Senate Kicks Planned Parenthood Issue to September

Despite strong conservative demand, Republican Senators were unable to bring the issue of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding to a vote Monday. The cloture vote was 53-46, putting them seven shy of the 60 votes necessary to shut down a Democratic filibuster. The bill to strip the organization of its tax windfall was proposed by Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa, and she was defiant when speaking to the press.

“Those videos are not going away,” Ernst said.

The prevailing notion is that the issue will come up again next month, possibly in a provision to a major government spending bill. But even the bill’s most outspoken Senate supporters were cautious when asked about a government shutdown. Senator Ted Cruz told reporters they should instead ask Democrats if they favored “continued taxpayer funding for an organization that has been caught on film, apparently repeatedly admitting multiple felonies – to buying a selling body parts.”

Of course, it will be a cold day in hell before a mainstream reporter asks that one. The press has been careful to position this story as just another right-wing conspiracy job, apparently willing to give Planned Parenthood the overwhelming benefit of the doubt. Then again, you have Obama’s press secretary dismissing the videos as fraudulent without having seen them, so it’s obvious what’s going on. Democrats can’t afford to have another major moral debate on abortion. If even another five percent of the population came to see them as the “baby killing” party, they would be finished. As long as they can wrap this whole dirty business with a nice bow that says “women’s health champions,” they’ll keep getting to play the good guys.

Unfortunately for Planned Parenthood, the liberal establishment is slowly losing its iron grip on the American media landscape. Increasingly, it matters less and less how biased they are on NBC. The New York Times is not the political powerhouse it once was. To be sure, liberal media dominance is still an enormous advantage to the Democratic cause. But the rise of conservative media and the internet has finally given voice to millions who were ignored by the mainstream press for decades. Stories that would have never made it to the nightly news now break on Drudge, forcing the networks to pick them up.

With this changing media landscape, it’s entirely possible that Americans are ready for another big moral debate on abortion. And even if that discussion doesn’t lead us towards overturning Roe v Wade, it could change the casual way we view this disturbing practice. And if congressional Republicans are thinking about abandoning this fight over funding, they may want to reconsider. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of this thing when the winds shift.

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  1. If cons had any brains, they would let this go.

    consider this.

    without the PP MILLIONS of young women will NOT get Birth Control.
    they will go out and get pregnant.
    NOW abortions will GO UP.

    AND as you should know as informed cons,

    almost 45% of births in America are covered under medicaid (poor moms) and YOU are paying for the increase in births.
    so you pay ANYWAY. Just a lot MORE.

    got to tell you cons, Birth control is WAY CHEAPER.

    but hey, cutting off your noses to spite your face is what cons DO!

    • So Reality CHeck what you are now say then is OBAMACARE is a FAILURE with a capital F then right?
      You do know that OBAMACARE provides FREE Contraceptives via its insurance plans. It also provides
      for Medicaid to pick up these bills if a woman goes to a NORMAL HEALTHCARE clinic which by the
      way here in my State of Virginia outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics 20 to one. Additionally underage
      females, if there is such a thing in your mind can walk into any CVS and get contraceptives for less that the
      cost of two packs of Cigaretts. Additionally they can get free contraceptives from the School nurses in
      middle and high schools. So how is it cheaper to take a half a billion dollars away from Planned Parenthood? Oh by the way that 500 Million dollars is to be delivered up to the Healthcare clinics
      though out the United States to assist in REAL WOMANS health issues.

      • I think you hit something on the head, if they had the money I bet they would pass up the contraceptives and pay for the cigarettes and that should be their only choice. Why do we have to pay for their food stamps when they chose marijuana over food!

      • “So Reality CHeck what you are now say then is OBAMACARE is a FAILURE with a capital F then right?”

        NO MORON, that is not what I said

        the rest of you stupid post is also not worth my time.

    • Lberal: Why don’t you go away? Murdering babies is not a PRO!!!! If those young women would practice abstinence or go to a doctor and get birth control pills, they would not have to kill the babies that were an innocent result of their irresponsibility. When I was a young woman, I took birth control pills between my first and second child because we wanted to be sure we were financially read to support the second child that we wanted. Birth control pills are not expensive. I am sure Medicaid and other government assistance pays those women enough they don’t have to conceive babies and have some “DISSECT” them!!!

      • this from the silly con who pretends to be a high powered government worker who hasn’t got the brains to understand the constitution and the separation of church and state.

        it’s only a baby TO YOU.

        go adopt some and save the world

        • Who ever claimed to be a high-powered government worker??? If I was a government worker today, I would have quit seven years ago. You have me mixed up with some else. Take another drag or go drink some more the liberal Kool-Aid. Maybe then it will come to you.

