School District Pays Transgender Teacher $60k Settlement

Another day, another sad look at the direction our country is headed. Oregon’s Gresham-Barlow School District has agreed to give $60,000 to teacher Leo Soell – a “transmasculine” individual who claims to have been harassed by the staff at Hall Elementary School.

Soell, a fifth-grade teacher at Hall, came out of the closet last year, magically transforming from a woman to a…well, whatever she considers herself now.

Here’s how The Oregonian puts it: “Soell told friends and family that Soell did not identify as a woman or a man.”

Note the linguistic gymnastics required to write about these stories in a politically-correct manner.

Soell isn’t your typical transgender, if such a thing exists. She does not identify as a woman nor a man. Her preferred pronoun is “they.” When her students ask if she’s a boy or a girl, she must give them this little screed:

“We all have private lives, and it would not be appropriate to talk about our private lives during the school day.”

But that little message is apparently part of the problem. Soell threatened to sue the school district for placing that restriction on her. She also said in her complaint that she has been harassed by the other teachers since coming out. These teachers kept referring to Soell with pronouns like “she,” monopolized the school’s gender-neutral bathroom, and pulled various pranks to make her feel unwelcome.

The school district investigated the claims and came up with nothing. Zip. Zilch. No evidence that anything had happened.

So they paid her $60,000 and agreed to overhaul the district’s campuses to make life more hospitable for transgender employees.

“I actually feel safe now,” said Soell. “There will always be people who push the boundaries, but I’m not worried about them anymore because I know that my district supports me.”

Bully for you.

Why did the school district go along with this extortion? The answer is obvious. Look around. The writing’s on the wall. If they’d fought back, there’s no telling how much they would wind up owing Soell. Transgender people are the left’s newest cause; it’s a lot less costly just to go along.

Where this ends is anyone’s guess, but let’s be really clear about what we’re doing here. We are essentially saying that any personal preference – no matter how insane – must be accommodated by an employer. What’s the difference between a woman who considers herself a man and a man who considers himself a bird? Would the school district be forced to allow Bird-Man to sit on a nest of eggs for a few hours every day? Why not? Why is one acceptable and one delusional?

This issue has gotten muddied with a lot of different viewpoints coming from science, religion, politics, and public safety. But really, it just comes down to this: How long can a society exist when basic common sense has been exterminated?

We may soon find out.

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  1. Michael Dennewitz

    This ONCE MIGHTY country is on the “fast track, straight to hell!”

    • Amen, this transgender crap is morally wrong, a man has ball a women does not! The fact now is PC has people afraid to speak their mind. Bully.
      Between gays that you can’t call gay, I never minded what people did in their own homes, but this crap is being forced down our throats, that is extortion, if we did what they do, we would be in court because it is extortion. Between people that don’t love this country, but are doing everything they can to change it, for the worse.

      • W.T.F. ,Who the Fuck are “gays you can’t call gay”???!?,JL Brown Jr?,and WHY is “this transgender crap” “morally wrong?? Most men,btw,have two balls,aka “stones”,aka testicles.

      • I was raised in the 50’s. I don’t call them gays, transgender or whatever. I still use the old catch-all. Queers.

      • This frees people to speak their mind and their truth. Your crap is being forced down the throats of many but that doesn’t seem to bother you. You and yours think that rights are all about you, selfish and arrogant. We can’t use our personal rights to squash the rights of our fellow citizens. Kim Davis in all her angelic Christian love and compassion is an example, she had/has no right to use her rights to refuse or violate the rights of others. I can’t use my right to breath or to sit quietly on my porch to keep your carbon spewing truck off the road. I would if I could but its not my right to do so. The noise and fumes affect us all negatively but a marriage effects only two. Aren’t we striving for equality for all our fellow citizens ? Aren’t we human beings who care about and for the happiness and health of, as well as stand up for, our neighbors when injustice is apparent ? As Americans isn’t that what we’re about ?

    • SAME OLD SHIT,Dennewitz_You’re Boring!

    • I think we are already there. Having to battle back from the last 8 years is the torture.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Got that one right! Our exceptional county that was founded by the typically far-sighted liberals is currently in a right-wing cluster fuck! Time to tack far left and get this county in the actual center.

    • StupidConservativeValues


    • StupidConservativeValues

      My hard cock is the biggest thing since Donald. It’s the biggest, the best! I’m tellin’ ‘ya!

    • Amen, amen, this twisted logic is meant to break the morality of a once Christian nation so that it becomes – it has – a Godless, Satan worshipping bunch of Godless ghouls that must relent to these Luciferians that want you to worship them in place of the Truth; that is why they utilize the lie, as Satan does, as the truth and that is why they hate the Truth and that is the truth, so help me God!

  2. Where does it come up with the “THEY”? They are several not one! That in my book has to be a It or what ever it thinks it is! We have been taken over by the Queers!

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    • Wanting to be referred to as “they” is extremely silly. These so-called “teachers” are incredibly screwy.
      This one insists he/she is a “transmasculine.” Yesterday a group of college students in Santa Barbara CA calling themselves “eco-sexual” had a group marriage to the ocean!

