Senator Michelle Obama?

There’s a report now that Michelle Obama is being encouraged by her husband’s most fervent supporters to pursue office when his term in the White House is finished. According to sources close to the couple, Michelle is considering a move to California, where she might take aim at the Senate seat vacated by Dianne Feinstein in 2018.

81-year-old Feinstein isn’t a lock to retire at the end of this term, though she has dropped plenty of hints that this is her last time around. Right now, there are no official reports on where the Obamas will move once they leave Washington, but most people think Los Angeles is a good bet.

As far as a future in politics is concerned, Michelle has not waffled. Asked in June of this year whether she would consider jumping into politics once her husband’s presidency was over, she answered simply: no. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time someone has dismissed the idea of a political career only to reconsider at a later time. And Michelle has shown a willingness to get involved; her campaign for fitness and obesity reduction has been almost as political as anything Barack has done.

It wouldn’t be at all surprising to see her make a go at political office, though it would be tiresome. We’ve had enough of these political dynasties. Jeb Bush is said to be considering a run at the White House in 2016. Do we really need a third member of the Bush family at the head of the country? Out of 300 million Americans, we have to keep coming back to the same small families? The Clintons, the Bushes, the Kennedys, and now the Obamas? What greater vision of our country is being realized by keeping power concentrated in such a small focus?

No American Royalty, Thank You

We established term limits in this country as a way to avoid monolithic leadership. Granted, these political dynasties are nothing new. Adams, Roosevelt, Rockefeller…these families held office at both the national and local levels well before our current crop of politicians. But just because something has always been a certain way doesn’t mean we have to keep letting it happen, right?

In the Constitution, it says that “no title of nobility shall be granted by the United States.” While no one has ever suggested appointing a king, the ongoing celebration of these family legacies demonstrates a weakness in our democracy. Even if you happen to believe that Bill Clinton was the best president in history, doesn’t it make you a little uneasy to put his wife in the White House?

As far as Michelle Obama is concerned specifically, time will tell if she throws her hat into the political ring. Judging by her time as First Lady, I think she might be more comfortable with a talk show or some other fluffy outlet we can all ignore. Regardless of her intentions, though, we’re not doing our country any favors by dwelling on these same few names. In America, the land of ideas and innovations, surely we can find some other options.

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  1. The only 2 states she might consider are Ill and Ca both liberal to the bone – vote early vote often and never never tell the truth

  2. We cannot allow the stupid Americans to allow another Obummer in our White House!

  3. One damned thing for sure ; she is commander in chief of all libtards & in the same category of the other cronies to destroy the U.S. internally with commie, muslim dictated deceit toward all U.S. Citizens Freedom Rights… !

    • let’s not forget Valerie Jarrett…she has way more influence in the WH and Washington in general…she is Moochie Mitch’s friend & confidant…wonder where she will land when the dust settles from the expulsion of the Obamagoons from the WH

  4. Senator michael/michelle obummer? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a start to my week!

  5. DAMNIT!!..I Live In “COMMIEFORNIA” Republican, 2nd am, Veteran (vietnam), Gun Owner and Human..

  6. Chubaka for senator.

  7. California is now on a downward drop that is very steep. Moochie Obola would be a horrible addition to an already liberal loon controlled state that is completely on the skids.


  9. Be interesting to see if the fruits and nuts in Cali are any dumber than they were
    when they elected Jerry “Moon Beam” back into the Governors office. If they still
    sucking down the Kook Aid they might just vote for her. Then they could buy
    some more lubricant and get ready for a bictator to subjugate them to her will while the occupier of the White House plays golf all day long and pontificates about his dreams of conquest over the world.

  10. What a joke. Michelle Obama as a senator? She has already done more damage than Feinstein.Look at the damage she has done in the school system, for one! She thinks that she is Queen already. I say, send them both to where Obama came from.

  11. Good place for her if she has to do it, as someone just as bad would probably be a shoe in to begin with.

  12. HOLY CRAPAZOLA!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE NOOOOOO.. we ought to just get rid of the presdinacy and make it a monachry that votes its successor in… roosvelts,,, bushes,, clintons.. oblameas… this is crazy..

  13. Pretty much the same as the hildabeast has done…and although a complete failure at each stage, hildabeast stumlbles along to the next job….like the $6 billion unaccounted for while acting as Sec of State… do you looose $6 BILLION??? only the govt and truly incompetent folks can do that…cause stealing that much would require real skill….

  14. Senator Michelle Obama? Makes you want to barf, doesn’t it?

  15. Forget about moochelle for now! It’s time to shut down Chillary Clinton! Now and forever! This woman should be run out on a DC rail, tarred and feathered!

