Seattle Cops Can’t Say “Suspect” – Must Use THIS PC Term Instead

The term “suspect” is no longer to be used by the Seattle Police Department. The term has been banned by the politically correct powers-that-be. Now, when writing force reports, officers have been told to refer to suspects as “community members” instead, according to KIRO 7 in Seattle. And police officers are none too happy about the change.

“Several officers say the [new] term is offensive, explaining their work with violent suspects,” said the news station. “Sources point to the suspect who shot three officers last month after a downtown Seattle armed robbery. When officers involved in that incident were writing their use of force reports they were required to refer to the shooter, Damarius Butts, as a ‘community member,’ not a suspect, police sources said.”

Seattle police union spokesman Kevin Stuckey told the station: “I think this is all in an effort to make sure our report writing sounds politically correct.”

Police department officials insist, however, that the change has nothing to do with PC policy and is merely a reflection of a software update they had nothing to do with.

“The change appears to be part of a routine update by the software developer, which services more than 600 law enforcement agencies worldwide,” a department spokesman told the station. “The department’s force review section has not received any inquiries about the change.”

But officers are suspicious and they take exception to the use of vague terminology that appears to have no other purpose than to satisfy the liberal appetite for lionizing criminals and demonizing police.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with calling someone who is a victim a victim, or calling someone who’s a suspect a suspect,” said Stuckey.

These terminology changes came about when Obama’s Department of Justice began exercising oversight in a number of jurisdictions, and they aren’t the only ones police officers are seeing. As the Seattle station notes, corrections officers in Washington are now expected to call inmates “students” instead of “offenders.” Because that is apparently less damaging to a convict’s self-esteem. This is, of course, what we should be concerned about as a country right now.

Say what you will about Attorney General Jeff Sessions – and Trump supporters are somewhat divided about his hardline stance on drugs – but at least he won’t be furthering this kind of nonsense.

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  1. OK – Finally completely off the edge. Put some adjective prior to the term like ‘suspected’, ‘unruly’, arrested’…. You get the idea – Best thought call them what they are ‘suspects’.

  2. See what happens, you commie/progressive people. The thought police move and take over your lives. They are tell you when and want to think, who is guilty, and of course there is suspects there are no only corruption. The police officers should go on strike.

  3. Thanks to the “Liberal Left Morons” we are quickly becoming a laughing stock to the rest of the world and our nation is on the road to self destruction. I am seventy years old and can’t believe what is happening to my country and we just sit by and watch it happen. How sad.

    • Jim – I am 72 and totally agree with your statements. During our early years, the USA was a leader in the world – That sure has changed during our lifetime. This decision by the Seattle leadership – just push my ‘too stupid of a comment to igoner’ button and apparently yours also.

      • Never fear the folks that were willing once to pay the ultimate price are still alive, and some of us can still kick…the clowns are going to be unhappy soon…some are already..

        • Ken2012 i agree we are not dead and gone yet many are still left and will fight. i doubt that real Americans are ever going to let this natiion die.

          • I truly hope you are right. Buy guns and ammunition.

          • If you buy guns and ammunition be sure you take lessons on how to use them.

          • When people like us (In our age range) talk about guns and ammunition, we know about it a lot more than you think.

            Most of us are well trained, not only in training classes, but in the field and in real life also.
            Believe me, we are no snowflakes, and still have a lot of will on us.
            MAGA all the way

          • The Republic must and will survive, snowflakes, establishment, MSM and all the rest of the swine be damned!

          • Hear Hear !!…

          • What will you use on the Moslem Throat Cutters?? Thrown Rocks??

          • Hear Hear!

        • Sooner than later, a lot of those that are our age are not going to let it happen mush longer. The youth of today has no idea how great it was under Ike and Truman; how could they will the bastards who have been in control. The Johnson’s, Nixon’s, Carter’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s and the pos who just left office.

      • I am 83 and my sadness increases every day as the army of left wing fruit cakes who are now ruling our culture destroy it piece by piece and day by day.

        • Me, too. And, I am 63.

          • Me too and I’m 66.
            See the trend here?… Looks that the youngsters love to live in a way that we build, but a the some time they are in a path to destroy it. That makes sense?… WTH is going on in there minds?

        • Maudlean Spires

          We can’t give up the fight to the left. As long as we keep fighting there is hope. We have a good man for our President and hopefully he can name at least two to three more SCOTUS judges. That was the beginning of the moral collapse of our country, the liberal agendas set forth by the liberal decisions by the judges on the courts. The ninth circuit needs to be disbarred. The decisions that they make are reversed more than any other circuit in the country. He has to appoint a lot of lower court judges in the future. If he makes the right choices it will offer an opportunity for change. Obozo tried to tear this nation apart and he did a very good job of it. We now have to repair his corruptness. The demoRats have been playing a game of blocking all the efforts to reverse Obozos executive orders. He penned more executive orders than any other president in history. He tried to bypass Congress to get his agendas made into law.

          • judges , it seems, only try to change the law, not enforce it. The SCTUS showed them how to do it….. thank goodness for the new CONSSERVATIVE judge.

          • Maudlean Spires

            I hope that the balance on the SCOTUS will change even more in the future. There are two or three more judges that are advanced in age. If they can be replaced by conservative judges we have a better chance to alter some of the past mistakes that have been made by rulings from them.

      • We will be great again if we stand behind President trump who is working doing that very thing now on his trip.

    • I feel the same way, Jim. I’ll be seventy this year. I’m a naturalized citizen, veteran, and love my Country. My cousin is visiting from Austria tomorrow, and I’m apprehensive – partly because I’m ashamed of what has happened to us. The last time I saw him was in the 70’s, when the world respected us, and I was so proud to be an American.

      • Just point out conservative support all over the country and the fact that the adults in the USA elected Donald Trump as President and the idiocy that is observable are the former supporters of billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney, kenyan boyo the african pretender, and the ho clintoney…our resident arrogant incompetent criminal…and those same children are the folks rioting..oh scuza, “demonstrating” in the street, wearing Giant Vagina costumes and pu$$y hats…but be sure to show your cousin our commies in the news media and their counter parts in the democrapo party in DC who have helped bring us to the point of collapse..

        • True, Kent, we support OUR PRESIDENT a million percent, and point out the success, accolades and reception OUR PRESIDENT was accorded in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestine. All were more than gracious and respectful.

        • oh scuza, “demonstrating”

          Yes, a sorry bunch indeed.

      • Yep. My eldest granddaughter will graduate high school next year and wants to do part of her education at an art school in Germany. I worry about that because of the turmoil over there.

        • understand your point it does not matter the turmoil if is there as is here
          at least in Germany she with be thought the right way

          • Don’t be so sure. Look at what’s going on in Germany, it’s a lot worst than here.

          • carla AMERICAN

            And Mueller’s parents are from germany.

          • Look at Poland, Austria and Hungary who told EU, No Muslims period. They’ve had no Terrorism in their countries. If I ever travel, I will go there to visit knowing its a Safe Zone.

          • Well, you forgot Romania that followed the example of Poland and Hungary. Very severe law against terror activities. Poland for example, allows for suspects to be held for 14 days without charges but with court approval, and for foreigners to be immediately deported if considered a threat. It also regulates the sale of pay-as-you-go SIM cards. Good for them….

          • Romania! ‘Vlad the Impaler’ comes to mind! He knew How to Deal with The Moslems!

          • Without taking into account the brutality of his measures, which without them would not have triumphed over the Muslim hordes, Europe owes a great debt to him. He was never acknowledged that his actions paralyzed the Muslim invasion.

        • I would worry with you. Look at all the moslem crime in Germany thanks to Angela Merkel and it is getting worse over there. Listen to foreign new reports, not our lame-stream media which covers tripe.

          • The muslims and refugees have taken over Germany because Merkel opened the door for them. Now she does not know how to get rid of them.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Geeze! Why does that sound familiar?? ?