      This b.s. will not stop unless we organize and stop this garbage, the border, the so called refugees and of course, our traitorous paid ‘lawmakers.’ It’s not going to stop when only a few of us complain..but when millions come forward, at once..that will stop this murderous trend in its tracks.

      FYI Lefty Loonies…. murderous as in murdering our way of life, our traditional values, our American culture.

      • Having a queer thing Squatting in our White House it just keeps trickling down! Made it popular to be Queer! Damn I am Straight! Why can’t I get $60,000 dollars? They think we are a minority any more!

  3. C’mon. People and animals are born male or female – they are assigned their gender by the chromosomes that they have been given at conception. That is who they are and they need to deal with it. Go back in the closet. If your mind is screwed up and you don’t know which you are, check your underwear and find out. If you looked and don’t understand, get a DNA test. Simple.
    All this psychological talk is just mentally messing people up even more. Stop it! Take the DNA test and find out our gender if you can’t figure it out visually, and live with it!. You are who you were born to be. You don’t have the right to screw up the lives of 99.93% of the population just so you can have it “your” way. It’s an old concept – majority rules!
    People with male genitalia have no right to undress and shower with my daughter, sister or wife and make them miserable. Stop the nonsense.

    • And you know what,,many of the LGBTs and their supporters out there,even try using Animals as an example of their self chosen homosexuality,by having the nerve to say that homosexuality is in these beasts,which is THE biggest piece of bullshi! that they’ve ever used,,and they believe these lies,too!! the Gays and Transgenders are mainly people BY CHOICE! they suffer from a spiritual disorder,which is actually one,that they can overcome,with the help of Jesus Christ-but THEY choose to allow their same sex lusts and emotions to rule them,which is why God destroyed their ancestors in Sodom & Gomorrah as an example of their sins,and it’s fiery consequences!

      • Please , don’t use misinformation when commenting.

        In the animal kingdom, homosexual and gender crossing behavior is a very common occurrence in a majority of species. Google the facts before using a statement to justify a claim. One proven, false assertion, and your entire premise is invalid.

        Thank you..

        • That Animal Kingdom bullshit that Homosexuals try to use to justify their self chosen lifestyle is just that-bullshit!! We are NOT Animals,to be compared to any lower forms of life,nor will Googling these lies change the social and spiritual realities involved! Gays are just like ALL other sinners out there,,lost,until they find the strength to overcome their sins,like we all have to do-so please don’t try using bogus scientific information to promote this self chosen lifestyle,because neither Homosexuals and Transgenders are in any wise exempt from God’s laws,or his biological accomplishments,no matter how hard that you or i may disagree with each other,none of the Gay and Transgender factions will change what’s meant to be,nor will trying to use any science to twist and distort this truth-so whoever you think is invalid here,it isn’t going to be me,or anybody else!

          • I didn’t know anything about the correlation that gay folk were making between them and the animal kingdom, or their interpretation of G-D’s laws. Never read about that. I’m not trying to twist or distort anything.

            I was just stating a verifiable scientific fact involving animal behavior. That is all.

          • No bare faced liar you are asserting half of a fact, as soon as there are more females it stop immediately, liar

          • Verifiable scientific fact??really?, you nutcase! You have been repeatedly told to take your meds, but still you insist that you are fine; YOU’RE NOT.

          • GIVE IT UP,CHARLES S{hit] Head!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You been snorting far too much of that shit?!

          • I, personally, don’t drink, do drugs, or smoke.
            You on the other hand, with your crude, lewd, hanger abortion insults, vile language and immature irrelevant prekindergarten level humor, should go on something.

            Are you so vulgar off the net when you disagree with someone else’s point of view?

            Chill, man..

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Actually shitforbrains, I was going to tell you to GO FUCK YOURSELF, but I restrained myself!! ?????

          • Really??!! Thats DISGUSTING!! coneyro has been Sniffing Michael Dennewitz???!! UNFORGIVABLE!

          • Okay conyero,i accept your response as an honest one! but whether we agree or not,Homosexuality will ALWAYS be self chosen,no matter how much we disagree with our opinions here,using the Animal Kingdom stuff just doesn’t sell or justify these perverse behaviors-we are inteligent Human Beings,and we are FAR above the Animals,who certainly don’t need to be involved with any aspect of self chosen Gay and Lesbian lifestyles-our biological realities are God made,and the Lord did NOT intend Man to mate,make love,and sodomize other men!
            those who choose to live in this lifestyle,do so,at their own spiritual peril!

          • Really,Joe S Hill? And on What Factual,Proven Authority is your Uncompromising Statementthat”Homosexuality will ALWAYS be self chosen”?? Perhaps it’s based on your time Turning Tricks as “Rough Trade?

          • Of Course,coneyro,but as I tried to tell you:Facts and Reason are Offensive to Shit Heads!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I just wish people would make “correct references!” Homos might be gay (happy), but they stole that term to cushion the blow (no pun intended) to the rest of the world that they’re actually QUEERS, meaning ODD.. And don’t tell me it’s not ODD, seeing two dudes fudge packing!!?

