Select Committee Chairman Thompson Reveals That The Fix Is In

In a recent interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Bennie Thompson, chairman of Speaker Pelosi’s Kangaroo Select Committee looking into the Capitol Hill riot, revealed that the conclusion of the so-called investigation has already been determined.

Thompson said that the purpose of the one-sided Select Committee is to yet determine what took place on January 6, 2021.  Thompson went on to say that the Committee needed to decide if it was some sort of organic “comedy-of-errors” or an organized insurrection … even an attempted coup.  That sounded appropriate – something every American can support.  An open-minded investigation. 

But then Thompson revealed the truth.  They are not investigating to find out what went on.  They are compiling a dossier to express what they have already decided.  They are not looking for the facts, but to build a mendacious political narrative for the sole purpose of influencing the 2022 elections.

We know the Committee’s purpose in the fact that it is not truly bipartisan.  In an unprecedented move, Pelosi rejected Republicans appointed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – and in an even bolder abuse of political power, selected two Republicans who were supportive of Pelosi’s objective.

Anyone with an average sense of objectivity can easily see that the Committee is neither interested in or capable of undertaking a fair investigation.  It is like going to court and finding that only the prosecution can speak, call witnesses, and submit evidence.

In his most recent interview, Thompson determined that what happened on Capitol Hill was … as he told Bash, an “insurrection, I call it” – as do many of his Democrat colleagues and members of the left-wing media.  That should be the purpose of the inquiry – but they already reached their own politically motivated conclusion.

Thompson further committed himself to the prejudged verdict.  He said the Committee had to determine if it was a “comedy of errors” or an insurrection.  When pressed by Bash to give his opinion, Thompson said, “It was not a “comedy-of-errors.”  Again, a conclusion.

To understand the kangaroo quality of this committee – in addition to its makeup – is the fact that it operates outside of any concept of fairness or any rules-of-law that serve to protect the rights of the accused.

There are no rules-of-evidence.  Virtually every accusation and supportive testimony is hearsay – and would never be allowed in a court-of-law.  The Committee members operate as prosecutors and judges – and the laws covering perjury do not apply.  They literally announce the conclusions on a daily basis – and their media cronies are more than willing to play co-prosecutors.

The entire purpose of the Committee is to influence public opinion ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.  The Committee has no power to indict anyone for a crime.  We saw how members of congressional committees and the media were unrestrained in their multi-year claim that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians in meddling in the 2016 election only to have the Mueller investigation disprove that bogus contention.  

We are seeing the same movie again.  They call it an insurrection even though none of the hundreds of persons arrested for the assault on the Capitol have been charged with insurrection.

Thompson has announced that the Committee will not wait until they complete their investigation to issue their findings – in what he calls an “interim report.”  That is because they will not be able to hear all the witnesses before the November midterm election – and THAT is what all this insurrections, coup attempts, sedition and future threats to the survival of the American Republic is all about – politics.

They talk about future violence and attempted coups even though there are no indications of such actions.  In fact, the law enforcement agencies have stated that they have no “credible threats” at his moment.  Just as the predicted violence at the time of the one-month anniversary did not happen.  Remember the Democrats claims that insurrectionists would be taking to the streets in cities across the nation.  Did not happen.

They remind me of the iconic fellow on the street corner predicting the end of the world.  He differs from the Democrat soothsayers in the he will eventually be right … in a few billon years.

So far, the sky-is-falling strategy is not working.  Democrat popularity is plummeting.  

The riot was bad – and those who engaged should be punished – but the Republic was never in any threat of collapse. And will not be even if Republicans clean up in the 2022 midterm elections.  And THAT is what Democrats fear more than global warming.

So, there ‘tis.

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  1. Jan. 6th, will sink the Democrats . The riots in Portland did more damage and killing people than the Protest on Jan, 6th . Biden lied thru his whole speech about Jan. 6th. I do not believe he said one statement that was TRUE. Again Biden with more lies . Guns , spears killings, – No guns, no spears used, and the only person that was killed was a unarmed female . People stop listening to Biden , he is out to destroy America . He takes better care of illegals than he does the American people . Tell me one thing that Biden has done to help the American people.

