Sen. Rand Paul Goes Searching for Obamacare Bill

Sen. Rand Paul blasted his Republican colleagues in the other chamber of the Capitol on Thursday after searching in vain for a copy of the House plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. Irritated that the bill’s draft was being kept in a “secret location,” Sen. Paul finally marched over to the House of Representatives with a gaggle of reporters merrily following behind.

Paul found the room where the bill is supposedly being kept, but he was denied entry.

“We want to see the bill. We have many objections,” Paul said. “We’re here asking for a written copy of this because this should be an open and transparent process.”

The commotion attracted Rep. Frank Pallone, the top-ranking Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee, who glommed onto Paul’s efforts to read the bill. He achieved similar results.

“I think they’re afraid,” Pallone told reporters. “I think they’re afraid it will show that it really doesn’t cover most of the people that received coverage under the Affordable Care Act.”

Wonderful. Another bang-up job on the part of Republicans.

This Obamacare debacle is getting so bizarre that we’re beginning to wonder if things are exactly as they seem. Since this is a ridiculous story already – a GOP senator searching the halls of the Capitol in search of a secret bill – we might as well put on our conspiratorial hats and have a little bit of fun.

Because as the weeks go by and President Trump and the Republicans pretend to be on the same page, we can’t help but remember that these two entities were at war for much of the last year and a half. They do not share the same goals, even if their agendas intersect in some instances.

Are we to believe that the Republican leadership has submitted themselves to being the “Party of Trump” now? Are we to believe that Trump has suddenly embraced many of the same swamp creatures he bashed in the campaign?

Some days we do…and some days we don’t. Some days, we think this facade of party unity is just that: a facade. That Republicans and the Trump White House are actually plotting against each other, both of them still grappling for control of the party.

Or, perhaps, it’s just plain old incompetence.

Either way, Republicans have a golden opportunity to rid this country of the Abominable Care Act…and we’re getting the feeling that they’re going to miss it.

It’s the “why?” that remains unknown.

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