Seattle Kills 700 Jobs with Wage Hike

The big Democrat talking point lately has been the need to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. We’ve seen Hillary Clinton endorse this plan on numerous occasions. But if Seattle is an early indication of what this will do to our economy, we are in deep trouble if it ever goes through.

Seattle made history last year when they became the first city in the nation to vote in a $15 minimum wage. But even though Seattle’s minimum wage won’t actually climb that high until 2017, the hike has already cost the city some 700 restaurant jobs. This, according to a new report from the American Enterprise Institute, who compared Seattle’s restaurant job growth to the rest of Washington. What they found puts the reality of the situation in stark relief.

“One likely cause of the stagnation and decline of Seattle area restaurant jobs this year is the increase in the city’s minimum wage,” the report reads. “It looks like the Seattle minimum wage hike is getting off to a pretty bad start. Especially considering that restaurant employment in the rest of the state is booming, and nearly 6,000 more restaurant workers are employed today than in January.”

A bad start indeed, but unfortunately it’s one that could have been (and was) easily predicted beforehand. Liberals have this idea that by raising the minimum wage, they’re taking money out of the pockets of greedy billionaires and putting it back in the pocket of the low-income worker. The wealthy CEO’s lifestyle won’t have to change a bit, but the wage hike will give the poor and downtrodden a chance to turn their lives around.

Of course, it doesn’t work like that. The majority of restaurants in Seattle aren’t owned by fat cat conglomerates; they’re small businesses that are desperately trying to stay in the black. And when a law comes along telling them that now it will suddenly cost much more to hire employees, they are backed into a corner. Will customers keep coming in if prices go through the roof? Probably not, huh? And so these owners have no choice but to start cutting jobs. And many of them will skip that step and go straight for closure.

Hiking the minimum wage beyond a reasonable level isn’t a way to correct some societal injustice; it’s government-mandated charity that undermines the free market. And who are we giving this charity to? In large part, it’s going to teenagers! Teenagers who don’t even need the damn money. But even if it was going exclusively to working moms who can’t afford diapers, it would still be just as silly and wrongheaded. We have a welfare system already; why should employers be forced to pay top dollar for bottom value?

But even if you don’t buy into the argument that this is a moral wrong, at least accept the fact that it’s illogical and doomed to fail. If Seattle’s foolish wage hike isn’t repealed soon, their city will be left in shambles. And if Clinton and her goons ever force this nonsense onto the country at large, America as the world’s leading economic powerhouse will be a notion of the past.



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  1. So the employers keep the wages at $7.50 and give the employees the address where they can apply for food stamps, like Walmart.

    • Walmart pays a lot more than what you state and there offer opportunities to rise up as well. They also hire employees of every denomination, ethnic group, and with physical concerns such as our military or those with workable autism. And they offer insurance as well. How do I know? Because I have friends who work at Walmart and they would not be there otherwise!

      • I saw a 2 man team stocking shelves at Walmart one night. Stretch and a dwarf. Stretch was about 6’7″ and stocked the top shelves easily. The dwarf was about 3’10” and did not have to bend over to do the low shelves. Probably lowered the stores insurance claims for back injuries and falling off ladders.

    • What you fail to realize is that every time there is a bump in in costs to the employer, it causes a ripple effect to everyone. That means they raise their prices and that in turn creates higher prices for everyone. So what you paid less for, now costs you double and in the end you’re pay isn’t going to buy you as much. That being said, even at $7.50 an hour, one can take care of themselves. On a 40 hours, that’s $300 a week and roughly $1,350 a month. I know I did it, even paying on a mortgage. I also put in for overtime. The ones that are doing the complaining are the ones that want everything handed to them and don’t want to put in the hours. Look at the number of city workers caught sleeping on the job and hold union jobs paid for by the tax payers.

    • If you owned a business, which you obviously don’t, then you would be qualified to comment. As it is, you’re clueless!

  2. This is distorted information (big surprise) and had been previously discredited. The restaurant workers will actually be able to afford to eat out once in a while, boosting demand for restaurants. Also, they will spend every bit of their $15, boosting demand for everything else. Trickle down has not worked for the 30 years we have been trying it, and it won’t work ever, because it’s voodoo. The only job creators in the US economy are consumers. When there is more demand from consumers, businesses hire more folks. No voodoo reqired.

    • Don’t think you even understand what is happening because frankly Seattle is not along in employee loss, increased prices, and less service. Wake up and smell the coffee. You may be old but hopefully haven’t also loss your reason with dementia!

    • No, you are not correct. Now I live just North Of Seattle and I have a good number of friends in the business as servers, waitresses and waiters and such. Seattle is loosing jobs, as the Owners simply cannot afford this, as I know some owners who have already had to cut back their staff ….

      See here is the thing. You canNOT raise your prices to cover the offset, or you WILL go out of business. Period. So you have to cut something and obviously it’s not the food – and such. So that comes down to: EMPLOYEES.

      I really wish people would take a basic Econ Class. It is amazing how people think their fantasy ideas will work out in reality – where there is NOT 1 Case study that shows this works at all.

      Plus at $15.00 an hour, NO you will NOT be able to eat out at Restaurants – unless we are talking Fast Food Joints – get it, buy and get out. I have no idea where that fantasy comes from??????

      See here is the thing – surveys have been done, “Will you see the need to tip and/or will you tip when the cost goes up to $15.00 an hour? The Majority answered: NO, for a lot of various reasons.

      I do not see Fast Foods as “eating out” at a Restaurant.

      The problem is – those that have already and will loose their jobs – will NOT be able to eat out at all.

      I’m not sure what you’ve been reading – but reality and fantasy seems to be oceans apart.

      • A recent front page story in the Torrance Daily Breeze, “Tractor Firm Kubota Exits Torrance for Texas,”
        illustrates the point. The report says the firm, a 43-year resident of
        the community, will be departing along with 180 jobs, and reminds
        readers that Toyota made a similar announcement last year. This
        hemorrhaging of jobs is a direct consequence of California’s hostile
        business climate, and this is before any increase in the property tax.
        Brothers, a fixture in California for over 100 years, is just another
        of a long list of firms that, fed up with California’s high taxes and
        anti-business environment, have left for less costly states. Other
        recent refugees include Chevron, Nestle, Sony, Charles Schwab,
        Occidental Petroleum, Campbell Soup, Nissan and Comcast, all of
        which have moved all or a significant portion of their work force out
        of state.
        Brothers, a fixture in California for over 100 years, is just another
        of a long list of firms that, fed up with California’s high taxes and
        anti-business environment, have left for less costly states. Other
        recent refugees include Chevron, Nestle, Sony, Charles Schwab,
        Occidental Petroleum, Toyota, Campbell Soup, Nissan and Comcast, all of
        which have moved all or a significant portion of their work force out
        of state.

        • Good logic. Let your states minimum wage be $3.00/hour and all the greedy corporations will come running to fatten up and let the worker be damned!

        • The same economics control businesses nationally. They cannot operate competitively in a business climate of high taxes, unnecessarily high regulation. If they cannot compete, they cannot exist. The United States already has a problem with businesses and manufacturers leaving the country – and Hillary promises to raise the taxes on business. Setting a national minimum wage also reduces the potential ability of a company to provide products at a competitive price. It reduces us to a service economy, which historically had to locate near the customer – but many services are now on-line and can operate from anywhere in the world. It’s a competitive world, a view that appears to escape the national politicians who are concentrating on buying votes with giveaways on money already being borrowed from future generations.

      • It’s amazing how people who love taxes forget that when you get a pay raise, so does the tax man. They actually believe you get to keep your whole pay raise. Arguing economics with a liberal is like trying to discuss calculus with a dog.They have no clue.

        • It sometimes make me sad that people either:

          A. Failed in Economics Class.
          B. Did NOT pay attention.
          C. Did not bother to take a basic class so as to understand the “Facts of Life” in this topic.

          . o O (Yet try to pretend that they know what they are talking about … only in the end proving they are .. well … foolish? Stupid? Both???)

          I find it amazing that people think $15.00 is a “good thing” – but because of 1 or all the above, fail to understand …. that the Company has to pay their bills and such. If they have to “raise” a pay grade, that $$$ has to come from some where. IT DOES NOT GROW ON TREES.

          Thus, since they, the company will NOT get a raise of any kind, they have to ‘make it work’ – which means … some will be out of work. There is NO way around it.

          So here is what I would do:
          “Okay, who voted for this to pass?”
          5 Hands raised, let’s say.

          Okay, you 5 you get to decide who gets laid off. In order for us to stay open 5 of you have to go, sorry there is no way around this. But before you give me the names of the people you are going to want to lay off, you also have to give me specific reasons as to why them and not someone else.

          You get to look them in the eyes and tell them, “you are laid off and because we cannot afford to pay everyone the $15.00 raise … this is why you are being let go.”

          BTW – had you NOT voted for it, you ALL would still likely have your jobs.

          This just goes to prove that COMMON SENSE is indeed on the ENDANGERED LIST.

    • My son and his friends worked as waiters while going to school. On average the salary of most restaurant help(waiters and waitresses) is $2.83- $3.00 an hour plus their tips which equals out to the minimum wage or a little more when all is said and done. You jack up their wages, the food costs will double and triple and no one will be able to afford eating out.

    • “Trickle up poverty” Which is the foundation of Obama’s plan is very effective. There is a cause and effect for domestic economic policies.

      “Trickle down economics” worked exceedingly well until Clinton raised the corporate tax rate. At that point, growth began to slow and finally went virtually negative under Obama.

      Whenever there is artificial upward pressure on wages, the workers it is intended for ultimately suffer with fewer job opportunities.

      No voodoo here, just reality.

  3. And we are seeing a lot of it in CA as well. Go into any store and have to literally search out help, and even fast food is no longer “fast”, and prices increased everywhere. More of that smooth Democrat/liberal stuff which winds up ruining everything and everyone because they have no brain to reach what would be an ending or conclusion to their being “good” in their pursuit of their idea of supposed magic. Then again they like socialism and better yet, communism so I suggest we just take away their citizenship and export them elsewhere and leave America her Constitutional laws and rights and intelligent people at the helm cleansing top down of all communists, socialists, and removing them from America to live under such governance in other countries like the EU, Africa, Venezuela, etc. We, the People are the Government and we need to get off our duffs and take back by overthrowing those who hate America in spite of America allowing them to progress, get rich, or get power. They are so dumb/stupid they do not realize because our Founding Fathers set up America as a Republic that they had these opportunities and without this Republic they would not anything! Too blind to see their stupidity obviously!

    • You’re a complete moron!

      • Progressive Republican

        He ain’t that smart.

      • Actually robert your the Moron. You don’t know your history, and why this country was founded, it damn sure wasn’t for liberals, socialists, progressives, Hiltery, Sanders or Obumer. We fought against their like minded, independence from the Brits, Oh, you forgot about them? The founding fathers warned us against the left in their writings. So your the idiot.

        • Use proper English. Didn’t you learn anything in school?

          • robert puglisi & progressiverepubic, challenge me in economics & politics go, you’ll be embarrassed,.As for your academically challenged intellect, I’m a Ret. USN, CPO, MBA @ UCLA, Business owner, can use any type of diction, stop refereeing these posts, say something substantive. Your liberal agendas are easily exposed here. Socialists are rampant on conservative sites, then they get off topic, then insult fly from the left, your picture depicts your life style, ugly no gf,single, go date your real date- a porn site. TRUMP 2016-24!

          • Progressive Republican

            A Trump supporter calling anyone “academically challenged”.



          • don’t forget to mention you’re 6’4″@ 259 lbs of silly.

            you have bailed on all our debates so far.

            as I recall, you revered to posting Filipino text to dodge the debate.

          • Clearly you are too stupid to come up with any facts so all you do is post pictures it is a sure sign of a braindead liberal sheep

      • Progressive Republican

        That’s moran.

    • CA is a socialist state. It should be removed from the Union for not holding up the Constitution….

  4. Will Rogers said it is Govts. Business to stay out of it. This attack on the small business owners is unacceptable, don’t forget the people who work in Maint Jobs, low or no skill jobs as well, Minimum Wage is not intended to be a career wage. It is an entry level compensation where if one works hard and applies themselves takes interest in improving themselves, they will move up the scale. If you are doper, a dead beat, or just a free loader looking for a handout. guess what you probably will get paid Minimum wage. youngsters need to learn in the American work force if you just do what you are getting paid to do that is all you will ever get paid. American employers pay for performance, productivity and excellent customer service. Time we stop feeding these people and allow them to take care of business. if you do “Take care of Business” it will take care of you.

  5. I always smile when the Left Coast is victimized by a Socialist fail.

    • Washington state is competing with the cesspool called Marxifornia for the Most Blithering Idiots award. Too bad, cause we have Brownstain, Dianne Frumpstein, Barbara Boxcar, Maxipad Waters, and Derail SteinTURD!

      So many LibTURDS here, so little space to name them all.

    • first it would need to be real and not something invented by a Right Wing Propaganda Machine.

      you notice they don’t link to the “study”

      that is so we don’t die from laughter.

      • Where is Socialism working today on the Planet?
        Venezuela perhaps? Where the folks line up for groceries daily . . .
        Certainly not in Europe, almost a dozen Euro countries about to join Greece . . .
        When it comes to the Failings of the Left . . . no one has to make anything up . . . Detroit, Stockton, Oranage County are obvious leftist failures . . . soon Chicago will join the Bankrupt Club.
        But Shrill ole Hill and Confused Reality still rant about the RW Conspiracy . . . lol

        • name a dozen EU country’s that are in trouble silly.

          Gee, you forget LA SF, NY?

          ALL successful Liberal cities?

          shall I name the conservative cities about to implode?

          how about the Conservative states like Kansas and Louisiana?

          In Kansas, centrist Republicans have joined Democrats in attributing the
          state’s $400 million budget gap to deep tax cuts passed in 2012 and 2013
          at the urging of Gov. Sam Brownback, a conservative Republican.

          And in Louisiana, lawmakers in the Republican-controlled State Legislature
          are in a standoff with their party colleague Gov. Bobby Jindal as they
          struggle with a $1.6 billion shortfall.

          • Not a reality check, your facts are fos, every Demoncrat controlled city is rife with racial tension, black on black crime, funny how the blacks were blaming the CIA,FBI, COPS in the ’80’s about putting crack into the streets to kill themselves, now its the Demonrats. LA, NY, SF, look at all the rappers millionaires, sold out sporting events, college & pros. No its the middle class that is being destroyed, forced illegal immigration, 275,000 Muslimes refugees by 2017. Your trolling here isn’t nothing but waste basket material, time to take you out to the trash.

          • I didn’t post any facts that could be a lie, fool.

            I POINTED OUT that the “article” does NOT CITE any sources.

            WHO puts out a “theory” without references?

            you can’t get away with that in college.
            you right wing morons seem to think that Flapping Gums are evidence.

            sorry, NO.

