Senators Want to Expand Background Checks

The call for stricter gun control has been in the air since the shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. We’ve heard it from the president, we’ve heard it from Hillary Clinton, and now we’re hearing it from Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa). Appearing at a reception Tuesday night where Toomey was honored by the families of Sandy Hook victims, the two made the case for new laws.

“What I’m trying to figure out is, is there something that could get the support of the 60 votes that we would need in the Senate,” Toomey said. “Joe Manchin was and is a great partner and someone I will continue to work with, and I’m open to exploring what is possible.”

The two senators hope to expand background checks in such a way that will keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. “If we stay at it,” Toomey said, “we’ll find a way to make progress.”

Until they actually move on legislation, it’s just talk. But Toomey is a veteran of the gun control wars, often finding himself at odds with the Republican Party as he pushed for stricter laws. Both senators pushed for tighter background check rules in 2013, only to ultimately meet defeat in the Senate. Today, with Republicans in control of both houses of Congress, their battle will be more challenging than before.

Still, there’s no question that every tragedy of this sort draws us a little closer to the left’s ideal form of gun control. And of course there will always be a handful of Republicans willing to play along. It’s far easier to just go with the flow. Far easier to take the popular stance instead of the right one. It takes courage to stand against gun violence victims and their families. It must be done with compassion, intelligence, and heart. Three qualities in short supply on Capitol Hill.

To be sure, the message sounds good. Why wouldn’t we want to create laws that would make it harder for psychopaths to get a gun? Isn’t that just common sense?

Well, yes and no. The problem is that people don’t walk around with a little sign on their forehead that says Mentally Ill. Plenty of mass shooters and murderers have nothing in their background to suggest they are a danger to society. Plenty of people who would never hurt a fly have psychiatric histories that would make them look more dangerous than they really are. How do we tell the difference?

The kind of legislation we’re hearing proposed would do great damage to the principle of doctor-patient confidentiality. When you tag consequences to psychiatric examinations, you discourage people from seeking help. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what kind of situation that creates.

If we really want to learn something from this tragedy, we need to stop using it as an excuse to push gun control, the evils of the Confederate flag, and other tangentially-related issues. We need to address the specific problems of this specific case and see what would have prevented it. And we need to have the courage to understand that bad things happen. Human history is littered with tragedy and death and blood. Does that mean we can’t try to do a little better? Of course not. But if we try to change the fundamental truths of the human existence, we’re sure to meet failure at every turn.

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  1. The more laws they create, the more of an outlaw become. Fuck their laws!!! Molon Labe!!! I am a rebel and revolutionary! It is better to be a lone wolf than a number in an organization. Lone wolfs always have a bigger impact and hardly ever get caught!!!

    • I’m with you on the revolutionalry rebel thing, but remember, a PACK of lone wolves is an effective and lethal force to be reckoned with. A lone wolf by himself is just a dog.

      • Groups only talk big. Militias, the klan, WAR, the black panthers, etc, they all talk big, but do hardly anything. Lone wolves get things done. Mcveigh, Roof, and the like take action. I hate that it has come to this, but this our new reality.

        • LieutenantCharlie

          If America was not a Country of Cowards, would not be talking about this!
          The Heros that died to keep America Free, are very ashamed today!

          • What happened to the testicular fortitude in this nation? Did it die with our grandparents? It is sad to see so many castrated and emasculated girly boys out here these days. I really want to take action, but they would ostracize me, denigrate me, and label me insane, or worst, they would shoot me like a dog in the streets. I wish we could wake people up, get them off their fat asses and out from in front of their TVs, and start a new revolution. People are so self serving these days. They will all become slaves and this is the reward they will reap for their inaction. It’s pathetic! I can hear them now, “But I have a job and house payment and 2.5 kids and blah blah blah.” Meanwhile, homos, illegals, muslims, and other riff raff are marching on OUR streets demanding we cave to their demands! When they are being rounded up and put into FEMA camps and reeducation centers, when they are made into slaves, only then will the majority of cowardly Americans say, “What happened? Why me?” and “I should have done something”. Pathetic!

        • McVeigh, Roof? Whose side are you on?

          • I am on the side of the Constitution and the America that the Founding Fathers envisioned. I used these names to emphasize a point. If you would have read the next sentence, I clearly stated, “I hate that it has come to this, but this is our new reality.”
            My point is, these lone wolves have much more impact on society than whole organizations of people. This is apparent when one is paying attention. No disrespect intended.

          • Defiance, I see your point but keep in mind, we don’t want “crazies” setting their “long-wolf” tone for involvement. It is not a reality that those two (and others) have set the tone—not as long as there are persons like you and me looking over their shoulder. And Defiance, I am, 83 years young, and have been seriously studying the Muslim/Islamic fiasco for the last seven years, I consider that problem to be the gravest problem facing this great country since our Civil War. There is something “massive” in the works that has our Congress and the courts petrified, and remaining silent on these issues. If my health holds up,I hope to have a book on this problem published before year-end.

          • I agree. It is almost as if there is an “illuminati” or some sort of ruling elites who is sanctioning what is happening over there. I wish you luck on your book sir.

          • I am on the side of the Constitution and the America that the Founding Fathers envisioned. I used these names to emphasize a point. If you would have read the next sentence, I clearly stated, “I hate that it has come to this, but this is our new reality.”

            My point is, these lone wolves have much more impact on society than whole organizations of people. This is apparent when one is paying attention. No disrespect intended.

          • So you endorse the killing of children, and elderly women to make your point?

          • I never said anything close to what you are claiming. Please, by all means, show me in my comment where I said these things that you have made up. You can’t. Why don’t you familiarize your self with the facts and reality before making hair-brained and ignorant comments/questions as you just did. This way you can prevent looking like an uneducated and ignorant fucktard in the future. Liberals are such retards!

          • You missed the point. Your question is null and void and I am offended by your stupidity. You are part of the problem apparently, what they coin, “Low-informed”.