  16. She’ll be a good little comrade for the party.


  18. I know most DEMS, lefties, greenies, are moorings drifting loose in the ocean but if they elect Michael -lle to the senate I know for sure they are mentally ill!! ALL her failed policies are that – FAILED!! Her move on program failed-more kids are obese today than when she became first man…errrr first lady. Her white house garden versions 1-4 are feeding squirrels as she and her staff are too lazy to go pick the fruit/vegetables or whatever in it and all her gardens have gone to see (like her head). Her taking vacations while urging others to “conserve” and live in smaller houses and protect the environment shows her stupidity, callowness, selfishness, etc Her Bring the girls home twitter campaign was useless like she is. WHAT HAS SHE DONE THAT HAS BEEN GOOD? NOTHING!! Except spending taxpayer money. Now at that she is great. GOOD GOING MICHELLE – you can spend taxpayer money and waste it. Now there’s the key to your legacy!

  19. And she’ll be able to get government jobs for little Melita and Semolina.

  20. ConservativeSenior

    Nothing like a lying, disbarred sociopath for a senator.

    • That is what cost Hillary her Job when she was fired from the Law Firm when they were investigating Water gate ,, She can not tell the Truth Ether! , We have had enough Lawyers, lets get some good Military , which have learned how great our Nation was and have Protected it ,, The Democrat Lawyers are Just Greedy

      • Lets pass a law to elect only Military.

        • The amount of work that gets done in Congress is sickening , they work about 100 days a year , Mostly on bills to get them reelected and they really like us at the Polls but now that has became Fraud , I worked for one of the larger Auto Companies and nomatter how much yo worked you would get treated like just a Number, My Wife got sick and they Fired me , the Union got me back , She was an Experemental patient and she was in Hosp. for over 5 Mos ,, what they were complaining about cost them nothing and when i went to settle up it cost a Dime , she had made a Phone Call , She had Lupus , which showed up while I was in the Army ,, It was the end of month and I was broke and the Medicine needed was one I had to fill in town ,, I said I was broke ,, My CO asked how much ,I needed 10 Dollars He loaned it to me When I went to repay him on Pay day , he refused it saying I had been an Excellent Medic and just do something nice for some One Else . That was at end of tour in Korea in 1951 ,, In the military you look out for one another , You write a letter to our Senators , It’s a waste of time

  21. Excellent point. These “political” dynasties are one of the reasons this country has gone down the tubes as far as it has. We need someone fresh, exciting, untainted, and having the best interests of the people at heart. Anyone know such an animal?

  22. Does the Congressional complex in DC have enough grazing land for Mooooooooooooooooo-shell?

  23. Another unqualified lib in Congress. Makes sense and she would be just like her old man, not a clue what is going on and screw everyone out of their rights. GOD HELP US!

  24. This isn’t even funny. just the thought makes me Ill. I hope everyone has seen what it is. First tranny congressman. But Hillary got elected to the Senate.

  25. Why not? the african pretender has done his best to turn America into an african style cesspool..the ho can continue his efforts at annihilation of the economy, making the USA look like zimbabwe to the dicktators of the world and most importantly the ho can help ramp up racial conflict in the USA…..

  26. She is a joke… the American people had enough of the Obamas, just like the Clintons…their actions, robbing us blind with their Elitist spending on our dime… will never happen !

  27. I wonder if the actual threat of a full investigation into her background will stop her in her tracks?

  28. God help us

  29. is this a big joke? she has the qualifications to be a toilet cleaner not a senator and that is a hell of a big gap. can’t anyone put better rhetoric on here than this tripe. NEWS PEOPLE GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR REAR ENDS..

  30. I am hoping that their next residence in in Ft. Leavenworth. they and all involved need to answer to us for their rimes against this nation.

  31. They bought a multi-million dollar house in a gated community in California….must be nice to get so rich in so short a time….so I guess she could run. Lord Help Us!

  32. I hear there is an outhouse vacancy, she be good representing it with all the BS she spews!

  33. She is going to run on her record with school lunches?

  34. California and the Obummers deserve each other.

  35. you know what. anybody that would elect Feinstein all those years would probably vote for this thing.

  36. Only good out of this news is maybe Obama will not quite be done destroying America by 2016

  37. “MIKE” would look good standing next to PeeLowSee in a matching Dress …….