          • Lovinspoonful – She invited them, now she will have to figure out how to get rid of them. Not an easy task. We are a bigger country and we can’t get rid of them. She made her bed. Unfortunately, Obama made ours.

          • Paulene Perry Dougherty

            Obamas holdover judges are making it impossible

          • Those Paulene are the bedbug infestation we need to get rid of.

          • Paulene Perry Dougherty

            I couldnt agree more!

          • Yes that foreign student Obama made our bed and now it’s full of bedbugs.


          • Thanks JAY. I was so turned off at the thought of those foreign bugs I had to stop typing. You added the rest of the story. Thanks.

          • She does not want to. Just the other day she said that the German people need to accept that Germany is going to be a Muslim country!

          • OldHighlandGuyOne

            Angela is an East German communist and does not care about Germany. I think it is in her mind to destroy Germany for whatever insane reason. She makes no sense.

          • Germany has a History of Dealing With Problems!

          • Are you fucking serious?

          • Dulcie A. Covington

            obama is there to upstage Trump,as obama and merkel tell the people there that Muslims are good for them

          • Unfortunately our Gov started run amuck around JFK time.
            Both party started support One World Order, which cost USA foot the bill, largest single contributor, should be owner essentially or no deal. That is even if we want it, and i not care for other people self created problems like socialism. WHEN OUR PROBLEMS ARE NOT THAT GREAT!!!!

          • Lyndon Johnson started a lot of this crap when he tied our hands in Veit Nam

            !! It has gone down hill ever since

          • Until obamA came along, I believed that johnsoN was the most corrupt U.S. President EVER. Apparently lucifeR has no limits to raising the bar in his own game; he never ceases to top his own superlatives in depravity.

          • The thing about the Germans is they will only sit back for so long and then they take action. unlike what we Americans have become, spineless, weak, cry baby’s who have been led by the nose since George the 1st Bush was in office. The last four presidents have done everything to destroy America. George the 1st attacked the wrong country to justify the revenge of 911, Clinton tried to get us involved in a war against Serbia, George the 2nd got us embroiled in the Mideast again, and the last pos, created the turmoil that was the Arab Spring. When the communists tried to seize Germany in the 1920’s, the results were quite different. But the left wingers lost as they willl lose again and again. Irregardless of what country the left always loses as they are searching for something that cannot exist, has never existed and never will exist.

          • Speak for yourself, I’ll kill with extreme prejudice anyone and their family who hurts a family member of mine. As John Wayne once said, “No brag just Fact”! The Bush’s were Globalists and still are. that’s why Jeb lost. and Why Hillary lost, people are tired of this Crap.

          • Oh I like the way you think! I prefer to just shoot them on site. The word “sniper” comes to mind. We need to get rid of all of them.

          • Small correction. 9/11 had not happened yet when George H.W. Bush was in office.

          • I would add that you ought not to rush to exonerate Saddam Hussein.

          • I would point out that Saddam Hussein was an evil, rotten dictator, but he did keep Iran in check, and the United States set him up totally.

          • True, I was at work and my brain was not on turbo charge, mistake was mine and I should have caught that, as I usually reread my responses 2 or 3 times. It was George the 2nd when 9/11 occurred. Sorry for the error. A tip of the hat to you for catching it.

          • Good post. Except that the only function of the non-word “irregardless” is to serve as an illiteracy marker.

          • Yes that word does not exist. And it is also impolite to make an issue over such when we know what the writer meant. NotJim you left your own uncivil marker. Shame on you! 😐

          • As I was at work, I did what I tell others not to do, not to hurry their reply’s. I usually read my responses over 2 to 3 times, it is mistakes like that when I do not heed my own advice.

          • Left wingers are constantly lobbying for their pie-in-the-sky myth. And they like to paddle upstream against the flow. Nancy Pelosi has to pass legislation to see what’s in it. I suppose she’d want us to pay for a used car so we can see if it runs ok.

          • Not so spineless and weak, we elected someone from far outside the belt’s influence. As far as the German’s go, they have patience for only so long, then will do what they feel is in their best interest, as any nation should.

          • We have been spineless and weak for the last eight years. Look at the polls when the pos previous president was in the White House. Most of the nation felt he was a “rock star”, and could do no wrong. If that wasn’t spineless and weak then my definition is way out of date.

          • He was a “rock star” all right — did his best to run our ship up onto a reef. Clever. Not!

          • Your definition is apparently from before the most recent election. Don’t pay attention to polls, they are about as useful as propaganda.

          • I hated the Bastard! Obama – The Kenyan Koranic, Kweer Kommie Klown!

          • Excellent point Jim. Leftists are after a “pie in the sky” which perfectly fits into your last sentence above.

          • What did you expect Little Georgie to do, attack the White House? 911 was an inside job.
            Besides that Little Georgie had to get rid of Sadem before everyone found out that Georgie’s dad gave him the Chemical Weapon he used on the Hurds. Vincent Bugliosi wrote a book called “The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder” that includes all the evidence needed to convict little Georgie, but no one has the balls to use it. Not even Vincent to spite the fact that he said he would if no one else did.

          • Phyllis Schultz

            Thanks to Obama and his pro muslim policies we will be seeing a lot more of that here. There are already over 32 jihadist camps in the US, spread all over the country.

          • /I agree, why do we not clear them out? Just like Iraq, we saw them come across the borders by the bus load and did nothing, And we knew it!

        • His trip to the middle east, etc., has been highly successful and his speeches amazing. He is doing a lot of good and is uniting different factions. He has done a lot to cement relations with different countries and has received the red carpet wherever he has gone. These countries have been waiting for him for 8 years.

          • Better job than the commie, pos previous to him.

          • I always refer to him as a POS,,,too

          • Stephen Norman

            the correct term is bsos

          • I hope he understands that Turkey is not our friend.

          • No, they are our ally.

          • Yeah, and they are now run by a Dicktator! The Dicktator let his bodyguards attack people protesting in front of their Embassy here in the US while he watched, so there is a back and forth issue between us. He does not like it that we arm the Kurds either.

            Turkey used to be a good ally.

          • what’s the difference between a Dictator and a jockstrap?one is a dicktoter….

          • Did you really have to go there! You get a chuckle for that!

          • turkey is not our friend!

          • Did I say friend? I said they are an ally. They are a member of NATO and as such have a special place in our intelligence network. Those are the facts on the ground.

          • Staceydstewart

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          • i would not work for google if they paid 100.00 an hour there just like obama.

        • The only schooling we should follow is the Bible as we are living in the last days. God help the unbelievers.

          • What part of my comment did you not understand when I said that she wants to go to ART school??

          • Art is not a job #1 normally
            and # 2
            They get socialize in college to become snow flakes .
            Good luck with your socialize kids

          • You are so WRONG and NARROW-MINDED it is not funny.

            My granddaughter is anything BUT a snowflake. And, she is NOT a socialist. Her father is a soldier and she is an Army brat. She doesn’t take any crap off of anyone, trust me.

          • Yes and look at them today . News/ media, Actors ,etc. all lefty snowflakes , socialist commie’s !
            Again good luck.

          • And so, because of your narrow-minded worldview, my granddaughter is automatically a “snowflake?”

            Guess again, bucko.

          • WE still have the 1st Amendment. Everyone can still say whatever they choose. You can say you disagree, but no name calling, please

          • YOU insulted my granddaughter. MY freedom of speech gives me the right to respond. And, I didn’t call you any names.

          • I don’t remember saying your granddaughter would be one but odds are she will be indoctrinated .
            Face reality it’s true.

        • She’ll end up on the hit list faster in germany and the EU….Here – it will happen….later than sooner….

        • and you RIGHTLY should worry! Has she no common sense?

          • I think it’s her parents that have no common sense.

          • Find out what town the school is in and google it for violence and especially against women and show them to her or her parents. I have found some in other countries that local journalist have filmed. They won’t even film alone, the police won’t go in alone because they will steal the car if they leave it to stop the fighting.

        • Try to stop her. That’s a very bad place now.