          • When someone makes use of domestic terrorists like McVeigh as heroic lone wolves, that is an example of low-informed. However, I do grant you this and that our society no longer believes in the self sacrifice when it comes to protecting the nation. When only 1% of our population has been connected to our recent wars. For the rest of us, we were told by Bush to go out shopping. We are not even willing to pay for the wars. Every time I hear someone thanking someone for their military service, I know that what they are really thinking – thank God it is you and not me or my son or daughter.
            But as for the topic at hand, nothing will stop gun violence in the United States, not because of guns, but because we are a violent people. There is a 56% greater chance to be a victim of gun homicide in the US, than in every western industrial nation plus Saudi, Qatar, Japan, and a good number of African nations. So it is not the gun culture that is the problem, by our violent tendencies.

          • You have still missed my point and apparently only scammed over my comment. I never made these individuals out to be heroic. Jesus! I said that they have had a greater impact on society than any group like the klan or the new black panthers. It is a fact. They come out of nowhere and they create more mayhem and even death, alone, than any group ever has. My point is, that if there is going to come a revolution, it will be sparked by a lone wolf because, apparently, as individuals, we humans are smarter and more effective than we are collectively. The 2nd Amendment, and guns, for that matter, will never go away in this country. Those of us on this side of thing are way too powerful, resilient, and rebellious for a small minority of progressives to overcome, no matter how rosy their glasses may be.

          • Oh, and please stop trying to twist my words around, if that is what you are doing, because you are terrible at it.

      • Steve, a “pack” of lone-wolves is an oxymoron. If there is to be “blood in the streets”, I suggest everyone stay indoors and defend their home and other key locations. We will be unable to discern the “good guys (and ladies)” from the bad, as they will all look like the rest of us. That could well men that groups of the “good guys” would get pitted against each other. Remember, we have several million devout Muslims among us, and they are your neighbors, business associates, etc—I am sure many would respond to a call for Muslim “war Jihad”. Many have been here for years and blend in with the overall population. We would need to guard and defend all kinds of locations, such as key highway intersections, airports, bridges, power plants, cell-phone towers, hospitals, fire stations, national guard armories, sporting goods stores, etc., but we lack “organization, communications, food and other supplies, etc. I would advise citizens to report or make public any and all unusual activities around the 1200 or so Muslim mosques and by known Muslim activists.

    • behind every blade of grass !!

      • I meant to upvote. sorry. Yamomato said that I believe. Hopefully this will remain true!

        • Buck and Defiance, sorry to rain on your parade, but that was not the reason Japan did not invade the U.S. They did not have the troop and supply ships to carry out such a task. When they invaded the various Islands, they used “anything that would float”, which lacked “tonnage”, communications, armament, endurance and speed which hampered their overall efforts. I heard this while an officer in the USAF, enrolled in a military “war course”, eons ago. I believe that “utterance” was a propaganda effort on our part, which apparently was successful.

    • LieutenantCharlie

      Sigmund Freud said, “A Fear of Weapons is a Sign of Retarded Sexual and Emotional Maturity.”
      So girls, if you want a sexually mature mate, be sure he owns a gun!

  2. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    The Senators that think that stiffer and more background checks will cause the violence to stop, proves they are
    not intelligent enough to be in leadership. Make note of them, and vote them out. Even a Moron knows that a
    criminal is not going to go through a background check. The real issue is the government is corrupt and they want to take the peoples guns because they know that the people should have already removed them, according to
    the guidelines left us by the founding Fathers.

    • All that criminals need to do is buy from a gun owner or at a gun show. Skip the stores.

      • The number of guns bought by criminals at gun shows and private sales from gun owners is practically non-existent. Most guns that find their way into criminals hands are stolen from various places including a surprising number from police evidence rooms and from Mexico.

        • Not really. New York State about four or five years ago sent undercover agents to gun shows in Virginia, Texas and elsewhere, and they had no problems purchasing guns without a background check. And, at times they even told the seller they would have a problem with a background check. Besides, Larry Platt of Gun Owners of America has claimed that an individual seller has the right to sell to anyone, including criminals, since the latter will always be able to get guns.

          • New York agents claimed to have found a total of 14 private sellers and 1 licensed dealer who they said were willing to sell guns to them even though the agents claimed to have told them they couldn’t pass a NICS check. This was out of several thousand dealers and vendors supposedly approached. That hardly seems like they had an easy time of it. Also several of New York’s agents were detained for attempting to buy guns illegally. As for Larry Platt (?) I have yet to find anything to back up your claim about him or Larry Pratt saying anything remotely resembling what you say he said.

      • Steve Crawford

        Guns can be purchased in some states without a permit or a background check, that need to stop. Many qualified gun buyers are buying and selling firearms illegally and should be given stiff penalties when caught. All owners of a firearm should be responsible to report to the police if firearm is stolen in a timely manner. Taking and preventing firearms from a so called “mentally ill person” could lead to some wrongly confiscations or prevention’s.

  3. Going with the flow is not what we elected these bozos for….these Republican Senators are a disgrace.

    • Can’t argue with you there! The Republicans we put in office are now the new
      DEMOCRAPS! Just pay me the big bucks and I will vote ever how you want me
      to! Now they are as corrupt as the DEMOCRAPS!

      • independent thinker

        The biggest (but not necessarily the only) problem is the leadership such as Bonehead and McConnell. The newly elected are more likely to be responsive to their constituents.

        • The American citizens MUST show the billionaires and the other world powers, that they have the power by retiring all those career State and federal representatives. THEY HAVE TO REGISTER AND THEY HAVE TO VOTER OUT INCUMBENTS. Sadly it is getting little differences from a Dem and a GOP, we have DINO and RINO and it is hard to tell what is what.

      • I still think there’s hope; IF we can get a conservative duo in the WH this election. Perhaps THEN we can also get enough votes in the House and Senate to deep-six Boehner and McConnell. Those two old farts need to be put out to pasture and they need TO BE TOLD WHY – “YOU’RE TOO DAMN DEMONCRAP FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”!!!!

        The main thing now is being able to thwart the bastidge that currently inhabits the WH – BLOCKING HIM HOPEFULLY AT EVERY TURN. This guy has got to be stopped We, the people, because, as we all know, there are no guts in the rino party to impeach his lousy ass.

