Sen. Rand Paul Goes Searching for Obamacare Bill

Sen. Rand Paul blasted his Republican colleagues in the other chamber of the Capitol on Thursday after searching in vain for a copy of the House plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. Irritated that the bill’s draft was being kept in a “secret location,” Sen. Paul finally marched over to the House of Representatives with a gaggle of reporters merrily following behind.

Paul found the room where the bill is supposedly being kept, but he was denied entry.

“We want to see the bill. We have many objections,” Paul said. “We’re here asking for a written copy of this because this should be an open and transparent process.”

The commotion attracted Rep. Frank Pallone, the top-ranking Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee, who glommed onto Paul’s efforts to read the bill. He achieved similar results.

“I think they’re afraid,” Pallone told reporters. “I think they’re afraid it will show that it really doesn’t cover most of the people that received coverage under the Affordable Care Act.”

Wonderful. Another bang-up job on the part of Republicans.

This Obamacare debacle is getting so bizarre that we’re beginning to wonder if things are exactly as they seem. Since this is a ridiculous story already – a GOP senator searching the halls of the Capitol in search of a secret bill – we might as well put on our conspiratorial hats and have a little bit of fun.

Because as the weeks go by and President Trump and the Republicans pretend to be on the same page, we can’t help but remember that these two entities were at war for much of the last year and a half. They do not share the same goals, even if their agendas intersect in some instances.

Are we to believe that the Republican leadership has submitted themselves to being the “Party of Trump” now? Are we to believe that Trump has suddenly embraced many of the same swamp creatures he bashed in the campaign?

Some days we do…and some days we don’t. Some days, we think this facade of party unity is just that: a facade. That Republicans and the Trump White House are actually plotting against each other, both of them still grappling for control of the party.

Or, perhaps, it’s just plain old incompetence.

Either way, Republicans have a golden opportunity to rid this country of the Abominable Care Act…and we’re getting the feeling that they’re going to miss it.

It’s the “why?” that remains unknown.

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  1. SouthernPatriot

    I am amused. In part I agree with the conclusion and humorous story. You are having too much fun with this, and I am too! I hope they explode Obamacare and put nothing in its place. That would harpoon numerous statists and get the swamp creatures all scampering for cover under the muck and mire, rotting promises and party scandals, and maybe another photo of Schumer frollicking with Putin.

    I must put aside my skeptical hat and with the last ounce of faith in Republicans I have left, muster this statement. At some point, hopefully very soon, we will see Obamacare die a final death, and be resurrected in Obamacare Lite…oh no! That is a mis-type. I don’t mean that, but it appears that is what many elected Republican representatives want.

    • That would be the IDEAL outcome. Just get RID of the damn BS from Bath-house Barry, it was ONLY meant to destroy this country in the first place!

    • Repug healthcare will be called Die Quickly. They don’t give 2 shits about anybody but 1%ers. And you poor yokes from middle America just keep putting them in office.

  2. There IS NO Repug version of a healthcare bill. Rand Paul was on a proverbial snipe hunt. They staged 60 votes over 7 years to undo Obamacare. All for show. Now that they have a stooge to sign a repeal bill, no more votes!

    If they ever come up with a bill, it will have been written by the insurance lobby. And it will have more escape clauses on paying claims than Houdini ever had in action.

    Repugs do not care about people. Any plan they come up with be known as DIE QUICKLY.

    • Not so fast Ben, not so fast. The GOP knows that Trump will veto it if it’s that bad and that will make the authors of the bill look like crap..

      • It is not as if Trump is going to read the bill. He has told us he doesn’t even read books. He would only look at a list of key elements handed to him and see the projected cost.

        He has lied telling us what will be included in any bill he would sign. The elements people like from Obamacare cost money. And Trump claims he would give us better care for less. This is no different than buying oats. The only way to significantly cut the cost is buying oats after they have gone through the the horse.

    • Anything this important will take time to do, especially coming up with an alternate plan. I don’t think there is anyone out there that would believe you could come up with a good alternate plan this fast. Do you! I mean geeze lets be real, it took decades to get it and its not possible to do it over night in a six to 8 weeks Trump has been in office. I certainly respect you for your beliefs, but just out right hate for Americans who want a different path is not the right way to solve the problems. I could not afford to by insurance and they fined me for not being able to pay 7 hundred a month. Yeah that does not seem like that’s a fair deal. All I’m seeing now Obstructionist and this tells me that I made the right choice for Trump. Trump did not create any of the problems we have today in this country but he is trying to solve them for the betterment of all Americans.
      Ben, I loss my job 5 years ago to NAFTA globalization of industries world wide.
      This was Bill Clinton’s brain child, and yes many republicans signed on for this too when it was passed in 1093. Do I trust the republicans completely, of course not !! I’m a tooling engineer, and have struggled to find work ever since.
      So far Americans in Manufacturing have lost millions of jobs and now government workers out number manufacturing jobs by the millions. What do they produce, nothing but push paper from one desk to another. They do nothing for our GDP except to put the government farther in debt making payroll for millions who produce nothing !!

