Set Up? Democrats May Have Arranged Meeting Between Trump Jr. and Russian Lawyer

The media was buzzing this week with the revelation that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya on June 9 of last year, shortly before the Republican National Convention. The meeting was first reported by The New York Times on Saturday and confirmed by the president’s son, who said it was primarily about a U.S. law known as the Magnitsky act, signed by Barack Obama in 2012. Passed to punish Russian officials for their involvement in a money laundering scheme, it was rejected forcefully by Moscow. Vladimir Putin retaliated by banning U.S. citizens from adopting Russian children, and the lawyer in question has been a strong advocate against the law. According to the Trump team, this was Veselnitskaya’s overarching agenda in calling the meeting.

Unfortunately for Don Jr., the New York Times didn’t reveal everything they knew all at once, giving him the opportunity to fall into a carefully-laid trap. Once they pounced on Sunday with additional information that the Trump team was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton, the president’s son had to revise his characterization of the meeting.

“After pleasantries were exchanged, the woman stated that she had information that individuals connected to Russia were funding the Democratic National Committee and supporting Ms. Clinton,” he said in a statement on Sunday. “Her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense. No details or supporting information was provided or even offered. It quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information. She then changed subjects and began discussing the adoption of Russian children and mentioned the Magnitsky Act. It became clear to me that this was the true agenda all along and that the claims of potentially helpful information were a pretext for the meeting.”

Granted, this doesn’t look great. However, it is not the “confession” that some in the liberal media have called it. Trump Jr. clearly states that Veselnitskaya did not bring up her supposed information regarding Hillary until AFTER they were all gathered at the meeting. Is that plausible? You be the judge. But even if the Trump team was told beforehand – as a subsequent Times story indicates – that they would be given some form of opposition material, they did not have any serious indication that they were speaking with a representative of the Russian government. It’s not even exactly clear if Veselnitskaya IS a representative of the Kremlin, although she seems to have a relationship of some kind. Furthermore, there is no evidence from any involved party that she actually gave the Trump team anything at all.

Here’s the interesting part, though. According to a Circa story published shortly after the Times report, an oppo research outfit called Fusion GPS – the same outfit that funded the Trump “dossier” that made all the waves last December – was instrumental in setting up this meeting between the Trump team and the Russian lawyer:

“We have learned from both our own investigation and public reports that the participants in the meeting misrepresented who they were and who they worked for,” said Mark Corallo, a spokesman for President Trump’s legal team. “Specifically, we have learned that the person who sought the meeting is associated with Fusion GPS, a firm which according to public reports, was retained by Democratic operatives to develop opposition research on the President and which commissioned the phony Steele dossier. ”

“These developments raise serious issues as to exactly who authorized and participated in any effort by Russian nationals to influence our election in any manner,” Corallo said.

By June 9 of last year, the Democratic National Committee already knew, via the private company CrowdStrike, that Russian hackers were behind the invasion into their servers. However, it was not until the following month that this news was publicly known. In other words, there was no reason for the Trump team to get any particularly “fishy” vibes from the prospect of a meeting with a Russian national. There WAS, however, a tremendous incentive on the part of Trump’s opponents to connect him – however tenuously – with the Russians, whom they already knew to be involved in international espionage regarding the election.

This brings up the obvious question: Was all of this a set-up from the very beginning? Is the Trump team facing allegations of collusion because a down-and-dirty Hillary Clinton campaign went to great lengths to put them in compromising positions? We certainly hope Robert Mueller and his team of Clinton donors won’t forget to investigate this side of the story while getting to “the truth” of what happened last year.


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  1. The Press knows:

    “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
    Not on our watch. End MEDIA BIAS

    • What is the lie, you fucked up Neanderthal?

      • You’re the only fuck up here.

        • Maybe you can name the supposed lie the other Neanderhal was farting about. Since you parachuted into the thread.

          • You call free speech ‘parachuting into the thread”?? No wonder you have nothing to add and a whole lot of crap to spew.

          • You really need to get a dictionary and find some words that don’t reflect your IQ or your ability to talk using REAL words, or should I say inability!!!

          • Ben Totuous Neil Hatch • 7 days ago
            >>>Since you parachuted into the thread.

            I want a parachute…lmao

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          • So you are a terrorist. I am not surprised. Your hate for the country makes me sick. Just fucking leave.

          • Where you got THAT notion is just silly, I never damaged anything, only blew a hole in the lake. Nice TRY, though! I was always interested in how things worked, but never to destroy actually, I focus on rebuilding it now, in fact — I am certain that idiots of your ilk are incapable of really destroying it. It is YOU who hates my country, I want to see it great again. I merely am aware of the history, and know that it has not been “itself” for 146 years, while shackled with the stealth “government” we have, which happens to be from Europe. Easy to see, not hidden exactly, just obscured. But I don’t imagine that you ever were interested in history, were you? Certainly you are not NOW, not with all the liberal slogans that you cleave to.

          • So your idea of when the country was last great was before the Emancipation Proclamation. So we’ll just add racism to your shit-tarnished resume.

          • Wow…laddie boy…such a big word…did someone fuck you up the ass to make you look that one up !!!


          • Not so big, just a little technical. I refrain from many words normally, ever since I found that people won’t understand them anyway, I learned that when I mistakenly thought vocabulary was a good idea when I was nine — when it got so that adults didn’t understand what I was saying I realized it was not as I had thought — vocabulary does no good in communication if all parties don’t know the words. By the time I was ten I was guided by semantics, not seeking vocabulary anymore, but never forgot, still interested in meanings of words — just don’t expect others to understand them unless I see that they do. Not important at all.

          • Maybe use your valuable talent in a constructive way…and help others to see the value of words and meaning.!!

            Show how words aren’t necessarily bad…however the intent may be worse.

            “did someone fuck you up the ass to make you look that one up !!!”

            The intent was to provoke an answer…I got it…didn’t I…!!

