Senate Republicans Stage A Walkout

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – The Senate GOP walked out ahead of the vote on Thursday to subpoena the conservative billionaire donor and the conservative legal activists that were connected to the ethics scandals that came out of the Supreme Court this year.

Tension was heightened before the vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee on issuing a subpoena against billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow, and conservative legal activist Leonard Leo. Crow has recently been linked to Justice Clarence Thomas through multiple luxury gifts, while Leo was key in the compilation of a list of possible Supreme Court nominees for Trump.

By the time the vote finished in an 11-0 vote, every Republican on the panel had walked out of the room.

Following the recent information regarding the undisclosed gifts received by many Republicans, Senate Democrats have called for a new code of conduct to be introduced for the Supreme Court.

The committee chairman Senator Dick Durbin pointed out that there would also need to be an enforcement mechanism for the code, which the court announced earlier this month. He added that the panel’s ethics investigations would be continuing.

Durbin pointed out that while the code of conduct was a step in the right direction, an enforcement mechanism was necessary for the public’s faith in the court to be restored.

The committee’s top-ranking Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, argued that the Democrats were performing a “jihad” against the Supreme Court, because of the conservative majority which has recently ruled on many key issues including student debt relief, gun rights, and abortion against the Democrats.

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