Sexism Now Defined as Being Nice to Women

The 3rd-wave feminism train is going to keep right on rolling until it heads careening off the nearest cliff. This is a disturbing ideology that dies if it doesn’t make daily progress, and its adherents have long passed the point of making any useful changes to American life. Because they don’t want to stop raging against the patriarchy, though, they have to find excuses to keep fighting.

The Horror of Benevolent Sexism

Thus, we get something like this. According to researchers at Northeastern University in Boston, sexism isn’t always as obvious as it may seem. In fact, they say, the philosophy once known as chivalry should be reclassified as “benevolent sexism.” They argue that now that we’re well aware of the “hostile” version of sexism, it’s now time to become aware of its benevolent counterpart which is just as harmful.

Included in this version of sexism is holding doors for women, offering them jackets when cold, using terms of endearment like “dear,” or anyone who believes in notions of “women first.” Professor Judith Hall of Northeastern says that this version of sexism “is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing that perpetuates support for gender inequality among women.”

Who Wants to Get Off the Train?

What never seems to occur to these feminists is that a vast number of women have no interest in giving up their femininity in exchange for their version of equality. Are women only equal in our society when we have eliminated every single difference between the genders? Is it not until every dress, makeup kit, and gendered beauty product is off the market that we have achieved equilibrium? Is it not until we have as many women on the front lines as men? What is the end point?

For these kinds of feminists, of course, there is no end point. There is no goal. The goal is to keep squawking, keep fighting the status quo, and keep looking for problems. It is a neverending search for new and exciting ways to prove that women are subservient to men in the United States of Oppression. In that way, it is exactly the same as the racial justice movement. For every legitimate complaint, there are fifteen ridiculous accusations.

And they fail to understand why the majority of Americans don’t want to identify as feminists.

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  1. Calling being polite and/or showing consideration benevolent sexism” is ignorant at best; the world could use more gestures of goodwill, NOT less….

  2. anything to divide the nation. just plain ridiculous

  3. Would a woman opening and holding the door open for a man, be “reverse benevolent sexism”?
    Would women be happier if we barged our way into a room first, pushing them out of the way?
    Maybe they could pay for the date.
    How does someone manage to make courtesy and manners a negative thing? Plus give it a stupid name?

    • Before asking any woman or young lady for a date the male should establish what she defines as acceptable manners. #2 question: will I pay or will you pay or should we just split expenses down the middle? That out of the way we can each go our own way or abide by the rules that liberated woman has set? Oh yes, if a pregnancy results from that date a notarized statement regarding DNA testing, choices made regarding abortion, equal division of maternity care, child support and visitation.

      Not done: Date cancelled and let’s move on!

      • What about a non-dating situation?
        Say a woman and I arrive at a doorway at the same time?
        Do I barge through the door first, bumping her out of my way, then shut the door in her face? Or do I use manners and hold the door? Like I do for anybody, regardless of gender, in a polite society.
        What if she trips and falls? Do I ask if she is OK, then help her up or step over her and snarl, “get out of the way”?
        Once manners and courtesy were learned it was so easy. Now you have to worry about kindness being condescending.
        What a world.

        • Well, you could go by age. If the man thinks she is older, he could take his life into his hands and insist “age first,” but I prefer to be courteous (even to other men) and if it offends, then feel free to allow the door to close in their face, but NOT barge through or bump out of the way (or you will be accused of misogyny). But that is far from DNA tests and dating protocols, I’m talking about courtesy, not coupling.

        • Just keep being kind and thoughtful, and thanks for helping her up.

      • Less hassle. If a woman reveals herself in conversation to be a feminist, ignore her as you would any lesbian and boycott them all.

      • I am old fashioned, if a man asked me out and asked who should pay for dinner, well if he had to ask, by by birdy. I had an extremely selfish,husband. Needless to say I live very happily with my English Labs. They return to me more than I give them.

    • I cannot escape the intrusive idea that there should be a clinical diagnosis of such a mental disorder (saying good manners are bad). But, there once was a clinical diagnosis of homosexuality being bad, not they say that is also good. Does it remind anyone of the Bible Verse which says that in the lass days, they will call “good” evil, and “evil” good. Plainly, this is happening for all to see.

      • Yes. I see many things that were(are) considered a virtue, under attack, or a least ridiculed.
        Crazy times.

      • The diagnosis is Paranoia. This mental disorder is assuming that normal or benevolent behavior always hides a evil agenda, and the masses are plotting to do you harm. fanatic third wave feminists project their hate into others, and assume they can read others behavios as having malevolent intent. Paranoids can be harmless, or turn violent and deadly without notice.

        • True. But this is exactly why everyone should be held accountable for their actions against others. One persons perceptions should not be grounds to prosecute another person. This however seems to be quite common now days, and those who create this sort of culture may very likely find it bites them to. Otherwise, we had it right in the Old Republic, under it’s Constitution. Now that these freakish paranoids have butchered the Constitutional Republic, I seriously hope they in particular, will never see such Freedom as it provided, ever again.

          The one weakness of the Old Republic was its actual strength. It was good for only an Honorable Society of those content to live and let live. It was not suited to a population of parasites trying to feed off of the productive members of the society. So, like a cancer that finds a vibrant and strong host, they kill it in the end despite the fact they die with it.

