School That Banned Pro-Life Club Could Face SERIOUS Legal Consequences

A religious nonprofit legal firm is launching a lawsuit against Parkland School District in Lehigh Country, Pennsylvania after a high school banned a pro-life extracurricular club from forming due to the controversial nature of the club’s proposed charter.

The Thomas More Society filed suit last week against the school district, Parkland High School, and three school administrators on behalf of Elizabeth Castro and Grace Schairer, the students who submitted their club’s proposal to officials in March. The law firm alleges that the school violated both the First Amendment and the Equal Access Act by denying the students their club.

The goal of the club, say the students, was “to educate their fellow students on the issue of abortion and to offer hope and resources to help in the cases of crisis pregnancies.” Shortly after the club was rejected, lawyers for the Thomas More Society sent a letter to the school demanding that they reverse their decision or be confronted with legal action. The school responded immediately, explaining that they stood behind their decision to bar the club and would only approve Castro and Schairer’s application if significant changes were made to the proposed charter. Parkland High School administrators said the students would have to submit a new draft of their mission statement, refrained from fundraising for religious causes, retracted their intention to hold off-site events, and restricted their official communications to members of the club.

Jocelyn Floyd, a lawyer for the Thomas More Society, said the school’s demands were not reasonable.

“Parkland’s initial denial and later attempt to impose extra requirements on Liz and Grace’s club are a far cry from the law’s requirement that schools treat student clubs equally in every respect,” said Floyd. “We hope that the court will quickly recognize the illegal and unconstitutional way the school has treated Liz and Grace and require Parkland High School to uphold their rights under both the First Amendment and Equal Access Act.”

In a statement released Tuesday, Schairer said, “The school is treating us like second-class citizens because we want to create a culture of life and be a positive influence to our peers.”

We’ll reserve judgement on the motivations of those in the Parkland High School administration; many of these schools go forward with decisions like these not because they have anything against Christians or the pro-life movement but because they’re terrified of being sued by the ACLU or some atheist group. If law firms like the Thomas More Society demonstrate that they are at risk of litigation when they discriminate against students of faith, perhaps they’ll begin to think twice about their knee-jerk reactions to religiously-themed activities.

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  1. Unfortunately far to many school teachers and administrations do have problems with Christians, conservatives and those who are pro life. Liberals cannot keep their political views out of anything, and will waste no opportunity to condemn, dismiss, indoctrinate or force their ‘beliefs’, which appear to contain no beliefs at all, save that of their own smug superiority and ability to sit in judgment on others, on everyone else. We moved to a new school district in August, and while I was registering my two sons at the highschool the pale, skinny, Birkenstock wearing counselor let his liberal views slip immediately, mentioned Trump twice in the course of ‘conversation’ and said he hoped we weren’t voting for him. I don’t even know why he brought it up, it was as if he could sense we are Conservatives and wanted to make his displeasure known. The counselor for my other son, an angry looking woman with gay pride posters taped to every available surface heard him and did about the same thing. Needless to say it was a tough year. My oldest son campaigned for Trump, and wore his red hat proudly. One of his teachers reported him for it, because apparently in their eyes it was a crime just short of murder. And the angry female counselor actually had the outrageous audacity to suggest that wearing the hat was somehow racist. I’m not joking, she really did. I was stunned. My husband was so infuriated by her ignorant, narrow minded, hypocritical bigotry he threatened to go to the school board and the media if she didn’t leave my son alone. His sociology teacher began the year by trying to convince her class that all white males are both racist and sexist. She had all sorts of nonsense statistics she got off some nonsense liberal website, he set her straight right away using facts, common sense and reality, and I think embarrassed her in the process. But not enough to make her stop trying to sell her brand of hatred. She spent the entire year trying to peddle nonsense like that, and he spent the entire year correcting her. My oldest son graduated thank God. And we are going to home school my youngest this year rather than let him be targeted by these ugly, hateful people. And we’re not alone. Conservative kids are being targeted everywhere by liberals who cannot stand the thought of anyone but them exercising free will.

    • Natalie, I congratulate you concerning your decision to home school your youngest son!

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    • Crazy to think “liberals” have become intolerant. I guess they think they’re heroes. I’m a liberal. I can tell you that many, perhaps most of liberals today aren’t liberal.