      • First, it is a total canard to say NAFTA or any trade bill killed manufacturing jobs here. It is 90% automation that has done that. Ask Puzder who pulled out of being Labor Secretary. He wanted to automate burger slinging jobs at Carl’s Jr.

        Come on, Trump does not get bogged down in details of anything. His total involvement would be signing a healthcare bill. Repubs have had 7 years to work on a healthcare bill. And they have nothing. It clearly shows their intention is to provide nothing.

        If Repubs wanted to do anything but sandbag Obamacare, it would have been fine. They did everything possible to limit enrollment. State governors refusing to open exchanges. And Repubs in general poisoning the well in opposition to Obama. That got us a high risk pool of enrollees, and thus drove up premiums. For the most part the opposition was to prevent a black guy from getting any credit. Look at Kentucky, a Democratic governor set up a model exchange and residents have been well served by it.

        • Its clear me that you are not in manufacturing or you would not make such a stupid comment like that. I have been in it my whole life and yes the automotive plants are highly automated, but are the suppliers that make the parts to assemble cars are not and cannot be automated. To many things that can go wrong. Go to any automotive stamping plant anywhere that supplies parts and you will get your eyes openned. Its pure cheap labor that drives it. I do much temp. contract work in Mexico and they pay the Mexicans 1.00 an hour to run a 3 million dollar punch press. There is maybe three percent automation down their. All tier two suppliers are that way in the USA or out of country because it has to be that way.

          Maybe you can afford Obama care but I cannot, and it keeps going up, and you are fined if you don’t buy it. Please tell me whats fair about that! It was a bad deal all together.

          You are right about obstruction, but now the Democrats are doing it. Shows that they don’t care about the people.
          You must be a government worker or a teacher, they all get a free ride.

          • I know all about automotive automation. I was an engineering director in a company that builds it. I have been in the Mexico plants. Mostly Ramos-Arizpe GM engine plants.

            And yes, suppliers are getting automated too. Little parts get assembled from their component pieces in hoppers to finished products without the touch of human hands. Stamping is a lot of grunt work, agreed. But conveyors cut a huge amount of manual labor moving bulky sheet metal parts around.

          • Good to know we understand a bit about it then. Yeah I’ve worked their for Lear Corp. Metals division. I worked directly for the global director of engineering. My actual position was level 5 tooling engineer. I worked 2 years in Brazil, and 11 years in Mexico. I also spent allot of time in Ramos, Saltio area, and Monclova allot. Lear is closing Monclova down and shipping jobs back to the USA as we speak. Lear built a knew plant in Ramos which I helped design the tooling area of the plant. Automation is mostly assembly like you say, but overall plant wide is still probably 70 percent manual labor. Even the automation stuff requires allot of manual feeding to run. Also the prog dies have allot of secondary opps, so in Ramos, there’s nearly 80 secondary presses run manually too. Each secondary press requires at least 3 people and 720 people three shifts just for running secondaries..Biggest problems we have is finding skilled labor that’s any good, and Mexican managers that actually know what they are doing. You get someone trained, and off he go’s to another company. Labor turn overs run between 10 and 15 percent a month plant wide. The companies make money even running at 50% because of the cheap labor. Then via the NAFTA treaty they get to ship the part assembly tax free, what a windfall for the corporations. When the world cup soccer play offs happen, we have to put a screen up in the back of the plant and shut the plant down for a couple hours or know one will come to work that day.

            I left Lear three years ago because I got tired of the 80 hour weeks, so now I do contract work and I pick and choose where I go. I could be in Monterrey in two weeks. Contract tool engineering is pretty slim pickings this year.

        • Also its pretty hard for people to by it when they don’t work. 52 percent of the workforce in job participation. You 2wher lucky maybe to choice the right job, but many of us who went to college were sold out out by Bill Clinton with the 1993 NAFTA treaty.

          • Clinton did not cause the corporate greed of union busting. That was going down long before his watch. And Republicans have a long history of union busting.

            Until they get realistic about the labor participation rate, I ignore it. Counting retirees, disabled and anybody 16 and up is total BS.

          • You are right about not causing the corp. greed, the corporations stock holders did and the top 3% of the east and west coast elites did, and Clinton bowed down to them and gave them NAFTA. Sold us all out, and now the Clinton foundation pay to play.
            Some racket Ha!! But it back fired on Hillary, she thought she was going to the White House. Its time you learn Know one is for us working middle class folks. Hillaries pay to play should have shown you that. Click on NAFTA, read about it what it did for the corporations, no tax on goods they ship here from Mexico, low dollar on hour wages. They did lower the price of a car or truck, they just put more money in their pockets at the price of American jobs.
            As far as Obamacare go’s, when I left my company five years ago, my insurance was 225. a month for a single guy, now its over 7 hundred a month. Are you telling me doctors and nurse’s wages increased 200% in five years. Truthfully we all would be better of with out Obamacare and buying it across state lines like Trump wants. Hope yo never have to buy yours.

