Saving Republicans From Themselves

Monday night, Texas Representative Randy Weber managed to derail what was until then a very successful round of criticism against the White House. For one of the few times in recent memory, this was a story the mainstream media actually picked up on, and not just as a way to talk about “them crazy conservatives.” President Obama’s failure to attend the unity rally in Paris was a national disgrace, and even the White House had to come out and publicly acknowledge the error. But instead of keeping things sane, Republicans always have to go that one extra step too far.

Tweeting his criticism, Weber said, “Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn’t do it for the right reasons.”

Come on. Inevitably, this tweet drew attention away from important questions about this president’s commitment to fighting terrorism. Now the focus is on Weber, and the leftwing press has all the ammunition they need to paint all conservatives with the same broad brush. We see this crap happen again and again, and I don’t know why Republicans can’t avoid this trap.

In 2013, Republican Assemblyman Jim Wheeler said that he would vote for slavery if that’s what his Nevada constituents wanted him to do. In 2012, Missouri Representative Todd Akin made conservatives look like retarded hillbillies when he said that the female body could shut down pregnancy if it came as a result of “legitimate rape.” Arizona Republican leader Russell Pearce said in September of last year that if he was in charge of Medicaid, he would sterilize all female recipients until they could pass a drug test and prove employment. And who can forget Elizabeth Lauten’s ill-advised tweet scorning the president’s children for their behavior at the turkey pardoning ceremony?

This doesn’t need to happen. Any Republican smart enough to hold office (or hold a position of import in the party) is smart enough to know where the boundaries are. Every time one of these fruitcakes gets foot-in-mouth disease, it sets the conservative movement back. We all know what the deal is. The liberal media is relentlessly hunting for their juicy tidbits. That doesn’t mean Republicans have to hand them their story on a silver platter.

There is a divide between talk show hosts and politicians. There’s a line between the Free Republic comment board and Republican party leadership. These people we elect to represent the conservative movement need to be aware of the differences. You can champion the conservative cause without making the world think you’re an idiot. In fact, considering the kinds of policies espoused by the opposition, maintaining dignity should be the easiest thing in the world. The left will hang themselves with their own frayed rope if given the chance.

Unfortunately, too many Republicans jump at any opportunity to save them.



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  1. BS, say what you mean, mean what you say. Or are we endorsing taquiya?

  2. Mrs. Gump, Forest, Forest Gump’s Mamma said it all quite clearly when talking about politicians: “Stupid does as stupid is”, or “stupid is as stupid does.” Even duct tape can’t fix stupid.

  3. Every since the election I have been saying that the Republican Party aka RINO Party, is the right cheek of the rectum and the Democratic Party is the left cheek of the rectum and Obola is the hole in the middle with The Mooch being the hair.
    This country needs to wipe this DC rectum clean and start over with a third-party.

    • Steven: You just summed it all up nicely! Good job!

    • WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! A third party will just make it easier for the other two to keep winning. What is needed is to GUT the GOP, fill it with REAL conservatives and Constitutionalists and then rename it. Anyone with even the slightest moderate view should NOT be allowed in this party. Additionally, the “Christian” conservatives need to realize that non-Christian conservatives are on their side, it is the libturd non-Chistians as well as the libturd pseudo-Christians that are intent on destroying Christianity.

      • The non-Christian conservatives need to watch their speech at times though, if they want Christian support. In addition to being considered a sin, profanity is simply the attempt of a weak mind to express itself forcefully.

        • Words designated as profanity are so by man, not scripture; But only to those who have been ignorantly taught to think of them this way. The idea that anything is impure/profane in and of itself was refuted by Paul.
          Your comment proves my point. All that many Christians do is find fault with non-Christians. God gave man a choice of what to believe and it is not for you to judge. The difference is when a non-Christian blatantly disparages God, as an atheist does, or tries to force religious persecution.

