Shocking News: Bikers For Trump Have Politically Incorrect Tattoos

Sometimes the mainstream media, in their zeal to bring down Donald Trump, really embarrasses themselves. There’s just no other way to put it. Most of the time, the crap they throw at Trump is disturbing, biased, and cloaked in so much anonymity that you can only conclude that it is fake news. But even still, the stories are professionally written and at least hint at kernels of truth. You can, in other words, at least understand how SOME people would read these stories and come away thinking, “Yeah, we gotta get this dude out of office!”

Then there are times like this, where a reporter aims for the fences and winds up striking out with such stunning gracelessness that you have to wonder if Trump hasn’t caused these people to go literally insane.

We refer to the Washington Post, which published a straight “news” story on Monday about the Bikers for Trump who gathered outside the president’s Bedminster golf club on Saturday for a meet-and-greet with the man himself. The Post’s Anne Gearan was shocked – SHOCKED! – to report that some of the bikers had less-than-politically-correct tattoos on their arms and – GASP! – offensive patches on their leather vests.

From the story:

The dress code for President Trump’s by-invitation meet-and-greet with motorcycle enthusiasts here on Saturday was biker chic — leather, bandannas and for at least one of the supporters who posed with Trump at the raucous event, sexist and other offensive patches.

A bearded man who is part of a New Jersey “Bikers for Trump” group stood with the president as he shook hands inside his posh golf club near here, and again when the group posed for photos outside, engines revving.

“I (heart) Guns & Titties,” reads one patch on the unidentified man’s vest. The patch features a drawing of a woman’s naked torso and breasts and a pair of handguns atop her nipples.

Other patches visible in blown-up versions of images from the rain-drenched event include one that reads “This is America. We eat meat, we drink beer and we speak [expletive] English.”

Another says, “Terrorist Hunting Permit.”

Reporters were positioned too far away from the president at both events to read the patches, but they are visible in images taken from a distance and enlarged. It is not clear whether the president saw any of the patches.

OMG, what if he did? What if he DID see those offensive patches and tattoos and he…he…he just didn’t say anything about them?? Will he issue a public statement disavowing a love for guns and titties? Will he assure reporters that we don’t have to eat meat or speak [expletive] English to be considered Americans? What is our nation coming to?!

This story shows more than most that the mainstream media simply doesn’t GET IT. They still don’t understand that on November 8, 2016, America stood up and said: ENOUGH with the PC nonsense. And if they try to play that card again over the next two years – if they try to make us believe that there is something irredeemably evil about wearing a patch that says “Terrorist Hunting Permit,” for instance – then they are going to have to re-learn the same lesson one more time.

Oh well, it’s a fun one to teach.

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