Senator: Informant Told Congress There Was “Secret Society” at DOJ

A day after it was revealed that Congress had come across new text messages sent between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page, that made reference to a “secret society” at the Department of Justice, Sen. Ron Johnson told Fox News that the mysterious texts were not the only evidence his investigative committee had of these clandestine groups.

“What this is all about is further evidence of corruption, more than bias, but corruption at the highest levels of the FBI,” Johnson said. “And that ‘secret society?’ We have an informant that’s talking about a group, they were holding secret meetings off-site. There is so much smoke here; there is so much suspicion.”

At that point, Fox News host Bret Baier interrupted: “Let’s stop there. Secret meetings off-site of the Justice Department?”

“Correct,” said Johnson.

“And you have an informant saying that?”

“Yes,” replied the senator.

Unfortunately, Johnson could not reveal any more than that.

“We have to dig into that,” he said. “This is not a distraction. Again, this is bias, potentially corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, that is now investigating — and by the way, Robert Mueller used to run the FBI. He is in no position to do an investigation over this kind of misconduct. So I think that at this point in time, we probably should be looking into special counsel to undertake this investigation, but Congress is going to have to continue to dig.”

These “secret society” revelations are only the latest evidence that something is extremely rotten in the state of Denmark. Yesterday, we reviewed tweets from two prominent House conservatives who are calling for the appointment of a second special counsel to delve into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation. Now we have Sen. Johnson echoing that call. It’s only a matter of time before a clear majority of Republicans are publicly demanding that we hash this whole thing out once and for all.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, they say. Maybe that’s true and maybe it isn’t, but this is a whole hell of a lot of smoke. We at least need someone to go in and check for flames.



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  1. The Republicans need to get these investigations into high gear before the mid-term elections. If there is any possibility at all that the Republicans lose the House or Senate (or both), any on-going investigations will quickly be shut down and the deep-state perp, to include the Clintons, will walk free. Senators Johnson and Gowdy need to kick these matters into high gear. McConnell and Ryan need to stir up the base. Special Counsel needs to get to work now in the hopes that there may be some Grand Jury possibilities before the elections. While this may sound political, Schumer and Pelosi have clearly shown that they are more than willing to “burn” the constitution in the furtherance of their party’s corruption.

    • McConnell and Ryan are rinos, a not so secret society.

      • The are part of the NWO group. “That’s not who we are” Ryan has proven it, as well as goofy McConnell, by their support of the phony refugees. The evidence is around the world the muzzies are being used by same to destroy the west. All supporters in COngress are solely after their elitist status in the order…..just like Graham and the communists.

    • Dennis don’t be concerned what it “sounds like”. It’s always appropriate to call a rat a “rat”. We don’t give a tinker’s damn what they think. Schumer and Pelosi head up the most corrupt organization this nation has ever known. Briefly stated it is the faction working to do away with the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence asap. And even more in short, to do away with the United States of America as it was founded in 1776-1789. They want to head up a totalitarian regime like those in Venezuela and Cuba of today. They care nothing about or for We the People. It is also unfortunate that we have people in the population today who support these reptilian blobs of swamp slime.

  2. It IS painfully slow. But truth and justice must prevail. There is no truth forthcoming by the conspirators. Hopefully Sessions has gotten into the groove and we will see results. I’m certain he had his suspicions about the FBI. But was just as surprised as we all were as to the depth of the TREASON. Oops sorry. I meant conspiracy.
    Remember to vote.

  3. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    So, where were the “secret society” meetings held? The Obama compound?

    Just wondering.


  4. Apparently anyone out there that denies “secret societies” exist are trying to hide the fact that the BILDERBERG group, SKULL and BONES, and the ILLUMINATI are THREE I can think of offhand that “meet off site” to discuss “running” the U.S. Looks like there is yet another to add to the “list”..

    • Isn’t Tromp with those groups this week?

      • Apparently you are Left fascist troll. I think people should not respond to your stupid and biased remarks on this blog. This is not for you. Go to your ANTIFA and BLM people. This is where you belong

        • ray2hill, is an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

        • Amen. Unfortunately we find posts here now and then left by anti-America teen mentality buttheads. Ignore them. They are nobodies seeking attention.