        • Your feelings were expressed right after the Black President took office. I bet you were OK when Boehner & McConnell had a meeting in DC, two hours after President Obama took office to make him a one term president. You also was probably OK when McConnell said PUBLICLY that he would VOTE NO to any bills sent to the House from the President. You also was against the Black President’s Infrastructure Job Bill that would have given millions of US citizens repairing our old 100 years+ infrastructure. You and others are also mad at the Black President because he will not send American troops to fight in a 1500 years civil war in the Middle East. I do not recall that you’ll did not call for an impeachment of the WHITE president that lied and thousands DIED, in Iraq and Afghanistan, his name was Bush. Sadly white hatred will cloud the minds of many Americans and many will support those that will take this country down, China and the Radical Muslim will thank you with death.

          • Steve, that was one of the most uniformed posts I have read in some time. Only your last sentence has any credence. Several months ago, I took extensive notes of comments being posted, and well over 80% were hearsay, innuendo or just “uniformed wishful thinking” and most contained profanity, obnoxious nicknames and off-subject gutter talk. And, while Google and the other search engines are not infallible they usually point a reader in the right direction.

          • ROFL, One of the most thing a White person hates is being called a whiter racist bigot, and that is different from a White Racist. There still too many Whites that have inherit from their forefathers that plantation mentality. They just cannot handle the fact that a BLACK President, had the the highest office in the USA, and Live in the WHITE House with his BLACK wife, the First Lady, and with their two beautiful children running around and playing on the white house lawn. The Majority of white bigots that didn’t vote for President Obama have spew their barrage of lies, name calling and hatred as I have never seen in my 70 years here on earth. And what have pisses me off is that many of my so-called white neighbors and friends will belittle and share there hatred about the President in my face. Fox News & Limbaugh have done their share on radio and TV to spread the hatred.
            And the white supremacy groups are active and spreading their hatred under their losing confederate flag. NO WHERE in the world does the enemy that lost the war get to display its flag, statues and symbols, but in the United States of America. The 19 white supremacy groups in SC, and other states are display the flag. Now they have set fire on SEVEN BLACK churches, they are raising their level of hatred once again, and there is very little rejection by Whites. Once AGAIN the SCOTUS have sided with the GOP to redistrict voting lines to ensure they can win the election.

          • Steve, a very lengthy post, without any substance, whatsoever. True, some Caucasians, just like some of most all other races, fit that description, but in all such large groups, most are very good people—the 80/20 percentage rule applies. And, you cannot label all white Americans with the prevalent “plantation mentality” (a very Southern “affliction) attitude of many in the South. Also, most people are not “picking on” the President because of his race— it is what he has done! If he had a sack over his head or was white, he would have been both impeached and criminally charged in his very fist term. Now, with his clearly displayed Muslim “bent”, he could well face a firing squad for treason—-again, it was and still is his continued obvious efforts to destroy the greatest social and political experiment in the recorded history of this planet—The United States of America! This country is not perfect, but we stand head and shoulders above all of the rest, when it comes to being a Republic, Democratic and freedom way of life. I challenge you to visit Africa and most any of the other 3rd-world countries for 30 days and then come back with your continued very biased philosophy. I trust you know that slavery still exist througout the Muslim world and in some other countries—much of it fostered by “Blacks”. Also, just to make your day, I suspect you don’t know that while the Blacks compose only about 12% of our population, they committee almost half of the violent crimes and within the Black community, about 90% of the violent crime is “Black on Black”—- yes, there is some room for problems and prejudice. Bottom line, we must stop this bickering and start solving these issues. One of the first items is, the Black community must reverse the very critical “one parent family” problem wherein that parent usually has to work, else few of their children are going to receive the necessary family guidance and education for a better life. And Steve, yes, there is much more, with problems on both sides of the racist fence. Note, all of that was said, without malice, profanity, obnoxious nicknames, gutter talk or threats—–we can solve these issues, but we must consciously work at it. I and most Americans will “extend our hand”.

          • Duh, redistricting is practiced by both democrats and republicans.

          • You’re out of your rabbit-assed mind. You don’t know me, or anything about me, or what I did or didn’t do. You think you’re psychic or something? How about PSYCHO! Your attack on me is a sign of your ugly biases and misinformation or just plain ignorance. Go play on the freeway; maybe after a few hits by a Mack truck you’ll be able to think straight!

          • Quite arguing about parties. Both parties are criminal past and present and need charged with treason.

          • So, Reid purposely tabling bills from the House that obama did not like was okay in your book. Pelose’s pass it to know what was in it and her back room deals and arm twisting is how Congress should work.
            You thing that the “Job Bill” should have been passed even though that millions would have gone to illegal workers, cronies of dems and republicans, and hopefully the “shovel ready jobs would be there this time. Remember TARP, and where did that money go?
            As for the calls for impeachment, there were calls for just that, don’t you remember?
            As for the Radical Muslim you mention, has Obama done anything to stop them? No, rather he call for Americans to be tolerant, he allows their radical imans to continue with their call for radicalism, he imports them in lieu of persecuted Christians.
            What you and many supporters of Obama fail to grasp is that it is his policies, not his race that many object to. It is not racism, as you claim, but poor policies and his circumvention of Congress, and contempt of court that have put our Republic at risk.

          • This ‘black pResident’ (you racist!) took Office with Democrat majority in both houses. I’m sorry, phrases like ‘the Republicans did it’ don’t work any more than ‘Bush did it’
            I’m curious, by white hatred do you mean hatred of whites fostered by the ‘black pResident, or hatred by whites of the black half? I personally hate both halves’ politics, but he’s probably a nice guy.

    • Our “elected reps”of whatever flavor, are a disgrace, which raises the following question. What does that say about the electorate,us?.It likely says something less than complimentary, whatever it exactly is.

    • Yup, RINO’s if you ask me! Just lip service as usual.

  4. here we have a group of inept asses who just have have their collective asses handed to them by obama and his scum bag lackeys and now they want to jump on gun owners,,,,,what a bunch of low life losers

    • LieutenantCharlie

      Definition of POLITICS;
      POLY = MANY.

    • LieutenantCharlie

      So Ron, how can we stop the SCUMBAG OBAMA?

      • Try to ignore him. 2016 will be here soon enough. Of course, depending how 2016 turns out, we could just be in deeper do-do.

        • One can only hope Dear Leader Obama leaves in Jan 2017 but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t find a crisis “too big to go to waste” to use to stay if office since he still has a lot of “transforming” to do in his pea brain.

          • If that were to happen I could only hope that both houses of Congress could finally learn how to work together, ignore Obama completely and learn how to run the country themselves.

