Seattle Judge Upholds Tax on Guns

Last summer, the Seattle city council voted to enact a “gun violence tax,” forcing the city’s law-abiding gun buyers to pay $25 extra to purchase a firearm. The council also placed a tax on ammunition, charging between two and five cents a round, depending on the type. Immediately, the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups filed suit, claiming that the city was exceeding their legal authority.

This Tuesday, King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson dismissed the NRA’s challenge, upholding the tax.

“The NRA and its allies always oppose these commonsense steps to shine light on the gun violence epidemic,” said city council president Tim Burgess. “Judge Robinson saw through the NRA’s distorted efforts to put gun industry profits ahead of public safety.”

The city’s tax was developed to mimic a similar one in Cook County, Illinois. The Chicago-area tax was supposed to provide additional revenue for gun safety research. In Seattle, the proposal is to put the money toward gun violence itself, a problem that reportedly costs the taxpayers $12 million in medical bills. The argument falls a little flat, though, seeing as how even the most extravagant estimates only predict a yearly windfall of $500,000. This would be like destroying the economy with carbon regulations that won’t actually do anything to solve global warming.

In other words, business as usual for Democrats.

Some public health officials have likened these taxes to the war on tobacco. After states pushed cigarette taxes through the roof, it had an immediate impact on smoking rates. But you don’t have to be a genius to see the difference. For one, taxpayers were within their rights to demand that smokers pay for their own astronomical medical bills. In this case, taxpayers want law-abiding, safety-conscious gun owners to pay for criminal violence. If simply owning a gun led inevitably to crime and death, these taxes might be defensible. But that’s not the case.

Second, there is nothing in the Bill of Rights protecting a citizen’s smoking rights. Federal prohibition would be a mistake, but it wouldn’t be automatically unconstitutional. When it comes to guns, prohibition would be both a mistake and automatically unconstitutional. So to get around that pesky fact, Democrats are going to tax the bejesus out of them.

If the city council wanted to impose a $1,000 tax on each gun, would it still be legal? At what point does it become too obvious that it’s just a way to ban guns without actually having to ban them?

Or maybe this is just an attempt to psychologically brainwash Americans into thinking there’s something wrong with buying a gun. If you’re paying a tax meant to help victims of gun violence, surely you’re contributing to the problem in some way. It’s an effect that, again, worked marvelously with tobacco. And with guns, it could indeed work again. Roll out enough ads portraying gun owners as monsters, and you’ll have your results in five or ten years.

At that point, you really can start chipping away at the Second Amendment. That’s why it’s so important to get out in front of these things early.


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  1. People’s Republic of Washington State – what more one should know?

  2. You wanted communist/socialist government, you voted for communist/socialist government, YOU GOT IT!

    • The most hilarious thing is the fact that the PMIC SUCKED ass with all the blacks, got their votes, then shoved it up their asses just like he’s doing everyone else. Got something different than what you SUCKED ass for, eh freebie lovers?? HAHAHAHA

      • It is a bittersweet irony, that I do have to snicker at from time to time.

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          • I don’t know where you con artists get your facts, but you cannot purchase a McLaren F1 with 18k. I also have no idea what a stride mother is, all I know is it must be your code for the manager who set up this scheme. Get lost.

    • The claim that smokers now pay for the additional medical burden on tax payers is absolutely laughable. Most of them buy on the black market or go across state lines so they don’t have the added burden. But even if they did, they are paying for what THEY did; a gas tax is paid by those who use the roads to cover maintenance, but a gun and ammo tax is forcing law abiding citizens to pay for what criminals do, why not have a criminal tax and if they can’t pay it execute them, problem solved!

      All this will do is force law abiding gun owners to make their purchases out of state. It will also make it profitable for individuals to make bulk purchases and sell to friends and coworkers. More than likely it will cause loss of jobs and higher crime rates when gun shops close. These libturds are just that, brainless turds!

      • I agree completely. I am from MD and this government does everything in its power to infringe upon the law abiding citizens at the same time it is giving criminals a free pass.

      • But the libturds are GOP & DEM, and you and many other keep voting these idiots back in office, or you don’t vote. Politicians are like diapers, when they get full of BS, it is time to change. They’ve tax the hell out of tobacco products, alcohol and gas with the BS lies that the extra monies will be use for studies, research, awareness, prevention, and gas taxes to fix the roads, and money from lotteries profits to improve schools. VOTE OUT the judge and all the political idiots that supported the tax.

        • You assume a lot. I don’t vote for dems or most of the GOP candidates, so your “blanket statement is false. If you had half a brain you’d know that the elections have been rigged for at least 50 years!

    • I have NEVER voted for any communist/socialist government.