      • “If those young women would practice abstinence ”
        says the old codger.

        that has not worked so well so far has it granny?

      • “or go to a doctor and get birth control pills”

        well that is what they want to do, BUT
        you cons are shutting off the ability, DUH

        are you paying attention AT ALL?

    • Simply put,you are an idiot!!!!

    • Cons are not the only ones that need a brain checkup.
      Consider this:
      There are THOUSANDS of community service organizations out there that give the same services as Planned Parenthood. The difference is that they don’t offer infanticide services.

      If the cons have to pay more for the stupid mistakes of millions of young women, it should be their choice, not a government mandate.
      The real problem is that apparently the liberals (Including the millions of young female skulls full of much) is that they won’t even consider the one method that is even cheaper and less deadly than abortion or child care, and that is MAKE BETTER CHOICES WHEN, WHERE AND FOR WHOM YOU DROP YOUR DRAWERS.

      • “If the cons have to pay more for the stupid mistakes of millions of young women, it should be their choice, not a government mandate.”

        go look up the HYDE amendment and get back to me on why you are the mot ignorant con.

        • Been there. Done that. Now how about YOU look up how many health care centers there are around the country that provide even MORE services (Mammograms, for instance) than Planned Parenthood but do NOT kill babies or sell their body parts. I would rather be an ignorant con than a liberal/progressive, which is the equivalent of a concentration camp guard.

          • you really think PP doesn’t do mammograms?

            so much for your knowledge base.

            funny that you don’t just post a link to you “evidence”

            PP doesn’t sell body parts.

            they donate fetal TISSUE.

            No PARTS involved.

            “I would rather be an ignorant con”

            well we have no doubt about this. you have succeeded.

          • Can you define DONATE (when the item donated belongs to someone else?) In a lot of places they call that BURGLARY.

            Does PP ‘donate’ its own ‘fetal tissue’ or do they get permission from the fetus?
            If you tell me what planned parenthood offers (other than fetal tissue and dead babies) that 9000 crisis pregnancy centers around the country don’t offer without having their grisly fingers in the taxpayers’ pockets?

            I would love to avoid the personal attacks that you liberals fall back on when you run into people who clearly get under your skin.
            I realize they don’t LEGALLY sell the parts, but its the same thing when
            a church offers a ten page pamphlet and you just pay the $25 shipping
            and handling fee.

            And I know they are not talking about BODY
            PARTS when they speak of harvesting livers, hearts, INTACT CADAVERS.
            let you guys dehumanize it any way you like if it makes you feel better. I’ve got better things to do that joust with Nazi wannabes.

    • Birth control with meds is not the murder as abortions ! Birth control is easy for any female and now teens have the options to plan their own future for pregnancy …This so called planned parent crap is illegal $$’s by murder… !

      • “Birth control with meds is not the murder as abortions”

        NOT in the eyes of the church, not too bright con.

        AND the church would be the basis of your objections in the first place.

        • What do you know about Church.? You would rather kill those babies than prevent the pregnancy. Trying going to church, it might help you!!

        • muskat antonopolis

          listen you guys and gals…this person hiding behind the false
          jacket by the name “reality check” gets very upset really easy..
          so tip toe around him and pretend he is a mushroom, kept in
          the dark and fed bull shit……don’t argue with him or try to make
          a point as will only slide right off his slippery skin……hush now,
          be real quiet….maybe it will slither away……

    • Geez…whenever you decide become a member of the real word, you will be able to con yourself back to Reality……Checkmate.

      • see fool, I am part of the real world.

        YOU wacky cons are the outsiders.
        AND too stupid to realize that.

        • After listening to you on these threads, you are causing me to be in favor of abortion in cases of incest. But what else can be said of a George Soros paid troll.

    • While liberals continue to be hypocrites by championing both PP and African-Americans, conveniently overlooking the fact that over half of aborted babies, perhaps as many as 80%, are from the black community they claim to represent and defend. That doesn’t sound like defending or representing to me, but, when you’re a liberal, facts are irrelevant when pushing the lockstep liberal agenda is needed.


        Why is that so hard for you morons to accept?

        • Let’s see…I cite facts, and you respond with name calling. Congratulations, you’re typical liberal. But, unless you want to debate facts instead of act like a petulant 9-year-old, don’t waste my time.

        • What about our choice? Our choice not to pay for Planned Parenthood.

    • Why do Americans have to pay for this Ferrari Anyways?

    • Uuhh I see you Homegirl.

  2. One can not turn a blind eye to the barbaric actions of Planned Parenthood.
    PP handing out free sex in the form of birth control in no means justifies the evil things the other hand does….

    PP and their supporters are just plane sick.