          • Good Point,given that the Human Anus is NOT designed to “Fudge Pack” someone’s penis,,that’s grossly and seriously SICK!! and while Sodomy may be someone’s wonderful idea of pleasure,that’s not the kind of thing that the General Public needs to know,anymore then NOT needing to know who’s Gay,and why-that’s NONE of our business,but theirs! the Bible made it very clear,that these sexual perversions are punishable by death,which is also why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for this example,especially with two dudes “fudge packing”,who,in the Old Testiment time,demanded the death of those who indulged in this form of perversion!

          • How the,Joe S Hill,do You Explain the Circumstances of your Birth by Anal Delivery?

          • And Bill,how do you explain your circumstances of your Anal
            delivery? is being an asshole that much of a birth defect for you? grow some brains Bill,,it’s not too late!

          • yes , J.S.Hill , beautifully stated truths , Repent , please repent from your wicked way , and receive mercy and grace from Jesus and God . Before its too late ,Eternity of horrendous suffering awaits those who refuse to respect and recieve GODs awesome gift at Calvary.

          • yessir hairy beefcurtains dressed in dingleberies sure sounds delectable

          • Ah,the Perpetual Question about you and your comments,Michael Dennewitz:Are YOU,Michael Dennewitz,Really the Obnoxious,Offensive,Ignorant SHIT that your comments portray,or are you just a Bored,none-too-clever TROLL?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You always up vote yourself SHITFORBRAINS?? I see yo momma’s coat hanger abortion failed! ?

          • Joe S[hit] Hill,Give it a Rest,please! You’ve already More than Demonstrated your Ignorance and Stupidity,so don’t wear yourself out with needless additional effort!!!!

          • Why is telling the truth such an act of ignorance and stupidity?is it THAT hard to understand a simple truth.that Sodomy is a disgusting act of sexual perversion,or is it that idiots like yourself are that far gone? why don’t YOU give it rest,and use common sense,because you’re certainly entitled to your opinion,like i’m entitled to mine-nor do you have to agree with it-but the truth is the truth,and all the namecalling and profanity from your mouth shows me what a REAL man you are,,so go measure your dick somewhere else,and show your real manhood to somebody who cares!

        • If you see two dogs humping each other and a female dog in heat enters the picture, both dogs would fight over the female. The two male dogs are not homosexual just horny.

          • Mac that conehead coneyro is a troll and belongs in an asylum……

          • Not to worry, I saw the men in the white coats and they have the necessary restraints….they will be arriving soon at his “caveman room” (basement pad–as coneheadyro likes to call it).

          • look at conyro i mean cornholes picture he’s clearly a switch hitter

          • Certainly,YOU should know,Nathan Marley,what with your being one of the few living beings Birthed Anally.

          • Well,CHARLES S,needs Work_25-35 years should do for your remarks to actually verge on being humorous!

          • Cornhole?

          • YES,BARRY SOETERO,”Cornhole”_That’s what they called your Mom at her Brothel where you were Excreted.

          • You seem to have a exquisite , elaborate , educated , and detailed vocabulary about this matter Mr Bill . What college did you attend ? Majored in Urology is my guess .

          • Really,Jarhead? Does his asylum cell adjoin yours?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Jarhead- Go home, no one wants you here.

          • And to show dominance over the weaker one.

          • Retired Marine

            Sounds like muslims.

          • No,Retired Marine:Muslins are a flimsy fabric that couldn’t dominate anything.

          • p r o f o u n d.

          • t h a n k y o u

          • StupidConservativeValues

            That’s how your kid was made.

          • Project much, Zippy?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            No, you’re the one with the experience. btw- Zippy, as in the pinhead?

          • Do you know where I am now, Zippy? In my office working at a business that I own. BTW, your mom is calling you, she said turn off the basement light on the way up.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Let me guess, you’re the one with the office in your adopted mother’s basement? She calls you Zippy when she cradles your head while she reads you a night time bed story. Your business is collecting cans for recycle and you have an incestuous relationship with your mom’s asshole…the anal canal from which you were “born.”

          • Zippy, very very busy. Go outside and play and don’t forget to turn off the basement light!!!!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hey Zippy Sr., why so obsessed with the light?

          • If no one’s in the basement, it’s a waste of electricity, Zippy.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            There’s plenty of energy, who gives a shit!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You speak from experience. I heard it took the fire dept. an hour to hose you down to get you to stop humping.

        • You are a bare faced liar. The only homosexuality found in the animal kingdom, is when there are shortage of females, as soon as the female numbers arise they drop the perverts, just like human prisons.

          • I doubt that what you wrote is true in this case,gerald hughes,but generally YOU Should be an expert on being a Bare-faced Liar,as you,gerald Hughes are the CHAMP!!

          • Sorry low life liberal dem bloodsucking liars, it is impossible for a conservative to be world champion in a world with liberals, they want to sue you for using patented material.
            There are 2 types of people in the world, the human conservatives who really want to know about the truth. When they hear a statement that they know to be false or suspect that it is false, they go check.
            Then, there are the ersatz life forms, the liberal dem bloodsuckers, they don’t bother to check, just deny it and call some one a liar.
            That would be you, ersatz life form.

