Shameful Guardian Writer Says Republican Men are “Controlling” their Wives’ Vote

In one of the most classless, disgusting essays we’ve ever seen in a mainstream newspaper, UK Guardian writer Rebecca Solnit used anecdotal evidence (and probably no small amount of outright fiction) to weave together a theory about why American women continue to vote for the Republican Party. Put simply: They’re doing it because their evil Republican husbands are forcing them to.

From the Guardian:

There’s a form of voter intimidation that’s widespread and unacknowledged. It’s the husbands who bully and silence and control their wives, as witnessed by dozens of door-to-door canvassers across the country I heard from.

I started asking around and found that a lot of get-out-the-vote ground troops had witnessed various forms of such bullying, intimidation and silencing in relation to this election and in earlier elections, too.

Wives asked their husbands directly who the two were going to vote for. Many seemed cowed. Husbands answered the door and refused to let the wife speak to canvassers, or talked or shouted over her, or insisted that she was going to vote Republican even though she was a registered Democrat, or insisted there were no Democrats in the house because she had never told him she was one. A friend in Iowa told me, “I asked the woman who answered the door if she had a plan for voting, and a man appeared, behind her, and said, quite brusquely, ‘I’m a Republican’. Before I could reply, he shut the door in my face.”

Solnit provides a great many anonymous anecdotes to “prove” her theory, but none of it rises to the level of even the least convincing evidence. This is a smear job, plain and simple, and the Guardian should have thought twice about publishing it. We might expect to see something like this in the digital pages of or even The New York Daily News. We had higher hopes from a paper as established as the Guardian, but apparently journalistic standards go out the window when the Evil Republican Party is the topic.

Here’s Solnit’s unhinged conclusion:

“The right to vote according to your own conscience and agenda is not really so different than the right to control your own body or have equal access and rights in the workplace. It’s a right that we’re meant to have because the laws say we’re all equal. But we’re not. As with the myriad Republican measures to prevent citizens from voting on the large scale – Crosscheck, voter ID laws, limits on polling places and voting hours – this domestic tyranny is an attempt to limit who decides what this country should be.”

Say, is there anything preventing these women from simply voting for whomever they like in the secret comfort of the polling booth?

Well, we wouldn’t want to talk about that, would we? No, just like we wouldn’t want to talk about how all these forms of supposed “voter suppression” are, in fact, merely efforts to enforce the law and prevent fraud.

You know, how come we never see any mainstream think pieces wondering why the hell any white man in America would vote for the Democrats?


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