            What I think I got and what may actually be are possibly two different understandings.

            Sometimes people want to play you for a fool…

            Their words show real intent only if you know how to decode them.

      • I say that the MEDIA repeated this lie until it became the truth.

        Bush lied about WMD’s.

        Lets just start there, provide smoking gun proof that Bush lied.

        • Give it up. George W. Bush is a war criminal. Granted he was just a figurehead with the name, as 22% of his voters though they were voting for his daddy. Cheney was the actual cretin behind the Iraq war plan. They should both be making gravel out of boulders with a 3 pound hand sledge until the devil is ready for them.

          • Hey Bigot, you got proof that Bush was a war criminal? To my knowledge he hasn’t even been charged yet.

          • In 14 years since the invasion, no WMDS have ever been found in Iraq. Despite a firm there are none from the chief UN weapons inspectors, Bush and Cheney said we know where they are. The UN did not approve the invasion. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians died due to Bush. That is textbook war crimes.

          • This proves nothing but Bush, Cheney, were wrong. We already know that.

            Nice try, but I would like to see the firm proof ow what the chief UN weapons inspectors told Bush and the world. 20/20 hindsight is very good these days with the left.

          • Look it up. The name of the chief of the weapons search team for the UN prior of the invasion was Hans Blix. He did everything he could stop Bush and declared nothing had been found and Iraq was cooperating with the search. There is no hindsight about this. It was all said before the invasion.

            Blix was later replaced by Charles Duelfer as chief weapons inspector. Duelfer complete the search and found absolutely nothing along the lines of Bush and Cheney’s claims. And Duelfer’s findings are all public, he wrote a summary and also a book. Additionally, other allies of the USA were against the invasion.

            Bush rushed in with his lie about we can’t wait for a mushroom cloud. Our own CIA asked that line be removed from Bush’s 2003 State Of The Union speech. The White House refused. And Bush went ahead and added the infamous, and later discredited claim from the British that Saddam had sought yellowcake from Africa .

            I remember this stuff like it was yesterday. Where were you?


          • Where was I? Right here, I just don’t buy in to the Lefts hate America revisionist versions of history. I must be immune to those cheap communist tricks and brainwashing.

            Hans Blix’s OPINION in 2003 was that there were no WMD’s. The person that knew for sure was Saddam himself.

            At the time the UN teams were viewed to be as effective as they have been in Iran. The common thought was that Saddam had plenty of time to move the WMD’s around.

            In short, Bush didn’t believe Blix. Blix was right, Bush was wrong. 20/20 hindsight. You still haven’t proven that Bush knowingly lied about WMD’s.

            I would say that you are a victim of confirmation bias. You forget that WMD’s was NOT the only reason that we went to war.

            You ignore the prevalent thoughts of the times.

            “Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass
            destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and
            he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.”
            —-Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998.

            “We begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a
            threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the
            mandate of the United Nations and is building weapons of mass
            destruction and the means of delivering them.”
            —-Sen. Carl Levin (d, MI), Sept. 19, 2002.

            “Iraq’s search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to
            deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam
            is in power.”
            —-Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002.

          • Whatever. You are just another one blind to Repuke crimes. Had it been Obama, you would have found him guilty in seconds on the same evidence.

          • Back to insults I see. That is all you had when you started this conversation, that is all you have now.

            I gave the great Zero the benefit of doubt, now that we know he is as big a liar as you are, he is as big a nothing as you are.

            You with all your intelligence failed to prove even one simple lie…

            How does it feel to realize that everything you believe in is based on lies?

          • Get back to me when Trump gets bounced out on his morbidly obese ass. If there is one iota of justice in this world, he will be in prison for the rest of his natural life.

          • That deflection never happen.

            You are a very dangerous and sick person. Not so smart either.

            Just to let you know your the adage you follow of repeating lies until they become the truth only works if nobody makes you prove out your lies. Once someone makes you prove out your lies, your type falls back to insults and deflection.

          • Keep sucking that stooge masquerading as prez. And his lie the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt. Christopher Wray, the nominee to head the FBI told the Senate last week in his confirmation hearing that it was not a witch hunt. Trump is BUSTED. TREASON. Just like Nixon, he is fish on the line desperately trying to get away. But the damning evidence will not go away. It gets worse every week. Trump is FINISHED.

          • Sorry Bozo, you have to have some credibility before a lie can become the truth.

            You have failed to provide one once of facts to support your crap, and you are completely out of credibility.

            You have failed.

          • Just watch what goes down, fuckwit. One day soon, you will tell yourself Ben was right. Right about Trump being bounced out on his fat, ignorant ass.

          • An idiot’s dreams….

          • No, but you will probably live to see Hillary and Obama in jail, along with a BUNCH of their friends….

          • Hitler locked up the opposition. You are telling me Trump is the same as Hitler. Which comes as no surprise to me.

          • How droll. What Hitler did was to start the Green Movement, that was how he got into power in Germany. Trump is a good man and a good American. Not at ALL like you show yourself to be.

          • Trump’s grandfather was deported from Germany. Now is our turn to deport his useless devil spawn.

          • Trump is awesome. Open your eyes!

          • No “good man” goes around “grabbing the pussy” of unwilling women. That is a serious crime any way you slice it. He also admitted a $25 million swindle in the Trump U case. Trump is a lifelong grifter and a habitual liar. He is the lowest common denominator of humanity. Simply put, scum.

          • They WERE telling the Iraqis where they were going before they inspected too, which was really STUPID.

          • Exactly, The LEFT still hasn’t proved that Bush was lying has they?

          • No, there were many times during that period where they saw signs that something HAD been stored and taken away just before they got there to see. The main “lie” that HW Bush was “caught” with was when he got irritated and said “read my lips” that there would be no tax increase — and then changed his mind. They were not great presidents, were NWO advocates, but NOWHERE as crooked as the Democrats always have been.