      • celticwanderer64

        No, they are not liberal. They are Progressive and the two are very different. I’m a conservative, but have lived among liberals for years with no fear for my welfare. Just a few walking away from a conversation they didn’t agree with. Progressives are different. If you disagree with them, they want you to no longer breathe the same air they do. Liberals can be annoying to conservatives, Progressives are dangerous to everyone, including themselves. Being consumed with hatred of all things different is dangerous to society and ones health. I was raised in a family of Democrats, they weren’t liberals and they sure weren’t Progressives. The Progressives have taken over the Democrat Party forcing liberals to become moderate Republicans, leaving little room anymore for true conservatives. In the past the difference between Democrats and Republicans was a matter of perspective. Now it’s a matter of philosophy. Differences in perspective can lead to compromises, differences in philosophy not so much if at all.

    • So sorry to hear what your family endured. Unfortunately, that’s why we have the issues we do today – left-wing lib educators and administrators who use their positions to pontificate, proselytizing kids to their horrific ideology. How do I know – was in education for almost 30 years. It as horrifically changed. I do congratulate you on your decision to home-school. Word of caution, keep an eye on instructional materials to be sure they are in keeping with your values. Read the kids books, even math. {abolishers have placed insidious info in them, even fake pictures of what should have been, misidentified, mislabeled – just wrong. Good luck, and God bless you and yours, Natalie!

      • celticwanderer64

        My mother and father-in-law were both teachers. My father-in-law was a history teacher, then a principal and then superintendent. He said the day the unions take over our education system is the day it will be headed for destruction. He never lived to see the truth of his statement. Even he would not comprehend the progressiveness that has taken over our schools, pushed largely by the teachers’ unions that are funded heavily by progressives. If you ever want to have the wits scared out of you do an internet search for progressives plan for education. Its’ a horror.

    • And we are paying these clowns with confiscated (tax) dollars!..It seems clear that most, if not all, have never read or at least comprehend the US Constitution. Educators???

    • Natalie, Good for you. Could you provide names so that patriots in your area can take “legal” action against these frauds masquerading as “educators”.

    • Stephen Griffith

      Awesome!! to see Common Sense on the rise!!!!! God Bless you I vote you #1 mom of the year!!!!

    • Natalie, my son had to literally remove my eldest grandson from his public high school in South Orange Cty CA. Why? Because my grandson’s teacher was teachIng that the homosexual lifestyle is as normal as the heterosexual lifestyle – and gave all the dirty details.

      My grandson stood up in class and told her that according to the Christian Bible, Gays were sinners! His teacher “lost it” in class and started screaming at my grandson and kicked him out of class. She (obviously a Gay herself) told her class as he was exiting that no one will say anything Negative abt homosexuals or they will be kicked out too.

      My son immediately arrived at the school and told the Principal to remove his son from their enrollment — He will not be returning. Several other parents removed their kids shortly after too.

      My grandson was a 4.0 average kid all through school until this teacher started her lies and brainwashing. His grades slipped to a 2.5 gpa. He had had enough of her lies and he told her so that fateful day. Since then, he has been attending a Christian High School, has raised his grades to a 4.0+ and has lettered in several Sports. He smiles a lot, and his world is happy again. He looks forward to his future!

      Any Conservative parents who notice behavior changes in their high schoolers needs to sit them down and have a heart to heart talk abt what they are being taught at school.

      Our kids do NOT have to suffer at the hands of a wayward and perverted teacher. Our kids can go to private Christian schools where they are taught truths, not political brainwashing B.S.

      Watch your kids for a change in their actions. It’s not just drugs that can hurt them. It’s the twisted immoral minds of teachers lost in their own sexual turmoil that can cause the worst damage to your child. Keep the communication door open…and FIGHT FOR YOUR KID’S RIGHT TO A LEGITIMATE MORAL EDUCATION! Remove Gays from teaching and bring back good teachers with sane moral minds to teach our kids subject matter they can grow their lives with – not the perversions of truth made to look like truths. Be smarter than the “Tricksters”!

    • Also, need to contact the School Board anyway to let them know what happened. The more people that complain the better to fight these teachers and show them that the parents care about what is happening in their county.