            I would thing that they are capable of unseating a so called president and putting him out to pasture.

          • “jsc…..”, I suspect “that” would result in “blood in the streets”, and the probable end of this great country. In spite of our shortcomings, America has been the greatest social and political experiment in the recorded history of this planet—-Go to Africa and several of the other 3rd-world countries, and see for your self—-and then come back and apologize—-we will not say, “we told you so”.

  5. we need to do better an deeper back ground checks on senators an congressmen an supreme court justices an presidential canidates

  6. stick in your ear toomy ! western pa will stick to you next election !!

  7. Don,t need anymore laws they just need to enforce the one we have

  8. LAW”S! We have more laws on the books than can be enforced! More laws is not a answer! I would like to know what percent of guns used in crimes Are stolen or illegal. Had a aquaintance that is a felon. He always had a trunk full of guns. He was turned in many times because of this. His car was confiscated three times by the police. He always got his car back minus the guns. Never spent a minute in jail for Felon in possesion. He finally got 10 years for drugs. We pay his room and board now. At least he is off the street!

    • LieutenantCharlie

      P.S. – We currently have a Law on the books, that requires members of the UNORGANIZED MILITIA, to report, when and if called to duty, and in the event of an attack on our country, to the Duty Station assigned. Further more they will provide for their weapons, and the ammunitions required for their weapons.
      The penalty for not reporting and/or not having a weapon can be up to ten years in prison.
      So if you do not have a weapon, you had better get one!

      • I own guns and have a fair supply of ammo! Am not some pussy that has no backbone! I have fought wars and am ready if comes to it again! More laws are not going to help!

      • Lt, cite the law, so we can read it. I searched for “unorganized militia”, and found nothing of consequence. If the militia is “unorganized”, how does one know he or she is a member and to whom do “we” report? And, just who will ask “us” to report?—-the President?

        • independent thinker

          I don’t have the specifics in front of me but basely the unorganized militia is every citizen of the US over 16 years of age. I think the Sheriff is responsible for calling out the militia in his jurisdiction. He can do so either under orders from his superiors in government or on his own depending on the circumstances.

    • Tome, have the courage to list the “person’s” name, dates and location, so we can “Google” the case for authentication. I suspect it is hearsay, or just plain “BS”. One normally does not get their car back, in such cases, especially for repeat offenses. Also, even a very dumb crook, would not repeat the same acts that loose valuable guns. I admit, it could be the police were looking for a much bigger drug-ring and tolerated this guy—but I doubt it. As I have said many times before, much of the posted stuff is pure BS or hearsay.

  9. Did actually punishing armed criminals ever darken the mental doorsteps of these worthies? I suspect not,likely to much to expect, especially when there are always The Law Abiding who can be put through yet another bureaucratic wringer

  10. In order to hold some of the highest offices in the land only requires you get nominated by your party in questionable primary elections with questionable amounts of money being given to you and then getting enough votes in a regular election again with money from questionable sources you are now beholding to. There are some Psycs who say that most major politicians are borderline sociopaths. Read my first sentence, look at the actions you have seen our legislators, justices, and executive branch take in the last few years and honestly think if most of them could pass a basic psychological evaluation given to the FBI or the CIA employees….I think it should be a require ment to pass this evaluation to take office, they do more damage with a single law than any mass shooter has ever done.

  11. These senators are so misguided. If they really think that stricter gun laws are then answer then they need a little education. Most likely they just don’t want the people to have guns. They hate the 2nd amendment because it takes away from their power. Some probably salivate over the possibility of a defenseless population that they can control how they see fit.

  12. MuslimLuvChrist

    SCOTUS just redefined the term “Letter of the Law”.
    which is no longer the strict and exact force of the language used in a statute.
    It now means the spirit, general purpose, and policy of the statute.
    SCOTUS agrees with Gruber that American voters ARE STUPID!
    SCOTUS just passed gay marriage as law.
    SCOTUS will next accept obama’s sharia law that worships a prophet for raping a 9 year old girl, making pedophilia legal
    SCOTUS will next repeal the 2nd Amendment.

    The GOP primary doesn’t matter, ALL of your votes have been nullified!

    clinton will be president

    thru massive voter fraud from asylees, refugees, visa recipients, and
    10 states, like NY, issuing driver’s licenses and ID cards to ILLEGALS, in violation of the Real ID Act!

    why not increase background checks on illegals?

    • Since SCOTUS has ruled that intent and an unconscious lack of awareness of racism exist and are to be considered more import than actual written law, maybe it would be a good idea to require all those seeking a political office be subjected to a mental competency exam conducted by three independent mental health practitioners as a requirement After all politicians are far more dangerous to us than some idiot with a grudge and a gun can ever be.

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        Coupled with the “crisis is opportunity” theorem, obama hubris and narcissism guarantees that he will get his way, regardless of the consequences. Dr. Sam Vaknin, an Israeli psychologist and globally recognized expert on narcissism has stated of obama, “should he be subjected to psychological testing, for instance, to the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, which is a classical tool for diagnosing narcissism, or to the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), I have no doubt in my mind that he will be diagnosed as a classical, malignant, psychopathic narcissist.” One of those tests includes what he calls “pronoun density,” which refers to how many times one says “me,” “my,” “I,” and “myself,” in a single sentence unnecessarily, especially in places where you could have substituted other, more appropriate pronouns. Vaknin, describing a piece that he wrote in July 2008, said, “obama’s pronoun density is three times the average pronoun density of a psychopathic narcissist. I mean, that’s how bad it was. That is a major clinical sign.” Predictably, one of the characteristics of narcissists is that, filled with their own sense of inflated self-importance and self-admiration, they don’t capitulate. They’re going to get their way, regardless of the cost (the end justifies the means) including Intimidations and Threats against the Supreme Court of the United States!

    • LieutenantCharlie

      P.S. – Obama was promoted to Rizoli, in the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood!

      • Nice lie; first, you have to be a Muslim, and Obama is not. Can’t quite get it straight either he is the worst Muslim in the world since he does follow the five pillars of Islam or he is a Christian that belongs to a church that has an extremist minister.