          • I have blocked him so that I do not have to put up with his stupidity.

          • Allyssa ray2hil has the mentality of a 14 year old juvenile delinquent seeking attention. I worked with someone once who labels his kind as “stick stirrers”. They are childish ones who walk around looking for a pile of doggie do and when they find one they get a stick and stir it up to create a stink. They then go innocently sit somewhere and laugh as people walk by and respond to the stench. His kind never makes useful contributions to the good of humanity. He’s a middle age brat laughing his head off at the responses we make about his juvenile intellectually limited posts.

      • You need to take your headphone off and see the truth in what is happening to our country by the underground government that is pissed about us electing Trump. GO TRUMP MAGA!

      • No child he’s not in a secret meeting which is what they hold. Now, go find your mommy and pacifier

    • ALEC is another one. Those are the Corporate’s Secret Society.

    • Did you see the photos of obama’s two children cloned by China?

    • They are probably interconnected and taking their orders from these groups or there is another group run by the CIA that is in charge!

      • I have read that the Bilderberg group meets in secret every year to determine how to attempt to “run” this country. I have read that the clintons, bushes, soros “family”, and oscumbag are all “involved” as well as many other millionaires and billionaires… “who’s who’s”…. “globalists”, “one world government”, and “new world order” SCUM.

        • The Bilderberg group met in Virginia approx an 1hr away from where I live last Spring. They do not let the public in. I have seen video’ s of people arriving and leaving from the meeting in other countries. In one country Peter Sutherland was leaving and a guy was beating on his car yelling “we don’t want you in our country. Look up Peter Sutherland/Bilderberg – interesting info.

          • Just did..Indeed interesting how quick they TRY to avoid relevant questions and attempt to get away from the reporters. I loved the way they kept “dogging” them. but you know as well as I the “truth” will NEVER come out, because if they DID ‘talk” they would be found committing suicide with two bullets to the back of the head like some of hitlery’s “friends”.

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          • Baloney! Even pro hookers don’t make that kind of money.

          • AND one monkey they let in last year was Homer Simpson (Lindsey Graham). He’s part and parcel of the conspiracy. Thank you South Carolina for nothing.

          • I love your comment, but almost choked on my tea! 😂😂😂. Maybe a little warning next time?😉

    • Masons – Odd fellows and Elks

    • I don’t have any proof but I always thought Obama was appointed president because of these groups.

      • I am one that ALSO believes the same. He was “picked”,”trained” and “molded” for YEARS by the “new world order” globalists to attempt to turn this country into their MOOSLIME, and ILLEGAL ALIEN, INFESTED, COMMUNIST “utopia” and turn OUR country into a third-world craphole,
        “controlled” by the DEMOCOMMUNIST “party”.
        Old man BUSH was just one of MANY of the people that preached the “globalist”, “new world order” agenda and is a “member” of these “groups”, including soros and his family that are bankrolling much of the “activities”. They are NOT even bothering to hide it anymore, because they believe they can “get away with it” and so far, HAVE BEEN.
        Too bad “WE THE PEOPLE” came out of the “forgotten areas” of the U.S. and threw a monkey wrench into their nefarious, EVIL “plans” by outvoting the SCUM and put a REAL POTUS in power. Hence all the “fake news” and attempts to remove a DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP by telling LIES, making up “charges”, and having TAXPAYER MONEY WASTING WORTHLESS “investigations”. The “powers that be” or “DEEP STATE” will NOT give up their STOLEN POWER ,CONTROL, and precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS easily, and should be rooted out and ELIMINATED, if our REPUBLIC is ever going to survive.

      • The proof is he’s Soros’ puppet.

    • Didn’t Trump spend the week with those groups? He just returned yesterday.

    • Ha, ha, ha! Start writing scripts Grandpa – your full of fiction.

  5. This congress person did not make up the term “secret society” in the FBI, it was agents that used that term. The news media spins it all out of context to make the ignorant masses even more ignorant.