          • Guess what? The federal government has no mandate against selling insurance across state lines. That is left up to the states. Seems Repubs always want that right? There are states which do allow it, and they do not produce a lower cost premium. There are also logistical problems. Insurers would need to set up networks of providers. And why would they? As it currently is, they practice collusion to keep rates high.

            What we need to do is get rid of the insurance companies. That is a minimum 20% markup which adds nothing to the product. Insurance companies hate Obamacare because it mandates a refund when profit margin exceeds 20%. Last year I got a refund check just under $500.

          • Know one really knows what is fare Ben, personally I think they should have left it alone before Obamacare.Or just tax everyone who works a flat rate and then we all get insurance. Everyone pays the same percentage of their income and they get insurance. I surely do not have an answer that would satisfy everyone. No work, no insurance.The folks who are wealthy never have the same worries as the less fortunate, they worry how they can make more money, and who’s gonna take it.

            They should also tax 10% on all out going money on western union and money gram that gets sent out of the country without proof of a green card status.There may be as much as 150 million a week that’s sent out of country.You don’t have to show one bit of ID. to send money. As it is now , illegals can work here illegally, and send money home for a simple 8 dollar fee. My wife happens to be Mexican and is here legally, but she has cousins that have been here 20+ years flying under the radar and sending money to Mexico weekly. She also has a sister that has a visitors visa for 6 months, and she works for money under the table in Texas , and pays no taxes and sends it home every week. These are the biggest abusers because they visit here legally.

  3. They have waited too long to pass the repeal. Now, we will have problems.

  4. Leave it to the GOP. Trump can always veto the whole bill or parts of it but he’ll have to have some good attorneys to read it first. If it’s that bad he should expose to the public the senators that authored it. AMEN!

    • Senators do not write the bills. They tell staffers what to do. We need to see proof of progress from all the loafers sucking off the public tit. I assert there is no Repun healthcare bill.

      Republicans whined about how many pages Obamacare bill contained. Then Trump just this last week told us nobody had any idea how complex healthcare was.

      • When people that won’t help themselves become responsible working citizens then health care can be governed for fair payments by every responsible person ! Not gimme for free loadin’ lazy !

        • Are you really that stupid? Repeal Obamacare and people with preexisting conditions will never be able to buy insurance.


    • So many seem to forget that the new, “make America great again” administration has only been active for less than 2 months but still accomplished more great things than bo did in 8 years that destroyed the U.S.

      • I have to ask what Trump has accomplished. He has given industry free reign to pollute to their heart’s content. He signed a bill taking away overtime pay from many low to middle income workers. He dismissed all of our ambassadors leaving Americans abroad at risk. What exactly has he done to help the people?

        • What the hell does your type of libtard whim expect when trump has been in office for less than 2 months …..? bo destroyed the U.S. National Security in his 8 years of a wannabe dictator through abuse of power E.O.’s & duped the dem asses to believe his lies that the muslims, illegal foreigners & terrorists are no threat against the U.S. A. ! OF course you & your type have forgotten 9/11/2001 that bo never mentioned in his 8 years of conspiracy to be a dictator over the U.S. in a NWO with other tyranny totalitarian dictators … ! Your post is total support for a dem’s logo of an ass being represented quite well by libtards .. !

          • Trump is a nazi. You will be speaking Russian before he is done. But he was too stupid to hide the treason and fucked himself. He can resign and save a constitutional crisis, or we go back to Bush’s 2008 while Repukes sit in the Congress eating his turds.

  6. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Washington establishment career politicians lack spines and testicles. Actually the female congress critters have larger testicles than their male counterparts especially on the democRAT side. Rinos are only marginally better.

  7. Righteous Truth

    Let’s start with the Big Picture: the BEST way ensure a strong America is to promote a HEALTHY America. How do we do that? Of course there are many contributing factors: a healthy food chain (and promoting proper nutritional habits), safe drinking water, safe, efficient, and rewarding workplaces and homes, enriching lifestyles and “free time” activities, etc. All that “good stuff” that we would like to have for ourselves as well as our kids and grandkids.

    Where does “health care” fit in? A truly strong society requires the best health care, and in the US we have that. We have tremendous doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medicines. We have very SKILLED and CAPABLE people available to provide the best care on the planet.

    The Big Problem? How to pay for it. Excellent people and facilities are not cheap. That’s where health INSURANCE comes in. It’s not a matter of IF each one of us needs excellent health care, it’s WHEN.

    Some of us need MASSIVE amounts of care for our entire lives. Do we turn our backs on the babies who are born with congenital heart disease and who will require extensive lifetime care? Of course not, that’s what makes us a strong nation. Do we simply say to the parents of those babies, “It’s your kid. Why should I care or even try to relieve your stress or financial burden?”

    Some of us only need health care TWEAKS every once in awhile. (Thank your lucky stars.) Some of us have automobile, motorcycle, etc. accidents that require much more than the average TWEAK in order to bring us back to a “normal” life. Many of us will require significant amounts of health care our last years, months, days….