          • Believe me, I intend to — when i see her at Christmas.

          • I will be talking to my son and daughter-in-law about it. That’s a long way off, but neither one of them watch the news or pay attention to world events. It won’t be easy.

        • I wouldn’t let her Go, It’s dangerous in Europe now especially Germany and France.

        • Paulene Perry Dougherty

          Dont send her to Germany without a bodyguard.

        • Merkel has already said that the people of Germany might as well accept that Germany is going to be a Muslim Country! Woman cannot walk alone anywhere.

      • People in the rest of the world have not been brainwashed by the press and from what I have seen they all really like Trump and his ideas. They have indicated that they are really pleased that Barry is gone. Take heart. Trump’s ideas will save the country if the members of the House and Senate don’t obstruct him.

        • If the establishment does try, look for a major political upheaval at the end of summer. As the anger is mounting against the propaganda are of the DNC, I refer of course to MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, the Washington Post, New York Times and all the rest of the traitorous outlets that are spreading lies, fake news and DNC crap.

          • “fake news and DNC crap”

            The “Russia smokescreen” is not funny any more. If it ever was.

      • Don’t be ashamed – unless you feel you have had a part in creating this mess.
        Over the past eight years American changed and changed fro the worst.
        We bent over while the nation was invaded by illegal immigrants who chose to ignore our laws and come here, remained here, worked here as they wanted – always in conflict with our laws – – and Obama supported it. More than just supported it; he accepted it, appeased the illegals and all but forced Americans’ to accept it!
        Laws mean nothing if they are not going to be obeyed; laws mean nothing if they are not enforced, laws mean nothing if enforcement is decided on who is being charged; whether it is grandma, the priest of four church, an illegal immigrant, a bank robber, or some politician who decided using an illegal server and sending out highly classified emails so anyone who wanted to hack into them and could see what we were keeping secret; laws mean nothing if not complied with equally and fairly!
        In eight years our laws have become a matter of preferential prosecution rather than a standard for public standards!

      • Don’t be afraid. This country is far from undone. I can remember similar feelings in the late 70’s when the country was in a state of turmoil and being an American didn’t seem to be that wonderful anymore. We survived that time, and even thrived enough to reach new heights. The media of those times certainly wouldn’t have given us a chance. Remember the ideals that drove you to become an American, and know that these ideals are still alive and well.

      • Jim Colon and Eck: Take heart, men! President Trump plays his cards very close to his chest. He forgets almost nothing. This is to say that, in my opinion, he has forgotten nothing concerning Hillary, the immigration problem and several other issues waiting to be solved. One does not graduate from the Wharton School at the top without brains nor does one build a financial empire of nearly 11 billion dollars with something like 1,000 different companies.

        By the way, Eck, my own family emigrated from Germany in the late 19th century and I still have family living there. Beyond that, my wife and I lived in Austria just seven years after the Russians were pushed out and the Iron Curtain was at its most active. We saw it many times. Austria has recently passed a law: no burkhas or headscarves for women in public. Assimilate or else go home.
        As a further point, I’m eighty-two and well remember Pearl Harbor and everything associated with it, since we live on the California coast.

    • Hell Jim, I’m 75 and it you as suspect you gonna be a worried one if I
      catch you on my property. LOL Mr Remington, Mr Mossburg, Mr Rugar
      will determine what is happening and the individual suspected of violating
      my property may want to question Mr Double Ought and his friends about
      terms later as the remove them form his body.

    • What if the one doing the crime is from out of town? How can he/she be a community member then? Hmmm…But you are right, this p.c. garbage I absolutely ridiculous!

      • Good question Bill Matthes. Would we call a community non-member a
        community immigrant or some other silly designation? My question is how and why did this “politically correct” agenda get started in the first place? This great nation seems to have mysteriously contracted a cancerous faction mindset found in a minority whose aim is to upset and/or destroy the heretofore stable, peaceful foundation. When we examine closely it is obvious this faction is composed of “cells” that do not demonstrate a standard, traditionally accepted Americana agenda. Historically there is a “tumor” in nations that give rise to an “overthrow” of historic government and replace it with a tyrannical dictatorship. Two examples are Cuba and Venezuela. There’s always an upstart who wants to sit at the top of the totem pole and dictate the lives of the “masses”. In 1776 thirteen British Colonies finally told King George III, “enough is enough”. Lest We the People forget…Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty!

        • As President Reagan rightly said:

          “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

          For this reason, we must take the Education System back.

          “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

          Our generation must do everything is possible to not allow this to happen. We still have the will and enough life to fight for it.

          “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

          We are ready!!… are you?

          MAGA all the way!!…

        • why does the snowflakes group like communism? Because they think it is cute to be on the other side?….and they will laugh all the way to the camps. All they do is spew tears and bad language and crapola! If they would stop and think before talking, use a little common sense, then perhaps they would not say this crapola, they would know which side they should be on….

          • bluebonnet you are “preaching to the choir”. The “snowflakes” are a faction with a primary agenda that’s anti-American. They spend time and energy ferreting out whatever they find that is very American then devise ways to run counter to it. “Snowflakes” all have one thing in common. They are all anti-God in general and anti-Christianity in particular. They are atheists or agnostics and there’s really no difference between the two except a minor mind game twist. Communism is anti-religion especially Judaism and Christianity which both glorify man. Communism glorifies the state. Bureaucrats make good communists because they worship government.

    • i am 74 years old and agree with you 100%. just what the hell did the “Greatest Generation” fight and die for and those who have served and fought and even died for after them? certainly not for good amount of trash that hate their own country these days. as a grown man it makes me sick and sad. sometimes at night i sit in the dark and think of how they are destroying our country and tears flood my eyes.

    • Our president is fighting it and we need to stand behind him.

    • We were with Obama in the White House. Our current president is trying to cure that and make us great again and has been working hard to accomplish just that. thus, his purpose in his trip.

    • AMEN!

    • Amen! ….and has anyone had the thought that the suspect in question just might be from elsewhere, and not be a member of that community??

    • Their not liberals – they are more like fascists and communists. They should be called what they are: “progressive”-totalitarians.

    • Amen, brother.

    • Me, too. I’m 73 and this is NOT the country I grew up in and made America, America.

    • It isn’t going to happen much longer, be patient and wait and see.

    • Yes I too am extremely disappointed in the direction and damage that our country has endured under OBama. Political correctness was the tool they used to mask what was going on, common core ( communistic) education system throughout with Socialist liberals educating our youth for over 20 years has damaged the minds of more than one generation. Socialist Billionare George Sorros who owns/directs over 200 anti American organizations including news organizations has been directing these actions for over 30 years As the puppet master/money man ( $26 bil) for the Democratic Party. He is obsessed with dismantling our country and turning us over to a one world order ( Dictatership– bye bye freedoms). The lack of guts by our Republicans in congress let this get this bad ( our last line of defense from a self serving POTUS). Obamas Czars, and Clintons Crime family threats has helped them to plant moles throughout our govt and state level jobs. They serve Sorros ideology and can’t be trusted to support our president and preserve our constitution. A complete Conspiracy to overthrow and dismantle us – and why no one has not yet charged him with Sedition/Treason is beyond my imagination?? Gutless Republicans? I’m still hoping That Sessons calls for a Grand Jury and indicts Sorros, OBama, Clintons, Rice, Lynch etc etc. our healing depends on doing that successfully– if they will not then us people must call for a convention of the states and take back all power and kick the corrupt/ anti Americans out of office and rebuild the DC team that will follow our laws/Constitution/close our borders/and support our military.

    • Ditto, Jim.

    • It would not be “sad” if everyone got involved in their local Republican party. That is where your state candidates start and are elected to be on ballots. Then they move on up to be governors, senators and congressman. I am 73 and last year to get John Bohner out of the Speakers Seat, I called approx. 40 Congressman (Freedom Caucus) it took approx. 30 min. I have pushed bills on these sites, signed petitions. I became a State Delegate to get my Congressman on the ballot. Do Something!

