She Was Speeding in School Zones; Running Red Lights

Multiple police-driven vehicles used to transport Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot have reportedly racked up multiple traffic tickets that have gone unpaid despite the mayor’s advocacy for stricter speed cameras in the city.

Two of the SUVs used to shuttle Lightfoot throughout Chicago have accumulated three speed camera tickets and two warnings in the past month. The tickets have so far gone unpaid, CWB Chicago reported on Monday.

Additionally, CWB Chicago reported that one of the SUVs in the mayor’s fleet has a red light ticket that has not been paid and two SUVs that were previously assigned to Lightfoot’s security detail have outstanding speed and red light tickets.

One of those SUVs is eligible to be booted and impounded over the lack of payment.

Two of the speed violations committed by Lightfoot’s SUVs reportedly occurred in school zones and the citations stated that school children were present. 

Since taking office, Lightfoot supported a push to lower the “buffer zone” threshold that speed cameras allow before issuing a citation from 10 mph to 6 mph, arguing that it will make roads safer.

“No one likes speed cameras. I get it,” Lightfoot was quoted last month. “But this is life or death that we’re talking about here, and we’ve got to step up as a city and address this.”

Lightfoot also pointed out the potential dangers to kids despite being ticketed for speeding through a school zone with her own security detail.

“It is unconscionable that any City Council member would consider voting to allow for increased speeds near spaces utilized by our children,” Lightfoot said.

Lightfoot’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

In 2020, Chicago Tribune reported that the city of Chicago dismissed the majority of tickets that were issued to Lightfoot’s security team, which included tickets given at times the mayor was attending non-city related events.

The Illinois Policy Institute, a libertarian think tank, found that Chicago has issued 3.8 million speeding tickets, generating almost $80 million in revenue to the city since Lightfoot lowered the threshold last year. 

The Chicago City Council struck down a measure to repeal the lowered speed camera threshold last week in a vote that Lightfoot supported.

WLS-TV reported that 84% of all speed camera tickets issued were given to drivers driving between 6 and 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Original Article: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot refusing to pay speeding, red light tickets as they pile up: Report | Fox News

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  1. This says a lot for Mayor Lightfoot and for the DA who is not willing to take someone to court. I guess it would have to be shown Lightfoot was the driver. But whoever was on her detail at the time of violations, needs to be prosecuted. And the Mayor needs to be held responsible for thr behavior of those who drive her.

  2. Thats one UGLY M,fer

    • How can you give a speeding ticket to Lori Lightfoot? After all, she’s one of the living dead (zombies), and they only exist at election time.

  3. You must understand, Lightbrain is a black female(?), politician, and as such, is exempt from the laws she enforces on everyone else. Of course, black gang bangers, shooters, looters, and drug dealers are also exempted, all in the name of inclusivity and social reparations.

    • Perfectly said! Just a double quota , gay black zombie given a seat in office. A prime example of color over qualification and entitlement! I’m sure she’s a greedy BLM member.
      She’s such a racist and is not intelligent enough to admit right and wrong… she was probably speeding thru a Caucasian neighborhood and hoping to kill caisson children!

    • You’re absolutely right! Blacks
      think they are above the law.
      Especially when they are in high positions

  4. Mayor Lightweight strikes again, boot her out Chicago.

  5. Rules for thee and not for me
    Pure arrogance and entitlement

  6. NOOOOO, she might end up somewhere near me. Chicago needs to keep her ! Maybe under lock and key, but please keep her !

  7. If this is Lori’s leadership example it’s no wonder Chicago is a criminal enterprise zone.

  8. Of course she has to speed with security in the violent crime city she has created! She’s too Stupid and racist to put two brain cells together that whatever race criminals happen to be…. they need to be prosecuted and inprisoned.
    Why isn’t she escorted by SUVs filled with Social workers!
    Isn’t that her answer for crime.

  9. Who can blame the mayor for being a speed demon in light of the ever-present danger of being apprehended by characters wearing MAGA caps and having them hang a noose around you, if not a moose or a goose.

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