      • This won’t be popular, but the truth has to be told.
        The ethnic group that is destroying Christians in this country, is the very same group that hides behind Christians skirts. And Christians are too stupid to get it.
        God’s chosen people my buttocks. And who wrote that they were God’s Chosen? Well, who wrote the Old Testament? Figure it out. If I was writing a bible, I would write that my ethnic group was “God’s Chosen”, too. And that is proven by how each side of any war in history, said God, or Gods, were on their side.
        I won’t say what ethnic group, but just go look at who runs, financially supports, and is 90% of the attorney’s ethnic background, the ACLU.
        The ACLU has 1000’s of lawsuits on Christian events, and beliefs in the country. And HAS won 1000’s more.
        And see what ethnic group controls Movie, Sound, Newspaper, and Book media in this Country.
        And who the biggest beneficiaries of Wall Street, Tax Payer wealth, and Federal Reserve are.
        Go ahead, research that. I dare you.

        • I know exactly who you are referring to and I totally agree. They are the same people who claim that it was ONLY them that was targeted in Germany and were gassed by the millions, when the truth is that EVERYONE that did not support the regime was targeted and incarcerated, and the deaths were from disease which caused the emaciation and deaths. Brainwashing is a very effective tool and those you speak of know it well!

          And you forgot to mention who the Illuminati/ Bilderberg Group/ International Bankers, who control every country in the world through money, are. They are the same ones who pressured Wilson to establish the Fed Reserve, and assassinated two of our Presidents who were going to try to get rid of it.

          • I am betting that all christians who dont go along with you on this are brainwashed and stupid also. Well, im not and i believe they are the chosen. Of course im not on your intellectual level.

        • I am not a religous scholar or conspiracy theory follower. I am a christian usmc vet and have served with the israeli defence force. They are fierce warriors and i stand behind israel and believe the bible that says all who stand against them will fall. Semper fi

        • Just a stupid christian that doesnt have same view. Is everyone who doesnt follow your view on everything stupid and uneducated.

          • Yes.
            You are stupidly brainwashed. Simple as that.


          • As a brainwashed christian i will pray for you and all the nutjob conspricy theorist. At the very least i have put my life on line for this country and israel .instead of sitting in a room wondering who out there to get me. NEXT

          • 1. Not one thing I posted is a lie or a conspiracy theory, they are facts. What’s the matter, can’t take the truth? I KNOW you haven’t researched this, just throwing garbage out there. You are too brainwashed and close minded. And, it’s scawy, isn’t it lil buddy?

            2. You don’t know me. I am a disabled vet that did two tours… well, 1 and 1/3 anyway, in Vietnam 1971-1972. And where were YOU when I was disabled two days into the Easter offensive? Not even a gleam in your Daddy’s eye.
            3. You are no more a Marine than Obama. I am a retired Federal Civil Service employee, and have worked with Marines a lot. And after 37 years, I mean, A LOT. Not ONE Marine I have known had to talk trash to get street cred. You are not a Marine, in spirit, for dang sure.
            For the the sane readers here, this is why I said some would not like what I had to say. I don’t care if they don’t, I won’t stop saying the truth. period.

            Too bad so sad Faux Marine.

          • I too am a disabled vet and a marine to the day i die. And i know most who i served wih feel same as i do. But i know when and who to fight. How can u sit and judge me because i dont agree with u. And all u can do is insult my service ,sounds like somebody is scared and it aint me. At least i am a united state marine and havent only known a few. I dont even know what u mean , street cred,. My actions speak for themself. Too bad so sad u have nothing to do but question a mans honor to make yourself and u point look good. Annd im a white man, i dont look for street cred. Go back to ur bad mouthing other vets.

          • U definitely dont know me , u hypocrit or u would choose u words more wisely

      • If a valid third party comes in with a defined conservative platform, conservatives and moderates will vote for it. The problem is RINO John Boehner is in O’Dumbshit’s rear pocket enabling him to thwart all the bills he doesn’t like. For all intents and purposes the Republican party does not exist, The won the election, but they are too terrified to take advantage of their win, so they lose AGAIN!

      • We tried that an What happened, both the lunatic left an the rino’s joined together to defeat the Conservative, s during the primary. Steve is absolutely correct a True third party . Is the only way to give the public a far better choice then what we have now. Frankly There is no longer a choice between two parties . Is it not apparent they have joined together an merged as one party. Rinodemo-dogs.

      • You are nothing more than a loud mouth.

