brought NY style policing to the south. You are the authority, you control the situation. We were taught that your uniform is a display of force. Coming home from SE Asia there was no room for prejudice the guy that had your 6 might be black, brown red or yellow so everyone got treated the same. Everyone was a threat to me going home to my wife and kids after every tour. I got written up because I was authoritative but when it hit the LT’s desk and he spoke to the complainants he had a list of questions he asked the complainants were 99% truthful and at the end he would say “sorry he was just doing his job” and most of the guys and gals I worked with were the same.

          We weren’t heartless we had migrant farm worker camps in our zone one Christmas Toys forTots forgot the kids so about 30 of us went to our kids and asked them for a toy that they didn’t play with I have 3 girls they are grown now all University Graduate Professionals. But they came up with 5 by the time we got 4 green and whites loaded up with toys and got one of the Local Station Fire LT’s to put on the Santa Claus costume he was the fattest guy we knew. We road out to the camps and gave the kids Christmas.

          I’m not scared of anything except the Flying Monkeys in The Wizard of Oz. I’m a grandfather now and I still won’t watch it. But I had no problem calling the CEO of Bed bathb and Beyond if we could have the irregulars that they were tearing up and throwing in the dumpster he told me as long as whoever came once a month in uniform we could take it. Anyway I’m late gotta go God bless

        • I did reply to you as promised but it was held up as detected as spam I clicked on it as not spam and got an answer they were working on it. The message was sent 14 hours ago and was fairly long maybe my thin blue line bracelet I wear for a PO sworn in in the morning and killed in the line later that day triggered it.

          • Yes, this website was having issues yesterday. I responded to your last blog and it kept telling me it wasn’t an “active” blog. Duh. All I wrote disappeared.
            But I did get that blog and it shows that our Country needs more men like you to keep people on the right track. Too many “screws loose” individuals walking around thinking they can do anything they want and there would be no repercussions. Wrong.
            Our Country has gone from strength of moral character to lack of moral character. The few parents that taught their children to be respectful and truthful (like you and I) have raised good intelligent moral adults — but most parents haven’t done that and it’s their kids the world is having to deal with — thanks to the slippery non-intelligent side of the Left.

            My grandson got removed from public high school because his teacher was teaching that the Gay lifestyle is normal as the straight life style – in detail! My grandson, a Devout Christian and very intelligent, told his teacher that “Gays were sinners” according to the Bible. After his female teacher had a meltdown (more than likely a Gay herself), sending him to the principal, she said there will be no more negative thinking abt Gays or the student will be removed like my grandson. My son immediately picked up my grandson and told the principal to take him off the enrollment, he will not be returning.
            My grsndson now attends a strong Christian High School, has raised his 2.5 GPA (in the public high school) to a 4.0 GPA, has lettered in two Sports and is one happy young man looking forward to College! Several other parents removed their high schoolers from that school too.

            What do you think of that Gay political crap being taught to our normal Christian kids? Or the Common core instruction that frustrates kids not teaches them anything? Of course obamalama supported Common core/homosexual teachings in the schools because It would create a fragmented confused student creating chaos not intelligence. He thought a dumber population is easier to control…not. President Trump got elected instead of the wicked witch of the East!

            What abt that Transgender crap too. I’ve read many sad stories abt mothers who wanted girls instead of a beautiful son, so they literally raised him like a girl, dressing him in girl clothing, giving him girl toys, jewelry and make up. Then the mother tells everyone that their child is a girl trapped in a boys body??? And the totally insane Left runs with it?? The only good thing that will come of that travesty of life is KARMA when that “girl” discovers she was born a healthy normal boy and Mom didn’t want a boy, but a girl! Yes, some very nasty things are going to happen to that braindead mother! And she deserves every bit of pain she receives from her he/she young adult child!

            The Left has screwed with so many less intelligent people’s heads that our world is a mess. And they wonder why Americans refuse to give up their arms…to many loonies out there and not enough of the stable good guys (like you) to corrall them all!



      • Any time a life is taken is sad. What it all boils down to is making good choices. Some people are better at that than others. Some people never have a chance because they have been raised NOT to respect life and death. Some people never knew what hit them and their spirits are probably walking our earth trying to find out what happened. All I know is if a gun is pointing in my direction and someone is telling me to do an action, I will do everything in my power to make that person happy. I value life. I’m not ready for death, so I’m going to listen carefully to what that person wants of me. The Black man was not in the moment and he ended up losing his life. And the Officer’s life has been changed for ever too. Some things just have a direction and cannot be stopped…this was one of those things. Sad.