    That’s where health INSURANCE comes in. That’s the Big Picture for our nation. It’s not Obama or ObamaCare or Trump or TrumpCare or Paul RyanCare or, even United Health Care (etc.)


    • Too bad the fantasy dream of health insurance for all cannot happen when the greedy insurance & medical CEO’s control the congress with big $$’s to rip U.S. Citizens pay checks to line their own pockets

    • davesnrakleberger

      some of us are responsible enough to do for ourselves.

      • Yup, I agree. You never know when cancer will rear its ugly head or some nut will come out of nowhere – possibly drunk or high – and cause a catastrophic accident leaving you paralyzed and unable to work and provide for your family or when your child will develop congenital heart disease. That’s why you get health insurance – to help pay the bills. That IS the responsible thing to do. Oftentimes, we have employers who provide health insurance – and sometimes it’s pretty decent coverage. Of course if you are your own employer, then you can buy your own health insurance – but that adds to the bottom line. Sometimes people aren’t responsible enough to buy health insurance for themselves and end up in the ER. They get treated there and that’s good, but without an insurance company paying the bill, the cost of the treatment gets passed on to others – namely those who have been responsible enough to purchase health insurance. Can we MANDATE that everyone buy health insurance? Can we MANDATE that everyone be responsible?

      • Most of us that are responsible for protecting & keeping the U.S. National Security voted for Trump to help “change” the U.S. back to a government For & By U.S. Patriotic Citizens … !

  8. I used to like Mr. Paul until he started to become a news hound ,just because they didn’t like his health plan he acts like an Omuslime shill and running around with a copier and acting like a real clown with the lying media following him like a puppy. If this fool wanted to something constructive he should be looking into the Omuslime illegal wire taps and the sleezie administration that has done nothing but cover the half breeds ass since he started running for office ,why has there never been an investigation of the use of his SS number his fake birth certificate ,his statements of being in support of his Muslim brothers in his own book, If the real president Trump had said something like that these low lives would have tried to have him put in prison or assinated ,which they have already called for. But they have never and will never hold this half breed Muslim communist responsible for the things he has done and continuses to do to sell this country out to the bastard Muslims

    • You are one ignorant motherfucking racist. Trump committed treason and you want our legal agencies doing a snipe hunt on a lie Trump cooked up from reading an unsourced article on BreitFart. Stop posting shit online and eat another heaping help8ng of feces. That is what you Returdlickins love to eat. Or let Trump shit right down your throat.

      • WOW!! Talk about ignorant. Your “racists” crap is getting old. Why don’t you get the hell off these Conservative sites and go back down under your bridge TROLL!!! Get a life for God’s Sake!!

        • Why don’t you bend down and kiss my ass? While you are there, I will rip a tremendous fart in your ugly face. You can compare it to Trump’s farts that you suck down like cheap pissy wine.

          • Typical idiot who only can speak in expletives. Don’t even know when you are dead. You are in the tiny minority that want NWO and Communism in this great nation, and it is now being slapped down by the REAL America.

          • Says the clueless shit eater who supports a treasonous fuckwad like Trump. You dumb fucks own this mess. One thing for sure, by the time Trump gets done fucking the country, there will never be another RepubliFascist in the White House.

          • IS that the best you can come up with TROLL!!!! didn’t I see you on TV with one of those Pussy Hats on your ugly head. Get used to another 8 years of President Trump dumb ass!

          • Trump will resign in disgrace before 2017 ends. And if justice is done, his ass will rot in Leavenworth for treason. Plus whatever money laundering operation he has going.

          • WRONG TROLL!! Obonehead will be the one who ends up in Leavenworth!

          • For what? He ran the cleanest administration since Eisenhower.

          • LOL, that is really rich there TROLL!! Obutthead is a disgusting Mooslime traitor.

          • The biggest nothing since the friggin’ peanut farmer, well really worse than that fool at least Jimmie only was stupid ,this half breed bastard was a Muslim and a damn thief for the 1.5 billion he funneled to Iran, oh I almost forgot the 400 mil in cash and what elese he and the Bitch of Benghazi funneled to their buddies to hold when runs to one of his Muslim countries to keep from being hung here for the damn traitor he is

      • So sez a Hillary shit-drinker. Just wither away and disappear, like the REST of your ilk!

        • Fuck you, shit eater. Trump is going to jail for treason. Hillary was the only rational choice. You goat fucking fascists are too fucking stupid to suck air.

          • If they haven’t put that Muslim half breed bastard in prison yet then Trump will not go,Where did you steal that picture of a white man from you raghead bastard

          • Met me racist fuckwit. See my face before a right cross knocks you out.

          • You would never get that close before I drop your fagot ass

          • Too much of a coward for hand to hand, are you? I can play it your way. Uncle Sam trained me as a marksman.

          • I did not say any thing about how I would drop you fool ,see how you dumbass libs jump to conclusions, I have fought more hand to hand than you could ever stand against you stupid fag

          • Hell is marksman as far you could get I sir was a sniper for one of my tours why the hell did you think I said I had legally killed more people than you have met a marksman is just above a wash out . I was trained in demo ,medic and was airborne qualified if you want to go on about trainingand these just a few of what I was trained for

          • Eight more years of Obama? Are you kidding me?? I would have written in “Captain Kangaroo” before I would have voted for her.

