Seriously? Parkland Teacher Says Kyle Kashuv is “the Hitler Type”

You can say what you want about the David Hoggs of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and all the supposed abuse they’ve taken from conservative media, but for our money, there is not a student at that school with more intestinal fortitude than Kyle Kashuv. Just imagine for a moment the boldness and strength of character it takes to come out IN FAVOR of gun rights when your fellow students are rallying for the exact opposite. That really, truly takes a degree of courage you don’t often see in this country. Whether you side with Kashuv on the issue of gun control or not, you HAVE to respect his willingness to stick his neck out on this issue.

Make no mistake, it has not come without sacrifice. A report came in last week that the school’s resource officer called Kashuv into his office where he was forced to endure what amounted to an interrogation by two Broward County Sheriff’s deputies. His crime? To have posted a picture of himself shooting a rifle at a local gun range!

Now look, we get that this school is under a bit of undue stress thanks to the shooting, but that doesn’t mean that it is a matter of national security because this (quite high profile) kid went to the gun range with his dad and posted about it on social media. We’re sure some of the parents went into hysterics, but that’s when a calm and sober administrator has some words with the parents and end with, “Let’s try to be reasonable here.” It’s not when you call the student into your office and scare him half to death with law enforcement officers.

Then again, we’re not sure the Broward County Sheriff’s Office is firing on all cylinders.

But then, worse, Kashuv says that a TEACHER at the high school – Greg Pittman – said that Kashuv was a “dangerous” individual and was “the Hitler type” when he overheard students in his class talking about him.

“I find it utterly vile that he’d call a Jew the next Hitler,” Kashuv said in an interview with Fox News. “It’s also quite telling that he doesn’t know that Hitler took the people’s weaponry and I want more law-abiding citizens to have firearms.”

Not only is Kashuv courageous, he’s also pretty quick on the uptake. And he has a better understanding of the history of “gun control” than his leftist opponents ever will. We hope he, ahem, sticks to his guns in the face of overwhelming pressure, because that’s the stuff great leaders are made of.

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