    • FYI all black men do not act that way when dealing with the police and I would bet you that if you polled a hundred officers they would tell you that all do not act that way just some and that depends on which area a cop works in.

      • That is very true. It does depend on the neighborhood where his beat is. But there are many Black neighborhoods that the males do react exactly like that. Why is that? Do you have any ideas why that happens more in some neighborhoods than others?

        • Drugs maybe or just plain stupidity. I’m 6 ft tall 210 and when working Narcotics or other cases in groups or task forces because of the width of my shoulder 58 inches I wear an extra large tee shirt that says Sheriff’s Office on the back in pretty large letters my partner was 4 inches taller and wore a 3XL so the lettering was even bigger. One afternoon we were working reverse buy stings my partner is searching our arrestee and I’m covering him weapon drawn. Side by side well not exactly as I know we have nitpickers, we are like a billboard. A guy walks right behind us up to the decoy 15 feet away and asks “yo man have any powder” we gave the Scooby Doo look awuuuu and had two for the price of one. Just another LEO Day in South Florida.

  12. There is one rule “you don’t shoot unless you see a gun pointed at you or you see a gun being raised to point at you”. All this I was in fear for my life is BS.

    • He was reaching for the gun! He was told to STOP!! Did he??? NOPE!!!!!

    • Carmen Triplett

      Its just an excuse to keep killing innocent people
      and its working…sadly

      • Stupid bitch

        • Carmen Triplett

          Yo mama is a stupid bitch and your wife and your daughters if you have those too…it should have been you on the other end of that gun stupid fucka

      • Kenneth Kirkham

        Innocent people should follow the orders of the officer. This (innocent) person did not. This person caused the situation that got him killed.

        • Carmen Triplett

          No he got killed because the scary cop didnt wait for him to just show him his license and registration as he was instructed. It’s sad and as the previous person made the cop was scared. That’s another issue…why? Because he was a black man, because he feared for his life because he was a black man…its another issue that needs to be addressed, but had he waited 10 seconds the young man was just going to give him his drivers license like he was told. He wasnt a bad guy and like some want to after they are shot so they can justify the murder and call the man a thug and so on and so forth…Its a bad presumption because if the Police officer had just waited they could have gone home and the Police officer would still have a job…its really a sad situation…

          • HEY STUPID; Poeple like you are why that ASS got himself killed. He said he had a gun and THEN FAILED to follow COMMANDS to put his hands on the wheel and STOP reaching. The cop had no way of knowing if the idiot was reaching for his license OR for the FIrearm; Waiting MIGHT have given us another officer killed by a BLACK MALE.

          • Kenneth Kirkham

            He could have been purple. Had he complied with the officer’s order’s both men would be alive.

          • Carmen Triplett

            Where did he not comply??? and do you know any PURPLE people ?
            The cop asked for d/l and registration !!! He was getting that and only that !!!!! He told him I have a gun, but I AM GETTING MY D/L AND REGISTRATION ONLY!!! THE GUN WAS NEVER IN HIS BACK POCKET !!!!!

          • LIAR! Castille was NOT reaching for his driver license and car registration card.

            Watch the video and notice that Officer Yanez IS ALREADY HOLDING CASTILE’S DRIVER LICENSE IN HIS LEFT HAND when Castile informs Officer Yanez he has a firearm.



      • Stupid moron that’s afraid of a pop tart chewed into the shape of a gun.

        • Carmen Triplett

          I dont know who you your calling a stupid moron so I won’t even comment because it doest make sense.

      • Did you ever notice the one thing all police shootings have in common is that the “innocent” victim refused to comply with the police officer’s orders?

      D E A D RIGHT!!!

    • many folks that wait until they see a gun pointed at them do not live to tell why they did not blow the ahole away….

    • if you wait that long you might be dead. If the driver had simply followed the officers instructions (STOP) (DON’T REACH FOR IT) (STOP) and kept his hands on the wheel he would be alive today. The officer was NOT at fault in this case. The driver was. Now both families have to live with the driver’s stupidity.

    • AND you ARE a total moron too idiot. That’s how we get DEAD COPS.

    • Like your post???

  13. I disagree with this. Castile was breaking the law on many levels. He should have had his hand on the steering wheel when he told the officer he had a gun. There were drugs in the car. This trial was justice served.