    • First, Muhammad didn’t rape a 9 year old, but she became his wife at the age of 10, a young but normal age for females to be married in the 7th century. Here in the US., a 13 year old can get married or younger if the groom is no more than 4 years tolder. Second, Shari’ah will never be part of the US., because the major of Americans are Christians and the nation is actually becoming more security. Third, the second amendment will never be repealed. As for SCOTUS and the ACA, they did follow the letter of the law, particularly, in light of the fact that they had the actual creators of the ACA and members of Congress and their staff to elucidate what they meant in that section of the ACA.
      When it comes the gay marriage – “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – although I have never equated marriage with happiness.
      As for background checks, to be sure they can work, but one could argue that background checks can be seen as barrier to one’s second amendment rights, and by the way, should we not have the right to own automatic weapons, rocket launchers, flame flowers? Shouldn’t the right to bear arms mean any arms? For those who believe their should be revolution now against Washington, you have to consider that you will be facing the US Armed Forces, and how will you deal with tanks? Copters? Bombers, etc?

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        typical liberal scum muslim response!
        In July 2013, the MB, winning 70% of Parliament, proved to be inept at addressing Egypt’s economy. Time was wasted on issues like how long after a wife’s death the husband could continue to have intercourse with the body. Introduced as the SHARIA “farewell intercourse” law, it gave husbands a six hour “grace” period after her death! 
        They then stated Parliamentary procedure that it is acceptable in islam sharia for a man to chop up his wife and eat her (or one of them as the case may be), but only in the case of extreme hunger. 
        They were trying to clarify the law if she dies first, but then Sisi threw them out and on 5/16/15 sentenced Morsi and more than 100 other MB members to death! (now Egypt trusts obama less than we trust him).

  13. Here we go again, Another senseless shooting and every gun owner is instantly a criminal or insane. What they fail to tell you is that a background check usually consist of seeing if there are any outstanding warrants and a credit check. A comprehensive background check involves a complete history from birth to present, every place you have lived, every name, surname, nickname you have ever used, and involves the FBI. And, a background check does not include a mental competence review. .Depending on your history, that can take up to six months or more to complete.
    Or, you can do as the criminals do and ask around as to where you can buy a gun.

    • Roof isn’t insane. Just a homicidal racist and no background check will deal with that. Besides, he has a criminal background.

  14. The Senators think they have the best interest. Have them recalled and booted out of senate, right now.

  15. Let’s increase the background checks of anyone wanting to run for ANY public office!
    We have to stop this madness somewhere, quickly.

    • For Further good of the Country we should eliminate the ability of anyone running for office ,be band from holding an elected or appointed office if they were ever convicted of a crime. With exception to minor traffic violations. Or non violent misdemeanors.

      • Peatro, that is a little excessive—just not have been convicted or a felony, or who believe that Islam is the only true religion.

        • Excessive?? What are you saying we should allow criminals to lead our nation . Really I’ll ask you this just how many of our official s actually are convicted or how many have been charged with felonies have yet to be convicted l. How many are thieves embezzler’s, blackmailer’s or plain old con artist . Wake up smell the cesspool growing rapidly with in our government.

          • Peatro, their are dozens, if not hundreds of laws, that could be violated and not present a problem as to congressional elections. Again, felony should be the governing word. The citizens, with votes will determine who are not qualified due to minor violations. I agree that greed and power are major problems at many levels of government.

          • O really here’s an example for you Marco Rubio 4 traffic violations in 17 years. Are you not aware of just how the Demo rats tried to make those minor traffic offenses a problem for him. Now take that and consider if those 4 minor offenses had been more then misdemeanors . Criminal charges But not felony charges. My friend you sound very much like a naive neophyte with in the realm of politics As to what extent politicians with criminal back grounds may as well are bribed or blackmailed into making oppose votes. Votes against the greater good .

          • Peatro, I am 83 years young, a staunch Republican a strict constitutionalist and have voted in every general election since I was 18, except when military assignments “got in the way”. I guess that would make me one of your older “neophytes”. Trust me, I am far from being naïve. Minor offenses should never disqualify one from office—unless they are chronic in nature. I am not sure how you entered Rubio into the discussion, as I am in agreement with you on that issue. It is nigh impossible to blackmail someone for a known public record as they are usually “exposed” by the opposition before the election.

          • So then You do not believe That chief Justice Roberts,is being blackmail by the Obama Admin. in regards to his son in law entering this nation illegally as an immigrant from Ireland.

          • Florence Millard

            I believe back in 1949 you had to be 21 years old to vote. The 18 year old change came years later.

          • Florence, you are correct. I was 18 in 1950, the year I joined the USAF. I should have said I was active in “getting out the vote” while I was still in high school. We. in the military were raising cane in that we could be called to go to war and get shot, but could not vote. I was commissioned a “dumb” 2nd Lt, after graduating from flight school in 1954. The 26th Amendment was finally ratified on July 1, 1971. Of course, while active in politics all of that time, I could not actually vote until the amendment was ratified. Thank for pointing out my “errors and omissions”.

          • It was more than four and most the wife’s.

          • Wrong The combined total between Marcos wife and himself were 17 traffic tickets .13 were his wife’s 4 were his.

          • Peatro, keep it civil. Most all citizens at one time or another have had a ‘brush” with the law. We were not addressing those crooks now in office. I am sure many of them started out with a “clean” record. I am sure you have “jaywalked”, littered”, peed behind a bush, smoked a cigarette or had a drink in an unauthorized place, exceeded the speed limit or crossed the double yellow line—-where do you draw the line in view of the mountains of paper and computer work needed to install your program? Basically, “felons” are the criminals. Your approach would require most all citizens to have of government “record”, much of which already is a gross invasion of privacy—-or is that your goal”

          • My friend civility , compromise, back peddling rejection of ethics is exactly what has dragged this nation into the cesspool it is rapidly becoming. My friend marginalizing criminal behavior, as you just did by equating misdemeanors, with class 3 criminal acts. Is a bit absurd. Of course no one is absolutely law abiding. I shall say this though my answer to your question in reference to whether or not I may or may not have committed any of the above offense is this. Out of the 8 offense. I’ve committed but one that one was and is Jay walking .Peeing behind a bush is a indecent exposure charge it is not a minor offense. Now I have peed in the forest or mountains when out in country. But do not believe there was another soul with in miles. So yes I stand by exactly what I said. That has been the problem with the vast majority of this nations people we except so little moral or ethical values or no values what so ever. Passively going along to get along is weakness. Have you not learned anything from history. Have not this nations people learned anything.