          • Different Bush, The first Bush said “no new taxes” Second freed Iraq.

            And “No new taxes” wasn’t a lie either. I believe he really meant it when he said it. but things change…. If things change and you have to go back on your word, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you lied, it just means you were mistaken.

            Back in the days when we held people accountable for their words, when Bush went back on his words about taxes, that was the end of his political career. Nowadays, we seem to think along party lines which is wrong.

            We need to hold all of them accountable for their words and actions. You are correct about the crooked Democrats. They are just evil.

          • Ignorant fool that you are, you DO have the talking points and the big lies ready, don’t you? That is, when you are not off calling others with your self-descriptions as you do.

          • You also seem not to understand grammar very much, or maybe you are just close to apoplexy.

          • I dumb it down for dolts like you. And it still doesn’t help. Who are you trolling for? I firmly believe nobody can be as stupid as you come off.

          • Nice TRY, fool. Kind of a weak retort, however.

          • Ben Totuous MAHB001 • 3 days ago
            In 14 years since the invasion

            That is textbook war crimes…..Ditto !!!

            But these fuckhead have since forgotten that colossal FAILURE OF LIES…

            They just now have Obama on the Brain !!

            So Pathetic…and they think their Americans…to boot !!!

          • Ben Totuous MAHB001 • 3 days ago
            Give it up. George W. Bush is a war criminal.

            making gravel out of boulders with a 3 pound hand sledge until the devil is ready for them.


      • YOU’RE THE LIE, you brain dead swamp creature!

      • You cannot face the fact that the lie is none other than YOU.

      • Just LOVE your ready wit! And you THINK that you sound and look INTELLIGENT?

        • Ladd Ben Totuous • 2 days ago
          And you THINK that you sound and look INTELLIGENT?

          And he is…glad you noticed…

    • Thanks for the link. I’ll spread it around too.

  2. Didn’t the liberal MEDIA learn anything when they tried this crap with the Access Hollywood “scandal?”

    They are attempting to make the news, not report it.

    • Jesus Fucking Christ, you are a dumb ass.

      • Insults alone only prove your own ignorance and bigotry.

        • Mueller’s investigation will bear out all I have said and more. It is only a matter of time.

          • Can’t wait for Mueller to apply the same standards to Hillary and 0bama….

            Ohhh, that is right, the left is above the law, just like all communist societies, the elites are above the law.

            Here is my bet. The whole meeting between DT Jr. and “the Russians” was created and orchestrated by the same group that sent professional agitators into Trump rallies to cause disruption and give the corrupt MEDIA something to harp on…

          • Muellet is on the Trump case because TREASON. Trump is finished.

          • You are really stupid aren’t you?

          • For Bathhouse Barry’s, Hillary’s and Comey’s treason? I doubt that!

          • Before the Democrats get indicted.

        • There is not a bigoted bone in my body, pal. And I would put my intellect up against you or any right wing stooge anythime.

          • Ignorant and/or bigoted people use insults to make their points and silence their opponents because they don’t have facts to support their opinions and/or they just aren’t smart enough to prove out their points and/or they just are mean individuals.

            So far, you have not shown your intellectual side, but you certainly have proven to me that you full of insults. Leading me to believe, you got nothing but bigotry and ignorance.

          • Sorry your comments refute your claims

          • What intellect? You have the illusion that you actually KNOW something. You would get twisted up and spit out in seconds of any debate.

          • Interesting you mention debate. I was captain of my debate team at USC.

          • That is supppsed to mean something, I suppose. It is easy to be a total boor and get recognition — but the valuation in schooling is skewed, almost all of the professors I knew were hopeless academics themselves, despicable limited fools. Those who CAN, DO, those who CAN’T, TEACH. SO TRUE, TOO.

      • Your whole body is STUPID and dead above the waist!

      • Obviously you are an athiestic shit-lover then

  3. Repukes never take responsibility for ANYTHING. You can’t goad somebody into treason. Shitbag Jr is going to be locked up just like his treasonous fat ass daddy.

    • Have you always been this retarded?

      • Trump is not boning me up the ass. That clearly seems to be you, as you took exception to my comment.

        Are you sure your name is not Kneel And Bob?

        • If liberal tactic number four fails fall back on liberal tactic number five, ramp up the childishness and be as foul as possible, in order to distract from your complete lack of facts, reality, maturity, reason, logic and class.

          • Do you bitch when your crook Trump uses profanity? I figured that is what you fools love about him. Because there damn sure is no substance to him.

          • If liberal tactic number four and five fails, continue to make a fool of yourself in order to continue distracting from your complete lack of facts, reality, maturity, reason, logic and class.

          • My demeanor here exhibits 10 times the facts, reality, maturity, reason, logic and class that TrumpTurd has ever shown.

          • Sure. That is why he has been right most of the time, and you are an utter disaster.

          • Really, boy, all you have shown is that you are a gay atheist and a coprophilian, guess all of those things go together for you.

        • There’s no room up your ass for any republicans. Try standing up for a change just to see if you can – LOL!

        • You seem to know a lot about kneeling and Bobbing. Who’s pecker is in mouth now? Your daddy’s?

        • He WOULDN’T. Maybe Barry is boning you though, another self-description, now we know that you are a gay ignorant coprophile.

      • Wow, you up voted yourself twice. Desperate for attention?

    • Oh look, an easily led, easily manipulated liberal troll. Who believes that spewing nonsense and calling people childish names equals a mature discussion of an article he probably didn’t bother to read. Because Democrats never bother with facts.

    • What’s the wager on that bit of nonsense ? I want in .

    • Right, Ben! And while we’re in the business of assigning responsibility, let’s nail Clinton for selling 20% of our Uranium to the Russians, Obama for giving Iran a pathway to a nuclear weapon and billions of dollars, although they keep swearing they’ll destroy America, and all of Congress for 142 trillion in federal liabilities, and how about you for voting for these people!