    • quote me the state statute that first failure to obey a lawful order requires deadly force and at what point was he ordered to put hit hands on the wheel


      • I read your comment below in which you claim to have taught 1000s of concealed weapon holders. Either YOU ARE LYING or YOU WERE Philando Castile’s INSTRUCTOR!


        One of the main points emphasized (and re-emphasized and re-re-emphasized) during concealed carry courses is to PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL (or on the dashboard if you are a passenger) AND KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL (or dashboard if a passenger) during traffic stops and to NOT MOVE YOUR HANDS UNLESS SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTED TO BY THE POLICE OFFICER. Even if the police officer instructs the driver to reach for something (such as drivers license and car registration) THE DRIVER STILL MUST WARN THE POLICE OFFICER HE MUST REMOVE HIS / HER HANDS FROM THE STEERING WHEEL then NOT REMOVE HIS / HER HANDS UNTIL THE OFFICER RE-AFFIRMS THE DRIVER MAY REMOVE HIS HANDS FROM THE STEERING WHEEL.

        What badge did you carry for 23 years as you stated in your comment below? If you actually were a police officer (???) you would certainly NOT want a driver who just admitted he had a firearm to remove his hands from the steering wheel unless you gave him specific instructions to remove his hands. If you actually were a police officer (???) you should have been rightly terminated for POOR TACTICS if you did not insist a driver with a firearm keep his hands on the steering wheel.


          But since you are illiterate I Think I will deal with you That is my retirement photograph. You can blow it up all you want it will still read the same. First to question my integrity ans then make assumptions based on being unable to read a long message and retain the data probably puts you in the sub 90 IQ. If you read my entire post you would have read the following facts. the NRA NEEDS TO OPEN A DIALOG WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT REGARDING CONCEALED CARRY AND CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY STATES SO BOTH PARTIES UNDERSTAND THE RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. I put in further information regarding the responsibilities of the qualified instructor to impart knowledge in our state Florida you must have an NRA certification, an FDLE certification, or a Department of Agriculture “K” License which allows you to teach and qualify Armed Security Officers. I further stated that a Gun Show class with 30 to 40 so called students. You also questioned the veracity of the number of CCW certificates I signed after the required 3 full hour class. I taught between 5 and 10 students per class twice a week most every week for 10 years you do the math if you can. It is common sense for a properly trained CCW holder after being properly trained to turn off the vehicle and roll down the window (but since you apparently are a nitpicking POS power down your window before turning off the vehicle) and place your hands on the wheel or dash. If that doesn’t happen you command that they do it. In this state you do not have to declare you have a weapon but it is suggested you do as a properly trained officer you are going to ask at which time you answer. If it is not on your person are my word to hard for you to understand? You will be asked to leave the vehicle and remove your self to the curb for both yours and officer safety. The firearm will be removed and made safe. If it is on your person you be asked where and the officer will make the decision what to do next.

          Apparently you did not read any other messages where I explained that by poking his head in the front window. It is a flagrant violation of officer safety tactics by not taking a safe position at the vehicle. But apparently you did not read my other 2 messages but I can tell you that none of the Officers or Deputies trained by my team and I fully understood the importance of officer safety. I can go on on on but ignorance is irreparable. As far as my being fired my LT because of my exemplary record invited me to return when he became Sheriff. I was asked to cross swear with customs (which is now called ICE) and in my waning days my K9 partner and I were asked to serve as Explosives and Ordnance Detection for Rapist Bill and Crooked Killery. I’m done with you as you are really not worth my time. On the job in NY we had an expression EAT SHIT AND BARK AT THE MOON SCUMBAG. And next time you want to talk out your ass make sure it’s not someone with a far superior IQ and 2 University degrees shit for brains.

          To the other gentlepersons who asked me questions I’ll be back because this useless POS pissed me off.

      • It wasn’t the first, you ignorant fool.

        • Theres only one ignorant fool in this and apparently is you, I have seen you answers to others buh bye trailer trash

      • I would think after you stated you have a gun it would be common sense to keep your hands in sight. How would the policeman know what you are reaching for?

      • Independent Voter

        when you have a gun and you are told 5 times not to touch it……and you reach for it

      • Kenneth Kirkham

        Common sense might be the only rule needed…

      • Reaching in the direction of a firearm and DISOBEYING the order to STOP and put his hands on the wheel does NOT leave any room for NOT going to deadly force. This IS NOT the old west where you meet the bad guy on the street and see who can draw the fastest.