          • Peatro, I sense we are not too far apart. However, with three hundred million people in this country, compromise is the only way. Right now, as we speak, the administration is trying to “force” the entire population into a single compliable mold—-force is not the way. The art of leadership is to encourage a group to “want” to follow one’s lead. Also, to just what crimes are you referring to prevent someone from running, that are not felonies? The term “class three”, requires an additional word, to make sense, such as misdemeanor or felony—and I already acknowledged there are some misdemeanors that should disqualify and “it” cannot be “absurd”, without clarifying the problem. And, you have never performed a “reckless” driving maneuver, speeded, crossed a yellow line or sped through a yellow light?—and later said to yourself or your spouse, “that was dumb”? And no, it is not the “vast majority” who are at fault. Like most all large groups of citizens, the 80/20 rules apply—80% are good, well intentioned, but often misinformed people. If you believe the opposite is true, you surely must be afraid to go out, especially at night. True, we have a lot of mild mannered (get along) people—but they will be “pushed” only so far. Right now we are being exposed to all kind of group “ruckus”, being instigated by paid “plants”–and “group mentality” takes over. I not only have learned a lot from history, but my 83 years young”, permits me to see a “larger” picture.

          • My Friend I know many whom are many years older then myself. Who have professed great wisdom, but lack common sense. Compromise is a weak persons or groups position. Just reflect on the Democrats during 2009 through 2013 they didn’t compromise. Now look to our house and senate majorities. Weak ,spineless , treasonous cowards. Whom betrayed both their oath of office as well their bold and loudly proclaimed promises to those who elected to give them the majority. You compromise from a position of strength, that is how you retain your values and hold fast to sound principles. As I’ve stated in past comments compromise is weakness. A statesmen or women does not negotiate away their values. The way I see it after having travel much of Europe and having stayed in an visited 42 states of these once united states. As well being a student of history. We seem so very far apart. Recent history speaks loudly as to how compromise is a fools errand. That is one of the very reasons I feel I can predict civil war in this nation so very,very soon. Yes the weak and cowardly shall be washed aside. For we no longer have a statesmen such as the great Benjamin Franklin.

    • I agree that no person who holds personal or dictated positions or beliefs, contrary to our Republic, Democratic, Constitutional and freedom way of life, should be permitted to hold any government elected or appointed position that requires such attributes—-that includes all governmental elected, appointed and hired positions. That also requires background checks or vetting, in that Muslims are not only permitted to lie, but are required to do so, if it “furthers the cause of Islam” in its violent quest to impose Sharia Law, Islam and world domination (by force if necessary). To elect, appoint or hire someone who you know will do that, violates all sense of logic, deductive reason and common sense (have an ulterior motive?). This is a very sensitive “PC” issue, and I caution those who might want to comment.

  16. LieutenantCharlie

    “Stiffer Background Checks”, means that these idiot Senators are refusing to face the true causes of VIOLENCE!!!

  17. I agree with expanded background checks as long as we can start with all of the political candidates in office
    any person aspiring to a political office. The would include all political appointees before confirmation by
    the Congress and their background check must be printed either on line and in their district so that the
    voters can make an intelligent choice of the best candidates for the job. Failure would result in being
    denied the opportunity to run for office of any sort. Now you want to run a full background check on me,
    go ahead, I carried a Top Secret Clearance for 23 years. I wonder how many individuals sitting on the
    bench could make that claim or even keep a clearance that long based upon their actions?

    • you are right dead on the money. EVERY person running for any public office should have a comprehensive psychological examination and post it publicly

      • And mandatory drug testing PLEASE!

        • Jarhead, including “pot”? The military used to conduct annual physicals, including drug tests, but I am not sure how that now fits into the overall scheme of things. One would think that if such tests are required for flying airplanes,handling nuclear weapons and highly classified information or material, they surely should apply to congress in sensitive classified positions.

        • Jarhead, those parameters, that have little to do with the issue at hand, especially now that pot is available as a “recreational” product. While I discourage the use of drugs, the great majority of users, otherwise, live a normal life—–again, unless tied in with violence or other crime, testing for drugs for all people who want to own guns, would be an invasion of privacy—the very thing we are all complaining about. To require it, would open Pandora’s Box to mandatory testing for everyone.

          • I was referring to all civil service workers, elected, appointed, hired or contracted and will add dreamers who submit blogs to this site like yourself. How come I have never met a drug user that lived a “normal life” after ten of thousands of contacts? Dondehoff you have wondered-off your drugs….seek help!

      • Bill, that is poorly thought out. First, doing so would violate their rights—second, would you agree to the same test, in order for you to comment? It is up to the citizens to determine who is and is not qualified, but such “inquiry” cannot violate their rights. If they had to submit to that examination, it would open Pandora’s Box, for an examination by one and all. Just who would conduct such examinations—the “other” political party?

        • 1st my comment is an opinion. you and I do not need to have a test to COMMENT. we are not running for a position to form laws that will affect many individuals. they are required by law to reveal their backgrounds and qualifications to hold an office. by doing this it allows VOTERS to make an informed decision. that is the problem with the vote in the US. peoples can not access the information regarding a candidates past and present histories. if you or I decide to run for public office every facet of our lives should be available for review by people who may or may not vote for us.

    • James, ever so wrong. Government should direct it resources to taking the guns from the criminals and the seriously mentally ill. Keep in mind the 2nd Amendment was clearly included in the Constitution to allow the citizens to defend themselves from tyranny—-which is raising its ugly head, as we speak.

      • That depends on the government’s definition of the mentally ill. This administration thinks that anyone that disagrees with them are mentally ill.

        • “mac”…, well on point. We must get congress to define that violence alone is insufficient to ban possession of a weapon. A single “slap” or hit during a fit of anger should not suffice, unless there were repeated events—you are right, the “powers that be”, will want all violence, to be grounds. We must get the NRA and other gun associations, using medical histories and advice, to come up with workable boundaries. Note, some of many kinds of violence will qualify. We must also get those parameters installed in the VA as they too have become “excessive” in their evaluations.

          • Expanded background checks is just another attempt to chip away at the 2nd amendment. Adam Lanza used his mother’s guns at Sandy Hook so expanded background checks wouldn’t of helped. Most of the people murdered in the country are done by people who couldn’t pass an FBI background check, and they’re killing with illegal weapons.

