Secret Service Doubles Down On RNC Protection

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – The Republican National Convention is protecting itself and its patrons from “risk of violence.”

On Thursday, officials for the Republican National Convention announced the U.S. Secret Service had agreed to move the designated protesting area away from the convention’s site.

Republican officials revealed to The New York Times that the Secret Service had agreed to declare a park approximately a quarter-mile from the convention site as off-limits.

The decision by the Secret Service comes after a lawyer for the RNC expressed concerns last month about the “increased and untenable risk of violence” by protestors.

Danielle Alverez, the Trump campaign’s senior adviser, applauded the leadership of the Secret Service for “including Pere Marquette Park” in its “security perimeter.”

In her statement, Alvarez implored local officials to expedite the permit process and select a different First Amendment Zone location.

However, a spokesperson for the Secret Service told The Times that the issue had not yet been fully resolved.

Alexandria Worley, a spokeswoman for the Secret Service, stated that currently, the security plan for the Republican National Convention, which will take place between July 15th and July 18th in Milwaukee, was “still in development.” 

She noted the plan included the “security perimeter,” adding that the Secret Service wasn’t responsible for designating “demonstration zones for National Special Security Events” as those are determined by the host city.

In May, the RNC highlighted that the proximity between the designated protest zone (Pere Marquette Park) and the convention (Fiserv Forum) was too close and would create a “mandated confrontation area.”

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