        • I totally agree. I too am a CCP holder both in my former state, North Carolina and now Pennsylvania and only stopped once at a check-point for DUI’s. Each time I informed the officer I was armed. Each time I was directed to show my license but not asked for my registration nor my carry permit although I would have gladly produced them.
          Fact is the officer knew I was responsible since my hands never left the steering wheel but once and that was to retrieve my license.
          The officer thanked me for being forthright.
          Castile seemed to have done everything to invite a reaction from the officer. For all the officer knew this guy was grabbing a weapon. He was the responsible party for he should have known better. If I was the officer I suspect I might have reacted just as he did.

  14. To the Admin of this site, Oopss you blew it see the Dash Cam and apologize!!!!

  15. Since I am human I watched the video again. The officer was either poorly trained or did not follow his training. His positioning as observed the first time was wrong he should have been positioned at the front of the rear door for two reasons. First so the door was not used against him and second so the “suspect” would have to reach across his body and back to hand documents or to fire on the officer. There is no doubt in my mind that was a BAD shoot. And although he was not convicted he was rightfully terminated. POOR TACTICS

  16. It isn’t anything the NRA as an organization has anything to do with. So not “speaking out” is the right thing to do.

  17. This was not a “travesty of justice”. This was justice. The deceased asked for it.

  18. This has nothing to do with the NRA. The gun grabbers are trying to get the NRA, and any other pro gun group, to get involved and make statements that can be twisted, taken out of context, misquoted, etc. etc. and generally do anything they can to get down in the mud and ignore the fact that carrying a gun is a constitutional right, and to steer the conversation in such a way that crime gets pinned on the gun and not on the person.

    As for the incident itself, I wasn’t there, I wasn’t in the courtroom, I didn’t read the court transcripts, I did watch the video and the passengers cell phone video. It appears the cop overreacted; again, I don’t know. However, I will point out that most people planning on shooting a cop don’t anounce beforehand “I have a gun.” In fact, I get the feeling it’s the whole “OMG, HE HAS A GUN” attitude of some people, and possibly this police officer, that got this man killed.

  19. Don in Arkansas

    Simply, NO. This is not a gun rights issue. Mistakes were made on both sides of the shooting. Not an NRA issue.

  20. Who’s the asshole that wrote this? According to the writer, they where just being niggas, and the cops should ignore that ! WTF ? When the civil war, you are calling for comes to your door step, I hope you have all your safe spaces picked out.

  21. The attitude that you can ignore a police officer in the performance of their duty escapes logic until you run it through your “blacks can do no wrong cause slavery” filter.

  22. Very poor analysis and commentary re this case by Patriot News Daily. The editor must be some younger person with little life experience regarding “right to carry.” The not guilty verdict was right call.


      I don’t know what video the author of this article watched, but the officer did NOT shoot Philandro Castile when Castile said he had a firearm.

      Contrary to the article author’s claim that Castile “could not have DONE anything better than he did” the only thing Castile did right was admit he had a firearm to which the officer replied “OK, OK”.

      The officer shot Castile when Castile continued to reach for something (possibly the firearm Castile admitted he had) despite the officer clearly saying “Don’t reach for it. Don’t pull it out. Don’t pull it
      out!” before firing.

      The right to carry a gun is NOT a right to pull a gun or even reach for a gun when being questioned by a police officer.

      Obviously Castile did not pay attention to the part in his concealed carry course about keeping his hands visible and complying with all commands when being questioned by a police officer.

    • Another ignorant moron who sucked up all the propaganda from the anti-gun crowd spews its ignorance.
      YOU DID NOT hear all the evidence and testimony moron you are in NO position to determine that.

  23. BLUE LIVES MATTER. PERIOD (end of conversation)

  24. “BLUE LIVES MATTER” Period (end of conversation)

  25. So what didnt this thug know the meaning of COMPLY the city should not have paid the thugs mom But thats the city setting that up with there ppls tax dollars . I know i wouldnt vote for anythat went with that idea are want taxes raised if i was there

  26. Why does the criticism fall on the officer. Do what you are asked to and you will not be in trouble. Retired LEO chief.

    • Chief in this day and age would you allow your officers to take a non-tactical position?