    • That’s right Jim ~ I LOVE A MAN’S demonstration of RESPECT toward me in the very actions YOU describe!! And I THANK each man who shows me that very RESPECT!!!

    • These “women” must really hate, period. To find something to bltch about one person being respectful of another is ridiculous. In my office women open and hold doors for men as often as the reverse, whom ever gets there first opens and holds the door for the other, no sexist or degrading offense has been committed. As the article pointed to the parallel with the racial “justice” movement, they can find victimhood in anything.

    • They do want to stand chest to chest (in a manner of speaking) with men, to prove that they’re equal in every way, but if you push them out of the way they will switch to being victims .. and you will lose, the only way for men to “win” is to subject themselves to whatever these women say, give them the reins and the last word, hang your head and be triumphed over .. of course this was what was spoken in Eden when the Lord banished them .. i.e., “your desire shall be to your husband” .. (you will want to take his place) .. but in a deeper way, Satan took over that day, he wormed his way into the soul of man (and woman), and every following generation has been subjected to the same lies, half truths, innuendos, doubt, unbelief etc., and finally Satan has taken over the courts, and is imposing his will upon man through man’s own courts, and through man (and woman) himself. Humanity is truly lost, and the signs of the times suggest we are in for a horrible conflagration in the not so distant future. Look at the deceiver in the White House.

      • Jim please just don’t you forget who wears the pants in this White House as it sure isn’t Barack Hussein Obama okay?

  4. All I can say is call me a sexist, because I will always be nice to females. I will continue to treat women as something special as long as I live. I am politically incorrect (PI) and proud of it!

    • Oh WVF, please be very careful! Some feminist will get around to putting the screws to you and our liberal laws will give everything you own to that militant slut!

      Observe Pelosi and Shillary: They will chew you up and spit you out. They detest men who treat women as something special. The only thing special about them is that they are more powerful than you.

      • SCREW THEM!!! It is time to TAKE BACK “why” God created a woman!!

        • The “feminist movement” MURDERED women’s rights and DIGNITY!!!

          • Perhaps it is past time for them to take on the stone age Muhammadans, if they want to put their energy to some good purpose. If they only intend to destroy (as you have so clearly pointed out) then they will not engage these moslems in such a way.

            You must be right. The feminist movement is a collection of mentally sick people.

          • WOMAN was created as you said as a “partner” to complete MAN: A nurturer; a nester ~ In today’s world women MURDER their babies and try to COMPETE with men. INSANITY!! I Embrace my womanhood and what GOD has asked of me……….. I do not recognize this “world” we live in today! It is upside/down to me…… GOD Help Us PLEASE!!

          • And HE will!!

          • So, then may I dare ask you another question?…Do you have a “partner” or are you still looking for one?…If so can I please you my own personal resume and list of qualifications?

          • Damn Straight!!!

          • Amen and fully agree with you here as well Lynda Mortensen!

        • Yes, as a helpmate for man. In other words, an equal partner in the Sacrament of Marriage Ordained by God (“What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder”: The Holy Bible).

          • AMEN Ben!!!!

          • To your concern about an upside down world, and the appeal “God Help Us”, I would like to point out some things you may already know (But, just for the record). I’ll be as brief as possible by glossing over most things you are likely familiar with anyhow.

            Satan rebelled in Heaven, and was cast out with 1/3 of the angels who rebelled with him. God created Man and Woman, who also rebelled (falling for Satan’s lie). God alone is competent to be the final authority in his creation, and to prove it, he has let the human race attempt every conceivable way in which to govern themselves, apart from Him. Thus far, human government is a record of failure (due to mans wickedness). Consider the Idol in the Book of Daniel (Holy Bible), and the empires of the past. Today it seems we are in the mixed clay/Iron period. Still, every human effort to govern apart from God meets with total and abysmal failure. We have not long to go before this “Test” of human separation from God will be finished (personal opinion of course).

            Did not Jesus say our redemption would draw neigh when we see these things happening in the world? If you are ready, be of good cheer. Remember it has always been about “Faith”. Adam and Eve were to show faith in what God had said. They failed the Faith test, and found themselves outside the Garden of Eden, doing it “their way”. In our own lives, we have at some time or another failed the “Faith” test also, but because of Jesus Christ, we need not live in that failure. The way out, through Jesus, is still pure unadulterated Faith in God’s Word.

          • Not a joke: I’m not sure if you mean ‘Thus far, human government is a record of failure (due to (hu)mans wickedness), my assumption is (human’s) wickedness, but I believe Political Correctness is a disease of the soul, and those who pride themselves on not believing in their soul, believe they cannot have that disease.

          • Thanks for responding. I used the word “Man” as representative of Mankind, Humanity, or “human’s” wickedness. Man’s failure in this case was corporate in nature.

          • In other words, the liberTARDs are too stupid to realize they are stupid!!!

          • AMEN Brother and I as a “Patriot” am locked & loaded for fight…………..

          • I would like to suggest a book which I have found to be widely available at this time, on the internet. I cannot explain why it’s apparently unchallenged at present, but I do think people should take the opportunity to get a copy (one or more). It’s titled “Special Ops 1939-1945; a manual of covert warfare and training” published by Zenith Press. It is a compilation of six training manual used by the OSS and SOE, in Occupied Europe during WWII (of course). You may find some information outdated by modern technology, but most of it is very practical, and just as applicable today as in the past.