    • Excellent job, both you and your husband. Never let your guard down. Always keep a very close eye on anyone that is around your children. God Bless

    • Excellent article and I am so pleased/glad that you took a stand and decided to home school your other son. Teachers should never be allowed to push their beliefs on anyone……that is indoctrination and should be illegal. When I taught it would have cost me my job if I tried to push that type of stuff on students…..last I knew this was America home of the free!!!

  2. Thank you, Thomas Moore Society!

  3. Good article. However, the school “authorities” don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt as that are part of the government-worshiping cabal headquartered in Washington. As the old saying goes, “If it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck and is found in the company of ducks…”

  4. I work at a university and wore my red Trump hat one day. The administrative assistant saw it and said she and most people she knew were afraid to talk about their political views. This is what “liberal” has become: narrow-minded and intolerant. They have very fixed views. A friend of mine in humanities once criticized a book cover for one of my books as sexist. It was not a great cover, but my son’s best friend, a talented and successful artist, painted it, so I was using it. I asked her why it was sexist. She shook her head and wagged her finger. “Sexist is in the eye of beholder. If someone thinks it’s sexist, it’s sexist.” Apparently so. Not much later, Amazon banned it. It was an action scene showing the rescue of a bound woman by a man and another woman, everyone fully dressed.

    • Shoelace Von Hitlerpants

      “… She shook her head and wagged her finger. “Sexist is in the eye of beholder. If someone thinks it’s sexist, it’s sexist.”…”
      So! I too think she was being VERY SEXIST to object to this, as I believe you must have though too!

      Now, WHERE can we get HER BANNED?!?!

  5. This school policy in violation of the 1st Amend. & equal access is probably a minor case of admin. over stepping bounds when compared with the blatant Liberal poisoning of college student minds taking place in society today!!

    • you described Berkley to a tee

      • Not JUST Berkeley, there are dozens of ultra lib universities peddling immorality and socialism as the preferred way to live! To Hell with any Morality or civility! Evergreen College in WA. State is one of THE WORST!

      • Joanne Libro-Martin

        As well as 90% of the colleges and universities in this country. You need to start by getting rid of the progressive professors.

  6. “Could” face… Yeah, sure. I grow weary of all these coulda, woulda, shoulda stalls. Believe nothing until it happens. They’re meant to appease us until we forget about these actionable unlawful events, while nothing happens to remedy them, as was always intended in the first place.

  7. If all conservatives and Christians pull their children out of these schools, instead of staying and pushing back against these communist, islamic supporting, racist, hate mongering, Anti-Christian liberals, we will never stop them.

  8. I keep asking myself……..”Why do well educated folks in the business of education allow their “personal requirements” for everything and then show how dumb they must really be to think that the “Rights allowed by our Constitution” to be only “How they see them”! Those “rights” are a 2-way road or they are not really a “Right” at all!

  9. Good for the pro-life students, glad the decision the school made came back to bite them in the
    Arse !

  10. Stephen Griffith

    That is why I thank the Good Lord God, for my Dad & Mom, putting me & my 2 brothers into a Christian school. We learned respect for our parents, & others. We grew up to be better human beings by the grace of God. The liberal leftists of today seem to think that they have all the answers. Well only the Lord Jesus Christ knows all. I am now 58 & still learning many things,. The more I learn, the more I find that I didn’t know. I am life long student of the School of Hard Knocks!!! LOL. I am learning to love learning.!!!!!!! We need more Moms like Natalie! Because they are so awesome!!!!!!

  11. Sen. Rock of Michigan is our hope.

  12. If there was a proposed club supporting abortion “rights,” my guess is that this school would have welcomed it.
    What a sad commentary on our educational system it is when young people want to support Life. Yikes….

  13. More ridiculous bullying and division by school administrators. And they wonder where the kids learn it.

  14. You can pull your children out of these indoctrination centers and home school them, but you still are paying outrageous taxes to support them. These lib teachers work nine months a year, make very good salaries and bitch for more. Unfortunately, their union protects them even if they are proved to be incompetent. Private and charter schools are the answer and we should be able to support them with our taxes.

  15. Home School your children immediately. They are precious and the public school system has been turned into an indoctrination center. I don’t even think the administrators know what is happening.