      • Nope, he had his body where it should not have been but the driver could also have prevented this if he would have listened. I think the whole situation was doomed from the start

        • That was my point. And since we don’t know what was going on inside the vehicle was Yanez panicking and over reacted? Every time I watch the Dash cam I see the same thing the 2nd officer had a proper tactical position to the rear of the rear door passenger side he didn’t draw until Yanez started firing. So it wasn’t training.

    • A wise man once said if you don’t want to get shot pulling a gun on a police officer, DON”T PULL A GUN ON A POLICE OFFICER.

  27. The NRA is correct in not making any statements and avoiding falling into any anti-gun traps seeking to embarrass them and all gun owners on rights and uses of firearms. There is no justifiable reason for them to comment as this is strictly a police matter!

  28. Should the NRA speak out on Philando Castile case? NO!

    The NRA advocates gun owner rights. The NRA does NOT advocate gun owners’ right to pull or even reach for a gun while being questioned by a police officer.

    The author of this article is an IDIOT for suggesting the NRA should advocate for the right of anyone to pull or even reach for a gun while being questioned by a police officer.

    Despite how leftists (such as the author of this article) try desperately to misrepresent the NRA, the purpose of the NRA has NEVER been to advocate for the right of ANYONE to use guns to commit crimes such as pulling a gun while being questioned by a police officer.

    Has the Patriot News Daily been infiltrated by a radical author posing as a conservative just to bash police officers and the NRA?

  29. Kenneth Kirkham

    “wrongdoing on the part of Officer Jeronimo Yanez” How the hell does this author know that? From what I saw the officer told him to stop reaching several times. Continuing to reach was an action that many officers would have reacted to in the same manner. Was it wrong for the office….NO!!!

  30. Why just another no win….

  31. This piece of trash got what he deserved. He was told to stop reaching but didn’t Sounds to me like suicide by cop. Good riddance.

  32. Just let me say , I have fractured a few laws in my long life . Every time I was being entertained by a LEO
    I always listen and obeyed his / her request ( Respect ) ………….. It’s worked for me so far !!

    If you show ” NO ” respect , there will be a consequences . If you going to get pinched, get pinched for the
    least amount .


  34. The policeman asked for his license and registration, then shot him for reaching for them !

    • WRONG MORON; He was TOLD to NOT reach and to KEEP his HANDS ON THE WHEEL.

    • WRONG MORON! Philadro Castile had already given his license and registration. You can clearly see the policeman holding those in his left hand. Then Philando Castile informed the policeman he had a firearm and immediately started reaching for something (possibly the firearm). The policeman warned “Don’t reach for it. Don’t pull it out. Don’t pull it out!” That is the last time Philando Castile will EVER disobey a police officer.

  35. I think the NRA should speak out about the need for more training for CCW. Also not carrying when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Pot is still a behavior modifying drug no matter what the proponents say. Smelling Pot would have heightened my alarm mechanism too. Return to cruiser, get on radio and speaker and demand he exit his car with hands empty and above his head in plain sight. I am an NRA member.

  36. soldier for liberty

    Yes they should take the gloves off! The second amendment is about keeping the government in check and anyone who threatens the Republic ( liberals , socialist , communist the democrap party!

  37. Apparently this writer from Moneywise was present in the courtroom and heard everything the jury heard for him to question their verdict, but I wasn’t. Maybe no one representing the NRA was either. And as far as how a person feels coming down on the same side as Black Lives Matter or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, I wouldn’t know that either as I’ve never been there as the author has.

  38. Independent Voter

    ….. your the police officer — you don’t know the person you pulled over —- they have a gun —-you tell them —5— times —– “don’t reach for it” but they reach for it and continue to reach for even after you tell them again “don’t reach for it”……. now you see the gun…….you have 1/2 of a second to make a decision….. please explain why the NRA has to say anything and the person who refused to listen to the police officers instructions has the blame for being shot…… The officer did not pull his gun until he saw the the drivers gun…..I am sorry the man lost his life but he failed to follow the police officers very clear instruction….

    • What part of “Don’t reach for it. Don’t pull it out. Don’t pull it out!” DIDN’T Philando Castile understand?

  39. As a former Law Enforcement Officer and life long NRA member I suspect the NRA has made no comment because there is no comment they can make that won’t be questioned.