    • This is mild compared to what is happening in Europe. They are jailing people for speaking against islam in England and other EU states.

    • MidclassTaxpayr

      I’m right in there with you. In my 75 years, I’ve NEVER seen this country in the mess it’s in since Obama wheedled his way into the Oval Office.

    • I’m your age, and I can’t believe this Happy Horse-Sheite Either

    • I agree. It s sad. I am an Independent t Moderate and find this lack of respect for the Office of the President unacceptable. I believe it is outside money behind all of this nonesense.
      I have voted on both sides of the aisle over the years. Never saw anything like this.

  4. Richard Omiecinski

    You call these miscreants what they are SUSPECTS-period.I visited Seattle
    twice in the last ten years thinking it was one of the great cities.After having
    read about this political correctness I have my doubts.

  5. Since the left is so bent on not hurting the feelings of those who don’t give a damn about the rest of us, I suggest, that some of these ‘community members’ (talk about a
    n insulting term) be transferred to other locations: next door to the residences of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Bar-rack 0bame, moochie 0bame, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Huma Weiner, Valerie Jarrett, Chucky ‘Cheese’ Schumer, Kirsten Gilli-brand-X. And let’s not forget the wonderful, pillar of humanity: Sleazy Bill and Lyin’ Hillary Clinkton. BTW, these suspects, who, for the most part, have committed serious crimes, such as shooting, armed robbery, etc — why are we so concerned about the way they feel about themselves?

    • I can hear Rhett Butler’s famous line in GONE WITH THE WIND as an answer to certain people being “offended”—*Frankly my Dear, I don’t give a damn!*

  6. More foolishness! At this rate we will have to expunge half of Webster’s Dictionary! These fools will have to face God one day and they won’t be too happy! I agree with Jim Colon who shared earlier! I am 85 years old and have watched my country descend into the morass of “Political Correctness” which is anything but “truth”! Without truth there is nothing!

  7. What complete bullshit.
    Left wing political maggots and dumbass snowflakes seem to have Seattle by the balls.
    People of Seattle: Wake the F^c$ up and take back control of your city.
    Sounds like the fleeing Californicators have taken control of (what used to be) a great place.

  8. Pure unadulterated bullshit. Let me re-educate. a few of these ignorant snowflakes. About an hour alone with each of them should do the trick.

  9. Michael Dennewitz

    WHAT these dumbasses think of! GADS!!???

  10. This PC bull is totally out of control, demanded by the vocal, discontent minority. It’s wrong not to call an alleged ‘suspect’ in a crime. A member of the community is properly within a geographic area, recognized as a neighbor and part of a societal population.

  11. Gee, how did I know that Obama had something to do with this? That man spent more time on projects that wasted money than on accomplishing anything worthwhile. In fact, I’m trying to come up with anything he did that was worthwhile. He only wanted to stick it to white people and he accomplished that. What a loser! Did you read this Obama? No one can think of one thing you did except to vilify white people, steal our money and give it to unemployed losers, and promote chaos between the races. THIS will be your legacy, loser! Glad you are gone. Now if only you’d move to Africa and get out of our country….

    • To Law.Abider: How articulate you are! Well said, and every word absolutely “spot on.” Thanks!

      • I agree Lynne. The only thing I would add to Law.Abider’s comment is a recommendation that all Secret Service detail protection and pension money due to Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro be curtailed immediately. Stop all US money going to Bathroom Barry.

  12. InternetCensorsREvil

    Time to send clear messages to Trump and Sessions to nip this in the bud. NOW

  13. These terminology changes came about when Obama’s Department of Justice began exercising oversight in a number of jurisdictions,…
    THIS SAYS IT ALL!!! ~ If Obama is involved, you can bet it’s BAD for America!!!!

  14. Peter Sandbach

    In fifty years at the most And if history is written true it will chronicle the root cause of the downfall of the western world was the slavish adherence to the cult of political correctness by the very people who should have known better.
    I am not American but I hope Donald Trump serves two terms, he is the only hope we have left in saving our culture and society.

    • and then we elect Trey Gowdy of Sheriff Clark as president in order to continue “hosing out the swamp” and making the liberal children’s small minds explode…or something to that effect..

    • Thank you Peter Sandbach, “non-American”. We appreciate your comment and I as an American Citizen accord you Honorary American Citizenship because of your most kind support. Come on in. We need more like you here if you can tolerate the smelly crap the Left is stirring up here. I’d gladly kick all of the low-lifes out of this nation for just one of you.

      • Peter Sandbach

        Thanks for your kind and welcome comments. I’d love to come over to the USA today as I’m sure that I would contribute greatly to the cause and to the restoration and sanctity of the most precious American Constitution. Good luck with your fight my new friend, you have plenty of allies over here. I just take myself back to the day after 9/11 when the US flag was flying from people’s windows and from their cars. A proud moment for me indeed.

        • Peter you are not required to reveal your nationality but I would be curious just were you reside if telling us will not jeopardize your security. You would make a great American.

          • Peter Sandbach

            my nationality is English and I live in the beautiful county of Devonshire, the ancestral home of Sir Francis Drake.

          • Thank you Peter. Now for a bit of nonsense. On May 1, 1947 I was crowned King of Neptune’s Court at my elementary school. No monarch has succeeded me. I’ve been on my Throne 70 years. Now since the US Constitution disallows Titles of Nobility I shall exercise my Right as King to bestow upon you Knighthood in my Court. Therefore be it known henceforth that you are and by right ought to be addressed as Sir Peter Sandbach, Knight of the Realm of King John of the Court of Neptune. We pray God’s Blessings upon you, your family and upon the United Kingdom. Hail to and long live Elizabeth II. 🙂

  15. Americans Wake Up

    C’mon. It’s Seattle, the center of mindless liberal non-thinking America. What do you expect? If it is a software problem the problem is that the code was written by a liberal “snowflake”.

  16. Americans Wake Up

    The only “community” these SUSPECTS need to be a member of is the prison community.

  17. certain areas of the country seem to have developed some serious communist infection Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Oregon, Sacramento, LA San Diego, are the west coast communist bastions…

  18. is that like “comrade”??

  19. THE BEST WAY to get rid of bad laws and stupidity like this is…..

  20. Perp is key fewer strokes and says it all.

  21. Was planning a trip to the Seattle area.
    Not now—–heading to friendlier—–more patriotic areas of our great country.
    Where is Mt. St. Helens when you need it?
    Too many Californicators in Wash., Ore., AZ & NV.

  22. Lets just call them “wanna be criminals” or “outcasts of society”…

  23. Don’t let them do it, stand up to these PC bastards

  24. Total and Complete BS!
    The Left has lost what few brains they had among them. Feckin’ Bleeding Hearts. Coddling Criminals and demonizing victims.

  25. RichFromShowMe

    So now, at least in Seattle, there is no difference between Honest and Taxpaying “Community Members” and possible law breakers?

    These ‘Leftist Wacko’s’ will be the end of America.

  26. I guess they’ll have to start calling a jail cell, temporarily community member housing. WHAT IDIOTS!

  27. EnemyoftheState

    The west coast of the United States has turned into the lower intestine of American society.

    • The ancient Romans named the city’s main sewer the “Cloaca Maxima.” A good name for the coastal strip of insanity!

  28. Remember that seattle is part of the LEFT COAST. very little, if any, intelligence or common sense left in this entire area of the country. They will get what they deserve though. Remember, the people voted in to office these pieces of LEFTY LOONY WACKO LIBERAL scum

  29. I call horse manure on the Seattle authorities! According to these fools I guess it was just a poor, misunderstood “community member” who slaughtered those youngsters in Manchester, England last night. These leftists give new meaning to the word ‘pathetic!’

  30. How quaint, a suspect is a “community member”, probably words directed from a “community organizer”. Lets call suspects “family” next after they kill your wife or children.