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
    18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
    19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

  16. I hope this school and the administrators involved lose their financial butt.

  17. Whatever happened to equal rights? Either all clubs be accepted or none.

  18. Unbelievable!! This just proves that more and more schools are more afraid of renegade groups like the ACLU that they are in doing what is morally and legally right.


    • The first part of this post is just silly. I know many good, decent folks that do not worship the devil OR anything else for that matter. By definition, an atheist is one who rejects the existence of gods.

      The last two sentences are pretty lame too. Except for the claim that “Atheism is a Religion”. I read a lot of stuff on this topic before I replied. Basically, this statement is True or False depending on how you define the words and how you twist them to suit your preconceived ideas. This means, of course, that the statement which sounds so profound, is basically meaningless. That pretty well sums up the entire post. It does not mean anything!

  20. James Higginbotham


  21. Joanne Libro-Martin

    The stance of this high school is ridiculous! A group that wants to uphold the rights of the unborn is told they can’t do it? 300 K abortions this year already! Have we really sunk this low? Many thanks for the help these young women are getting from this organization, and hoping that the school will reverse its discriminatory stance against this club.

  22. anthony j. manzo

    It is time to clean up not only the media but the so called educational system in this once great country of ours. When I went to school back in the forties , we were taught reading , writing, arithmetic, history and geography……..Politics and social priorities were left to our parents. PS. WE also said the Pledge of Allegiance, Saluted that great Flag and read a passage from the HOLY BIBLE as those before us. Result it created the GREATEST GENERATION !!!!!!!!!!!! Not bad for following the the BELIEFS of the FOUNDING FATHERS. Once again Proving just how Great they were.

    • In the 50’s, when I was in the 8th grade, I had to stand on stage before the student body (8th – 12th grade) and teachers to “lead” them in the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer. My grandchildren have been out for a long time so I do not know what goes on now in schools, have 2 great-grandchildren that will be starting in the fall. Will find out!

  23. For many past dumocrat presidents this attitude has festered to what it is today. Starting with Johnson, He could not bring everyone up to the bar so he put the bar on the ground so in his estimate everyone was a winner. What a loser he was. Wounder what he ever did for the country except increase a war no one wanted, except for those making money off it. We even have him being vulgar to Negros and they loved it because he was giving them freebies. So now we have a generation of leftist, liberal, snowflakes who could not even define what they are all about and they are in positions of power and playing some kind of god. Well thankfully there is a new sheriff in town and they are afraid of him. Why because he goes to the beat of a different drummer and tells it like it is. Of course is doing something about it also.

  24. Good for them, sue the crap out of the school.

  25. Why would anyone be “pro-death” for human babies? I know the source of death and it is Satan. In the Name of Jesus Christ Who came in the flesh to save us all I bind this evil into Hell! In the Name of Jesus Christ Who came in he flesh I loose life for human babies in America! Amen! Matthew 18:18, “Whatsoever shall be bound on earth shall be bound in Heaven! Whatsoever is loosed on earth shall be loosed in Heaven”!

    • “Why would anyone be “pro-death” for human babies?” – Simple – convenience! It’s part of the liberal ideology especially if the cost can be passed on to others!

  26. Sue them back to Hell where they came from! Money talks & BS walks!

  27. Our Country is beginning to be SPLIT between Liberals and conservative. To many times, Liberals want to use violence to voice their opinion about ANY issue they want to champion. Not much in between. There is to much of a divide between the two and its almost impossible for them to see the other side because of their one track mind being the way it is. Don’t believe me ck out your psychology. I really feel sorry for them because when one losses GOD they become lost souls. Some have not lost GOD, but most have. One day if this continues we will become the RED STATES and BLUE STATES. Lots more to say but later.

  28. We are in a “Sociocultural Civil War” . In the previous one , the Battle of Gettysburg was a defining moment in that conflict. But the war had not been won and continued for two long and bloody years. The election of Donald J.Trump was the equivalent of the Battle of Gettysburg, but the war could still be lost. Our country is still at risk. Those who would rob you children’s (and their children’s) freedom were defeated but not destroyed. There are still battles to be fought and victories to be won before “freedom” is secure.

  29. If they wanted to form a club based on Teen Vogue’s recent issue educating the 11 – 19 year old demographic in their article “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know
    How to do it the RIGHT way.”, they would probably get approval because it is, from the liberal viewpoint, perfectly acceptable and LGBT friendly.

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