    • They are being questioned now. But not by the liberal pukes you expect it is coming from inside the normal 2A defenders brother

  40. Couldn’t read this total load of idiotic bullshyte idiocy.
    The guy REACHED in the direction of his firearm and was told NUMEROUS times to NOT reach, to sit still, to put his hands on the wheel. Was the officer SUPPOSE TO WAIT until the thug got his gun and shot the cop?
    There’s no way on earth to defend your IDIOCY and moronic spew. Now back to your Liberal gun forum.
    I have a permit, I carry, when stopped, my hands stay on the wheel while I tell the cop about my permit (he already knows from running my plates) and telling him where the firearm is located. I then ASK for permission to get my license and insurance from my purse (NO the weapon is NOT in the purse). This guy ignored all the commands from the officer.

  41. Stephen Griffith

    I think police should ask if the person, they stop if they have a gun & do they have a permit. The same as when they ask for proof of insurance etc. I believe this common sense taking of action, would help save everyones lives & insure the safety of the Police & or law enforcement members. Safety First.

    • I do NOT wait to be asked, I inform them IMMEDIATELY before they can say or ask anything; I ALSO inform them That I have a CCW and am legally permitted to carry the weapon.
      ALL the time my HANDS STAY ON THE WHEEL until the officer gives me permission to reach into my purse for my license and CCW permit.

    • Police officer usually do ask during traffic stops. However, if they don’t ask most states require the concealed weapon license holder to so inform the police officer loudly and clearly that they hold a concealed weapon license and whether or not the currently have a gun in the car. For example, “I HOLD A LICENSE TO CARRY A CONCEALED HANDGUN AND I HAVE A PISTOL.”

      Philando informed the police officer he had a firearm but he did NOT inform the police officer he had a concealed carry license while Philando reached for something (perhaps the firearm he admitted he had). The police officer told him not to reach for it and not to pull it. Now Philando will NEVER disobey a police officer again.

    • If properly trained they will. You ask everyone. I once responded to a call in my zone of a motorist waving a firearm at another motorist and yelling I’m a cop, I’m a cop. I was close enough to get there and stop the offender’s vehicle. After securing the weapon I got the story the kid cut the offender off. The offender was in his 70s and had been with NYPD but retired almost twice as long as he was on the job. I talked to the kid and he decided not to press charges. Took the old guys weapon and told him he could pick it up from my LT if he could provide proper credentials. Just another day on road patrol in South Florida.

  42. First off the NRA should not have to say or do anything regarding this incident, Castile did nothing right from the start of the incident. At no time during the incident, from the point of first contact, until the tragic conclusion did Castile ever inform the Officer that he had a Concealed Weapons Permit. Couple that with the fact that Castile was told repeatedly to not grab the weapon, which he failed to do. Castile should have immediately informed the Officer that he had a Concealed Weapons Permit, and where the weapon was located (ie….. right hip, pant’s pocket, glove box, or where ever), all while keeping his hands in plain view on the steering wheel. Then, if the Officer did not tell him what to do regarding the weapon, he should have asked, or informed him what he was doing prior to moving. If Castile had done those things, which would have been verified by the video, then the NRA could and should be outraged, but since none of those things transpired, Castile was just another individual with a gun in his car who was reaching for it.

  43. AGREED !!! I’m an NRA MEMBER. I will finish this note and call NRA Immediately! Thank you for the shove!
    Please bring this up, EVERY PUBLICATION. Ask or demand that life members contact membership!

  44. The jury heard and saw all the evidence.
    The NRA presents courses and advice on how a traffic stop should run from both police and citizen.
    The law on “use of force” are the same for police or private citizen.
    A private citizen is not allowed to make traffic stops in most states. A private citizen is allowed to make a citizens arrest when a crime other than a traffic violation and can use reasonable force to make the arrest. But deadly or lethal force cannot be used unless a reasonable person would feel in the same situation that it was necessary
    The reason a private citizen would go to prison while a police officer was legally justified to make the traffic stop.
    When passed the actual stop and the officer and subject interface, certain procedures are required by law and other procedures are recommended
    Certain words elicit certain responses. A problem is that human beings hear and misunderstand words all the time. We hear what we expect to hear, often what we want to hear. So being careful with the words we say and listening carefully is important for everybody.
    If there are several people present, all speaking it makes it that much more difficult to give and hear instructions accurately.
    I never say the word GUN since that will often alarm a person. Rather, my plan is to advise an officer that “I’m licensed to carry.”
    The advice about hands on the steering wheel is only part of what can be done.
    Stop your car immediately as soon as safely possible clear of traffic.
    Stop the engine and turn on the interior lights [at night]
    Hands on the steering wheel or visible for passengers.
    Wait in the car for the officer to give instructions either by walking up to your car or with a loud speaker.