          • Ok, your a complete fool. My facts are backed up, no need to do homework for you, your stupid, and outside of cyberspace you’d be left alone with your stupidity. Your an ignorant Fu&*%d old man. As a matter of fact my last post here was an article I wrote in a published weekly social economic magazine. So your credibility is shot in opposing my fact, not my opinion. That is the difference in college. But I carry on the tradition of fact finding and maybe post it here for socialist as* like you who 100% distort facts. So buzz off you p&#@! of a human being who needs to go to europe. TRUMP 2016-24.

          • Name ONE Conservative city that has gone BANKRUPT?
            Thanks to the “Obama Economy” . . . most places are having difficulty today . . . but I know . . . you think Obama is doing a great job . . . lol

            New York State is is financial difficulties . . . as are many more. Up until a few years ago Louisiana was a state in complete chaos . . . with the incompetent Dhimmicraps in charge. Like the dopy Governor who refused help from Bush the day before Katrinia . . . and New Orleans then Mayor Nagin . . . is in Jail today. Remember the 200+ school busses under water?

            Euro Countries in trouble . . . France, Italy, Portugal, Spain are on the verge of becoming Greece.

            There are many other Euro countries failing as well . . . don’t you read any news outside the US?

            Germany is now having difficulties as exports have dropped and one of their largest banks is in trouble.

            Factor in the 100s of thousands Invading Europe from the Middle East . . . mostly under 35 yo men . . . and it is not going to end well.

            The Seven Most Indebted Nations

            When Alan Kohler asked me if I would like to cover Europe’s troubles in a column, he mentioned I could write it “as long as this European crisis lasts”. The way things are going, this could turn out to be a job for life.

            Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich is the Executive Director of the New Zealand Initiative. His essay, ‘Why Europe Failed’, was published by Connor Court.

            When Alan Kohler asked me if I would like to cover Europe’s troubles in a column, he mentioned I could write it “as long as this European crisis lasts”. The way things are going, this could turn out to be a job for life.

            Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich is the Executive Director of the New Zealand Initiative. His essay, ‘Why Europe Failed’, was published by Connor Court.


            BLEEDING HEART JOURNALIST: Enters Muslim ‘NO GO’ Zone, Now Something Else Is Bleeding


            The scarrey thing is Obama is bringing the moooslim problem to the USA . . . can you explain why the Pres is so soft on izzzzlam?

          • does the ignorant con think we have NO responsibility for destabilizing the middle east?

            The disingenuous con also seem to have forgotten that the EU is on the brink of recession.

            Don’t YOU READ?

            you are also shy several countries since YOU SAID there are 12 failing countries in EU.
            I wonder WHY the US in NOT on the brink of recession?

            I guess that would be because of OBAMA.

            “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”

            The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the
            only bright spot for global growth”


            NOW the disingenuous con will tell me Fox New is and Obama Puppet.

          • Heir Obama pulled ALL the troops out of Iraq . . . against the wishes of the “Thinking Folks” . . . was told what would happen . . . it DID !
            The dope in the Oval Office then called ISIS . . . JV . . .
            Obama and Hillary attacked Libya and screwed that up as well . . . costing 4 Americans their lives . . .
            Then they lied to the ignorant masses . . . like YOU.
            We now know Hillary emailed her family and the Leader of Egypt the next day that it was a Terrorist Attack . . . before she, Rice and serial liar Obama went out and told the really dumb folks it was a video.

            The World is collapsing . . . US Economy . . . LOL

            94 Million out of the work force . . . lowest job participation rate since 1975 . . .
            50 million in poverty . . .
            almost 50 million on food stamps . . .
            and the DEBT . . . soon 19 TRILLION . . . PLUS 3.5 Trillion owed to the FED for printing funny money.

            Did you know the average american family has LOST $5000 in gross family income in the last 5 years?
            Are you aware that 50% of the population makes $30,000 or LESS ? ? ?

            The USA is in a Depression . . . the Obama Depression . . . since 2009 . . .

          • the liberal posts a link to prove his point

            the con post FLAPPING GUMS to prove his point

            the difference between the 2 groups.

            facts verses HOT AIR.

          • You “proved” nothing fool . . . just more leftist propaganda . . . and imagining that the 100 million disenfranchized citizens just don’t exist . . . Obama has added 9 Trillion to the US debt . . . + the 3.5 Trillion owed the FED . . . that’s 12.5 Trillion. How do you propose to pay it back?

            Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.
            ~Oscar Ameringer, “the Mark Twain of American Socialism.”


            I wonder WHY the conservative never backs up his shit?

          • “Are you aware that 50% of the population makes $30,000 or LESS ? ? ?”

            are you aware that the GOP think THAT IS TOO MUCH?

          • The Worst Five Years Since the Great Depression

            In February, 2009, I wrote for the Wall Street Journal an article entitled Reaganomics versus Obamanomics. The article explained that the emerging Obamanomics was pursuing exactly the opposite of every policy of the enormously successful Reaganomics, and predicted that it would produce exactly the opposite results.

            Well, the results are in, and under President Obama the American people have now suffered the worst 5 years since the Great Depression, as first explained by Steve McCann of the American Thinker on January 25. McCann writes,

            “From 2009 through 2012, the Obama cabal, and their allegiance to statist policies, has been in charge for four years. The global financial crisis took place in the previous year, 2008 [remember the Democrat majority Congress was elected in 2006], and based on the historical pattern of American economic recovery since the depression years, the United States should have been experiencing broad and significant economic and job growth by year three at the latest.”

            Instead what America got by year five was fewer jobs than before. Even though the employment age population has increased by nearly 12 million since January, 2008, there are now 3 million fewer Americans working, with employment declining from 146.3 million in January, 2008 to 143.3 million in December, 2012. If America enjoyed the same labor force participation rate as in 2008, the unemployment rate in December, 2012 would have been 11.4%, compared to 4.9% in December, 2007, under President George Bush and his “failed” economic policies of the past. We won’t see 4.9% unemployment in America again until the statest takeover of America is purged.

            As I have previously recounted here, before this latest spooky downturn, since the Great Depression recessions in America have lasted an average of 10 months, with the longest previously at 16 months. The latest recession began in December, 2007. Yet here we are 62 months after the recession began, and there is hardly any recovery at all.


            Obama constantly proclaims himself the champion of the middle class. But that is just more Saul Alinsky strategy, enact socialism while proclaiming you are doing it for the middle class (which is actually getting taken). During the last 5 years, real median household income has declined nearly 9%, from $54,489 at the end of 2007, to $50,020 at the beginning of 2012. That was the most precipitous plunge on record, with a greater fall after the recession ended than before, which is unprecedented in American history. McCann adds, “While American incomes were rapidly eroding, the cost of living continued to rise as the commodity price index (basket of food, fuel and other essential commodities) rose 20% from December 2007 until September, 2012.”

            We know Obama loves the poor, because he has created so many of them. Poverty has soared under Obama, with the number of Americans in poverty increasing to the highest level in the more than 50 years that the Census Bureau has been tracking poverty. Over the last 5 years, the number in poverty has increased by nearly 31%, to 49.7 million, with the poverty rate climbing by over 30% to 16.1%. Obama has also been the food stamp President, with the number on food stamps increasing during his Administration to an all time record high of 47.7 million, up 80% over the past 5 years.

          • oh wow.
            I cite the world bank and you cite a right wing blogger.

            I win.

          • World Bank? Corrupt to the CORE ! ! !

            Forbes is a reliable witness to facts . . . especially in the Economic Realm fool . . . YOU Loser ! ! !

          • love to see some link about World Bank corruption, especially when it comes to LYING to the richest people on the planet about where to invest their money.

            and I will add an economist with a Nobel prize who also thinks you are low info.


          • Krugman is a friggin idiot ! ! !

            You and he should get along great . . . thought for a moment you might have a Sowell or Walters article . . . REAL Economists.

          • the liberal posts link after link.

            the con Flaps his Gums OVER and OVER.

            is there any question who is the informed one and who is the human full of talking Points he can’t substantiate with reality?

          • “The USA is in a Depression . . . the Obama Depression . . . since 2009”

            i love the way your flapping gums ad SO MUCH to this vomit.

            shall we look at the reality for the dumb ass?

            lets examine reality.

            Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
            After Obama, gaining 200,000jobs per month

            Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
            After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

            Before Obama, DOW 6500
            After Obama, DOW 17,000

          • Dow was pumped up by 3.5 Trillion Printed by the FED.
            Are YOU the last to know ?

            In 2007 . . . the USA was in much better shape than today.
            The Year the Dhimmicraps took over the Congress . . . .

            Everything I posted is proven FACT . . . you must be a low info voter . . . .
            How do you pay back soon to be 20 Trillion in debt?

          • oh wow , 2007 was better.

            ARE YOU A MORON?
            AN THEN in 2008 the global economy imploded.

            so you don’t READ?

          • Perhaps FOOL . . . if you checked with the IRS and actually looked at the numbers . . . you would find out the FACTS.

            But Facts and leftist loons rarely meet . . .

            President Bush’s Tax Relief Allowed Americans To Keep Trillions Of Dollars Of Their Own Money

            Results of the President’s tax relief were swift. The economy returned to growth in the fourth quarter of 2001 and continued to grow for 24 consecutive quarters. The economy grew at a rapid pace of 7.5 percent above inflation during the third quarter of 2003 – the highest since 1984. The President’s tax relief reduced the marginal effective tax rate on new investment, which encourages additional investment and, in the long-term, higher wages for workers.

            In 2007, a family of four earning $40,000 saved an average of $2,053 thanks to the President’s tax relief.

            The President’s tax relief was followed by increases in tax revenue. From 2005 to 2007, tax revenues grew faster than the economy. The ratio of receipts to GDP rose to 18.8 percent in 2007, above the 40-year average. Between 2004 and 2006, capital gains realizations grew by approximately 60 percent. Growth in corporate income tax receipts was especially strong in the President’s second term, nearly doubling between 2004 and 2007 and contributing a full percentage point to the increase in the total federal receipts-to-GDP share.

            The President’s tax relief has shifted a larger share of the individual income taxes paid to higher-income taxpayers. With nearly all of the tax relief provisions fully in effect, the President’s tax relief reduced the share of taxes paid by the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers from 3.9 percent in 2000 to 3.1 percent in 2005, the latest year of available data, while increasing the share paid by the top 10 percent from 46.0 to 46.4 percent.

            The Administration warned of the risk that government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac posed to America’s financial security beginning in 2001. President Bush’s first budget warned that “financial trouble of a large GSE could cause strong repercussions in financial markets.” In 2003, the Administration began calling for a new GSE regulator. Despite resistance from Congress, President Bush continued to call for GSE reform until Congress finally acted in 2008 to provide the additional oversight the President requested five years earlier. Unfortunately, the reform came too late to prevent systemic consequences.

            BUT . . . Bawney Fwank was in charge of F&F and assured ALL they it was in great shape . . . until it WASN”T ! ! !

            Another DUMB friggin lieberal clown . . .

          • Barney was in the opposition for the majority of GW’s administration, ignorant one.

            Here’s some evidence of your ignorance of the facts.

            “President Bush continued to call for GSE reform until Congress finally
            acted in 2008 to provide the additional oversight the President
            requested five years earlier”

            It was a GOP controlled Congress the years HE COULDN’T and the the Dems took over jan 07.
            THEN it was able to pass.

            the GOP sat on their hands as you have just proven for yourself.

            you should look things up before demonstrating more ignorance.

          • From January 2007 Bawney oversaw F&F . . .
            In late 2006 . . . house prices were still stable . . . the disaster began in 2007 when prices started to drop . . . and the 3+ Trillion accumulated in F&F under the 1993 Clinton Community Reinvestment Act . . . blew up the planet !

            There has been no real economic growth under President Obama, even though America was coming out of the recession in his first year, and so economic growth should have been higher than normal. Economic growth is the foundation for job creation, and is far more beneficial than redistribution for the middle class and the poor, who will never gain when there is a shrinking pie. Over the last 5 years, the economy has grown at an average annual rate of 0.6%, less than one fifth the long term American growth rate.

          • the housing bubble burst summer of 06 ignorant one.

            just keep tap dancing.
            you think “stated income loans started in 2007?

            and then the fool pulls out the 1977 Community reinvestment act.
            Funny con

            the one with SPECIFIC WORDING about NOT doing anything considered “bad financing”

            “The Act instructs the appropriate federal financial supervisory agencies
            to encourage regulated financial institutions to help meet the credit
            needs of the local communities in which they are chartered, consistent
            with safe and sound operation
            (Section 802.)”


            such a LOW LOW info con.
            All Talking Points, no thinking present.

            I await your links of rebuttal.

          • 1993 Clinton CRA . . . redlining mortgages . . . ole Billy made it a really big deal . . . by 2008 over 3 TRILLION in worthless mortgages at F&F . . . wrapped in Derivatives and Fenced around the Globe by Wall Street . . . .

            The same Wall Street that supported Obama by 86% in 08.

            As Tim and I discuss in this video, the financial crisis in 2008 was brought on by too much debt, too much printed money, mispriced risk, and interest rates that were far too low.

            In the past seven years, they’ve only managed to increase debt, print even more money, misprice risk even more, and drop interest rates into negative territory.


            Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are hurtling toward another possible taxpayer bailout, a development that could put an uncomfortable election light on the Clintons’ record of enabling the government-backed mortgage giants to engage in risky practices that led to the 2007 financial crisis.

            There is growing consensus in financial circles that the seeds of the mortgage market collapse were sown during Bill Clinton’s presidency in the mid-1990s. That was when he helped push through changes that empowered Fannie and Freddie to give more mortgages to minorities and lower-income Americans, often at below-prime interest rates and with little down payments.


            You must live under a log . . . to stay this dumb for this long . . .

          • if it’s FACT, fool, where are YOUR LINKS to PROVE IT?

          • Sure there was a recession in 2008-2009. But the economy is supposed to come booming out of the downturns, averaging back out to the long-term American growth rate. But that hasn’t happened under Obamanomics. That is the core failure of President Obama.

            Instead, in the fourth quarter of 2012, 5 years after the recession started, the economy was contracting again, with negative growth. One more quarter of that, and we will be back in recession, with the Fed already laying the groundwork for worse after that. The supposedly progressive Obama is leading us back into an historical reenactment of the 1930s.

            Yet, while the economy has not been growing, government spending has been booming. Federal spending has increased by 41% over the last 5 years, with total government spending at all levels increasing by nearly 27%, to an all-time high of $6.2 trillion. The Democrat party controlled press told us the economy contracted in the fourth quarter because of government spending cuts. But there have been no government spending cuts. The government in the fourth quarter was spending more than ever before in world history.

            Finally, despite all of President Obama’s prattle about inequality, inequality is actually worsening under his Administration. Obama said in his second inaugural address, “our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it.”

