Seattle’s New Min Wage Wreaking Havoc

Not everything is as simple as it seems, contrary to what liberals believe. You can’t just eliminate gun violence by clamping unworkable gun control laws on the public. You can’t eliminate poverty by throwing government money at the poor. You can’t save the world by taking shorter showers. And you can’t rescue a generation of low-income workers by mandating an outrageous hike to the minimum wage.

Seattle residents will soon be able to testify to this last point. The city voted in a new minimum wage of $15 an hour last November, a hike that will take place in stages over the next three years. But even though the wage has only risen to $11 an hour so far, workers are already feeling the crunch. According to local radio personality Jason Rantz, workers are asking their employers to slash their hours so they can remain on government assistance!

“If they cut down their hours to stay on those subsidies because the $15 per hour minimum wage didn’t actually help them get out of poverty, all you’ve done is put a burden on the business and given false hope to a lot of people,” said Rantz this week.

If the goal of the wage hike was to get Seattle residents off the public dole, the law has proven to be an abject failure. Earlier this year, there were 130,851 people on the Basic Food program. A month after the wage hike, 130,376 people remained on the rolls.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unintended consequences. Several prominent Seattle restaurants have been forced to shutter their doors, unable to keep up with the mandated wages. Others have had to raise prices substantially to make up for the profit gap. It remains to be seen whether customers will be willing to fork over enough money to cover the wages or if Seattle will soon be a wasteland of empty storefronts.

This is what happens when you go meddling in the free market. Capitalism may be a dirty word on the left, but it’s the system we have. And unless Seattle wants to start dabbling in full-blown socialism, they would do well to stop interfering with the forces of the market. Good intentions don’t pay the bills.

Liberalism appeals to the young and the ignorant because its tenets can be explained in sound bites that require virtually no facts. As long as something feels right, it is right. As long as something would work in theory, it will work in reality. Unfortunately, that kind of philosophy fails in practice. We’ve seen how destructive it can be in every Democrat-controlled city in the country. Yet there is always another crop of young, ignorant voters ready to vote with their hearts. Unfortunately for them, they will be the ones hurt worst by the liberal policies they support.

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  1. “According to local radio personality Jason Rantz”

    Oh, well THAT settles IT.

    conservatives are SO discriminating about their sources for FACTS.

    AND you wonder why the rest of America think cons are little “challenged”


      The fact that you think you speak for the rest of America shows what a moron you are.

      • Oh the rest of America makes fun of you all the time. Check out Facebook, YouTube, social media.
        conservatives are a laughing stock.
        There are hundreds of pages on Facebook dedicated to the lunacy of conservatives and Fox News.
        Thousands of YouTube videos highlighting conservative lunacy.

        It’s like studying a new life form, a new virus, an alien life form.

        • Typical whack job liberal. Fabricating your own facts. Fox has been first in news for years. Try trolling with your delusional version of reality elsewhere.

        • Again a libtard/demoRAT seeing just what they want to see without reading the whole story. You must have learned to read with common core. I do believe you have your facts reversed.

          • The Real Chick can’t see much with his head so far up his/her/it’s colon…maybe his Jenner-sizing has caused menopause to set in ?

        • reality, you are a liberal moron, and we’re laughing at you. dim wits.

        • @ NeedsRealityCheck , Yea ….. Pelosi , Reid , Frank , the 18 current Dem Governors . Yea they sure are making fun of the fact 33 states have (R) governors , Yea that’s FUNNY and so is the FACT (R) run the HOUSE and have a majority in the Senate ….That’s hilarious ….. but like a good little leftard go right on watching Facebook and Youtube to get you relevant facts and your reality check …… and don’t forget to send Hillary a check this Month ….. Right after you get your cheese , phone and Gubment chek ….. sh1t Talking Liberals are a JOKE …….

        • Just tell me some fact based reality that you have learned and know is true. Just something to show you have studied and know for sure what has happened. All the libs I know have never done this with me or any other conservative. All they do is what you did- try to insult and to cuss at the conservative. That just goes the prove that the libs have no basis whatsoever because they are very low information people. We conservatives are never insulted by what you libs say as an insult because we realize it comes from no knowledge.

        • So you get your information from FACEBOOK? Ha. It would be better labeled ASSBOOK. No wonder your posts are in reverse order like your mind is wired with reverse polarity.

      • Yes Douglas you’re speaking to a Moron, that is in desperate need of a reality check.

      • Easy On Him Doug. The Man Is Ignorant Of His Own Destruction.

      • morons in america is like rice in a rice paddy–maybe like sand on the beach

      • Michael Dennewitz

        He’s a paid troll Doug. Answering “it” only boosts “its” ego..

    • @ NeedsRealityCheck , you’re an idiot , you can’t even figure out that Jason Rantz REPORTED the information , amazing the ignorance required to think he CREATED the information ….. and then blame it on Conservatives …… and you call us CHALLENGED ? ? ? Of course you do , now take your meds , everything will be fine …… Yes Dorthy made it back to Kansas …..

    • if only you was in your marixist dream world–the ideas in your hard head never work–an never can-wake up challended

    • Liberals are destroying a city’s economy and Conservatives are challenged? How so, Cup Cake?

      • “Liberals are destroying a city’s economy”

        How so cupcake?

        Flapping gums are not really proof of anything.

        I know that’s hard for conservatives to understand, but in the real world that’s the fact.

        • Many small businesses cannot afford the $15 an hour wage hike so they would have to close or dramatically raise prices on their goods and services. It’s another failed attempt to try to legislate people out of poverty. Democrats+economy=monkeys humping footballs, Princess!

          • That must be why Seattle is a boom town.

            So the conservative doesn’t really have evidence.
            he does have talking points he heard on Fox News last night.

            What I’m talking about is evidence. Do I need to define that?

            When the law first came in, right wing propaganda tried to point to business closings is a cause-and-effect that turned out to be more lies from the right.

            The business that closed had PLANNED to close months in advance.

            MAYBE you could provide some evidence instead of once again flapping your ignorant gums.

          • They closed months in advance because they knew they couldn’t afford the hike. Large businesses like Walmart can handle the wage increase. Restaurants and small stores will have to raise prices to make up for it, who ends up hurting? The middle class and the poor. This is just a distraction from the real issue, a lack of full time good paying jobs. We’ve become a 29 hour a week country. Nobody runs the private sector better than the private sector and the government should stick their noses out of it.

          • “Raising the Minimum Wage Brings Many Benefits”


            “Higher Minimum Wage Benefits Outweigh Drawbacks: Study”


            I await your links of rebuttal

          • I have a degree in business from U. Mass. and know many people who own small businesses and I understand their concerns about minimum wage affecting their businesses. It’s just another feel good moment for democrats that always fail. It will pull no one out of poverty, and again, keep the government out of the private sector.

          • Gee MAC, this was the part where you provide links to studies that prove minimum wages hurt the economy.

          • Links?


            Type in minimum wage kills jobs.
            It’s common sense, a small business has a small profit margin and it will put people out of work and close some businesses. Do you know why the democrats are pushing this? Because of their failed economic policies that have failed to provide good full time employment. A distraction. $15 an hour, “would you like fries with your burger?” McStupid!

          • More Seattle restaurants close doors as $15 minimum wage approaches…..

            Published March 12, 2015

            Seattle’s $15 minimum wage law goes into effect on April 1, 2015. As that date approaches, restaurants across the city are making the financial decision to close shop. The Washington Policy Center writes that “closings have occurred across the city, from Grub in the upscale Queen Anne Hill neighborhood, to Little Uncle in gritty Pioneer Square, to the Boat Street Cafe on Western Avenue near the waterfront.”

            Of course, restaurants close for a variety of reasons. But, according to Seattle Magazine, the “impending minimum wage hike to $15 per hour” is playing a “major factor.” That’s not surprising, considering “about 36% of restaurant earnings go to paying labor costs.” Seattle Magazine,

            “Washington Restaurant Association’s Anthony Anton puts it this way: “It’s not a political problem; it’s a math problem.”

            “He estimates that a common budget breakdown among sustaining Seattle restaurants so far has been the following: 36 percent of funds are devoted to labor, 30 percent to food costs and 30 percent go to everything else (all other operational costs). The remaining 4 percent has been the profit margin, and as a result, in a $700,000 restaurant, he estimates that the average restauranteur in Seattle has been making $28,000 a year.

            “With the minimum wage spike, however, he says that if restaurant owners made no changes, the labor cost in quick service restaurants would rise to 42 percent and in full service restaurants to 47 percent.”

            Restaurant owners, expecting to operate on thinner margins, have tried to adapt in several ways including “higher menu prices, cheaper, lower-quality ingredients, reduced opening times, and cutting work hours and firing workers,” according to The Seattle Times and Seattle Eater magazine. As the Washington Policy Center points out, when these strategies are not enough, businesses close, “workers lose their jobs and the neighborhood loses a prized amenity.”

            A spokesman for the Washington Restaurant Association told the Washington Policy Center, “Every [restaurant] operator I’m talking to is in panic mode, trying to figure out what the new world will look like… Seattle is the first city in this thing and everyone’s watching, asking how is this going to change?” The Washington Policy Center,

            “Seattle is rightly famous for great neighborhood restaurants. That won’t change. What will change is that fewer people will be able to afford to dine out, and as a result there will be fewer great restaurants to enjoy. People probably won’t notice when some restaurant workers lose their jobs, but as prices rise and some neighborhood businesses close, the quality of life in urban Seattle will become a little bit poorer.”

          • “I have a degree in business from U. Mass.”

            Okay tell me,Do you believe in “trickle down economics”

            And if so, why did the $1.7 trillion tax cut that Bush gave out in 2002 lead up to a recession and massive job loss by the time the 2004 election occurred

  2. No surprise here. It will not be long before Seattle will be another Baltimore, Chicago, or Detroit. The fact that they are all run by Liberal Democrats will assure their demise.

    • bet your money on –their is no cure for stupity

      • Right don. Some people never learn even when evidence is put right before their eyes. They don’t care. All they want is a (fatter) paycheck and they care not a twit what happens along the way to damage their pseudo success.

        • Ron you say some people but it isn’t some as it took the majority to vote these idiots in so you should state the majority not some people.

          • Not with the supposed “VOTER FRAUD”!

          • Sweetheart, you can leave the word “supposed” out now…it is a proven FACT! Blessings to you, Codger!

          • I know my dear but had I stated flat out voter fraud some dipstick would be calling me an outright HildaBeast, oops liar! LOL!

          • Sure missed you! I’ve been working so much lately, i haven’t had time to check up on you guys! How are YOU doing? And Chandler?

          • I’m still able to sit up and take nourishment, LOL! Can’t speak for Chandler as I haven’t seen him posting a lot. Possibly he and I are on different blogs and don’t cross paths like we used to!
            I know, that for myself, I get so fed up that I stop posting as some of the chit gets me riled to the point of almost needing blood pressure med.s!!
            Take care Sherry missed ya too!

          • Yes that is a help on the democratic side but it still leaves one hell of a lot of idiot voters.

          • I refuse to argue with you not that we are but we had the voting dead, I guess they canvased cemeteries, the voter intimidation’s at quite a few voting stations ESPECIALLY in the Black neighborhoods, Military votes that disappeared, people that voted MULTIPLE times and lastly the cities like Philadelphia that had 100% of the people vote for Ovomit!
            THAT IS A STATISTICAL IMPOSSIBILITY! PERIOD!! Yes there ARE still the Brain Dead and the Gimme, gimme idiot voters.
            I don’t know how we can break it down as to what percentage were idiot voters and which were the fraud but all combined to give him a re-election that was fraudulent!!

          • “If God were satisfied with the behavior of his people (ALL are God’s people) he would never have allowed Genghis Khan to become unleashed” qt; Genghis Khan 1162-1227

            It is fact that a significant number of people alive on the planet today carry the direct genetic DNA of Genghis Khan. He did enjoy the ladies… lots of ladies. Genghis Khan conquered the largest contiguous land mass in history. Alexander the Great came in second.

            Could there be a resurgence of another major lifestyle ‘change’ brought by another Genghis Khan? Bigger question, Is God satisfied with his people’s behavior?

          • I think we agree with each other just stated different. Like I said Johnson got elected with votes from the grave to the senate. The problem then and now is the republicans do nothing about this fraud and until they grow a spine nothing will change.

          • You nailed it!! The pansy Repukelicans would have to ask their wives if they could have their gonads back for a couple of minutes!! LOL!!