            It will stimulate your thinking to develop practical solutions to problems such as were presented by the Fascist Regime of the NAZI Party. Regardless of the degree to which anyone is concerned about their situation these days, the book has much to offer.

          • And I would suggest you all obtain your own personal copies of all the WW2 British Commando Training Manuals and the great works of the famed British Commando Leader Fairbanks and his manual for proper use of the famed Britsh Commando Knife and that you buy one of them yourself!

          • So, Lynda Mortensen do you need anymore ammo and if so what type and caliber?……As
            I would consider it a rare honor to go by you a few hundred rounds of it……That is provide
            Obama and Holder and their BATFags Haven’t seized it all by now ok?…..

          • Thank you!

          • Second the Amen here as well!…..

          • The liber-TARDs have completely redefined marriage.
            Wait until the first really rich man marries his daughter (or woman marries her son) just to avoid inheritance taxes. The liberTARDs will be beside themselves with vicious attacks on the results that they themselves enabled !!

          • Roger_T73, your optimism is good to see. I am deeply saddened here and now to have to suggest to you that we cannot be sure this is not exactly where they intend to take the country. I had to think about it before I wrote this response to you.

            I am glad you find it plausible the “liber-TARDs will one day rue what they have foolishly seeded with this. I look forward into a time when what you have predicted comes true, but rather than remorse, they are lifting containers of their drugs of choice self medicating into some incoherent stupor (still not understanding what they have done to civilization).

          • God’s purpose in giving “a helpmate” for man is to further His glory. To help man glorify God, and the woman glorifies God right along with her man.


        • Hopefully, without sounding crass, what you suggest “SCREW THEM” is not going to happen.

        • Amen! So please tell us, does this bunch of Rush Limbaugh “FemiNazi/Talibans” like the Mad Madame Nutty Nancy Pelosi, Silly Hilly Clinton, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Maxine Watters, and their leader Micheal/Michelle Obama represent the 21st Century Role Models for American Young Women or What?…Please share your thinking on this okay

      • All I have to say about Nasty Piglosi and Hitlery Rotten Benghazi Clinton is bring it on! I believe I was talking about the treatment of women.

      • But what do Hillary and most feminists do when confronted with a tough situation? They go into their “poor, helpless woman” mode (remember Hillary when Rick Lazio marched over to her podium during their debate). And they call her a strong woman? Eleanor Roosevelt was a strong woman who never backed down and never played the victim. Women today should learn from her.

    • AMEN WVF!!! I appreciate YOU!!!

    • And I am proud of you. I am not willing to be treated like one of the guys. I am a woman and proud of it.

      Men if you are treated rudely by some masculine woman, let it go we are not all like that. I always get a warm feeling when I see an old man opening his wife’s door, or offering her his jacket. Stupid, stupid, women and I use that term lightly, you are the minority with big mouths…………..

      • Thank you, IKCIV, I’m an old southern boy and we were taught that women were special, and I have never departed from my upbringing.

        • We are special, but so are men that had a mother smart enough to teach them how to treat another human being, God did make us compatible.

  5. Feminism as it has evolved, is now na ideology of insane minds. Being nice to women is sexism? YET, YET, if you are not nice to them, they get in a huge uproar and say it is sexism . See what I mean by insanity?

    • If they pull all female Driver’s License’s, Voter Registration, & force them to wear that ridiculous Islam garb……would that make the useful-idiots, PC Lib-TARDS happy? Very, VERY doubtful, but they will still have their goats!

      • uum? maybe those Muslims figured out centuries ago what militant feminists would lead to.

      • MY sentiments EXACTLY!!! Where is the feminists OUTRAGE with women’s rights in the middle east???????????? Yeah exactly we hear NOTHING!!!

        • The lack of Female outrage over the explosion of I-slam is in the same vein as having a bLACK pRESIDENT WHO SUPPORTS SLAVERY!!!
          The facy that oblamo protects isis so they can sell children into slavery, must mean he supports slavery!!!

      • Hey Jarhead can you imagine what SF Mad Madame Nutty Nancy Pelosi, Silly Hilly Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz plus Micheal/Michelle Obama would look like wearing Burkas and riding on a donkey???…………………………….

  6. Okay, I would like to know what this author is referencing, as it seems that he is making fun of the street harassment some women face everyday. Now street harassment is both cultural and geographical specific. Someone from the South that exhibits true and honest chivalry might not be able to understand what women in the North are referring to as sexism, because a lot of the times, the words alone may appear to be identical. The attitude and intent is what is different. As a very conservative republican that spent the beginning of adulthood in major cities, I understand stand both cultures. My husband is very chivalrous and from the country. His chivalry is welcomed and appreciated. But when I go to the city, alone, and very young guys are following me for blocks saying, “hey beautiful, you’re so pretty, you should smile more.” and I reply, thank you, my husband makes me smile,” and they respond with, “Oh, you’re married, how serious is it? C’mon, ma, I just want to holler at ya!” Yes, in text it appears they are using flattery, but when you say no thank you, they either ignore you, or accost you and cuss at you, calling you slanderous names. I thought Republicans traditionally protected women. How would you feel if your daughter, wife, sister, or mother was in a situation like that? What’s worse is, it happens ALL DAY LONG! I prefer the South and Midwest, because men there know how to be polite and chivalrous with out harassing anyone. Please realize there is a difference!!

