Sexism Now Defined as Being Nice to Women

The 3rd-wave feminism train is going to keep right on rolling until it heads careening off the nearest cliff. This is a disturbing ideology that dies if it doesn’t make daily progress, and its adherents have long passed the point of making any useful changes to American life. Because they don’t want to stop raging against the patriarchy, though, they have to find excuses to keep fighting.

The Horror of Benevolent Sexism

Thus, we get something like this. According to researchers at Northeastern University in Boston, sexism isn’t always as obvious as it may seem. In fact, they say, the philosophy once known as chivalry should be reclassified as “benevolent sexism.” They argue that now that we’re well aware of the “hostile” version of sexism, it’s now time to become aware of its benevolent counterpart which is just as harmful.

Included in this version of sexism is holding doors for women, offering them jackets when cold, using terms of endearment like “dear,” or anyone who believes in notions of “women first.” Professor Judith Hall of Northeastern says that this version of sexism “is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing that perpetuates support for gender inequality among women.”

Who Wants to Get Off the Train?

What never seems to occur to these feminists is that a vast number of women have no interest in giving up their femininity in exchange for their version of equality. Are women only equal in our society when we have eliminated every single difference between the genders? Is it not until every dress, makeup kit, and gendered beauty product is off the market that we have achieved equilibrium? Is it not until we have as many women on the front lines as men? What is the end point?

For these kinds of feminists, of course, there is no end point. There is no goal. The goal is to keep squawking, keep fighting the status quo, and keep looking for problems. It is a neverending search for new and exciting ways to prove that women are subservient to men in the United States of Oppression. In that way, it is exactly the same as the racial justice movement. For every legitimate complaint, there are fifteen ridiculous accusations.

And they fail to understand why the majority of Americans don’t want to identify as feminists.

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