    Cops have to assume that everybody wearing clothes is armed and may be dangerous until they have secured the scene. The car they stop may be stolen and not yet reported. There may have been a crime reported and you might fit the description.

    Listen for words such as STOP, DON’T, or FREEZE.

    There are lots of good trainers and many good books on the subject of carrying concealed, all aspects from holsters to dealing with police. The good thing about a state requiring training before issuing a CCW/CCH is that these topics are usually covered.
    Some states issue a CCW/CCH with little required training, some states don’t even require a license to carry concealed and therefore don’t require any training.

    If you live in a state that doesn’t require training or a license, it is your life at risk. Home study, or take a class, buy one or more books on the subject.

    In this case, the jury made the correct ruling based on the facts. Could everybody have done better, YES. We should all pay attention and learn from the mistakes.

    Massod Ayoob and others will certainly write detailed reports of what happened and how it could have been done better.

    I’ve been an NRA Life member since 1966 and I’ve been licensed to carry in the State of Kansas since we finally got the law passed and in effect in 2007.

    I recommend this Kansas syllabus, it is free and cover Kansas laws and training. It is similar to other states but not the same. Get your own state’s laws fro the state attorney general or state police.

  45. To the reasonable goodbye to the unknowledgeable to the “experts ” who have never seen combat or ever left your families at home while you protected imbeciles GFY

  46. Ever hear of a monster named Viktor Bout?
    He was a Russian arms dealer!
    He tried, to sell arms, to Colombian outlaws!
    They wanted to murder Americans!
    Eric Holder, and the FBI, put him behind bars!
    Does the NRA denounce him?

  47. I disagree with most of this article. I’ve seen the video, and I’ve read the transcripts. The one thing that I haven’t seen, and that I think most people haven’t seen is “exactly” what Castile was doing while the Officer was at his window, and “exactly” what the Officer observed Castile doing while he was at his car window. You absolutely cannot see “exactly” what Castile was doing while seated in the car. You have the testimony of the girlfriend, but can you guarantee that she is telling the unvarnished truth, or even that “she” could see what the Officer could see looking straight down at Mr.Castile. There are only two people who know “exactly” what was going on at the moment that the Officer drew his gun and fired. One is dead, and the other one gave his testimony and was aquitted. The Jury apparently felt that the evidence did not warrant a conviction. I hope that I do not ever have to sit on a Jury for a similar case, where there is not clear cut video of “everything” that the victim was doing at the time he was shot.

    • There is a third the officer properly posted at the rear of the passenger side. From there he would have had an unobstructed view. I will watch the video again to see if he had his firearm drawn prior to the shooting and before he pulled the child out.

  48. All the comments below miss the true mark. The cop that shot Philando ,did so because he was scared, nothing more nothing less. Adrenaline flow is a major cause of what happened on both sides. Both were not proper in what they did. The officer should not have shot him multiple times, (bad training and adrenaline) . The fact is an officer will always get off for something like this because of the unwritten law that : if an officer is afraid for his life he can fire his pistol and pretty much not worry about the outcome. Time to turn the tables – if an ordinary person who has a license to have or carry a gun and is confronted with a life and death situation, that citizen is only allowed to thwart the situation by firing once or until the threat is no longer. Anything above and beyond that, the citizen would land in jail. I am all for Blue lives but the officer should be held to the same standards as the people they are supposed to protect.

    • Officer Yanez was held to the same standard as the people he was supposed to protect – he defended himself at the scene and later in court.

      Officer Yanez DID have to worry about the outcome. If you’ve watched the dashcam video you’ll notice Officer Yanez DID NOT GLEEFULLY DANCE A JIG THEN BOAST THAT HE SHOT SOMEONE.

      Even police officers have the right of self-defense. Contrary to what you might believe, police officers do NOT have to allow the other person to take the first shot. Had Officer Yanez allowed Philando Castile to take the first shot Officer Yanez may be dead.

      Officer Yanez was tried in court JUST AS ANY SHOOTING SUSPECT WOULD HAVE BEEN.

      Did Philando Castile intend to draw the firearm he admitted he had? We’ll never know but Officer Yanez believed so at the time. It was a SHOOT OR POSSIBLY BE SHOT situation. Philando Castile forced Officer Yanez to react with deadly force. Had Pilando Castile complied with Officer Yanez’s order to stop he would not have been shot.