    • where did it say they were Republicans? Just curious.

      • This article was sent to my email from a politically conservative group.

      • I’m pretty sure I made it very clear that I was a very conservative republican as well.

        • I wasn’t making any accusations, just wasn’t sure where you got that it was Republicans that’s all. Peace sister!!

          • Yeah, I’m not a hippie and I’m not your sister, nor am I a “sista”, so you can take your peace loving ass somewhere else.

            I was just wondering where the author is getting this information from, as this sounds too ridiculous to be anything else. You obviously came here to troll on little girls.

          • well miss wise ass. I was trying to be nice. You are right, you’re not my sister bitch!! and please don’t try and tell me you’re a Conservative. You just proved to me you’re nothing but just another libtard in conservative clothes. There happy dumb ass???

          • You weren’t being nice in the least. But I honestly don’t really care what you have to say at this point, as you haven’t even said anything at all of value. I’m guessing prior Army?.. No, you seem more like the, “Well I was going to join, but…(insert lame excuse here)” Even your insults are weak. If you’re going to try to be a “real republican” you need to grow a pair. If you want women to act like women, then how about acting like a real man!

          • actually Air Force, 6 years. How about you? one question, what is your problem?? My guess is you drove off the only guy you ever knew or you hate men or maybe you’re just on the rag? Anyway you should be a comedian.

        • Hey Kelly Richard just been noticing the star you use for an avatar so are you in some part of law enforcement perhaps?

    • I think you have grossly misunderstood this article, and it’s intent. I also received the article from a politically conservative group. This does not automatically determine whether they condone the behavior and attitudes they are writing about. That conclusion can only come from reading the article and understanding what the author is trying to communicate; regardless of whether you agree.

      Unless I have overlooked it, there does not seem to be anything in the article that supports the Northern cat-call behavior that you illustrated as qualifying as “benevolent sexism”. I understand the article as saying that respectable and honoring treatment of women by men is seen by today’s feminism as undermining their goal of equality, and how feminism will never be happy, even when they have removed every shred of that behavior. To be honest, I would surmise that your example of northern male behavior (which obviously objectifies women) is likely the result of the demands of feminism.

      To echo the words of Russ … peace sister!

      • Yes, I misunderstood, because I don’t believe it. The only way for me to wrap my mind around it, was to see it from the perspective that I presented the alternate side to, but I don’t think you understood anything I was trying to say. Sorry I made the comment so long you weren’t able to read it. But perhaps it’s really just assholes like you that fuel the femnazis that I’ve grown to hate. Thanks for that, brotha.

        • To begin with, I’m not a “brotha” and definitely not a supporter of “femnazis” (learn to spell, it’s actually feminazis).

          It’s your problem if you have to play devil’s advocate to understand what the writer was saying, not mine as I had no problem understanding the article whatsoever.

          If you want to call names, first look in the mirror while doing so, then please go back to Junior high school where that kind of behavior thrives, it doesn’t add credibility to your part of the discussion.

          • Yeah, but no… It’s femnazis. I hear the word plenty when discussing liberal politics at work… I work with all men. Real men, not little boys with a false sense of reality, like you. I understand the article just fine. I don’t believe it. That’s all. You want to question my credibility, but yet you tell me I’m wrong for doing the same of the author, I was questioning his sources. You just came here to troll on little girls. I hope that makes you feel more like a man. Apparently you’re not much of the chivalrous type, so I imagine you must have to make up for it in other way. I was not calling you names, but if you’re too PC to handle my words, perhaps you should reevaluate your opinions,

          • It would be interesting if I could “feel more like a man” for “trolling little girls” as you put it, but God didn’t create me male; and unless I underwent a sex change operation your assumption isn’t happening.

            If I’m wrong about the spelling of “femnazi” I stand corrected.

            Go back and read my initial post. I only suggested that you were mistaken about the point of the author. If I was wrong there, oh well–I’m entitled to my opinion as much as you are. You are the one who got their knickers in a bunch because someone (gasp) suggested that you were misunderstanding the author. The only credibility I questioned was your need to call me an a**h*** and remain relevant in the conversation.

            At this point I’m not sure who I feel more sorry for … you for your very “ladylike” and vindictive attitude or your husband for having to live with you. Hats off to him.

          • You want to call it femnazis, you have the right (though the urban dictionary and webster’s both disagree with you).

            I’m a woman, but if you want to continue assuming I’m a man, your issue. Did I question your overall credibility? No, just the credibility of your argument when you have to stoop to calling people a**ho**, and then go on to suggest I “troll for little girls” because “it makes me feel more like a man”.

            You got your knickers in a bunch, and chose to reply in such a vindictive manner when I had the audacity to (gasp) suggested that you misunderstood the article.

            I truly feel sorry for someone who has to respond in such a manner because there is no dialogue, only personal attacks.

    • The holla back guys are not benevolent, they are predators. A guy that calls you Sugar in a condescending way, is not being chivalrous or benevolent. The article is talking about feminists that classify all male politeness and civility as being sexist, because they impute motives. It takes little to no time to cull the predators from the polite, because predators all have an agenda to get close to youi. they are always on the make, but civil guys are just socialized.