          • Just think how not taking on Johnson changed the history of the U.S. The great society that was nothing but an award to breed has now cost us over 17 trillion and the only results is more signing up and breeding for the free ride. Johnson also said the U.S. was too white and changed the stats as who could come into the U.S. I still think he had Kennedy shot as the Kennedy’s were going to shove him out of politics for the next election. His past shows he had no trouble getting rid of people that got in his way.

      • There is however a cure for ignorance, it’s called facts or truth, but the stupid cant be cured because no-matter how many facts they are given it matters not.

      • No there isn’t, but there is a name for it : Democrat !


      Unfortunately you are right, seen it coming

    • I lived in Seattle when the California and New York Liberals started moving there, I was certain that it wouldn’t take them long to mess it up. Liberals are a blight on this country. Every city run by Democrats is messed up and many parts of those cities are too dangerous to drive through, much less start up a business. Ignorant Pelosi said Sanctuary cities aren’t the problem, it’s guns that are the problem. Nancy Pelosi and Hank Johnson for president, remember Hank said he feared to put more weight on Guam because it would tip over.

      • I live in Texas and, much to my dismay, I see a lot of California and Michigan plates every day. Welcome to Texas, but leave your blue-state garbage at home.

        • I live in commiefornia now and am looking to get out in the next year. I have never voted for a liberal and I never will. Most people that I know don’t vote for those idiots either. The people that put the politicians that have screwed up this state need to stay and suffer the consequences while us conservative leave. It’s a shame that liberals do so much damage. Unfortunately you can’t fix stupid.

          • LOL Commiefornia I like that.

          • @Apolloone – “Commiefornia” is just the short nickname for the Sovereign Soviet Socialist Republik of Kommiefornikatistan (KA), the SSSRK being a geographical area under the iron rule of bluenecks who export their virulent proglibiotism literarily (through the use of proglibiotrolls) and physically by moving to other, formerly happy communities of redneck capitalists with thriving economies.

            Sic semper tyrannis.

          • Excellent post 22, keep um coming. Since you haven’t been attacked yet,
            ‘ll keep checking back to see what the mentally challenged have to say, it’s funny when they put their ignorance on display.

          • @Apolloone – Yep, proglibiots provide a plethora of poppycock (Can you tell that I’m a big fan of alliteration?) for free entertainment.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Yes I can tell, as for the poppycock it’s all they have, some of the greatest entertainers are in Washington DC. Pelosi missed her calling, Hollywood is hurting for comediennes and Nancy up and leaves. Then there’s Hank Johnson worrying about Guam tipping over, if we put more weight on it. I almost missed your reply, as a large majority go to spam. I really have problems on some of the sites like this one. I’m finding out others have the same problem. I could post on yahoo all day and night and not have a problem. I cant even do a paragraph, my reply window is so small it’s ridiculous{):-)

          • @Apolloone – As I live on an Island, what Johnson had to say was of considerable interest to me. Even the bluenecks here busted up laughing at that one! It’s one of the very few times we’ve laughed together, rather than my trying to stifle my guffaws *at* them!

            De Oppresso Liber

          • It’s still only a part of the USSA – United Socialist States of Amerika. I liked it so much better as the USA! But Obummer changed all that, with the help of the brain-dead Libacommies and the Mexilibs he is letting in by the thousands!

          • I think that’s even better than “Californicate”.

          • Come on to Texas Conservative. You are welcome here.

          • I would move my business to texas in a heart beat ,,IF i can find an area with at least a million people and have trees and green around it and not 110 degrees and wind bloein g at 60 mph haha,,Im in the hell hole portland oregon, I actually live just outside it but the cancer is spreading into this town , I also know the UN is behind allot of the destruction but the liberals dont care,, they wont look at the evidence, it like they have cancer and say they are cured by doing nothing .. just go on oblivious to the facts.

          • You should try East Texas if you want lots of trees. The Davy Crockett Forest is located there. I live in West Texas from where we live it is 300 miles to Dallas or 300 to El Paso. the beginning of the desert.

          • A ‘mind’ is a terrible thing to waste; unless you’re a Liberal, then it’s the norm.

          • In the case of a liberal, a mind is a terrible waste.

          • Well, RM, in Houston we don’t have 60 MPH wind blowing but IT IS stupid hot. Today for example is going to be the hottest day on record for this date; and don’t get me started about the HUMIDIY!! We do have lots of green around here. Lots of trees, grass, bayous, and parks. As for your statement about the liberals not caring about the UN destruction, the UN is the hero of the liberals. All good liberals think that the United States is a cancer on the world (even though we support everyone else on the planet) and that we need to be overseen and ruled by a one-world government.

          • Thanks, Jim, this is the opening I’ve been hoping for. This is an article I ran across in a scrapbook I have for keeping things just like this. Probably somewhere during the ’50s or ’60s, my mother cut it out of a newspaper (I’m guessing a paper from Tucson, AZ), but there is no date or name of the person who wrote it. Maybe it will enlighten some of the people you referenced, namely “good liberals,” at least I hope so. So…, here goes.

            “While blackguards rant, with posters and utterances translated “Yankee, go home,” there still are voices of reason rebuking that canard with truth.

            “While Castro-ites in the Caribbean or closer to home vilify the United States to woo Latin America into their camp of malice and contempt–there are men with respect for facts and the courage to employ them in answer to the screed of hate.

            “Ricardo Castro Beeche, editor of La Nacion, San Jose, Costa Rica, is such a man. He is president of the Inter-American Press Association. Two weeks ago, at the Acapulco meeting of IAPA directors, he diagnosed the “Yankee Imperialism” smear. Because of his tribute to our country, The Banner is publishing his remarks:
            “Yankee Imperialism means a country that has gone to two World Wars with enormous sacrifice of lives and money and which hasn’t taken a single inch of land from the beaten countries.

            “It means a nation which devoted hundreds of millions of dollars for the reconstruction of the defeated countries after the war through the Marshall Plan–and these are the very countries whose people were victims of their own dictatorial governments.

            “Yankee imperialism is a country which has spent millions of dollars in technical assistance and in food over all these years in order to save many people of the world from hunger and misery. Yankee Imperialism says a man has a right to happiness through a worthy life.

            “Perhaps Soviets could tell us how this compares with the imperialism which Russia exercises. The Soviets maintain all the countries defeated and occupied by them under their yoke without freedom at all; and moreover, they try through subversive means to destroy the democracies in order to make themselves the lords and masters of the world.”

            I appreciate the fact that this article is rather dated; however, the only thing necessary to bring it up-to-date is a change of names here and there. The basic information is as true now as it was then. And therein lies the reason I love this country the way I do. There never has been, and never will be, a country as generous, as brave, and as willing to help the downtrodden as America. If we lose the America we love and honor, there will be no one left to save the rest of the world.

          • GOD BLESS YOU! Thank you for that refreshing and uplifting article of yesteryear! TRUTH is NEVER dated! The Bible is just as relevant TODAY as it was 2000 years ago! IF it was good enough to live by by our Lord, then it bodes well for us, too! Probably MORE relevant today than EVER was before this country started! Time is fast closing in on all prophecies being fulfilled so get back into the Word where Jesus has all of the answers! His SOON return will NOT be a secret…..Every eye will see His return! Point to ponder: I often wondered if even the blind’s eyes will be opened to see His return????

          • REALLY??? Remember Lot and his story! He could have stuck it out with Abraham in the country (wilderness)., but chose to live the “city life” with all of her corruption! Not only did Sodom destroy the lives of everyone in Sodom, Lot’s family also were lost because he chose to settle for the wealth, easy life, and material goods! In the end,not only did he loose his wealth, ease, entire family, and “faith in God”, he was reduced to living in a cave where he got drunk, had sex with his loose daughters that produced 2 nations that were a thorn in Israels side, but was finally wiped out! Some legacy Lot had, huh? NOTHING is worth losing EVERYTHING for…not your business, your life, your sanity, and even your family! It’s NOT worth it! You’re entire life’s work up in flames because YOU would NOT do as the Lord instructed us to! We used to live in Salem, Ore (and Woodburn). We left San Jose, Cal to raise our Children as our Lord instructed us to! HOME SCHOOLING is the ONLY way to protect your children from the onslaught of evil coming to their little minds.

            Get OUT of the Demoncrat controlled areas of this once great country…otherwise, you too, will wind up “fire fodder”! You still have time….very little time….but GO! I can put up with the heat, the “wilderness” and the wind! They could actually be the blessing you are craving…God only KNOWS! ASK HIM for guidance!

          • GOD Continue to BLESS Texas! Stay the big hand of EVIL trying to force herself on a believing and loving people that You, Oh Lord, set up for the “pilgrims” you are sending her way!!! I LOVE TEXAS and so does our Father!

          • Welcome conservative you are welcome in Texas.

          • I truly LOVE Texas…BUT I smell and see the danger of the cancer developing in her. Wake up Austin and Houston, you are allowing the DEADLY disease of Communist/Demoncraps to INVADE your precious State! America LOOKS to Texas as the LAST stronghold of Constitutional FREEDOM allowed to flourish in this failing country. She is the last bastion of HOPE…..IF she goes…….the nation goes! Remain STRONG in your Christian Faith!! That is the ONLY inoculation against the multitude of the various forms of anti-Christ being piled up against you! EVERY EVIL including Islam, Communism, Anti-Christ pseudo- christian religions, Satanist and other demon religions are all a different form of CANCER whose end is ALWAYS to KILL the “PATIENT”! Texas, STICK to the TRUTH in your BIBLES as you have so faithfully done in the past! Don’t let satan get a foothold in your LARGE open door! A lot of the cancer is coming across your borders, and the good governors that God has blessed you with, NEED YOUR Christian STRONG backing!!! Do NOT grow faint or weary! STAY and KEEP in the Word and PRAY like your lives depend on it, because IT DOES!!! God, through Jesus Christ, Grant “you all” the mercy and grace that you have enjoyed throughout your past! HANG ON….IT WILL GET VERY ROUGH! Christ has warned us all to be VIGILANT and remain strong in Him! “WELL DONE, Good and Faithful Servants!”

          • I used to live there,,, Covina…. moved out in ’97… Now I call it Californication… You don’t realize that you’ve been “F” ed until you’re gone.

          • Yea we’re probably getting screwed in more ways then we realize but there is no doubt that these commie a-holes are screwing us every chance they get and they take a lot of chances. It’s a shame that the majority in this state are to stupid to realize it. It’s (was) a beautiful state but between the commies and the immigrants it has turned into a real shit hole.

          • Yeah, I can remember the 405 N. to the valley & seeing Budweiser on one side of the frwy,,,,, & GM on the other. Then the tree huggers came from other states, and just “F” ED everything up. Bud closed down in I think ’76.

          • Liberals and Communists RUIN EVERYTHING they touch! People have been so slow to catch on to the fact that they are in a DEATH SPIRAL into the hell that they are unwitingly creating! They don’t SEE the tragic results like in Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore! They won’t listen to REASON or even take a close look at HISTORY, so they stew in their own filth created by their own CHOICES! They, by and large, deserve what they have CREATED! Let the “ARTISTS” behold their own handiwork and let the world marvel at their deception!

          • So true. If more people would wake up for a minute they might realize all the things the libtards have destroyed. Unfortunately so many people don’t care or are too stupid to realize what is being done to them by the communist wing of the democrat party. That’s most of the democrat party.

          • TRUE! I have also noticed that the Communist party has made inroads into the GOP! I thought that that was impossible as our platform is so anti-Marxist and so Christian centered. NOT so much anymore! NOW, we have to be so very careful of who and what we promote as a true Constitutional Christian Conservative! I got really skunked this last election! All of the money that I could NOT afford to spend, went to these weak-kneed RINOS that OUR own T Parties promoted! By stealth, they used us to win and skunked the T Party bosses! ALL of them PROMISED to vote John “Boner” out as Speaker and NOT ONE of them kept their promises! They have the nerve to still ask for donations…I”M SO DONE with them….I want a REFUND!

          • I started calling him Boehnerd and the other one in the senate McCommie. It fits them both. They both need to go and we need to get rid of the slime that has invaded this country whether that means illegal aliens, muslimes or commies such as b.o. .

          • And all that remains is the bad memories and the PAIN…….

          • Yeah, mostly good. With the “X”, but when the closed the plant in Culver City, working temp. If you were white & 50, you couldn’t buy a job.

          • As long as it’s ONLY the Conservatives jumping ship!!! To many times the LibTurds jump ship and in their new home try yet again make the new home look and act like the old one! Experienced to MANY times!

          • That libby attitude reminds me of another ‘group’ of people who wish to change their new home into something like they just left behind.