  3. ABC, NBC, CBS, have used bias by omission to suppress this horrific story because it does not fit the liberal progressive narrative. .

    Any press that does not report this story is as guilty as Planned Parenthood. If they do not condone this practice, the support this practice.

    • They have been bought by soros $’s to support bo’s wannabe dictator whims & ways from a muslim commie hell to destroy U.S. Freedom & Rights … !

    • Just one of the many reasons I never watch NBC, ABC or CBS, and haven’t for years. They are anti American habitual liars and propagandists

      • Please join the boycott at:

        I too quit watching the left stream media years ago. My boycott didn’t do a thing. They still control a stupefied group of viewers. They still control public opinion.

        You do not need to watch ABC, NBC, CBS national news, the site does it for you.
        We boycott the Advertisers that pay to keep these programs on the air.
        With enough people, this boycott will have an impact on the programs.

        • Thanks to the internet and Fox news these liberal propagandists are losing audience. Agree with your comments.

        • Here’s my take on the 3 you listed as far as News reporting!

          CBS – Communist Broadcast System
          ABC – ANTI-American Broadcast Channel
          NBC – NUMBNUTS BA$TARD Channel OR No Broadcasting Credibility

          I don’t watch ANY of those 3 for news as I know they WILL NEVER report “TRUE” news!!
          “TRUE”, honest to God TRUE, journalism at those 3 have died and should be buried!

          They remind me of the old Russian News media, I think(?) it was called TASS. ALL the news the Gov.’t wants you to see or hear! Wanna bet it isn’t the truth they air????

          They’ll belabor a cat stuck in a tree for weeks, 24/7! How it was rescued, how long it took for the rescue, what Fire or Police showed up, if they did it right, etc., etc.

          BUT an Ovomit scandal gets maybe(?) 30 seconds “ONCE”!! Never to be heard from again! BUT they’ll go after the Repub.’s for going after Ovomit forever!

          Dang it I misplaced the list!! Isn’t it ironic that some of the people in Ovomits Administration are married to either the owners, MAJOR shareholders of these news outlets, sitting on the board of directors or major DimmiWITZ players??? Can one say “BIASED” news????

          What it all boils down to is the MSM is owned by the DimmiWITZ party!! Maybe they should opt for a new meaning of the catchall MSM. Maybe the new title should be DSM- DemoRAT News Media!! ALL the news the DemoRATZ will “LET” you hear!!

          If by chance someone has that list could you please post it so that this time I can put it in a folder for future reference!!!

        • Yea, right…NBC with is owned by GE and makes weapons of war is lefty….how ignorant you are!

          • AND GE’s CEO Jeffry Immelt is 0bama’s jobs Czar…
            Which is just another example of crony Socialism
            how ignorant you are not to draw that line.

          • MAHB001- You are right, at least I can admit it when I’m mistaken. However, you are unable to so do as you head is so far up your ass.

          • When you prove me wrong I will admit it.

            However, you have not proven me wrong so…… Note your insults only prove that you got nothing but BS to stand on. Bring on the proof.

      • Only because they don’t share your fantasy world of conspiracies, dictatorships, etc.

      • My favorite channel is { e.w.t.n. } and they do a news program nightly.

    • They have also used the progressive tool that the Republicans can’t find a way to beat…. re-defining terms. Planned Parenthood hasn’t “sold” a thing, they simply donate the baby parts to the recipients and are then, in turn “reimbursed” by those recipients. Move along, nothing happening here!

      • Redefine all they want, they are selling fetus parts for profit. And when was the last time you donated to a charity and received money as a receipt?

        • Let’s say that you are donating a car to a charity. The car is not working so it has to be towed. The charity pays you for the towing. So, did you actually sell the car to the charity? Nope.

          • So, you are comparing the selling of human body parts to the donation of a car?????

            You are one sick evil soul.

          • Not really, just dealing with apples instead of oranges to show the illogical stance that donations = selling. By the way, do you believe that organ donations are evil?

          • No, you are burying your head in the sand for an ideology.

            No I don’t think organ “donations” are evil… The donator does not make money.

            Do you think that collecting $100 per body part, times 50 body parts per day for a total of approximately $120,000 dollars per month is “Recouping” costs????

            Apparently you are one sick m fker. You related to Jeffry Dahmer?