        • Yep, coneyro, you definitely were let out of the mental hospital way to soon before your shrinks had time to cure you of your mental illness. Luckily, I just heard that you’re being re-evaluated and you will be re-admitted back in your favorite padded room ( please, NO drooling this time); your friends are waiting for you.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Socialist TROLL ALERT!!

        • Retired Marine

          So you compare yourself to wild animals..That in itself proves a point. Since you are insane, I suggest a trip to the middle east where you will find animals in plenty to help prove your point. They always need a marriage practice boy and you should fit right in.

          • Where did I make any personal comparisons? Just some verifiable animal facts.

            Pull that bug out of your ass. It’s piercing your rectum of where your knowledge comes from.. No wonder you’re spewing this vulgar shit.

            These sites need more moderators looking for stupid.

          • Retired Marine

            Yes they do, they would most certainly find you.

          • It’s a nice day out. Go mow the lawn or something useful. Don’t waste your Sunday being an immature jerk.

            Shalom and peace…

          • How about I stop wasting my time when you stop wasting my time?

          • Or,Retired Marine,How about your Eating Shit and Dying? WONDERFUL idea!!!

          • Well you do know vulgar shit, who is spewing now? And Stupid? you have ownership on that claim.

          • TRUE,but if these sites were cleansed of stupidity,they wouldn’t exist!! THEN what would gerald Hughes,Michael Dennewitz,and Retired Marine do with their time??
            A little Compassion,please,coneyro!!!

          • Alas, common sense, I knew ye well. You got me. I wholeheartedly AGREE..

          • Retired Marine CUNT.

          • Retired Marine

            Nice try keyboard bad ass.

        • EXCELLENT,coneyro!!! However you should understand how Offensive FACTS and Information ARE to Wing Nuts!

        • StupidConservativeValues

          A voice of reason…how refreshing!

      • Sorry friend I have seen 2 ugly ass male dogs humping before and the worst part is the one on the bottom didnt seem to mind. sad but true

      • Amazingly,Joe S Hill,,you’re Right_well about ONE thing_! As you say”the Gays and Transgenders are mainly people”.
        Of course there is the question of why you pair Gays and Transgenders,or what the two categories have to do with each other,BUT,the answer is Simple: NOTHING.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Fuck your god! It’s fun to play around with gender!

        • Shameful language-but what good will that kind of profanity do for you,when your heart stops beating and you die? are you absolutely certain that cursing the very God here,will gain you any good ground? many like yourself will indeed curse that same God,who will find all unrepentant sinners guilty,and throws you in a lake of burning fire to burn for all eternity-but really,,it doesn’t have to be that way! you certainly are in need of prayer,which goes without saying!

    • If they don’t have money for Depends I will provide free!

      • Retired Marine

        I suggest since they want to be women, we use a K-Bar and make them one, quick, cheap, and damned easy.

      • Ha ha – that’s funny. Good solution!

        • ha,Fucking ha.

          • Come on people, keep “it” civil. These are real problems, and deserve civil responses. To do otherwise, is the very sick and contagious game of “mental masturbation”, (MM). The Founding Fathers and the contributors to the Fedralist Papers, along with most all judges, refrain(ed) from profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. I am sure they wanted to set both the tone and tenor for all serious goverenmental discourse. Also, there are “plants” (trolls?) whose sole purpose in life is to take our focus off of the critical current events—unfortunately, there are too many well intended commenters that willing fall into the MM trap and “feed the sick verbal fire”—and become unwittingly supporters of the NWO groups. As for “Bill”, wild animals “F–k”, ciliized humans, “make love”

      • Jarhead,AMAZINGLY,that makes even less sense than the usual Crap you post!


    • You’re RIGHT,3ronald1!!!Stop YOUR nonsense/Cut the SHIT!!1

    • “People with male genitalia”,3ronald1,are NOT Male to Female Transgenders,unless they are at the Very Earliest,Pre-hormonal treatment,Pre-Operative stages of Transition.I suggest that YOU Stop the nonsense,3ronald1!!!!!!!!

    • Majority doesn’t rule when the majority is selfish enough to attempt to abuse the rights of a fellow citizen. No one had an issue with transgender bathroom in the past 2000 yrs so why now ? Because its a deliberately created wedge issue that you were suckered into . The same trick was used by Herr KKKarl Rove(er) and his brown shirts when they needed something to bring their bigoted base out to vote. They drummed up gay marriage, which hadn’t been an issue, and got it on the ballot in 11 key states, it wasn’t gays in 2004 who created that ballot option. Manipulating the base…

  4. Biology, life science, whatever you call it needs to decide what sex you are, not politicians. If you are a “outee” but think you would be happier as a “inee” you need to see a psychiatrist, not a lawyer.

    The REAL reason for this can be found in the text – after the school district paid her $60,000 she/it now feels “safe”. What a load cow excrement. Now she/it can buy that new politically correct, environmentally safe bicycle. Or she/it might give it all to Bernie for president or fund to save sparrows.


  5. There was a time when I had respect for my government. Now I consider government to be nothing more than a well organized crime family who’s sole mission is to enrich itself and grow like a cancer at the expense of the taxpayer. Once they get to Washington and start sipping out of the public trough they are addicted. B-T-W – The school district only wrote the check, the taxpayer paid the settlement and lawyer fees. Can You Spell J-O-K-E?

