Seattle Sues to Protect Their Illegal Immigrants From Trump

Seattle officials announced Wednesday that they were suing the Trump administration for its efforts to strip sanctuary cities of their federal funding. City Mayor Ed Murray said that the executive order directing the Justice Department to withhold funds was an unconstitutional breach of federal authority.

Murray said in a press conference that Trump was constitutionally forbidden from using the federal government to force cities into compliance, “yet that is exactly what the president’s order does. Once again, this new administration has decided to bully.”

The mayor insisted that by stripping Seattle of DOJ grants, Trump was only making life more dangerous for the citizens he claims to want to protect.

“Things like grants helping us with child sex trafficking are not connected to immigration,” Murray said. “It is time for cities to stand up and ask the courts to put an end to the anxiety in our cities and the chaos in our system.”

The lawsuit comes only days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement threatening to pull federal funds from cities that do not cooperate with deportation efforts.

The Justice Department responded to the lawsuit in a statement, insisting that the administration is both legally and morally correct in their position.

“Failure to deport aliens who are convicted of criminal offenses makes our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on our streets,” said a DOJ representative.

We’d love to be confident about the administration’s chances here, but on what basis would we draw that confidence from? Every time this administration has been challenged in court, the decision has gone to the plaintiffs. And with the travel ban, any sensible scholar can tell you that the president is firmly within his constitutional boundaries. So any ruling to the contrary is a political joke.

Trump’s threats to defund sanctuary cities are on much shakier ground than his travel ban. There is a legitimate “states’ rights” argument here, even if there are federal funds – dependency, in other words – hanging in the balance. And if Seattle wins this lawsuit, it will nullify Trump’s attempts to get those sanctuary cities to comply with ICE agents.

Who knows? Maybe the Justice Department has a really strong legal argument to make in this case, but we’re not holding our breath for a favorable judgement.

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  1. Hmmm – GOOD LUCK with that asshole —– they’re grants and if I were Devos – I strip federal ed grants from sanctuary campuses….I’d have colleges go to Iran and establish campuses THERE and send the loud mouth assholes to educate them in their own countries instead of bringing them here….

  2. Ahhh, the west coast, you just can’t fix stupid. Maybe the trash they are trying so hard to protect will do us a favor and knock off some of the idiots.

  3. Rodger K. Shull

    Seattle wants to keep them because they ( THE BUSINESSES ) pay them under the table $$ with no taxes paid on the under the minimum wage. That is why. CHEAP LABOR, an then they don,t have to pay the NEW WAGE, 15.$$ an hour, that they the people voted in.

  4. Excuse me, Mr Mayor, does the word “ILLEGAL” mean anything to you? You sir, are harboring Illegals and those that have broken the Law! what are you doing, rewarding evil law breaking people who flaunt the laws this nation! You sir, were sworn to uphold the laws of this land and the Constitution, please do so!

    • to homer he’s a fucking liberal retard who loves criminals like all liberal retards do

      • And the judges will support this mayor when it is finished.

        • A G Jeff S essions needs to have a session with the judge.

          • Well now that SUSAN RICE WINS the Ethel Rosenberg medal for distinguished traitor treason espionage and anti American for compromising Americans safety and security, we need to give her the Ethel Rosenberg treatment well earned by the traitor. SUSAN RICE. Let’s electrify her chair. Oh, Evelyn Frakus let’s not forget this intelligent lacking doctor. Oh what a pair

    • Pass legislation holding them legally accountable for their actions. If a criminal illegal alien is released from jail knowingly and not turned over to ice, anyone involved is held as an accomplice to any crime that alien commits due to his/her release. Make it a felony for ANY official to assist an illegal alien in violating federal law and then start prosecuting the hell out of each and every one of these sanctimonious bastards who care more about hardened criminals than protecting American citizens lives.

      • The can “pass” new legislation, but it’s not necessary, law already exists.

        • Yes. Time to start enforcing laws on the books. Harboring an illegal life imprsionment it now reads

          • Yes, the punishment is severe, but so is endangering the lives of citizens and other innocent people.

          • I just blocked WND and TOWNHALL. They removed my comments about Ethel Rosenberg and her sentence of electric chair for treason. In addition, they removed my comment to an individual comment “bye bye blackbird”, I find revolting, and disgusting. Their stuff is stale anyway. Religious spirit, I think. Too clean too pure to be real

          • Newsmax and I don’t get along anymore, either.

          • Very disappointed in WND , NEWSMAX, too.

          • I understand, but a lot of these outfits are not what they are cracked up to be.

          • Absolutely. Time unmasks most of these and true colors become transparent. They fall for everything and stand for nothing. Like HILLARY. Like WND

          • Phony is as phony does.

          • Phony as Susan Rice. How do they keep all the lies in order? Or do they try. Do is Obamas in exile? Is Michelle now Michael? Girls where are they?

          • The fraud family is and was always fractured. Barack and Michael are probably living the lives of abnormals, which is what they did in the White House, and those two young women are probably still in total shock and state of confusion.

          • They aren’t Leave it to Beaver or Ozzie and Harriet or even the real McCoys now are they? More like the Odd Couple with kids. Or the Birdcage gone wild.

          • As a writer, I like to think I can pen fiction, but the Obama reality is beyond my ability to even approach replication, much less exceed it!

          • Make an excellent movie. Just think of casting opportunities. Obama played by Whooping Goldberg. Chicago inner city bath house boy, Ricky Love. . Dennis Rodman be Michelle. Madonna could be Hillary. Rosie could be herself. Ashley Judd could be Maxine Waters . Leanardo Di Caprio could be Nancy Pelosi. Take it away. Start with the woods scene. “In the Woods, with HILLARY Moss Mushrooms and other Parasites”

          • Great casting! This looks like a box office smash!

          • Is it still liar in chief or is it now chiefly liar?

          • I got blocked by ABC and discuss. I said their story was fake news!

          • I’m in good company. Today it is clear that there is a lot of deflecting of false narratives by false narrative. Lots of propaganda out there. Bill OReilly said today WSJ opinion page a good place to get unbiased balanced opinions

          • Truth hurts or if the shoe fits there Cinderella, wear it the ?.