          • It will be more visible when they bring up sharia law……

          • Patricia, I just left something behind: it was a large brown circular mount, now covered with BLACK flies and sand fleas. Smells awful; much like Mogadishu, Somalia or Dearborn, MI. GO FIGURE?

          • Look at what the wigglers did to Oregon and Washington state.

          • Man you got that right..they are NOW ,Right NOW putting in laws the people have no idea about..they are rushing the gate on them , they have super majority with a HARD left Bi sexual Marxist as governor now and it is getting very bad..and the people dont even know..not yet..we have this thing as gov for the next 3 years..we are done here..

          • “wigglers”???

          • Gelatinous spineless followers of an socialist ideology that they are too brainwashed to see reality.

          • OH, I get it….JELLYFISH!!! Thanks, Warpaint! I’m getting too old……SLOW….Sorry!

          • That is as good a name as any for them, have a great day!

          • You Too! Thanks!

          • So TRUE, codger! We moved to Ore because Cal was getting so horribly liberal…especially in the educational dept! The then Governor, Tom Hall, invited the Californians to come, VISIT, spend your money here, but leave and go back to Cal.! he didn’t want the Liberal/Communists to “Californiacate ” Oregon! Well, Guess what? That is precisly why we moved there! It wasn’t long before Oregon was just a grand piece of California! They even moved the “Gay Pride” parade to Portland 3 years after we moved to Medford! Now the cancer has spread to Washington State and people are afraid to leave for “parts UNKNOWN”! We left the LEFT coast and now live safely and comfortably on a farm here in mid Bible Belt and never looked back! Here, they encourage TRUE home schooling…that is mainly what attracted us in the first place! Back then, even the blue dog Democrats were far more conservative than the GOP is today! The GOP has lost her way into the camp of the Communists and don’t even recognize it! SO SAD!

        • That’s what they do best, they’re like many Muslims when they can escape their Hell Holes they try to create the same type Hell Holes in their host countries, likewise when Liberals create a Baltimore or a Detroit they move to a nice town or city and create an image of what they left behind. I also lived in Miami when it was a decent town I was there when Castro emptied his prisons and sent them to us, look at Miami today maybe that’s why Liberals take the side of Islam over Christians. Even Liberals that profess to be Christians take up for Muslims saying we worship the same God, Muslims by the Apostle John’s definition are anti-Christ that alone should be enough that we don’t worship the same God.

          • Now, now. You know the Catholic Pope Francis just said we all worship the same God; and that Jesus and Mohammad were much the same.
            Fact is Pope Francis is a Muslim, as is 0bama.

          • Are you really this stupid? Are you an atheist troll? “Yes” or “no” will suffice. And please cite your source of “information” as to the Pope’s purported comments likening Jesus to Mohammad, and his being a muslim. If you can’t do this, just go back under your rock and spare us from your mindless gibberish.

          • Yes, the Pope actually said this stupid statement. Is he senile, stupid or only Socialist. Wish the pope would stay in Rome. We don’t need that kind of lecture here. Besides it is not true.

          • He doesn’t have to stay in Rome for ME to ignore him. I don’t value his opinions any more than I do the Ayatollah’s.
            Nuthin from nuthin leaves nuthin

          • Go back and read the Pope’s speeches since he was elected. He is always defending the Muslims and their religion. Does he ever speak out about the Christians that are being massacred by Muslims in the Middle East? No. Half the time he does his praying in a mosque.



          • Don’t know about the muslim stuff concerning the pope but he does meddle in other countries politics and that is not welcome. He can talk to his flock all he wants but leave his political ideas at home we really don’t consider ourselves just a catholic nation at all. Who is he to encourage this illegal aliens invasion! He needs to go to Mexico and those places south of the US and tell those leaders what they should do to help their poor running away to another country who really does not want to support them. The other part is what is he doing in those countries to help those illegal aliens and keep em home? Obviously not enough.

          • Popes from the time the Catholic religion came about have meddled in all countries politics, they basically controlled the world until Martin Luther rose up and claimed the pope were antichrist, antichrist can also mean in place of, the popes claim they are God on earth wrapped in a veil of flesh and many other blasphemous things. I don’t think pope Francis is a Muslim but no doubt uses them. Many Christians in Muslim lands are being tortured raped and murdered and no help, at least very little especially in America where there are Catholic groups in every state lobbying for more Muslims to come to America. Checkout “Immigration resettlement watch” Ann Corcoran is the woman that got this organization set up, the leaders are in charge of certain states and make up to $425,000.00 yes four hundred twenty five thousand dollars a year to cater to the enemies of Liberty, to bring them here and we pay them to do it and pay the Muslim when they get her, how much more insanity can America incur before she implodes?

          • Do you wonder if this country has dropped into another dimension? It seems like a nightmare viewing the state of this nation. It is shocking, appalling and absolutely up ended. We can and should lay the blame on BO for making it so bad but the people who are milking this mess are equally evil.

            Thanks for the info on the POPE. I only know people who have left the catholic church and who also opposed the failure of the POPE and his minions to do anything really constructive about these massacres of innocents, etc. especially in this day and age. You want to think that people are smart enough these days to recognize con artists and scammers. You could understand the dark ages mentality of just following what your priest or pope told you but today? And as you have noted helping the Muslims who are openly hostile to christians even in shelters in Sweden, etc who have relocated them from their Syrian and Middle East homes. It is utterly disgusting and obviously the Pope is not really serious about helping christians at all.

            Good post though, and thanks for clarifying Apolloone.

          • According to the people that study such things related to prophecy, the Pope of present (an irregular ascension) could easily be the ‘False Prophet’ that paves the way for the Antichrist and his accepted rise to totalitarian power.

            We shall all know one day, it is occurring faster than most assume. Who would have previously guessed, within this generation, the occurrences of things we now see daily?

            Be sure that you and everyone that you care for, is prepared. No one gets to the Father except by the Son. When reality hits, it is too late. btw Pray, nothing else works.

          • God KEEP ON BLESSING YOU and your loved ones! YES….IT’S almost over…Thank GOD! He has been VERY patient with all of us! So glad for His love, watch care, and knowledge! I don’t think we appreciate enough just what He has done and continues to do for us! I know I didn’t….until He showed me more of Himself in HIS scriptures! Precious Lord! WOW!

          • Thanks for your kind words. I have had Catholic friends in my younger days, over the years they’ve day and I lost contact with them. I don’t have anything against them personally, I’m accused of being a hater by several every time I compare the Scriptures to some of the Catholics doctrines. One can look up what the Catholics teach about the popes, one such thing is that the pope is God on earth wrapped in a veil of flesh. One can easily see what the Apostle Peter had to say about men bowing to men or treating a man as if he were God as ifhow Catholics r

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            LOL! smh

          • As per usual, I agree with almost everything you have posted! The couple of things I believe differently is Jesus did everything on the Cross! ALL of our sins were covered by His Blood and presented to Father for our complete salvation, IF we will just receive it and accept it as a free gift from God! Satan is no longer the god of this world…Jesus’ blood ransom paid everything in full! Earth, rightfully once again, belongs to GOD! Now God’s Angels are no longer inhibited from doing their work for Father! When Jesus stood up and declared, “Let the Righteous be righteous still, and let the Filthy be filthy still”! That is a type of sealing His own to Himself! There is therefore no longer a need for the “footstool” for death and the grave. Jesus has stood up and the footstool disappeared! Now, we know that the sealed in Christ can not be taken away unless those who are sealed want to leave! No one wants to…. BUT the sealed into hellfire death cannot leave their chosen destinations, as they, too, are sealed! As for the mark of the beast, I believe it is referring to the brain (forehead) and the choices we make even unto death if need be! Those hands are marked for the “WORKS” we do, whether good or evil! I had a dream once showing me that God uses metaphors , parables, and prophecy to teach us His Will and His HEART! That is why He SENT Jesus; the PERFECT REFLECTION of God The Father! He said as much Himself! I sure do appreciate YOU, and what our Father has done through you! Blessings to you, Dear One!

          • Hello Sherry thanks for your reply, I’m not sure what it is that you are referring to that we disagree on about Jesus. Whatever it is I don’t think it has to do with one’s salvation. I believe Satan has no real power over those of us who accept Jesus and stay alert. As I’m sure you know that there is quite a vastly different beliefs as to what the mark could be, of course it’s all theories, some aren’t even worth considering, when I post one I hope it’s understood that it’s a theory, I have a couple that I never heard anyone use before. One concerns DNA it’s odd that taking the mark is unforgivable once taken. Could it be this does something to ones brain? another puzzling thing is those that take the mark break out in sores and maybe I’m reading too much, another thing is the description of some of the beings that are described that are on this earth during the coming horrible time. Ezekiel seems to be describing super soldiers. and the Apostle John describes some strange beings. I can only Imagine what scientists are trying to be create in secret. Do some research on this if you haven’t be prepared to be shocked. I don’t have any friends that like to discuss Biblical prophecies. It’s my passion, I have always believed in God, but for most of my life I put Him on the back burner so to speak. I realized this one day, and I began to pray for discernment as I began to study the Scriptures. I think back when I started studying I believe I thought I would just get discernment by osmosis or something like it LOL But little did I know there came to me a burning desire to study; this includes the Old Testament as well as the New Testament and ancient historical data, archeological findings, in and around ancient Babylonia, this includes pagan religions. The goddess Ishtar plays a role in all this, Temple prostitution was a fact and the reasons for this very few Christians seem to know about. God’s Prophets write about her and they show us that god mocks them for trying to produce a savior this way. In the Book of Zechariah God shows His Prophet of her being moved, Zechariahs assistants recorded that she was moved westward and across the great sea. Ishtar has many names This might sound strange to you, but I believe this female goddess is real,. Again knowing this has nothing to do with one’s Salvation, but it does make for understanding of Why many things are the way they are and have taken place, this is way too deep and long to list on here, most of what I can say about this goddess is Scriptural. May God Keep Blessing You.

          • I know that learning from God is painstakingly slow at times, but sometimes He gives it to us instantly….sometimes so fast that I have to ponder what He has shown me and sometimes I still get it wrong and He has to show it to me all over again! The Holy Spirit is SO Patient! I believe that the statue of Ishtar that moved WEST IS the Statue of Liberty given to us by France across the Great Sea. When we were a new nation, our people loved the scriptures and sought God with all of their understanding! Then the Industrial Revolution came and people slowly began to lose sight of God as they were occupied with a new bustling and burgeoning nation…..That was about the time that France sent us the GIFT of Ishtar! The Artist wanted to make a statue of Ishtar but couldn’t find a buyer until France decided to make that Gift to us! I think the timing was fitting, because that was when WW1 started to rattle her thunder and then there came WW11. God has ALWAYS had His Way-markers and signs for His People, of which YOU, dear one, are one! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, Friend! God is and will Mightily keep using you as you keep seeking HIM!

            Ignore the RCC gauntlet being set up on this site…I’m done trying to share with them…They claim that I hate Catholics……of course I don’t…Some of my family and best friends are RCC as I was once. I love the information you put out frequently…no one cane deny TRUTH! You are in my prayers!

          • Absolutely Ishtar moved, this is so clear that I just don’t see how so many Christians are blinded to it. I don’t usually post much about her, it seems most Christians get offended when I post facts about her, yet she is prophesied about, you’re the first person on sites like this one that understand this. Her statue is not only in NYC but there are several in Washington D.C this goddess is allover the world just different names such as Isis, Iana, Aphrodite, Libertus, Queen of Heaven. Etc. Etc. this is the goddess that the Babylonians were worshipping during the sexual Temple Rites, the temple prostitutes were trying to produce a savior, during those rites, I suppose this was the reason that preachers didn’t include this in their teachings, I can understand this. God mocks and laughs at them for their foolishness. But if He didn’t want us to learn these things I don’t think they would have been recorded{):-)

          • Have you considered the statue of “Mary” in the Vatican? In most ALL Catholic Churches? Why would our Lord tell us NOT to make ANY graven Images as one of the 10 Commandments?? Yet, there they are, in the most prominent positions and are adored and worshiped MORE that our Father in Heaven? Doesn’t ANYONE think this is odd ?? or even strange??? She, ALSO, is referred to as the “Queen of Heaven”! We cannot worry about “Christians” being offended IF they are being warned or educated! Be kind, patient and gentle, BUT tell them what they NEED to hear. How will they know or understand IF we don’t tell them??? God gave us all of these signs for a reason….There is far too much that needs attention NOW and we cannot be afraid of hurting feelings. Lord God grant us the wisdom, the words, and the PATIENCE to do YOUR PERFECT WILL! BLESS US in Your perfect endeavors to do for You what we thought we could not do. Cause us to see that we Honor You with Obedience, gratitude, and the Faith that You promised us. All of this is in Jesus’ Name!