  31. The Cops need to be reeled in but their ability to lie without any consequences needs to be addressed first.

  32. I like the term community member, it’s presumes innocence instead of guilt. After he is found guilty, you can call him a inmate. If not, you can continue to call him what he is, a community member.

    • Not buying it! These violent criminals were caught red handed shooting 3 officers in an armed robbery. They are “suspects” and profoundly deserving of the title! They ceased being “community members” when they armed themselves with deadly weapons.

    • “ACCUSED” is more precise and fits the occasion.

  33. Joseph Krvekoski

    Liberal Left Socialist Morons are freaks of nature without any sense of right and wrong or the use of common sense. The sad truth is how our youth are being indoctrinated to become Liberal Left Socialist Morons without ever realizing how really great this country is and what the real cost was to make it great. Soon many of us seniors will no longer be here who know what freedom is and what it takes to hold on to it.

  34. Seattle has always been progressive but this is asinine and probably prompted by the idiot mayor and other officials too stupid to realize how dumb they have become! Why don’t we call them other air breathing critters so we can include animals and insects too and not offend or leave anyone out!

  35. Those asswholes in Seattle are an embarrassment to America and her values. Seattle is where the racist white hating BLM held a protest earlier this year shouting “It’s time to kill white people” and “It’s time to kill the Whitehouse”. Phuck these kniggers, BLM should be shot, they’re traitors to our country. And so should libtards. Libtards are as dangerous as ISIS. Every cop in Seattle should walk off the job.

  36. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  37. What is the politically correct term for mentally challenged so we can describe the city of Seattle?

  38. There are lots of places to visit and to spend vacation $$. Guess Seattle is off my list until they figure out who the bad guys are because I won’t feel safe in their “fair city”.

  39. love and peace. everything can be conquered through understanding and compassion. If we just hug them enough, and love enough. Maybe if we give them everything they want, they will love us back…..

  40. time to cut this fucking crap fake Obama is gone this is trump time new time sick of this shit

  41. Another reason NEVER to move to Seattle. The idiot libs are in control, just like Nutsofornia. No thanks, a suspect is a suspect. It may not be from within the community but from elsewhere. It is a SUSPECT!

  42. well said kent 2012 I just said similar

  43. Lets have a new term for city officials…village idiots….

  44. So now we are back with the semantics again? Call it whatever you want – a person who is suspected of committing a crime is still a suspect whatever else you are supposed to call him. How stupid are we getting?

  45. Michael Dennewitz

    WE THE PEOPLE have to be honest! WE have sat by and ALLOWED this once great nation to be destroyed from within. A civil UPRISING is about the only thing now that will change things. The halfbred faggot was allowed to screw things up so badly that it will take eons to correct. As grand as his intentions are, I doubt that even PRESIDENT TRUMP will have ample time for fixing it all! GOD FORGIVE US AND HELP US TO ONCE AGAIN BE WHAT WE WERE 100 YEARS AGO!?

  46. What a bunch of Left-Wing Democrat morons.
    The only good democrat is a dead democrat. Period.
    Save America. Kill a Liberal.

  47. What excuses!!! BS!!!!

  48. Dennis Anderson

    Anyone who is that far left is in it up to there necks in money, and favors. It doesnt concern you its all about them. I own and operate a mobile home park for the 55 +. What has been coming down the pike the last 10 years really sucks. When they move in they dont smoke or drink, and of cource drugs dont even enter into the picture. Somewhere these people got the idea that the rest of us owe them a living. I refuse to do business with fair housing, or section 8! Their minds are in the gutter and its all about them to hell with the country as long as they arent paying for it. I can take these people to court and get damages on paper that these people wont ever be made to pay in the first place. So Obama comes along and makes Mobile Home Park owners take the states instructions at a fee if we want to stay in business That doesnt fix anything the courts still get there money, and the renters go free with my curtains ect. I will tell future renters that it will cost them
    $200.00 for a background check in advance. If they dont pass the background check they dont get the rental and they loose their money. It works. Back in the 70s we marched against the war. These whack jobs rob and burn when they march. They are against someone getting taken out because they pulled a gun on a cop?
    Im locked and loaded and up to my eye balls with these loosers that should be behind bars.

  49. More bureaucratic stupidity. A “community member” may not even be a member of the community. Who is the real victim of such labeling. Can only imagine most people have no desire to live in an area where suspects are labeled “community member”. Another case of the inmates attempting to run the asylum at the expense of the majority of law abiding community members. Such stupidity causes all community members to be suspects.

  50. What a joke. The liberals in Seattle are drinking way too much Koolaid. Maybe it’s that when they get busted for what ever corrupt illegal things they are doing now they don’t want to be called a suspect. Either way they are idiots.

  51. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    I once thought you had ro be born in America to be the president, NOT SOMALIA!!!!!!!!

    • I’ve bored myself to sleep many times reading comment exchanges re the Constitutional meaning of “Natural-Born Citizen”, and sadly realize that there is (IMO, totally unwarranted) lack of agreement on that subject; nevertheless, no voter whose brain resides in other than his buttocks would EVER vote for a Presidential candidate who is not the American-BORN, American-RAISED offspring of BOTH a CITIZEN MOTHER and a CITIZEN FATHER.

  52. President Trump to the rescue AGAIN.
    Obummer should be in prison.

    • While I DO completely agree, we must always be mindful that on his own merit (more correctly, absence thereof), obamA is NOTHING. He is a PROXY, a PUPPET and a ROBOT of soro$$$$$$. As long as soro$$$$$$ and hi$ $0N$ are allowed to LIVE, the danger that they will REPLACE the onamAs of this world with NEW puppets who are as bad as obamA or even worse. Through the proxy of obamA, soro$$$$$$ WAS the President for EIGHT HORRIBLE YEARS. If that’s not bad enough, just remember: IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN!

  53. On the left coast, insanity is not an option; it’s a MANDATED REQUIREMENT.

    • Holycrap… don’t throw all of us under the bus !! We are fighting from the inside, and it is not fun !!

      • Sorry; it’s not my intent to throw under the bus anyone who’s fighting against the insanity. My comment was intended to apply to politicians and their handlers. But you can take this to the bank: the people at the top (of the shadow government) are trying to force their preferred brand of insanity on everyone. That’s what you are fighting against. I wish you success!

  54. Public education can never be complete until every man, every woman and every child over the age of FIVE knows and understands the fact that political SO-CALLED “correctness” was invented by Marxists FOR THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE BENEFIT OF MARXISM. Any and all ENFORCERS of political SO-CALLED “correctness” are in fact Marxists, whether or not they themselves even know it. It needs to be UNIVERSALLY UNDERSTOOD that political SO-CALLED “correctness” and FREEDOM OF SPEECH are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

  55. What are the criminals called when they are from somewhere else?

  56. Pure Bull Shit!

  57. James R. Currier

    FUCK YOU and your community members! YOU’RE ALL CRIMINALS!

  58. It’s just their getting us used to hearing it–we are not too far away from the government rounding up actual community members for things as simple as voicing opposition to their leftist narrative…

  59. Ever notice that it’s the morons in safe places and secure places that come up with this chit ? When was the last time you saw a politician – activist – college kid take down an armed perp ?

  60. carla AMERICAN

    Say Instead :Damned F…ing Criminals Americans Pay Us To Snuff, POINTS DAY ! Extra For Democrats ! AMERICA IS BEHIND YOU ! Militantry Will Soon Be On It’s Way To Help If Americans Demand President Trump Declare It Due To Obama, Russian, Muslim FOREIGN INVASION OF AMERICA WHICH THE MILITARY IS SWORN TO PROTECT AMERICA FROM !!

  61. Are you ashamed of your Country? Are you disturbed by these radical liberals who are denser than a piece of quartz? Well you don’t have to take up arms against them, just REFUSE TO DO WHAT THEY SAY! Where are all the people with a brain in their heads? Why haven’t you stood up to these liberal idiots who are trying to “pamper” convicts and criminals instead of punishing their acts?