  3. Liberal judge! This appears to be taxation without representation!

    • The jerk is most likely a MOOSELUM! Sooner or later, WE THE SHEEPLE are going to wake up, but it will be far too late and tons of bloodshed will ensue.. What’s to keep a group of people from going to another state and collectively stocking up?? I know I’m ready!! VERY READY!!

      • You know what happens when you put a bear in the corner or a line in the corner and they have no whirls to go? Well get prepared it’s coming here because the people are tired of the Marxist bullshit

        • After you go flying through a post with your voice recognition software, why don’t you go back and fix the words and spellings? The crap words and spellings really hurt your credibility.

        • Hey I got it, kassa1. Ignore the idiots who don’t have any better response than to criticize the failures of Techno Feudalism and bozo software that THEY think makes you look stupid!
          Your point is well taken here; we got better things to do than b_tch about finesse!
          Hey phonics cops; how do you spell the sound of a round being chambered?

        • Really, then why do they keep electing them ?

          • Obama and Reid (and I’m sure their were more) were not reflected the elections were rigged for at least these 2 thugs. I personally knew of 2 cases alone that the votes are cast for Obnoxious before the people ever signs for their ballot and many more infractions reported where whole tows voted for Obimbo,and that sounds just like N Korea and the there was the valadiation process for Dirty Harry where 6momths before the election Reid was 20percentsge points behind but the screed for brain wash pour pose, was bring Harry up in the polls till the last month were they portrayed him as tied and that was for validation when people would say his election was fixed !

      • Why MUST you go to other state to buy this them guns if you have them already? YOU don’t need more firepower, unless you plan on a nurdering a la San Bernardino. YOU are highly suspect and want to profit from it by reselling them.

        • No reason not to have different fire arms for different purposes. You won’t be squirrel hunting with a 12 ga. shot gun, you would have nothing left.

        • You do not need to go to another state, this is a CITY tax scheme. All you have to do is deal with businesses outside the Seattle city limits. When the retailers of firearms, ammunition and accessories demand a recall election for this bit of arch-stupidity, they will repeal this illegal tax in a New York minute. ‘This them guns’? Gun owners usually want more, and if they have the money to get them, what is that to anyone? The vast majority of us are not planning to pull a mass shooting, we simply want to practice a right verified by the Constitution, and this tax is a direct attack on that right, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the state of Washington.

        • Had to be somebody to play on that. It was meant “in general!” Those in Wash going to another state if need be..DUHHHHHHH!!!!

      • Me too. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

      • I doubt he is Muslim. Communism and leftist ideology is something that is supported by another middle eastern group however. That group is also responsible for importing Muslims.

      • I wouldn’t advertise,,When they decide,they won’t knock ,they will use three(3) sherman tanks

      • You don’t need to go to another state. Just go to different city…Spokane or even Olympia (the state capitol), for instance. Let Seattle stew in their own juice.

    • I just Wonder . How many More Days , until the Next REVOLUTION !!! ???

    • While I disagree with you, it is the incompetent lawmakers finding a way to pimp the gun and ammo buyers to get more revenue. Why not add a $1000 to all vehicles sold in that state, since they kill more people than guns. This is what all you citizens get when you keep voting for the same idiots in offices. The law makers in most states refuse to pass minimum penalties that the judges CANNOT lower for violators who use firearms in crimes. And write stiff laws for ALL illegal sales of firearms, ammo and gunpowder. Kick out of jail the pot smokers to make room for these gun monsters. This is why lawful gun owners are against idiot lawmakers and their Gun Control Bills. First create a stringent test to obtain to receive a concealed gun permit. It should be the same in ALL states so that that the permit it can be accepted in ALL states, same as a driver license. Only those with this new stringent gun permit should be allowed to purchase firearms, ammo and gunpowder. These ideas will not affect law abiding US citizens to buy and own firearm. Allow all states to sell assault type weapons and clips, but must be licensed with the Federal ATF agency the same as automatic weapons. When all narrow minded gun owners and the NRA refuse all new gun laws, you’ll get these stupid laws.

      • Lets start a tax on Free shit and welfare….sounds like a money maker to me!

        • might be better to just eliminate it and the global welfare and start at the beginning…you need you get…you live in suck hole and bad mouth the USA you get….another missile ahole…jump out there in your street and celebrate when the USA gets hammered, then you better have said your prayers to mohammy….

  4. Thank God I moved away from that commie city.

  5. Hey, whadya know….a “common sense” gun law. Does that mean that the other 25,000 gun laws extant are NONSENSE????

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Apparently as none are ever enforced, but on the bright side it does keep the lawyer/politicians off the streets.

    • it is imperative that a bureaucrat constantly strives to create the illusion of productivity….otherwise folks might get the impression that the scuz bucket is not really necessary and eliminate his job(sic)….

