Secretary Of State Blinken Is Lying

The Biden Administration is lying to the American Public about Ukraine.

If you have been listening to mainstream media, you may have heard Secretary of State Blinken say something Moscow has “already failed” and will not achieve its goals. “In terms of Russia’s war aims, Russia has already failed and Ukraine has already succeeded,” Mr. Blinken said Monday. “We don’t know how the rest of this war will unfold, but we do know that a sovereign, independent Ukraine will be around a lot longer than Vladimir Putin is on the scene.”

Secretary of Defense Austin says he wants to see Russia’s military capabilities “weakened.”

What the hell are Austin and Blinken thinking? Do they believe that America has the unlimited resources to enforce that? Do they believe that a mere $8 billion in support to Ukraine is going to “weaken” Russia?

We explained Putin’s goals here. He announced his aims officially, so there is little doubt.  He wants to control the land bridge between Russia and Crimea, to secure logistics to his navy base in Sevastopol and to be able to run gas and oil pipelines through it securely.  

He currently controls that area. Now he just needs to lock it in by crushing the Ukrainian Army. And we already know that he will not stop, that he cannot stop. What mainstream is calling “devastating losses on Russian forces” has been merely the cost of doing business.

If you want to add our own conspiracy theory, the reason Russia pulled away from Kyiv is because Zelenskyy sold out. Putin no longer needs a regime change, and in fact is supporting Zelenskyy by taking out the more radical Ukrainian military forces. Then they can walk out hand in hand and declare a truce. (Was Zelenskyy Just Paid to Surrender?) That makes the sanctions no longer necessary. This would be a horrible outcome for the U.S.

Russia’s forces are not “weakened.” In fact, when he achieves his goals, his army will contain battle hardened soldiers, who will get new equipment as Putin replenishes the military, having expended his older, outdated equipment. Ever heard the word “anti-fragile”?

And because of this, Putin’s popularity in Russia is strong. Not that he would get the 95% of the vote that his fraudulent elections purport to give him, but he might even win a popular vote in Russia right now.

Here is a day by day update video on Russia’s control of Ukrainian territory. Not that at one point he pulls away from Kyiv.  Putin never wanted Kyiv.  The origin is a U.S. organization,, so consider the images here to be optimistic pro-Ukraine in bias, if any.

If you want the true update, here it is.  Russia is progressing on its encircling actions. They have taken out the fuel dumps supporting the Ukrainian Army. Now they have started to take out the railways that ship supplies in.   

The Ukrainian Army will be cut off from supplies, they will run out of everything, and they will surrender.

Note that the Biden Administration has stopped talking about sanctions. The sanctions have not been anywhere close to having the effect they were supposed to. Putin has been planning this for many years and has circumvented them to a great degree. Europe is in a stranglehold and their support has been exceedingly weak.

All of this failure is due to the incompetence of the Biden Administration. They will likely continue to lie to the public, claiming victory where there is none, putting “lipstick on this pig.” This is in fact a devastating loss for the American people and the West. Adding this to the Afghanistan debacle, no one will trust us again.

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  1. He’s a demonRAT. They all lie! Just like the idiot in the WH.

  2. Justa Winkin and a Blinkin as I collect the “Big Guys” cut!

  3. Hell all the elected lie

  4. Methamphetamine causes eye ‘Blinkin’ so…maybe…

  5. Here’s my thoughts, I don’t even recognize OUR OWN COUNTRY ANYMORE!! Why because seriously mentally ill people are in the position to , violate the constitutional rights of born and raised AMERICAN CITIZEN’S AND PATRIOT’S in favor of criminal and definitely Illeagel border jumpers. OUR CITY’S ARE BURNING AND unrecognizable. We are constantly bombarded with LIES like the CRAP that has been described buy Blinken, myorkis, and the list goes on. THIS COUNTRY OUR COUNTRY IS IN DANGER OF BEING ATTACKED BY A NUCLEAR POWER AND EVERY OTHER NUCLEAR WEAPONS COUNTRY THAT HATES US. And this administration is as TREASONOUS as it gets. Something I never dreamed possible. When I think of the men and women from George Washington to Betsy Ross and ALL TRUE AMERICAN HERO’S that DIED scaling the cliffs of Normandy to the hero’s who have been killed or permanently disabled IN THE MOUNTAINS Of Afghanistan. I GET SICK ~ WHY? FOR WHAT? NOTHING??? When is this nation going to reset to the most basic of the constitutional rights granted to ALL TRUE AND legal AMERICAN CITIZEN’S BY OUR FORFATHERS and BY GOD?? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GOD and I LOVE YOU AMERICA because that’s how I feel and WAS Raised believing on the most beautiful thing God has blessed and CREATED, OUR COUNTRY AND SHE IS IN DANGER OF BEING ATTACKED from the inside as well as outside of our borders. I don’t FEAR MY E-mail Being published I’m just happy and proud to have a forum to speak through the censorship and disgusting game’s played by the “farrr left”. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ANYWAY ??? “The Four” ?? I don’t know where they came from, how they weaseled their poison into the fabric of the nation but at the very least they should be labeled as “TRAITORS” And Thrown out of the country. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME A BREAK AND A PLACE WHERE I CAN AT LEAST SPEAK UP FOR THE COUNTRY I LOVE MORE THAN YOU’LL EVER KNOW. THANK GOD FOR YOU, MAY HE BLESS AMERICA AND IT’S PATRIOT’S, AND BEFORE I FORGET … GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND RETURN TO THE WHITE HOUSE.

  6. The demoncrats know where to finde all the idiots since the country close all the mental hospitals and their people sent out on the wind.

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