Seattle Democrats Turn on Each Other in Wake of CHOP Madness

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (finally) authorized the police department to begin clearing out the occupied zone known as CHOP this week, giving the Seattle PD the all-clear to retake their precinct and arrest any anarchists who decided they wouldn’t go peacefully. Having apparently – at long, long last – decided that it was a grave mistake to simply let a bunch of socialist activists take control of downtown, Durkan is now turning her ire towards the City Council. Well, one member of the City Council, in particular.

The object of Durkan’s rage is Kshama Sawant, a self-declared socialist who has been endlessly and actively supportive of the CHOP zone and the racial activists therein. Now Durkan has demanded that the council investigate Sawant’s actions over the last month, which she says includes “contemptuous behavior” in support of the anti-police protests.

“Disagreements on policy contribute to a robust public debate. However, policy disagreements do not justify a Councilmember who potentially uses their position in violation of law or who recklessly undermines the safety of others, all for political theatre,” Durkan wrote in a letter to the council.

The mayor went on to accuse Sawant of a variety of infractions: Letting protesters into City Hall after the building was closed and doing nothing to encourage social distancing protocols, leading a protest to the mayor’s private home, and using her position on the council to cheer on the CHOP occupiers.

“All of us have joined hundreds of demonstrations across the City, but Councilmember Sawant and her followers chose to do so with reckless disregard of the safety of my family and children. In addition, during or after Councilmember Sawant’s speech at that rally, her followers vandalized my home by spray-painting obscenities,” Durkan wrote.

All members of Seattle’s leadership have blood on their hands after the shootings that took place in the CHOP zone, and they all deserve blame for their staggering cowardice in the face of this absurd occupation. However, in a sea of terrible leadership, Councilwoman Sawant took things to another level. After one of the fatal shootings, Sawant said the killing “highlights capitalism’s brutality and endemic violence.”

In response to Durkan’s letter, Sawant released a statement: “Durkan’s attack on my office is an attack on the grassroots campaigns we’ve participated in and helped lead alongside many others, and the progressive victories we have all won together. While her words are directed at me and my elected office, I don’t take it personally.

“In reality,” she continued, “this is an attack on working people’s movements, and everything we are fighting for, by a corporate politician desperately looking to distract from her failures of leadership and politically bankrupt administration. Our movement will respond accordingly: we will fight with even greater unity and determination.”

Not sure there were any “working people” living in the CHOP zone, but nonetheless, it’s always fun to watch Democrats try to out-crazy each other.

Well, fun in the “might as well whistle on our way to hell” sort of way, anyhow…

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