    • Big time joke! I am so tired of this garbage, if we aren’t paying one we are paying for the other. I don’t care if it’s Transgender or not are they kidding bullying? how stupid I didn’t see the educational system doing jack when I was being bullied, so I just kicked their ass.

    • Personally I wouldn’t give her a fricken dime. There is nothing to support whom she says she is. Talk about a all time scam!!

      • I’d give this man a straight jacket, then a padded cell.. that’s it!

        • And Depends?

        • and what about Lady Gaga? she is actually a man called David Bowie then the plastic Surgeon turned him into a Transgender gril and he calls himself Lady Gaga it is time to stop listining to his Transgender songs

          • Bowie is dead. Explain that now.

          • he is actually a Dark signer he has the dark spider mark on his Arm he faked his death and disquised himself and coverd his face with the Dark hood and jioned with the Sect of the dark spider in Kansas to Destroy the Domino city

          • Is that true? I had never heard that one!

          • it is true and he is the Dark signer he joined the Sect of the Dark spider in Kansas and with his Dark spider mark on his Arm he is going to destroy the Domino city

          • Wow, you have quite an imagination.

          • raffaelecafagna

            you intend : lady Cacca , like diarrhea .

          • Are you serious? Where are you getting your information? David Bowie and Lady Gaga are two different people. Bowie was married to a former model named Iman. He died recently. Lady Gaga is still going strong..

        • raffaelecafagna

          Giant Leap

    • Obama’s sign states All Gender RESTROOM by Executive order “This is an ERECTION FREE ZONE”… he’ll probably say “ALL BANGING ALLOWED”

  6. Another pathetic example of Obama’s LGBT equality movement,as Transgenders try cashing in on their “equality rights”,but at the expense of good common sense,as well as the majority of Honest Americans,who are getting fed-up and tired of all the bullshi! going on,here!! if our Public Schools are in such a serious mess,then you can also include the moral toll that Obama’s “Obamanation” has taken here,when Transgender people think and feel like they’re the “real thing”,when in fact,that they’re
    always going to be men,thinking that they are women,which is so false to fact! is it our children’s business to know who’s an LGBT? because with all the chaos and calamity in our Public Schools these days,our kids don’t need role models like these,anymore then they should be forced to share women and girl’s bathrooms with Transgender people-and that right there,is the can of worms that President Obama has opened,and at are most deepest expense,and for the eight months and minus that this lying CIC has left,he still seems hell bent on causing more damage to our country,with this bogus equality movement that he created-and i hope that Trump,should he ever win the Presidency here,puts an end to all this LGBT phony baloney business,and tell these people,who are ALWAYS going to be self chosen,that their 15 minutes of fame is over! their right to marriage is enough,and it should’ve stopped there-but they want domination,,they want to cram their lies right down our throats,and i’m sorry,but that is NOT the actions of equality! WE the people,shouldn’t suffer over a self chosen minority-and the liberal left,who spoon feeds the divided public on LGBT tolerance,has to be told that the line has been crossed,and we’ve had ENOUGH!!

    • Amen, brother.

    • Some children realize at a very young age that they were born in the wrong gender. When they are allowed to adopt opposite-gender lifestyle choices, many of them are relieved and happy and grateful. There are all kinds of gender anomalies out there. To say that they don’t exist is not facing the truth. Seriously, though, why would anyone want to go thru the bullying, the pain and trauma of being different, the confusion, the harassment of changing their gender, unless they really are in the wrong body. There could be cross-gender people in your family, Joe, that you are totally unaware of.

      • That is NOT an excuse to promote Homosexuality and it’s behavior! children can be taught to deal with this behavior,simply by asserting a loving and strong moral value! furthermore,i loath bullying of ANY kind,nor do i feel that Gays and Transgenders deserve to be bullied,,but i don’t support their behavior and their values,nor should other American people be forced into that,as well! oh,and my late stepbrother was Gay/Transgender,and his example was NOT in any way,a right or valid thing! we loved him,despite this condition,but we didn’t shove it down everybody’s throats the way Obama and the liberal left are trying to do,,so don’t try to promote any concept of these behaviors,or use children,yours or anybody elses,because these behaviors can be overcomed,and Gay sympathy is not the answer! you can disagree with that all you like,but our views are set and clear!

        • I’m glad to hear that your stepbrother was loved. Did he try to stop being gay? I’m surprised you couldn’t convince him that your thinking was the way to go.

          • Whatever people like yourself think,if you choose to spoon feed Homosexuality to little children,then that makes a lot of you pretty guilty,if people are encouraged to disregard the sex that they’re born in-that’s a spiritual issue,and one,that could be easily overcomed! and this bullshit about hormones and brain chemistry is yet,another pathetic attempt to justify this behavior through the usual lies regarding how science and nature is supposed to create Gay behavior! so whatever you think of my testimony with my brother,it doesn’t erase the realities over this self chosen lifestyle,and how this will continue to divide our country!

