Schiff Blames Carlson for Buffalo Mass Shooting

There were two mass shootings in the United States over the weekend — that is of course if you ignore the gang-related shootings that occur every weekend in places like Chicago. The one that left has decided to focus on is the tragic shooting that happened in Buffalo, NY. That is because the shooter had clear racial animus toward his innocent victims, who were all black Americans. A manifesto revealed the shooters acknowledgment of replacement theory, where he feared that fellow whites were being replaced by Jews and other ethnic groups. That was enough for opportunists like Adam Schiff to connect him to Tucker Carlson — tweeting about “racist conspiracies” by the Fox News host.

The problem with Schiff’s theory about a “theory” is that the shooter showed disdain for Fox News as reported by the Washington Examiner.

In the alleged shooter’s own manifesto, he slanders Fox News as being run by Jews and part of the global replacement theory conspiracy. He never mentions Tucker Carlson. He also disowns the conservative movement, labeling it corporatism, and echoes the sentiments of the far Left when it comes to eco-fascism.

Steven Miller

Schiff isn’t the only one who unfairly attacked Carlson. The very left “Daily Show” has been trying to smear Carlson for years. Here’s a propaganda video that takes what Tucker says about demographic “replacement” out of context.

Even here, they’re telling on themselves. First of all, he’s talking about illegal aliens coming to America and becoming future voters for the Democrats. Everybody understands this, especially Democrats. If they were coming over and eventually voting Republican, the Dems would be in support of building a wall as tall as the Empire State building.

But that’s besides the point . . . nowhere is Tucker advocating any sort of action along ethnic lines. Nowhere is he making a delineation between race and country. Poor Adam Schiff is grasping at straws once again. His problem is that he doesn’t give a damn about anyone, not even himself.

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