Seattle Would Rather Criminals Go Free Than Accidentally Help ICE

In a stunning decision last week in the Seattle area, King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht threw away an invaluable law enforcement networking tool that has helped detectives solve crimes all across the nation.

Why? Because she was afraid that her office’s participation in the Law Enforcement Information Exchange database would inadvertently expose illegal immigrant criminals to the prying eyes of federal immigration authorities. And, well, since King County’s local ordinances have been written and approved by the Sanctuary-Powers-That-Be, she saw no choice but to scrap the program altogether. Sheriff Johanknecht would literally rather see criminals escape justice than to accidentally turn illegal immigrants over to ICE.

From Conservative Review:

The Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) is a database of crime incident reporting used by over 2,000 local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to share information about criminal events in a given area of operations. It is designed and operated by the U.S. Navy.

LInX is very useful to detectives seeking to find fugitives or crack a case because they can draw upon arrest information put on the system by other law enforcement agencies. For example, if one agency is looking for a fugitive sex offender and he is pulled over for a traffic stop by another police department, LInX would be one of the first ways the detective would discover the criminal he is looking for.

Well, the system is effective enough in catching fugitives that King County, Washington, law enforcement feared that continued use of the system would violate the county’s ordinance of not sharing any information on immigration status with ICE. So they are concerned about violating a local ordinance, but evidently have no concern about violating federal law.

According to a Seattle radio station, an official in the sheriff’s department sent an email to employees informing them of the pathetic decision: “We could not reach a solution that insured that the civil immigration functions would not have access, especially when viewed from a national level. We had no alternative other than to terminate our membership and information sharing with LInX. This included the removal of all of our information from their system. Agency access to LInX was cut off per the agreement.”

In other words, King County isn’t just harming their own abilities to solve crimes, they are withholding information from the rest of the country. All in the name of protecting people who shouldn’t even be in this country to begin with. Furthermore, people who have already committed crimes on our soil!

How far will these Democrats go to protect illegal aliens?

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