          • more bloviating, no links?

          • Lets look at another of the dumb ass cons “facts”
            “94 Million out of the work force . . . lowest job participation rate since 1975 . . .”

            Ok moron lets do some math shall we?

            The total U.S. population age 16 and over is at least 243 million.

            Subtracting the nearly 156 million Americans in the labor force in June 2013 — that is, those who were either working or looking for work —

            that leaves 87 million Americans, which is close to 90 million.

            However, the 90 million number is padded, since this number includes a
            lot of Americans who wouldn’t be expected to be working.

            Specifically: • People age 16 to 17, who likely are in high school: 9 million

            • People who are enrolled in either two- or four-year colleges: 21 million

            • People age 65 and older, who have reached retirement age: 40 million people

            That means 20 million people are of normal working age, not in college and not working.
            That’s less than one-quarter the amount
            So the 90 million number is A LIE.

          • Lowest Job Participation RATE today since 1975 ! ! !

            Good thing in your mind? 94 Million is the number tossed around by many. Maybe its only 79 Million . . . but regardless IT”S HUGE ! ! !

            Yesterday it was reported that SS and Medicare are on their last legs . . . are really Bankrupt NOW . . . but may not last another decade.

            Almost 50 Million on Food Stamps . . . Problem?
            Obama grew that number from 34 under Bush . . .

            Is Obama a “Leader” in your mind?
            Where is he leading today?

            The World is laughing at the USA today . . . especially the Russians and Chinese . . .

            Why are Lieberals such Economic Illiterates and so eager to destroy their country just for the Handouts?

          • Ya, Obama as a leader.
            HE chose to use stimulus to recover our economy and WE are the strongest country after the global implosion.

            Germany and Britain went the conservative/GOP “austerity” plan, and look where they are,
            about to go into recession.

            Pretending that the US should have a GDP of 5% in a Global economy that averages under 2% is just you cons being silly and DISINGENUOUS .
            Pretending our economy has gone ANY direction other than up, is just more evidence of your low info character.

          • Japan has been using QE since 1992 . . . it DOES NOT Work . . . today their debt to GDP is 275% . . .

            We know Obama loves the poor, because he has created so many of them. Poverty has soared under Obama, with the number of Americans in poverty increasing to the highest level in the more than 50 years that the Census Bureau has been tracking poverty. Over the last 5 years, the number in poverty has increased by nearly 31%, to 49.7 million, with the poverty rate climbing by over 30% to 16.1%. Obama has also been the food stamp President, with the number on food stamps increasing during his Administration to an all time record high of 47.7 million, up 80% over the past 5 years.

          • all you have to do is ignore that facts.
            like an imploded global economy.
            the disingenuous con calls it a “recession”
            you think THAT had something to do with it?

            you think the banking system needed to be bailed out during the previous “recessions”?

            60,000 factories were shipped out under the GOP and current administration
            the GOP block attempts to stem this.
            where are jobs supposed to come from?

            conservative solution:
            let them poison our water so they can run a factory cheaper.
            abolish minimum wage so they can pay people anything.

          • Imploded Economy? Seven Years AGO ! ! !
            Everything Boy Blunder Obama has done has made the situation WORSE !
            You are still crying about Bush . . . and giving the incompetent obama a PASS ?

            The 08 crash was caused by the Clinton 1993 CRA . . .FACT

            Absolute BS man . . . you are way past clueless . . .
            That why Conservative Texas and North Dakota are two of the most prosperous places in the USA . . . in spite of the most corrupt, clueless President in US history . . .
            Are they working for free in North Dakota? Dummy ! ! !

          • The ONLY reason Texas and N. Dakota was prosperous was the oil money. As soon as the oil prices dropped, so did Texas’ economy. Without the oil money, Conservative-run Kansas, Louisiana and Mississippi are at the bottom of almost every ranking of economic health.

          • Oil prices been down for almost a year now Stan . . .

            If they stay down some say the Saudis will be broke in 5 years . . .

            My son was just in Dallas a week ago . . . says things are looking way better than our far-left lieberal state.

            Conservative thought Stan is the only way that makes sense . . . we are seeing all over the Globe what happens with the far-left insane Nanny-State model. You are seeing in in your own town of Baltimore.

            Obammy will go to Paris this month to try to give away more of your money to the insane UN and the Gorebull Warmists . . . the Scam of the Century . . . .

            want the truth . . . explained so even dummies can understand !

            Dr Don Easterbrook Exposes Climate Change Hoax


          • And, in the real world:

            How’s that “conservative thought” working in Kansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. (or Wisconsin for that matter)?

            A couple of rebuttals to Easterbrook’s nattering: From a climate change SKEPTIC! “. . . you should avoid the works of Dr. Easterbrook like the
            plague. Imagine a jungle of road
            construction warning signs all around his name and his photograph. Furthermore, any other global warming
            skeptical works that are based off of his research—especially if they use or
            include his charts—all such 2nd party works should also be avoided.” The author later writes, “Can there be hope for Don Easterbrook? Only if he methodically went back to explain
            and correct every single error he has made, and then went on to make a
            definitive presentation that set the public straight. But as things are, Easterbrook is not one to
            attribute his sources very well.” It’ not surprising that you find him to be a credible source.

          • Today Stan in Italy . . . you can buy a $10,000 govt Bond which in a few years will pay you back $9,000 . . . it’s called Negative Interest, common in the Euro community today.

            Likely coming to America soon . . . is CNN telling you about that?

            Europe is being invaded by savages from the ME . . . of course the lame-stream media says little.

            And you , clueless Stan . . . are debating whether Kansas is doing better than soon to be broke Chicago?

            Got to hand it to the leftist socialist loons . . . never know the party is Over . . . till the party is Over . . .

            The USA Stan is not coming back . . . 1/2 the country is populated by the Unmotived and permanent welfare class . . . like Baltimore. Uneducated, unmotivated and determined to Stay that Way . . . did I mention terminally Stoopid?

            At the upcoming United Nations Climate Summit in Paris, participating nations have prepared a treaty that would create an “International Tribunal of Climate Justice” giving Third World countries the power to haul the U.S. into a global court with enforcement powers.

            The U.N. held a preparatory conference in September in Bonn, Germany, that drafted language to be approved at the upcoming Paris climate summit. At the Bonn meeting the U.N. brought together more than 2,000 participants from governments, observer organizations and the media.

            But none of those media chose to report on the proposed new global tribunal.

            NOTICE: Media there . . . but fails to report . . .

            Obama helping out the Folks again eh Stan . . . LOL

          • As I’ve told you before, the MAJOR difference between the European countries and the U.S. is that the U.S CONTROLS IT’S OWN CURRENCY! We’re NEVER going to have the same problems as Europe! The USA has BEEN “coming back” for all of the nearly 7 years that have elapsed since we got rid of that pretender, Dubya. The U.S. remains the richest, most educated and most innovative country in the world.

            Chicago is a big city, and it has correspondingly big problems. The difference between it and the conservative bastions of Kansas, Louisiana and Mississippi is that in Chicago, smart people are working to address the problems. In the conservative states, you have idiotic ideologues who are making matters worse. The International Tribunal of Climate Justice is a PROPOSAL that (in whatever final form is passed) would ONLY have authority over countries that have signed on to the treat and AGREED to be subject to its jurisdiction!! The things that RWNJ’s obsess over never cease to amaze me (e.g.,”Benghazi”)!

          • Laughable Stan . . . just friggin laughable.

            US Debt is going through the roof . . . 100,000 jobs added in September . . . in a country of 350 Million . . . insignificant . . . who got the jobs Stan . . . the folks in Baltimore?

            No . . . probably mostly Illegals . . . .

            US production number are in decline . . . the dollar is way too high . . . grab a brain Stan . . . who is buying US made stuff today . . . not even the folks in the USA . . . they have little money as wages and economies shrink.

            Quit drinkin the Kool-Aid Stan . . . .

            Black LIES Matter . . . .

            SHE ACCUSES COPS FOR STOPPING HER FOR ‘WALKING WHILE BLACK’: The Cop’s Dash Cam Tells Different story

            This University of North Texas professor accused these officers of stopping her for ‘walking while black’ but the dash cam video and the officers have a different story.


          • Yes, the debt is skyrocketing. And as long as conservatives refuse to commit to comprehensive tax reform it will continue to rise. I’ll take 118,000 new jobs over 800,000 lost (like the last month under Dubya) any day.

            You have REALLY lost it! The answer to your question “who is buying US made stuff today”? Damned near everybody!!

            I did find your “Daily Clash” story vaguely interesting. At least THIS Bland survived her encounter with the police! This professor felt that the police racially profiled her. Her opinion (right or wrong) isn’t a lie.

          • The Spending has been SKYrocketing since 08 . . . where you been Stan . . . 19 Trillion and still growing . . .

            Obammy’s America in decline . . .

            The economic data has been dreadful. Starting with the disappointing September jobs report that missed expectations by a mile, there has been a long list of negative reports one after another.

            The foundation of the housing market shook last week with new home sales falling to the lowest level in over a year as consumer confidence missed expectations …

            Even weak new home sales couldn’t dampen the rise in equities.

            Factory orders slipped 1.2% last month, continuing a nearly unbroken string of disappointing data on the industrial sector. In fact, all five regional Federal Reserve surveys are sub-zero, signaling broad based contraction …

            And third-quarter GDP rose at an anemic annual rate of just 1.5%, below expectations and less than half the 3.9% growth rate during the second quarter.

            Second, corporate profit results have been nothing to cheer about either. Even as stocks zoomed higher last month, 53% of stocks in the S&P 1500 have reported sales falling short of estimates, and profits are on track to decline over 2% year-over-year. What’s worse, negative earnings guidance regarding fourth-quarter prospects is beating positive guidance by more than 2-to-1 this quarter, which tells me the profit picture isn’t about to get better anytime soon. And here’s the latest red flag that’s especially troubling.

            Third, a major prop under stock prices for the past several years is slipping: stock buybacks. On Friday, CNBC reported that stocks with the highest buyback ratios have been lagging behind the overall market, as you can see in the graph above, just like small and mid-cap stocks are doing.

            Look, share buybacks have been a major support for stocks in recent years. In fact, reducing shares outstanding is the main factor holding down P/E ratios, by making up for anemic earnings per share growth. Otherwise, this market would already look richly valued.

            What’s even more troubling is that similar negative divergences in the performance of the S&P Buyback Index happened twice before: just before the market peaks in 2000 and again in 2007. Yikes!

          • As I said, it’s uncontested that the debt is skyrocketing. Again, as long as conservatives continue to block comprehensive tax reform it will continue to rise. You’ve been waiting for a collapse for six years, and not only have things not worsened under Pres. Obama, nearly everything is SIGNIFICANTLY better! Exports at a historic high. Stock market at a historic high. Jobs on a historic period of positive growth. Unemployment reduced by nearly 50%. The deficit cut by nearly 2/3. Sorry “Chicken Little”, not buying it!

          • “conservatives continue to block comprehensive tax reform it will continue to rise. ” ? ? ? ? What the h*ll you talking about Stan? Obama has NO plan . . . just like he had no Plan to deal with ISIS . . . Serial Liar Obama was a great hit on the weekend . . . . he is a Standup Comedian extraordinaire . . .

            Last week brought a frightful Dallas Fed Manufacturing report, which showed manufacturing activity in the region contracting for the 10th straight month. Now, I want to point out that manufacturing activity has been weak across the country.

            On Tuesday came the last of the October releases when the Richmond Fed Manufacturing report came in at -1. All five of September’s and October’s reports came in below zero, which hasn’t happened since the last recession in 2009. Anytime you have to go back to the last recession to find a similar occurrence of something happening, it should be of concern, Bespoke notes.

            The big caveat this time around, though, is that unlike in 2008 when manufacturing was collapsing along with housing, employment, and overall confidence, in the current period manufacturing is closer to being an odd man out than a representative sample of overall economic activity, Bespoke analysts observe. Still, it’s worth a spot in the back of your mind.

            Profits Recessions

            When you look at the manufacturing data, and combine it with generally weak corporate earnings reports outside big tech, you have to wonder why the Fed seems to be in such a hurry to raise rates.

            TIS Group analysts noted in a report last week that corporate earnings are in danger of declining for two consecutive quarters. The Fed has not raised rates during a profits recession and that is what the U.S. is facing now, the TIS analysts argue. Profits recessions are followed by corporate cost-cutting, job losses, reduced cap-ex, facilities consolidations and closures.

            These are some of the signals a U.S. recession is unfolding and we are in place already. Consider that 3M just axed 1,500 jobs, cap-ex in oil producing parts of the country is evaporating and job losses accelerating. Even Wal-Mart (WMT), long the bastion of earnings health, can’t hack it.

            What we are really seeing is reduced demand in so many dimensions, and that is leading companies to spend more to capture more customers and hold off on hiring. Add the higher dollar, and you can see why margins are being gnawed away.

            Profits recessions don’t necessarily lead to full-blown economic recessions, but they sure don’t help, especially as the effects of zero interest rates and massive injections of credit wear off.

            This is an environment at the very least where scale matters most, which is why we are seeing so many big mergers and also why we are seeing large companies outpace the success of small ones. It’s an environment where the Amazon.coms and Microsofts of the world can still succeed, but fewer and fewer others.

            As the TIS Group analysts conclude, and I would echo, can the Fed really hike in this environment?

            NO WAY TO TAX YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS MESS STAN . . . . Spending is going to come to an abrupt Hault . . . almost Half the citizens out of the workforce now . . . and it will likely get a lot worse . . . Don’t forget to thank Obama . . . the BIG spender !

          • A few of Pres. Obama’s non-existent plans:
            (All of which have been blocked by Republicans).

            Even your cut and past from Money and Markets doesn’t predict a calamity (like you) but just says, “it’s worth a spot in the back of your mind.” We’ve already cut the deficit by more than half. Closing the thicket of tax loopholes and modest spending reductions could trim the debt quickly, but the hidebound conservatives won’t cooperate in any manner. Pres. Obama is not a “big spender” by ANY rational measure.
            BTW, in reality about 1/10 of the country is “out of work”!

          • yea Stan . . . they just gave his a Carte Blanc debt increase . . . WE ARE ON THE WAY TO 20 TRILLION . . . . what could go wrong?

            LEVIN: Everything good is turned upside down, and now he wants to release thousands more prisoners. And he doesn’t want those hiring at the federal level, in the federal bureaucracy, to be able to know if people have actually served time in certain circumstances. This is just incredible to me. Just think about Obama, what his priorities are. Illegal aliens, not American citizens. American citizens he has contempt for, particularly white people — let’s be honest here — who have racism in their DNA. It’s the damnedest thing. This president sides with rioters against police officers. This president sides with criminals against successful tax-paying citizens. And I got to thinking. This is his constituent group. This is his constituent group, and so the more people they can release — maybe at some point he’ll release these people and give them a blanket pardon. You’ve heard it here first because I think maybe that’s what’s going on. You know because in some states you can’t vote.