        • Some one blocked the bo muslim, libtard bastard … ! THANKs ; he’s gone and hope is out of the U.S.A. or will be soon but not soon enough …! Bet he’s an illegal or muslim !

        • Trump’s 2 inches is up yours. And you love it.

        • Craig Vandertie

          I told him that he is under the influence of mind control and promptly blocked him.

          True patriots are not going to win with weak minded people who focus on the lies perpetuated by the Lamestream media and the Hollyweird elite, so why pop a blood vessel striving to get them to put those 2 living brain cells they have to work.

          • Tell this gutless asshole he can eat my shit when he finishes with Trump’s.

          • Hell you have to have a mind to control this freak would be lucky if he had two cells flopping around in his friggin’ head, its to full of Omuslime shit in where his brain should be

      • You loud mouthed son of bitch I will post just what I said , just because you are an Omuslime supporting bastard all you can up with is everyone that hates that half breed Muslim communist bastard son of a white trash communist whore has done for the past eight years is to bring the Islamic pieces of shit is that we are racist piss on you and the f–king camel you rode in on, and hope soon that some one wakes up and pops a cap on his half breed ass

        • Well, I am reporting your ass to the Secret Service, fuck head. You need to move your ass to Russia if you adore this treason artist Trump so much. I am sure Putin will make you very hapoy.

          • I am so glad you will do that for me they will probably be the ones to pop a cap on the half breed

          • Asshole. Expect a visit from the SS. Report is in.

          • Hell, fool you just joined a long line assholes

          • you stupid ass raghead idiot I have legally more people than you have met in your piece of shit life so it would not be a big thing to take out a few more

          • I don’t know where your ignorant ass gets I am anything but white. I just happen to believe there is not a chosen race. As for taking me out, try it tough guy. But make sure your insurance is paid up and all family affairs in order first.

          • Well you are either a raghead or Killery lover just by retarded speech

          • Like I wrote in my last post there are WHITE and black niggers most blacks are great men unlike you white niggers

          • Loretta Lynch said to put blood on the streets. This must be what she means.

          • Since he said that he hopes that someone else does it and he did not threaten to do it himself, the Secret Service can do nothing.

          • Wrong, the SS does not play games with second hand or implied threats. Your piece of shit buddy will be investigated Roto-Rooter style.

          • I doubt it, but I could be wrong. Perhaps skipfoss will let us know if the SS shows up at his door. “piece of shit buddy”? You seem to have a lot of hate in you.

        • Blood on the streets? “LORETTA meet me on the Tarmac , Bill, LYNCH”. must mean these trolls CLINTON OBAMAS and of course her blood. Nothing the 82nd Airborne can’t fix.

        • When I was in the service one southern boy who was less radical than most explained to me that the N-word did not apply to all black people, but only to the low life ones. So by that standard Obama is definitely a nigger.

          • Come on out from hiding behind that keyboard and say it to a black man. See if your nose gets turned inside out.

          • I’m not hiding anywhere and the notion that one can’t hold their own in a fight just because they are not black is a myth. And there are plenty of black men who would agree with me.

          • I have to say your friend was right ,during my time in service ,three tours in Nam, I worked with some niggers white and black,most of the BLACKs I worked with were great men and I still keep contact with those that are left most do not like what iss going on with this Black Live Matter bull shit like me they believe ALL lives Matter

      • Prove it.

        • Proof is coming, cuntly shitstain. Now that Sessions has recused himself, the road to investigate Trump is open. And he already knows he is going down. That is why he had a shit hemorrhage this weekend.

          • I take it you failed spelling in school. There IS no evidence of anything that proves the Russians had anything to do with the final outcome of the election. Like I said, I refuse to lower myself to your reprehensible standards. Only a COWARD uses the kind of language you use.

            You are blocked, coward.

          • Oh mercy me. What will I do? Being blocked by a ignorant motherfucker breaks my goddamn heart.

          • Funny,you are not blocked or else I could read your latest comment

    • He’s on Soros payrolls

      • Yes, to the tune of 48 grand a month. And I am personally going to see to it that your nazi ass is miserable.

  9. davesnrakleberger

    ryan is lying. He’s not going to do squat to get rid of paulryancare. I am going to start putting his name on it. You know he is being subversive because he is not sharing the bill. Someone turn the lights on so this cockroach will run back into the darkness.

    VOTE RINOS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What’s the problem???? Just repeal the damned thing. They don’t have to replace it with anything. Just let people buy health insurance across state lines. I’m sick and tired of the GOP making excuses for not getting rid of this abomination. It never should have been put into action in the first place. It’s not the Supreme Court’s job to enact laws either the way they did with this garbage.

    • Robert Wayne, we are on the same page! Why do we need another government run boondoggle.