    • Ben Totuous; You just made the most ridiculous statement I have ever read on this opinion page. You put the wrong party in your flawed sentence, it’s not the Republicans who never take responsibility for their actions, it’s the Liberal progressives that are endowed with untruthfulness, and you fit the mold.
      A few examples, “I did not have sex with that woman, not one time” in front of a National TV audience, and “It depends what IS, IS.” The both Clintons lie in Federal court, and lost their law licence.
      Then we have the boy who wanted to be King, “If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor.” and “If you like your health plan you can keep your health plan.” He also gave billions of money to our enemy Iran.
      He also has bowed in submission to Muslim leaders.
      I don’t belong to any party I am an Independent. I don’t like politicians, and we have close to a dozen rhino Republican’s that are trying to stop Trump from cleaning house, among them are certain individuals like John McCain, Paul Ryan, McConnell, Graham, who are trying to upset the Apple cart in favor of saving their sorry behinds from being thrown out of office.
      The American people voted for Trump because he is the only political person to address illegal Immigration by building a Wall, and deporting criminal elements of those crossing our borders illegally, and getting welfare, food stamps, free schooling of which they are not entitled to get, and it’s the Democrats that want open borders to get more votes for their socialist paradise, which doesn’t exist. If the liberal want to survive they better get off their Amnesty kick, or they will lose in greater numbers next election, and a lot of back stabbing Republicans in name only will will be joining them

      • To ignorant to waste time responding to, liar.

        • Hmmm , when you can not refute the facts , handle and face the truth , resort to tactic #1 , call them a liar . Liberal Leftist Democrap rules straight out of Sal Alinsky’s play book . Wake up Ben , smell the Formaldahyde along with what you are shoveling .
          Communism at its finest. Sorry Benny , it Failed everywhere it was adopted . Seems you didn’t get the memo and, neither did Hillary , the Kenyan Fraud or the rest of the bottom feeders on the left .

          • Communism, you say? Like the fat ass clown prince who’s fondling Putin’s balls embraces. The fuqer wants to turn the USA into Russia West. He will not get away with it. The entire Trump regime is going down. Wait for the Mueller report, boy.

        • that is the first response from you that showed intelligence, except it is WAY TOO LATE!

    • You are describing yourself again.

  4. Malcolm Davidson

    This investigation has been going on for a long time, and so far nothing has been found. This time might be different, then again, it may just be a bunch of hooey. First and foremost, I think shenanigans did happen, but to be fair, not just on the Trump side. If one reads Wikileaks there is ample evidence that the Clinton’s are anything but squeaky clean. Eventually we will know the truth. I am not ruling anything out, except for the fact that no matter what happens, it most likely will not be good, primarily due to the fact that it involves politicians, who are worse than used car salesman. (Although much more interesting).

    • IMO, the Clinton’s foundation/PAC/DNC arranged this meeting to “happen” to “provide evidence” of their hysterical accusation of Trump colluding with Russia. Why else would the Russian lawyer’s VISA which had expired in Jan when she should have returned to Russia been “approved extending her VISA” by Lynch which according to sources “is highly unusual” – this happened in June. Hmmm, and then a few days later the Russian att’y is at a DNC meeting. Hmm… Smells like “SET-UP”!!! That’s why they have been screaming Russia collusion. How about we look at the Clinton’s groups dealing with the Ukraine to find “dirt on Trump” – as in the fake dossier they produced. Hadn’t the Ukraine come under Russian control during OWEbma’s do-nothing administration? Proof of the dossier and the meeting with Ukraine PROVES there was collusion between the Clintons and Russia. There is the collusion!

      • It makes perfect sense because whatever this lawyer said she had became apparent to Don Jr. was nothing of importance and vague. Exactly the kind of way a set up is made. Whatever went on one thing is certain is that this Fusion GPS was never up to anything good for the US. Talk about treason, one should look there.

        • I think if you look under that rock you will probably find a John Brennan .

        • The dirt on Hillary story is Donny Buttface Jr’s third version of the meeting. Only after the media told what really happened did he tell any truth at all. Lying for a reason. He knows his ass is in a wringer.

          • Down to crass insults now, eh? So you are a buttface, self-described. Calling others what you are.

          • Trump and his useless Jr are going to fucking prison.

          • That is YOUR “conspiracy theory” speaking, you do realize — and you are so wrong and uninformed that it is a HOOT to see your squirming as you do, along with your unintelligent lapses into very stupid insults. You may have a high IQ, but you never learned how to think and to simply OBSERVE. You don’t even see that your lack of ability to deal with anyone, really, is SO TELLING about the fact that you WANT SO MUCH to be thought of as intelligent. But you are not capable.

      • Malcolm Davidson

        Your post makes sense, and I have no problem with it. I, as of late am having problems with pretty much everyone in power everywhere, as we are being lied to all the time about everything, and this does not bode well for society. I realize I am being very general.

      • Get busy digging on your ignorant conspiracy, asshole.

    • Yes, slightly worse, and both can be found below the Whaleshit on the bottom of the Ocean.

      • Malcolm Davidson

        I wish they both were found below Whaleshit at the bottom of the ocean, but far too many are living above ground. I hate them all.

  5. As each day passes more and more truth comes to the forefront. This Russian lawyer was allowed into the US by loretta lynch providing special manipulation of our immigration laws and we know who controlled lynch. Next, she over stayed her special visa and was now in our country illegally. We are now finding out that the entire obama administration knew about all of this. Now follow the money! All involved were paid off to make all of this happen, either by the DNC or george soros. I will guarantee there was a massive payoff to these actors involved. Of course mueller has already destroyed the facts with hillary’s hammer and bleach program. This was all a set up to impeach Trump early and obama had visions of grandeur of retaking the white house. Thank God it failed! By the way, the press was not all a buzz. The truth of this story was only being reported by Conservative outlets and Fox news. All that came out of the MSM was hate and disinformation so as to discredit Trump!!!!!!