            Read more:

          • Levin is apparently as clueless and demagogic as you are. Pres. Obama’s E.O. only precludes agencies from asking about a criminal record in the initial application. There is NOTHING in the EO that precludes prospective employers from verbally asking OR running a background investigation. Just more baseless anti-Obama fear-mongering! ALL American citizens have always been the President’s number one priority. Your “constituent group” is just more fear-mongering because Presidential pardons DON’T restore voting rights, that’s done by the STATES! You (and Levin) need to find another tree to bark up.

          • Levin is a smart guy . . . and knows what he is talking about . . . you on the other hand . . . not so much !

            Obama is the Biggest Joke ever played upon America . . . and the Country may NEVER RECOVER . . .

            More leftist Insanity . . . .

            A man has been arrested and charged for arson in two of the fires and is the prime suspect in the other five. Here’s the disappointing part for Leftists: he’s not white. His name is David Lopez Jackson, a 35-year old black (Hispanic) St. Louis man.

            The plot has been building for weeks for Leftists. Liberal reporters and talk show hosts could not report this story without mentioning a racist motive, creating frenzy much like the one that led to the riots in nearby Ferguson.


            Putin continues to woo common sense Americans by saying what many of us have been thinking for years about a myriad of subjects. His latest proclamation is that man-made climate change is a farce, merely a globalist tool being used against industrial development, and more specifically oil, coal, and natural gas.

            As with most things Putin these days, this goes in direct contradiction to Barack Obama. Recall Obama’s 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft several weeks ago. Kroft pressed Obama by telling him Putin was challenging his leadership by putting ground troops in Syria. Part of his answer was,

            “My definition of leadership would be leading on climate change in an international accord that potentially we will get in Paris.”

            I remember watching this interview, thinking, “What did I miss?”

            First we are talking about Russia’s “screw you” attitude towards American involvement in Syria, then we have Obama defending his leadership abilities by pushing forth silly ideas like climate change? Obama’s capacity to embarrass America never ceases to amaze me.

            The notion that Obama considers climate change a serious issue at all is incredulous. However, when you stack it up next to Syria and our ineffective foreign policy, you really get a clearer picture of Obama’s dementia.

            It is unfathomable how much attention the liberals have gotten off this man-made crisis, and how they use it to deflect any legitimate question in regards to the failed policies of this administration. Put simply, if your country is industrialized, ergo successful, they you must pay the price for using your resources to prosper. With that logic, we should all strive to be Third World armpits.

            And that appears to be Obama plan for West Virginia, when you look at what Obama’s policies have cost the West Virginia coal industry:

            “More than 8,000 direct mining jobs and tens of thousands of support positions.”

            As Investor’s Business Daily states,

            “Feel-good policies that do nothing but massively raise costs and kill jobs aren’t something to be celebrated. Nor should the leaders who propose them.”

            It has been said that even IF, all the countries in the world reduced their carbon footprint, we still wouldn’t be able to bring the temperatures down to the supposed perfect degree.

            Furthermore, if a country like China decides to go off the reservation and expel more carbon than it should, who is going to discipline them? Would the US send in ground troops to find the excess vapor?

            But, leave it to Obama to lead on something that adds no nothing but a bureaucratic nightmare and further extortion of the middle class. And he’s using junk science to accomplish nothing.

            The simple fact that weathermen these days can’t tell me the exact temperature two days from now, much less what it is going to be in 50 years to a tenth of a degree should be enough to end the madness. But not when you get the cabal of all the socialist countries looking at the money they can pocket.

            Back to the adult in the room…Putin.

            In the midst of Obama’s dreams of glory at the coming December UN Summit on climate change in Paris, Putin remains an unapologetic skeptic of the effect countries can make on global warming. Andrey Illarionov, former economic advisor of Putin and now CATO Institute Senior Fellow says,

            ”We found that, while climate change does exist, it is cyclical, and the anthropogenic role is very limited,” he said. “It became clear that the climate is a complicated system and that, so far, the evidence presented for the need to ‘fight’ global warming was rather unfounded.”

            Clearly liberal journalists are irritated that Russia’s president and therefore its national media give little attention to climate change. Take for instance the following from a New York Times article,


            MELTDOWN MYTH: Antarctic ice growing is just the first EVIDENCE global warming is NOT REAL

          • If Levin thinks that Presidential pardons restore voting rights, he doesn’t know much at all. The country has ALREADY miraculously recovered from the debacle that was the Bush administration. So the church arsonist was a run-of the-mill loon as opposed to a racist one. BFD! The fact that the rabid right quotes Putin as an authority on anything but despotism just illustrates how crazy the Republican base has become.

            AGW is settled (except for a few bought-and-paid-for shills) and uneducated Flat Earthers). (Pay particular attention to how #2 refutes your Antartic ice fable.)

          • The clueless Obama is letting Criminals out of jail Stan . . . grab a friggin brain !

            Clinton Mortgages you mean . . . over 3 trillion that piled up after 16 years of the CRA!

            See one of your friends is causing trouble in LA . . . another Terrorist attack the media makes sure you never hear about . . .

            Calif. Stabber is Faisal Mohammad — Islamic State Twitter offers praise

            Faisal Mohammad, who was killed by University of California Merced police, was described by at least one witness as smiling as he slashed at victims, called a loner by a fellow dorm resident and drew praise Thursday from a Twitter account associated with ISIS, which just last week released a series of videos calling for lone wolf stabbing attacks.


            And YOU went to university Stan . . . no such thing as “SEttled” Science moron !

          • He’s releasing non-violent criminals that received unduly harsh and unfair sentences. How you associate Mohammad with me is a mystery only intelligible to your warped mind. If you think that there’s no such thing as “settled science” YOU obviously didn’t go to University!

          • So Naive Stan . . . they are DRUG Dealers . . . many who have pled-down from violent crimes. That is just INSANE . . . but glad they are coming to your community and not mine. After all what could go wrong, Crime is already on the increase . . . 1000s of illegal Felons running about . . . whats a few 1000s more drug dealers and gang bangers eh Stan.
            Welcome to the Insane States of America . . . where down is up and wrong is right . . . lol

          • In the real world, a few are drug dealers and practically none have “pled-down from violent crimes”. Crime has been on the DECREASE for over 2 decades.

            BTW, your friends at Faux News sound like you; Seemingly disappointed that unemployment has dropped to 5% under Pres. Obama.

          • You are completely ignorant how the Legal system works Stan . . .

            But then you are a fan of the Clinton Crime family . . .

          • Yes, after nearly 20 years practicing law in (state and Federal Court), I’m “completely ignorant how the Legal system works”. LOL!! It’s seems like the extent of your delusion is even deeper than I’d previously thought. As to the rest of your post, let’s see, on one hand, we have the Clintons who have never been convicted of anything, onthe other hand, we have the Bush “crime family”:

          • So . . . you DO know that many if not MOST of these cases are “Pled Down” . . . to save money and time. You Stan are quite amuzing . . . bet if we talked about NASA you would become a rocket scientist too . . .
            The “Smart” folks know that the 20 trillion Obama Debt is going to be a huge problem going forward . . . you . . . not so much . . . lol

          • What I know (obviously unlike yourself) is that while the vast majority of Federal criminal cases are “pled out” very few are “pled down” from violent crimes as you claimed (without an iota or proof). While I DO admit (and understand) that runaway debt can’t be sustained forever, I also realize that we can’t “cut” our way out of a $20T debt that’s accruing interest at nearly 1/2 Billion per day. (Look at how those “austerity” measures worked for Greece).

          • Have heard numerous AGs tell the opposite story Stan . . . were you ever an AG?

            “I also realize that we can’t “cut” our way out of a $20T debt that’s accruing interest at nearly 1/2 Billion per day. (Look at how those “austerity” measures worked for Greece).” ? ? ?

            Stan . . . your understanding of Economics is ZERO . . . when you RUN out of MONEY . . . you have Austerity . . . they didn’t cut spending in Greece by Choice . . . they had NO money.

            Similar situation WILL happen in the USA . . . and it will likely be sooner rather than later. Once interest rates start to climb, and they will. The interest on the debt will take 1/2 of the Federal Budget . . . there will be NO Money for Food Stamps, ObamaCare or even Pensions . . . Austerity is what you get just before Bankruptcy !

          • No, I wasn’t an AG, but I handled hundreds of criminal cases, and I challenge you to provide ANY evidence that “many of the President’s releasees have pled-down from violent crimes” as you so fecklessly claim. That’s NOT the way that Federal plea-bargaining works.

            YOU apparently also don’t have any understanding of macroeconomics. The vast majority of the world’s countries run deficits and carry debts. Governments all over the world habitually perform essential functions without cash on hand to do so. When they “run out of money” they can issue bonds, borrow, print money and use numerous other strategies. In actuality, the U.S. government “ran out of money” approximately 80 years ago, and we’ve done just fine in the interim, becoming the world’s only superpower despite borrowing.

            Despite the incessant “sky is falling” mantra from the rabid right, the U.S. is FAR better off than Dubya left it, and the future prospects look equally good.

            The U.S. economy crashing like Greece? ANOTHER RWNJ prediction that should immediately be given the File 13 treatment (like most of the other rabid right predictions over the last decade or so).

          • The US is in better shape than it was after the Clinton Community Reinvestment Act’s 3 Trillion + in worthless mortgages Collapsed the Global Economy . . .
            Slightly better Stan . . . but no where near 2007 . . .

            Cut the Krap and join the real world . . . Obama is a feckless moron . . . an Empty Suit . . . I see the court just over rulled his Immigration Fraud he was trying to pull.
            Obama . . . like ole Hillary . . . is a SERIAL liar . . . and far-left fool.
            The left have Destroyed Europe . . . and the USA is not far behind . . .

          • LOL! STILL waiting for ANY evidence to support your claim that “many of the President’s releasees have pled-down from violent crimes. Today’s economy is “nowhere near 2007”? You mean after Dubya blew Clinton’s surplus and in his 7th year in office plunged us into the worst recession in nearly a century? The court blocked the work permits portion of Pres. Obama’s immigration reforms, the non-violent people still won’t be deported. Finally, Europe is FAR from “being destroyed”, and (more tellingly) after nearly 7 years of Pres. Obama, we’re doing far better than most of Europe. Of course, if you listen to our RWNJ’s, you’d never know that.

          • Plead downs are standard practice . . . if you were a REAL lawyer you would know that.

            Instead you are just another friggin lieberal idiot . . .

            See the FBI is closing in on ole Hillary . . .

            Europe is collapsing Stan . . . you of course will never read the truth in Salon . . .

            81% of Al Jazeera reader’s sympathize with ISIS. And that’s not all. See references below.

            1. More than 81% of Al Jazeera readers approve of ISIS.

            2. 9% of TOTAL U.K. population (not 9% of Muslims) have Favorable view of ISIS.
            UK Muslim population estimated at 6-8%.

            3. 16% of TOTAL French population (not 16% of Muslims) Favor ISIS. Frances’ Muslim poulation is estimated at 15%.


            4. Al Azhar University, the most prestigious Sunni Islamic Center, refuses to call ISIS non-Islamic.


            5. Muslim researchers agree ISIS is “product of Islamic heritage” video


            6. Muslim politician “ISIS is Islam”. video


            7. Egyptian TV Host Ibrahim Issa: Nobody Dares to Admit That ISIS Crimes Are Based on Islamic Sources. video


            8. Nadim Koteich: “The ISIS Murderers Belong To Islam, Rely On Islam’s Texts”

            The following are excerpts from an English version of Nadim Koteich’s article, published January 13, 2015 on the “Now Lebanon” website:

            ” WE ARE ALL ISIS. THESE KILLERS ARE US”. They are our religion at its most extreme. Condemnations are no longer sufficient. They were never enough in the first place…”

            Link to Arabic original below:


            9. Moderate Jordan Minister says: Jordanians “will join Islamic State because they learned in school that this is Islam”. “’Islamic State ideology is there, in our textbooks,’ said Zogan Obiedat, a former Education Ministry official who published a recent analysis of the texts.


            10. Jordanian Politician: “There is No such thing as ISIS Ideology. It is Islam.”

          • Plea bargains are standard practice. Cases “pled down” from higher charges are a small percentage of that practice, pleading down from violent crimes is even rarer, and that practice in Federal criminal cases is is nearly non-existent. While I was never an A.G. , one of my law partners was a former U.S. attorney. I (unlike you), have actually negotiated hundreds (if not thousands) of plea bargains and actually been in courtrooms, and I DO know what I’m talking about. But, since you think that I’m “blowing smoke”, AGAIN, PROVE ME WRONG (with actual facts).

            Hillary isn’t worried about the FBI in the least. That’s just a RWNJ wet dream that is dead and buried (like the Keystone pipeline). LOL.

          • If you’re a lawyer . . . why do you write like a 9th grader Stan ?

            Hillary and the Klintons are crooks . . . she acquired $500 milliion for the Klinton slush fund while she worked in State. From Foreign Governments no less.

            She also signed the NON-Disclosure Agreement . . . which will hang her out to dry with the voters, even if Obama’s corrupt Justice Dept does nothing.

            There is no government organization left that does not have a sustainable development plan in place, the lynchpin of U.N.’s Agenda 21. Now the U.N. elites are going to gain access into the mayors’ offices across the globe

            Global Governance to Subvert our Sovereignty through mayors


            Your corrupt Mayor is front and center again ! Selling out the folks to the left’s favorist tyrant ole Georgi Soros and Globalism!

          • “Write like a 9th grader”?? ROFL!! Just another attempt to deflect from the fact that you have NO evidence whatsoever to support your claim. The Clinton Foundation (NOT Hillary) received monies that were used for the worldwide charitable endeavors of the Foundation, and there’s not an iota of evidence that anything improper transpired (much less that Hillary was involved in any wrongdoing). The non-disclosure agreement is just another red herring to keep the rabid right base salivating. The agreement precludes knowing and willful violations. There has been NO evidence that’s the case, and the evidence released to date, shows the exact opposite with “retroactive classification” of documents.

            You (and most of the rabid right) are such hypocrites. When the DOJ declined to bring charges against Zimmerman and Wilson, everything was “hunky-dory”, but when it agrees with half-a-dozen Congressional committees that there was NO Benghazi coverup, they’re suddenly “corrupt”. BS!!!

            As to your “Agenda 21” babble, I just have one thing to say. STOP drinking the Kook-Aid!!

          • You would be the last person to actually know what was going on in the World Stan . . . you cannot even keep up with Baltimore . . .

            Our Fed has printed $3.5 trillion since 2008 in a futile attempt to get the economy growing at what Keynesians term as escape velocity. However, we have only averaged 2% growth since 2010. And growth in 2015 appears to be even less, as the all-important manufacturing sector is now clearly in a recession, and is now dragging down the rest of the economy.