          • New Picture?

          • Yeah, got tired of the old one. Time for a change.

          • Looks good.

          • Thanks, I need all the help I can get.

          • We’ll put a hat on you when you get to Arizona.

          • Yeah, I can put on my Resistol!

          • Yep Resistol is very good. One of he best!

        • Let’s take SUSAN RICE, she has earned the Ethel Rosenberg distinguished service award and should be honored accordingly. The chair electric. That and Dr Farkus, the incredibly intelligent free doctor. The rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air, through the night the flag was still there. No more power outages after the chairs electric free us of these traitors, guilty of espionage, and treason . Benedict Arnold would be so proud!

          • Yes she has but there is little doubt she will not get her just rewards. I don’t think there could be any punishment worse then the electric chair.

          • ?????????????????


          • Actually, let her have life if she gives up Obama!

          • Ok. Bathroom detail. Hillary cleanup before the Depends.

          • Tells all she knows for immunity. She may get ten male virgins for that. With all the inbreeding and mental health conditions of the Muslims ten male virgins probably not in the cards, I mean on the prayer rug in the mosque.

      • Absolutely

      • Paulene Perry Dougherty

        The victims of crimes committed by released illegal immigrants need to file big lawsuits against the officials of the sanctuary cities.

    • Lock the illegal mayor up

  5. since when does the Fed HAVE to give a grant to a city? Don’t withdraw the money, just stop the grant…. Sorry, we have no more money for you.

    • Stop all Federal fundung, including all grants, and prosecute any and all in this area’s law enforcement and court system who refuse to abide and enforce our laws!

      • Don’t forget all the money given to schools and colleges and universities within the sanctuary cities.

        • I said ALL Federal funding……good point though. We’re on the same side!

        • Yes let them be responsible for all costs of crimes committed against. We the people

        • Definitely stop money to the Universities and colleges that have Liberal professors whether they are in a sanctuary city or not, just do it.


          • I like it, let them secede (or cut them off) and then let THEM take all the illegals and see how soon they get sick of paying for it… oh well….

          • I’m in CA and I CANNOT STAND THIS NUT LIBERAL STATE. I would be gone tomorrow if I was retiring soon. I have another 8 years or so. It’s getting worse by the day! The thoughts get of giving my HARD EARNED money to a cockroach…


          • Oh I am quite well versed on equalizers!

          • You assuming they have or had a brain!

          • Personally, I would send our military there with loaded guns on top of jeeps, just like they do in Mexico, and make sure they leave……..I would not let those illegals/mooslums have any of our States………They could either leave willingly or vertically……Vertical would be a better choice………..we know they would never be back……then let them be buried in the country they came from…..SO LET IT BE WRITTEN, SO LET IT BE DONE……….

    • Since the fascist took control of the once Democratic party. It was a slow process that started after JFK’s brains were blown out.

    • Chris Robinette

      And beginning arresting official for failure of enforcing the law.

    • Absolutely

    • Lock the mayor up.

    • Just like the Liberal ConeHeads…. They are clearly resisting and telling the administration they are not going to enforce the immigration law. So before they go espousing that Trump, Sessions and the DOJ are in any presumed violation of the constitution, lets set the record straight on who is actually in violation of the law. I say we just include the Mayors (and Governors of states) who thumb their collective and defiant noses at the law, in a Federal dragnet and put them permanently on ice in a Federal penitentiary.

  6. DEPORT Mr. Mayor, don’t Harbor criminals! Websters Dictionary 1828 says; “In a manner contrary to the law, UNLAWFUL! Now, how much clearer do you need it, sir?

  7. Patricia McGehee

    Politicians are breaking the FEDERAL law! Wanna take a bet on how many of the IDIOTS will go to jail? NOT ONE! One rule for us and none for them.

  8. Stripping Seattle of DOJ grants, Trump was only making life more dangerous for the citizens of Seattle, while allowing illegals to roam freely will protect them.

    • Put the sob in jail,like any of us who break the law

    • Remember the judges are Obama appointees,he appointed liberal judges in all us districts accept one. The trip to Hawaii, Massachusetts and one in Virginia . Virginia the state where Govenor Mc Awful the former Clinton boy who rented out the Lincoln Bedroom, took over a million from Planned Parenthood for his campaign.Hillary’s soul mate Senator Kane,referred to as the eyebrow,one sticks up and makes him look like a viilan,come to think of it he is. Virginians have no rights, people were caught voting 10 times,there were no charges and no investigation,the state was called for Hillary before the votes were all counted. Mark Warrner our other senator has voted totally democrat and will not vote for any Trump appointees,so we working middle class have to no vote and cannot do anything about illegals or voter fraud.Come novemeber 2018 we need to reclaim our state,college studets over 18 who are not from Virginia are being recruited by democrats and given information on how to register to vote in Virginia,dont use a po box and to go to DMV to register. I am sure this happening everywhere,just another form of illegal voters.

  9. Can’t wait for these ass holes to lose their federal funding. Oh yea, they will just raise taxes on the fools that are there!

  10. 1. Shut off all federal funding to the Sate of Washington.
    2. Pass a federal law, that makes aiding and abetting the criminal aliens, a federal felony, carrying a 4 year mandatory minimum sentence without possibility of parole..
    Let;s seeif the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites want the illegal votes badly enough to go to jail for 4 years and then lose their rights to vote as convicted felons.

    • YES!!!!!!!!!!

    • Federal immigration laws are ALREADY in place, they just need to be ENFORCED!

      • apparently it will take the use of the military to enforce those laws…here’s hoping..

        • I am a former marine , the last 2 years of my service were spent as a marksmanship instructor on the weapons range at Quantico Va.
          I would quite cheerfully give the federal government three free months a year as a volunteer immigration officer.
          I would supply my own weapons and ammo and sleeping bag, all it would cost the government is 2 MRE’s a day.

          • Well trooper your generosity is duly noted…I was hoping that there would be some coffee in the am and some adult beverage in the late p.m… moderation of course…stress relief is necessary…semper fi..

          • I can’t imangine anything more soothing to the soul than, shooting wetback crimianal aliens and liberal aiders and abbetors.

