School District Pays Transgender Teacher $60k Settlement

Another day, another sad look at the direction our country is headed. Oregon’s Gresham-Barlow School District has agreed to give $60,000 to teacher Leo Soell – a “transmasculine” individual who claims to have been harassed by the staff at Hall Elementary School.

Soell, a fifth-grade teacher at Hall, came out of the closet last year, magically transforming from a woman to a…well, whatever she considers herself now.

Here’s how The Oregonian puts it: “Soell told friends and family that Soell did not identify as a woman or a man.”

Note the linguistic gymnastics required to write about these stories in a politically-correct manner.

Soell isn’t your typical transgender, if such a thing exists. She does not identify as a woman nor a man. Her preferred pronoun is “they.” When her students ask if she’s a boy or a girl, she must give them this little screed:

“We all have private lives, and it would not be appropriate to talk about our private lives during the school day.”

But that little message is apparently part of the problem. Soell threatened to sue the school district for placing that restriction on her. She also said in her complaint that she has been harassed by the other teachers since coming out. These teachers kept referring to Soell with pronouns like “she,” monopolized the school’s gender-neutral bathroom, and pulled various pranks to make her feel unwelcome.

The school district investigated the claims and came up with nothing. Zip. Zilch. No evidence that anything had happened.

So they paid her $60,000 and agreed to overhaul the district’s campuses to make life more hospitable for transgender employees.

“I actually feel safe now,” said Soell. “There will always be people who push the boundaries, but I’m not worried about them anymore because I know that my district supports me.”

Bully for you.

Why did the school district go along with this extortion? The answer is obvious. Look around. The writing’s on the wall. If they’d fought back, there’s no telling how much they would wind up owing Soell. Transgender people are the left’s newest cause; it’s a lot less costly just to go along.

Where this ends is anyone’s guess, but let’s be really clear about what we’re doing here. We are essentially saying that any personal preference – no matter how insane – must be accommodated by an employer. What’s the difference between a woman who considers herself a man and a man who considers himself a bird? Would the school district be forced to allow Bird-Man to sit on a nest of eggs for a few hours every day? Why not? Why is one acceptable and one delusional?

This issue has gotten muddied with a lot of different viewpoints coming from science, religion, politics, and public safety. But really, it just comes down to this: How long can a society exist when basic common sense has been exterminated?

We may soon find out.

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