            Today, there are no free markets left anywhere in the world. Governments control the fixed income, equity and real estate sectors; and therefore control the entire economy. And what was once touted as the U.S. manufacturing renaissance has morphed into another example of how government’s abrogation of free markets will ultimately result in economic chaos and entropy.

            Japan, which is entering into its 3rd recession since the Abenomics regime took control in December 2012. The BOJ has been in the habit of printing 80 trillion yen each year! Nevertheless, its debt to GDP is approaching 250%, and annual deficits are 8% of GDP. The BOJ is buying 90% of all the bonds issued, and now owns half of all Japanese ETF’s. Yet despite a train wreck of an economy and horrific debt and deficits the 10 year note-in a perfect example of a central bank distorting economic reality–is yielding just 0.3%.

            German GDP disappointed with growth of 0.4% for the second quarter instead of the 0.5% analysts had been expecting. The French figure came in completely flat, and Italy, the Eurozone’s third biggest economy, disappointed with growth of just 0.2%.

            Italy’s unemployment rate managed to fall in September, even as its economy lost 36,000 jobs during the month. This was because more discouraged workers left the workforce. As growth rates languish and economies lose jobs, central banks are getting more and more desperate to create inflation, which they like to masquerade as growth.

            But the sad truth is even with over a trillion Euros of new money printed, governments are not achieving the inflation rates or the GDP growth they are seeking.

            World is in sad shape Stan . . . and mostly because of the insane Left . . . .

          • I don’t have much need or desire to keep up with what’s happening in Baltimore (though I DO note that NONE of the cops charged in Freddie Gray’s murder has had their charges dismissed due to “Ms. Mosby’s incompetence” (as you predicted)).

            The Fed money that you reference has not only stabilized the markets but the purchases with that money has generated over half a trillion dollars of revenue to the Treasurey!! Sounds pretty good to me!

            Your completely irrelevant international examples (no doubt purposefully) ignore that while Japan has had 3 recessions since 2012, the U.S. under Obama has had NONE!. Our GDP growth is 5 times that of Germany, and ten times that of France’s. Italy LOST 36,000 jobs while we have averaged nearly a 1/4 Million per month for the last five years, yet you (and your fellow RWNJ’s) persist in the laughable fantasy that “Obama is the worst President ever). I think that you should seek help.

          • More Fantasy from Stan . . . . Millennials the dumbest of the dumb ?

            When I talk to Millennials, I am not too optimistic about their futures. As demonstrated recently by the black Millennials at Mizzou, they are overly sensitive about everything.

            Millennials have more information at their fingertips than all of previous mankind combined, yet they remain the most stupid people on the planet.

            So when a survey was done of over 1,000 young people aged between 20 and 30 from around the globe, I was not surprised to find out just how brainwashed they have become.

            According to the survey, Millennials rate social and economic inequality as the top challenge the world faces globally and locally.

            Asked what sectors will drive growth in their cities in the short term, the Millennials answered:technology, tourism and government. Yes, there are people who see government as a career…a BIG career, given that it was number three on the list.

            “The Global Shapers Annual Survey 2015 reveals that millennials care about society in their reflections and also in their own career and economic choices. In addition to the diversity that we observe, the survey reminds us of those things that millennials value everywhere,” said Yemi Babington-Ashaye, Head of the Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum.

            In other words, most of these kids don’t want to work, because their work won’t benefit society. Which brings me to the 2nd most important issue beyond inequality, which is youth unemployment. To that I say to Millennials, “Get used to it!”

            And in case you weren’t sure if the brainwashing is working, at the global level, climate change is the second priority. Yes, Millennials have been convinced that man is responsible for what happens on Earth, as it relates to weather. They’ve never seen man brush back a hurricane or thwart a tsunami, but man has the power!

            I’ve never seen any nation stop earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, ice storms, mud slides or floods, but if we TAX air, then it will all change?

            Who do Millennials admire?

            Nelson Mandela tops the list of leaders that millennials admire, with Pope Francis and Elon Musk in second and third place respectively. The social entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus is among the political and business leaders in the top 10.

            We have a lot to teach these Millennials.


          • Nice cut and paste. Try to get an original thought in that skull of yours one day. Alternatively, STOP drinking the Kook-Aid!!

          • Get out of the “Bubble” Stan and join the real world . . . you always sound like one of those radicals protesting at Missu . . .

          • “Radicals” protesting about hate speech, racism, discrimination and institutional indifference? How DARE they?? [sarc off]

          • Not “ticked” at all. More like amused at his stupidity.

          • Bill & Hillary Clinton: Their Secret Life – #01 of 12

          • A deluded RWNJ citing another deluded RWNJ (with an equally complete lack of facts to support the delusions). What a surprise. I’m giving up on waiting for you to produce ANY evidence to support your claim that “many of the
            President’s releasees have pled-down from violent crimes.

          • They actually present a LOT OF FACTS Stan . . . like poor ole Foster had no dirt on his shoes . . . even though he walked 1/2 mile into the park.
            Lyin Clintons are Corrupt to the core . . . amazing how many of their friends died relatively Young . . . like the part about ole Willie snorting the coke . . . is that why he has a big Red Nose today?
            Even Barry lost several of his Church going friends . . . evidently they were really good friends too. Are all Dhimmicraps gangsters?

          • Your “source” (for lack of a better term) present a score of unrelated facts that only conspiracy wing-nuts would spend any time pursuing. I again point out that in nearly half a century of public service, neither Bill nor Hillary has ever even been indicted, much less than convicted of ANYTHING! The Bushes, on the other hand . . .

          • My video was much better done than your Stan . . . .lol

            The Clintons have been crooks for life. Hillary got tossed by the Dems back in the day for making stuff up about Nixon . . .

            Now that a great defence . . . no sense checking them out . . . Because THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN INDICTED? A leftist thought process I suspect . . . lol

            Clintons are scum . . .and black lies matter . . . eh Stan !

          • So was Star Wars. (And it contained about the same amount of actual fact as your post.) The Clintons not being indicted means (for those a little slow) that in nearly half a century, not ONE prosecutor, State or Federal, Republican or Democrat has determined that there was evidence to even CHARGE the Clintons with a crime. You should REALLY GTFOI ! (Or alternatively, come up with some actual facts).

          • Ole Hill is going down Stan . . . the Clintons are career criminals . . .

          • Again, not ONE prosecutor!! Enjoy your RWNJ wet dream. Hillary will never be charged, much less than convicted.

          • I have heard 6 or 8 prosecutors in the last two weeks talk about this stuff . . . they think Obama has lost his marbles . . . I of course never thought he had any.
            Hillary is a vile ole b’ach . . . goin down . . .

          • Keep blathering. I have no doubt that you’ll still be spouting the same nonsense during Hillary’s second term.

          • So Stan . . . you saw the Obama clown in France telling the world that ISIS was under control the day before the attack. And brainless ole Hill telling us the they are not isssslamists . . . .

          • That is NOT what either of them actually said, but, seeing that you get your “news” solely from rabid right sources, your getting it wrong is NO surprise.

          • You Stan . . . the terminal clown show . . . ole Hill is trailing every Repub in the last poll.

            The krazed ole b’ach can’t even identify the terrorists as mooooslims.

            Another bat-chit krazy leftist loon.

            The USA is a complete friggin disaster and the Oby train is about to come off the tracks . . .

            Look who’s new in the White House!

            Arif Alikhan, Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

            Mohammed Elibiary, Homeland Security Adviser

            Rashad Hussain, Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

            Salam al-Marayati, Obama adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and is its current executive director

            Imam Mohamed Magid, Obama’s Sharia Czar from the Islamic Society of North America

            Eboo Patel, Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships

          • “Hillary is trailing every Repub in the last poll.” It’s a shame that you let Faux News feed your delusions. IF Trump becomes the nominee, Hillary will beat him by a larger margin than Obama beat “Mittens).

            Yes, the Obama Administration hasn’t spoken of “shutting down mosques” because it would be both illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! And isolated elements of the French and Belgian governments raised the issue. It is NOT “being implemented”. But, I never expect you to be concerned with the truth.

          • Obama Has Decimated His Own Party Unlike Any Other Modern President

            On nearly every level of government, Democrats have lost more seats under Mr. Obama than under any other two-term modern president dating back to Dwight Eisenhower. (This includes the dual presidencies of John F. Kennedy/Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon/Gerald Ford.)

            Under Mr. Obama, Democrats have lost 13 net Senate seats, 69 House seats, 11 governorships, a whopping 913 state legislature seats and 30 state legislature chambers, according to analysis from the Washington Post.

            That makes Mr. Obama the overseer of the biggest loss in Senate seats, House seats and state legislature seats of any of the past seven two-term presidencies, the second biggest loser of state legislature chambers (Mr. Nixon/Mr. Ford lost 31 to Mr. Obama’s 30) and fourth biggest loser of governorships (tied with Bill Clinton).


            Oh My: Hillary Now Trails Six Different Republicans in New National Poll

            Rubio’s up eight, Jeb’s up six, Trump and Carson are up five, Cruz is up four, and Christie’s up three. Fiorina is tied with Hillary, at 42 percent apiece. The sample is R+1 — perhaps a bit generous — but Hillary’s fundamentals remain terrible, including a dead-last (38/58) ‘honest and trustworthy’ score among the field. And it’s entirely plausible that more Americans are identifying as Republicans in the wake of the Paris attacks, especially as Democrats weirdly channel their energies toward sanitizing the threat of radical Islam and pushing an unpopular refugee policy, while accusing skeptics of un-American bigotry. Why, based on these data points from the new scientific, nonpartisan nationwide survey, it’s almost as if the Democratic Party is intent on solidifying a reputation of perilously naive weakness on national security and defense:


            The krazy ole b’ach is nuttier than a fruitcake Stan . . .

          • Yeah, Republicans gerrymandered themselves into control of the House, even though Democrats have garnered more Votes in Congressional elections in almost every election in the last two decades. Fortunately, you can’t gerrymander Senate or Presidential elections. Hillary’s going to win, and we’re going to retake the Senate, and there’s nothing the rabid right can do about it.

            I hope you stick by that patently unbelievable Faux News poll. I still get all warm inside when remembering Rove’s meltdown after they called the Election for Obama. Do you have a webcam? Can you put yours on Youtube?

          • Dhimmicraps get even Dead Folks to vote Stan . . . .
            Ole Hillary is going to jail . . . . last thing ole Bill wants is to be in the spotlight again . . . with his girlfriends on the 6 o’clock news.

            Keep watchin MSNBC and reading Salon Stan . . . it keeps you dumb !

          • STILL detached from reality, I see. The only voter fraud I know of in the last few elections was done by the Republicans!! ” Nationwide GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal Widens, Becomes Criminal Matter in Florida:

          • Realiy and YOU have never met Stan . . . . the feckless Obama has pretty much flushed the country . . . just another dumb lieberal I suspect !

          • Saying that Obama has much flushed the country pretty much clinches that you’re detached from reality. In the real world:

          • On the Kool-Aide again eh Stanley? US debt approaching 19 TRILLION . . . .

            Lowest job participation since the 70s . . . over 90 million out of the work force . . . . almost 50 million on food stamps . . . 10s of millions of Illegals running amok!

            Then there’s the 3.5 TRILLION the taxpayers owe the FED . . . .

            Obammy Care failing and going broke . . . .

            Where on the Planet do you live dummy? Average family has lost $8000 per annum in the last 6 years . . . . unemployment in minority communities double digits . . .

            This past Sunday’s news shows saw President Obama getting slammed over and over for what perceived as a weak strategy against ISIS in Syria. Much of the criticism came from member of his own Democratic Party. There is some good news however. According to Newsbusted Anchor Jodie Miller, a new poll shows the President has a 90% approval rating for his Syria ISIS strategy. The bad news is that it’s 90% of ISIS member (see video bel0w).


            His terrorist buddies think he is doing a great job . . . .

          • Yes, the U.S. debt IS approaching 19 Trillion. Refresh my memory. Exactly WHAT Obama budget(s) or policies caused it? I thought that CONGRESS passed budgets.

            The overwhelming increase in the debt has been caused by REPUBLICAN policies and actions!!

            You loons have been saying that “the ACA is failing”, that it’s a disaster” for FIVE YEARS, and it’s stronger than ever, having reached every goal, at LESS cost than projected!

            The real income of the “average family” has decreased over the last 6 years. Unfortunately for your narrative, that decrease is SOLELY attributable to the GOP, who has blocked minimum wage increases, equal pay for women, jobs bills and meaningful tax reform. The fact that some RWNJ’s “perceive” Obama’s ISIS strategy as “weak” is neither news OR surprising. Surprise would occur when (or if) a Republican praised him for anything. Pres. Obama’s approval rating is . . . what, 4 or 5 times that of Congress’?
            Stop Drinking the Kook-Aid!!

          • Still Stuckonstoooopid Stan?
            Bush left office . . . debt 10 TRILLION . . .
            Today 19 TRILLION and likely 20 TRILLION by next year when the Bamster leaves.

            Complicated for you I know . . . .
            Bammy has been running the country for 7 years now . . . and you a dopy fool are still blaming Bush . . . just insane Stan !

            The USA is Screwed . . . it is NEVER coming back . . . . the Community Organizer is a marxist fool . . . .

            Wait till all the ObyCare increases take effect in the new year . . . . lol

          • Still waiting for you to tell me WHAT Obama budget(s) or policies caused the debt to skyrocket. While you’re at it, why don’t you tell me what you said when Saint Ronnie was tripling the debt, or when Dubya came along and nearly doubled that?

            In the RWNJ echo chamber, Pres. Obama is going to take your guns, Obamacare is going to be a monumental disaster, we’re going to have $10/gallon gas. We’ve been hearing that for the last 7 YEARS!! The rabid right has COMPLETELY lost touch with reality!

          • Stooopid Stan . . . the Dhimmicraps had NO Budget from 2007 for several years . . . . they spent 1 TRILLION they didn’t have every year up until about 2010 when it was reducted to 1/2 TRILLION they did not have . . .
            Are ALL the folks in Baltimore as stoooipid as you?
            Economics like Reality are not your Forte . . . eh Stan ! ! !

          • So WHO drafted and passed the spending bills? How many trillions did Ronnie and Dubya spend that they didn’t have? How much did you carp about it then? As I said, completely detached from reality.

          • You are terminally stoooopid Stan . . . last BUSH budget was done in 2006 for the year 2007 . . . . most income tax ever collected to that date and the DEFICIT was a mere 160 BILLION . . . then the Dhimmicraps took over Congress . . . they had no budgets for several years . . . just big Spends . . . .
            YOU are a typical Passenger on the Big BUSS Stan . . . another lopy clueless dummy!
            Oby will have outspent EVERY President from Washington to Bush ALL added together in a mere 8 years . . . plus the 3.5 Trillion we owe the FED.
            Grab a friggin BRAIN ! ! !