          • Feel safer already we American do. Now HILLARY and OBAMA in prison will keep us secure. Then there’s always the electric chair option

          • You would not believe what i went through to have coffee in the field. I would have to dig a deep hole so the flames were not visable. Boil water and use those packaged coffee, creamer, and sugar. Its my lifes tragedy caffine addiction.

          • hear you , came home and then a few years later started driving cross country.. two 1 quart thermos reloads a day..and that did not count what I may have had at breakfast or lunch….of course the atmosphere was much better than what you described at your refreshment time, you just had to make sure you did not get in between the food bar and a hungry driver that had not picked up his first loaded platter..

          • Know any assassin’s? lol

          • Lee Harvey Oswald still hiding out in a movie theatre at LBJs expense. Jack Ruby just got the decoys decoy. I heard it definitely on MSNBC CBS and read it in the NEW YORK TIMES I think maybe.

          • Hallelujaha!!

          • Nice base.

      • We have t have the mandatory prison sentence , otherwise the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical judges will give them sentences of 2 weeks community service.

    • They have laws already, five & Ten sentences. They need to use them against the mayor’s

    • No everyone in Washington state is a flaming liberal, some of us hate Seattle which is definitely the liberal city with Tacoma too.

      • That is why cutting them off and prosecuting them will in the end benefit you and the other patriotic people in your state.

      • Sad but true; in Orefornia, as in Washafornia, two cities (Portland and Eugene) are the tail that wags the dog, same as Seattle and Tacoma in the Northmost People’s Republic of Socialistic States!

      • Paulene Perry Dougherty

        Not everyone! But unfortunately Seattle calls all of the shots

    • 4 years? How about 10 or 15 yrs? Let them sit there for a long time to think about it. After all it is a form of TREASON. They are going against the Government for their own needs or wants. It’s more for Obummer than PRESIDENT TRUMP.

      I wish they would enact the MCCARRAN/WALTERS ACT of 1952/1965 which is still on the books right now which states that “NO ISLAMICS ALLOWED IN THE U.S.A. THEY WILL NOT ASSIMILATE TO THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE”.

  11. anthony j. manzo

    Tell the egotistic IDIOT he is suppose to OBEY the law not MAKE IT. I DO NOT WANT MY TAX DOLLARS GOING TO SUPPORT ILLEGALS. If you want to take care of them reach into YOUR OWN POCKET. America for Americans. By the way are you one????????????

  12. So what, he should just give up? Allow liberal activist judges to dictate what laws will and won’t be enforced? Continue to allow liberals to do whatever they want so they can continue to smugly dismiss the will of the people in favor of rule by who can screech the loudest, get the most celebrities to parrot their nonsense and pay ‘protestors’ to stomp, break and destroy? This has to stop. We won the election because grown up Americans with some common sense and reason are tired of liberal madness. But to many of us remain silent while they scream, yell and make childish demands that are caved to because we don’t want to scream, yell and make demands. It we don’t start fighting fire with fire soon there won’t be much left to fight for. We’ll be a nation of blue haired, nose ringed nutcases incapable of doing anything but screaming, yelling and making demands.

  13. tell seattle they will lose their battle and the mayor or governer who’s behind it will lose their seat in 2018 mid term elections

  14. Seattle I used to visit on business 4 times per year in the 60’s, a city of half million then. It was beautiful quiet, and the people were very nice. The streets were immaculate almost zero bums on them.
    I recently visited Seattle and it is still beautiful and the people are still very nice, but many a little weird, and the bums and panhandlers are all over the place.
    It is a very prosperous place but when liberals take over a city bums on the street appear everywhere and I wonder what the connection can be. If you haven’t been do go,Hotels and Restaurants are terrific. We came over from Victoria Island by Hydra-foil a nice touch. Have a coffee.

  15. typical liberal view. We are entitled to the money since we have been receiving the money. No, you cranially impacted jack arse, you get the money to do certain things. No chupa , no money .

  16. C’mon—-get real.
    Think Seattle politicians really cares about illegal aliens?
    Seattle politicians care about money.
    That’s what they are suing for.
    Hiding behind some ludicrous shield of self righteousness.
    Phony bastards!

  17. it would appear that the DOJ may have done a 180…wonderful to see the laws already on the books enforced..

  18. >>>”Who knows? Maybe the Justice Department has a really strong legal argument to make in this case, but we’re not holding our breath for a favorable judgement.”<<<

    Not with all the liberals Obama appointed to the courts after Harry Reid went "nuclear."

  19. The lib’s Democratic Party has become the anti-America Party and the the real party of NO!!!

  20. Does the mayor also protect bank robbers, child molesters and any other criminals? What is wrong with the citizens of seattle don’t they have other ways to spend their taxpayer money other than protecting criminals?

  21. This is what will eventually happen to that cockroach infested cesspool.

  22. All they have to do is to turn them down on any request for money take it to court and waste all the money you want to Black balling cities is legal and there isn’t a darn thing that can be done They are just trying to make a statement

  23. Remember, the next time you do anything Disney…Disney has and is firing Americans…replacing them with illegals and h1b visa holders.

    Below, is an actual ad.

  24. Would be fine if the criminal illegal alien’s you are shielding, Ed Murray. Would just stay in Seattle and prey on your citizen’s, but they don’t. They can get on a bus, or steal a car and proceed with their dirty deeds anywhere in the united states…so screw you, they need to be sent out of the country never to return….we have enough scumbag’s without importing them!

  25. This action hurts Seattle as a city and makes them look like fools!

  26. Nothing new here! These idiots want to be rewarded for breaking the law, and for endangering the legal citizens in their communities! Their choice, by when it backfires, they will moan and wail and blame everyone else! Fools!

  27. Just sounds like a typical liberal thought. They will take American peoples tax money and sue the American government because Seattle does want to abide by the law. Somethings don’t seem to ever change.

  28. You democrats and Rinos are something else? This is not about Trump its about harboring illegals for your special interests. I would lay odds there is a personal reason that would effect you if they were made to leave our country!
    Our country the people who built it, the people who came here legally to be citizens of the USA. The people who came here for a better life. Thats not the case I know a democrat teacher in southern California whos not talking or singing the praises of the democratic party anymore.