          • In this case the woman is not paid. PP gets to recoup its costs. That’s not selling. If that was the case, and if it is correct that the cost of doing the donation is $100 a part, then, in reality, that is so cheap to be ridiculous. Now, of course, this depends on whether you are doing that much in the way of donating fetal tissue. I don’t trust the videos because they have been extremely edited. Now, what you need is for a State Attorney to file charges, since it is a felony to sell body parts. Then you will have a judge sign a number of warrants for the account books of PP. Start a criminal investigation. But what this organization did was create and edit videos that mislead the viewers, and again, why not go to the authorities. Doesn’t have to be at the federal level since many on this site don’t trust the FBI or the AG, etc. But they didn’t do that because they know that a SAG would request all of the video, all of the footage, and they know it would not stand up.
            By the way, abortions only make up 3% of what PP does, so if this is such a money maker, why only 3%?

          • Watch the videos.. That is were I got my information.

            ANY decent HUMAN being would not condone what PP is doing. Yet you do.

            Guess that makes you a Dahmer….

          • The 3% number is as reliable as the unemployment numbers published by the Government.

          • They went to the court of public opinion, just like the lieberals do.

            You know what is so hypocritical about your comments and defense of this indefensible act, is that if the target were a conservative group like the Tea Party, you would have more than enough info to crucify them.

          • $120,000 per month or 1.44 million per year per location is more than simple recouping of costs.

            The people that are caught on these videos are the top animals of PP. They are the ones that benefit the most. They are your evil corporation owners…

            Why do you kn o to after them??

          • Now in the video the PP worker states that the fees for doing the donation are between $30 to $100 per patient, not per body part. The worker stated that “Affiliates are not looking to make money by doing this. They are looking to serve their patients and just make it not impact their bottom line.” And that is not a new revenue stream. Nowhere in the unedited video does the PP person state that they are selling body parts or fetal tissue for profit. The fees ae to reimburse PP for transportation and shipping. If you ask people who are in medical research using fetal tissue, they don’t see how anyone can make a profit from such fees. Doesn’t mean that there are no companies that are in the business of providing fetal tissue to hospitals, university research centers, but PP is not one of them.
            For example, Jim Vaught, president of the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories and formerly the deputy director of the National Cancer Institute’s Office of Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research, told us in an email that “$30 to $100 per sample is a reasonable charge for clinical operations to recover their costs for providing tissue.” In fact, he said, the costs to a clinic are often much higher, but most operations that provide this kind of tissue have “no intention of fully recovering [their] costs, much less making a profit.”

          • Clearly you are confused. It is rare that we the people get to view a crime as it is being perpetrated.

            Of course, Nucatola, the Senior Director of Medial Services, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, not just a PP worker, that the “Affiliates are not looking to make money by doing this… That would be AGAINST THE LAW.

            And if YOU look at snippets instead of the entire video then one might conclude that nothing was wrong. BUT, if you look at the entire video footage, you will see the entire pattern of the crime.

            The following are direct quotes from:
            Dr. Deborah Nucatola,

            “A lot of people want intact hearts these days, because they’re looking for specific nodes.”

            “and then, like I said, always as many intact livers as possible. People just want— Some people want lower extremities too, which, that simple. I mean that’s easy.”

            “Every provider has had patients who want to donate their tissue, and they absolutely want to accommodate them.” “The just want to do it in a way that is not perceived as, “This clinic is selling tissue, this clinic is making money off of this.””

            AND THEN Nucatola goes on to say……

            “You know, I would trow a number out, I would say it’s probably anywhere from $30 to $100, depending on the facility and what’s involved.”


            So, the $30 to $100 price range, that’s per Specimen that we’re talking about, right?

            Nucatola RESPONDS….


            There is NO other way to interpret this. $100 per body part, times 50 body parts
            per day for a total of approximately $120,000 dollars per month is
            “Recouping” costs????

          • “If you are going to kill all these [Jewish] people, at least take the brains out so that the material may be utilized.”
            -Julius Hallervorden, Nazi neuroscientist

            How quickly we forget history….

          • Hogwash, you don’t tow babies you might cut them up and vacuum them out of their mother but Planned parenthood doesn’t reimburse the mother… They sell the babies parts.

          • But they aren’t.

          • Nice try but you shot a dud. Since either of the parties can make arrangements for the towing, usually the donor, the charity will only give a receipt for the value of the car, not the money for the tow.

          • Perhaps not the greatest hypothetical, but if the charity reimbursed the towing company, then did the towing company sell the car to the charity? No. So if PP provides the means by which the donation of the fetal tissue can transported, etc, and they get reimbursed for the expenses, then did they actually sell any body parts? No.

      • You are correct, Liberals are champions at obfuscation.
        Really it is nothing more than lying.

      • That is exactly what is happened, no redefining of terms. The tissue and parts are not sold, but actually donated. Selling of fetal tissue is a felony. It is the woman’s choice to make the donation. PP is reimbursed for its expenses, nothing else. If it was, where the arrests?