            The USA is still in the Obammy depression . . . . the country is technically broke !

          • 2007 FOOL . . . last BUSH/Repub Budget . . .
            2008 budget done by Nancy and krazy Harry . . . the Dims took over Congress in 2007 . . . yes !
            Try to read with understanding . . . Bush left office at the end of 2008 . . . . US Debt 10 Trillion . . . . almost 20 Trillion Today . . . + the 3.5 Trillion owed to the FED for printing money to keep the Stock Market and Wall Street happy.

            The USA is Toast . . . you will figure it out when the welfare checks stop coming . . .

          • I see that you’re not just a loon, but an uneducated and uninformed loon to boot. In the U.S. government, the budget for the fiscal year begins the October BEFORE the calendar year. (Civics 101). Both the ’08 and ’09 budgets were passed UNDER BUSH, and his last deficit WAS $1.4 TRILLION!! The U.S. is doing 100X better than Dubya left it; and I wouldn’t know about welfare checks, since I’ve never received one. Can YOU say the same?

          • You’re a friggion idiot Stan . . . the records are all in Congress . . .
            There were NO budgets in 2008 and 2009 as the Dhimmicraps just kept SPENDING . . . could Bush have vetoed them . . . he Should Have . . . but didn’t!

            100x times better ? ? ? You have to be friggin INSANE to say something so stupid Stan. Probably over 50% of the population today would rather have Bush back than put up with another year of the feckless mooslim in the White House.

            Poverty UP . . . . Job Participation % DOWN . . . Food Stamps UP 15 MILLION . . . and ObyCare FAILING. Over 30 Million today without healthcare . . .

            The USA is never coming back STan . . . this is the new normal ! ! !

          • As I said, an uneducated AND UNINFORMED loon! Here’s the 2208 budget that you said ; was never passed (where, by the way, Dubya is seen as getting what he wanted) Hmm, I wonder should I listen to you, or the expert economists at the Wall Street Journal. “U.S. Annual Budget Deficit Smallest in Nearly Seven Years” From the article, “THE BUDGET PICTURE HAS IMPROVED THIS YEAR amid higher tax revenue and
            stronger economic growth, even though government spending has also
            increased. Revenue for the fiscal year, which began in October, is
            running 9% ahead of the year-earlier levels, while government spending
            is up 6%.”

            “Yes”, 100X better!! ;

            Stop drinking the Kook-Aid!!

          • Was NOT a budget Stan . . . just a Spending Bill . . .

            2008 Bush left office . . . . US Debt 10 TRILLION . . . . with me so far ? ? ?

            2016 Obama leaves office . . . US Debt will be 20 TRILLION . . .

            starting to make sense now ? ? ?

            + the 3.5 TRILLION we Owe the FED for propping up Wall Street and the Dow for the last 7 years . . . .

            Tell me how this is going to be good for the USA . . . are you that clueless Stan?

            How do you pay it back? The USA is soooo DONE ! ! !

            “Through the fog of the debt limit negotiations, President Obama has attempted to shift the blame for America’s deficit crisis to politicians at large, claiming that “neither party is blameless for the decisions that led to this problem.” Though the culture of overspending is endemic in Washington, don’t let the President fool you—some are a lot more guilty than others.

            The fact is that Obama’s budget would set America on a dangerous fiscal course that leads to massive deficits well into the future—hitting $1.2 trillion in 2012 and, after dipping slightly, rising back to $1.2 trillion again by 2021.

            The chart above illustrates what the country’s fiscal future looks like. As analyzed by the Congressional Budget Office, even after the massive tax hikes included in Obama’s budget, federal deficits total $9.5 trillion. In other words, under his budget, the President would more than double the national debt in just 10 years. Simply put, Obama’s budget (which didn’t even win the support of his own party in the United States Senate) would push America over a fiscal cliff.”

            See the GRAPH . . .


            No one in History has spent like the Community Organizer . . . . NO ONE ! ! !

          • It’s a shame that you’re too stupid to realize that the crap that you parrot highlights how WRONG you are!! The article that YOU cite (incidentally from 4 years ago), that says that ” Obama’s budget would set America on a dangerous fiscal course that leads to massive deficits well into the future”, and “Obama’s budget would push America over the fiscal cliff” is demonstrably wrong, because that “future” is here, and the deficit, instead of ballooning as predicted, has in (the real world) BEEN CUT BY 2/3!! As I posted earlier, an uneducated and uninformed LOON!

          • Facts and Stan rarely meet . . . Baltimore Derangement Syndrome . . . fool ! ! !

            Most Americans have no idea what really happens when a currency collapses, let alone how to prepare…

            But global economist, multimillionaire businessman, and New York Times best-selling author Doug Casey does. In fact, he might be the single most knowledgeable person in the world on the subject.

            Dubbed the ‘International Man,’ roughly 4 decades ago, Casey has not only established residency in nearly a dozen countries, he’s visited 145 nations (he recently got back from Mauritania where he inked a new TV deal), and has been a major investor in over 1,000 businesses across the globe…

            Not only that, Casey was in Argentina in 2001 when the government defaulted on nearly $100 BILLION in debt, the single largest debt default the world has ever seen. Click here to see what a currency collapse really looks like.

            It’s safe to say that there’s probably not another American alive today who has been to as many foreign lands, done as many international deals, and learned as much about global economies, currencies, and the inner workings of foreign governments.

            Now, Casey is coming forward with a stern warning to the American public.

            Casey says – although few people realize it – America is on the brink of a major and unprecedented currency collapse, similar to what happened in Argentina in 2001, except on a much grander scale.

            In the attached presentation, Doug Casey reveals not only what really happens in a currency collapse (99% of Americans have no idea), he shows you the simple, but critical steps every American must take to weather the coming storm.

          • Yep, just like the $10/gallon gas that we were going to suffer if Obama got re-elected. STOP drinking the Kook-Aid!! Again, we’re 100X better off than Dubya left us!! From FactCheck, “Since President Barack Obama first took office:

            The economy has added nearly 8.4 million jobs — more than six times the number gained under George W. Bush.

            The number of job openings doubled, to a record 5.7 million.

            Nearly 15 million fewer people lack health insurance coverage.

            Corporate profits are at record levels; stock prices have more than doubled.

            (On the down side):
            However, median household income was down 3 percent as of 2014, and the official poverty rate was 1.6 percentage points higher.

            The rate of home ownership has dropped to the lowest point in nearly half a century.

            The federal debt owed to the public has more than doubled — up 107 percent.

            The main difference is that while bungling two wars and Hurricane Katrina, Dubya CAUSED the problems that Obama is fixing.

          • You keep Smokin the krazy weed Stan . . . as the USA fades away in a Mountain of Debt.

            If you are too stupid to add up the numbers . . . no one can help you.

          • The numbers are right in front of your face. Unfortunately, you (and your ilk) choose to ignore them!!

          • 10 Trillion in 2009 January . . . . next year we will cross 20 TRILLION . . . thanks Oby !

            Did you see the Obama moron’s speech yesterday in Paris . . . the man is friggin Delusional . . . thinks the Weather is more dangerous than his mooooslim friends !

          • From Politifact, “For fiscal year 2003, the Senate, under Democratic control in 2002,
            failed to pass a budget resolution of any kind. For fiscal years 1999,
            2005 and 2007, the House and the Senate failed to reconcile their
            different bills and pass a compromise measure. IN THESE LATTER THREE CASES, THE REPUBLICANS WERE IN THE MAJORITY IN BOTH CHAMBERS OF CONGRESS.” You’re COMPLETELY detached from reality.

          • STOP drinking the Kook-Aid! From Politifact: “References or suggestions that Obama claimed ISIS no longer presents an active threat are incorrect. Further, experts told us that Obama is right that ISIS hasn’t expanded in the region in recent months, though this doesn’t give a full picture of ISIS’s global reach.


          • The only place that Hillary is “goin’ down” to is the Oval Office. Enjoy!

          • This past week President Obama stated that he would be deploying fifty US Special Operations troops to Syria.

            This appears to be a reaction; a response to the events that have dictated to the Commander-in-Chief what he must do. After the recent Taliban attack, brief seizure of the Afghanistan city of Kunduz, and the raid against two Al Qaeda bases in Kandahar province, we certainly know that combat operations have not ended. In both of those situations, US special operations forces were utilized.

            Senate Armed Services Committee last week, US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said that we would begin conducting direct ground operations – combat. But anyone who has been deployed into a zone where there is an enemy shooting at you will tell you that you are in a combat zone. So history appears to be repeating itself or as the famed Yankee baseball player Yogi Berra would say, “it’s déjà vu all over again.”


            Clueless Obama strikes again . . . this will not end well . . .

          • Last month you were (falsely) whining that Obama wasn’t attacking ISIS training camps, NOW you’re bitching that he’s putting a few dozen Special Ops troops on the ground to assist in the conflict. Make up your mind!

          • You are simply too stupid for words chucklehead I have neve see such a brainwashed dumborat in my life you take the cake

          • If you don’t like actual facts, it’s not my problem.

          • Little fella you don’t understand the meaning of the word fact all you know is what you are told to know you live in a land of delusion

          • who cares what that whore says she is a nobody she should be home doing laundry

          • Yep. That attitude is REALLY going to help the GOP win the women’s vote!

          • Did I ask you to speak little man, no I did not think so now go back in the corner until I call upon you do you understand.

          • Funny how you libs never have anything of substance to offer, when you join the libs do you have to show paperwork proving you were found mentaly incompetent by a doctor or do they just take your word for it

          • “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” – Socrates
            I’ve provided facts and corroboration for my positions. You’ve provided meaningless blathering and insults. Without liberals, the U.S. would be a 3rd world country (if it still existed at all).

          • Oh yes just posting random crap pulled of some site put up by a luntic is a much better way to handle things ha ha ha ha ha you are special little fella

          • Boy, you really ARE stupid! Democrats have only been the “liberals” for the last half-century or so. Before that, (in the U.S.) they were the Republicans. I know exactly what “liberal” means, and the LIBERALS (regardless of party) were (and are) against slavery, discrimination, bigotry, xenophobia and all of the other antediluvian principles that animate today’s “conservatives”. There are PLENTY of “liberals” around, which is why the Republicans have only garnered a majority in ONE Presidential election in nearly a quarter-century! What’s actually “dying out” is the party of the angry old white men.

          • where did you cut and paste that from stanley I know there is more than one word in there that you do not understand ha ha ha ha, dullard.

          • From your posts, it’s understandable that you have difficulty with multi-syllabic words. I don’t have any such disability.

          • A Democratic Governor in Louisiana, again! Even Republicans are getting tired of the Conservative lunacy! Bye, bye, Jindal !!

          • you are a delusional nutjob your facts are wrong you are so wrong it is laughable it is like you come from a different planet where reality does not exist. Let me add this you brainless moron the stock markety has NOTHING to do with the economy wow you are a dumbass, the labor participation rate is lower than it has been since the 70’s, the deficit has NOT BEEN CUT YOU IDIOT IT HAS BEEN INCREASED BY TRILLIONS. What kind of la la land to do live in because you sure have no damn idea of what is real in this country you dim witted sheep.

          • Apparently you’re delusional as well as woefully uninformed. “The stock market has NOTHING to do with the economy”??? Tell that to the people that suffered through the Great Depression (and every economist in the world)! The labor participation rate has been decreasing for nearly 20 years, and will continue to do so for the near future due to the “baby boomers” moving into retirement age.

            You cement my impression of your ignorance by attempting to conflate the deficit (which HAS been reduced by nearly 2/3) with the National debt, which has increased significantly (mainly due to feckless Republican policies).

            In the future, I’d diffidently suggest that before you attempt to attack someone’s position, at least educate yourself on the terms being discussed! As the saying goes, “It’s better to remain silent and be thought an idiot, than to speak and remove all doubt”.

          • wow all I can say is ha ha ha ha ha ha you need to go play in the spongebob forum where you can be among peers ha ha ha ha ha foolish little man

          • Are you really as stupid as your posts seem to suggest the dumborats are spending this country into a pit so deep we will never get out where do you get your backwards facts from. And by the way sparky thse supposed 118,000 jobs went ALL to illegal aliens part time workers or goverenment workers, all jobs that contribute NOTHING to the economy.

          • I’m not stupid at all. YOU, on the other hand . . . If you knew an iota of economics, you would know that EVERY paying job contributes to the economy! And, again, a GAIN of 118,000 is FAR better than a LOSS of 800,000 jobs (or is the math too difficult for you)?

          • Retard boy listen up sending a living wage job overseas and replacing it with a part time is a net loss are you that stupid that you can not understand that, wow you are a lost cause

          • The supercycle I’ve been warning you about is hitting Germany hard; so much so that now the European Union’s currency is taking a beating, just as I told you it would.

            A slowing economy, a recent spike in unemployment, plunging exports, a debilitating scandal at Volkswagen — its largest employer — and now a human tidal wave of some 800,000 refugees demanding billions in “free” social services are just a few of the crises plaguing Europe’s economic engine.

            Now, this morning, another blow: After posting a loss of 6 billion euros in July, August and September, Deutsche Bank is being forced to fire some 35,000 employees by 2020 and close operations in 10 countries including Mexico, Norway, New Zealand and Brazil and planning to cancel shareholder dividends for two years.

            Will these moves will be enough to return the bank to profitability? Or will even more drastic measures be required as deflation tightens its icy grip on the EU?

            Until recently, Germany was thought to be the one nation with the resources to save the European Union. Now, the question seems to be, “Who will save Germany?”

          • yea and the NY times is a great source of information ha ha ha ha you dullard

      • Progressive Republican

        Surprisingly considerate of them, don’t you think?

      • Hey are you and bobby play buddies, I bet you are you limp wristed daisy plucker

  6. Mike123456789123456789

    Bill Clinton sent a lot of American jobs out the country with NAFTA. Now she wants to give people a raise. Obama did the same in a trade agreement. Bring jobs back raise tariffs so Americans can go back to work.

    • You seem to have left out a few here, You forgot the termination of thousand of Coal Miners and there
      supporting business organizations. You forgot about the people that are being terminate and/or there
      hours being cut due to the impacts from OBAMACARE. You have forgot about the jobs lost to the import
      of Foreign personnel to take jobs from American Citizens like those documented at Disney and other
      High Tech companies. This is the OBAMA / Hillary Economy results.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        I’ve always said, leave it to government to really fuck things up, and daily, they prove me right! Been over a year since the bastards took ALL of my disability away from me, then I get a letter day before yesterday, telling me they’re taking half my social security also.. Shit is only getting worse by the day. And WE THE PEOPLE are happy to sit on our dead asses and just watch it happen! HA!