    • Mueller should be investigated. He presided over the FBI during all major corruption schemes were pushed and he let all of them slide! He should be indicted and hand-cuffed! A few years in jail also would not hurt for this smart ass.

      • That is exactly why Mueller is trying his best to hang President Trump, he is doing his best not to let the cat out of the bag. He along with the rest of the corrupt thugs will go down when all of rhis comes out in the open. Like Hillary said they will all hang from the gallows if Trump were to win the election. They were so confident that Hilary would Win and keep all of it hidden.

        • The Wicked Witch of Washington lost. Her goblins went ballistically mad howling at the moon and the sky. What it boils down to in USA now is war between good and evil. Evil had eight years to grow and mature. The new gardener is ploughing up the weeds and planting good fruit. I look forward to a bonfire of the weeds.

          • I think Evil has been growing for the past 40+ years between the communist programs in our schools and our own evil “secret society”. Didn’t Dwight D. E. warn JFK about the Military Industrialized Complex!

          • Hi jaybird. I’m familiar with “MIC” but don’t recall “Ike” warning JFK. That does not mean he didn’t warn Kennedy. Hope all’s well with you.

          • All is good, hope the same with you! In Dwight’s last speech he warned him about it. I forget what they call the last speech before leaving the WH.

          • Maybe “Farewell Address”. ???

          • That’s the one!

        • I hope a lot of it gets exposed before Trump is called before Mueller. Mueller needs to be shut down and prosecuted!

        • Exactly, I wouldn’t trust Mule face as far as I could throw a house. President Trump needs to stay away from him. Because the Mule will try to get the President on perjury charge or on something. The Dumocraps are some dangerous people and very DESPERATE to try and get any thing on the President.
          Yeah, Lying Crooked Hillary was 99.9 percent sure she was going to win. And ALL this corruption would of been swept under the rug. And by now we would be in a civil war.
          With what is going on in the FBI and DOJ with these text message these people have got to go to prison. And this thing with a secret society is very scary to hear what is going on in the FBI off site.
          We the People, have got to give the President ALL the support we can especially in the mid-terms. Get friends, family, church and organizations to go and help our President keep the Congress and Senate seats. If this doesn’t happen they will impeach him. Very sickening what the Dumocraps will do.


  6. Johnson just became another Republican liar


  8. Hey Sergeant! What is it Gomer? Surprise, surprise, they are saying something is rotten in Denmark. Gomer, I’m gunna squash you like a bug, we aint in Denmark. No, no Sergeant, they’re talking about our own government. Gomer, Gomer, you know as well as I that we got no say in what goes on in that pig sty, bloated sow, rotten in Denmark government. Now git bak to peeling those spuds before I make your head rotten!

  9. Who dat when i say who dat, is the question asking an answer!

  10. WAS? Don’t you mean IS?

  11. The public has been screaming for a special council to investigate both clinton and fbi. And two more to investigate mueller and uranium one. So what now?

  12. The mainstream media seems to think the bigger, more egregious story is the revelation that Donald Trump thought about firing Robert Mueller. Although he did not fire Mueller they reason that it is the thought that counts and therefor constitutes obstruction of justice. They deem that the secret society stuff and corruption at the highest levels at the FBI is only interesting at best.

    • A Bohemian-style secret society within the FBI was conspiring against President Trump after he won the election, a revelation which may bring Mueller’s probe to a close. NSA whistleblower William Binney breaks down how the Deep State used surveillance against Trump. Davos insider Ted Malloch also reveals what the elites are up in this week’s Davos meeting in Switzerland. This was from infowars.

  13. We knew about it from day one of Doggie-Doos administration. He and Holder pulled all kinds of illegal sh*t, and the geldings in Congress just sat by and watched.

  14. This should be NO surprise coming from the Obama administration that was one of the most deceitful,lawless and corrupt in American history. Obama managed to politicize and weaponize nearly every Federal agency(NSA, DNI,CIA, FBI, the DOJ, the AG, IRS, EPA, NLRB and others) to use against his political opponents in an effort to overthrow our free market, capitalist, Constitutional, representative Republic to replace it with an oppressive Democratic Socialist welfare state. Check out Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s chilling call for “blood and death in the streets” at =tEHJKJLp1g8 and a member of the secret society.