  29. Seattle’s government will not win this bullshit suit against the U.S.Government! The Government gives grants to cities who ask for it and they don’t have to give them anything if they are as stupid as these “SANCTUARY CITIES”!!!
    This is what happens when you vote for DUMBOCRUD to be your federal, state and city government!! I fear for the citizens of Seattle and all sanctuary cities, the wetbacks and muslime invaders have cart blanch to commit all manner of crimes because of these MORONIC DUMBOCRUD leaders!!

  30. Seattle is not trying to save themselves from the President, they are trying to save themselves from breaking the law of the land. Those laws regarding people coming into our country have been around for years. They are partially there to keep illnesses such as TB out because we have not had that for years. Now there have been several cases traced to illegals from south of the border.
    I truly think that all, ALL, federal funds should be taken away from those cities. We can use that money to help with the costs for legal Americans who have gotten I’ll, or the costs to families where a family member has been murdered, or a small business owner has been robbed, or where an illegal drunk driver has injured or killed an American.

  31. Cut that city off from any and all funding and assistence from the federal government, right now! I detest “big federal government”, but hate liberal cities that protect criminal illegals even more! What’s next, Seattle protecting armed robbers and rapists and muggers and burglars from prosecution? What has happened to common sense and the rule of law? Democrats are working overtime in America to turn us into a third world dictatorship ruled by the commie democrats!

  32. Seattle sounds like a spoiled little brat – “I can do whatever I want and you can’t take my allowance”. Hello Seattle FYI you are refusing to enforce laws that have been on the books for a whole lot longer than since President Trump has been in office. You were also warned this would happen and still wanted to do things your way. Well welcome to the real world – You lose.

  33. Just think how much money we waste giving it to cities like Seattle! We can use it to hunt down and deport illegals, and for building the wall! And imagine how much money we will save when we no longer have to financially support all those illegals living here on our public welfare systems and programs!

  34. We should go down Seattle, and protest against spending our tax money on illegals

  35. Just issue arrest warrants for the mayors, DA’s, police chiefs etc who participate in this for aiding and abetting in illegal activity. When they can no longer hold office for having a federal conviction maybe they will learn a lesson….obey the law.

  36. Part of his job is to keep We the People safe, and that is what he is doing! Yes he can withhold monies from States whose non-compliance with federal law endangers lives! I hope it comes down to arresting the mayor of these cities, and the gov of the states that refuse to comply! The Federal Government is under no obligation to grant money to these cities and states. I think these entities are in for a very rude awakening! AMEICANS FIRST!!!

    • Jeffrey Cahoon – You are right. The Federal Government does not have an obligation to give them grants. I worked for a municipal corporation that was partially funded by the Federal Government, State Government and Local Government. (I was the Controller and wrote grant applications). If our application did not meet the requirements of all three entities, our application was rejected. We had to re-write the grant until it met their requirements. Yes, the Federal Government allotted so much money each year, but as stated above, it was not automatically just handed to us. It had to be JUSTIFIED!!!!!

  37. Seattle Mayor Murray insists there is no tie-in between illegal immigration and sex trafficking. What rock has he been living under? Seems like I just read a story about the thousands of children who were showing up at the border in Obama’s last year in office. The kids were placed with “relatives” here, until they could be re-united with their parents. Later, it was discovered that both the “relatives” and the children were gone. No one knows where they went, but I’m guessing they can work now without having any clothes. Mayor Murray and Obama should both be hung for their parts in this horrible activity.

  38. There’s no where to hide, Seattle. It’s time for you to pay the piper. After the money dries up, then every mayor or police official who refuses to up hold the law should be arrested and jailed!


  40. Why not just arrest the one that gave the order to harbor the aliens? It is a crime to harbor a criminal.

  41. These liberals only quote The Constitution when the think it benefits them. They wouldn’t know what’s in The Constitution even if it bit them on the you know what.
    Sanctuary cities isn’t a States Rights issue, because The Constitution gives that power to Congress. Not even the president doesn’t have that power. That’s why I don’t understand Trump hasn’t got rid of Obama’s unconstitutional executive order the dream act. Actually I do it’s because Trump doesn’t in what said on the campaign trail.

  42. Those who want to protect these law breaking illegals are anti American pieces of obama squeeze. They love making the tax payers suffer while protecting these illegal scumbags.

  43. Since when have our states become so damn needy that they think they are “entitled” to funds that the federal govt “choses” to give to some states. That Seattle major has been smoking too much of Seattles Pot agriculture. Of course he wants illegals. – to tend his Pot farms and clean his house or even sleep with if the mrs. gets cranky. Mr. MAJOR – it’s YOUR JOB to make your city work, not bring in Criminals to work your farms. What happened to your “smarts”?

    Pres. Trump has every right to take away your $$ because you REFUSE TO OBEY HIS REQUEST TO TURN IN CRIMINAL LAW BREAKING ILLEGALS. DUH MR. MAJOR.

    Maybe one of those illegals will break into your home and rape your daughters or wife. It usually takes something horrific to get the point across to a Liberal…their heads are buried so deep where the sun don’t shine! Wake up clueless Major or your city will be thrown to the wolves dressed like illegals. So very stupid…

  44. The Mayor of Seattle is throwing a real hissy fit. This is nothing more than a hit-and-run “liberal” tactic, an attempt to “score points” which is almost effeminate in nature. But then, this is your typical impudent, contemptuous modern “liberal”.


    Isn’t this using the LAW to break the LAW?? What judge would go along with that?? ( Only a libaturd) If that judge agrees with them he need to be defrocked. Because he is breaking the LAWS he is supposed to inforce.

  46. We the people need to sue to protect ourselves from the illegal immigrants and their politician supporters.

  47. Sue all you want but as long as you are in violation of Federal law guess WHAT? You just blew a bunch of
    money to lose STUPID. How long do you think even the liberals will continue to lose money and government
    benefits and keep you in office?

  48. Richard I Ellis

    Not helping to get rid of the CRIMINAL ELLAMENT from your cities then GO TO JAIL for obstructing a GOVT. PROCESS to protect the UNION from harm and DESTRUCTION!