  6. I would think that, given that the Second Amendment of our Constitution states, particularly, that said right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed” would be an absolute bar to any form of tax which would place a burden on those rights. If the logic used by the court in this case were to be applied to the rest of our rights guaranteed by our Constitution you may be required to pay a tax to keep government from searching your home, person or property without a warrant issued by a magistrate or probable cause. Or how about this, you could be taxed before you spoke on any subject with the amount of the tax established by so many dollars or cents per word. Does that sound foolish? Think about it… Maybe they could tax you into becoming a Muslim? The same logic will apply. The judge in this case is completely stupid and certainly does not know the Constitution of the United States.

    • Coming soon: A BURKA TAX.

      • don’t forget the tax on Pork and where is the tax on knives? there should be a tax on dogs, camels and don’t forget the rag head wrap. and their toilet paper. (corn cobs) real dry ones. send the bastards home now.

    • This Judge just committed Treason, as he swore an Oath of Office, to uphold the Constitution & Bill of Rights and is obviously doing the opposite

      • he has to keep up appearances with those coffee shop socialists that he fraternizes with….if he screws up they will not invite him to their parties….

    • how much tax are they going to charge Obama for buying all the guns he is giving his muslum brother hood in America ,they need to charge him for all the golf trips he has taken, O that’s right I forgot we are paying for his butt wipe trips and the tax on his guns and his butt boy in the white house and all his other muslum joys he has

    • You are way off base, your example are NOT jermain. The issue is that Seattle council has taken a popular issues as another means to raise taxes on a PURCHASE that happen to be firearms. With the BS lies that the money will be spent on fighting gun related crimes. If I was a judge I would had ruled the same. Now that doesn’t mean that I support the tax.
      How many state raised taxes on fuel with the promise (lie) of repairing the roads. You need to get a copy of the US Constitution and read it. The law will NOT place a burden on gun purchases. This a good example of the ignorant and lazy voters keeping the same stupid elected official in office. Repeal the law and kick out all the elected idiots that supported the tax. What strict penalties does Seattle have for all violators that commit a crime with a firearms. What strict laws does the State have in place to keep illegal selling or buying of firearms, ammo and gunpowder?

      • Sorry friend Crawford but my examples are exactly correct and “jermain” to the issue. This is not about guns or bullets or gun powder. The issue is, can you tax, that is place an unreasonable burden on, any constitutionally guaranteed civil right? The answer is: Absolutely not! Any government act or action that would make it more difficult, no matter how slight, for a person to exercise his basic civil rights which are specifically guaranteed by the United States Constitution are strictly prohibited. The examples that I gave are completely logical and could be the next step the government will take to further remove your guaranteed freedoms. Pay attention.

  7. This is another classic example of jurists legislating from the bench. This judge should forthwith be impeached and prevented from ever appearing before the bar again. This will then go to the Supreme Court which I’m sure we will win in. But that is not the Democrats game, their game is to drain the NRA treasury so that no more funds will be available to defend Americans second amendment rights. These people should be called to account for all of these frivolous lawsuits and just plain bad law.

  8. Citizens need to take notice of the hobbies of town council members (golf?) and institute similar taxes on that activity. Even if it’s not a true sanctioned tax, prices can be altered to let councilmen feel the pain. Ban together and put it where the sun doesn’t shine!

    • Yup and put a 99.9% Tax on being a Politician.
      That should slow those Con Artists down some.
      Think of all the money the government would have then…

    • Interesting that you choze ‘hobbies’. Gunz are a hobby!

    • Now how in the hell are you going to do that? What I hear in these comments is BS rhetoric. A bunch of citizens mostly those in here are going to tax the Mayor and councilpersons golfing, ROFL. The only positive statement here is the city will lose taxes from gun sales.Politicians are like diapers, when they get full of it, it is time to change.

      • Steve Crawford – It’s easy to tax the Mayor. When he comes into my store, every price tag he sees is a remnant from yesterday’s “Half Off Everything” sale. Today’s prices are twice whatever the tag reads. The Mayor now has the choice of paying my “Dick Head Tax” or shopping someplace else. With enough support, the Mayor is hosed.
        It’s a small statement I realize, but better than rolling over.

  9. I believe such a “law” like this must come from the state legislature first….
    and is it unconstitutional in targeting one group with a tax?

  10. Another liberal judge ruling for the party line and not on what the law and constitution say. Idiots like this make me sick.

  11. Well, It’s Seattle! Where the Conservatives make do and the Liberals stew over the next “new tax” which will a “Flush tax” for using the potty! The NRA will appeal and this decision will be overturned. Seattle is well on it’s way to being the West Coast Chicago! The “real citizens” of Seattle just wish all of those lost Hippies and Californians would just go away!