      The jury saw the evidence, heard the testimonies, then acquitted Officer Yanez. It does NOT matter if YOU or anyone else believes Officer Yanez was NOT held to the same standard. Officer Yanez will never be retried in court for the same incident again. End of story.

      • I see you cannot comprehend fully what I had posted. You are one sided, I on the other hand was not. I do not need you to point out anything to me ,I have a brain ,I can think and disseminate for myself. A legally armed Patriot for many years.

        • This is a quote from YOUR comment above: “The fact is an officer will always get off for something like this because of the unwritten law that : if an officer is afraid for his life
          he can fire his pistol and pretty much not worry about the outcome.”

          Those are YOUR words – NOT MINE. I am SO sorry that YOU DID NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR OWN COMMENT.

          You made it seem as if Officer Yanez, being the police officer he was, would not have to face a court trial by jury and possible prison for the shooting just because he was a police officer and, therefore, would NOT be held to the same standard as everyone else.

          Here is a FACT: Officer Yanez did face a court trial by jury just like anyone else would have and he was found NOT GUILTY. Therefore it does NOT matter how many shots he fired UNDER SUCH A STRESSFUL SITUATION.

          • The words that I say hold true. I am not here to educate you. Sit your ass down and do some research on the facts. One cannot always rely on a jury. Fact is, fast talking lawyers subliminally put thoughts in people’s head … and juries and trial judges rarely convict cops because it was in execution of their duties and once they day they feared for their life it is case closed ,ober and done I three cops favor. There was no reason to shoot the man 5 ,5 ,5 times.The Chinese cop from New York City that shot the kid in the stairwell of a project houses, He was let off by a jury again because of what I said before, what you so kindly pointed out to me which I do not need you point that out to me ,I know what I write, I know what I say. Then you have the cop in South Carolina who shot the black guy that was running away at least that cop gave himself up. He knew he did wrong not many cops like that ,that’s for damn sure. He went to jail. Since 2002 cops have shot many many people that should not have been shot and only 14 were convicted .

  49. Wow, author of this ” Hit Piece ” … you sure did leave * OUT * a lot of FACTS to give this a ” spin “.

    Seriously, if you call this ” journalism “, … WOW … I would be ashamed to post this, leaving out so many very very IMPORTANT DETAILS.

  50. As other folks do, I disagree with your statement. Castile COULD have DONE more than he did. Had Castile stopped and dropped the weapon, then complied with the officer’s instructions, he’d be alive today.

    In fact, his action is typical of people who tend to get shot. The cop told him to stand still. He didn’t. I’m sure, as in other cases, the cop tells the person to just stand or sit still, and they don’t. What should have been a simple situation explodes into a deadly one. People, when a policeman tells you to do something, shut up and do it. It’s just that simple.

    • One thing all police shootings have in common is that the shooting “victim” refused to comply with the police officer’s orders.

  51. I believe that both shooter and victim had “buck fever”.
    The US Army used to emphasize DRILL: “Train as you will fight (or carry concealed when challenged) and fight as you were trained. Very sad.

  52. James Higginbotham

    i think the Cop OVER REACTED from what i saw of the video.

  53. Absolutely the NRA should speak out! They should protest the payment of $3 million when no criminal charges were levied against the police officer. As a hot-head, Castile wouldn’t have earned $3 million in a hundred years! Overcompensating families of shooting victims is financially disastrous to cities, reducing police coverage even further! The courts are far too generous with public funds, continuing to carry out Obama’s transference of wealth schemes even though he’s (thankfully) no longer in office! If that $3 million was to hopefully prevent rioting, we’ll see if that works! In my opinion, it won’t, which means the cost of lots of damage will be added to that settlement!

  54. I don’t think it would serve any meaningful purpose. The castille guy was a punk and high on drugs. The family wrongfully got rich with the outcome so they are satisfied. Let it go! The cop should sue the town that fired him for wrongful termination.

  55. Said this before.
    Hands on steering wheel.
    Tell Officer that you have a legal firearm and exactly where it is.
    Hands on steering wheel. DON’T take hands of wheel.
    Police are shot by felons every day that reach for their guns.
    By the way, the rumors are he might have been stoned. That makes you do stupid things.
    Keith Clark, R.C.S.D. NH, Retired

  56. what, dig him up and shot him again?

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