  7. Great. Men are supposed to be boors instead? It’s best not to argue with liberal idiots, as they will only drag you down to their level and still win.

    • Just because you bring them to the truth, and they react by creating gridlock holding onto their error, does not equate to them winning in my book. They frequently do attempt to drag others “down” to their intellectual level, but it is not necessary to descend there to lead them to any understanding. Just show them the light, and if they turn their back on it, why go into their cave to try and pull them out? Even if you felt you were somewhat successful, they could always take the liberal “plunge” again.

      No external force can bring about any persons internal change. We change if we want to, and will often remain as we are until we decide to change due to additional information or developments.

      As you have said, it is best not to argue with them anyway, and I agree.

      I only say “not arguing with them” does not signify a surrender to them in any way at all.

    • Who are you calling a liberal? And I’m pretty sure that I made it clear that chivalry is appreciated.

  8. what a bunch of useless idiots!!

    • Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin would considered them quite useful πŸ˜‰

      • lol, well, you got there. You are absolutely right.

      • β€œThe education of all children, from the moment that they can get
        along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”
        Karl Marx

      • So does Barack Hussein Obama, our Muslim in Chief. You know, that one who is led around by the nose by Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama. He got it right: just obey them, go off somewhere campaigning or spend hours on the golf course.

  9. The PC Liberal-retards who represent the least Civility in the USA, now want even less……can there be any doubt that LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER?

  10. Not a fan of feminists and don’t think they really want equality, they are more interested in being treated better than what others expect. These women have seen what the civil rights movement brought and they want in on the scheme. They want the money without earning it, respect without earning it. Equality, they are more interested in superiority.

  11. The P.C. crowd is really starting to get to me! I will CONTINUE to open doors, carry heavy packages, be a gentleman. That’s what we called it before the P.C. thugs took over.

  12. Isn’t it amazing the feminist politicians can be as rude, crude and vulgar as they choose when confronted with anyone who counters their positions but they scream ‘feminism’ with any and everything that can use to their advantage. If males really treated females equally they would be screaming from the rooftops and the liberal media would confirming their hypocrisy. Feminists want to be treated equal as long as they can still claim an advantage of the ‘weaker sex that should be treated more gently’ when it comes to controversy.

    There is no equality in the U.S. today. If you oppose LGTB’s, abortion, infanticide, the American flag, patriotism, anti Islam or anything on religious grounds you are ordered to keep your mouth shout and be ostracized or sued. But if you promote such practices you are honored and given special considerations.

    This will end in tragedy and we will be commanded to submit to Sharia Law or suffer their consequences.

    • Obviously, you’re a misogynist racist homophobe islamophobe, (if logic can’t be used, time to pull out all the Politically-Correct-Cards to make right wrong and wrong right).

  13. I believe all this nonsense comes from the organization NOW who have pug ugly “Who Let The Dogs Out” woman who would never get a dog whistle or be paid a compliment on how attractive they are. You could include the pug ugly Democrap woman in office e.g., Nancy Piglosi, Babs Milkulski (MD), Maxine “kerosine” Waters, Michal Obama, etc. I am not or never will be PC as it is the ruin of the USA. When I quit looking at an attractive woman, or paying them a compliment you might as well throw dirt on me.

  14. I hold the door for others regardless of sex. Most of the time I get a thank you or a polite nod. On the very few occasions that I get called a sexist for holding a door for a woman. I reply that I would do it for an ugly man as well. Feminists will not cause me to be less polite. There are a lot of good people in the world. Don’t disparage them just so you can make a point.

  15. When will these Feminazis grow up. Men and women are different. Thank God. He made it like that!

  16. What kind of people actually have the time to come up with this junk? Good grief. Opening doors and such for women is simply showing consideration. Next, these same lug-heads will be complaining because men aren’t opening doors for them. I’m a woman, and if a man wants to open a door for me, then go for it! Don’t let these jerks keep men from being gentlemen.

    • Kay will be glad to open any door you need opened okay?

      • They like to say that they are independent of “need”, and that’s what makes them mad. Most of us ladies need it because we like it. Continue to open those doors for the ladies-even the fat ugly ones. It’s just being nice, and we need more nice in this world.

  17. Until the American feminists start to take on their true oppressors, the growing Muslim population and their creeping Sharia laws, these men who enslave, torture, and kill women for any perceived transgression against men, they remain nothing more than mentally deficient hypocrites. When our feminists start filing law suits, picketing & demonstrating, and holding news interviews taking the religion of peace and tolerance to task, they have no moral (or legitimate) voice in any social or legal debate.

  18. Nice comments from most men here πŸ™‚

  19. I wonder how many of these radical feminists are homosexual? University faculties, including Northeastern University, are filled with fatuitous left wing nincompoops. Their concept of social research does not go beyond writing essays to pseudo-validate their ideologies.

  20. My wife enjoys her feminum side, hmm, that seems to be all sides of her.

    I remember back in the seventies having had several women mad at me for opening the door for them, so this is nothing new just regurgitated.