    Until Americans grow some gonads and spit in the face of these clueless idiot ENABLERS, America will flounder and fail because Strength and Intelligence have left this Country.

    Get off your butts and do something about it. Find other “like minded” people who feel like you do. Form Associations or Clubs and work to combat this sickness of enabling criminals! Vote out those officials that are stupid and do not see what they are doing. AND.GET BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP TO STOMP OUT THE IDIOCY OF THE LIBERALS AND BRING BACK SANITY TO AMERICA!!
    Just because you are in your 70’s doesn’t mean you’re brain died. It’s time to put those “Experienced 70’s Brains” and hands in action and show these gullible young people they can have a Country to be proud of but it will require work to do that. You can do it! President Trump can do it with our Intelligent support!


  62. Statesman Patriot

    Suspects are community members?

    Officers need to comply but change it slightly to “potential crime offending community member.”

  63. STRIKE! All Police should STRIKE! It’s time to take back the FORCE!

  64. I think this story says a lot for executing all liberal democrats before its to late or, maybe less dramatic, we could send them to Syria where they can live in peace and no one would recognize their stupidity.

  65. Seattle is a stupid city located in a stupid state. What can I say? These people are bereft of intelligence. It would be best for America if Washington, Oregon, and California all seceded from the union.


  67. George E. LeFebvre

    Are there any sane people living in Washington State??????????? People who dream up this PC Crap need to return to Kindergarten and start their education again. COMPLETE IDIOTS.

  68. When are we going to drop this façade and work together for the good of our country. Obviously ISIS is just getting started again and we don’t have time to play these games any longer.

  69. That is absolute nonsense. Call it what it is. There will soon be so many politically correct words that no one will remember who is what or what is who. Maybe we should call some of the politicians vacationers since their brains left town.

  70. Can’t make this stuff up. I’ve thought the majority of Portland and Seattle residents lost their collectivist minds years ago,

  71. Michael Dennewitz

    Let one of those crooks break into the chief’s house, rape his wife or preteen daughter and I guarantee you, he’ll be calling them a lot worse words. But this is “progress” that the HNIC got started!??????

  72. Bull$#i#.

  73. These leftists are the same ones who want to let Islam and Sharia take over.

    Oblivious that their children, like the ones in Manchester, could become victims of Muslim terrorists in our own neighborhoods.

    if this happens, the blood would be on the hands of those Seattle and Hawaiian judges who came up with absurd and twisted unconstitutional reasons to prevent Trump’s temporary travel ban on Muslims from certain terrorist countries.

  74. I had heard a long time ago that the people on the left coast were nuts. This article sure proves it!

  75. Community members? How about Loser or Dirt-bag, same thing as suspect.

  76. And I”ll refer to who ever thought of this idea, as a crazy SOB.

  77. Congress peeps are always counting on us to say nothing and do nothing.

    If you are happy with similar crap like this, you’ll continue to be happy till the end.

    If you are not happy…what are you doing?

    Midnight’s not creeping, it’s at a gallop…

    • @ Yip Yap. You are correct. Political Correctness always leads to the death of a Free Society. Liberalism, Progressive-ism, Communism, Islamo-Fascism, Socialism, or any other -ism, Dictatorship etc. all put power in the hands of a few in government and destroy others. Communism and Socialism look great on paper but fail in real life. Shown over and over again. Way past time to vote the politicians leaning this way out of office.

  78. Even the police can’t tell it like it is. In anybody’s world suspect is the correct word for someone suspected for a crime. Hope people really doing their jobs in law enforcement will continue to use the correct word suspect. I have never seen a group of people so afraid of truth like liberals.

  79. So put their sorry butts in the local “community gathering place” (jail) until they can be sent to a “State-sponsored group facility” (prison). Too bad they made the mistake of committing a “social faux pas” (crime).

  80. “Truth is the new hate speech”
    ~ Obama era to present

  81. More proof that the left is filled with lunatics. They can’t be reasoned with. Mental disorders cannot be cured, incarceration is the only answer. Well, not the ONLY answer.

  82. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Terrible waste of time and energy by the radicals that spew hate and commit crimes and it will not get them anything but a horrible death of regret later–their end will not be missed and they will leave no legacy—a river of no return and just be thought of as rotting maggots

  83. Cities; Concentrations of idiots who elect criminals to government. Cain built the 1st. Most are pretty much lucifer’s and they’re killing US.

  84. Watched MSNBC off and on today ( can only stand small doses ). No mention of Trumps trip overseas or the terrorist attack in the UK. All they talked about was the alleged collusion. No wonder no one watches them, they’re ridiculous.

  85. Only a leftist liberal bunch of lunatics with a fetish for not offending thugs could come up with that crap. They are drunk on anti-Americanism. Let’s deport them along with the illegals and anti-God faction so We the American People can get back to peaceful existence.

  86. you can say pos or democrat – same thing

  87. Someone please tell me that I am just dreaming, this is not the country I knew, what the hey happened.

  88. President Trump was very successful in real estate. He needs to start negotiations with Canada on the sale/purchase of Washington.

  89. ignore them and call them what they are.

  90. can’t the feds get involved in this crap? I don’t recall voting for liberals.

  91. Sounds to me like it is time for another long and protracted BLUE FLU! That is how things used to get solved when administrations ran amok. Seems like its time again.

  92. Leonce LaRouche

    I live only aprx. 150 miles south from Seattle and you can see it and feel the Liberal crap run down to us, this makes me sick, it’s not only Seattle but Portland Or. in deep crap also. P.C. is a Liberal/Progressive sickness, it’s aimed to make people feel better they say, who gives a darn how well a lousy crook, drug dealer, drug user, robber, lousy thief, or a” Suspect” feels in the victims eyes or the police? There we go again, Liberals using their color crayons again through their P.C. to cover up what it really is, a Suspect!

  93. Mr. Manfredgensenden

    Is Trump gonna have to b***h slap ALL the Libs?!

  94. Paulene Perry Dougherty

    I asked the powers that be if the new terminology meant registered sex offenders were now registered sex students. . Seriously though, if ghey keep going down this path, the law abiding citizens will be the ones in jail. Then no one will be working to pay taxes

  95. My sensitivities have been offended by this entry, and I have suffered. What can we do for this offense?

  96. This is carrying “PC” far too far. Each state has a large number of “other state’s citizens, such as holiday visitors, military, truck and bus drivers and bus loads of out of state passengers, visting sports teams, people “just passing through”, college students, and the list goes on and on. The state expects those “out-of-staters (sic) to participate in such silliness. Also, we have the English language to contend with and the courts could get all tied up in this (again) silly business. Also, most of those above listed and the entire rest of the state “not encompassed in the community”, are not “community members” and generates all kinds of “location” problems, with all of “them” being misidentified. Where in the heck are that state’s courts, and just who. specifically, came up with this nonsense? In law, these kinds of laws should be “precise” and not open to debate. Also, such silliness opens “Pandora’s Box” for all kinds of future language manipulation!

  97. Seattle would fit perfectly in Europe where the morons are afraid to say anything about muslim murderers after the muslim scum have gone on their latest rampage against Christians and Jews.

  98. No matter what you call them they are still “suspects or perps” End of discussion.

  99. The term “community member” applies to everyone, so it does not accurately describe a “suspect”. This sounds so ridiculous, it must be a joke!

  100. Maudlean Spires

    An inmate is a student? A student of what, crime? I have known thousands of inmates during my career as a correctional officer but none of them qualified as being students. What do you call the ones that have been locked up 3, 4, or 5 times, students seeking a master’s degree?

    • Maybe a “re-student.”

      • Maudlean Spires

        I guess they have a failure to communicate as the warden in “Cool Hand Luke” lamented. Must not be doing their homework.

        • Years ago, I taught GED classes in a women’s prison. I learned that some re-students deliberately committed crimes to acquire dental work and medical care from the prison.
          The prison facilities were often much better than some ladies lived outside prison.