  49. Someone needs to tell these idiot cities they are violating the rights of their citizens by placing them in danger from these dangerous criminals they are protecting. Every single victim of crimes committed by these illegals needs to file suit against the jurisdiction who harbored these dirtbags. Texas has the right idea. They are writing a bill which makes it a crime for the sheriff to release these criminals. I believe it is still a crime in all 50 states to harbor a criminal. These sheriffs need to spend some time in their own jails, as an inmate!

  50. This business of sanctuary cities suing a US President is getting seriously crazy and stupid! these people are so out of control, all because of Trump’s lawful authority, they’re all acting and behaving like HE’S the criminal, when in fact, that he is our lawful and legal president, who has the right to put the breaks on all the illegal and legal immigrants coming into our country, but they don’t like that, which is just toughshit, because the man is doing his job by putting the breaks on all the immigrants, but he’s now the Bad Guy-i seriously don’t think so! and all these
    bitchings and moanings from the liberal left and the attacks from the liberal media continues to take a great toll in our country since Obama’s administration ended, but these people are in a form of revolt, and they are just so out of control! folks, Trump controls all the Federal funding, and he can shut off the money to all the states who choose to break the laws here, and its that simple! what is wrong with wanting to put our citizens and our country first? the liberals seriously think that we’re supposed to overload America with more foreigners,,what about our own people,,don’t we come first? apparently not, where the liberal left is concerned, and it’s open and defiant rebelion, the kind that needs to be put in its place, and fast! Trump’s been in office now for nearly two and a half months and all the liberal media and liberals have done here, is attack him aggressively with any and everything, and that’s gotten way out of control-it borders on Treason and lawlessness, and that is not the respectful actions and behaviors of people, who should know better! what will this lawsuit do, much less prove?
    because all i’m hearing here is how the liberal left isn’t happy about a President’s lawful and legal authority, and how some states aren’t crazy about obeying them-too bad people, because that’s the law-you folks going to overthrow your own country now? get a grip here and get with the program already!!

  51. Only civil war can save the republic. If you can join a local militia and prepare. Even if you only meet once a month for a hour and stay in contact. So when the time comes it will be quicker to organize. Who knows there may one day be a 2nd Continental Army and a 2nd Continental Congress
    Pray they are never needed

  52. send all of Obama;s immagrets to the Satuary cities they can sprnd their money and ave their other citizens be terrarized

  53. Stupidity is not limited to Washington D.C., as can be seen here within the Seattle officials. As pointed out by Shayne Jenkins…….Since the funds are grants, just cancel the grants. Once well said….STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

  54. I think it’s the illegal immigrant criminals causing all the anxiety and chaos, along with these idiot city officials. What is wrong with these people?

  55. They are just giving DT a hard time, and it is a disgrace when he is trying to protect the country and try to prosper the country in many ways.
    This is absolutely a total disgrace what they are trying to do, and I thought the feds can stop funding to the individual states and cities.

  56. Mayor Murray, you will make a great cell mate to the LA mayor. Is time for you Libs to realize that going against the law of the land, which you are doing, has consequences. If you’re so in love with the illegals, go find you an island, start your own country and invite them all there.

  57. This mayor unfortunately knows what he is doing. He does not care how many Washingtonians have been killed, maimed, robbed, killed in car crashes by DWI illegal immigrants who have committed criminal acts, and continue to commit those acts while free. Blood has and will be on his hands for the rest of his life! Seattle citizens will have to pony up more taxes in their already overtaxed property, how about increasing the sales tax in the city an extra three cents for those doing business in Seattle. I will do my shopping elsewhere.

  58. I grew up in the North Ewst and we used to be people who made sense and were fairly conservative but more so most of us were law abiding and fairly moral. It seems that over the years since i left the North West has basically become California north and that is disturbing. Seattle, The Key word in this idiotic fight is ILLEGAL they are already breaking the law by being here ILLEGALLY. You have not legal leg to stand on. You also are just proving my point, you are acting like California and that is the state most of us from the North West used to malign the most because they always acted like they were the best thing in the world and that no one else was as progressive or important as them. They were and still are completely screwed up and immoral as far as their state laws and REGRESSIVE VIEWS GO. This is a fight you should not fight. You are wrong. They are breaking the law by being here illegally which means you are breaking the law by trying to keep them here illegally and you do not have the right nor the authority to ignore immigrations laws. We have the for good reasons but since Jimmy Carter to many of them have been ignored and with the Obomination who created moral, ethnical, and political desolation we have truly been screwed. He allowed hundreds of thousands of Illegal aliens to enter from the middle eastern countries who have vowed to destroy the US and gave them fake ID then let them go where ever they felt without knowing who they actually were and without tracking them. This is treason because his first and mot important job as resident, and I say resident because he was not a president he was nothing but a power hungry narcissist that wants the US destroyed, His first job was to protect the people of the United Sates and by allowing anyone in without checking into their past or even knowing their actual names is irresponsible and against the law but mostly dangerous to the people and our autonomy. You are attempting to align yourself in the same type of foolishness and criminal activity and it also constitutes treason. So think about that then learn the laws and follow them before you become SanFrancisco north because it is one of the 3 most corrupt and demented city counsels in America.

  59. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Frivolous –Sessions ought to sue the asshole or have him arrested along with the illegals–no money for seattle retard

  60. They want to sue? Sue them for interfering with federal immigration law, aiding and abetting immigration law breakers, and obstructing and interfering in the criminal prosecution of immigration law breakers. Each case its own law suit, each case carrying a million dollar fine. Maybe that will send a message to the liberal clueless in Seattle!

  61. They want it both ways. Give us the money but we don’t have to follow your laws to get it. Typical Liberal mindset. All Sanctuary States, Cities, Towns, whatever, need to be held accountable for their Blatant disregard of the Safety of their Citizens in those areas. The Leaders of these Criminal Enabling and Lawlessness areas need to be thrown in jail for allowing Illegal Invaders to commit crimes and endanger citizens. This has gone on for way too long and people are sick of it.
    The people who live in these areas need to vote these people running these programs and policies out of office to get rid of the Sanctuary locations. Start putting the Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs, Wardens, etc, in a cell for crimes they allowed to happen by releasing known criminals free instead of turning them over to Federal Authorities who requested them and I think you may start to see a change. Their policies have allowed Illegals to kill, rape, and harm citizens as well as burden hospital, prison, education , and social services way too much.
    It is a sad state of affairs when Illegals have more support and rights that the lawful citizens of the land. The Insanity of the Liberal America.