  12. Well…cheer up folks, because it will get worse!

  13. It is simple~~Gun shops close down in Seattle and move to the suburbs and they. Seattle loses all that tax income and the other little towns around will gain without the poison tax. Look at Chicago now!

  14. Seattle judge is GUILTY of Violation of United States Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 13 Section 241 & 242 (Violation of a person’s RIGHTS under Color of Law).

  15. get a life and stop being stup

    they can shove it up their ninny ninny boo boo asses…all these idiots will be found if there is a revolution..along with all the other traitors to America and our Constitution..they better remember the Constitution is what will stop all this some day..and Patriots to America have that right to keep this Country safe and to keep out tyrants and traitors to America from KILLING OUR WAY OF LIFE ..

  16. Merry Christmas everyone..this judge should first be disbarred, then arrested and imprisoned!

  17. Uh, oh. They’re at it again. This is why we support the NRA. Because they refuse to let these namby-pamby anti-gun activists push that camel’s nose under the tent. Stop it now or soon the whole damn camel will be standing on your chest. And if the Hildebeest becomes POTUS we’re going to have a herd of camels stomping on our gun rights. Soon they’ll go after the gun manufactures, if not the guns themselves, and they’ll try to tax them beyond the reach of the average citizen. The goal of the liberal progressives is to disarm the American public. Then only the elites will have access to personal protection via hired body guards.

    • THEY WILL NEVER, EVER take all the guns. A civil war will happen when they TRY!!

      • No, the liberal progressives won’t be able to snatch all 300 million guns in the U.S. But, because of the fear of government retribution, they’ll make it exceedingly unlikely that you would use your gun in a situation where and when it was indeed called for. So, in effect, when one hesitates to use his weapon, he’s essentially disarmed himself. What we need to do is make sure that Hillary Clinton never serves a minute as POTUS. Elect no-nonsense conservatives to public office and we won’t have to worry about some namby-pamby democrat going after our guns and castrating the 2nd Amendment.

    • The Banking system has already been threatened by the “Establishment” to not do business with manufacturers. And things like PayPal to not allow money collection for purchases on line.
      See they are already attacking the gun manufactures.

  18. When I was in school our civics teacher insisted we lived in a democratic society where majority rules. I learn everyday that she did not know what she was talking about. One judge high on pot can over rule a majority of the population. He is able to do so because the silent majority is unwilling to stand up to him.

  19. Too bad the activist judge desires to rule by whim, rather than the law. Or perhaps, the judge is merely comprehension impaired to the point that he cannot understand the phrase, “shall not be infringed”. Now, to some this tax added to the price of the gun and ammunition is merely a small price increase, but where does it stop? Perhaps a $25 tax is not an infringement, but why not a $20,000.00 tax on every gun and $100 on every box of ammo? See how easy it becomes to end gun sales? But why not put a tax on Judges? Why not a $1,000,000.00 tax on every decision that adds to the cost of exercising a Constitutional right? Said tax to be deducted from the Judges salary.

  20. Communist always use tax as a scheme to tax you out of what they do not want you to have ! Taxation without representation is just what you have scene this week with the over trillion dollar (taxpayer) theft for people who want to kill us along with the PPH
    baby killing and utilization machine.


    SOAP sent you a message.

    Listen to my new episode MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA at #BlogTalkRadio

  22. Way to go judge. You’ve now created a black market for ammo where friends by extra for their buddies or to sell on the street or wherever thus eliminating total sales tax of 8.89% for Washington. Dumbass.

  23. Fine we’ll just buy reload ammo and guns from private gun owners .. Stick law in azzz judge BOY

  24. I hate see day gun owners get pissed off and fight back .. But seems like basterds just keep pushing guns owners to point some one going to snap big time

  25. A city tax will only encourage people to go outside of the city to purchase their firearms. Another great example of a really stupid idea. The city will actually loose revenue as gun dealers relocate.

  26. Check the idiot judge for Payola, drugs, insanity and put him away.

    • It just could be that the NSA has something on this judge, that the current admin is using to get what BO wants.

      • PS I forgot to mention that the judge is a Dem, so he might have gotten a call from the head fed AG in DC, and offered a fed post if he sided with them and her ideas.

  27. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    How damn ignorant. I’m sure criminals are going to take the trouble to pay this regressive tax. The only things I feel liberals are useful for are as targets and serving as bad examples. Merry CHRISTMAS!

  28. You wrote “falls flat on its face” bekuz the tax duznt come anywhere near covering the hospital billz & other expenses being generated. How about if they taxed gun ownerz based on how much it actually duz cost?

    • And you think that the gang members and gang banders are going to pay somw BS tax?
      They just might go out and try to rod more peaple and i just hope that the person that they try to rob cut them to ribbins with a good hack saw.