  6. Congress is Beating A Dead Horse and this is what most of them want to do . Change is hard for Washington, We have turned into a Nanny Country, and they do not want to give up control. Look at the way our country has changed in the past ten years, It can not keep on at this level. We as People need to stand on our own feet and stop taking bread crumbs. We were a Nation of Hard Work but now most of our Country are a Nation of what are you going to give me. Hand Up’s are fine Hand Out’s are Breaking our Country.

    • OldConservativeGuy

      All true but why would the 47% (remember Mitt Romney?) vote for or choose by personal motivation try to stand on their own two feet or give up ANYTHING when we keep giving them more?? Think about it! As a small example, historically we gave families at or below the poverty level “food stamps” based on the number of mouths that need to be fed. That does nothing to incent producing fewer mouths. Single mothers continue to add to the population without the benefit of a second breadwinner in the house. Then we made the program work on a plastic card that looks like a credit card so that there would be no stigma associated with using it (or staying on it for life). Then we provide the children who were supposed to be supported by the program free lunches (at first) then later breakfasts and weekend and summer meals without ever reducing the original support provided through the SNAP program. More, more, more! Mom is now getting enough to feed multiple people and we’re feeding her kids separately. Why would she EVER want that to stop.

      • Why not have laws passed making it illegal, with a 20 yr prison sentence, for any single female and her impregnator, to have a baby.

        • OldConservativeGuy

          I don’t care how many times she wants to get pregnant or by whom. I just don’t want to pay her to do it.

          • Not what you said at first.

          • OldConservativeGuy

            You need to reread my post WITHOUT trying to impose your bias. I posed a serious of actions and CLEARLY made the point that we are incenting multiple children in a single parent household and then paying multiple times to feed them. That does not mean someone shouldn’t have multiple children or do so as a single parent but rather that they shouldn’t expect me to pay for their children.

        • Nice. China did that. What has happened to America? We need to deport people who say such things as your idea.

    • So let’s stop the tax welfare for the rich. That is all this horrible Trumpcare bill is.

      • Tell me why in 8 years of obama why he didnt raise taxes on those same rich people. Trump lowered the corporate tax that was causing company’s to leave the u.s. now you dang liberal either answer or shut up

        • For openers, Trump has not made any tax changes. Zilch. That corporate tax welfare plan he has will work just great toward addressing the national debt, won’t it? Trump has this delusion about 6% GDP growth. He has do be on crack.

          • Lets use sense if you have any. Companies moved out because the corporate tax here one of the highest in the world. And many have said they will move back if it is lowered. Wouldn’t we pay the debt faster with creating jobs that get millions off welfare or just stay on your highest corporate tax in the world company killer and job killer. Use your sense man for once

          • Most companies are not fucking whiners like Carrier. They took Indiana taxpayers to the cleaners, and then STILL will send jobs to Mexico they promised to keep.
            Corporate profits have hit record highs in recent years. The idiot Trump basically wants to half corporate taxes via tax welfare. There is no way in hell business volume grows to fill the void. The shortfall will end up as deficit. Or would you rather individual taxpayers get saddled with the bill?

          • Let me know when you are either rich as Trump or President of anything and I will not be so quick to think your just a resentful demdummy. Of course profits were at an all time high, companies took their headquarters out of the US and did not pay corporate tax, Obama did nothing to the companies because it supported his one world order agenda, obama did not care about the repercussions to America. Like most dems, he thinks money grows off trees and not from working taxpayers. As a single working mom who never got foodstamps…no woman should be allowed to live off the system for years, having one child after another she won’t take responsibility for, these moms deserve to go to jail for fraud and child abuse, but dems care little to nothing about poor children, they can be aborted on their way out of the womb, only the dem elite children matter to these horrible people

          • I feel sorry you. You are obsessed with material things. My family lives very comfortably, but money isn’t everything. Rich people often live miserable lives. I don’t care about personal power, or to be president of anything. I am retired and we enjoy travelling the USA and the world. Just returned from Yellowstone..Relaxed and cont ented.

          • I SEE that you are being disingenuous there. You are incapable of attaining serenity as a tone, it requires quite an understanding of what IS, and you clearly do NOT have that sort of understanding. You are a sad individual who is mad at the world and wants to “mean something” when you KNOW that you do not. You think that you can dissemble and people cannot see who and WHAT you are — SS, we are ALL transparent to any that know how to look. You ARE envious, but realize that you are powerless, and obviously have been fascinated by the Democrat pattern, which is Communism. You likely believe that Utopia was a wonderful concept, but Thomas Moore wrote the book about a DYSTOPIA, as something to AVOID, as the poison it would be. You ARE sorry, but not the way that you meant it to be interpreted.

          • >>>>Corporate profits have hit record highs in recent years.

            Recent Years….really…try the last 60 years plus…look at the numbers !!!

            It’s fucking disgusting what Corporate has done to America…

            Then you have the 1% and Wallstreet to deal with and another big money grab…

          • The worst offender of course, being the European corp that is carrying on the pretense of being our GOVERNMENT. They are so incompetently run that they have amassed a HUGE debt. You know, the one that they say is our “national debt”? I know that this is WAY over your head….

          • I thought i ask you to use ur sense not ur stupidity. The only thing whining on here is you. We have the second highest corporate rate in the world. It has drove company’s out of the states along with jobs. And all you can do is worry about taxes. Trump will cut taxes for you and the corporate taxes too
            But you will elect another democrat and they will raise ur taxes right back up just like obama did. If you had any sense you would know that now stfu i can’t keep answering someone who is like you

          • >>>> raise ur taxes right back up just like obama did.

            Obama didn’t raise taxes…get your facts straight…

          • The “answers” you provide are fresh from your asshole. I am laughing at you. But the horrible things is dopes like you get us into messes like Trump.