      • When Reps mention the words repeal & replace….. I ask myself this question…..
        Are we about to get the Republicans version of Socialized Medicine….?
        Again, there doesn’t seem to be a flurry of activity from the Republicans to repeal the ACA. They’ve had since March 23rd, 2010 to work on getting rid of this POS health care BS…..

        • Yeah, Repugs should just come out and be honest. Tell their constituents they don’t care. Get sick and die!

        • The fed control has to be in the medical world of price fixing & not socialized health care to take care of the lazy freeloaders that are capable of working & paying their own way in life ! There are people that need help but not the type bo created in 8 years of socialism !

          • The best thing the Feds could do for the cost of health care is to either do away with the FDA or drastically reduce the circus they put new drug applications through. I invest in pharma companies and seen the FDA at it’s worst. They put drug companies far beyond patient safety. The European equal looks for two things. One, it doesn’t kill the patient and two it helps fight the disease. The second thing would allow people to buy their meds from where they choose. My wife has been ill for years, fighting Parkinson’s and the effects of seven tia strokes and then one major incident. I have been able to find many of her meds in Canada at a substantial savings. When she hits stage three on her medicare {that’s the part where your SOL or no mas de niro, for those of you not there yet), I can get her meds far cheaper than staying within the insurance plan and getting the little they will pay in stage three. For people who deal with long term illness usually pay far, far more for meds than Docs.

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          • Pricillambunnell

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        • Well, we already have the Democrats version of socialism along with a Dictatorship demanding our tax payers pay for someone else’s sex life. They want abortion let them pay for it themselves or else us birthcontrol.

        • The government needs to get out of the medical business all together.

    • The House and Senate are being attacked daily by the Liberal scum who dont care about America and use violence and intimidation and it looks to be working. Paul Ryan is a Rhino and regardless of his so called claim to be on Trumps side he needs to be drug out of his chair and sent home for good. Again we have Republicans trying to run a con on we the people by keeping their Obamacare lite under the radar, And its conservatives fault for voting Ryan back into the Speakers position.

      • There is no bigger con in government than Trump. You right wing retards eat his shit daily and use these brainless conservatard websites to say how fine it tastes.

        • Craig Vandertie

          You are truly brainwashed.

        • You’re another left wing piece of shit who wants nothing more than to steal every penny you can from conservatives. If getting rid of Ocrappocare means scum like you not having your stinking insurance than I’m for repealing this garbage more than ever!!!

        • you are typical of snowflakes. Still haven’t woken up yet? If your pet Hitlerly would have been elected as president, it would have been the end of our republic. You REALLY don’t get that?? What is wrong with you?

          • The end is coming now thanks to Trump. But even the brown-nose Speaker Eddie Munster know he needs to get off his ass before it goes too far. Trump has over filled his adult diaper and the shit is running out everywhere he goes. How long until you stupid cunts smell the shit?

          • Ive read your inputs. The only conclusion I can come to is you are a moron. Your family, if they have not already deserted you, should put you back in the care home where you won’t be able to hurt yourself.

        • And how did Obama’s taste?

        • Lillyhammer Lip

          You have obviously been there and done it. Tell all of us just how delicious it was.

      • I can tell that my daughter cannot even get sick because her deduction is over $2000 dollars and she ends up paying for her own visit, meds, and emergency care herself. How is this a great plan. This Obamacare is total BS and don’t care about the people. And being forced to pay for someone else’s sex life is legal extortion. No one paid for my birthcontrol when I took it and no one else paid for me when I had my children. And any lying Doctor that says that they will not take a baby in the womb at 8+ month pregnancy is a liar.They will and do.

    • We do NOT WANT a “replacement” on the Obamacare debacle! JUST GET RID OF IT!

    • Craig Vandertie

      I get a kick how after Osamacare was mandated through 1 of Osama’s many EOs there was an extreme amount of outcries by the Republican party, an astronomical amount of online petitions, yet Osamacare remained in place, if the GOP had tended to the businless at hand the nation would not be caught up in this national health care nightmare.

      Reason Osamacare was never repealed is because treasonous career Republicans conspired with the Demoncommiecrats all of which are being manipulated by Globalists like George Soros.

      The Swamp and that includes all long time politicians and anyone affiliated with the Barack Osama administration needs to be drained, many executed for their part in trying to enslave the people of this nation.

  11. Henry J. Gilbertson

    Socialized heath care or medical care don’t work take a close look at the Veterans system and the neglect at the VA hospitals and clinics also take a close look at nursing home care and the neglect there.

  12. Rand Paul stop the squealing like a spoiled brat and wait till it’s done. Who was with you when you wrote your plan? Did you make copies and pass it around before it was done? You are showing the democrats that the republicans are not standing together, supporting each other and giving them ammunition against Trump and the republican strength. Do NOT divide the party, stand together, time for your say will come. You should be so ashamed for putting on such a show with copier in tow. STOP THE CRAP!