  21. The difference in males and females was created in all species
    of the human and animal kingdoms. In most, the male was created larger and
    stronger to be the protector provider of the species. Over time, some would call it evolution, which
    is really physical adaptation, the human male began to invent tools to make
    their responsibilities easier to accomplish. Therefore size and strength became
    less of priority so their physical stature changed to meet living conditions.
    Fleetness of foot for hunting and safety became necessary. Throughout these adaptations the human female also changed physically to remain acceptable and chosen as a mate. Those that were
    not chosen remained childless an simply bread out of existence. Now jumping a
    few millenniums there appeared what is called modern man. The female became more
    dominant and the male more subservient in the home atmosphere. The female often
    became the bread winner and the whole human social system flipped. The male
    became weaker and more feminine and the female became more emasculate.
    Procreation become medical or sorted event and the modern civilizations ended
    up with fatherless children and more feminine educated and oriented children
    that lack male initiative and self reliance to be the provider protectors that human
    males were originally created to serve. Equality was never meant to be to maintain he
    stability and success of the human species. Like many animal species the human
    is destined for extinction for inability to fully adapt.

    • Roy,
      You hit a Home Run with that analysis.
      When the Second American Revolution occurs and the human race is thrown back to the Stone Age, the few remaining True Males will show our superiority whe hunting and physical survival become a day to day necessity!!

  22. I love when a man holds the door open for me and pulls out a chair for me to sit. Opens the car door, gives me his seat on the train or bus. the list can go on and on. it makes me feel SPECIAL! sometimes its nice to know you are noticed by someone. my husband and I taught our three sons to respect women and we have taught our nine year old grandson the same values. so yes I believe its wonderful when a man treats a woman special and it shows that they have been taught right. I believe in women rights but I think its gone a way too exteme in many ways.

  23. If I happen to be on a inking ship, I will be Politically Correct AND not let a woman in life boat ahead of me!!!

  24. Wow, libtards just keep getting sicker and sicker!

  25. This is so bass ackwards. I am 68 and would never think of turning away someone being nice to me. These folks need to get a life or a job or a hobby.

  26. WVF you couldn’t have said it better. It was the way we were raised that made us this way.

  27. Well, I guess I will have to stop being nice to the ladies and just when I thought I was old enough to get away with all the teasing. Forgive me girls if I seem a little nasty and grouchy all the time but I don’t want to be called a sexist. Or maybe I should do it because that may be the only thing I get talked about for sex at all at this age. hahaha! My doctor said I would have to give up half of my sex life and I asked, which half the talking about it or thinking about it?

  28. Feminist are bitter people that cant just stand that other women are happy, willing and able to be women. Like the author said, they have no end point in their agenda other than to have something to be bitter and whine for. Meanwhile, the rest of women who actually like being women will keep enjoying the benefits of a balanced and happy life. When you are trying to be something you are not (like men wanting to be woman and vice versa ), the only thing you get out of it is frustration and anger, and this they reflect very well.

  29. So now it’s official, I can just demand that any liberal female just give me a blow job without first being nice.

  30. I never thought I see the day, where having good manners was a bad thing

  31. I’ll be nice until the first one of them gives me a blast of crap, then I just say “Well good, now open your own Fu*king Door, Bitch” and walk away.

    • I have a volunteer job at my church, where I greet people and open the door, and the majority thank me, but I get old school feminists who lecture me about how they can open their own doors, and I just respond that I am bringing civility back. If they argue after that, I ignore them. Some people are just knobs.

  32. Sorry feminists… It’s called “being a gentleman”. In all my 82 years on this earth, I have never struck a woman, cussed one out or acted in any way towards them except as a “gentleman”. Daddy taught me well !!! Even working in a women’s prison, I treated the inmates as I was taught. It saved me hours and hours of headaches in the disciplinary areas and I believe I was respected for it.
    I still open doors for a woman, allow them to enter first through that door and insist on paying the bill at the restaurant. If that makes me sexist, so be it !!

  33. Sexism will soon be tied to being Conservative, that is if the Liberals have their way.

  34. Dear feminist thir wave beasts.

    I do not intend to end my life of being kind, civil, or civalrous to cater to your needs or desires.

    I have no interest in dating or knowing or being involved with female bears.

    Men bears are gays who hate women, femininity, and only want and desire the comforts of other men.

    Feminists wh follow this model of behavior of rejecting kind and chivalrous men, do so because they are men-phobic, and lesbian bears who want to only have the company and pleasures of women.

    Go for it. You will not be missed. If you have the misfortune to running into me, I will treat you kindly, and with respect, and if you flip out about it, and try to sue me, I will laugh at you, because you are a souless jerk.

    • I love that. I have been married for 27 years and I still like for my husband to open the car door for me like he did way back when we were dating. He was the first person I ever dated. And the only one. We got married at a very young age. He’s a wonderful dad a great provider and the man I want to spend my life growing old with. I was raised southern Baptist, so my dad was always the gentleman and my mom always excepting of kind behavior for what it truly was. We also live out in the country so we are true southern lady’s through and through. My mom and dad just celebrated there 44th wedding anniversary and he still opens the car door for her. H

      • Thanks Missy. I know I am a dying breed, but kindness and chivility are who I am, and I cannot be any other way. I open doors for everyone, let them go in first, and say yes sir and no sir, and yes miss and no muiss when I talk to the elderly. I get mocked about it at my Southern Baptist Church from time to time, when I have door duty, but I just laugh and say I am bringing civility back.