          • Glad that you are capable of laughing, as you are a joke incarnate. AND you are unable to see any truth presented by the world at large, no room for observation when you think you know everything. A class IDIOT, with a vacuole-sized brain.

          • Are you TRULY so stupid that you do not understand that corporations were set up to be tax collectors? They pay whatever they need to as business expenses and adjust their prices as needed to profit anyway. Increasing taxes on a corp does nothing but increase the prices for their products, so the taxes on corporations are NOTHING BUT TAXES ON THE PEOPLE. Corporations do not pay any taxes, it is merely a part of the pricing calculation. Government LIKES to tax them as another “hidden tax” on us.

          • You are the stupid motherfucker. Pull your wooden head out of your goddamn ass and demand justice. Lock up Treasonous Trump and his accomplices.

          • Tried to understand your point, but it was lost in the gutter language

          • >>>>Lets use sense if you have any. Companies moved out because the corporate tax here one of the highest in the world.

            Yeah Lets use sense if you have any.

            It’s called GREED and is UN-American…lets not fool each other…like they want us to…
            Fucking GREED is Fucking GREED no matter how you cut it.

            >>>>And many have said they will move back if it is lowered.

            Lowered to what…Zero…that’s what it will take…plus giving them Tax Payer Money to move back in…fuck that…let the fucking CEO’s Take a Pay CUT.

            Fuck that…you want back in…. Pay Your Fare Share like everyone else.!!!
            Until the DEBT is paid off….

            Wouldn’t we pay the debt faster with creating jobs that get millions off welfare or just stay on your highest corporate tax in the world company killer and job killer. Use your sense man for once

            Bullshit…Walmarts and the like can surely pay above the poverty level instead of the American Tax Payer Subsidizing THEM and paying for welfare as well.

            Learn some math before you puke…

          • Amen…well said. Just hope everyone understands that the benefits from the tax changes won’t be overnight. It is going to take a few months at least… for instance, the companies moving into or back into the USA cannot just roll up their foreign workplaces companies and have them up and running in the US overnight.

        • Obama has not made any higher tax changes…as Ben said…Zilch

          >>>Trump lowered the corporate tax that was causing company’s to leave the u.s. now you dang liberal either answer or shut up

          He actually hasn’t done it yet…he has to pass Tax legislation to effect a tax cut.

          He simply can OE a tax cut.

          Now you dang conservatives either put up and answer or shut up !!!

    • Debbie>>>>>We were a Nation of Hard Work but now most of our Country are a Nation of what are you going to give me. Hand Up’s are fine Hand Out’s are Breaking our Country.

      Pure Bullshit Right Wing Rhetoric…

      We need to stop the Corporate Welfare…it’s Macho Grande Bucks…Trillions.!!…and Trillions.!!

      Individual Welfare is millions.

  7. I have come to a conclusion, ALL DEMOCRATS ARE “”SAINTS””” THEY NEVER DO ANYTHING BAD. and if it is questionable, they lie until it is true. … SO .. REPUBLICANS, forget about it, we can not beat them with words, needs something more stronger than that, like at the baseball field.???… we ask are they democrats??? you get it.
    now to all Rep. Senators, Governors, Deputies and at the D.O.J. don’t you people think it is about time to take the lead in convicting Hillary, Obama, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and a few other small fish that were swimming with the ELITE of lairs of the Democrats-Party. and while at it, let’s add the murdered DNC Staffer. Let’s get that cleared up. WE HAVE LOTS OF QUESTIONS WHY DEMOCRATS HAVE DONE SO MUCH AGAINST OUR COUNTRY FOR THEIR BENEFITS.

    • I wonder what the Republican House and the Senate are waiting for? Why can they not implement your suggestions right away? I don’t see what is stopping them.

      • Could it be that in some way the dirt goes deeper than we actually realize?

        • You may be right, but we cannot wait for things to get worse. They may never. We must not let ourselves be paralysed into inaction in anticipation of another shoe dropping. Let us get on with our laid out plans and deal with whatever happens in the future when it actually does.

          • I agree we need to get back to work on fixing the country, but all crap needs to be dealt with a well. This is hat we elect these people not office to do is work for us. If it means investigating so be it but don’t take years doing it.

          • I agree with you entirely. The crap is a specialty of the Libs. It is unfortunate that we are inundated with it and we have to clean up after them as well as fix America..

          • Senility is a terrible thing to watch. Best wishes, old timer.

          • So sorry, Ben, the truth has really found its mark. Calling me senile doesn’t help the discussion at hand. We really need to clean up.

          • We do indeed need to clean up. But you are unable to identify the mess. It is all Repukes. They were bad enough before Trump. Now they just turn their heads as he wrecks the country.

          • Trump has, in fact, identified the mess and is going about the business of cleaning it up. You guys just don’t want him to get the credit. Mark my word, he is going to get it done in spite the obstructionism and the negativity with which he is wrongly and spitefully portayed.

          • If Trump is going to accomplish anything, he has a lot of changes to make in his half-baked plans and horrible demeanor. And he better start fast. Because when Mueller’s report comes in, Trump is FINISHED. We will have a constitutional crisis, the likes of which we have not seen since Nixon. Repugs will run from him like a coiled cobra. Impeachment should already be well underway, and the right is still giving him the reach around.

          • We’ll see.

          • All Mueller will be able to do is cook his OWN goose and the entire “Russian hacking” fiasco. If there had EVER been any evidence it would have been on every headline all along — they are just trying to get ANYTHING to throw out to keep from dealing with the Seth Rich hit (because HE downloaded the emails from the DNC and took them to Assange, NEVER Russians. Or what about this last one that just turned up in Miami, the Haitian official that was just ready to testify in court about Hillary and her thieving Clinton Foundation and suddenly “killed himself” yet ANOTHER Arcancide to go on the LOOOOONG list of them!
            And too, Hillary’s emails she deleted, many of them WERE classified, as Comey stated HIMSELF, as he then went on to say that it was innocent and not prosecutable, when it CLEARLY is, if you look at the Law involved, intent is irrelevant. Oh, and the 20% of our Uranium that SHE sold to Russia — now THAT IS COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA.