        • Well Mike Obama and his Friends have to pay for the Illegals education, clothing, food,
          and medical assistance somehow. So it seems you are helping pay that need payment.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Thanks for that comforting thought! I wasn’t thinking straight! LOL

          • If you look at what this administration has done over the past year or less you will see
            exactly how they are pulling the safety net away from legal American Citizens and putting
            it under the ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into the country. They are paying billions to support
            education, clothing, housing, food etc. Then they are pulling money from the Military
            Medical System and putting it towards standing up a 24X7 Healthcare clinics for ILLEGALs. The Vets who are OWED VA Benefits aren’t even given that level of
            medical care.

          • That’s correct Senior Chief. I went to see my PCP at the VA on 9/22. He referred me to Occupational Therapy. I finally have my OT evaluation tomorrow, five weeks and 2 days later. He also referred me to have a sonogram of my abdomen. I had that appointment Monday, one day short of 5 weeks. Welcome to socialized medicine. These idiots that push a single payer system have no clue what they will be getting. They should all have to spend a year in the VA system and they would quickly change their tune.

          • I can only hope things improve for you J_in_TX. I have given
            up on the VA but I will never give up on trying to make it
            better for you guys and gals who want to or need to use it.
            You and countless others have given to much for these
            SLIMEBALLS to screw ya all over. That is one reason I am
            being so vocal to my two traitorous Senators Tim Kaine
            and Mark Warner both Democrats about getting this fixed.

          • Well Senior, I’ve been dealing with the VA in two states since I retired in ’97. I haven’t seen it get any better yet and I don’t expect to see it get any better before I die, even if I live another 40 years. I wrote my Congressman and Senators after the AZ scheduling scandal came to light. I told them they could save billions of dollars by closing all the VA Hospitals, getting rid of the staff, selling the property and giving us all health care in the local communities. That’s never going to happen for two reasons; We would get faster and better care and the government would save money, but I got my 2 cents in.

          • Much like you J_in_TX all we can do is voice our concerns to
            the people that represent us and one other thing. We can talk
            to the MEMBERS of the RETIRED community (MILITARY)
            and also to the Active Duty Members of the Community.
            These are the guys who will have to deal with this in the
            Future. Once we can get that type of information machine
            in place then we the MILITARY MEMBERS can actually
            have a rather powerful voice in what transpires. A Voting
            BLOCK of several MILLION People is a strong position.

          • Under Obozocare, my lung cat scans just went from $0 last year under my HMO to $100! I almost had a coronary and had to cancel the test!

        • That ain’t gonna last

    • Tariffs are a double edge sword and can should only be imposed if the other country is engaging in an unfair practice or all you do is artificially inflate the price of US goods and services. Most of what you see is driven by regulations that are not needed or could be constructed to imposed in a manner that would not raise costs. As a former chemical and wood products plant and general manager I can cite literally hundreds of rules which are counter productive and do nothing for the environment or are actually scientifically incorrect, yet enforced by the EPA. The costs in jobs and economic growth to the US have been staggering. Do not fall victim to the corporate propaganda bolstered by union BS that tariffs save jobs, in the shrt run maybe, butin the long run it just makes your company or industry less competitive. That is exactly what the Tariffs on Japanese cars did to Detroit in the 70’s..Detroit was supposed to make more cars but instead just raised prices and made the same amount of cars, the tariffs just limited supply.

      • “Tariffs are a double edge sword and can should only be imposed if the other country is engaging in an unfair practice or all you do is artificially inflate the price of US goods and services.”

        So you are saying that we should REALLY stick it to China?

        • Read the rest of the post; first you clean up your own house of stupid regulations and incentives which started the problem in the first place ranging from unscientific EPA regs to regs that make no sense, to tax laws that drive business overseas. CFL’s for instance, illegal to manufacture here and cause harm when you break them, but mandated by law to replace normal light bulbs…really. Cat converters on cars lower mileage, are expensive, and are not used in other parts of the world; totally counterproductive, but mandated by law,dumb, dumb, dumb. Tariffs are a last resort and are totally punitive, clean up our own politically, lobbyist infested house first which will save jobs and bring dollars back to the US better than tariffs.

          • Cat converters on cars lower mileage… Where did you dig up this little gem ???

          • Why do you think they are not on cars in Europe and they get higher milage. I am also a petroleum engineer and can tell you that putting alcohol in fuel lowers your milage as well by up to 7%, that I have proven in my own cars. I know several people whohave had their converters stolen and while waiting for new ones found their milage to be noticably better! Its a Federal felony to be without one! Net net between the alcohol and converters you loose close to 15% and the air is not much cleaner. If you take a pre air regulation car and keep it tuned up it will pass a Califonia Air test station, Car and driver did onseveral occasions!

          • No intention of arguing on the ethanol point Just in case you thought I might… I ran a GMC Sonoma pickup with the ” Flex Fuel ” option on the E85 for a couple or three tankfuls… and my mileage dropped a dismal 15%..

            I will agree in essence, that a properly tuned EFI system, as I have had on my last three trucks, beginning with an ’89 Ford Ranger, The two could likely have survived without a cat converter, though I never applied the custom hardware to either.
            I am no ECU computer genius either, and have no idea how to doctor one to not recognize a system without a Cat on my Dodge Dakota…

            I have 45+ years as a DIY Auto mechanic on all of my vehicles, as well as family and friends, going back to 1966.
            Carburation carburetors, are ancient history… Thank God… Given the fact that there are only 91,800-some odd drops of fuel in a gallon, my 3.7 L Engine is doing OK @ 25 MPG

          • Up until a few years ago you could drop the converter an put a straight pipe in, but a lot of the newer ones have really sensitive backpressure monitors and the engines seem not to run right if at all if you perform the surgery. Several got stolen in the area an a few folks ‘forgot ‘ to replace them and did OK BUT one of the new cars could not go without! very expensive part.

          • sorry but he is correct they are constrictive on the exaust which reduces horsepower. Why do you suppose that most race cars run headers it is to allow the exaust gases to flow more freely

          • Yes… true… but normal street-cars do not run at the punishing RPM’s that NASCAR or other racers do… nor do they use ethanol-laden gasoline…

          • That does not matter they still constrict exaust gasses even at low RPM’S and that reduces power out put per gallon of gas which equals reduced mileage. And by the way there is a small amount of Ethanol in almost ALL gasoline but it has nothing to do with reduced mileage you get MORE power per gallon of Ethanol than you do gasoline that is why race cars use it.
            Converters simply do reduce fuel mileage as do most anti pollution devices on cars today

          • You said… “” you get MORE power per gallon of Ethanol than you do gasoline ” … BULL _ SHIT !!
            I had a GMC Sonoma pickup, with the “flex-fuel” option, in which I ran some of the commercial ” E-85 ” for a few tanks … My mileage DROPPED a full 20 %
            I’m certain that the ” mileage ” of NASCAR or other racers, is absolutely dismal…

          • It is not bullshit why the hell do you think race cars run alcohol MORE POWER PER GALLON, before you make an ass out of yourself look it up. The reason a race car gets bad mileage sparky is they are pushing hundreds of horsepower more than your Prius . It is a bad idea to argue about things when you have no idea what you are talking about.
            Wow even a little common sense would have told you not to write that reply to me

          • Well since I’m seeing you are not adult enough to tell when someone is engaging you in competitive sarcasm, and have to get your BVD’s in a knot thinkin’ yer all that smart and someone is calling you a moron… or similar…
            Go home and grow the fuck up

          • Yea what ever I am going to hold my breath till I get a pony we will see how you like that.

  7. When the wage paid does not cover the cost of living, it it time to look for another job anyway. Until the full new minimum wage goes into effect the people trying to actually get by on that are qualified for food stamps and other taxpayer funded services, so that means that the people of CO and other places are paying them for the wages that they are not currently getting. That is nothing but Corporate Welfare when the rest of the taxpayers have to make up for what the owners are not paying. If you look around even where the minmum wage is not going up restaurants are starting up and going out of business because it is a fairly unstable business – when you see a closed for remodeling sign on a restaurant most often it is followed by a for sale or out of business sign. In the fast food ‘industry’ it is way past time for there to be something of a shakeout – in many places, the only reason that they can stay open is by hiring minimum wage workers, and the owners are afraid that if they raise their prices by 5% that they will loose business when there are many of use who don’t go to these because of the poor wages and working conditions, who would if we knew that the employees were being better treated. Even though there is a Subway that pays minimum wage and a similar place across the street that charges more because it pays more I go to the other place. Walmart did not raise the pay of its workers out of the kindness of the owners hearts, it was because they finally cought on that many of us were going elsewhere to escape the narrow isles and the checkout lines and to protest against the working conditions.

    • Two wrongs don’t make a right!

    • How did raising the wages eliminate narrow aisles and long checkout lines?

      • The increase in wages only worked on one problem, but the tight isles and the long checkout lines remain, and if you check out the prices for the same things at other stores, the price may be higher, but the ‘shopping experience is more pleasant’ This is not an ad, but check our and compare Target with Walmart.

    • What you do not seem to realize is that Wal-Mart happens to be the second largest employer in the U.S. only U.S government is larger. I know for a fact Wal-Mart pays better wages than some of the SEIU members in the service industries such as your restaurant worker, and retail store clerks. My daughter worked for Safeway her hourly wage as union worker was less than the Wal-Mart across town.
      In North Dakota Wal-Mart paid $17.00 an hour while the union retail workers were stuck with scale wage of $9.27 an hour.

    • You sound like a wonderful person, apzzyk! (Too good to be true?…) Most other people buy their car, cell phone or t-shirt based on whether or not it’s within the budget, not how quickly employees involved get rich… The few times I have a fast food meal it’s strictly based on craving, nothing to do with anything reasonable…

  8. Minimum wage was meant for high school kids, low wages for low skills. What ever happened to earning according to the job you do? Oh, yeah, Obama and socialist leaders happened.

    • Progressive Republican

      Minimum wage was meant for high school kids, low wages for low skills.

      Not when it was enacted.

      Additionally, increases in American wages when compared to the GDP were roughly parallel until after the passage of Reaganomics. Since then wages have at least stagnated if not lost ground.

      So much for “What ever happened to earning according to the job you do? Oh, yeah, Obama and socialist leaders happened.

      • Actually, you’re wrong. Wages didn’t stagnate until G.W. Bush, and in fact lost ground with Obama’s disastrous tenure to the tune of $4,500.00 per worker!

        • Wages have declined an average of $5,000 per family . . .
          50% of Americans now make less than $30,000 per year . . .
          94 Million Americans off the employment rolls . . . lowest job participation rate since 1975 . . .
          50 Million in Poverty . . . and 46 Million on Food Stamps . . .

          ALL because of the insane policies of the Diktator in the oval office . . .
          Last Bush budget . . . 2007, largest income tax collection to date and only a 160 Billion deficit . . . then the Dimmmicraps took over Congress . . .
          The Dimmicraps own the current mess . . . and the soon to be 20 Trillion DEBT !

          And the Global Meltdown . . . caused by trillions in Worthless Mortgages . . . thanks to the Clinton 1993 CRA . . .

          • so you copy and paste the same shit over and over?

          • And YOU denie it is happening . . . one of us sure has a problem . . . I suspect it is the crazy lieberal . . .

          • I certainly don’t deny some of it is happening.
            what I don’t agree with is WHY.

            the 94 million POO I already disproved with math a 5th grader can understand.
            for some reason you still want to go with that.

            so maybe you should prove it.

          • So the Feckless Community Organizer is not at fault . . . it’s all Bush’s fault . . . that is insane.
            It’s SEVEN YEAR + later today . . .

            Obamy and Sec State Hillary have turned the world upside down . . . the ME is a mess, the Russians and Chinese are getting Aggressive . . . and the so-called “Leader” is playin golf.

            Don’t feel bad though . . . Guatamala just Elected a Commedian to lead their country and Canada Elected a Drama Teacher . . . seems the world is turning to chit . . . and of course the dopy voters will get the Bill.

          • It’s seven years later and EU is still struggling.

            don’t you read?

            you must live in a cave. the global economy is still suffering from the damage done by greedy American corporations.

          • the ME is a mess because some moron took the only think keeping it stable OUT.

            Saddam Hussein.

            BRINKLEY: One other question — it keeps coming up. Why didn’t we go to Baghdad and clean it all up while we were there?

            CHENEY: Well, just as it’s important, I think, for a president to know
            when to commit U.S. forces to combat, it’s also important to know when
            not to commit U.S. forces to combat. I think for us to get American
            military personnel involved in a civil war inside Iraq would literally
            be a quagmire.

            Once we got to Baghdad, what would we do? Who
            would we put in power? What kind of government would we have? Would it
            be a Sunni government, a Shi’a government, a Kurdish government? Would
            it be secular, along the lines of the Ba’ath Party?

            Would it be
            fundamentalist Islamic? I do not think the United States wants to have
            U.S. military forces accept casualties and accept the responsibility of
            trying to govern Iraq. I think it makes no sense at all.”

            I guess when OIL and PROFITS are involved, that advice no longer seemed valid.

          • “The Dimmicraps own the current mess”

            HOW IS THAT FOOL?
            WHO was president when the global economy imploded?

            I think the FOOL needs some reality.

            lets examine reality shall we low info con.

            Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
            After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

            Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
            After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

            Before Obama, DOW 6500
            After Obama, DOW 17,000

        • Progressive Republican

          Actually, you’re wrong.

          A bit more research shows that I was in error. Wage/GDP stagnation pretty much began in Nixon’s second term.

          My bad.

          Wages began to stagnate in 1972 as shown on the first chart below.

          And so far as the ground the middle class has lost (besides GOP fiscal policies having the American taxpayer pay for shipping middle class jobs out of the country) peaked at a difference of around $18,000 just before the the advent of Recession when productivity dropped significantly due to layoffs and jobs lost (next chart).

          And it’s the Rethuglicons’ disastrous tenure since less than 5% of Obama’s policies were enacted by Congress.

  9. Emotion is NO WAY to run a business. Lieberal use EMOTION to figure out a problem NOT LOGIC. That is why 700 and MORE jobs will be lost.

    Businesses already pay TOO MUCH in illegal taxes. Make taxes proper and you can give your workers the benefit instead of some Demoncrap paying off GREEDY friends!

  10. Hmm, why don’t these NWO communist elitists every propose a ceiling on their wages and bring them down to what they are worth? If we had a free press this would be a news story but because we have a State-run, fifth column media all we hear about is the former when we should be hearing about the latter! REVOLUTION will be he SOLUTION – ArmR===================?

    • “because we have a State-run, fifth column media all we hear about is the former when we should be hearing about the latter!”

      Where is my violin!

      it’s not in the media because it’s probably not real.
      the fact that they cite NO SOURCES for their “study” should tell the reader, it’s written by the disingenuous.

      did they let you turn in papers in school without references?
      so they have made a huge conclusion here about Seattle minimum wage, that has NO REFERENCES.