    • What about the argument that while background checks can and do work, they are still an abridgment of our second amendment rights? Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America claims that we should reject all background checks because criminals will always be able to get guns. Plenty of gun shows.

      • Mogan, there are many positions where background checks are necessary, but let us not open Pandora’s box where they are required for everyone. It is “not” an infringement wherein the job or the owner, entails a requirement that drugs not every be involved—and there are many—it is the job that dictates, not the individual who has the option of not applying for the job.

      • Don’t like employment background checks……don’t apply for the job….. practice morality.
        Want to stamp out HIV/AIDS? practice morality.
        Want more honesty in Government? Check out their morality.
        But don’t every go on record with the Guv-mint that you own a gun because that is what they want to know…….CONTROL.

  18. These ASSHOLES need to be in the unemployment line the day after they come up for re-election.

  19. The G O P has turned out to be nothing more than BRAIN DEAD TURNCOATS, Obama ASS KISSERS & very worried about their jobs. I hope they ALL LOSE as they DESERVE A BIG LOSS & I think they WILL. I will NEVER vote Repub Again After 70 years.

  20. Our stupid Congress doesn’t know what the hell they are doing…we don’t need more gun control nor more background checks. Put the criminals in prison or jail when they violate the law. Instead our government let’s them out. How many murders, rapist, robbers, drug dealers, etc has Obama just let out so he can take away the rights of law abiding citizens. Obama is the criminal he’s violated the US Constitution by making immigration law. By releasing Gitmo Terrorist that has gone back to fight with the enemy of the United States. Now he want to make a deal with a terrorist country Iran. Iran also supports terrorist organization such as Hamas, Al Quida, etc. Iran has already said they want to destroy America. They will not have to our President is destroying it for them. The Congress will not even hold the President accountable for treason, nor willing to impeach him. Now the Congress want to take away the gunrights of the American Citizen given to us by the US Constitution. But you see our politicians such as Harry Reid, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and many other Democrats and Republicans don’t give a damn about our Constitution it’s all about power and who can control the people. To HELL with them…If they keep me from having a gun I will buy one illegally if I have to buy it from a criminal organization. You see Congress only the criminal will have guns so if you have to become a criminal to own a gun then I say go for it so to hell with Congress as we as our crooked, criminal traitor,treasonist President as well as our crooked Congress. Citizens it time we unite to get rid of leaders that want to take away our right. Don’t vote for an incumbent in 2016. Vote for someone new as our politicians are screwing the American People…just look at healthcare, our economy, higher taxes, foreign policy, and the security of the United States. Our Congress And President says pass a new trade deal, need to extend the USA Freedom Act etc, but they leave our borders open and release Gitmo terrorist , make a deal with Iran, Put higher taxes on business driving them to Mexico, China, Japan, and now want to restrict ownership of guns. Hell Know. Call Congress and the President and tell them to go F–k Themselves. I am fed up with the politicians saying smaller government and supporting all this crap and how they need this law and that law and really the only reason they need it is to take away the power of the American Citizen. Need I Say More?

  21. Gun control is promoted with the false promise of crime control and security. Both of these promises are false. Gun control began with laws against slaves possessing firearms without the permission of their master. In the southern slave holding states, the law books included “slave codes.”
    The Civil War ended slavery, but the slave code books were simply re-titled as Black Codes. As a result there were additional amendments to the Constitution with the Fourteenth Amendment. In part…

    Amendment XIV

    Section 1.

    All persons born or
    naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction
    thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they
    reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the
    privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any
    state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due
    process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. … ”
    Gun control then moved north into the New England States with New York’s Sullivan Law which licensed handgun owners. Tim Sullivan was a leader of the Irish Five Points gang and he actually wrote the law to promote his gang and control his rivals. To that end, he retained the right of arbitrary denial of any application.
    That pattern remained in place until the 1980s, when “shall issue” laws began to pass in the various states.
    The NRA is attacked regularly as being behind all the violence. But a little logic will show that the NRA has more to lose from gun violence, while the anti-gun groups have the most to gain because they always have a “new solution ready to go.”
    The anti-gun PTB like gun control because it does not apply to “them” or their minions. And gun control leads directly to the very crime and violence they need to promote more gun control laws.
    In those States that have laws that allow average citizens to always have a defensive weapon at hand, crime goes down. In some of those States “Gun Free Zones” carry criminal penalties which mean that generally only those who are looking for unarmed victims for robbery or murder will have a weapon.
    In Charleston, SC although the State has a shall issue concealed carry law, many places, including churches, enforce a gun free zone. The killer sat for an hour with his victims before he began to kill. It is possible he just waited to determine that his was the weapon present.
    Here in Kansas when concealed carry law was passed in 2006, churches were included in the list of 22 places where guns were banned. Even before the first licenses were issued in 2007, many church leaders and ministers complained about being disarmed by law. In early 2007, HB 2528 made the list of off limits places under control of the venue. A church could decide to not post the No Gun signs. Many if not most churches in Kansas are armed for self-defense with pastors and members deciding to carry defensive weapons.
    The fact is that killers don’t want to be stopped until they have satisfied their rage. When they meet opposition they often commit suicide.
    Gun control actually kills people.


  23. Every time I read an article like this,makes me wonder if the anti-gunners are the cause/creators of these random mass murders. Hasn’t anyone ever noticed/wondered why there is never any mention of confiscating guns from the criminal(s)…..And please forgive me ,I mean no disrespect for those who died or those left behind to mourn their deaths,, when reading these type(s) of articles these people(including the president) show no remorse for all who died,their only desire is to confiscate guns/weapons from law-abiding citizens.

  24. Another forum had a good take on the gay marriage SCOUS ruling. It makes States that deny recognition of the right to keep and bear arms, to whit, not recognizing the carry licenses of other states unconstitutional.
    Maybe some of the good citizens arrested at NYC JFK Airport when an airline returns checked baggage with a gun inside will now have grounds for appeal to the High Court?

  25. never put your guns or names on any paperwork to say you own any type of gun or ammo…instruct your kids that they never talk about your guns or hunting trips to especially your family doctor…or teachers…mandated stool pigeons

  26. Alleged Comment

    Instead of doing background checks on citizens. (They don’t think we have the “smarts” to be anybody). And you know what? THEY ARE RIGHT because anybody that would put them in (they think) must be STUPID. Hence, you get the background check and not the assos (politicians for those politically handicapped) who should be really getting the background checked and VERY thoroughly too.