  13. Ali ali in free…………..

  14. How and Why We Must Repeal Obamacare. We need to go “Back to the Basics” or replace Obamacare with precepts common before the time of LBJ or the mid 1960’s. The Last time medical care was affordable or market controlled was in the early 1960’s. Why? Because nearly every family or individual paid cash for their medical care. There was, for the most part, no employer provided medical care plans available to the majority of the private or public employees. (A) What is the most ill conceived type of medical insurance coverage available in America since the 1960’s?? It is the government employee (bureaucrat or elected officials) provided medical insurance. Every penny of the government employee’s salaries and benefits are paid for by private enterprise employers and employees via taxes. Not one cent has or will be paid by a government employee for their medical care. The government employee receives 100% of his wages and benefits from the government’s general fund. The government employee’s April 15 paper work submitted to government as taxes paid is, in reality, just a negotiation over his net take home money. Nothing has ever been contributed to the general fund by any government employee, be they city, county, state or federal employee. (B) What is the second most ill conceived type of medical insurance coverage available in America since the 1960’s?? Mysteriously, medical insurance systems are economically affordable or available to employee’s of large businesses or corporations. Probably due to scale, size or whose bread-got-buttered by special deals in Congress, these same loop-holes seemingly are not available to smaller enterprises or individuals. I am quite sure those loop-holes provided large businesses and corporations resulted in inflicting extra and unknown burdens upon the less-politically-connected family businesses and smaller scaled private enterprise employers and their employees. (C) Who ended-up-getting-screwed trying to achieve the goal of obtaining affordable medical care?? Who represents the most important and most productive portions of economic society in the USA?? These folks are the independent individuals, family businesses, small scale entrepreneurs and their employees.

    (D) SOLUTION ! “Back to the Basics” !!

    No one should be aloud to obtain medical insurance or medical care from a third party, be they the employer, whether the employer be private enterprise or government, nor should their be a one payer medical insurance plan or socialized medical care. Instead mandate that everyone possess a private medical-care-savings-account (at bank or some other financial institution non aligned to government) with 5 % (or ?) taken out of their salary, commission, contract or whatever. There should be no mandate that anyone has any particular kind of medical insurance coverage, nor regulations on who,what, where or amount of insurance coverage. The majority of the single folks will, by nature, have not medical insurance coverage. The non-insurance-policy-holder is the ONLY mechanism that could ever re-apply a market force upon the provider and patient in order to bargain for the most equitable price for a medical procedure. The mere fact that the majority of the working folks possess medical insurance currently has resulted in near zero market force being applied upon negotiations between provider and patient to arrive at an equitable price for medical procedures. If the majority of patients did not possess medical insurance, then and only then, would a market force be available to apply upon constituents in order to arrive at an equitable price. Of course under “Back to the Basics” most married folks (family) will choose catastrophic or hospitalization insurance coverage. Under “Back to the Basics” practically no one will possess, the currently most commonly held, medical insurance coverage called comprehensive-medical-insurance-coverage because of its inherent propensity to negate market forces.

    Again, the goal is go, “Back to the Basics” or re-establish, as it was from this country’s founding until the early 1960’s, equitable market forces re-installed upon the honorable vocation and business of medical care.

  15. Craig Vandertie

    A far more serious Conspiracy is the effectiveness of our military, case in point, under the Barack Osama administration military spending has been cut to pre-WWII spending factoring in inflation.

    Recently a question was posted to that extremely biased liberal blog/forum Quora, the question pertained to the prospect of any further production of the Lockheed/Martin and Boeing F-22 Raptor, the answer was disturbing to say the least.

    At present there are F-22 Raptors that in all likelihood are permanently grounded, why?, the repairs that need to be made are not possible due to the fact that the specifications for the parts have vanished.


    • If we could keep warmongers the fuck out of office, our number one product would not need to be weapons of destruction. How stupid are you? Drones are dropping most of our bombs now.

    • SPECULATION IS THAT bo GAVE THEM TO A U.S. ENEMY LIKE A MUSLIM ISLAMISTof IRAN ! The other question is how much gold from the U.S. treasury went to Africa &, or to his muslim buddies …. ?

      • When you get real evidence to go with the wild ass conspiracy theories from Crazy Alex Jones, take it to the feds. Until then, you will be laughed at.

      • Craig Vandertie

        Considering we already had too little to cover our debt, yet another treasonous and stupid act on the part of Barack Osama.

      • Craig Vandertie

        I would not be surprised in the least if that weak minded, mind controlled Ben Totuous does not lash out at you by calling you stupid and spewing nonsense such as if Mr. Trump were not such a war monger we would not need to spend so much on our military.

        What that Libtard Demoncommiecrat and Lamestream media kool-aid guzzling fool does not realize is that the tensions between us and our enemies came to a head during Emperor Barack Osama’s reign, our nation became a joke in regards to self defense, North Korea, Iran, China, and even Russia were laughing at that criminal, as in unlawful POTUS and his administration.

        • One damn thing for sure is the fact that when his type fucks with the bull he is going to get the horns by creating his own demise or fate as the hunter does to his prey … !

          • You want a piece of me, you belching cunt? Make an appointment for your clock cleaning instead of mouthing off.