        • More hogwash. A poor and sick attempt by MOGAN, to redefine the situation at hand and whitewash it at the same time. The only reimbursement here is that our sorry excuse for a government gives our tax money to Planned Parenthood as partial “reimbursement” for the trouble they go to in murdering baby humans.

          • Just giving a hypothetical. Guess that went by you. But, let’s put it this. A woman has an abortion and decides to donate the fetal tissue for medical research. PP facilities the donation and it costs PP a certain amount for the donation to actually occur. PP is remunerated for its efforts, such as shipping, paperwork, etc. Now, is that selling fetal tissue or being reimbursed? Next, there is no murdering of human beings. Now, that might be according to your religion, but not mine. In my religion fetuses are potential humans, and if a pregnancy will lead to either physical, psychological or even economic harm to the woman, she has a right to have an abortion. As since fetuses are not human beings, all branches of Judaism believe that fetal stem cell research should be conducted if it will help or save others.
            Now, again, if PP is selling fetal tissue and it is presently against the law, a felony, then why were the videos given to law enforcement agencies. Wouldn’t need to defund PP, that would shut them down. But this organization didn’t. Why? Because the tapes were edited and any law enforcement agency or prosecutor would require all of the footage. If they did it, they would be shown as frauds.

          • I guess ‘it’s’ not murder if you ‘donate’ the corpse, and PP is only to glad to help ‘remove’ the Blood Guilt from those they have convinced that their babies are not ‘human’. Mogan, since those babies are not ‘human’, what does their DNA indicate they are… dogs, Chimps, salamanders, lizards,……?

          • Ron you’re trying to fight a logical battle with an illogical entity!! Good luck with that one sir!! I’m willing to bet it will come back with a snipe against me but I’ll just vote it down and move along! No sense for me to waste my time with it!

          • Potential humans. Not human beings with the status of personhood.

          • In answer to your poorly reasoned question, There’s nothing hypothetical about, it they’re selling fetal parts, plain and simple (but probably too complicated for your progressive mind).

    • The problem with the videos is that they have been edited to make one think that Planned Parenthood is selling fetal tissue, body parts, etc. But they aren’t. It is illegal to begin with. All fetal tissue is donated by the woman who had the abortion. Planned Parenthood only receives remuneration for what they put out to do the donation. No profit, no breaking of the law.

      • There is no problem with the video. Don’t buy into that horse patty. Watch the entire video.

        What PP is doing can only be described as EVIL.. To condone it, is even more evil.

        • Let me ask you this. It is a felony to sell fetal tissue. So why did this anti-abortion group not give copies to law enforcement? They would surely be evidence that PP has been committing multiple felonies in the selling of fetal tissue. Why not do that, that would shut down PP almost immediately? Because this organization knows that the tapes have been edited and they would have to turn in the raw footage which would show that they were edited to make it look that PP was selling fetal tissue.

          • Even if your arguement held water; to expect the ‘Justice’ Dept. under Holder / Lynch to be able to find a “SHRED” of evidence
            would be counter to your messiah’s, BH0 directives

          • Evidently it is impossible for you have a decent discussion without name calling and also logical. Then again it is hard to talk to some one who is pathological. Oh, why not the local authorities? Got a Republican State Attorney to go to? Plenty of them around.

    • Dexter L. Wilson

      Call your affiliate NBC, ABC, and CBS and ask why they have only presented Planned Parenthood’s position. Then tell them that you need to know the names of the companies that are advertising during their news broadcasts. May not do anything but where the bucks stop is where you get results especially when these affiliates have to live on a budget. It may not affect the majors but it sure would affect the affiliates. One Million Moms and One Million Dads have been effective in getting advertisers to stop advertising on certain programs.

      • That is exactly what Mad As Hell Boycott web site does for you!

        Please join! Get everyone you know to join…

        • Dexter L. Wilson

          I took down the email address. I once suggested to my local Republican counterparts that we boycott the companies that support the media. It was like a bunch of deer with their eyes caught in the headlights. In other words they were more concerned about offending the business. We know where their hearts were, on the dollar bill.

          • I too have talked about it at the Republican meetings. There is a stigma associated with a boycott that they tend to shy away from. I don’t think it was so much the offending the businesses as much as using a boycott to get something done.

            This boycott will work, it may not get the support of the Republican party, but it will get the support of the Republican people.

    • Please edit last sentence to make meaning clear; thankyou.

    • “have used bias by omission to suppress this horrific story because it does not fit the liberal progressive narrative. .”

      OR they watched the WHOLE VIDEO and know that the whole thing is a HOAX.