  27. the only background checks that need to be expanded are the ones for these government officials! most are crooked, they all lie! you can’t trust them and I’d guess most have something to hide that would have made them ineligible to run

  28. If the old existing gun registering laws were to be enforced, all of this new crap would go away. Just like if the old existing immigration laws were enforced, most of the immigration problems would go away. All of this crap reminds me of a saying from Groucho Marx: “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, misdiagnosing it and applying the wrong remedies”. I would like to add to that: “and once the $hit hits the fan, they claim they had nothing to do with it, or once voted out of office because of it, they claim “too late, I have my money because of it”.

  29. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Then there was Dianne Fineswine who bought a gun for her son.
    Les not forget the AT’s “Fast and furious” who told gun dealers to sell multiple firearms to folks so they could “track them” Except once the guns hit the border they disappeared!

  30. So, just seeing a psychiatrist can be a red flag for owning a firearm? I went to a psychiatrist once – it was part of the psychiatric evaluation that goes along with a government program called HRP (Human Reliability Program). Without getting into all the details, a “Q” clearance is a pre-requisite for enrolling in HRP, and once you pass (and I did), you are qualified to be in close physical proximity to nuclear weapons (weapons about 10 billion times as powerful as my Winchester M70 .30-06 ). Does it matter to the gun grabbers WHY you had to have an interview with a psychiatrist? Or does that not fit in with the government “one size fits all” boloney?

  31. Republican leadership is an oxymoron.

  32. Once we’re disarmed they are free to turn the US into just another UN run third world stinkhole.

  33. This whole issue is absurd. We cannot change the background checks until we further define who can legally have a firearm. That is not going to happen with our current mental health program in this country. We have to completely overhaul mental health. That is not happening. and until the HIPPA law is modified so that family members can get help from Social Security, we will never make any strides toward reducing gun deaths.

  34. I do not have the solution in it’s entirety, However I do know what would serve as deterrent. Eliminate most of these so called Gun Free Zones, They shine like a neon sign screeming SOFT TARGET, NO ONE HERE CAN SHOOT BACK. Make firearms possession mandatory per the Articles of militia under subheading ; Unorganized Militia. If everyone is armed and can shoot back, It has Historically proven to be the greatest of deterrents to actual gun violence because most criminals are cowards for the most part and Nobody in they’re right mind wants to get shot at!

  35. I do agree with the Second Amendment Rights Given And So Stated To “Bear Arms”, To Own and Defend Ones Family, Property, Self and Against Any Foreign Or Domestic Insurgency !! However, I Believe there Must Be An Extreme Legal Penalty For Committing ANY CRIME with A GUN Be It A Shoot Gun, Rifle, Hand Gun Or Any Other Type Gun !! Further,I Believe Such Severe Penalty Should Be Extremely Harsh; Such As The Death Sentence Or Life In Prison With No Parole and No Exceptions !! The Claim Of Insanity or Diminished Capacity Should Never Apply !! Lawyers Would Probably Object To This Suggestion, As They Could Not Plead Insanity and Drag Out Such Cases For Their Own Profit Or Gain?! Such Penalty Should NEVER APPLY To Any Act Of Self Defense, Defending Ones Family, Ones Property or Act Of Foreign Or Domestic Insurrection !!! The Background Check Process Is Not Doing The Job, as No One Really Checks Comprehensively Or Thoroughly !! The Proper Background Check Procedure Would Likely Even Be Cost Prohibitive ?! The Background Check Is None The Less Better Then Doing Nothing !!

    Many and Maybe Even Most Gun Owners Use Their Guns For Hunting, Which Servers To Preserve The Balance Of Nature And Provide For Interesting And Nutritious Meals!! Hunting Provides An Excellent Way To Commune With Nature And Enjoy The Great Out Of Doors as well !!


    Please Call
    1-855-827-2351 And Contact Any Or All Elected representatives and speaker Boehner at 202-225-0600, Tell Them To Step Up And Aggressively Fight Against The Obomer Regime, Agenda And Tyranny Or
    Get Out Of Washington !!!! Join The Judicial Watch at,The Freedom Watch at and Convention Of States (COS) at


  36. Toomey is a Traitor who should be disarmed…along with ALL politicians voting for this form of Registration/Confiscation – the ultimate TREASON against the people…….

  37. Mental health is the avenue to gun confiscation..
    It worked for the communists and Nazis prior to WWII

    American Psychiatric Asso: Half of Americans are mentally ill….by the time these
    2 scumbag politicians finish crafting – it will be everyone except them..

    Be careful what you ask for

  38. No gun laws will ever solve the problem of gun violence because by nature the U.S. is the most violent nation among the western industrialized nations. Nothing is every going to change that.

  39. They want to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill? The definition of a gun nut is a liberal with a firearm.


  41. The only place they need expanded checks is on politicians. Had they done there job we wouldn’t have obama in office nor would we have a large part of this congress.

  42. Gun control, (Punishing honest, law abiding AMERICANS) Never works. Expanded background checks is a sneaky form of registration which always leads to confiscation! But then, the Constitution doesn’t seem to mean anything to the socialist party and their president except another speed bump!

    If Obama gets his way, we’ll be in a shooting war and where will these TRAITORS hide then? That’s includes RINOs.


  44. Re the claim of the headline, possibly true but the following comes to mind. Have these worthies let us ordinary people on to exactly what desirable ends such action might possibly accomplish? What god might actually,in the real world, be accomplished? Foolish me wonders.

  45. In my home state, Maine, in order to get a concealed carry permit, the local authorities do check to see if you have been in a mental hospital, on drugs,etc. But, to buy a gun,I believe, they don’t check on mental status, only on felony convictions. It takes a two minute telephone call.

  46. Rodger K. Shull

    I think it would do the USA a great deal, to have BACKGROUND CHECKS on any one that is a SENATOR ,CONGRESS MAN , a Judge (appointed an voted ) a person running for POTUS. An hold them to any an all promises, they made to get into office, break promise, then it is pack it up an go home, you are fired.

  47. Socialist fruitcakes!

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