She Shot Her Husband for Molesting Children

A daycare owner from Baltimore is facing charges after she shot her husband in a D.C. hotel room on Thursday evening, alleging he molested several children at her business.  

According to DC Superior Court documents, Shanteari Weems, 50, reportedly shot her husband and then barricaded herself in a room at the Mandarin Oriental, igniting a police standoff that started around 7:40 p.m. and ended just after 8:30 p.m.

While Baltimore County police are currently investigating Weems’ claims, Twitter users are asking for Weems to be released from custody. Since the arrest of the daycare owner, ‘FREE HER’ immediately trended on Twitter. The ‘FREE HER’ movement currently has over 22,000 tweets, with users praising Weems as a vigilante.

DC Police officers responded to the incident at the luxury hotel after reports of a man being shot on the 8th floor. The hotel informed officers that they had responded to a fire alarm going off in the room and when they went to check, found blood on the wall.

When the officers arrived at the hotel room, they communicated to Weems through the door, who threatened to shoot herself if they entered. “He’s a child molester,” Weems yelled through the door. The man, whose identity is still not known, was able to inform officers through the door that he had been shot in the leg. Officers were able to enter the room at 8:11 p.m. to treat the wounded man and detain Weems. D.C. Police said that they confiscated two guns from the woman.

While she was detained, Weems told police the man she shot was her husband of five years, whom she shared a residence with in Baltimore. She alleged that numerous children at her daycare business, Lil Kidz Kastle, recently said her husband had been molesting them. Weems also alleges she had reported her husband to Baltimore police. She says after confronting him, an argument ensued and she drew the gun when he walked towards her. Police also found a letter in the room where she had written that she hoped to bring justice to the children by paralyzing her husband.

Baltimore County police released a statement, “Due to the sensitive circumstances leading up to this incident, the Baltimore County Police Department continues to support the families impacted. As this investigation moves forward, the daycare facility remains closed.”

Weems’ husband was staying at the luxury hotel for an event. He has been identified as a former Baltimore City Police officer who retired in 2005 and worked as a contract specialist until 2008.

Weems is being held without bond and is due in court on Monday.

Original Article: Daycare owner says she shot husband for molesting children at the center | The Post Millennial

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  1. “ALLEDGING”. I despise child molesters more than I can describe but this is the U.S.A. He had not received a trial made up of a jury of his peers. Ergo, she murdered him by taking the law into her own hands. This criminal action could be repeated thousands of times in this country if accusations were sufficient to kill a person based on allegatoins.

    • William, the asshole is still alive! If you read the article she said she wanted to paralyze him to bring justice to the children…

  2. William, read the dam article. She shot him in the leg, which was treated when they arrested her.
    Innocent until proven guilty was thrown out by the Liberal Progressive Dumocrats, unless it’s a Dumocrat.
    Since he’s a retired Baltimore police officer and back, nothing will happen to him. As for her, she should be out of jail in hours: no cash bail, remember.

    • This in my eye’s has nothing to do with being Black. I would have the same thought and the same feeling’s if he was green or yellow. I don’t think something is right here. She has a Damn smerck on her face as though she said I did it. We see nothing is being down to her. I say to investegate this whole thing. The Parent’s should be the one’s to put him away if that be the case not this thing with two gun’s and the half-ass smile.

      • You don’t know when the picture was taken. So, let’s condemn her based on what we believe. That’s always fair.

  3. For the sake of argument, let’s assume Ms. Weems is on the level.

    Why did she shoot (again, assuming the story here checks out) the malicious molester in the leg? Shouldn’t she have aimed a little higher?

    • Doug, my thoughts exactly!

    • Yes, I agree. Well in fact blow all three off. We are actually taking her word for all of this when in fact in the three story’s I have read about this all three was a little different. This needs to be checked into quite close.

  4. Oh, he’s a man, so therefore he is guilty.

  5. Too many times are Children are lifted unprotected with these Child Molesters.

  6. I am by no mean’s taking up for the Officer but there are thing’s that just are not adding up. Yes, I hate a Damn Child Molester. I am a Victim so I know all too well how that goes. Mine was faimly member’s, 4 to be exact. Back then a Kid was always in the wrong. I am so glad the 4 are Dead one being my Dad, I can’t remember how old I was close to 8 as I can remember. There is no proof that this Lady contacted the Police of this alleged molesting. THe Parent’s should be the ones to put his rear where it belong’s. She to me is just another Leftist that thinks she can do as she wants and get away with it and she probably will. Looks like she is the Judge Jury and all.. All of this needs to be looked into more close. I have read three article’s on this same one and there have been a few different story’s. it is a she said thing. I think a lot more need to be looked into.

  7. Then I say she should have never let her picture be posted. I have an Opinion just like you do.

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