  15. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Get em all boys!

  16. Knowing the state of the DOJ and the FBI, and their attitude towards Trump and the damage that Obama did, you have to be a blooming idiot that this was not going on. Patriots are getting a heck of a lot smarter and weary about these alphabet agencies. You government ‘departments’ work for the President, government ‘agencies’ work for someone else totally. Who does the FBI and other alphabet agencies work for – not the President nor the American people.

  17. The alleged secret factions might be in there getting high on some kind of vapor “smoke”. I understand there’s no fire involved. So instead of fire extinguishers maybe we should direct the fire fighters to use flame throwers instead. Whatever!

  18. There should be PUBLIC EXECUTIONS of these TRAITORS. They are committing Sedition and TREASON and should face the the Executioner for their Crimes against the People of America.

  19. This is the pits when you can’t trust the integrity of well known agencies like the CIA, DOJ, FBI. These are departments that are suppose to protect us. Now they are just as crooked as the people that run them. Robert Mueller has no business acting as a special investigator because of his friendship with Comey, his bias against Trump, his relation with the Clinton scandals. He definitely should be fired and get someone that can investigate fairly.

  20. There is no doubt treachery in the DOJ and the FBI. Mueller should be placed on unemployment!

    • I’ve wondered lately how the late J Edgar Hoover would react if he could see what’s going on in the DOJ and the FBI today. He might conclude the USA has been taken over by the government of the former USSR.

  21. Is it time yet? Is it time to take up arms and blow these crooked traitors away? I’m ready.

  22. Because of actions on the Social Media, any of us could be delved into by our government. Release these memos and any pertaining documents for the American People. If it is not done how can we trust any of the congress. And if one party or even any individual member votes not to release them, then they must be involved.

  23. The memo was written by Devin Nunes staff as political boilerplate. Nunes is as much a Putin puppet as Donald Trump.

    • Based on facts that rational people know are undeniable. That leaves out the wing nuts like you.

    • Your fuckin Despicable and really stupid to be spouting out shit like that. Is that the best you can do, just another liberal loser that hates himself and tries to inflict your pain on others. Crawl back into you hole and maybe Jesus will save you but no one else cares about you or what you have to say, trash just plain trash!!!

    • Oh right. And he paid for the dossier to tarnish mrs. kind and wonderful Hillary. A beacon of truth.

  24. This inquiry is considered a partisan witch hunt by Demi voters and that is aided by Main Street media’s non reporting complicity. The evidence is mounting however rendering Adam Schiff to slowly stepping back from the camera’s realizing his political future could be tarnished. Much to the Dems disgust this can’t be stopped and their deep state functionary traitors have been found out. Remember though. They have a back bench eager to step up and betray our American ideals for partisan gain.

  25. Well when Killery can get off scott free for violating the law but you and I face certain abuse and loss of property without trial by our peers because the IRS says we are in violation of their regulations there certainly is something burning on the front burner in our government.

  26. Very spooky indeed. WooooWooooo ….. watch out for aliens with purple skin woooooo woooooo.

  27. Since most of the managers and workers in the federal bureaucracy are Democrats and have been for decades, I would not be surprised to learn that some “Grand Dragons” from the oldest Democrat secret society, the KKK, were actually the organizers and controllers of this group. Secret societies are an old Democrat tradition.

  28. What is sad is that Congress is claiming they just found out when we have known for a long time. They’re either lying and going along or are too stupid to be serving the country.

  29. Right. A little bird told him. Some blogger? His paperboy. This is the flimsiest story you’ve floated for the minions in a while.

  30. ……of what? Elephants?

  31. “And you have an informant saying that?”. “Yes,” replied the senator. “Unfortunately, Johnson could not reveal any more than that”.


    Please, people, follow up, read. Stop swallowing nonsense. They are fooling you.

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