  38. her and Oslama should stop hitting the crack pipes, there getting to high to think that this nation wants another lying,stealing, treasonous trader anywhere in the political system for this nation. hasn’t her illegal lying Muslim dictator destroyed this nation enough and bankrupt us to the core. this is like Hillary thinking she is what this nation needs, she has had more people murdered that the Nazi’s. her husband was a scum bag and even when he got caught with Monica he stilled lied to where he had no where else to go and then he admitted she was under his desk polishing his shoes HAHA. These scum bags in DC think that they are so smart and we are so stupid. this just amazes me that these arrogant self righteous treasonous traders think we the people want them back to give the illegals everything and to continue to let ISIS just walk across the border to kill us. this gives me a bad case of diarrhea just to think this witch thinks these even has a brain. question why did t he Bar Association take her law license, answer insurance fraud but the main stream media like always hides the truth. she is a douche bag like her slimy dictator Muslim old man.

  39. how about inmate instead

  40. When are the blacks going to wise up?? More black people need to speak up that have changed parties. We do not need the Bush family in politics anymore or any other has-been.

  41. Spare us please. She messed up the school lunch program and now wants to mess up the country even more than her husband is doing. Can you imagine the downward spin of the country with Hillary and Michelle in office? Perhaps I will move to Canada – they call a terrorist and terrorist.

  42. Why do so many people in this country think that the wife of a president is qualified to run for office just because she is the wife of a president? Nick Dodge would be a better candidate.


  44. No transvestite reps please….A male first lady was more than enough….to gag a maggot.

  45. If she runs for office, of any kind, I will have to consider moving out of the country. Dont even make these assumptions this early in the game.

  46. He/she is disgusting. She starves the kids in school, takes elaborate vacations at our expense, etc. Really!?

  47. Wasn’t she disbarred from practicing Law???? I would assume it was for a malfeasance compliant, a violation of the law or gross misconduct…..wouldn’t that also make her ineligible to run and hold a Senate or Congressional office????

  48. I think they said senior !

  49. Long story short, Hillary is defeated in a landslide and Mrs. Obama will forget all about it.

  50. It makes me OVOMIT!!

  51. WELL: Will she run on the LESBIAN or TRANSGENDER PLATFORM ? Since OBAMA is QUEER she might be also.

  52. Perfect! One A**hole Senator to replace another A**hole Senator in the state that is the A**hole of America. We need to keep herding them in that direction, while all the real American business’ and people get while the getting is good.

  53. California hide your children. I’m sure Michell or Michael will have a carrot for them.

  54. i would not vote for michell obama if my life depend on it she hasent got any more sence then her so call husbind does

  55. Californication is the only dumb ass state that would vote for a pig communist terrorist bitch transvestite for any orifice in this country. The people of Calif. are stupid enough to elect a pig like that. That would make me want to throw up all over myself just thinking about it.

    • Please Paul …..
      Iy’s the NORTHERN Cal fruitcakes ….San Francisco-Stockton,-Silicone Valley-Sacramento —
      That’s why we are trying to split So-Cal away from Nor-Cal ……….

      • Good luck on that Mac, I believe it will be very hard. I don’t understand why they keep electing Feinstein and Peloosi each time.

    • I hope they are not that stupid. Ah…mea culpa…They did vote in Fancy Pants Nancy.

  56. Same goes for local politics, even in rural Alaska. Same names every year, father,son, grandson. Very tiresome, and after every election the govt. payrolls explode by all the new hires who helped with the campaign or are just relatives/friends hopping onto the gravy train. The parasites, in the sense they add 0 to the GDP, have now grown into a larger group than the producers paying their salaries! Soon we will tip over. Good. They”ll go away.

  57. She is a He, is NOT married to the ‘illegal alien Obama,’ and the time is fast approaching when America recognizes this and casts both fakers OUT OF AMERICA very soon!!!

  58. The thought is repulsive!

  59. NO! Not only no but HELL NO.

  60. I would never vote on anything for Michelle Obama….

  61. I am hoping they go to Africa where he can spread his lies and as she hates all whites, it would be good company for her.

  62. Might as well be Michelle, The election results are so fixed in California that the Democrats now have a choice of who they will coronate, Michelle or a box of paper clips.

  63. Why not, California’s election system is so corrupt that it really doesn’t matter what the people want. It is what the Democrats want and their choice.
    Last time the fix was on and Feinstein got re-elected. This time the fix will be on again. I live in CA and have been disenfranchised for years.

  64. So the Democrats have found someone as lame as Feinstein to put into office.

  65. She could always be a travel agent——after all, she’s been to so many places! And, besides, she’ll have the added perk of telling customers how to do it on other people’s money………………………..

  66. Why would Mooschelle want to be a Senator in such a mean country as America.

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