See Ya: Antifa Thug Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for June Assault

Antifa thug Gage Halupowski won’t be rioting, starting fires, or throwing bottles at police officers anytime soon. The 24-year-old leftist miscreant was sentences to six years in prison on Friday for second-degree assault he committed with a June 29 attack on an individual in Portland, Oregon.

In the midst of a riot which saw Antifa thugs clashing with right-wing protesters, Halupowski cracked Adam Kelly in the back of the head with a baton and pepper-sprayed him. Kelly’s crime? Coming to the aid of another man who’d already been attacked by the black-clad socialist criminals.

While Antifa claims to be “anti-fascist” in their beliefs, their real-world presence has been the very definition of fascism. Determined to shut down any speech they disagree with, they have shown a propensity for violence and cowardice, covering their faces with masks and bandanas so as to avoid having their identities outed. Responsible for numerous assaults, countless crimes, and several high-profile attacks on government institutions, Antifa has been labeled a domestic terrorist group by many Republicans on Capitol Hill.

In prosecuting Halupowski, Multnomah County District Attorney Melissa Marrero said that the attack was “completely unexplainable, completely avoidable, and didn’t need to happen.” She added that both men were fortunate that Kelly survived the attack.

In a Facebook post after the assault, Kelly revealed that he’d suffered a concussion and needed 25 staples to close his head wounds.

Though Halupowski’s attorneys complained that the sentence was too harsh for their client, a first time offender, Marrero insisted that politics played no part in her office’s prosecutorial decisions.

“My office has individuals charged on both sides of the political spectrum. We are not picking sides based on political affiliation, political views or anything like that,” Marrero said.

Indeed, had Halupowski not taken a plea deal, he could have been charged with much more, including unlawful use of a weapon, attempted assault of a police officer, and interfering with the work of police. These charges were dropped after the Antifa scum took the deal.

Halupowski wasn’t the only Antifa member arrested on that dark June day.

“The two other people arrested, James Stocks and Maria Dehart, were charged with harassment and disorderly conduct,” reports The Oregonian. “Stocks, 21, pleaded no contest to harassment and was sentenced Tuesday to one year of probation and 50 hours of community service. He admitted to throwing a milkshake at a group of right-wing supporters. Dehart, 23, has pleaded not guilty to her charges and is scheduled to next appear in court on Nov. 13, court records show.”

As far as we’re concerned, just being associated with these scumbags ought to qualify as a crime. Spout all the socialist/Commie speech you want, but when your group’s sole aim is to cause mayhem and violence, we’re not talking about the First Amendment anymore. Maybe when they get out of prison, they’ll know the difference between a conservative and an actual Neo-Nazi. In fact, we’re sure they will.

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