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            More Hislopian horse hockey.

          • Never read his books.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis


          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            So what kinds of Christians were there before Martin Luther “rose up?”

          • Those that tried to follow the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles, many of God’s leaders were burned at the stake, many were murdered and tortured in ways that would even make ISIS seem merciful in comparison. Look up “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” and “Will and Ariel Durrants History of the World” just to name a couple of True and revealing books.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Please notice that I said “kinds” in the plural.

          • There are many “kinds” of Christians! READ the BIBLE. You will find that of the 12 apostles, many believed differently and had some of their own ideas and Paul and Peter had to, at times, correct them…even Barnabas corrected some who were misapplying the KNOWLEDGE Christ gave them! We humans do put some of ourselves in the mix, but God willing, He will correct any flaws we may inadvertently inject! God IS FAITHFUL to His Word and He wants us to be likewise. That is what His “chastisement” is for! It keeps His Children faithful and correct!

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            What kind of “their own ideas” did the twelve Apostles come up with?

          • One of their faults was to insist that the new non Jewish believers were to be circumsized. Another was that the new Christians could go into the temple synagogue, which they cuold NOT as it became the temple of satan since sacrifice could no longer be presented before God as the Veil separating the Holy Place from THE MOST HOLY Place was torn in two by the Hand of God because the Final Sacrifice had been completed! another was the ceremonial law of washing being imposed on new believers! If you will just READ the NEW Testament you will find many places where many Disciples and Apostles, Elders, and followers of the risen Christ were corrected and admonished to desist and resist the temptation of crucifying Christ anew! They were new to these teachings and Father IS PATIENT! Paul had to learn as well! Just pick up the Book and see for yourself….you won’t be able to put it down!

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            I don’t see what point you are trying to make here. It looks like you have thrown in a bunch of anti-Catholic strawmen in the attempt to get my goat because you think I am Catholic.

          • Sherry is a fund-ee with the usual Religion/relationship dicotomy crapola.. She has attacked me as well. Maybe recruited by she who must not be named to go after us, but not a sock.

          • ATTACKED???? WHERE??? You fool….I am the one being attacked by your Catholic gauntlet!

          • Here are just THREE “Where? ‘s”

            “YOU are the LIAR and there is NO TRUTH IN YOU! My “comment History” has
            NO lies…that is just YOU and your slanderous LIES AGAIN because you
            have NO concrete answers to anything or anyone of VALUE! God help the
            FOOLS who try to destroy His Work! You have CURSED yourself…God takes
            no delight in you or your self curses!”

            “Oh, OK , I get it …..YOU are the FLAW……….BRILLIANT!”

            ” It’s LATE in the game and not a lot of time left before “SHTF”!!!”

            Thank you for proving my assessment of your correct from the word “Go.”

          • WHAT is there NOT to understand?” Even your satan knows and understands plain English! I am ONLY anti DISHONESTY and corruption, which the RCC is full of! I LOVE many Catholics who are struggling with their “faith” especially with this new Unchristian pope! LIKE I KEEP REPEATING…..READ YOUR BIBLE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE TO DO SO! THAT you cannot DENY! Forget me, forget anyone you hate or disagree with…JUST READ YOUR BIBLE! I cannot be more plain then that!

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            I have and do read my Bible. It does not in the least point me towards bigoted fundeeism.

          • I did not say to read your catholic books….I said BIBLE….Clearly you have NEVER read the Scriptures! You are too busy defending the fraud with your tag team without a shred of

            any scriptural evidence that I am wrong. NOTHING! Please reread your stupid responses! I’m done with you lost souls!

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            I already told you that I am not Roman Catholic. It is not my problem if your binary-thinking fundie mind renders you incapable of conceiving that a person does not have to be “Catholic” in order to disagree with fundamentalist rhetoric.

          • Ah, she is yet another fundee “I Am My Own Church”(tm) Pseudo-conservative whack job.

          • WHO told YOU that? It certainly wasn’t God or me! And WHAT church do you belong, might I humbly ask??? What do YOU know of the Scriptures pertaining to YOURSELF??? Do you not realize that the “CHURCH” is the very people that are true to God and NOT a Cathedral, a building, a “religion”, or even a “main line” religion??? His SAINTS ARE HIS CHURCH! Read it for yourselves! It’s all there for your eyes to behold and NOT hidden in a bunch of “gobledygook” for anyone to sort through or sift out the meanings. Jesus is the perfect example of how to know truth and the Word of God! IF you follow Him, He WILL show you the entire truth…not all at once….but slowly and surely, so you can tuck it away in your hearts permanently! Is that asking too much of you? I so hope NOT!

          • Your comment history told me. Are you saying you post LIES?

          • YOU are the LIAR and there is NO TRUTH IN YOU! My “comment History” has NO lies…that is just YOU and your slanderous LIES AGAIN because you have NO concrete answers to anything or anyone of VALUE! God help the FOOLS who try to destroy His Work! You have CURSED yourself…God takes no delight in you or your self curses!

          • .Feel better now.? No. of course not. Your ecclesiological
            lone-wolfism demands that your attack everyone who disagrees with you.individualism.

          • READ WHAT IS THERE:

            “Your comment history told me. Are you saying you post LIES?”

            So you flew off the handle claiming **I** said they were lies and ‘cursed’ at me.
            Thank you for showing your true colors./I>

            #CommonCoreReading #CommonCoreComprehension

          • The religion/relationship distinction you continually expound upon is
            nothing more than a false dichotomy created by anti-Catholic
            fundamentalists to try to self-justify their ecclesiological

          • SO you’re saying that you REFUSE to READ the BIBLE for the entire TRUTH??? ALL of your silly lies will find you out….Oh wait…..they already have!

          • Feel better now.? No. of course not. Your abject ecclesiological lone-wolfism demands that your attack everyone who disagrees with you.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            As for Foxe, it is by and large a work of rhetorical justification that later Protestants co-opted in turn to try to justify their anti-Catholic sentiments. Foxe takes sixteenth-century Protestants in England who died fighting Catholics and tries to lionize them by juxtaposing their deeds with those of the apostle-martyrs.

          • So you’re denying that Papal Rome was torturing and murdering Christians during that long period known today as “The Dark Ages” an apt name for since it was a death sentence for anyone caught with the Scriptures. Ever heard of the Waldenses just one group of Christians that wanted to be left alone. I’m not sure if they are mentioned in Fox’s Book or not but there is more proof than Fox and the Durant’s Books. When Napolean’s General Berthier’s battle hardened men released and saw those poor souls coming out of the torture chambers underneath the Vatican it’s written that some wept. I wonder how they’ve tried to cover that up? The Scriptures teach that we will have a One World Religion and it seems to be on those proverbial steroids since pope Francis took the reins, through the ” Interfaith Movement” this is all inclusive, including anti-Christ Islam and even Wiccans and other pagan religions, according to these leaders and the pope it’s the only way for peace. But God says when they think they have Peace sudden destruction comes. I choose to believe God.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Sounds like SDA propaganda to me.

          • I don’t know much about the SDA but if they teach doctrines of men I don’t want to know, the things I post are well documented, historical facts. I also study the works of Polycarp, Ireneus, Hippolytus, Josephus and several more. Polycarp was a student of the Apostle John, but I imagine they too put out propaganda because they certainly don’t agree with Papal Rome and the old pagan wolf as some called Constantine who was instrumental in adopting pagan practices into the church of Jesus because he had to win over the pagans.

          • You should try to study the term…….common sense. That’s whats missing from a lot of the smoke and mirrors.

          • That’s the TRUTH! Thank you for being so well read! It’s important to be so informed and you have saved us a lot of time!

          • You ARE Catholic, right??? SDA??? What is this and what do they believe???

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Why do you use so many question marks?

          • Obviously, to make a point!!! Clearly, you do not see that…….Are you planning to answer MY questions? I answered yours…….

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            It does not make a point except to make your style even more annoying and likely to be ignored than it already is.

          • YOU still haven’t answered MY questions! Is that fair that you want me to respond to you in kind? As I told you before, I’m trying to emphasize a point, because so many do not get it unless I do! Funny, I have not had too much trouble communicating with others as I have with NON-believers! Maybe it was meant to be……No answers to MY questions?

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Non-believer? I am a Christian believer.

          • Your “avatar” betrays you…….IF you were a Christian Believer, as you say, you would be SHARING Christ happily with others with what God has revealed to you to share with like minded believers! Oh, you all do not have to agree on all points, except on the points that REALLY MATTER. God WILL show you that…Believe me, He has had me erase some of the things I was typing and start over using HIS Words…NOT MINE! You would not be able to contain your LOVE for Him and the Brethren!

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            That I have an avatar of Jesus Christ makes me a non-believer? Wow, you must be living in some strange, solipsist alternate universe. Also, how do you know that I do not share Christ happily with others since we have not encountered each other before and you do not know me personally?

          • First, that IS NOT a PICTURE of Jesus Christ! That thing you worship is a Catholic painting that RCC’s worship like your multitude of statues and idols you worship, which, by the way, we were told strictly NOT to do in God’s Commandments

            Second, You have NO compunction OR love in you to SHARE Jesus Christ! I have not seen one shred of evidence in all of the posts I’ve read of your’s where you even hint to knowing or loving Jesus Christ! I do NOT have to know YOU….I KNOW your FRUITS! You are an EMPTY shell that satan has filled to the brim with pure hate for TRUTH and you know it! I have never seen nor did you even imply scripture to back up your unmitigated hatred towards the Christians here! You are at war with anyone who espouses their undying love for Jesus Christ and the gratitude we feel for His gift of Salvation.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Sherry: “First, that IS NOT a PICTURE of Jesus Christ! That thing you worship is a Catholic painting that RCC’s worship like your multitude of statues and idols you worship, which, by the way, we were told strictly NOT to do in God’s Commandments”

            This is typical iconoclastic rhetoric that ignores history and seeks to bring Christians back under the yoke of the Law by destroying their liberty. You should be disgusted with yourself that you offer ideological comfort to radical Islamists like ISIS when you turn your iconoclasm on other Christians.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Sherry: “Second, You have NO compunction OR love in you to SHARE Jesus Christ! I have not seen one shred of evidence in all of the posts I’ve read of your’s where you even hint to knowing or loving Jesus Christ!”

            Interesting. Since the only person I have been talking to in this thread is YOU, I guess you are suggesting that you are not a Christian and are in need of the Gospel? I would be happy to share the Gospel with you if this the case.

          • You Deny talking to Apolloone ??????? I’m NOT the only one you slander or put under your heel! You cannot tell truth because it hates to come out of your lying mouth!

            EVERYTHING you spew is wanton stupid rhetoric given by the likes of your own personal demons. ALL of your “beliefs” and answers are a waste of MY time and you are not willing to have a decent and HONEST conversation…I’m done with the likes of you! Besides, Jesus warned us about contending with the devils and, at this moment, I concur!

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Please address the specifics of my replies to you. Thanks.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Sherry: “I have never seen nor did you even imply scripture to back up your unmitigated hatred towards the Christians here! You are at war with anyone who espouses their undying love for Jesus Christ and the gratitude we feel for His gift of Salvation.”

            No, I do not paste huge blocks of prooftexts in my posts because that practice is deflection (used the most by fundies) and an abuse of Scripture. If I feel that I need to resort to Scripture, I will post verses as needed.

            Also, I do not do this because I understand through experience that engaging in a prooftext fencing match with fundies is a pointless exercise. Unless you are willing to admit that you think Scripture can contradict itself, then there is no reason for me to post verses that contradict yours.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            What questions are you talking about? My initial comment in this particular thread was to Apolloone.

          • Nice Wall of Words post. Did you learn if from ONE EVIL — or did you write that crap THERE too?

            Either way it is just as factually flawed as it is devoid of normal paragraphing procedures.

          • There is problems with my computer, security shuts me down, my reply window is too small and paragraphs are impossible, Long story but I see it didn’t stop you from blocking your ears to the truth. “Strong Delusion” it’s the only thing that makes sense in falling America, God promised that He would send this to those who chose to believe the creature rather than the Creator,

          • Bull turds.

          • “Bull Turds” must have been your major at Marx University.

          • ThePhoenixRises

            Nope, it’s what you eat for breakfast in the commissary at the Fundee pre-school.

          • YOU POOR SOUL……Looks like YOUR “bird” crashed and burned! So sorry that you had no other means of communication. Next time, try a pigeon….they do well in all kinds of “weather”!