      • No. They wont. But they will find it harder & harder to get gunz. I know the NRA wants you to believ its no problem for the bad guyz to hav gunz az long az you can to, but thats kuz they work for the manufacturerz.

      • No, they wont pay. But by not paying, theyd be giving prosecuterz an eazy win in court for an avoidance charj. Plus, their ‘baby mommaz’ will be trading all their gunz in while theyre in jail to feed their babyz and meth habits, so pretty soon, they wont be able to find cheap gunz.

  29. curmudgeon VN Veteran



    There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist/communist State. The first is the most important.


    1. Healthcare: “Control Healthcare and you control the People.” DONE!!!

    2. Poverty: “Increase the Poverty level as high as possible.” Poor People are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live. DONE!!!

    3. Debt: “Increase the National Debt to an unsustainable level.” That way you are able to increase Taxes, and this will produce more Poverty. DONE!!!

    4. Gun Control: “Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government.” That way you are able to create a Police State – total local control. ALMOST THERE!!!

    5. Welfare: “Take control of every aspect of their lives” (Food, Livestock, Housing, and Income). DONE!!!

    6. Education: “Take control of what People read & listen to take control of what Children learn in School.” ALMOST THERE!!!

    7. Religion “Remove faith in God from the Government and School.” ALMOST THERE!!!

    8. Class Warfare: “Divide the People into the Wealthy against the Poor. Racially divide.” This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to Tax the Wealthy with full support of the voting Poor. DONE!!!

    The bases are all covered! We are ripe for the New World Order.

    Forward this or delete it…
    Or just sit there and wondering what to do.

  30. The tax is pointless, not effective and violates the Constitution. That judge needs to be indicted.

  31. Here’s a few thoughts for all the progressive, freedom-encroaching liberals in Washington…or anywhere…levy taxes on motor vehicles for causing more deaths annually than firearms; levy additional taxes on those who sell alcohol to consumers who subsequently kill or injure another human while under the influence of same, and incarcerate any government employee who tramples on another citizen’s rights under the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  32. Might be quite interesting to see how long this foolishness lasts when reviewed by higher courts.

  33. Lancelot Blackeburne

    The tax system has long since become a tool for coercing behavior. That’s what is happening here.

    But on the other hand, I’m very curious to see what happens to gun and ammunition sales in nearby jurisdictions outside Seattle.

    There is a major cultural difference between Seattle and the Wenatchee Valley, a fairly short drive from Seattle. I don’t see towns like Leavenworth or Wenatchee putting new taxes on guns, ammunition or gun dealers, so I’m thinking that gun stores in those towns will see an increase in business as Seattle residents drive to those towns to buy their guns and ammo.

    Taxes do, in fact, affect behavior, but not in ways the Seattle City Council may like.


  35. Wasn’t gun violence much worse during prohibition, everyone walked around with a tommy gun, mobsters were dropping like flies, total meyhem in the streets. Plus, in case you lost your braincells down the toilet all these recent shootings were fake, drills told to the people as being a real event to garner support for new gun laws or even confiscation as was tried in Connecticut after the fake SH fiasco.

  36. The problem it is scenenot the re g istered gun owners committing the crime. It is the people who dont register the so you can are a crimanal for buy and registering their that is ok eventually they will not know where the guns no problem no registered guns 8 n the usa

  37. It will be like the tax on smokes that they did in NY city… outside the city and then they get no tax money at all. NY city is getting less tax money from smokes than they did before adding the big increase….dumb azzes!

    • That is a short term fix, but the long term fix besides getting rid of the Liberal morons, is to get it ruled as UnConstitutional then removed as an ordinance.

  38. There will be no such taxes placed on firearms in Idaho, next door. I believe this is totally Unconstitutional, especially the part of the Second Amendment that says…. NO INFRINGEMENT!

  39. In my state of Colorado, the criminals do not acknowledge that they buy or own guns—-thus pay no “gun or ammunition” taxes, as they get all of those from illegal sources. Something “smells” in this court decision.. As stated, the innocent are the ones paying the taxes—and the more taxes on the innocent will mean less guns for self protection, and crime will escalate. That judge needs to be recalled for lack of judgement, or worse yet, being a “tool” of the administration and violation of his oath to enforce the “laws of the land”.

  40. Another PHONY LIEBERAL argument and illegal and TREASON. Those officials must be SUED and REMOVUED!

    Only LEGAL gun owners will get taxed not the criminal who obtains his guns illegally and underground bypassing all taxing mechanisms!

    This is a FRAUD claim being committed by your officials who are breaking the 2nd Amendment.


  42. that Cook County tax has worked wonders on the gun deaths in Shi Town…of course the homos timmy and palmer are frightened of guns and so they think that a tax will do something that better police work and enforcement of existing laws will not do….