  7. Stupid IT! Vote Democrat for more (sh) IT!

  8. Too many pronouns like, she, he it, maybe they could all be combined into one word to describe them. I wonder what word we could make out of she, he and it????

  9. good,now “it” can build a toilet for “it”s” own use.

  10. Should have only paid he/she/it a $60 settlement instead of a $60,000 one.

  11. Theoline Isaacson


  12. Gregg the voice of reason

    Normal people must rise up , go to school meetings, call your Congressperson and Senator……What next people who think they are dogs , Oh wait a minute that has happened already … Search that and you will see how far this sick crap has gone . Bestiality is next …. You can thank the LGBT for all this unnatural behavior ….

    • Bestiality is more a hetero thing, by the way. Some of those downhome Midwest farmers get to romancing their hogs and cows and discover the sex is as good or better than with their wives.

      • Gregg the voice of reason

        Thank you LBGT member so are you condoning having sex with animals no mater what your preferences are . Have you been dumped by your lover for a farm animal sex partner ….

        • I haven’t, no, but I have heard about several divorce cases where the wife divorced her husband because of his intimate relations with his cows. Or the farmer who used his herd of sows to manage his needs. When he was found dead in the pig pen, there was speculation that the sows got sick of his shenanigans. A former boss and his uppity wife liked orgies with animals, I was told by a reliable source. As far as I know none of those folks were lesbians, bisexual, gay, or trans. Nor am I.

  13. I woke up this morning feeling like I am a world class brain surgeon. Anyone up for letting me try my skills out on them?

  14. No wonder the Bible opposes the LGBT lifestyles. Once the door is opened, the perverts come in. I am a firm believer that the Constitution is worded such as it is to keep morality in the hands of churches and not the government.

  15. He wants to be called “they” I have the perfect pronoun for this person.. FREAK!!

  16. EnemyoftheState

    “We all have private lives, and it would not be appropriate to talk about our private lives during the school day.” –
    Get your Bible out – Mark 5

    The Demons and the Pigs
    …8For Jesus had already declared, “Come out of this man, you unclean spirit!” 9“What is your name?” Jesus asked. “My name is Legion, he replied, “for we are many.”

  17. The perverts and bent genders are not the problem, there problem is the liberal dem bloodsuckers, without them this problem does not exist.
    We can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers,the answer is to separate ourselves from the liberal scum, the perverts and bent genders will have to go with them. It’s that or civil war.
    The decent people will not allow these scum to endanger their spouses and daughters.

  18. Too bad Tarring and feathering has gone out of style.

  19. Here come the sicko’s! Tolerance is getting very difficult to say the least! Sit down, shut up and let’s all work to get this country of ours back on track. Don’t force us to deal with your stupidity right now. Nation first!

  20. Sad, the mentally ill are running the sanitarium.

  21. No, it is time to take back our country. This is utterly ridiculous. Enough is enough. Sick bast*rds or not, they had better get in line or face the consequences of their actions. We are fed up with the minorities demands against all the rest of us and the stupid administration and our even stupider congress. Fire em all and fire the minorities driving this against the majority! And close that damn border. Shut down the welfare spigot. Enforce E-verify in every state, in every city, in every community. Then deport or jail the illegal alien hordes who will not leave when there are no freebies and no jobs. And then vet the unvetted refugees. If they are dangerous, deport them back to their points of origin. If they will not assimilate, deport them back to their points of origin. And from now on help em in place. Do not import their problems.

  22. Hillaryoncrack

    He/she should get nothing but a boot in the keester on it’s way out the door for good.

  23. Just tell the stupid bitch to check her genitals. If she has a vagina, she’s a female, and if she has a penis, she is a male. Deal with it!!! But to give her $60K for being a transgender is STUPID!!

  24. raffaelecafagna

    he , she , it or whatever : will be walking with a dildo up his , she , it , tail and V ; one each .

  25. I would suggest that a polygraph be administered, covering several subjects, and a DNA test. I will wager a buck or two that she will fail both the sex and DNA test. If she fails either test, she should then have an option, continue to lie or get medical help. To say “she” has neither propensity, opens Pandora’s Box, still further. I would think that she, as a logical, reasoning person, and blessed with a normal amount of common sense, would know that she has a serious medical problem. Surely, the physical “attributes” are there, else there would be little or no room for discussion, on either side.

  26. he-she-it should be ashamed.
    On the other hand he got 60k….now he can go back to whatever he was, change States and do it all over again.
    Sure beats working…..But it does seem to me that as a requirement he would have to reveal a sex of some kind or another

  27. Your quintessential shakedown introduced to us by Jesse Jackson on behalf of blacks.Now, of course, the LGBT folks have picked up that mantle.

  28. PatriotForever

    In CA Brown has been said to pay criminals not to perpetrate crime. YEAH Baby that is like paying welfare recipients who can work not too. Now we are paying Transgenders? I wouldn’t give him 10cents but I would give him a bible a prayer and tell him if he decides he needs help, give me a call.

    • If I were a Cali-for-ian, Brown would be confronted, punched in the gut, knocked to the ground and reminded he works for the tax payers and shape up or ship out.