  2. Nothing new here! Just like hitler, the marxists couldn’t win an election in this country by telling the truth so they lie, cheat, and misrepresent what has gone on. Remember, hitler sent in his own people, dressed to look like Polish partisans, into eastern germany to “mount an offensive” against germany so he could declare war on Poland and invade them. In other words, the start of WWII and the takeover was ALL BASED ON A LIE, just like everything the democrats, ie marxist, communist, totalitarians are doing today.

  3. So true reading this about what this so called bias committee is trying to accomplish. What happened on Jan 6 was not right but what these idiots are trying to prove against President Trump is preposterous. Only out to get him again after the Russian collusion failed. There is nothing these Dems can do except exaggerate the truth so Trump will not run in 2024. However people with any sense know how viciously they Dems work and whatever they say or write will be evaporated lije the Russian hoax. So fire away Dems because you will again be on the losing side of what this country is really about.

  4. I hope and pray Republicans do clean up all races and get our country moving again in right direction in spite of Biden.

  5. I can ONLY HOPE that the 2022 elections give the house back to the Republican side and give Pelosi just what she so RICHLY deserves !!!!!!!
    THE DOOR !!!!!!! Karma is a HARD MISTRESS !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Of the so called leadership of the left weren’t so out of touch with reality they would see they are literally destroying their party for the next several decades. Anyone alive during this ridiculous shit show will remember exactly how every single farcical attempt has come up empty. If there wasn’t a negative connotation to the term “Teflon Don” it would appear to any Democrat that this would be a great way to describe Trump. At this point the only ones convinced of this foolishness are themselves and the die hard extremists of the left. As a conservative I really had no love for Donald Trump but after seeing 5 years of nonstop attacks on everything imaginable involving Trump I am more than convinced he’s the one to lead our nation. I’ll never understand why seemingly normal people are so willing to risk everything including integrity to attempt to destroy a politician who had clearly not sold out his convictions or bend to pressure from big moneyed interests. This is in fact the very reason he’s faced so many attacks on his leadership and personality. A leader doesn’t require being likeable. A leader only needs to have a vision and the integrity to stand by their convictions. If the American people have not yet come to see the lack of substance in the leftist leadership I can only conclude that they are simply willfully blind and will never see anything beyond what koolaid has been handed to them. The left has and always will overplay their hands and eat their own. When a political party welcomes fringe groups and ideological concepts they are asking for what they get. Infighting incompetence and ineffectual governance. The one thing Trump needs to do is let the last so called election go. Most of us know that the entire thing was a scam and nobody who is being truly honest thinks otherwise. Keeping up that narrative only gives credence to those who only wish to subvert Trump and those who voted for him. Biden wanted the white house bad enough to steal it. The best thing we can do is allow him to prove what we already knew. He’s a windbag and a moron and the entire world is laughing at him. If he weren’t such an unbelievable asshat I’d feel sorry for him but since he insists and persists on talking down to the American people I simply can not. Let a suspected idiot speak and that idiot will prove his idiocy. That’s precisely what we are seeing and even the staunchest supporters can no longer deny his inability to lead a nation. My advice to Trump is drop the the idea that he’s being treated unfairly even though we know he is if he is planning on another presidential run. It’s unbecoming of a true leader.
    God Bless America


  7. “The riot was bad – and those who engaged should be punished – ”

    Just as soon as all the people who participated in riots for the entirety of 2020 have been punished.

  8. Human couldn’t have said it any better.
    As far as the January 6ths so called insurrection the democrats and the idiot Chaney are going crazy about, here’s the reality NOBODY CARES. They so overplayed their hand. Americans are more concerned about their health, the health of their family’s, they are concerned about their jobs, paying their mortgages, paying their bills and putting food on the table. We had to deal with years of RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA and now this please take a walk.
    BUT here’s what I’m care about I want to see Pelosi’s texts and emails leading up to January 6th. I want her records to be subpoenaed, imagine what we would find. I also want her husbands stock records to be subpoenaed too, imagine again what we would find. Let’s face it she is truly an old corrupt hag.

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