  11. 700 more on welfare to vote for democrats

  12. I believe this hike in minimum wage is really just a way for the government to seize more tax revenue. Most restaurant workers, except fast ‘food’ places, bring in a very decent living in tips. Most of those tips go unreported, thus untaxed.

    More evil from the Progressive do-gooders. In the end this will hurt more than help. But consequences never influenced a Democrat policy before, so why start now?

  13. Another thing no one seems to pay any attention to, when the minimum wage goes up, all other prices go up. Food prices, utilities, rent, recreation. So they don’t actually get any extra money, they just break even. In addition, there is no possibility of coming up with a tip, as no one will tip, knowing that they are being paid that much to carry a plate of food to you. Lose/lose situation!

  14. When a business has to increase employee salary and medical benefits, in order to stay in business it has to lay off some of its current employees or have a big increase in its product costs to its customers…

    Business and economy 101 indicate the results of increased wages, but Liberal Democrats & Communists do not take such classes because they want to give away more money..

    No common sense !!

  15. There are no ways any business can pay an hourly wage of $15.00 an hour and stay open. This shows you just how crazy the American Citizens have come to be in a Democratic CONTROL Government, NO COMMON SENSE!
    These changes are made by people with NO Brains are Common sense. Our Senior Citizens on Social Security could NOT even afford to eat at a McDonald’s because their Big Mac would be priced above $10.00. All prices would have to be DOUBLE to off set the Wage increase, in ALL COMPANIES? They are so DUMB to do this.

  16. To be sure, a raise in minimum wage is necessary all over the country. Way too many are struggling with making a living and are on food stamps and other welfare programs. But the Seattle increase is just too much for the economy. Lost jobs seems to be the result of Seattle’s boost. No job is not as good as a lower paying one. Unemployment is more welfare than some welfare. We need to use more logic in determining a fair amount of salary increase.

  17. Sanders supports this too.

  18. Another Obama job killer .. $15.00 per hr

  19. We must remember that “Progressives” are not stupid, even though it looks that way. In this case, they know what happens when wages are raised on the lower part of the scale: Soon, those who are just above them on the wage scale will say, “They’re getting $15/hr to flip hamburgers?!!??!!!!!! That’s almost as much as WE make, and our work is a lot tougher. We want raises, too!!!! So, not only will things like fast food cost a lot more, over time, EVERYTHING will cost more, and on and on it goes, then the cartel called the Federal Reserve says that “The economy has to be kept moving, so we’re going to introduce another round of Quantitative Easing (that is, INFLATION) to stimulate the economy”. Combine this with the unions demanding automatic wage and benefits increases in every contract. This is what’s been happening for over 100 years in this Country; It’s a HUGE part of what’s been driving businesses out of America.

  20. So Patriot News does NOT link to the “study”?


  21. Millions of jobs will be automated out of existence with a $15/hour minimum wage. Bringing in new hordes of low skilled immigrants who work off the books will also be the economic death knell for Black Americans. Of course when Obama’s Muslim immigrants, many with I.S. and Muslim Brotherhood sympathies unleash an uncontrollable wave of terrorism, the economy will end up in the toilet regardless


  23. One of the issues being overlooked by the focus on the minimum wage jobs is overall wage inflation. If a minimum wage worker is going to get a promotion to $15, what is the guy making $15 today going to get -$20 and so forth. It just isn’t at the bottom that wages will increase. Inflation will increase on every product and to control inflation the FED will raise interest rates. All of this leads to a weakened economy which no one can afford except the rich.

    McJobs will be replaced with kiosks and robotic cookers. This is already happening with kiosks and the rest will fall into place. The need is for better education in the trades as well as STEM. The more value that a worker can put into the end service or product, the more that they can earn. A leftist society that does not appreciate this basic rule of economics will falter and collapse of its own weight.

    • so your solution seems to be, GET READY TO WORK FOR SQUAT.

      I guess that is the new conservative slogan for the 2016 election.

      • Unless you are a high school drop out or entirely unable to find something that you can excel at; the answer is yes. minimum wage jobs are trainee positions and not meant to be lifetime achievements. Community colleges and other public education programs allow one to work and to learn on your own schedule. If you are not willing to put yourself into a position to better yourself – you deserve a minimum wage job. In the US community colleges are fairly inexpensive. You ought to see what they charge in Canada.

        • I do believe that you were complaining about the effect on the rest of societies wage increase to compensate.

          since our government has let 60,000 manufacturing factories leave the country, we are a bit shy on decent jobs.

          many of these workers ARE going to school.
          in the 60’s 70’s minimum wage was enough to live on.
          AND adjusted for inflation wold be MUCH higher than it is stuck at now.

          You can’t afford 10 cents more for a burger?

          • You are starting to get smart. Our total economy is in a wreck caused by both parties. Jobs have been sent overseas, jobs have gone from being full-time to part-time and many have just been eliminated. A higher minimum wage isn’t going to change any of that. Increased regulation of many types and Obamacare have taken their fair share of jobs. We need a restructured fiscal and economic policy before we see a better chance for everyone to move up the ladder. And Hillary can’t do it!

          • oh ya deregulate, the conservative mantra.
            NOW link me to the study that shows regulations are costing JOBS.

            nice talking point that you fools never prove.

            Higher miniumu wage WILL take people off food stamps and welfare.

            WHY are we subsidizing walmart to the tune of a million a year per store, so they can make more profit?

  24. Everyone blames Republicans and Conservatives for allowing the rich to get richer. I would like to know, where in hell is the outrage at Obama for raising the minimum raise thus allowing business owners to come up with a way to get robotic types to replace the entry level jobs for people with no education and the dead beats. I guess Obama feels there aren’t enough people on Welfare yet, so this should increase the Welfare roles significantly. I have always felt that if you quit school for no good reason you should not be eligible for any Welfare assistance. The same for women, one child out of wedlock, OK you made a mistake but you start having kids because you believe the government is there for you, I’m sorry, no way, you had best know the fellow who knocked you up so that the child will be paid for. I really do not believe there should be any more free rides.

      getting poor people a living wage.

      SO EVIL.

      people vote for Dems because you cons are EVIL.(and silly)

      you’re complaining about girls having kids out of wedlock and then support the party that restricts birth control and PP.

      “I really do not believe there should be any more free rides.”

      THAT is how Ben Carson got where HE IS.

      • I think you are as stupid as you sound. We all had the same chance for something as we were growing up and that my poor ignorant friend was the chance for an education, you didn’t take advantage of what was there for the taking, then you have no one to blame but yourself. As to how Dr. Carson got to where he is, it was hard work on his part, studying and commitment. Show me, fool, where he had a free ride. I, for one, am sick and tired of you who feel you are entitled to something that others have worked hard for. The world owes you a living but you have to work damned hard to get it. Once you damned gimmes understand that, we all can begin living well.

        • I know people with degrees from UCLA and working for $10/hr.
          so I am thinking education is not the golden ticket, silly con

          • If you know people with degrees from UCLA and they are working for $10.00 an hour Then you had best find a better class of people to pal around with because they must be as ignorant as you. Lets say I now have to pay you and others like you $15.00 an hour, I will now charge more for my product because I have to pay my help more, so who is the big winner, you fool? I do not want any more nonsensical dribble from you, unless you have something intelligent to offer but I seriously doubt you will ever have anything intelligent to offer to any conversation you get involved in.

          • ya, I can afford an extra 10cents on a burger to have a better society.

            Stupid drivel only comes from the mouths of ignorant cons like yourself.

            YOU are the FOOL who does not know that Ben Carson is a welfare baby while pretending to be INFORMED.

          • That’s Dr. Ben Carson to someone as ignorant as you seem to be and I told you to stop with the dribble unless you have something intelligent to offer which, after reading what you just offered up, shows you don’t. All you have shown me and many others who have been following these writings is that you and all the Liberal Gimmes expect those of us who have been successful in our endeavors to give you what the rest of us have worked our whole lives for. I’ve got news for you fool, you had best start carrying your own weight or hope your mom and dad are there for you because the rest of us are sick of your give me attitudes

          • listen up ignorant one.
            Carson IS A WELFARE BABY.
            that is a fact, that YOU, the low info voter seem unable to accept.

            And as for your stupid idea that every one is on the take except you right wing morons, IS in fact the evidence that YOU are a MORON.

            Myself and all the “liberals” that I know, have worked all their lives.

            THAT is why I have a cushy pension and retired at 60.
            AN NO it’s not a government pension as all you retards like to ASSume.

            the moron con seems to be unaware that most people on welfare are white and live in the south.

          • Still offering up nothing intelligent. Those Liberals you know are they your UCLA people with the degrees that are working for ten dollars an hour? I also retired at the age of 60 , served my country in the military and also have a nice comfortable pension and lifestyle. So if you did it and I did it, have you ever asked yourself why those that feel they are entitled to everything we have, didn’t? Like you I understand that there are those out there that need help but unlike you, I know that there are far to many abusing the system and this must be stopped. If you and your Liberal cohorts believe you are helping anyone by giving them something for nothing, then we as a nation are finished.

          • WHO are these people that you think sit around and say, “the country will support me”
            “I deserve free stuff”

            I don’t know those people.
            have you met some?

            This is Right Wing Propaganda to make YOU angry. plain and simple.

            sure there are free loaders abusing the system, but if you think they are all liberals, I guess that explains why you vote for the idiot GOP.

            I don’t know anyone on any kind of assistance.

            Oh and what party cuts Vet benefits? YOUR PARTY the GOP

        • “Show me, fool, where he had a free ride”

          OK MORON.
          400,000 sources should take care of YOUR IGNORANCE.

        • “I, for one, am sick and tired of you who feel you are entitled to something that others have worked hard for”


      • Bear in mind that this is a conservative forum and most of the people in the audience are uneducated morons who drool and froth at the mouth whenever they read (those that can) something that is logical and makes sense.
        When progressives speak to these buffoons it’s like intelligent aliens visiting a planet of rabid cave dwellers.

  25. All those people who lost their jobs could think the communist/Democrats for that! They are always so free with everybody else’s money while they shelter and protect their own!

  26. I’m curious how a single parent with one or more children can have a home (appartment whatever), enough food, enough for doctors (you WILL need them with kids) and medications, transportation to and from work, and all the stuff needed to support a family on $15/hour. I ran the numbers for the midwest, and it came to just under $22/hour (Oh, yeah, don’t forget taxes – Fed, State, local). I then looked on line and found that my numbers were close for the midwest, but it went to a minimum of $50,000/year in New York City!
    Go ahead and price things, and show how you could live with a child for $15/hour. Now, if these were High School students working to save for college and supported by parents $15 would be great, but we are talking about people who are sole support of a family.

  27. That is what happens when you have liberals in charge. Irrational people take irrational actions and kill jobs. I guess they believe killing jobs is a good thing!!
    I am sure those who lost jobs will remember those who are responsible!!

  28. How predictable was this result!

    Every economist that talked about raising the minimum wage said this would happen…

    And all the liberals are simply amazed…. But they don’t care, about the 700 that lost their jobs.

    • the 700 jobs that are only lost in Right Wing Media for some odd reason.

      • That might have been funny if it were not people that liberals threw under the buss that are suffering…. Right wing media didn’t lose any jobs…

        The guy or gal serving you your coffee in the morning did…

    • Seven recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences were among 75
      economists endorsing an increase in the minimum wage for U.S. workers.

      In a letter released today, the group called for the hourly minimum
      wage to reach $10.10 by 2016 from its current $7.25, and then be indexed
      for inflation thereafter. They said “the weight” of economic research
      shows higher pay doesn’t lead to fewer jobs.

      Past increases in hourly pay have had “little or no negative effect
      on the employment of minimum wage workers, even during times of weakness
      in the labor market,” the economists wrote. “A minimum wage increase
      could have a small stimulative effect on the economy as low-wage workers
      spend their additional earnings.”

      Nobel Prize winners Kenneth Arrow, Peter Diamond, Eric Maskin, Thomas
      Schelling, Robert Solow, Michael Spence and Joseph Stiglitz were among
      signatories of the letter, which was released by the Economic Policy


  29. I can’t deal with this silliness any longer. I’m leaving.

  30. Surprise, surprise this is exactly what we conservatives said would happen but that’s OK the left will spin it in some absolutely ridiculous way. You can be sure it will have nothing to do with reality though.

  31. Are minimum wage jobs the only kind Obama can create? YES!

  32. Seven recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences were among 75 economists endorsing an increase in the minimum wage for U.S. workers.

    In a letter released today, the group called for the hourly minimum
    wage to reach $10.10 by 2016 from its current $7.25, and then be indexed
    for inflation thereafter. They said “the weight” of economic research
    shows higher pay doesn’t lead to fewer jobs.

    Past increases in hourly pay have had “little or no negative effect
    on the employment of minimum wage workers, even during times of weakness
    in the labor market,” the economists wrote. “A minimum wage increase
    could have a small stimulative effect on the economy as low-wage workers
    spend their additional earnings.”

    Nobel Prize winners Kenneth Arrow, Peter Diamond, Eric Maskin, Thomas
    Schelling, Robert Solow, Michael Spence and Joseph Stiglitz were among
    signatories of the letter, which was released by the Economic Policy

    BUT of course Patriot News and the Right Wing Media know better than Nobel prize winning economists.

  33. She shares with BHO the ambition to turn the United States into a 3rd world country and they don’t care how they do it. They are not thinking that if no one is working, there won’t be taxes. How then, will they be able to fund all their objectives?

    • “She shares with BHO the ambition to turn the United States into a 3rd world country ”

      how small a brain does the conservative have to have to believe this shit?

      WHO tells you fools this crap and WHAT evidence do you hang your hat on to claim it to be true?

  34. OH heck… Reasons for Obimbo and his United party of Reid and MC Connell to do a “SPIKE” in the Rose Garden… GDP is BOOMING at under 1.2% fot the Year.. another Quarter of a million Amricans File for Unemployment and the Senate ( minus a few REAL ELECTED TO DO THEIR JOBS legislators) gives him a Credit card for his LAME DUCK time to BLOW more TRILLIONS in WASTEFUL programs…. Is it time for America to actually have a SECOND PARTY ???
    Is the REPUBLIC really FINISHED????

  35. It’s closer to 7000 jobs, not 700, IMHO

  36. Only a total moron would have expected anything less I swear to be a liberal you must be semi retarded

  37. t was nice for some the states to increase the minimum wage to $15, but it should be over six years. Raise it to $9 immediately and then a dollar each year after the initial date of the $9 Flipping hamburgers is not a career. Those without a high school diploma do not deserve much more. Maybe in expensive cities such as NYC and San Francisco, etc., yes I guess these hamburger flippers want medical insurance, two weeks of paid vacation, and 6 weeks of maternity leave. The Federal government should raise the Federal Minimum wage to $8.25/hr and an automatic a dollar for the next six years.

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