  43. I would like to know what the judge is smoking. This doesn’t surprise me, the judge being a city judge. It will be interesting to see what happens in a STATE court. first off, this tax violates the state law prohibiting cities and counties from making any regulation concerning firearms, as it is a state law, not a local one. Secondly, The city is just cutting it’s nose off to spite it’s face. Firearms purchasers will go to another city and purchase thousands of dollars in guns, ammunition and accessories, which the city of Seattle will lose tax dollars on. According to estimates I have seen, gun shops and other firearms retailers bring many dollars into the city’s coffers, not to mention state coffers with their purchases. In some places in the metro area, all it will take is crossing the street to buy their firearms and supplies without this odious tax. When the city starts to feel the bite from gun owners going outside the city, the shops in the city will raise such a protest over lost sales that the mayor and city council may face a total recall on the basis of stupidity

  44. What do you expect from a STINK HOLE of liberalism! NO COMMON SENSE. How come LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS have to pay an ADDITIONAL TAX while we are already paying the bill for smokes for drug users, medical expenses for illegals, and people to lazy to get available jobs to pay their own way ’cause WE will pay it for them????!!!!! TAX BURKA’S, TAX PORK, TAX KNIVES , TAX CORN COBS, TAX TOWEL HEAD GEAR. REMOVE THE JUDGE WHO DOES NOT RECOGNIZE AND SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE USA.!!! IT IS WAY PAST TIME TO “CLEAR THE DECK”!

  45. The Judge has violated the law in upholding the law. He has violated the Second Amendment like others in the past. No Where in it does it say…”Except For” So he can be sued as well as the city council for that violation of that law! Bury them in legal lawsuits and press it up to the higher courts. I don’t care what any County Court Judge has to say. He does not have that authority at all. It’s federal law and he can not say it’s not covered by that! He like other judges can be sued! One was removed from the bench in my county after I filed a complaint when he was not following the law there! Get rid of this guy too!

  46. This nonsense will continue until you remove ALL cancerous democrats from political office. Especially enlight of the socialist anti-American party it has become.

  47. I hope the NRA can gather a few more gun rights’ organizations and a couple of constitutional lawfirms to go after this “judge”. He should get his ass kicked off the bench forever.

  48. Filthy traitors. What a rotten communist State.. The voters aren’t too bright either. This so-called judge knows he ruled against our Constitution and should be thrown off the bench and into a cell.

  49. Appeal.

  50. Well, the black market on guns just soared! HAHAHA Go right ahead morons, impose a 200.00 tax if you want. Every local gun shop will have to shut down! Why? Because EVERYONE will take a day or two off and go out of state to buy guns! Dumbass, you just made out of state dealers rich. I just love how you “can’t fix stupid!” HAHAHAHAHA

    • When you tax something in one jurisdiction that is readily available to me in another, I have to weigh what it will cost me to go to the other jurisdiction to acquire it. If there is a considerable difference (savings), I can travel to make the purchase. If you generate enough animosity with the “taxing tyranny”, I’ll spend money to thwart you, even if it pinches me harder.

  51. The Democrats have succeeded in filling the Judicial system with Leftest Judges. Now they can continue their war against the Constitution and American citizens!

  52. So I imagine there is a big trade in “untaxed guns” on the black market in Seattle! Perhaps you would just buy your gun and ammo in the next city or town, avoiding wasting your money in Seattle. Also, I imagine anyone being a judge in Seattle would want to keep their job so would oppose the NRA, but wait til the Appeals Court gets this case! Go NRA.

  53. Seattle Judge needs nuts cut off /// Just sayin

  54. Kids texting on phones while driving cause a lot of wrecks so next they will tax hell out of all cell phone users /// Like always pick on good honest gun owners (( AGAIN ))

  55. I can’t wait to slip the noose around the neck of some judges. That day is coming.

  56. Since it’s okay to tax civil and Constitutional rights, along with taxing gun rights, we’ll have to tax speech, including conversation at home , at work, at school, in public, and everywhere else, tax the right to vote (poll tax), the right to go about, living our own lives, and on and on…

  57. HE is NOT an AMERICAN judge,he is PART of the brotherhood.

  58. They made the smokers of Minnesota pay for that new baseball stadium for the Minnesota Twins and now the smokers can’t even smoke in it. Does this sound fair to you?

    • The smokers were merely a convenience, used, fleeced and cast aside. They found the excuse that served their cause and the non smokers agreed with it and/or permitted it to happen. That is but a small example of what Jefferson cited as “the tyranny of majority rule”.

      • Conservative firearms owners don’t realize that are just many liberal firearms owners as there are conservative firearms owners. The only difference is the liberals don’t feel that felons should have one and the conservatives believe that everyone should have 2nd amendment rights.. The firearms dealers own the Republican party and they have brainwashed their voters that background checks will take away their firearms even if they are not a felon. They make more sales this way.