  29. I don’t see any reason to have paid her anything. She can always leave, no one is forcing her to stay. She is not a person anyone would want their children to be around, so why is she still there? There used to be rules about the type of character a teacher had to have in order to hold the job.
    I think some of the old-fashioned ways need to return.

  30. NOW he has $60,000.00 unearned money,so he thinks he is a female,even though he still has a penis,so he takes a portion of his sixty thousand and builds his own private restroom,change room,shower,etc.If there other”panty waists” like him,he can charge them a fee to use his private facilities.Then he can/will repay the school district the full sixty dollars, ,out of the fees he earned.Perhaps he can con obama for the total costs.he will have to be”sharp”,after all obama is master CON AMERICAN JUSTICE(????)

  31. “The Los Angeles school district will pay $88 million to settle sexual abuse cases at two elementary schools where complaints about the teachers behavior had surfaced long before their arrest, officials confirmed Monday. ”

    No wonder our taxes keep going up!

  32. What a BS story .not afraid now the district supports her/ him what ever. ~~ a little news for you .No they don’t , they paid you off so not to get bad publicity

  33. Milton W. Lowe

    TRASH THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS CRAP. If it has a “member” it be a man, if it don’t, it be a woman. PERIOD.

  34. Again…Queer Logic is the absence of either common sense or logic!

  35. It’s Oregon! What do you expect from the left coast?!? They’ve now ALL smoked enough grass that they have no idea what’s right or wrong?!?!?

    • The same thing happened back in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the commies took over the radical riots and protest. Woodstock, LSD, maryjane, drugs, unicorns, rose colored glasses, free love, STDs, penicillin and mush bra hippies. And, now, some of them are in the fed bureaucracy. Amazing.

      • Remember when our issues were burning bras, hot pants & wearing a belt in your jeans? When it was a BIG matter when 2 cheerleaders got caught with a little weed?
        Wow, for the ’60’s again…

        • You burned your bra? Actually, no bras were ever burned. That’s an urban myth.

          • Hate to tell you, chickie, but there WERE bras burned. Pretty obvious that YOU weren’t there, so stick your “urban myth”…. Right in front of our school, in several areas. On TV, etc. By the way, check the grammar & structure – I never stated that “I” burned….. duh. Stop reading your lips & try reading English!

          • I am referring to a specific women’s march for equality in the 1970s from which the “bra burning” episode was created. Women threw their bras into a big garbage barrel and didn’t burn them. What you are talking about sounds like a different event.

          • So, trying to back-pedal doesn’t work, RML… I mentioned NO specific incident, yet you attacked my observation. Now you are trying to abrogate by making it a “specific incident”?!? THAT doesn’t fit “urban myth” and that also is flat-out lying or trying to lie as you were generally responding to my blog.

          • Tu quoque.

          • Sorry again, RML, I’m not the one with the fallacy issue. My logic was/is right on target & not wavered at all.
            Also, good catch – notice you didn’t even know the Latin phrase (originally Tu quot!?!) so glad you’re able to logically respond to spell check!

          • Tu quoque (/tuːˈkwoʊkwiː/;[1] Latin for, “you also”)

          • Yep, I know, RML, that’s what I just responded to. Try reading it for comprehension. Your original was “Tu quot”. Again, wasn’t MY fallacy that was at issue, so the Latin doesn’t fit.

          • Tu quot is French. Tu quoque is Latin.

          • You REALLY need to get into (liberal) politics since you are SO good at trying to spin things after you progressively screw up. Quot does not come up in ANY French translators or in my HS French text book, so, you’ve been caught in a lie… again!
            Think it’s time for you to leave the blogging to the adults….
            Also, IF it was a good phrase, then WHY did you bother correcting it?!?

          • You are correct. I changed it, but tu quot is the correct French phrase. Let me see how I can spin this. Hmmm. Somehow I have to come up with something completely off-point to rag on you about, something that diminishes your character, makes a joke about your name, something to prove I’m far superior to you because, thank god, I’m not you. Sounds correct? I think that’s the way it works. So carry on, soldier. Do your appointed duty. This seems to be the anointed place to malign anyone whose opinion is different from yours. I include myself, as I too think I have the right answers, the same as you. How can we of divergent opinions ever find common ground if we’re fighting each other all the time. Better to fight the threats of disease, poverty, disharmony, war, than each other. But wail away on my character. I’m ready.

          • Intellect. Again, case in point – tu quot shows up nowhere in French or Canadian dictionaries so you’re circular argument trying to get out of covering a blunder still does nothing but show the progressive mindset of “I said it, therefore it’s correct”.
            I listen to many sides of many arguments, but when the obvious is blatantly obvious based on exacting facts, then ignorance I don’t tolerate.

  36. But Obama said it was “just a suggestion”! I believe the school board members owe the local taxpayers there some $60,000 they hastily and erroneously paid out to be politically correct!

  37. Unbelievable. I do not understand the school district. Hmmm, wonder who is paying for this crock of s__t?

  38. Robert M Stach Sr


  39. These transgender pukes all need to go straight to hell and never return. They are the sickest slime ball fuck I have ever seen. They do not have a place in our society or our country.