  4. That is the word for it KICKS it until September, meaning kicking the can down the road until some other national distraction of a Caitlin Jenner, Mass attack on US soil or similiar will be the Senates cue to pass it while the American people have their heads turned in another direction…..Enough of these career politicians

  5. Planned Parenthood is a taxpayer rip off.
    0bamacare does ABORTIONS.

  6. Planned Parenthood is EVIL, and should be defunded at the least, closed down at the most ideal. Look at the evil Hitler did, and even he was a dog lover. Whatever good PP has done should and must not outweigh the felonies they have committed, and the punishment they should receive. Kudos to Bobby Jindal for starting the ball rolling by defunding Louisiana PP offices. The Illinois House is contemplating a simialr measure to send to Gov. Bruce Rauner.

  7. This country is imploding! There is no real moral leadership and therefore no future for this society! There will be no record of the United States of America in the annals of history, the same as there is no record of the ancient Canaanites. They practiced immorality and they sacrificed children to the god of pleasure also. No difference from what America has done in the past few decades. And, this nation has officially turned away from God (thanks to the ACLU et. al., and from God’s people, Israel. What will the mockers and scoffers do when they see their “world” collapse around them? They will make excuses, scream, bite their lips and go off into eternity having lost everything! I don’t say so . . . God does! Read it for yourselves!

    • Judgment days is coming!

    • Canaanites? That’s bit extreme. How about the god of the Israelites telling them to kill every man, woman and baby who are Canaanites. Not because they were evil, but because the Israelite god wants the land of the Canaanites for his people, the Israelites. As for human sacrifice, that was originally part of the religion of the patriarchal Hebrews and early Israelites. For the Canaanites, human sacrifice was only performed when there was a natural catastrophe, such as a famine or drought.

      • You have ignored too many chapters & verses in the Bible Re: the sin of the Canaanites, evil, God’s patience, religion of the Hebrews, etc., for anyone but the Bible illiterate & ignorant to accept your dribble.

  8. Oh yes Senate lets keep kicking that can down the road you morons. No wonder you brilliant law makers never get anything done. We are paying you to work not screw around.

    • Unfortunately,you are correct but I am not sure what the solution is? A lot of politicians are corrupt and don’t vote in support of their constituents! They are loyal to their ideals, NOT even their party!!!

  9. The old, ‘edited’ excuse along with the proverbial, ‘out of context’ charge by the corrupt government controlled main stream news media (yes, that means you NBC, ABC, CBS & CNN), when the whole unedited versions are being displayed on YouTube and other outlets for all to see in all it’s gory development.

    • The Fiction/Fantasy Media sure were quick (and happy) about Cecil’s death to put on page one and thereby ignore the PP Butchers chopping up innocent babies for body parts…..or to mention the $500,000,000 that US taxpayers are FORCED to give the multi-billion dollar Murder, Inc. Corporation (PP) annually.

    • Don’t forget PMSNBC on that list.

  10. democrats & rinos are all eating at the same S hit filled trough and are triators

  11. Womens health care??????? i thought we were told o-bungo care was going to Fix All health concerns Men& women What a Bunch of LIARS

    • Nope; you are wrong. If your employer wants to deny its employees certain elements of healthcare, they can do it. So the owner or the board of a company or corporation can refuse to provide coverage for birth control or any other part of healthcare due on the basis of their religious beliefs. Now, SCOTUS came to this decision when they decided that corporations have their own religious beliefs which supersede the religious beliefs of its employees. However, there are a number of businesses owned by Orthodox Jews who will not provide coverage for organ transplants because it goes against their beliefs concerning the resurrection of the dead. In short, you have to have all of your parts to be properly raised from the dead. So, no transplants of any kind and no embalming of the body, either.

      • It’s so kind of the WhiteHouse to pick & choose which religious convictions & faith groups are valid, that way an oganization doesn’t need to rely on their own consciece & convictions.

  12. Am I missing
    something? All of the discussions around the Planned Parenthood issue are, to
    me, ignoring the main point.

    The main issue to me is not that Planned Parenthood is providing abortions using tax
    payer funds, which is bad enough, but that the real problem stems from women who
    become pregnant and don’t want a baby. It is understandable that some women do
    not want to have a baby, but totally unfathomable to me that they became
    pregnant in the first place.

    Yes, sexual activity is fun and something most people want to engage in. But most do not
    become pregnant if they do not want to. What is the underlying problem that
    causes some women to become pregnant when they do not want to? It is, simply,
    gross personal irresponsibility and the main issue in this controversy.

    With inexpensive condoms easily available, birth control pills, probably the most
    convenient method, also fairly inexpensive and easily obtained, plus many other
    methods such as intrauterine devices, and even the old, not so reliable, “rhythm
    method”, why are so many women becoming pregnant when they do not want to have a

    Again, it is simple gross personal irresponsibility on the part of the woman and that issue
    should be the main focus in this discussion.