          • Maudlean Spires

            I worked as a correctional officer in Georgia for 14 years. It was at a close security level 5 institution. This is the step below maximum. We actually had a lot of maximum security inmates but they were classified as close because the state didn’t have enough maximum security cells. I ran into a lot of lifers and also a lot of recidivism among the population. It gets to the point with a lot of them where they become institutionalized. They have no idea how to function in society because they have been locked up so long. In prison they have structure and a normalcy that if they were outside they wouldn’t have. A lot of them have serious medical problems such as aids or hepatitis. If they were out on the street they wouldn’t receive the medical care that they receive inside. It is bad to say it but they have become dependent on the system to keep them alive. They get their meals, medical care, housing and their clothing is provided so they function as a type of closed society. If they get out they see that they are not able to provide for their needs so they end up back in their comfort zone so to speak. They have their job that they work in prison and it helps to give them a sense of belonging. The younger inmates laugh at the older ones and call them institutionalized but they become the same way if they serve long enough sentences. The longer they are locked up the lesser their chance of ever being able to return to society and be a member of it. I saw one that had been locked up since he was eight years old. He was 46 and was sent to a half way house but messed up and came right back within a couple of months time. It was a very sad story because he really messed it up not just for himself but also for others that might have gotten the chance he did.

          • Oh, lands! Just too, too sad! So much for rehabilitation, huh?
            The facility at which I worked was a low security private prison ran by good people. They really did try to help the women. Local women came in to sort of adopt them and help them. Churches came in and offered services that were attended voluntarily. Educational courses were very, very affordable. Even the Warden was very assessable and guards were fair and helpful.
            That is not to imply that there were no problems, but it was a good atmosphere. Thanks for chatting with me!

          • Maudlean Spires

            I enjoyed the chat also. It is good to know that there are still nice folks out there. You can meet some that go the other way. Sign of the times.

          • One last question-were you reared in Georgia, and do you have that wonderful Georgian accent?

          • Maudlean Spires

            Yes, I was born in central Georgia and have lived here all of my life. I didn’t stray far from the nest where I was reared. I live on the family farm that has been in my family for all of the years that anybody has claimed title to it. I speak fluent southern english, it is a language of its own (it can’t be disguised or hidden). We have jargon that only people that are from the south understand. I think some of it may have been adopted from the various nationalities that have moved to the south through the years. The cooking is much the same way also. We have a cuisine with foods that others don’t find as tasty as we do. The grits that many know of and despise have been a staple of the south for a long time. They can be eaten at night as well as for breakfast. I can sit down to a meal of them with scrambled eggs for the supper meal during the wintertime because they help to have a warming effect for body. I love the old traditions that are the south. The way that people used to visit and sit on the porch in rocking chairs while talking, everybody in the community being close like family and caring about each other, sharing garden extras, the small town life where there was no rush, these and many more things that were once the south are changing and it is not change for the better. I wish that there was a place like Mayberry in existence. That characterized the way of life that I knew growing up and I would move there in a heartbeat if such a place still existed. It hurts me to the core to see things changing, the way of life that I knew as a child growing up will never be experienced by the youth of the future. They all need to spend a few summers working on a farm and putting in some days of hard work. It goes back to our thoughts of prison. Too many people want to take the easy way and not earn their way in life. Hard work builds character and perseverance, those are traits that are in short supply now. It shows in our society. Have you lived in the south before?

  101. That’s just Seattle being Seattle. Liberal sheep. And they keep electing them to rule over Seattle citizens, not govern in their interest.

  102. This BS has gone far enough. The PC patrol will next have the police telling their suspects they are sorry for apprehending them.

  103. Deirdre Mullen

    The cops should just refuse to use this Newspeak. They should refer to all this PC crappola as Newspeak so people GET IT – we are in an Orwellian Bizzarro Universe. Soon they will have to offer violent savage murderers soft gloves under their handcuffs, or maybe rubber bands would be more “sensitive.” It’s not funny, so we can’t even relieve our stress by laughing. And every day it gets crazier – can’t the loony lefties see they are spinning out of control caught in a vortex of insanity? Everyone else sees it clear as day.
    Soon, Good will be Bad as Truth is now Lies and Freedom is Slavery. Instilling morals in children is now “Violence” if you need to give them a little smack, as parents have done since history was recorded. We are so close to how things were before The Flood, that Somebody In Charge Upstairs is regretting His promise never to do it again. Maybe this time it will be a giant fireball or even Godzilla? Something has got to give. It will most likely be civilization.

  104. When, where will the baloney stop, or be stopped?

  105. This is typical of what “These terminology changes came about when Obama’s Department of Justice – – ” agenda did to respect for Ameriacn justice.
    The Obama agenda was to turn their backs on the law enforcement and criminal justice system in this country; blame a system that has worked for years and years and allow those illegal immigrants who by the millions swept into this country with total disregard for our laws – and Obama backed them. When the rioters hit the streets, Obama backed them, when Obama’s personal friend received a citation for drunk driving Obama held a beer party on the White House lawn and stated the police were wrong for citing his friend, when private property was destroyed by rioters – Obama supported them, when police officers were being murdered – Obama supported the murders claiming it was a result of our antiquated law enforcement programs.
    It is no wonder we have so much hate and discontent on the streets, in the schools and about anywhere in America you turn now; Obama did so much to tear the quality, safety and security apart in this nation – – it will take us fifty yrears to put back what Obama tore apart!

  106. Dennis Anderson

    Possible illegal distributors of wealth. PIDOW ! Hey with a handle like this you could pull anybody over, and KAPOW!

  107. Paulene Perry Dougherty

    so by this logic regidtered sex offenders are now registered sex students?

  108. How STUPID can you get? A SUSPECT is just THAT…..A SUSPECT. The IDIOTS that dreamed up this new term need their heads examined………better yet put the IDIOTS in a padded cell and throw the key away.

  109. Thank God we have President Trump who will not allow this nation to self destruct….Just the opposite …No more of this BS.

  110. I have never been so disgusted with our politicians and the news media. Rhinos turning against their own party. I pray every night for our President and that the blinders are taken off these so called extremist politicians who only care about notoriety and not the American people.

  111. Break up the ninth circuit.

  112. “Prospective exile” would be more appropriate than “community member”.

    I have for some time been thinking that Seattle is deranged. Now I’m sure.

  113. This is BS, where is Trump. The crap needs to stop.

  114. That puts the “SUSPECTS” on the same level as the rest of us and I’m no “SUSPECT”. Let’s compromise and call them “PERPS” I like that better.

  115. I grew up being told to make sure I called a spade a spade. A criminal is a criminal, a suspect is a suspect and a victim is a victim. I really don’t CARE if some criminal gets his “feelings” hurt by someone referring to him as a criminal, it’s what he is. TRUTH MATTERS! This bullcrap being forced on Police officers in Seattle is bogus. Above all, a law enforcement officer needs to use precise and ACCURATE language in his reports. Otherwise it can be thrown out in a court.

  116. The soft-ware tale is a pile of bull dung. The 599 other users would also be forced to use the term. Since when did a word processing program choose the words the writer wants to use? Lie 5 Pinnochios for this.

  117. Fantastic! How nice that the criminals won’t be referred to as “suspects”. Or does that make all the innocent members of society criminals? The last I knew, words had meanings. Now, it seems words mean “nothing”. Which use to describe the area between the ears of our Leftist, socialist, communist, progressive politicals and their supporters. Hence — the term “air-head”.

  118. The Obama Justice Dept was a synonym for ridiculously stupid. Anything they passed down should have been summarily dismissed due to the source. Liberals are simply – stupid. Nothing advocated by liberals is sustainable or logical.

  119. Staceydstewart

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  120. Every day this so called politically correct B.S. get more ridiculous. You can’t even make stuff up this f’ing stupid!