  40. force feeding us with mental instability and dire confusion ,YEP just like life in hell, A shame to desire and accept it with open arms

  41. Amazingly,the Fascist Shits at “Patriot”(Ha,Ha] News Daily Got Something Right!!! YES,”How long can a society exist when basic common sense has been exterminated” by “right”-Wing Liars & Purveyors of INSANE Conspiracy Beliefs and Assorted American Fascist Propaganda to the Gullible by “Patriot” News Daily,Alex Jones’ Info Wars,Barbwire,Beck,Breitbart,Heritage Foundation,A.F.T.A.H.,and the Goebbels Godson Farah’s W.N.D.??!! Sad though it is that Murdock’s News of the World is gone and that FOX is a shadow is a shadow of its former self,there’s always Hope for Fascists,with Trump the G.O.P.’s Nominee and Catering to Paranoid Schizophrenic Must Pay!!

  42. Our American Society is on the brink of extinction thanks to a bunch of cuckoos coming out of the closet that someone should have locked. What is wrong with these brain dementiaed individuals? Next we’re going to have a “chicken man” sitting in our White House. My mistake, we already have one, Chocolate Chicken Man, CCM!

    Thanks to the Libs “Deranged Gene”, we now have people walking around thinking they are anything but human. They need to go straight to the Funny Farm to be put on exhibit of “What Not To Be”.

    As for that teacher, she should be removed from teaching and forbidden to teach any children in the future. You have no idea what her subject matter would be — like my grandson’s 9th grade teacher who chose to discuss Homosexuality and all the little details. When my grandson told her according to the Christisn Bible gays are living in sin, she screamed at him to leave the classroom. As he was leaving she told the rest of the class there would be no negative talking about Gays or they will go to the Principal’s office too. My son and daughter-in-law immediately picked my grandson up and informed the Principal he wouldn’t be returning and to remove him from enrollment. That hurt the school because they get paid by the Fed Govt for each student enrolled…more kids left that school last year than ever before!

    No one knows what an emotionally confused person like the teacher in this article would be teaching your children, what subject matter she considers acceptable might be taboo to you. People with that type of degenerative brain pattern should not be teaching any NAIVE children ever. Remove her and make her an example of what not to be if looking towards a teaching credential. She can be a rubber sponge at the local McDonalds and be fulfilled!

    • Please,GuardanFlame! :Calm Down,take a couple more of your Thorazine Injections,and test your Straight Jacket for secure tightness!!!

      • You take your own crap medicine do you can escape into oblivion, not feel anything, just glide down delusional lane. By your comments you let everyone know here that you are a Liberal and think what this person is doing is judt fine. Obviously you have never had small children in your life to mske those comments…you truly DO NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUNG VULNERABLE MINDS WHEN EXPOSED TO RADICAL ABNORMAL THINKING. Ssd for you. What you send out comes back to you tenfold.

        I have good reason to say what I did. I have taught grades K – 12 and know how easily children can be misled…they have fertile minds and the seeds you plant there do sprout and grow.
        Having a mentally confused person “trying” (key word here) to teach normal subjects doesn’t work because their abnormality always gets in the way and strange things are taught instead.

        So “Excuse Me” for caring about all our young children’s minds. The Libs certainly do not care as long as their tweaked abnormal thinking drones can feel like they are normal (gays, transgenders, now “TransSpecies”), which none of them are! Stop this insane mind set. If anyone needs tranquilizers, IT DEFINITELY WOULD BE LIBERALS!

  43. What gives him the right to call anyone ignorant? He is so crooked he has tried to hide all his past.

  44. Should have fired the idiot or demanded “it” get professional help in some institution.

  45. We use to call these types “Butch” …. but now we just say “it”, “them” or just “queers”. Left over scum at the bottom of the barrel. The confused misfits that just can’t fit into normal society. The male queers will eliminate themselves with AIDS. The females will go on. Lucky for the rest of us, they can’t propagate their “species”. Now all we have to worry about are the commie CommonCore IDIOTS.

  46. You people of the district or the taxpayers and you are the people and not the civil servants. You need to get rid of the rats that’s running your school districts. Or else take your children out of that trashy school district and go someplace that has sanity and morality.

  47. StupidConservativeValues

    Leo is a true transmasculine patriot and exposes the long held buried conspiracy that Jesus was in fact transmasculine and that Melanoma and Donald Trump are n fact co-conspirators.

  48. StupidConservativeValues

    Call ‘ya Rupublicants or conservatives, you’re nothing but shit stains on our constitution, our mommy’s memory, our apple pie we love and the ‘Murican flag. Fuckers!

  49. StupidConservativeValues

    White people are the devil!

  50. StupidConservativeValues

    Negros make surperior slaves.

  51. Jimi James LaMont

    Did you ever stop and think that issues like this are “pre-arraigned”. The Bolsheviv Left’s favorite scam is to create a crisis, ramp up the whine, produce copious crocodile tears, demand a monitory settlement and then move on to the next pre-arraigned target.

    Most don’t catch on to the entire charade, if ever they do, until the scam has gone down and the money is guaranteed and the ink is dry on the deposit slip.

    This entire gender issue is one big scam for “Bucks”.

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