        • I hope your not a dying breed. I’m trying to teach my son as I always have how to treat lady’s and girls with respect. And my daughter has already found and married a good man who also knows how to treat women. So there is some hope left just not a whole lot of parents now a days teaching their kids the proper manners like we grew up with. Its to bad because there are still women out there who likes to be called sweetheart. Lol

  35. Yes the radical feminists are truly insane. What more can be said than that.



    The buzzword tonight is flippant.Flippant with extreme laughter. I watched O’Reilly tonight with Bernie Goldberg as they chuckled away a very dangerous situation. OUR BRIBE TAKING GOVERNMENT can’t keep their secret service sober. There are more classified American secrets in The Chinese and Russian archives than are left in Washed out, DC. Between Private Mr and Mrs Manning and KGB agent Snowjob little is left in the old file cabinet. I heard a military guy say that we have a jet fighter that will take 10 years to complete and the Chinese with our plans already have it. They finished it in a year and a half. I honestly believe the democrat party some knowingly and others unknowingly is the communist party. As it becomes more obvious to people who use words like left wing, liberal and progressive many will refuse to admit it. The only reason it is becoming obvious now is that they are stronger and therefore bolder. Now they are reaching for powers they would not dare try before. Just look at what and who they control.

    1-the unions

    2- the schools

    3-some churches

    4-all forms of corruption like porn, drugs, gambling and bribery. Their legislation proves my point. How is that glaucoma coming? We need to suck fumes to see again. We don’t need weed we have marinol in liquid and suppository form. You don’t have to pass the roach around.

    4a) PROSTITUTION but enough about the democratzis.

    5-the 45 goals of the communist party all have been reached since 1962. one of which was to gain control of one or both political parties. They already have the abortion party and the RINOS are in training.

    6- When you see a Mexican flag replacing an American flag that is the beginning. When you see a communist university subsidized by American Taxes refuse to fly the flag of the nation the revolution has already begun. There is no difference between a communist spitting on returning GI’s or a College refusing ROTC on communist campus because of make believe issues that sound good to soft soapers.

    7-Our Supreme court now has 4 communists on the bench.

    8-Our president is a communist and an Anti Semite/Christian put into power by communists.

    9-So is the Mayor of New York elected by communists.

    There is only one side fighting and it has full control over the communist media. So when so called fair and balanced fools joke about Hitlery and her Machiavellian tactics. Beware this cobra is deadly and the viper nest plays by no rules.

    Forty-seven Senators sent a letter to stop Obama’s alliance with another terrorist country and the communists called them un patriotic in violation of their law of their treason, From Cuba to China to Putin land this party de la muerte only gets people killed. Whether it is 30 Seals in a CH47 or 2,347 dead Americans in Afghanistan classified as NATO troops to be identified later. To all the Christians being slaughtered and sold into slavery this president is hell bent to destroy the USA. He can’t do it alone. He needs his communist party and the unaware until it is gone forever America, Never can happen happens all the time,

    Remember this on 911 three thousand American died along with 200 children of pro life mothers. But 100,000 were running through the streets in panic. We have not seen ISIS and associates in our malls yet. An easier target with more impact are school kids. Sandy hook had no armed guards. How many more Sandy hooks? NO one in this whole country knew about 911 until it was over. No one will see the next atrocity coming.

    Yet Hillary Clinton screamed what did Bush know and when did he know it. Her party let BIn Laden Live in 1993. The next speech she gives about women’s rights she should give it to her husband first. Her Computers are the property of the American people for she did government work on them. The FBI should have seized them right away. For sure our enemies knew her every move and that had to cost American lives. To quote Shakespeare her party doth protest too much.

    You are witnessing a communist takeover revolution.

    The only alternative is an American Resurrection.


    • And the Secret Service drunks may have contributed to Lee Harvey Oswald being able to kill President John F Kennedy shooting from the Texas School Book Depository Building in Dallas Texas too you know!

  37. The Feminist Women in this Country and around the World are all a bunch of “Ugly F**kers” anyway, period!!!!!

    I say, put all the Ugly POS on the front lines in harms way and then see what they squawk about then, LMFAO!!!!!
    Who needs the Mostly Ugly Fat C*unts anyway …. get the Message you POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A real woman is just that … and they know it and want it, period again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone can take their “Politically Correct” BS ad shove it where the Sun doesn’t shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Careful here Bill Senior as the Social Experimentialist Bunch in the US Army just opened up Army Ranger Training to Female Soldiers!

  38. MISANDRY – The separatist / neo-exterminationist Hatred of Men & Boys, Masculinity & Normal Heterosexuality has become The Tenure track in the pathetic farce of Academentia – and the Standard for Government & Media to judge all Herero-Patriarchal-Pigs…

    Except for those ‘male feminists’ (mostly homosexual) willing to roll on their backs in shame on behalf of the rest of Men – to satisfy the rabid frothing hatred of the Twysted Systerhood.

    Although now Heavily Censored, the following article used to be Front Page – In Yo Face ‘news’, until the Gaystapo Propaganda machine put a happy face on it:

    Men told not to rain on parade Unity key to Dyke March / 50,000 expected at S.F. Dyke March 50,000 expected — Men Not Advised.
    Women rule the world, if only for a little while – SFGate

    For a few hours Saturday night, Vicki Noblegot a fleeting glimpse of a World Devoid of Men –
    – and she came away excited and deeply moved.