        • No, I think you’re wrong. Where did you get the notion that conservatives think felon’s should have guns. Also, where did you get the notion that the Republican party has brainwashed their voters against background checks? I’ve been a Republican voter for decades and you’re wrong on both counts. How could they make more sales this way? I think you’re distinguishing yourself as a nut!

          • I didn’t say the Republican party brainwashed their voters I said the firearms companies did. Of course you think I am a nut you have been brainwashed by the firearms companies that own the Republican party. The Republican congress voted down that background check when the poll showed 91% of the American people wanted it. Proof that the Republican party is owned by the firearms companies.

          • You’re just plain wrong on every count you’ve presented.

          • Of course you think I am wrong. You have been brainwashed by those firearms companies. You think even though you are a legitimate firearms owner that laws for background checks are going to make it so you can’t own a firearm. You need some common sense thinking. You have been brainwashed.

          • How are laws for background checks going to make it so that I can’t own a firearm? I’m not only a lawful firearms owner but a CCW permit holder. I can walk into any gun shop in my state and purchase a weapon simply by filing out the Federal paperwork and having the gun shop call the Feds for approval. It takes perhaps 15 or 20 minutes. In another state, I might run into a day or two delay after the Feds are called. Now, explain to me how that background check process makes me believe that undergoing it will infringe my right to own a firearm. I’m old enough to remember before anyone underwent background checks. They came into the picture at the implementation of, or after, the 1968 Gun Act. So, you think I’m brainwashed and need some common sense thinking? Touche! I think you’re a nut!

          • You are obviously so mad and bitter you can’t even read my words and get what I am saying. I don’t believe background checks are going to take your firearms away from you. That’s what the firearms companies have brainwashed you into thinking. Go back and read my comment again. You got my tirds wisted.

        • Said like a true democrat puppet. The difference is that conservative gun owners have sense and believe in our Constitution where liberals don’t.

          • Why is trying to keep firearms out of the hands of felons against the constitution?

          • It isn’t. But Republicans and the NRA also don’t want felons to own guns. That’s why we have a background on new guns. There are laws to cover such also. The feds just released a felon for buying guns illegally and selling them to known felons, 55 counts, he got 10 yrs probation on the only charge they plea bargained for. All total he should have gotten over 1,130 years. It’s the justice system that’s screwed up.

          • If I had an AR15 machine gun I could sell it to you without getting a background check and you could be a felon. You could use this machine gun and go out kill a dozen people with it and nothing would happen to me. That is not right. All felon know this and they don’t go to a firearms dealer to try and buy their firearm. I should be just as responsible as a firearms dealer. If that example you gave is correct he wasn’t very smart. He could have sold that firearm to me and give me $50 bucks for putting it in my name and then I could sell it to that felon legally.

          • No you couldn’t. That is a misconception same as the so called gun show loop hole. If you own a machine gun it is registered with the federal government and can not be transferred without a fingerprint and FBI inclusive background check. Gun shows, dems lie about that one also, a dealer has to check no matter where they sell at. I know, I was an ATF licensed dealer and gunsmith. As far as personal sales, any criminal knows that it’s cheaper to buy black market. You have to come to the conclusion that you can NOT stop criminals from obtaining firearms. Especially since the guns used in every shooting so far were legal. It is not a gun problem it is a mental problem.

          • Are you trying to tell me if I own an AR15 rifle I can’t sell it to anyone without background check?

          • I’m not trying to tell you anything except what federal law says. You said a machine gun. Those are handled separately from all other guns. An ar-15 in just a regular run of the mill SEMI AUTOMATIC weapon same as most 22cal and any other semi. Legal and multi- purposed. If you sell it or any other weapon to anyone who uses it in a crime it will be tracked back to the original purchaser who then becomes liable.if you really want to discuss a subject try learning about it first, then your points become more plausible.

          • Your the one that singled it out machine gun. I used the term AR15 machine gun to express what I think of what people think they need to own an AR15 rifle. Take a little time and read what I write not what you think I am thinking.

          • I did read what you wrote
            An AR15 is not a machine gun, so you are the one who does not understand what you are talking about, they come in semi auto and select fire, one you can buy with only a background check the other one requires FBI finger printing and intense background check. Please learn about the subject, you know nothing at all about guns. I do not intend this conversation to be crass. I only want you to understand your subject and you clearly don’t.

          • An AR15 is like a machine gun and shouldn’t be on the market for the average Joe to purchase. Why does anyone feel they need one. There are enough semi automatic rifles on the market they can buy. I think they should be illegal to own one. Nobody needs one unless he plan to kill a bunch of people.