  62. Give them the funds, then turn right around and arrest all of them for aiding criminals, throw their butts in jail and have the judge claim sickness for a couple of weeks before hearing the case or setting bail.

  63. Washafornia; just another insignificent Commiecrat bastion!

  64. They just out do the stupidity more each day. It is hard to decide who is worse, Seattle or Fornicalia….

  65. If you protect an illegal (by definition an illegal is a criminal) you become an accessory criminal and should be prosecuted as such. Illegal ean just what is implied: out side of the law.

  66. The city authorities also seem to desire to do significant if not fatal damage to the basic constitutional and civil rights of American Citizens who reside within the borders of that city.. one wonders as to why.

  67. It doesn’t make ANY SENSE TO ME why anyone (citizens, mayors, judges, etc.) would want illegal aliens in their city. What is the rationale? They already broke the law by coming here without going through the proper channels. A great number of them are criminals in other ways. What rational person would want these people here. SOMEBODY, PLEASE EXPLAIN BECAUSE I DON’T GET IT!!!!!

  68. Seattle is seriously liberal. It also has lots of liberal billionairs, The reason for Obama many fund raising visits to Seattle. The counties around Seattle are in lock step with King county. Seattles county. Below the capitol Olympia, the counties get red, cross the cascades and the counties are mostly red. , But North of Olympia is the population centers. The rest of the state is mostly rural in nature and thinly populated. I’m not even sure our liberal governor realizes that there is a large part of the state east of the cascades. In short you not a lockstep liberal, you are screwed.

  69. Stop all the money

  70. No federal funding for sanctuary city/states.

  71. They are in violation of Federal law. No funding for you! (No soup either)!

  72. Tell the sanc. cities to raise their taxes of the law abbideing citizen so they don’t need fed money, see how that would go down, the send the heads of these cities to jail for breaking the law.

  73. Well, guess what, just maybe when their own women, men and children, whom Seattle officials seem to have no respect for, are raped, murdered and children molested they will get the message. It is illegal to be here illegally, dah! Why should our own citizens have to deal with criminality when it can be fixed. Maybe the message will get across when these politicians own families are the victims! Lets get the issue of this on the ballot and just see how many legal voters like the idea of rampant criminality as the accepted way to live. Politicians are the problem, not the solution.

  74. Illegals have NO RIGHTS. The constitution is for LEGAL IMMIGRANTS ONLY. Yet these mayors & council members twist it to however they want it to be. I think they should stop giving ANY FUNDS of any sort to illegals. No health insurance. No Housing, no food stamps, no money. That would not only help REAL LEGAL Americans but help the budget.

  75. Seattle is simply illegal. Home of communist Starbucks Anti President Donald TRUMP
    NORDSTROM and Microsoft monarchs that assume they own the world. Boycott communist Seattle. Withhold federal funds from this bastillion of totalitarian dictatorship over the little people that they can become much wealthier. Expedia may also be out of Seattle. Boycott the ugly Americans!

  76. Lillyhammer Lip

    Perhaps if the “normal” way of enforcing our immigration laws (or all other laws for that matter) are not followed by those entrusted with that duty then perhaps some “frontier justice” is in order. A good “tar and feather” party might just be the correct approach.

  77. Ever notice the Russian connection to JFK? Jaquie convinced LBJ set JFK up for the Fallas trip to destiny. Warren commission never looked at LBJ the obvious beneficiary of the presidency with the demise of JFK. That’s an OBAMAGATE kind of coverup now isn’t it? Replay of blaming the Russians to smokescreen and redirect. Hitler, Stalin all used this technique of propaganda. In the 1960’s no one challenged fake news and false narratives. 2017, thank God for PRESIDENT DONNA TRUMP tweeting the obvious, by passing the propagandists.

  78. In the discussion relating to what is wrong with our country I believe that the justice system is guilty. Just because an appointed judge, obviously with political trends is in the system, he/she should not have the authority to stop Executive Decisions. There should be some other method available to arrive at legality that does not include political parties.
    It is the judges who are setting free thousands of criminals and who seem to want illegal immigrant criminals living in their town. This is beyond common sense in any measure. For years the people have questioned the decisions of the judges, however; there is little a private citizen can do to change the system. I guess that with the age of computers we should make all aware when decisions are made that endanger the common man. Additionally, the people should be allowed to elect judges and eliminate the award for political favors.

  79. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Trump is trying to protect us and STOP these areas from allowing ILLGALS to have rights. They ONLY have rights IF they came here the LEGAL way. If you are not a LEGAL citizen then you have no rights and should be FORCED to LEAVE on your own or have the ICE agents help you. And anyone who helps these ILLEGALS is also a criminal because they are not following the LAW and should be held accountable for THEIR actions. These people forget that the FEDS do NOT have to give you a grant. They are being kind. There is NO law saying they have to give you this money.

  80. It’s time for President Trump to show these ignorant states that he is the law of the land and federal law supersedes any state or city law! Time for some governors or mayors to go to jail!

  81. I think the real question is why doesn’t Seattle protect their legal citizen’s instead of their illegal ones. That is and will always be the real question to so-called “sanctuary cities?” They protect the illegal instead of the legal.

  82. Paulene Perry Dougherty

    Problem is we have so many lawless activist judges who dont follow the law

  83. I hope that idiotic city of Seattle falls in the Pacific Ocean. They’re suing the federal govt. because they want to protect foreign criminals? That’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard of.

  84. Paulene Perry Dougherty

    President Reagan threatened to pull federal funds from every state who didnt raise their drinking age to 21. And guess what, they all complied. No lawsuits no nothin. Now when President Trump tries to enforce the law, what do we have? A bunch of lawlless brats having a fit.Not only that we have lawless judges who base their decisions on their politics rather than on the law, who let them have their way!

