Senate Dem Shocked That Trump is Putting Conservative Judges on the Bench

We’re not entirely sure what Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) has been doing for the last four years, but it’s clear she hasn’t been paying much attention to what’s happening in her own chamber on Capitol Hill. If she had been, she would have realized a long time ago that President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have dedicated much of their combined efforts to remaking the federal judiciary. It is one of the great success stories of this administration; they have taken an ideologically-sick court system and injected it with a huge dose of conservative disinfectant.

While we’re not surprised to see Hirono alarmed by this turn of events, we are a little puzzled that she’s just now figuring out the plan. In a video sent to her constituents last week, Hirono acted as if this is the first she’s heard of Trump and McConnell’s plans.

“Trump has already appointed 25 percent – I think at least 25 percent of the circuit court judges – and 20 percent of all the judges in the federal judiciary for lifetime positions,” Hirono said breathlessly. “And he wants all these people in place because he would like judges who are going to, pretty much, be on his ideological page.

“Now let me tie that, once again, to the D.C. Circuit,” she continued. “Very important because this is a circuit that is going to make decisions based on Trump’s tax returns, based on whether or not Congress can issue subpoenas that can be enforced. This is the court that is going to deal with so many of the issues and the decisions of the Trump administration that will be challenged.”

Yeah? So?

Hirono, undoubtedly because she’s used to championing judges who see political ideology and constitutional “interpretation” as one in the same, apparently thinks that conservative judges will rule in favor of the Trump administration just because, hey, he’s a Republican president! That’s nonsense, and to believe in this twisted theory of American jurisprudence is to essentially say that our courts are just another battlefield in the partisan wars. If that’s the case, we should just skip the nominations, disband the courts, and settle questions of law in Congress.

But perhaps we shouldn’t say that too loudly; we’re afraid that Democrats like Hirono would jump at the chance. Hell, they’d probably love to settle constitutional interpretations with widespread referendums (held exclusively in California and New York, if possible). They have no respect for our nation’s founding document, and they view constitutional originalists as the worst kind of judicial scum.

Like we said, it’s no wonder that Hirono is alarmed. It’s just amusing that it took her this long to figure out what’s going on.

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