    I have heard that some women describe using birth control is “inconvenient”. How inconvenient
    is the surgery to remove a living fetus from the womb? What about the
    possibility of dying from complications of the abortion procedure? Isn’t that
    more “inconvenient” than the rational action taken to prevent a pregnancy in the
    first place?

    This gross personal irresponsibility needs to be addressed and brought to the forefront of
    this discussion.

    If all women who want to engage in sexual activity took the simple precautions available
    there would be no need for any abortions.

    Since unwanted pregnancies are easily avoided why are there so many abortions? Why are
    the American taxpayers being forced to pay for these totally unnecessary
    abortions? Perhaps it is time to consider penalties for those women who become
    pregnant with an unwanted child due to their gross personal irresponsibility. If
    an unwanted pregnancy occurs should not a fetal transplant to a woman who wants
    a baby, and perhaps cannot conceive, be a far better solution to the problem?
    Yes, it is a viable procedure.

    In conclusion, face the facts and deal with the real problem. GROSS PERSONAL

    • WOW! you nailed it to the wall!! WOW! How right thou art!! As Ben Franklin put it paraphrasing: An ounce of prevention (Birth Control) is worth more then a pound of cure (abortion)!!

      • If that is the case then there should be no medical remedies to any illness, at all. Remember, Franklin also said that God helps those who help themselves. What he meant by that is don’t expect God to help you at all.

        • Are you for real???? What planet did you just drop in from????? You are TOTALLY WRONG!

          We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

          Benjamin Franklin
          If you “TRULY” believe what you posted, the above is for you!
          What he meant in your “God helps them who help themselves” is don’t sit on your butt, get up and do something and God will help you along! If you sit on your butt and do ABSOLUTELY nothing don’t expect God to come and help! Geesh!

    • I really love the less informed. When it comes to PP, most of its operations deal contraception and STI/STD testing and treatment. PP has done 865,700 cancer screenings for women in 2014. So, you want to stop that. And when it does come to contraception and particularly the pill, 56% of women who take the pill do so for dealing with problems concerning menstruation, blood pressure, just to name two. When it comes to abortions, they are legal. You want to stop them, then pass laws to criminalize all abortions. In my area that has been the scandal of a ten year old being pregnant due to incest. So, force her to go through the pregnancy so that she becomes a mother at the age of 11. Fortunately in my state, her rapist will not have parental rights, but in some states rapists have have the legal rights when it comes to child. But in any case, if she had an abortion that you would want her to be charged with murder (providing abortion becomes illegal)?

  13. Must have either another flag issue or the Washington Redskins are on the warpath. Something of importance put off…what a bunch of losers in Washington DC…..Republicans and Democrats alike you just may get the Trump card played on you.

  14. Another moronic idea from the dbags running our party !!! This one is going to blow up in their faces !!! PP treats man also and many republican women use their services !!! Plus if you want white people to be a minority sooner killing PP is the way to go !!!!

    • What are you talking about??? PP is Planned Parenthood but the problem is that they are not educating the kids and low income people who come to them for the SOLUTION!!! They used to provide birth control pills and vasectomies rather than encouraging unwanted pregnancies so they can harvest the organs of the innocent babies up to 24 weeks at which time this is a fully developed child. All they do from there is grow. THAT IS MURDER AND THEY DO IT FOR PROFIT and new Ferraris. If white people have to become a minority to stop the murder of innocent babies, I’m all for it.

  15. Yep don’t dare take a stand let the murder of innocent babies and selling of their remains from profit continue.
    After all how much money will planned MurderHood donate to your campaign? I will carefully weight how
    politicos running for reelection this fall voted or did not vote and cast my vote accordingly. Might get rid
    of some of these bottom feeding murders. If they didn’t do it personally then they did it by Proxy and are
    just as guilty in my mind.

  16. What Rinos helped delay this? Another Billary or Obeyme scandal and this becomes old news and swept under the rug. No gag order should stop the videos of murder.

  17. Any one condoning the barbaric actions of Planned Parenthood should be kicked out of the senate. Justifying their actions with the flimsy excuse of the “good” they provide women is disingenuous. There are other avenues that the money can be sent to that provide the same cancer screenings, birth control, and other women’s health services that need funding and do not involve murder or the criminal selling of fetus body parts.

  18. The repubs are already on the wrong side of this issue and the wind has already shifted! We are talking about infants being tortured and butchered so their baby body parts can be sold! Shut this joke of a gov down! My guess is the people themselves may end up doing just that.