  85. Liberals are so concerned about the rights of these illegal non-citizens. To paraphrase a great American philosopher: “I’m all broke up about their rights!”

  86. all federal funds not just doj grants

  87. David H. Cheresh

    Who the hell do these pussy-ass sanctuary cities think they are? They’re breaking Federal Law, but that’s okay, huh? Well, they’re also jeopardizing my safety and well-being, so I’m just waiting for the Feds to FINALLY show some mettle, and shut these morons down!

  88. “Things like grants helping us with child sex trafficking are not
    connected to immigration,” Murray said. “It is time for cities to stand
    up and ask the courts to put an end to the anxiety in our cities and the
    chaos in our system.” And just WHO is responsible for the child sex trafficking? Why, your precious illegal aliens of course Mayor Murray.. Why don’t you get your head on straight and stop trying to protect the criminals in your city instead of having a tantrum over the President pulling federal tax dollars from your city for refusing to give up the illegal criminals you want to coddle? I am a US taxpayer, and I do NOT want my tax dollars going to support criminals in any way shape or form. Especially when such criminals are NOT US citizens. They have no rights here and no right to be here.

  89. I can see the writing on the wall.I fear that a Liberal Judge will shoot this down just like they did the Travel Restrictions and It will never happen.The Courts seem to be mostly Liberal and they hate Trump.If he is and I believe President Trump is in compliance with the Constitution,how can these Judges who are making Political Decisions instead of lawful ones get away with it.I don’t understand why the president doesn’t just go ahead if he knows he is in the lawful position.We desperately need the travel ban and the ability to force if necessary these Sanctuary Cities to follow the Law as written.Illegal Aliens have no rights in our country and by definition are here illegally.They must go and the MUSLIMS should also be deported.They won’t assimilate and are not here to become Americans but to one day try to take over our country.

  90. So Seattle is protecting Criminals from the Law and the President of these United States ? Seattle is another San Francisco

  91. I live in the state of Washington, and am embarrassed by the liberal assholes that run the state. The left-wing assholes live on the west side of the state–Seattle and suburbs. I am all in favor of the Feds not giving Seattle and the rest of the state a damn dime. That includes any grants to universities to give scholarships to non-citizens.

  92. Can’t these stupid fucks understand that it is the law. So whats next, they don’t want to stop at red lights? It is the law until the law changes, and you do not change laws just because you want to. I believe that these mayor’s that want to be sanctuary cities, then they can go to jail for violating the immigration laws. Then they will have to get someone to get their ass out of jail. If that still doesn’t do it, then deport them.

  93. How about deporting anyone who commits a crime, and isn’t a full citizen. that may help keep crime rates down.

  94. Just another liberal city to dump terrorist on. Who gives a damn what happens to those idiots. It pretty simple, dump terrorist there and cut federal funding to everything. They blow Seattle and Washington up, who cares, they asked for it. Have a nice day, oh, and remember to duck.

  95. anthony j. manzo

    Is it possible to sue the politicians who allow these people in, as accessories. If not I sure can think of some remedies.

  96. What the hell is wrong with these people? They are in a position that requires them to follow the Constitution as well as all there local laws. They are allowing ILLEGAL people to invade their area, many of whom are gang members and criminals in addition to being here illegally

  97. No money…you choose…now finance your self….


  99. When these loons get their daughters and wives raped and sold into prostitution maybe they will have a change of heart over your safety. Nah, won’t happen because they are paid shills for someone! They will get the message when they get their ass sued off when an illegal they are protecting commits a serious crime because that would be aiding and abetting criminal behavior.

  100. You idiot, harboring and protecting illegals is breaking the law, going against laws enacted in Washington D.C. to protect our country an citizens is against the law. Hopefully, no judge would allow such a law suit and would have you arrested for breaking the law.

  101. First, it is the FEDERAL government who has the RIGHT to enforce immigration laws, NOT the states or cities. ‘Refusal to cooperate’ with federal requests to CONTINUE TO DETAIN (they are ALREADY jailed by the city/state for some offense) immigrants who the federal government has identified as the subject of a criminal investigation – and instead releasing those criminals – skates dangerously close to a FEDERAL rap for obstruction of justice.

    By the way, sexual abuse, sex crimes and sex trafficking ARE the EXACT CRIMES some of those “released” criminal immigrants are accused of, so: NO, Mayors and Governors, you ARE NOT making your cities and states “safer” by letting these criminals go. WHY SHOULD anyone – much less the federal government – reward you for such stupidity?

  102. Hey A-holes —— There GRANTS and it’s the govt’s choice to whom they award them…..besides – YOU VIOLATED THE TERMS OF ACCEPTANCE OF FED GRANTS SO GIVE THE MONEY BACK……

  103. I see Seattle is copying CA, the land of nuts and fruits.

    • Paulene Perry Dougherty

      Over the past few decades, Californians have invaded Washington and Oregon. Thats why its all California now.

  104. What about “illegal” that they don’t understand???? I think they shouldn’t pay taxes neither, if they can break that law, why can’t they break other law. Let’s just go shoot some congressmen, and be an equal opportunity law breaker. LOL

  105. I would say, since they are breaking the law arrest all the city elects.

  106. Thinking-Out-of-the-box

    Immigration is controlled by the Federal Government and not the states… Put Seattle and the state of Washington in TIME-OUT………. In Short— they can Fu– off…..

  107. I am appalled at Town Hall Daily and WND censorship of comments such as “bye bye black bird”, and ETHEL ROSENBERG sentenced to the electric chair for treason for giving nuclear secrets to the Russians. Censorship propaganda fake news and false narratives in great supply. We don’t need more censorship or deleting of actual facts. I believe WND would censor the word of God that DOSENT fit their needs. I discontinued their mailings. I find such behavior repugnant in proclaiming to be what they are not.

  108. Have federal agents arrest and book the Mayor for the crime of aiding and abetting felony criminals and should any of the released illegal aliens commit crimes the victims of said crimes should be able to SUE THE MAYOR.