          • And you think any other semi automatic is less deadly? Ar15’s are used for varmit hunting and are excellent weapons for self defense especially for women. What I can’t understand is why liberals want women to die rather than to protect themselves and family. Do you hate people so much as to disarm them so criminals can kill them easier? There are ten times more deaths from handguns yet all you are concerned about is a piece that looks Scarry to you. Guns will always be with Americans and governments attempts to take them and or regulate them out of existence will cause another civil war over our constitutional rights.

          • There you finally said it. Governments attempts to take firearms away from Americans. That is what the firearms dealers have brainwashed you to believe. I will have to repeat myself. There are just as many Democrats that own firearms as there are Republicans. The Democrats have no fear of losing their firearms. The firearms companies own the Republican party. They know if laws are made to keep firearms out of felons hands that they will lose sales of firearms. It is that simple. It don’t take much common sense to figure that out. If you can’t swallow the truth then I can’t help you.

          • First of all, if you really believe that bs then you have no common sense. What do you think the second amendment was written for, rabbit hunters? No! It was written to protect us from an opressive government. The man who wrote our Constitution said that, not me. So now liberals are smarter than Thomas Jefferson? I don’t think ya’ll would qualify to shine his shoes. Your own politicians are on public record expressing their goal to take all weapons. I will pray that you are enlightened and kept safe. Bubba, I don’t need or want your help, the government taught me how to kill and various other things including how to think on my own and how to tell when someone is full of caca. Good luck in your ignorance and have a good life.

          • Talk about ignorance. I informed you that there are just as many Democrats that own firearms as there are Republicans. Doesn’t this tell you something. You just want to believe the Democrats are coming after your firearms. If you can’t figure this out then it tells me you must have a very low I.Q.

          • Did I say they didn’t? No? Wow! But their party does want to take guns, why do you think I say they and you are ignorant? Because you have no earthly idea what the goal of your own party is. That is advanced stupid in action. Due to the fact that liberals absolutely can not be educated with real world facts I will end this conversation at this time. Good luck in your jaded life, I hope it brings no harm to you in the future. Aloha

          • So long as you admit there are as many Democrats that own firearms which in turn vote for their politicians I will end this conversation also. Good luck to your future.

          • An Off Duty Houston
            police officer was meeting two people to SELL HIS personal weapons, a meeting was
            arraigned after they responded to an online listing from him. (Star-Telegram
            Dec.30-7A) He shot one of the person who were trying to rob him of the weapons
            he was trying to sell. How many other
            Law Abiding citizens are selling weapons to who they do not know and the buyers
            have NOT gone through a back ground check?

          • Good example. Thank you.

  59. Judges also ruled that Dred Scott was property.

  60. It is not that much of a drive from Seattle to Tacoma, where there are plenty of retail outlets that sell ammunition. If I still lived there, that is where I would be buying in bulk, or I would be buying online and having it shipped directly to my home. The shipping costs would amount to less than the outrageous sales tax alone, much less the additional tax imposed by the Libtard Whackadoodle Douchebags of the Seattle City Council.

    I have a special connection to Seattle, as downtown is where my daughter’s mother worked when she was pregnant. She had to walk down the dark streets alone to get to her car after work, and one evening she had some crazed street thug try to break the window of her car after she had locked herself inside. Eight months pregnant, she simply pointed the pistol that I had purchased for her, and that psycho street thug disappeared.

    There was no blood spilled, and no police reports filed for the incompetent cops to utterly fail to act upon. The mere display of her firearm was enough to save her life and the life of our unborn daughter. Anyone who tries to tell me that firearms have no place in a “civilized” society is going to get the full force of my utter contempt and outrage.

    We both had obtained our permits to carry concealed, and we both did so. I have since moved to Arizona, where Open Carry has been the law since before statehood and Concealed Carry has not required a permit since 2010. The rate at which women are victimized on the street in Arizona is a helluva lot less than it is anywhere in Seattle. As the saying goes, “you can’t rape a .38” .

    NO ONE is ever going to convince me that I don’t have the absolute right to own, possess, and carry my firearms, nor are they ever gong to convince me to meekly surrender my arms to the douchebags who want to utterly disarm us. Not now, not EVER.

    Molon Labe, mutherf*ckers. Come and Take Them if you dare.

    Buy More Λmmo, while you still can. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is *still* the only remaining path to Liberty.

    Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. Be the Resistance. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

  61. Dan is right just starting the communist are taking our country from within disarming us is the last obstacle!!

  62. ihatelibs It’s right around the corner I am a marine vet will not surrender one gun !!! It’ will be taken after they have killed me if they can?

  63. Tax the middle class into oblivion – the communist strategy, it always works! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr======================? You will be needing them!

  64. This exemplifies why I do not go back to Washington State to fly fish. I last went in 2001. When I bought my out-of-state license to fish the clerk apologized to me for her state. Imagine that! “F” Washington State/

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