    “This is what the world would look like if women ruled the world, which we intend to do,”

  39. Give the feminist what they want. If they want to be put on the front lines, put them there. Then the men should treat them equally. Do not treat them as women but as a man. If they cannot do the job , fire them. The same as a man. When they are captured in war by the enemy, see if they are treated as men. I assure you, they will be treated as women , and there will be no rights given by the enemy. They will be treated as tramps. To be used as sex objects, and treated as something less than human. Then will they say, where are the men that would rescue from this bondage. Be careful what you ask for. It may be given to you. What is sad, those who wish to stay within the natural state will be caught up in the feminist movement also. Men are not all chivalrous. Only in some nations. In this nation most men believe women are special , created by God to bring forth life. A women cannot change the fact she is female. She can try to force men in this nation to recognize them as equal. But if the women falls into the hands of men from most nations, she will not be treated with reverence. She will be treated as less than human. It will take men to free her from her new found freedom.

  40. Hello everyone who responded on this page! ! Praise the good Lord for you all!! My mom always insisted in proper respect to all women, this included hold the door, helping in anyway possible, and watching my mouth. I am not sexist in anyway. Sad that these professional folks need to create a problem. God help us! !

  41. I suppose being nice to people of some race other than one’s own is racism.

  42. I was raised (AND PROUD OF IT) to open doors for a lady, to tip a hat to a lady, to step aside for a lady. Well my
    time of spinning on a top is at hand. NOW I WILL WAIT
    for the lady to identify herself as a lady before I treat her
    like one.

  43. I LOVE it when my hubby opens doors for me, or calls me dear, honey, sweetheart, or whatever, and chivalry was a man’s way of showing respect towards a lady of mannerism and such. I DESERVE to be treated like a “goddess” or “queen”. My EX husband was a real JERK and abusive to boot! So, FORGIVE ME IF I LIKE CHIVALRY!!! Stupid feminists.

  44. Kimberly Chilstrom

    I dont consider my self feminist I’d it means abortion rights to kill a baby ….just because in your body…still think it’s seperate individual god created…I dont believe in that all women can do all men’s jobs equally ……but I don’t think all men are equipped to do some jobs women do either …if do exact job …..however I do believe to same wages and promotions and treatment ……I just think certain jobs maybe women can do …but men are stronger equipped do …..however ask me do I think most men abuse their positions in their authority ,especially when comes to lord ing over women arrogantly ,or twisting what’s in the bible that calls men to lead women ….and use for evil …..the answer is absolutely yes!!!this is why feminist movement was created to begin with ..!..because women at first ?were just fighting to keep our own human rights to same priveleges as men…..and many of men’s thinking through many centuries …has been seriously altered and sadly distorted into false teachings of what it means to be authentic man. This is fine to try to be strong…….courageous ,confidence,however I believe men still hold onto double standard stuff that they think they can do and is acceptable by societies views. But women can because that’s different !!!especially when comes to sex…like if man has many women he’s considered stud and very appealing. But if woman has sexual needs and desires and wants to be with many men …than she’s a whore …..this is what i mean by distorted thinking on men’s part ….because this is plain ridiculous either both are whores with too many partners ….or both are entitled to many people …!!myself …I believe both should only have one !!!In reality ……there is no such thing has double standard …..this just was created by lie …after fall of adam and eve ….and distortingly woven into fabric of a sinful soceity ….to brainwash them into accepting lie!! Never based on reality …however the lie continues…..this why ,,”domestic violence “”became about !!!based on these false ideologies of men’s somehow superiority over women ….which is moronic!!!neither sex is more superior to other …god just chose a certain order for to live by …and sinful men twisted to fit his own grandiose sinful ego!!!this started battle if the sexes!!!sin did!!!it was peaceful in garden between the sexes before the serpent came in to it to start power battles!!!

  45. Kimberly Chilstrom

    I believe sexism isn’t about how men treat women nicely ….that is called human respect ,love ,protection of relationship in authencity!!…..if a man embraces his authentic self. both genders have both feminine and masculine qualities ….men just embrace masculine a bit more and women feminine …. niceties can be displayed by both genders to each other … i ….not to be confused with sexism..sexism is meant in negative view as chauvinist double standards ..distorted views of somehow believing in entitlements over women or women over men ……it’s a power battle between sexes on one upmanship over other !!!which is really quite childish …and due to stubborn pride in either sex! !!both sexes can be abusive …but face it …..god dis normally make man to be a bit stronger by nature so he could lead women by design ……but only as he is first ……surrendered to gods authority in bible ……because of sin ….men won surrender to god first ..and therefore want to be prideful and fo his own way ……that’s when he messed up big time ..he distorted the culture after sin into one in which dominated woman in negative way ….

    Starting the battle of sexes …this why fight for equality was on from very beginning after this …god said he’d put enmity between his seed and her seed …meaning man and women sex ….because of their sin …..grace and good communication between them dissapeared…..and powers struggles started …this the push pull fight for intimacy …..and fears of it at same time as longing for !

  46. I guess that’s one good thing we can say about the radical Muslim jihadist, is their not sexist!

  47. I guess this settles it, radical Muslim extremist are not sexist!
    Chivalry is long pass dead, political correctness once again rules the day!

  48. This straw women feminist you have created to rail against is laughable . George Orwell would love this site

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