          • Ah yet another fundee “I Am My Own Church”(tm) Pseudo-conservative whack job.


          • .Ah yet another fundee “I Am My Own Church”(tm) Pseudo-conservative whack job.

          • AND YET ANOTHER INTELLIGENT RESPONSE! Have you no common sense about you? IF you want to discuss any of these postings, I am here and will gladly “expose” myself to your ridicule. Otherwise, we are DONE! USE the brain and conscience that God gave you!

          • .Ah yet another fundee “I Am My Own Church”(tm) Pseudo-conservative whack job.

          • The religion/relationship distinction you expound upon is
            nothing more than a false dichotomy created by anti-Catholic
            fundamentalists to try to self-justify their ecclesiological

          • And your REAL answer IS???? I do NOT HATE Catholics or anyone! A lot of my family is Catholic and some WERE! THE RELIGION is a religion strait out of hell! They were and are still murderers with a false Christ at their head who constantly shows his TRUE colors BUT you BLINDLY follow satans “laws” and regulations! Nothing that they TEACH as truth IS TRUE! I remember them trying to discourage me and others from reading the Bible as they KNEW the entire truth would finds them out! They are full of corruption and their
            practiced worthless chanting and hail mary’s are a stench in the Nostrils of Our Father in Heaven! IF YOU WOULD JUST READ the Scriptures, I nor anyone else would have to warn you! Instead of being grateful to God for people WILLING to show you the truth (because you will not READ the SCRIPTURES) You denegrate and insult those going through your gauntlet trying to reveal the truth! It has always been this way, that’s why so few WILL be saved and MOST will go down into HELL FIRE God will surly point that out to you….it was your CHOICE! What do you have to lose? STUDY the Scriptures and FIND the freedom you crave! You will find that the Catholic Church cannot and willnot save you!

          • Feel better now.? No. of course not. Your ecclesiological
            lone-wolfism demands that your attack everyone who disagrees with you.individualism.

          • PLEASE INFORM US as to where the “flaws” are??? Did you KNOW that the HOLY BIBLE was written WITHOUT paragraphs and punctuation? Yet, QUALITY MEN were chosen by God to translate His Own Words by unction of the Holy Spirit! You will rue the day you called God’s Words “crap”! You would do well IF you would sit at the same table with the Lord as we choose to do! He so want’s to bless you with His knowledge and wisdom…IF you will let HIM! God won’t be mocked and His commandment is clear: “Study the Word to show thyself approved”! ARE YOU DOING what HE commands?? It’s LATE in the game and not a lot of time left before “SHTF”!!!

          • .Ah yet another fundee “I Am My Own Church”(tm) Pseudo-conservative whack job..

          • Oh, OK , I get it …..YOU are the FLAW……….BRILLIANT!

          • The religion/relationship distinction you continually expound upon is
            nothing more than a false dichotomy created by anti-Catholic
            fundamentalists to try to self-justify their ecclesiological

          • What a STUPID and foolish response….NEVER anything to disprove anything I posted! You keep repeating those same stupid phrases that mean NOTHING because you HAVE NOTHING! Which again, proves your satanic relationship with your “church”! God help you! Cause I’m done with you!

          • Feel better now.? No. of course not. Your ecclesiological
            lone-wolfism demands that your attack everyone who disagrees with you.

          • 1PierreMontagne1

            You forgot to mention that the UN World Council of Churches lead by the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is also in lock step with what ever this last Pope wants.

          • Now, THAT I didn’t know! I do know that the Presbyterians, Methodists, some Baptists and some “Church of god” have also folded! It’s SHAKING time and those not trusting and believing TRUTH will not stand the shakeout! READ YOUR BIBLES! STUDY! Repent and shake off the crud that covers us from wrong information that Christ has a hard time penetrating! Pray earnestly for the LIGHT that He PROMISED YOU!!! He ALWAYS DELIVERS!

          • There was also the French Huguenots and the Waldenses, and the Wycliffs,and MANY more!…..ALL tortured and murdered by the POPE! In fact, pope Francis apologized for those atrocities as previous popes did for backing Hitler and the extermination of the Jews! These weak minded folks will follow anything if it is traditional and popular! I Know…I was the same! All of the information you could want is so available at your keyboard!

          • I see that the Roman Catholics are lined up together to believe LIES! Why do you have ANY FAITH in these weak and blasphemous “men”??? You ALL NEED to get into the scriptures for yourselves as Jesus warned you to do and stop believing because it was your parents “faith”! One day , you WILL stand before The Judge and give YOUR account of why you BELIEVED such and such when the WORD had always been available to you for centuries! I was RAISED Catholic, in a Catholic town (Los Banos, Calif) and believed Catholic rhetoric UNTIL one day it dawned on me that we were surrounded by sinful priests who were the one’s taking MY confessions! Slowly, I was shown that this was a “club” more than a religion where the money flowed like the wine did! When a friend revealed that the priest required the new bride to be to have sex with him before she married her groom, I was dumbfounded! Then it happened again with our neighbor. The parents Accepted that as part of the religion, but I could NOT! The final last straw was when it happened to my brother and his new bride, that was it for me! I became a livid agnostic but secretly yearned to know WHO the REAL God was.BTW, Most of those folks were finally divorced and left all faiths behind! Untold damage was done to our little community! The children were being molested constantly and many of the boys grew up “servicing” their priests! Same in Modesto and San Jose! I grew to HATE the “church” where all these people were paying through the nose to get someone out of purgatory. When I went to Stanford U, the Communists were making a strong effort to convert us students…and for me, I swallowed the bait! 3 years down the road I began to notice the Billy Graham Revivals going on and the changes in some of my friends! I yearned for that change I saw in them so I went to 2 of the B.G. Revivals and my eyes were finally opened! WOW! INSTANTLY, I could see sin for what it truly was/is! The rest is all old history, but I’m GRATEFUL for standup friends and mostly to God Almighty for His gracious deliverance! I left the Commie schooling behind, TOO! You Catholics should look into WHY you believe what you believe! Even IF it was the true religion, you need to KNOW WHY! Do not depend on others to pray for you! YOU pray to your Father in Heaven and He will deliver you! I PROMISE!!!

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Do you understand the concept of paragraphs? By the way, I am not Roman Catholic.

          • Paragraphs use up too much space…besides, punctuation and spelling is far more important! You have to admit that a lot was put into that one LONG “paragraph”! Did you even understand my post? I just reread it and I’m OK with it! I USED to paragraph but quit when I realized hardly anyone else was and I understand their posts perfectly! I’m NOT writing a book or a thesis….just posting my thoughts like everyone else does! Be patient; a lot of us old folks have to conserve our energies and our thoughts…….

          • Sure you are…..or one of her “offshoots” like Lutherans or “evangelicals” who to this day support the RCC.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Nope, I am not a Protestant or fundamentalist/Evangelical, either. What made you think that?

          • I just placed the Fox book on my Wish List @ Amazon. Thanks.

          • Hi Patricia: Charlotte Iserbyt has written a great book that can be downloaded for free at her website: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” I think parents and grandparents would benefit from her book.

          • I SO LOVE YOU, Apolloone! So good to have a brother as you! You always answer questions with valid historical truth! Thank you, DEAR, for being so available!

          • Cheyenne Wyoming…People you want to see what is going on?? take a look at where they are putting them in HUGE NUMBERS.

          • IF the pope is”GOD ON EARTH”, then ALL of CREATION is in BIG trouble! “A house divided against itself cannot stand!”

          • Yes, you are telling it like it is!

          • He’s Hispanic and sounds like a Hispanic politician to me.

          • Great POINTS ALL!


          • I am not much for religion, but I do know that unlike Mohammad, Jesus never killed anyone.

          • Good point!

          • he also never had a caliphate

          • Jesus also hated “religion”! That’s precisely why the “leaders” of the synagogue wanted Him dead! He was destroying their carefully laid out plans to rob, control, and keep their power over the people! Sound Familiar???? NOW, this modern day synagogue of satan in Rome is doing the same things! People are BLIND to their own “faith”! I KNOW I was! It took some doing on the Lord’s part to wake me up, BUT HE DID! No more churches to get my “knowledge” from! Personal Bible study with a good concordance and different translations will wake up the Spirit of our Precious Holy Spirit in ALL who will be willing to listen to Him and SEEK Him out! Pick some very close friends to study with who will be willing to keep all of us accountable without burning bridges ans stepping on anyone’s toes! Do NOT worry or fret IF some leave…they will reconsider or the Lord may be shaking them out from amongst you! Pray fervently for their understanding and return! Otherwise, it is good that they are gone, especially now that there may be some betrayers among you! God WILL protect you, little flock! You already BELONG to HIM! FAITH is the thing He is developing in His CHURCH! YOU ARE THE CHURCH…so trust HIM! It all was a part of His GRAND and Perfect Plan!

          • Isn’t it that the Pope is turning against the teaching of the Bible and into God knows what one of the tell tale sign of Revelations??? If so bend over and kiss your butt goodbye UNLESS one truly repents!!!

          • He is a Marxist ..Fact …

            GOOGLE IT.

          • I thought that the pope was a COMMUNIST! He only believes i himself! Same as obama!

            Greed, POWER, and FAME is what drives these losers! God is nowhere to be found!

          • Muslims have known all along that OUR God is NOT the same god that they worship! Interestingly enough, I heard a new convert to Christianity reply to the question of the difference in the two. He said,”LOVE!”. Pushed further , he replied,” the god of slam REQUIRES you to worship or DIE a horrible death along with your family! IF you comply, under duress, of course, then the “men” are given 72 “virgins” for their reward. YOU do all the work! On the other hand, Jesus, The very Son of God, lets YOU come to Him for unearned: salvation, mercy, justification, sanctification, healings, blessings, and SONSHIP! Notice that none of it is earned or striven for! Notice it is by the very act of LOVE for mankind and His death on that cross and the horror He endured before that cross, He STILL draws ALL to come to Him and He will GIVE you the rest you need i HIM! NO WORKS! He doesn’t even require for you to love and worship Him! He does ALL the WORK to get us SAVED from this life of sin! He has ans does everything to save ALL who will consider His offer of FREEDOM and BLESSINGS! He even offered the Holy Spirit to help, guide, and protect our LITTLE FAITH that we start out with! What a GRACIOUS and LOVING God He IS!!! Who on Earth would choose DEATH over a full, wonderful LIFE with Christ? In Islam, women are little more than sex slaves, baby makers, and homemakers with NO rights over and other than the “man” is willing to give her! No wonder the suicide rate among the Muslim women is so high, even realizing that they are extricating themselves from this life for one in the hell that they believe in! My, how God’s Heart aches for all those lost souls! There IS an Answer, though…I have found the answer to the question of the ages! This God we LOVE so much has the answer I have BEGGED for for over 20 years! Look up, “Hope Beyond Hell” (The righteous purpose of God’s judgement) by Gerry Beauchemin on the internet it is a free download and you won’t be able to put that book down! I personally ordered a case of these little books to give away. After praying constantly asking what the Lord was trying to tell me, He showed me in this little book. 3 weeks prior, I had been praying about a text I didn’t understand in the O.T. In the middle of the night, the Lord woke me up with,”Sherry: MY Love is Perfect in Every way! I awoke and thanked Him for the assurance of His LOVE for ME! I tried to go back to sleep when He said, “Sherry, My LOVE is perfect in every way! I thanked Him again and fell asleep when He said, “Sherry, My love IS perfect in every way! I rolled over, not realizing He was TRYING to teach me something of GREAT Value! Again, “Sherry, My love is PERFECT in every way!” Finally, I sat up and asked, Yes Lord, I KNOW that you are perfect love. Because You even loved ME! I STILL didn’t get it…He had previously told me that I was too dull to understand His workings, but He IS Patient! I sat there and pondered what He was trying to convey…..but I was so tired, hat I let it “rest” until morning! I was woke up with, “Sherry, My love is perfect IN every way! Finally, it dawned on me that Jesus was trying to tell me something ASTONISHING! He then said, My love is perfect in EVERY WAY!!! Every Word in that sentence had such STRONG MEANING that even I could not deny Him! My(GOD) LOVE(again GOD) IS (I AM) PERFECT (Jesus) IN (NOW) EVERY (ALL) WAYS (ALL of His Creation)! AMAZING!!! Not long after He introduced us to the afore mentioned book, and He has been teaching astounding things to us from the Scriptures that was there all along but just didn’t see or notice them! Did you know that His PLAN was PERFECT BEFORE He created the first Angel?? Did you know that Jesus SAW SIN, in all of it’s ugliness BEFORE CREATION?? Did you know that Satan,(Then Licifer) had no clue as to God’s plan or the purpose of His creation of US? He didn’t understand the nature of sin and separation from the Creator as he saw God FACE TO FACE all of the “time”? Satan is a created being, just as we all are…he cannot create because there is NO love in him! Creation IS the act of PURE LOVE and satan wants to destroy all of the works of Almighty God! Another point to ponder is, Did you KNOW that Jesus was the very first HUMAN??? He planned to leave His Divinity behind with His Father (Now the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD)! His plan was to die the required death (put in motion by the god of this world) to save ALL who would accept that FREE GIFT of eternal life! He came to us in the form of a man-child through a human woman! Only “human” blood would suffice for the plan as Abraham and Issac understood that day on that Sacrificial Alter where God provided the Ram (Lamb of God). There is SO much MORE to KNOW and UNDERSTAND! Jesus could NOT BECOME SIN for any of us had He NOT been Human…He would have been completely God the Creator and could NOT DIE as HE IS LIFE! HIS human nature was always being attacked buy Satan CONSTANTLY, yet He never FAILED to deliver himself as OUR WAY TO GOD! WOW! Another nugget He has shown me is that God, our Father was ALWAYS that ALTER that the blood was spilled on and when Jesus went to Heaven to present His personal BLOOD on The Alter, to our God THE FATHER! That’s why He told Mary not to cling to Him as He had NOT YET presented HIS GIFT OF LIFE to Father! Our Father SUFFERED the loss of His Beloved Son to sin for OUR SAKES! Can Allah (satan) claim that kind of sacrificial LOVE??? Impossible…He is NOT the CREATOR!! There is NO PERFECT LOVE o be had through Allah! He knows that his time is SHORT, so all hell WILL break loose SOON! GET READY for the biggest bloodbath EVER in Earths history! IF you belong to Christ…No worries…IF NOT…Get it right NOW with the only Loving Savior that there ever was! He is waiting PATIENTLY…God is a Gentleman…He will not force anyone to “comply”….He will just let you make your own choices….so have it your own way…..You already KNOW what the choices are! This is meant for anyone who doesn’t KNOW God, Apollonne. I KNOW YOU DO!!! GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU, Brother! I see He already has for such a time as this! Thanks for letting me vent!