          • You are a conspiracy dope. Spouting totally unsubstantiated shit while ignoring the growing hard evidence against Trump. Are you aware it took over 2 years to flush Nixon for his crimes? Crooks like Trump weave a tangled web. Mueller and his 30+ prosecutors will unravel it all. Trump and his accomplices are FINISHED. Ivanka will enjoy visiting her daddy, husband and brothers in prison.

          • Of COURSE that is how you would interpret me, but you know NOTHING, and if I were to overload you with honest details you would STILL know nothing. I find that truth has more ways of being as opaque than lies, as all that is ever needed to totally confuse someone it to give several contradictory truths to them, and laugh at them all the while. They will disbelieve everything then, and end up discounting everything they are told, so will be less ready than if left to their own observations. You ARE an unmitigated fool, it is so painfully obvious, you know….

          • You are a fucking complete idiot moron please tell me what Federal or State law President Trump has violated If you were a Harvard Law Professor such as Alan Dershowitz a democrat and Hillary supporter that states collusion is not a crime and the President can not obstruct justice when he has complete constitutional authority to start or stop an FBI investigation for any reason also can pardon any one for any reason please tell me how obstruction is possible when all he has to do is pardon the individual done investigation over period. What a bunch of dumb fuck libtards spouting Treason Obstruction collusion please for the sake of our country Google Elizabeth Hurley CNN interview with the one and only Jeffery Toobin CNN legal analyst she will explain in detail there have been no crimes committed by President Trump but many by Hillary Clinton the lying evil mentally deranged woman that she is known to be so Ben go and do some research before you spout your fucking idiotic statements when in essence you know nothing about except for what the MSM is pushing because just like you there are a massive amount of ill informed idiots that know nothing about the law or constitution in gereral

          • You scratch in the fucking mud to find one person who thinks Trump is innocent. But at the same time you ignore literally hundreds who know he is guilty.

          • Produce the evidence, All the accusations, and anonymous source shit seems to be having the boomerang effect coming right back to the Democrats we will now have a special counsel for Clinton,Comey,Lynch, Rice, Abedin, Cheryl Mills,Podesta and drum roll please “Obama” where there is already credible evidence of crimes committed.

          • And just to inform you the Uranium samples from the Uranium One deal that were given to the Russian Government guess who Hillary got to do the job Mueller yes Mueller he flew to Russia and presented them to Russian officials which we are just finding out

          • It is not and never WAS “repukes” it is ALL career politicians in DC. DC is totally owned and controlled by the corporation named “THE UNITED STATES”, which is a European-owned corp put over on us in 1871 when DC was created to be its HQ. It serves under the Admiralty flag, NOT the flag of our nation, and DC was set up under European Law from the start, but with a MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT ONLY. It NEVER has had any jurisdiction beyond its borders, despite what our fake “government officials” (who are corporate officers) claim is the truth. For 146 years they have pulled this scam on us, and you know NOTHING, do you? A corp has NO SOVEREIGNTY and CANNOT call us its “citizens” that it owns to cover its debt with. Even the Supreme Court (a department of the corp, BTW) found, in Baron vs THE UNITED STATES (corp) that Baron WON BTW — that when anyone is tried for anything like criminality by the corp, since it has no sovereignty but the individual tried DOES, the court and its officers are liable for any damages done him by them trying him. They have no authority, and they KNOW IT.

          • Enjoy tooting your crack pipe, ignorant bastard.

          • Oh, so you like crack, do you? SS, I prefer to keep my mind clear and running at speed. I learned to ignore 90% of what I think of, when unprogramed by me, back when I was nine, and that was also the time I learned that a high vocabulary does NOT help to communicate — at that time I shifted to semantics, understanding how to state ideas simply and cleanly. You never HAVE learned how to do that, have you? I imagine you are still a callow youth, I take your iconic picture to indicate that you have poor health, that IS what we see in others that appears as age, really. I do see the nasty sensce of arrogance in you from the picture, don’t even need to say anything, to get that.

          • Stupidity is at any age however, you are a fair display of that.

          • Do you know what MENSA is? I am a member. So stick your stupid rhetoric where the sun don’t shine, feces eater.

          • OOOH! An academic, he is! So you have the illusion that you are of the intelligent elite class, ABSOLUTE proof of your ignorance and blinded nature. I always have “eaten” such as you for minor snacks, tho my own notion of a high IQ is that it is not especially pleasant or comfortable, and I DON’T believe it is particularly significant. Certainly it is no call for delusions of imagined superiority.

      • Because the only way to give healthcare to the people is to take it out of private hands i mean the insurance co.that have to make 30 billion in profit or raise the price. If the government was honest we could all have free healthcare with just a small tax that we would hardly notice. Look at Australia and other countries they do just fine letting their government provide their free healthcare with only a small tax and about 300 paid at the end of the year in Australia.

  8. Obama expelling Russian diplomats just a few weeks before Trump took office was just part of the plan. This is so obvious it stinks. When are republicans going to retaliate and stop listening to this BS? Vote all rinos and democrats out of office now.

  9. They had to do something to keep the Russia thing going

    • It is doing just fine. Mueller has 30 prosecutors on it.

      • Hmmm , 30 prosecutors . You know , as Mark Twain once said , “If you want to straighten out the problems in America , the first thing that should be done is to take all the Lawyers out and Shoot them ” . Sounds like the time has come for that . Lets see , Bill and Hill both lawyers , both disbarred . BarCrap and the Mooch also lawyers , both disbarred . Yep Mark Twain was on to something .

        • The lie about the Obamas being disbarred is older than the diarrhea stuck in your rotten teeth.

          • Truth you cannot handle. Michael was disbarred for fraud as a matter of fact. You know, the tranny “wife” of that Moslem pervert, Bathhouse Barry.