  109. The overtaxed U.S. citizens living in the City of Seattle need to sue the officials of their city, from their asinine liberal mayor on down, for creating a sanctuary city, and raising taxes for LEGAL residents through the roof in order to provide benefits, education, and housing for illegals! Most homeowners in Seattle pay a minimum of $3,000 more per year in property taxes than suburban homeowners do. It’s a disgrace we’re paying benefits to illegals at all! It’s also a disgrace we’re paying high taxes to educate the offspring of illegals especially when their inability to speak English is limiting the ability of English-speaking students to gain the education they need to prosper as adults! If this liberal insanity doesn’t end, neither the City of Seattle, nor Washington State itself, will be fit to live in!

  110. since when does the fed have to support illegal aliens living in or country or sanctuary cities hiding and protecting those criminals. doing so is breaking the law if the govt. supports the sanctuary cities

  111. does seattle think they will succerf, i don’t think so

  112. These liberals are just plain ludicrous. Who really cares about all of this grant money hocum? Start on square one. These are illegals. Last time I checked, illegals are people who are not legally here. They have already broken the law by being here. So why should taxpayers subsidize these people? Why should they be protected? I am tired of all of these liberals crying and whining and even showing their willingness to be participants in breaking the law. If we stopped supporting these folks with taxpayers money, then maybe they will stop coming here.

  113. Fine, don’t take their federal funding. Arrest the lawbreakers. These people declaring sanctuary cities are breaking federal immigration laws. They can’t arbitrarily make city immigration laws to suit their own wants.

    I’m curious as to what the majority of the Citizens living in these cities think of this BS? I believe the majority are against this garbage, regardless of their political affiliation, and that these elected officials are acting on their own personal beliefs and agendas, without any concern for the people who hired them.

  114. Of course it is not President Trumps actions that are unconstitutional it is City Mayor Ed Murray’s. Furthermore, it is not President Trump who makes the citizens less safe it is once again City Mayor Ed Murray. If the city punishment is withholding funds the personal punishment for City Mayor Ed Murray should be jail time and stripping him of his official office.

    How elected officials are immune to laws and need serve no punishment for breaking them is a mystery at least. They should be forced to obey the law just as all citizens are. NO ONE SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW! Their interpretation of the ICE request to hold a prisoner for pickup as being forced to enforce immigration law is a farce it is not. Being asked to go out and pick up illegal aliens is being asked to help enforce the law. That is not what is happening here. Once in custody for something else asking them to report (discovered) illegal aliens to them and to hold them for pickup by ICE is not enforcing the immigration law.

  115. Send them all to Seattle and let them deal with the problem

  116. President Trump will lose this one too because the plaintiff’s will get a liberal judge to hear the case. Both this case and the travel ban should go to the Supreme Court just as soon as Gorsuch is confirmed!!!!

  117. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Who the hell does that little fat so called mayor think he is–no judge will honor it–frivolity and judge should fine the fat troll for wasting the court and taxpayer time and $ and threaten the porky with jail time—hope it rains 40 days on his head!

  118. Does the average citizen in Seattle want their tax dollars spent that way……..Have they been given a chance to vote on this???

  119. If Seattle is going to sue pay them off with more illegals!!

  120. Somehow, Trump has to gut that west coast liberal court system! They are nothing but politicians in black robes!

  121. Bunch of dumb bunnies. Wait till the crime waves began to hit. And they will cuz the illegals will swarm there cuz they can be as evil as they want with no penalty’s!

  122. Any victims of crime by AN ILLEGAL ALIEN should SUE THE (sanctuary) CITY AND THE CITY OFFICIALS that are behind BREAKING THE LAW by HARBORING FELONS .

  123. Oh I just love this one: “Murray said in a press conference that Trump was constitutionally forbidden from using the federal government to force cities into compliance, “yet that is exactly what the president’s order does.”
    Okay Murray, now tell us what YOU are constitutionally forbidden to do!
    Now let’s just put Murray in jail.

  124. To support lawbreakers who include rapists, robbers, child molesters, illegals with DWI’S, and murderers, feds should not only stop federal tax dollars, but they should also jail mayors and governors for Treason, who support these people.
    Why would elected officials who take oaths to protect legal Americans, support people who are not even supposed to be in this country and then give them the same benefits as working taxpaying Americans? Somebody needs to tell them,
    Lawbreaker Obama is gone and with any luck, will eventually be in jail!

  125. It’s funny how Democratic liberals scream about something being unconstitutional when they go against direct law to protect ILLEAGAL actions or aliens. The reason only being that it benefits thier party to buy votes. We all know that Dems thrive on promises,lies, or any deception to get ahead by any means. When Obuma did same it was fine with them so screw them all. Take away all funding now then they will lose thier crooked base and votes will change. I love to hear the crying of Dems who are all racists,liars, agitators,and most of all just purely dishonest. That goes for the media as well. They both are also just mad due to the largest defeat in voting in many years. So suck it up Dems and get ready for 8 yrs of hell for you cause no matter who you put to run against Trump… You’re going to lose badly !

  126. It’s so nice to know that there are government officials who could care less about the safety of their citizens. These people should be behind bars.

  127. It’s called Treason. Sessions needs to start prosecuting state officials. Put a few of these lawbreakers in jail and the rest will either straighten up or go to jail too.
    Illegals pay no taxes, are paid in cash and also receive food stamps. Then they send their cash to Mexico while using food stamps to feed themselves and their illegal kids.
    While bringing Treason charges, don’t forget Osama Hussein Obama.

  128. What hypocrites. It’s alright for Seattle to break the law, but not the Commander in Chief who is trying to leverage the law.

  129. They are becoming desperate and therefore extremely dangerous. Sanctuary cities were created to have their militias protected and ready and unleash them upon us.

  130. It seems that we have another city with corrupt and evil politicians……If they wanted to protect our legal citizens they would have kicked out those jihadist camps and sanctuary cities without being threatened……..They will soon be having ICE knocking on doors…………..

  131. David VanBockel

    After our Congress had defined the status of the defeated Confederacy after 1865,
    President Ben Harrison sent federal bayonets into Louisiana to back up Congress.

    Perhaps President Trump will send forces into the wayward Left Coast. I think it’s called “The Police Power of the State”.

  132. Charles Wolfe jr

    Cut them off cold! ASAP

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