        • Amen. We have an abundance in Austin, Houston, and Dallas. We want real conservatives. Liberals will not like it here. Either reform or stay where you are.

          • I live in Houston. That’s where the majority of these Blue State transplants seem to be going. Of course, Houston has all the jobs so they’re going to flock here. I find it interesting that these carpetbaggers tend to complain to anyone who will listen about how bad it was in their home state, and then almost in the same breath will wax nostalgic about it. Then they like to say how much better Houston would be “if only” we would have the same liberal atmosphere as they had back in Philly, California, Michigan, etc. I am always quick to point out that all the jobs are here because the liberals chased them OUT OF Philly, California, and Michigan. I agree with you; they either need to reform or stay home.

          • I agree, why did they come here if CA was so wonderful. Shape up or Ship out.

        • Good luck with that. I live in Colorado thst went from conservative (except Boulder) Republicans to lots of liberals. 30% Californians but I think the tide is turning, hopefully. I live in conservative town & county. Problem is with liberals is they move to a place & try to make it into what they just left. We originally moved from Philly to Cheyenne, WY in 1990 by choice. We took a financial hit but our kids got a decent education without constant fear of crime & liberal wackos. We moved to CO 12 yrs ago for better jobs & our kids were grown.

      • You are wrong about guns. Sit a gun fully loaded on the table and watch it kill someone. But you said it was bad. Oh I hear you now in that a guy came by and picked it up and went outside and shot the neighbor. Well problem solved it was a person that did the shooting because the gun wouldn’t have gone anywhere without the guy that picked it up. Quit saying bad things about guns when they only did the bidding of the person holding it.

        • Who are you replying to, I am as pro gun as anyone. A gun is great tool an equalizer. Nancy Pelosi said guns are the problem, reread my post.

        • Guns are not the problem. The problem is they put too much gun powder in the bullets. We need a law limiting gun powder to just enough so that the bullet comes out the end of the barrel, makes a bang, and falls on the ground. 😉
          Oops, now the Liberals will be taking me seriously and pushing for gun powder control.

          • Hey you shouldn’t have given out that information, now Nancy Pelosi will be clamoring for a bill to do just that LOL I’m surprised you haven’t been attacked by Conservatives, look at what Tom above said, when I was clear that Nancy Pelosi said that about guns being the problem and Tom says he disagrees with me about my beliefs that guns are the problem.

          • Oops, my bad! Yeah, I forgot about Nancy Pelosi. However, she never reads these conservative sites.

      • Dumb as a Stump! Who would say something so stupid and not go hide in shame afterwards?

      • Sorry, but I only wish that the rest of the California liberals would move up there. Anything to get them out of California. There are so many of them that Seattle might tip over. By the way, did Hank actually get reelected?

      • Also,wasn’t it Pelosi who said”INRE” obamacare,”lets don’t read it,the only way we will be able to understand it is,to pass it.” I wonder if she is one of the 99.99999%,who still don’t understand it? Sorry I broke in,here,I thought it would”fit in”,with your innovative description,have a good one.

      • I loved to visit Seattle and Portland until the mass migration of California degenerates to the north. I even wanted to move to the Seattle area but something always happened to mess up my plans. Now I realize someone was watching out for me. I haven’t been to either city in 20 years and don’t plan on it. Every city that they run and move to turns into a hell hole of socialism.

      • No cure !

      • Good old Hank, a perfect reflection of his constituents!

    • Moved out of Seattle a few years ago, due to the higher cost of living, higher taxes etc. Now the new minimum wage, glad I left. I won’t be back any time soon that’s for sure. Not even to visit.

    • Exactly: I don’t know if you saw my post but I lived there and saw it start to happen, we had a beautiful and very safe downtown then here comes mostly Commiefornia Liberals getting elected into political offices and you know what happens next. It’s like living in a community with people that have beautiful vegetable gardens and a swarm of Locusts decides to move in.

  3. Another fiasco failure by the libtard/demoRATS. Another scheme without any thought for down the road. Their ignorance amazes me.

  4. People on “welfare programs” get their monthly check, then if they have children, they get ADC for the kids, then they get medicaid for their health care. This has gone on to the point that a job, even one that does pay 15 an hour can’t replace the benefits that they lose by taking a job. It’s entrapment, it’s slavery to the government.
    If you have several children that will need daycare for you to go to work, you can forget it.

    • Not to worry about the children – our government will put them all in tax-payer supported boarding schools (aka brainwashing camps)!

    • But then for those who are middle class, have children, cannot afford to pay for their own children’s education and therefore depend on the rest of us to pay for their public (option) education. Then when it comes to college, they need help with loans from the federal government. Perhaps we should end public education as it is, move it to the private sector, then for those who can pay the yearly tuition, their children can get an education. As for the rest, let them have the $15 an hour jobs. Jeb wants to phase out Medicare, and so let that go to the private sector, then those who can afford it, can have healthcare. For the rest, the average life span will go down to 65 years, then their won’t be a drain on social security because most people won’t be living longer. This would be in keep with those Republicans who read Ayn Rand, who believed that the upper 10% should not be taxed because they are the achievers, while the middle class are the mediocre, since they are not achievers, not job creators, and so they should pay for everything. For Rand and for many Republicans those who are are poor for they lack ethics and morals, and so when it comes to the middle class, their ethics and morals are evidently mediocre, while the ethics of the upper class, the upper ten per centers, they have an the correct ethics and morals to be the achievers and leaders of society. That is why the Republicans want to tax the middle class and lower the taxes on the rich. After all it is the middle class and then the poor who are are drain on society and the economy.

      • Morgan , speaking of Brain Dead, you fill the bill your education has failed you , A typical college Grad taught by Liberal Professors

      • The private sector is being wiped out and being replaced with government employees, anyone that knows anything about economics should understand this cant last, but too many are too ignorant to understand that without a private sector tax base America will implode, just as all countries have when the citizenry begins to live off the public treasury, whether they are government employees or receive welfare checks both groups are the same as they must have a private sector to fund them.

  5. Patricia McGehee

    The young, ignorant voters come out of the Communist/Socialist Universities throughout America. If the Universities are not closed there will be a war inside America created by the ignorant little Commies they graduate.

    • Spoke like someone who never went to a real college or university.

      • Morgan , no doubt you are a college Grad who feels superior mere every day people, have met many like you, who do not know how to solve everyday problems some are successful others have waste their Education.

      • Donald H Sullivan

        That should be “Spoken,” and apparently today’s college graduates don’t know their grammar.

        • OMG, say it ain’t so. (should have been isn’t, I know) N-O-O-O-O-O-O, not the Great Rainbow Hope, the millennials?

    • ” If the Universities are not closed there will be a war inside America”

      I think we would be better off getting rid of conservatives with these kind of stupid ideas and thoughts.

      • Let me know where all the conservatives are sent. I want to join them as it would be closer to heaven than a liberal sewer.

      • Donald H Sullivan

        I’m an Independent. But I’ll bet on one thing, and that is if the country split up with all Liberals on one side and all Conservatives on the other, In a few years those on the Liberal side would be running to the Conservative side.

        • Donald doesn’t seem to know that blue states send more money to the feds than red states.

          Red states take more money than they send, some by double.
          Red states seem to suck and need federal assistance.

          And then we can look at Louisiana and Indiana where both going to implode soon due to silly governors lowering taxes.

          California raise taxes like responsible liberals and now we have a balance budget.

          • LOL California is bankrupt. Do you mean cities Like Detroit, and many more cities there are just like it, managed by Democrat morons?

      • Donald H Sullivan

        I’m an Independent, but I’d bet that if the country split up with Liberals on one side and conservatives on the other, within a few years those living on the Liberal side would be running to the Conservative side.

    • Every other word is Commies.

      You have got to be an old white fart with mental issues.

      The whole commie thing is so 1980s.

      Did you just wake up out of a coma?

  6. Oh well that is that happens when you got stupid socialists running the show, sink baby sink

  7. Twas ever thus.

  8. The millennium youth have been brain dead for along time, They can have a college education and a
    useless degree in Toilet Paper folding but it will not attract an employer. The High School counselors
    and Colleges are only looking to pass you and get your money. They do not actually give you an
    education that sill help you in real life and the real world. Even family friends will not be able to help
    you get a good job that pays a decent wage to live on. At best you can get a job pushing a broom and
    hopefully work your way up. All the hype and B/S about raising the minimum wage is purely political
    and they know it will not help the workers improve their lot in life. As wages increase so does the cost
    of operating a business and then the owner has to make a decision of how to accommodate the false raise.
    It will give you just enough money that you will not qualify for Government assistance but not enough to
    actually pay your bills and get ahead in life, especially if your are married and have kids. Not to mention
    that the price you pay for items will have to go up also to cover you “fancy” liberal raise. Thanks to the
    useless lost Liberals who do not own businesses and have never made a payroll either.

    • I can remember my Education Dept. saying “once you have teacher unions, education will go down the drain”. Truer words were spoken by her. Then, again, she said “once you get federal money involved, they own the educational system and it will go down the toilet”. Again truer words never spoken. This took place in the late 50’s and today we have the results – terrible, horrible, liberals not teaching but brainwashing, and all to fulfill the DNC’s published Communist Manifesto in 1963 when teacher unions and feds got involved. Coincidental? NOT!

      • In 1935 then president of the American Communist party was calling for a national educational system, Imagine their celebration when the Department of Education was created, they could begin indoctrinating our children on a national and uniform level, why else would Communists want such a system.

    • James you are using pure, simple, common logic. Logic is something liberals do not comprehend because to them the desired end justifies any means to try to get to the end they want. Liberalism is a mental disorder. It robs people of the capacity to rationally think through issues weighing ALL the evidence and possible outcomes. One example of proof: they are convinced that guns kill people. If that is true then so do cars, knives, matches, cigarette lighters, gasoline, tobacco,
      electricity, hot water, aircraft, etc.. Some people never learn! They are the stupid ones of Earth’s population.


    • The millenials are the ultimate entitled generation. What we are seeing is the result of “everyone gets a trophy”. The millenials were raised largely by self-centered baby boomers who taught them that they were entitled to everything simply because they exist.

      • you forgot one thing, that their grand parents were probably Hippies who started this whole
        line of B/S and welfare with Dr Spoke book on how to raise a total idiot. He later admitted that
        it was nothing more than a clinical study and not practical except to swat the butts of those
        who followed it

    • Most of the universities today are nothing more than Marxist indoctrination camps.