          • Prove it then, blowhard. A credible link that can be confirmed. Do it and I leave here forever.

          • I don’t care WHAT you do, fool. Both Barry Soetoro (his real name) and Michael Lavaughn Robinson was his “wife’s” name, originally. In fact they both were not very effective attorneys in Chicago and both voluntarily surrendered their status. They were frauds in so many ways….

          • You failed to supply any credible confirming link regarding their law licenses. And the reason is, there is no such link. You are a shit eating liar. Fuck off.

          • Q: Did Barack and Michelle Obama “surrender” their law licenses to avoid ethics charges?

            A: No. A court official confirms that no public disciplinary proceeding has ever been brought against either of them, contrary to a false Internet rumor. By voluntarily inactivating their licenses, they avoid a requirement to take continuing education classes and pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees. Both could practice law again if they chose to do so.

            You fucking asshole laddie Boy….

            Maybe try a different news source other then Infowars, Brietbart or Inquirer and infamous FOX in the chicken coop.!!!

      • Spending a lot of taxpayer money for political agendi. It WILL backfire, and SOON.

        • There is no political agenda. People who commit treason must be excised like a bad hemerrhoid. Trump is gone by this alone. He will have plenty of familiar company in federal prison… His lying Jr namesake, Pencil Neck Kushner, Flynn, Manafort, Bannon, Carter Page.

  10. Hey criminal leftards: LEAVE THE TRUMPS ALONE!!! The dirt you throw at them just comes back on your own ugly faces. How insane of you useful idiots to continue doing the same thing, expecting different results.

    • Trump’s time is winding down. A bombshell revekation is on the way.

      • That is something I have heard nearly everyday since before the election . So far all the left as come up with is DUD’s . Give it up , all you have is your resentment and ANGER about your goddess Hillary losing and your Communist dreams being shattered ! Democrats need to grow up and accept the will of the people !

        • You will see the will of the people in 2018. A Congress of 300 Democrats. And if this current Congress fails to take out the Trumptrash before that, it will be the first order of business in the new Congress.

          • Yes we WILL. The Democrats as a party are DEAD. And the RINO’s will be thrown out as well. Surprised that you see that so well. (sarc)

  11. No doubt young Mr Trump was set up. That said he used very poor judgement. As President Trump’s appointee for FBI chief stated, he should have contacted the FBI. I understand they did not trust Comey, and for good reason, but he put himself in a very vulnerable position.

  12. Man – A set up so stupid – so crazy and they never bothered to try to cover their tracks —– must have a load of lawyers and judges lined up….

  13. This government is horrible. All of the Democrats need to be replaced and at least half of the Republicans need to be replaced. The entire Obama Administration need to be prosecuted. Trumps administration needs to be gone through and eliminate any Obama people!

    • Prosecute Obama administration for what? In 8 years there was never one whisper about impropriety.

    • It is ALL of the career politicians that need to be replaced — AND we need to reconvene our true government under OUR flag and OUR Constitution and under OUR Laws, outside of DC which might as well be a piece of Europe on our soil for the way it was set up by the Act of 1871. We have been ruled by a corporation that is European-owned and serves a flag representing High King’s Law, and all of DC is a sham that has mimicked our government and “ruled” for 146 years.

  14. As fewer and few democrats are re-elected It will become clear to them that being anti-Trumpmeansd loosing public office

    • I wish I could bet with you on that. But it is pointless. Right wingers never pay up. I never collected the $10k on Obama’s 2012 re-election.

      • Sure you did . I bet you got your Obama phone as well as food stamps . Maybe even a bonus from Georgie ‘Soreass’ Soros .

  15. Joseph R. Davis

    It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Trump and Company sold their souls to the Russians. And now…wait for it…some far-right intellectual has concocted the theory that the Democrats “set up” Comrade Donald Ivanovich and his Tovarishchi. Quite frankly, I don’t believe the Democrats are that smart.

  16. All of this fake news is very disconcerting.

  17. Of COURSE the meeting was set up by the Democrats! If politically experienced ADULTS had been surrounding Trump during his campaign instead of his own politically inexperienced and naive KIDS, he wouldn’t be embroiled in this latest “collusion” controversy! Newt Gingrich certainly wouldn’t have attended a meeting to gather “dirt” on Hillary, not when all that was needed was to access the internet! Americans have been hearing and reading about the Clinton scandals for 35 F’N years, since before Bill Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas! What possible additional scandal could be derived from the Russians that would likely affect the outcome of the 2016 election? According to a poll continually being conducted, 54% of those polled believe Hillary’s corruption and scandal is what sank her chances to shatter the final glass ceiling! If her being a radical feminist lesbian had been listed as one of the options, I’m betting nearly every male respondent would have marked that as the reason she lost!

  18. Of Course it was a set up – “Cyber Brekut” just released it’s findings and have an org chart with names of the DNC and it’s participants – Also found that the DNC was not hacked from outside sources but locally – FBI and others were denied access to cover up DNC activities……

  19. Dear Dobbs – The informed KNOW what’s going on – just keep reporting on the facts – Comey is getting millions for throwing law enforcement and people under the bus for his buddies – McCain is getting his and it isn’t the VA or obozocare – MSM is getting theirs for their help to destroy the US and keep the morons in power – Lefties are getting their funding from soros and his buddies to do nothing but attack working people – etc…….Make’em do community service as part of their degree programs and scholarships – Peace Corps duty in Iraq – Afghan – Syria – Venezuela – Cuba and other places will wake them up to JUST HOW GOOD THE US IS…….

  20. I thought this was a setup from the very beginning. I put nothing past the evil Devilcrats.

  21. >>>>Democrats May Have Arranged Meeting Between Trump Jr. and Russian Lawyer


    Anything to stop the Trumptanic from sinking…

  22. It was a set up just like mueller and the other trash being set up…..

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