  19. muskat antonopolis

    the guards at the gas chambers and at the crematories in ww2 got to the point as they
    testified…it became normal, just a job….we knew what was going on but it became just
    a job…..planned parenthood employees become calloused to what is taking place,
    a baby is being murdered, torn apart, cut into pieces…but their consciousness to what
    is taking place has been seared….unfeeling…..without compassion…I stood in front
    of an abortion center in south Miami for years off and on…the owner of the center
    or at least the lady who managed the center was as cold as a pickle in her demeanor,
    her daughter the same way….it was as if the humanity had been siphoned out of them..but boy could they get angry in a ny second……one tried to hit me with her car..
    had a dog in the car I guess to intimidate me..oh well…I am still walking around…..
    there is No Life around when Death is worshipped…..when Money and things become
    more important than human life………I wonder where they are today?

  20. That is the way the democrats do in cook county Chicago,Illinois,TO GET AN ELECTION TO GO THEIR WAY,”WAIT” until the rest of Illinois counts their votes,then the Chicago politicos,will know how many cemetery votes the need to”make”the vote go their way.

  21. If this sorry bunch does anything at all, I’ll be surprised! Feckless wimps. When you do nothing about killing babies, and selling their body parts, you are complicit!

  22. Hey mc connell you have no idea how pissed off the grass roots voters that made you majority leader, however, the democrats are still running things. It is disgusting, have a back bone, have guts to change the senate rules to a simple majority just like reid did to get his nominations passed. What in the hell are you afraid of mc connell, i can tell you now, that the same people that voted to give the republicans the senate are the same voters in 2016 that will take it away from you. get your bags packed you are going back as the minority and will stay there until you retire. We are fed up with you and boehner and that is one reason that trump is raising in the polls, because grass root voters see him as a leader with guts and a back bone.

  23. No house in congress will stop funding P/P because it is congresses Money Laundering agency. Congress gives tax money to P/P and then P/P launders it and gives it back to congress in the form of (DONATIONS?) cONGRESS GITS FREE TAXPAYER MONEY WITH NO ACCOUNTABILITY, AND P/P KEEP THERE CUT AND GETS IMMUNITY FROM THE LAW

  24. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Democrats supporting “Planned” parent hood putting up your aborted baby’s body parts for sale by the pound at the butcher shop. The NZAZIs had their human breeding farms to replenish their cannon fodder. What’s the difference?

  25. The American PEOPLE MUST keep this issue in the forefront. The supporters of PP are hoping that the American TYPICAL short attention span will have us all focused on some other problem by the time September rolls around. That actually may work in our favor, as that gives us time to educate some of the lower information voters as to the actual HORROR that is going on inside those abortuary walls. These are tiny babies, for God’s sake. There are a lot of people who go to extreme measures to try to have children, and these ghouls are dismembering and killing them by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. PLEASE, do not give up this critical fight. This is not about politics, it is about our very HUMANITY.

  26. Babies are being butchered by the millions and the Senate goes on vacation instead of calling out the National Guard to shut down these dens of iniquity. It is not an intellectual proposition; it’s the murder of innocent life. Hot-damnit….wake up America-!!!!!!!!!

  27. Shofar threading

    And how many babies will be murdered until September comes?

  28. mitch mcconelle in the senate voted no.

  29. Where is the FREE American Television ? Why as tax payers do we have to allow government funding for television that’s controlled? The People Should be Giving Their Opinions o On This Station! THE PUBLIC NETWORK!

    • “Why as tax payers do we have to allow government funding for television that’s controlled?”

      and what station would that be?

      the word “station” is not even in this article.

      Kind of a big jump off to……?

  30. Senators are mis-interpreting the huge support for de-funding tax payer contributions to Planned Abortive Parenthood, if in any way they are thinking by postponing the vote, we will forget the selling of murdered baby parts to purchase a Lamborghini. Mitchell could have attached this vote to something Obama would want to sign and there are numerous other methods and tactics the Republicans can use, but have not. We’ll see if they work meanwhile to do that, but at this point I know what to expect from the abortion loving Democrats who are attached to the PAP at the hip (or a reproductive area!) but we will be watching the Republicans very closely.

  31. Every conserv GOP lover of the Const., the USA and victory should swamp Mitch and John B. with faxes, email, et al, telling them they do not represent the BASE. They should be willing to bring to a vote defunding of Planned Parenthood, IRS, ACA and other socialist Obama failures. Make the Dems defend these horrors. Stop giving into the Dems. And demand that if they do not, that Mitch and John resign. In fact, if most of us had our way, both should resign anyway!!


  33. How does a “person” become and remain conservative when their leaders are just so god damned crazy and such liars? It proves they lack the morals and the intelligence to make sound rational decisions.

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