  16. Craig Vandertie

    My last 3 PCPs have all came here from other nations, receiving their medical education through medical schools not accredited by U.S. ran surveys that grade the best Medicalooking schools.

    Those young adults that are U.S. citizens taken hostage on the island of Grenada a few years back were attending medical school (ROFLMAO) there, how pathetic, who in their right mind would want to receive medical treatment from a physician not intelligent enough to have been accepted by a Medical school in the U.S..

    It is the greedy investors of HMOs that like most sinfully wealthy people are never content with profit margin, so they recruit those who are by far the least well trained and educated physicians there are.

    40 to 50 years ago you would very rarely be treated by physicians who have accents so thick you constantly have to ask them to repeat themselves, the same goes for being able to pronounce their names.

  17. I agree Robert Wayne…however, they should be able to see and read the damn thing !

  18. “Wonderful. Another bang-up job on the part of Republicans.”

    I have often opined that Republicans — at least during my lifetime — have forgotten how to act like winners. Even when they won at the polls. This is merely another example. Rather than act like adult winners, today’s Republicans are acting more like the feckless, infantile Demoncrats do when they’re in power. ‘Tis little wonder the Tea Party is doing so well: neither the establishment Republicans nor Demoncrats have concern for anything but getting re-elected.

    News flash, guys and gals, if you Republican representatives of “we the people: don’t start acting like adults who care about “we the people,” we’ll give you your walking papers in November of 2018. A lot of us didn’t vote last November because you have made it clear you don’t care about us, but after Trump trounced you last November — well, you can expect to hear from more of us in a year and a half.

    • Trump will be out of office in a year and a half, motherfucker. And very likely facing criminal prosecution for treason. So take your RepubliFascist Party and impale it up your asshole.

  19. the greasy haired little schmuck is once again trying to fill his fathers size one shoe and failing

  20. Hidden bill? Repeal completely any written document formed as a bill and start over. With OBAMA out of the way we can become a functional government again for WE THE PEOPLE.

    • Are you that stupid? This country is now under constitutional crisis thanks to Trump’s treason. You are going to need extra diapers the day he gets frogmarched out of the White House in shackles.

  21. I suspect that Senator Paul was denied access to the replacement bill because:



    The spending bill MUST, by Federal Law, come from the House of Representatives, and I think they are trying to avoid a repeat of the fiasco that took place when Ovomit-Lack-of-Care was foisted upon us.

    Besides that, Rand Paul does NOT know how to keep his damn mouth shut. If he sees a news camera, he’s right there spouting off.

    Let the Republicans do their job and stay out of it, Senator Paul. Your time will come, and the you can talk all you want. Same for Senator Rubio.

    • There is no Repuke healthcare bill currently, and there never will be. Just wait until they admit it. You think the people are pissed now? Just wait. You RepubliCunts have seen nothing yet.

      • You don’t know that and neither do I. Save your foul language for someone who is willing to lower themselves to your standards. I won’t. Oh, yeah — I’m an Independent.

        • No words from me Trump has never said in public. Interesting to find an “independent” here in this slime pit.

  22. Gregory Sarmas Sr.

    The Republicrats should have drafted or composed a plan or several for review by Trump.What the Hell have they been doing all this time?

    • The same old Repuke wars on sanity, middle class and minorities… Political witch hunts, tax welfare for the 1%, breaking down civil and voting rights, taking away womens’ rights, taking overtime pay, greenlighting polluters, letting the banks get back to 2008 rules.

  23. How and Why We Must Repeal Obamacare. We need to go “Back to the Basics” or replace Obamacare with precepts common before the time of LBJ or the mid 1960’s. The Last time medical care was affordable or market controlled was in the early 1960’s. Why? Because nearly every family or individual paid cash for their medical care.

    The solution is that no one should be aloud to obtain medical insurance or medical care from a third party, be they the employer, whether the employer be private enterprise or government, nor should their be a one payer medical insurance plan or socialized medical care. Instead mandate that everyone possess a private medical-care-savings-account (at bank or some other financial institution non aligned to government) with 5 % (or ?) taken out of their salary, commission, contract or whatever. There should be no mandate that anyone has any particular kind of medical insurance coverage, nor regulations on who,what, where or amount of insurance coverage. The majority of the single folks will, by nature, have no medical insurance coverage. The non-insurance-policy-holder is the ONLY mechanism that could ever re-apply a market force upon the provider and patient in order to bargain for the most equitable price for a medical procedure. The mere fact that the majority of the working folks possess medical insurance currently has resulted in near zero market force being applied upon negotiations between provider and patient to arrive at an equitable price for medical procedures. If the majority of patients did not possess medical insurance, then and only then, would a market force be available to apply upon constituents in order to arrive at an equitable price. Of course under “Back to the Basics” most married folks (family) will choose catastrophic or hospitalization insurance coverage. Under “Back to the Basics” practically no one will possess, the currently most commonly held, medical insurance coverage called comprehensive-medical-insurance-coverage because of its inherent propensity to negate market forces.

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