  121. I’m 83 and, fortunately, do not expect to be around for the denouement. But I tremble for my granddaughter Rachel.

  122. If the liberal is in the roadway, make a pothole filler out of them!

  123. Phyllis Schultz

    There is nothing pc correct about community members. It is beyond ridiculous, when you can’t call something what it is. It’s called sticking your head in the sand. If you call it something other than what it actually is, you’re denying it’s existence or it’s validity. Unfortunately, Mr. Colon we became a laughing stock the day Obama took office and the left, started all the whining and backstabbing. Things like this pc BS have only made us a bigger joke, in the eyes of the world. We are being destroyed, from within, by the liberals, rinos and the lame stream media.

  124. And just who ARE these “politically correct powers that be” a__holes to whom you refer?
    Are you telling me these “directives” are being passed down to police officers as LAWS?
    I would advise the Seattle police officers to tell them to “SHOVE IT”!

  125. OldHighlandGuyOne

    This country is going down the tubes. Perhaps we should rename the United States of America to West Sweden.

    The Democrats in the United States Congress are killing us slowly. The RINOS in Congress are helping too.

    Perhaps we have to begin using liberal/progressive/snowflakes tactics and march on town hall, county seats, state capitals and the United States congress.

    Let’s surround the senate and the house and make a lot of snowflake noises until WE get what WE need and want and force congress to make us the United States of America again.

    Come on Mr. President, get angry and kick some buttocks and make us great again.

    Give all government positions an enema and get rid of the anti-american scum and return us to our once proud world status again.

    Where is Senator McCarthy when we need him most?

  126. wayne g dearry

    Bunch of idiot morons of the highest caliber–Do they really think this is going to change anything. No common sense. I would NOT work for them

  127. Tell liberal dems to go to hell and ignore them totally. We are tired if all this BS from them that serves no purpose for good at all !

  128. That’s only going to cause confusion, but do whatever it takes to prevent criminals from having their poor little feelings hurt. The job of the police is to protect and serve the community NOT protect the feelings of criminals.

    If crime suspects are to be call “community members”, will law-abiding members of the community now be called “suspects”? I suppose law-abiding gun owners will now be called “armed and dangerous suspects”.

    Did you notice the media will not report the race of a perpetrator if he is black or hispanic, but it will emphasize the perpetrator’s race if he is white?

  129. City council members like to refer to themselves “members of the community” that elected them. Does that make city council members themselves “community members”?

  130. They can tell their Police what words to use?gonna be fired for calling a perp a suspect,where’s the ACLU or the union rep?about as damn moronic as California,they got voted in,they deserve it!

  131. the left just keeps getting dumber and dumber.
    A spade is no longer a spade – it is a shovel.
    and they keep using it to bury the rest of us in stupid terminology. black and white – no more – only gray.

  132. So while I was in pursuit of the “Community Member” a “Community Member” tried to flag me down to tel me where the “Community Member” was hiding. Finally I was able to find the “Community Member” and arrest the “Community Member” after another “Community Member” told me where I could find the “Community Member”. Yep there is with out a doubt a great advantage to calling a “Suspect” a “Community Member”
    Every “Suspect” is a “Community Member” but is every “Community Member” a “Suspect”?
    I think someone in Seattle bumped their head on the butt of a rifle.

  133. Who comes up with this funny stuff. They have to be doing it as a joke. Parody.

  134. The Pacific Northwest. You get what you deserve.

  135. Dulcie A. Covington

    Must be all those stupid Californians,that ran from That State,and brought their STUPIDITY WITH THEM.

  136. The leftists called terrorists “misunderstood freedom fighters”, then they called terrorism “man-made disasters”, now they call crime suspects “community members”.

  137. This is total bull shite….community member my ass….makes it sound like a hero waiting for a medal…the bastards are SUSPECTS. PERIOD…DONT BOW DOWN TO THE IDIOTS USE SUSPECT…

  138. Time for the police to revolt and walk out! After all, what are the morons running the dept going to do? Fire everybody? Same for the correction officers. WALK OUT NOW and let the morons running things take over! Time to show them just how limited their brains really are regarding language and proper usages. A criminal is a criminal! A suspect is a suspect! End their BS now!

  139. James Oldfield

    their is a Big difference between community member and suspect and the city of Seattle where I grew up
    better get it or they will have some problems, and I think the Seattle Police Department should not go
    this route and tell city hall that this is not acceptable

  140. What total bullshit! What do they call them when hey get to court? Your Highness or President Obama or black ass liberal Democrat?

  141. Software thing my ass it’s the friggin pc politicians in that city.

  142. Extremist liberalism at it’s finest, next they’ll be telling us we shouldn’t damage the fragile ego’s of criminals by not letting them rob/rape/murder us. We should let them, so they’ll feel successful. These are some seriously sick people. Thank God that rabid leftist idiot, with his zealous devotion to everyone but law abiding, taxpaying citizen’s, is gone.

  143. Every single Seattle Police Officer should walk off the job. It’s obvious those asswhole traitor libtards don’t think they need the police. These pos human beings WANT those F-ing black thugs to win & the Officers to lose. They WANT blacks thugs to shoot the police. These are evil, evil sub humans. They need a taste of their own medicine. These law-maker pos traitors are a danger to law enforcement and to this country. They ARE our enemies! It has to be stopped. It has to.

  144. Maybe it’s time for Marshall Law? It may be the only way to rid our country of the evil destructive vermin lurking around on it, permanently.

  145. The left has no answers to our problems change a word , redefine , and the problem is gone. until like the wackamole it pops up again nearby. I see several hot spots this summer one being Dearborn Michigan. the muslim uses our system against us and government is pissing in their boots without an answer. Their actions are choreographed. they need the riots. then they can wring their hands and tell the public their hands are tied and unable to act because of the laws. we must pass more security laws to protect the children. their battle cry is the same for many decades. with each law passed we loose yet another portion of our freedoms. all carefully planned like the termite colony I often speak of. government works blindly and in the dark in one concerted effort to undermined our constitution. bite by bite they work away with each law passed removes yet another piece in the foundations that protect our freedoms. bite by bite they work and on the surface all looks normal and secure, until at some point we will have the catastrophic collapse of government protections they will burst forth in numbers unimagined, unregulated, and uncontrolled to riot with unbridled force of government failed.

  146. What if there is more than 1 suspect? Is it gonna be “community member #1, community memeber #2”? This SO stupid.

  147. Aw, we have to be nice to armed and dangerous suspects. Those poor armed and dangerous suspects may become violent whenever their feelings are hurt if they are called (gasp) . . . “suspects”.

  148. PC is pure crap. I will continue to call it as it really is. A dog is a dog. A cat is a cat. A thug is a thug. A thief is a thief. A terrorist is a terrorist. A lie is a lie. Liberals are liars. CNN and the rest of the MSM are not news but deceive with their false made up stories. If you buy onto their narratives and the progressive PC crap you are a fool.

  149. “Reflection of a software,etc.”?? PURE BULL CRAP!! Seattle is the seat of PC and liberalism on the West coast.
    If I were a Police Officer in that city, I think I would be sending out resume’s by the bundle to anywhere out of the State of Washington that is away from the coastline.

  150. Re the sad tale of Seattle Police speech limitations, the question of WHY looms unusually large. Indeed, why the proscription of “suspect”?

  151. They are nuts

  152. What can you say? PC has certainly embedded itself at all levels. I could see this coming in the 80s, its here and we need to deal with it using there stratagy, the only way to fight it is an under the wire stratagy , as they used on us. But it is true this PC was implemented in the schools of the last century, think tanks had a big part in lobbying senators and congress at the federal level and adopted as an academic change for our children to compete on not just a national level but one on the world level just the same. Say what you will, but the new age movement was and is front and center on this, they knew the only way to usher in there movement was to change the hearts and minds of the children, which they did, and now there ( the children) are now in places of influence and are doing there damage daily, as they were taught and are still being taught outcome based education unbeknownst to most parents, sort of dumbing down of the parents which led to the dumbing down of there offspring. So I ask the concerned here…..What are we going to do know? Please let me know.

  153. guess the suspects will be known as pos or democrat = same thing

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