Scott Adams: Social Media Titans Will Prevent Trump’s Re-Election

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams suddenly became a unique political prognosticator in 2016 when he predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidency against all the polls and, seemingly, all the odds. While Adams’ support for Trump has largely been based more on his disdain for the far left than his actual embrace of the president’s agenda, the cartoonist has remained a fixture on the political stage. Unfortunately, if his predictions hold true, we won’t see a repeat of 2016 next November. Adams said in a new video that, due to the titans of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites being dead set against him, Donald Trump has “zero” chance of winning re-election.

“I said to myself the competition for the presidency is so weak that I couldn’t imagine any situation other than Trump dominating the election,” Adams recalled. “I’ve reset that to zero so at my current thinking is that the president has no chance of reelection.”

Adams said that the current state of online censorship made it extremely difficult for Trump to gain the same kind of traction as he did the last time around.

“It’s legal, apparently, that you can make an entire topic leave the news and it’s okay,” Adams said. “Now in what world can you ever expect a fair election where the social media people do not put their thumb on the scale? I’d say a hundred of my videos were demonetized, if I ask the reasons for it — and I haven’t — I’m sure there would be some reason that didn’t sound very convincing to me, but the things demonetized coincidentally are the same things that would be the most damaging to the Democrats. Might be a coincidence but I don’t know.”

Not likely. Not too likely at all. Because while YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter will occasionally ban a leftist just to make it look like they are calling things down the middle, there is overwhelming evidence that they – as Adams put it – have their thumb on the scales. If they have to trade a reputation for openness and objectivity for the chance of securing Trump’s defeat, they’ll do so in a heartbeat. Let’s face it: They already have.

We’re not as convinced as Adams is that this will inexorably lead to Trump’s defeat, but it will definitely give him a much steeper hill to climb.

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