      • I tried USL for one semester back in 1962, The “Professor” could have been Karl Marx
        twin brother. Over the years since I’ve take many courses when I was in the Military
        and we had them available to us on Base. Lots of Credit Hours accumulated but no
        degree. Never finished that part to get the degree. For the most part the roving
        professors who came to the Bases were not a bad lot, some were a little radical,
        but were smart enough to remember they were on a military installation. I took a
        few night coursed at local colleges/Universities when time permitted and some
        of those had the wack job communist inspired liberal mentality. I had to walk out
        of a couple or else I would be in jail

  9. That Is Why I Left That Side Of The Mountain. They Can Sink For All I Care.

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      It couldn’t happen to a nicer state, I hope it spreads to California and Oregon and I’ll throw in Colorado. And the eastern seaboard. They should do some, research and find out what makes these people so stupid! Is is something in the water, or the genetically engineered food that they eat?

      • Mr. Toth–I hope you are referring to the northeast portion of the East Coast. 🙂

      • CA is just as bad as any other liberal socialist thinking state – tremendous debt on union pensions, full of communist/liberal teachers, giving free college education to illegals, allowing an illegal to be licensed to practice law (that one really bites since I worked for LEGAL attorneys for 50 years), and now illegals get drivers license easily. All the while crimes and criminals are increasing especially in the sanctuary cities of SF, LA, and San Diego. Smart? NOT! Demos run the legislature so not unusual.

      • I Agree Joseph. But. It’s Like Little California Here. That Is Why Washington Is Like They Are. They All Came Here. Like A Disease. They Spread All Over And Destroy.

      • No Joseph. It is in the way they have been brainwashed by mentors who have been brainwashed by the philosophy of Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky and others with anti-social mindsets. I choose to live under the philosophy found in the Declaration of Independence and under the guidelines in the US Constitution.

      • Easy there Joe. While many(?) Coloradans may fit your description, NOT everyone/ ALL fit that bill!

        Me I’m fighting a uphill battle with the “DUMB ONES” in Co. as are many others! Be careful with the “ALL” tag!

      • Perhaps what we should do is eliminate the minimum wage completely. Let people take on three or four jobs to make it to $15. That would keep more people in the workforce. They would also result in corporations lowering their pay for full time employees. Let them start at $20 and hour. If they need more, then they should get part time jobs.

      • Donald H Sullivan

        Make that the northern half of the eastern seaboard…with the exception of south Florida.

    • eeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Seattle has become a wasteland thanks to rampant leftism. Used to be a nice little cosmopolitan….walk downtown these days, you better be ready to duck around all the dead beats with nothing better to do but smoke pot and play the banjo.

    • Hopefully Atlanta, Georgia will not fall prey to the liberal mindset. It might be sitting on the brink of going that route. Hope I’m wrong.

  11. You just cannot fix stupidity!

  12. Wow again you are lying to Americans again , the facts are that everywhere they have raised the min.wage thoses places have been doing better then anywhere in the country !!! So keep lying the fact show that you are Full of _hit !!!

    • Show me the “FACTS”

    • Where exactly are “those places” doing better than anywhere in the country?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Must be realitychick’s brother. Getting the facts out of the same hole. Hey rc, the poles show that you’re giving far too many blow jobs down on the corner! Got my facts the same place you got yers.. 🙂

    • You should read the article before commenting.

    • here is the REAL STORY, – some people are in fact helped by the increased wages, unfortunately there are many who will pay the price for this increase. As most small business have a small profit margin any increase in the wages that have to be paid out reduces the profit margin and in some cases will cause a business to close and all the workers will be out of a job. Those that remain open will have to offset the new wages by either reducing the hours a worker gets, firing employees, raising prices to its customers. small business cannot just print money like the Federal government and money doesn’t appear because some politician wishes it. So who pays? you do, we all do, if a employee gets fired they then get welfare or unemployment or food stamps, they may lose their insurance and then get Medicaid through the government who gets in from you the taxpayer. If Obama would stay out of the way of business and let the economy fend for itself and stop passing executive orders of new regulations which hinders business this country just might survive. Take ECO 101 to learn about business instead of being a liberal asshole and think and speak from your rear end.

  13. $15 an hour is a Livable wage. The problem is not that it is not sufficient to lift workers out of poverty. The problem is the workers realizing that livable wages means paying bills out of your own pocket and its easier to work 15 hours for extra spending cash and let everybody else pay the rent.

    • Perfectly stated Hutchins. The “part-time” job is simply the icing on the monthly income cake. It affords the “fun” money for partying and whatever they include with that. They want $15 an hour for their party money while taxpayers are shelling out for their rent, utilities, food, clothing and whatever extra perks they can squeeze in.

    • You can raise the minimum wage to $100 per hour and it still wouldn’t be enough. The cost of living will rise with it because it will be more expensive to produce the goods and services we need. It’s simple economics, but the social justice crowd is too brain dead to know that. Businesses do not pay wages; they are passed along to the consumer. Businesses do not pay taxes and fees, they get passed along to the consumer.

    • Minimum wage was supposed to be based on cost of living, but that failed years ago. It is not simply a problem of minimum wage, but for the middle class, they have been stuck with the same level of income since the 70’s and are actually losing ground. When corporations started paying their execs millions of dollars with golden parachutes, the money had to come from somewhere, and that was the pay for everyone one in the company. Did corporations get better results? Nope; just stagnant pay for those below the executive level.

      • Donald H Sullivan

        I don’t agree with you on most issues, Mogan, but I definitely agree that the fat cat execs are vastly overpaid at the expense of the workers who actually produce.

      • Stop. How many minimum wage jobs are offered by the big evil corporations ? The majority of them are franchise establishments operating on a 2-3% profit margin. Never mind..this is not worth the discussion

  14. Only the liberals think you can solve the problems of the poor by throwing good government money down a rat hole. People want to help themselves if they ever want to get out from under the boot of the government welfare. Only the liberals try to sell that to the poor and the poor grab at it like they are on a sinking ship. What the poor don’t understand is that this just gets them deeper and deeper in the hole that government has put them in.

    • Mary sweet you are using simple logic. The “welfare” recipients cannot comprehend that because they don’t want to because it runs against their means to their end.

      • That is why the “welfare” recipients will never get off welfare. Because the government has seduced them into apathy and they just go from generation to generation living off the taxpayers. No one (especially the welfare recipients) even make an attempt to get out of the rut of welfare. Maybe that is a simple logic but maybe it is a simple problem.

        • But actually they do. The number of welfare changes. I was once on welfare, but I made to college and on to graduate school. So, don’t typecast everyone who is on welfare. There are a lot on welfare now because of Wall Street.

          • First of all, Congratulations on your education. That is the most important thing anyone can have. There is a section of welfare that like it just the way it is and don’t want to get off. It’s easier to blame everyone for their place in life than to get off their butts and get a job. It is not ALL welfare that do that but you will also note that there are generations of families that do stay on it because it’s the situation of least resistance for them.

          • Unfortunately, many can’t. This is particularly true for older folks, that never were able to save for retirement, and they are forced to work at minimum wage. It’s not a racial thing, since the majority on welfare are white. Of course, again,there were those who lost their jobs because of Wall Street’s crash. Nobody wants to hire a 50 year old with a greater amount of education than an entry level person. As I commented elsewhere, the real problem is stagnant pay. When corporations started pay multi-million dollar salaries to their presidents, ceo’s, etc., they took that from what would have been an increase in the salaries of everyone else. That is trickle down economics never worked. Instead the average salaries for middle class is actually declining.

          • Welfare was never structured to help people get back on their feet but to enslave them in the system. I have been very fortunate in the jobs I have had. I am retired now but the most important thing I found was that an education was so important and I had the skills I needed to get good positions. Again, it goes back to education. Today I know it is different because of what obama and liberals are doing to our economy and sending so many jobs out of the country. Also, obama has told employers he will pay them $3,000 for each illegal immigrant they hire even though they will have to fire a legal American worker. that is why the middle class is disappearing. This is obama’s communism at work.

          • Morgan, who paid for your college EDUCATION ? did you get special help ? congrts for you bettering yourself

          • Donald H Sullivan

            “There are a lot on welfare now because of Wall Street.” Typical Marxist propaganda.

  15. Yeah, everywhere you have liberal Democrats another Detroit and Ferguson and Chicago.

  16. Michael Dennewitz

    If it hadn’t been for jerks that consider themselves “studs”, out there knocking women up, then sittin on their lazy asses and sharing her benefits, we wouldn’t have a “situation!” And if 99% of these broads would cross their damned legs, or put a zipper on the damned thing, we wouldn’t have 1/3 as many sucking off the government. Just the other day, I witnessed some severely obese broad, pulling TWO grocery carts thru the checkout. An infant sat in each cart and FOUR others tagged along, holding firmly to the carts. And yep, she paid for every damned bit of it with food stamps. And if that wasn’t enuf, I got my mind blown outside! When she got into the parking lot, some dude that outweighed her obese ass got out of a Cadillac and helped her stuff the trunk.. What’s the matter with this country??? HA!! There’s ONE place to start.. And I don’t think the government has any damned business telling people what to pay their employees! You don’t like it, move on down the line til you find some sucker that’ll pay a high wage for you to sit on your dead ass!!

    • And then Michael watch for those who pay for McDonalds fast food with EBT cards then go out and drive off in Hummer IIs, Escalades, Navigators and Luxus cars. I’ve witnessed it! If they are “poor” and need government assistance how can they afford to ride in luxury vehicles? Or is it that after paying they car payment they don’t have enough left for food so they get EBT cards to make up the difference. And you mentioned obesity. They don’t look “poor and starving”
      to me. Yes, I’ve witnessed that too. Then LOOK at what they are buying in addition to bottles of water (bottles of WATER?). Freeloaders galore!

  17. Let’s just hope the businesses don’t play along with it. They should just fire the clowns that would ask the question. What an upside down world we live in. These types of issues of raising one’s pay is a sure way to get the deadbeats voting. Then they realize the stupidity of their ways and beg for reversal. Kind of funny, in fact, extremely funny!

  18. just as I feel about San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Haven and other cities with their high-mindedness liberalism, ranging from maximizing unsupportable minimum wages through sanctioning of illegal immigrants, why should I care. These cities as far as I am concerned can sink in their own financial brine.

  19. Kevin E Krostosky

    No one seems to have a flicker of inspiration to the lack of jobs problem. Lobbyists of the kind Obama was supposed to do away with mandate that the ONLY concerns of Gov’t and Corporations are profits and dividends. The economy is so broken that the few available jobs that exist are filled by those willing to work for peanuts. The manufacturing base began being exported in the 70’s and now there is virtually none. Students are promised the sky for their paid-for shingles and find that the reality outside of College is a lie. Middle management is merely the insulator between the top and labor. Computerized retail ensures that all receipts go to the top so that pay at the bottom is limited to crumbs, and still they have ungodly sums to banner at all sorts of tournaments, stadiums, and entertainment venues. It’s a big game to celebrate record-breaking numbers in the financial news and the stock-market. Doesn’t anyone notice until they get their surprise pink-slip?

  20. ROTFLMAO,, sameo sameo, The liberal garbage buy votes with handouts, kick back and watch their citizens go down the tube
    2000 years history has watched as the liberal garbage set up governments to get a free lunch.
    2000 years history has watched as they took them down the tube,.
    Still, every time a Clinton or an Obama come trolling done the lane, tootling on their flute, the liberal garbage run for the bandwagon.

    Stupidity is endemic in the liberal world

    It has to be clear to all of the conservative people, we can no longer coexist with the liberal scourge.
    We must physically separate ourselves from them, it is the only way to prevent civil war

  21. In Houston, the SEIU has been helping the fast food workers in their strikes and demonstrations. As they demand $15/hr ( a ludicrous notion at best) we are seeing the fast food joints already preparing for the possibility of a wage hike. Most of the fast food places I’ve been in for the past 6 months are in the process of automating. They are placing kiosks that take your order and payment, then they give you a ticket. When you get to the counter, your order is waiting. Also, the production is being automated. I was in a McDonalds a few months ago and saw a carousel-like machine that selected the cup, placed it under the ice chute where a premeasured amount of ice would pour into the cup, then it would place the cup under the appropriate drink nozzle. There was also some of the food being prepared by other machines. I have also seen more immigrants working fast food jobs. I went to Burger King last week and the entire staff were immigrants. The squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the grease, most often it gets replaced.

    • Have you been in New Jersey in the last 12 years, no one in the low endfood trade has a clue how to speak a full sentenceof English and could care less and it is illegal to pump your own gas, that almost got me arrested [I am not a patient fellow when the bureaucrats choose to serve others first]. Except for the architcture, New Brunswick could have been in the MiddleEast or rebuilt portion of Serbia.

      While going to Rutgers my daughter got a dog so that any walking after dark she had a legal weapon with teeth. Maybe that is Seatle’s future.

  22. Seattle is indeed a great place to live, bt regretfully, it is ruled by liberal democrats and all they do is throw money
    at every problem they face. Education is one of those areas they have been throwing money at in attempts to
    fix the many problems therein. The new minimum wage imposed on those who use restaurants more often has
    caused several older and privately owned restaurants to close. Most people do not realize that restaurant owners,
    have to pay a share of social security for each employee, plus mandatory insurance for each worker. In short,
    when the minimum wage goes up owners of restaurants are targeted and must pay up for Soc Security and insurance on top of the $12.00 being paid now and that amount will climb more when it reaches $15.00/hr.
    Who will pay for that? The customers of course. I’ve seen a number of “fishing for tips jars” at several restaurants.,
    Moreover, owners must also cope with taxes imposed by the cities, to help care for alcoholics and drug addicted
    people, as if restaurants are guilty for the future of those impacted by alcohol and drugs. I say: No tips or raises
    for workers and the consequence of all this is the reduction in the hiring potential for employment. Who will hire
    young folks (high school students or others), who have never worked a day in their lives, and with a short
    attention span, and which in reality are not worth the new mandated wage scale? Here, just like in New York,
    Chicago and Miami, to mention a few, the staffing is comprised of foreign Legal and illegal workers, who are
    in their glory making such an hourly wage, which compared to where they came from, is a fortune.

  23. So hilarious how the Liberals can stand and promote and defend these absolutely obviously failed polcies as though the obvious just isn’t. What are they thinking ( Smoking / Drinking )???

  24. Seattle used to be a nice place. Unfortunately, liberals turn everything to crap.

  25. Ah yes, the communist strategy is alive and well – have all the fuk’n sheeple depend on their Godless Satanic government for their meager subsistence so that they can shut it off any time they want to if the sheeple won’t jump through the hoops that these elitist ghouls want them to do! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – bet on it! mInr, NSA!

  26. Liberals need to stop writing laws. They are very bad at it. This minimum wage law is one instance. Another is the so called assault weapons ban in Commiefornia. They call an assault weapon a rifle that has a pistol grip. So you can own one so long as the magazine holds no more than 10 rounds and to remove the magazine you need a tool. If the rifle is in every other way the same except that doesn’t have a pistol grip removing the magazine on that can be done by pushing a button. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but maybe that pistol grip scares liberals. What a bunch of idiots. It’s obvious they didn’t think about the consequences of hiking the minimum wage so high. It’s a shame that people vote for these morons. It guess that says a lot about these voters.

    • All of the workers are looking at is $15 an hour. It isn’t there yet but is at $10.50 I believe but that for the fast food industry is too high. They will end up closing their doors. I agree with you 100%.

  27. The businesses will have to raise their prices, lay off people, cut hours so for that $15 an hour you might get 3 hours a day or just 20 or 10 hours a week. How long can you live like that. If it is 20 hours a week you only get $300 before taxes. How about only 10 hours a week?? Thats only $150 before taxes. You will need 4 jobs to make a decent week. How hard is it to get 1 job much less 4. Seperate jobs at 2 hours a day. Who is willing to hire someone for 2 hours a day???? None that I know of. The fast food industry is for kids out of school to get a start in the job market only to go on to a better paying job. Those now want the better paying jobs doing the same thing. The job pays $7.50 an hour for 20 hours a week. Do you want it???? Yes or NO. This is what is offered. Nothing at $15 an hour, sorry. The government is trying to force businesses to pay that much and all that will bring is closing of businesses so what have you workers gained. No place to work.

  28. The liberals could screw up a rock, and with Bammie Bojangles leading the charge, there will be many rocks in their way. If only a boulder could find it possible to land on their noggins the country would be better off.

  29. What is even more revolting about Seattle – they control the vote because of their vast numbers. We Eastsiders get the sh–ty end of the stick every time there is an election because the Seattle mossybacks will vote for any liberal idea thrown out there. This is what happens when calipornoians and cannucks move to a once really nice place to visit. I go there for the airport only. Their prices are way too high on everything. The taxes are outrageous. And you can’t see the trees for the libtards peeing on anything worth having! Seattle. A place best left alone. You want to see what it will be like in two years – go to Detroit!

  30. Stuart Cockerham

    Another liberal policy on the way to help Seattle follow suit with Detroit, Baltimore and other Liberal Democratic failed experiments that bring destruction everywhere!

  31. Ha! I can’t wait to see Seattle fall into disrepair!!!!

  32. Seattle home of Starbucks Coffee. Can anyone afford one now? Then her equally liberal city Portland Oregon will follow suit an you will see liberals begging again on corners and fighting over whose off ramp and corner it is to beg from. When I lived in Portland, if I went downtown you could not get from your car to you’re walking destination without being hit up for money. Sometimes less than a block.

  33. Fast food restaurants should cut employees and use dispensing machines where people can pay then open a door and get their order. So what if it’s prepared much earlier and kept under a heat lamp. What do you expect? Government did this to you if they didn’t cause the restaurant to move out of town.

  34. The thing that infuriates me here is the communist government forces the guy who handles the money to give his people a raise. Who gets credit? Not the guy who shells out the dough. He is the bad guy and the communist government who gave nothing and took everything gets the credit. Minimum wage goes to $15.00 an hour. Now the guy making $15.00 an hour has to be compensated his hourly rate goes to $22.00. Here is where the communist government makes a killing. The FICA has to be matched by the employer. He gets a double jolt. The employee is in a new tax bracket he pays more. Is the investor going to take less?? No. He is going to look around for a better investment. Sell while he can and the new owner has a bigger nut so he cuts expenses and raises prices. Hamburger and a small fries that will be $18.00 sir. This is my last week. I’m being replaced by a robot made in Japan.. Works 24 hours. Is always on the job. No medical benefits no overtime. No back talk no down time. no breaks. Remember when a lot of people worked the burger joint? Now there are only 2 people and lots of robots.. SPIRIT OF AMERICA PARTY RADIO SHOW AND BOOK.

    • Hold on their partner, let’s not try and rewrite history too much.
      First off the federal government had nothing to do with Seattle’s wage increase. That’s just the stupid in you talking.
      If minimum wage had been adjusted for inflation over the last 30 years in the over $20.

      “Is the investor going to take less?”
      Where do you get this shit?
      You conservatives just post stuff out of your bottom and hope it sticks.

    • You know it infuriates me, conservatives who keep using the word communist and have no idea what it means.

      For the silly conservatives information the Obama cabinet has a host of Wall Street insiders.
      I didn’t know that communists worked for the giant Wall Street firms.

      I think you conservatives need to find better adjective


  36. Donald H Sullivan

    Until the last few decades, minimum wage jobs were held by teens to make extra cash or by retirees to supplement their income. It simply wasn’t thought of as a job to support a family.

  37. Sensible people have been trying to educated the government as to why raising minimum wages will not work. Unless all employees are part time employees the employer will have to pay for their insurance. Also it will effect the amount of taxes the employer will have to match. After all of this, I do not see how you can even break even much less make a profit large enough to want to stay in business. I suggest that all burger places go to robots. They are always on time, don’t get sick, don’t need insurance. Some places are already doing this.

  38. I wonder if Seattle is being prepped as a muslimized stronghold? Since Muslims are forbidden to pay interest, Seattle bankers are already working on Shariah compliant home loans. Muslims can afford to pay higher prices at businesses and restaurants since they hold a lot of the world’s oil hostage in the Middle East.

    Of course, Muslims are prone to destroying architecture and monuments that don’t honor their prophet Moohamhead and their Allah moon god. So, it’s only a matter of time before they destroy the Seattle space needle…


    They want their cake & eat it too. There is NOT enough $ to give them more wage, & Welfare too! Go back to school & set some REAL goals! Welfare was not supposed to be a CAREER CHOICE!

  40. Have to give these people living off the government teat. They really know how to play the system. They get their pay raise, but now want to cut their hours so they will still be able to stay on the welfare roles. Brilliant on their part.

  41. I’ve lived in the Seattle area all my life and have slowly watched it, and the state, go to hell. The only thing keeping the state afloat are the Hi-Tech industries, and Boeing. The city of Seattle especially under the new gay liberal mayor is sinking into Puget Sound. The once most livable city is slowly turning into “the place to get away from”. Our mayor is an idiot, and has great things in store for Seattle, just like Obuttface has done to our country.

  42. Is it news to anybody that all the Southern states are run by Republicans. They are the poorest states in the U.S. Need I say more?

  43. Ken Dometriosis .

    OH, the DELIMMA! Get a REAL life and get off of gubbment assistance or STAY a socio-parasite. Geeee….we know who the welfare skells are now!

  44. And did all those that were just above the tiered wage increase receive a similar percent increase? Why not, isn’t that in the Obama fairness and equality plan? And where will the the money come from when all the businesses close because they are no longer viable? Liberal lunacy remains unchecked and the nation suffers while the majority of media watches the country approach third world status.

  45. Left out is that Seattle will have to increase pay a matching amount for most public jobs, the taxes will have to increase, paid for by the private workers to pay for the ‘government workers’ and the swirl around the toilet goes faster as to funding the government that decided to increase their own wages.

  46. That’s what amazes me about liberals & this administration in particular. They have no insight into “unintended consequences”. But that would take logic & critical thinking skills. Something they don’t possess. It’s really quit sad & pathetic. My daughter used to live in Seattle area & finally moved to Idaho. I went to Seattle many times to visit. Nanny state at it’s best with Seattle it’s shining star. I’ve never figured out how the West coast got so liberal. They’ve ruined some of our most beautiful landscapes.

  47. And liberals tell me that the incentive for welfare recipients is not hurting any incentives to get off welfare. Here is proof they are wrong. The liberals are in total denial on this issue.

  48. Lower the minimum wage for those under 21 so more youngsters can get work experience. Lower minimum wage for ex-prisoners, for 3 years after release, so they can get lawful employment. Lower welfare to 60% of minimum wage so ALL jobs are ALWAYS more attractive than welfare.

  49. They vote and change things, and when it turns bad, they move to states like TEXAS, or OKlahoma where the Economy is robust, and then they start changing the policies like they did back in their old states they screwed up.
    A lot of good land can be bought with nothing down, yet who wants to live in a slum/?????


    TAKE IT BACK BY FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. This former refugee from a communist hell still remembers those deadly slogans: Capitalism kills! Our future is Socialism! Capitalist greed! “Expropriate the expropriators”! – as Karl Marx preached. You know – it was the poor who had all the money and then came the capitalists who stole it all.


  54. Well what did you expect? We were all saying this would happen and now it is happening. Seattle, do you like your city? Well keep instituting stupid liberal policies and you will become detroit or any other democratically controlled city, just like them.
    Learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them. also you should consider what happened to Colorado. Influx of loons from California and now they want Colorado to be like California. You don’t crap where you eat stupid libs. You libs are like a virus, you destroy where you live and move on and then destroy your new area and then you move on. Happening in a lot of states and what is left of and in California?

  55. It’s taken the low information voters 50 years of living under the liberal policies of the democrats and still they just don’t get it. It is obvious they are far more ignorant and lazy than could have been imagined. A couple of months of making no gains in ones life style should be enough for anybody to see the light and realize you have been lied to yet they continue to drink the Kool-Aid waiting for something the democrats will never deliver.

  56. Why not raise the minimum wage to $50 per hour and make everybody happy! Why stop at $15 per hour. The taxes you will receive will increase revenue. Really? And the local McMaggots will not be able to afford any workers, so the owner will be there serving people. The wait may be long, but just think the higher prices and fewer workers will make things more challenging!

  57. This is what happens when liberals from California start migrating to other states, they have destroyed Washington and Oregon, California is a done deal….

  58. Me, me, me, the war cry of American youth and freeloaders!!

  59. Let it wreck the whole state, , left wing heaven will turn to hell, like most left wing rule.

    • Even then they’ll not recognize what went wrong. They’ll have 1001 different reasons to believe that it was factors beyond their doing.

  60. I have to say that shuttering Seattle could not happen to a sorrier batch of people. I used to fly fish in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. I won’t go to those states now. As far as I’m concerned, the U.S. could get rid of those three states, let them start their own Marxist country.

  61. It doesn’t matter, these people are literally ‘brain washed’ anyway !

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