  4. Excellent article. But are there any Conservatives who are capable of understanding its message?

  5. So? As former Vice President “Dick” Cheney might say folks what else did you expect from the likes of the Goofy Old Party Wonders like Speaker John Bonehead and Chinless Mitch McConnell anyhow? Face it the two party system is broken beyond repair!

  6. The party is dead unless they start going with constitutional conservatives, the establishment good boys are not going to cut it.

  7. Steven: Get a strong wise candidate who will not parrot dumb statements like yours, and I will vote for her/him. A very conservative legislature and a president who cares about all Americans is what we need, not another cold ideologue. Texas would have gone Rep years before it did if it had not been for the ultra conservatives going it on their own. We will forever be in the clutches of the socialists if the ultra “can’t play well with others” conservatives don’t get some people skills.

  8. It’s not really saving Republicans from themselves. It’s educating the public on the difference between Republican vs. RINO. It’s instituting congressional term limits to keep everybody on an even level of power and accountability. Period…

    • It’s not even about term limits, although they should be set. The problem is that we are NOT a democracy, we are allowing candidates for office that DO NOT STAND 100% FOR THE CONSTITUTION. Any candidate or one who already holds office, that writes, or backs any legislation that is unconstitutional should be removed from consideration or from office.

      • I agree with that too. I just don’t think we can get there without term limits.

      • What legislation has passed in the past 4 years that you believe to be unconstitutional, and what part of the constitution do you think it violates?

        • You’re just stupid and not worth talking to if you can even ask that question. I’ll give you one of hundreds – OVOMITCARE!

          • I asked a simple question. Now I realize that there were 2 parts to it, and clearly that was been more than your little brain could handle. What law was passed, and what portion or portions of the constitution did it violate. Feel free to admit that you’re too fucking stupid to answer, rather than embarrass yourself with an answer like the last one

          • You libturds are all the same, you think that you are doing something intelligent by asking a stupid question that has been answered a million times: Here’s your answer – Ovomitcare: Why?

            (1) Clearly, the abortion coverage and the contraception mandates doinfringe upon freedom of religion (1st Amendment), and are the focus ofa number of current lawsuits brought by the University of Notre Dame,
            Franciscan University of Steubenville, and dozens of Catholic hospitals and organizations, including Priests for Life, The Archdiocese of New York, the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., and various individual dioceses across the country, all of whom have filed some 43 lawsuits
            against Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama administration.

            (2) Some businesses, which do not fall under the “religious employer” exemption, are seeking relief from the contraception coverage mandate (again, a 1st Amendment issue) because itis against the owner’s religious beliefs. The following two cases are examples of corporate challenges currently winding their way through thecourt system . . . Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. et al., v. Sebelius – U.S. District Court, 10th Circuit, in Oklahoma City, filed Sept. 12, 2012 . .. Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation v. Sebelius – U.S. District Court, 3rd Circuit, in Philadelphia, filed Dec. 4, 2012

            (3) Doctors having the ability to ask about firearms ownership and include your response in your “medical history” that is stored on-line and shared with the HHS bureaucracy infringes upon the freedom of thought
            and speech (1st Amendment) and upon the right to bear arms – that “shallnot be infringed.” (2nd Amendment).

            (4) The Federal government (HHS/IRS) having full access to your bank account against your will, to make sure that you are paying your Obamacare premiums, infringes upon your right to be secure in your person, papers, and effects, as do unreasonable searches into personal health insurance records; Anyone familiar with financial matters knows that a prospectus is required before someone purchases anything, but to find out about Obamacare you have to give them all your personal information . . . Instead of being able to read what Financial Health Plans they are offering you must
            disclose who you are, first; it also infringes up on your right to due process (4th and 5th Amendments).

            (5) Excessive fines, in the guise of the Obamacare penalty, violate the Constitutional promise contained in the words “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor
            excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” (8th Amendment) The violation stems not only from the penalty, but also from mandating private citizens to purchase health insurance.

            (6) Forcing you to purchase items (Obamacare) also infringes via rights not specifically enumerated in the Constitution and violates the Commerce Clause, the Takings Clause, the Presentment Clause (9th Amendment and 10th Amendment).

            (7) The Federal government’s attempts to strong-arm the states also infringes upon the rights of the states in the Enumerated powers clause. The Constitution grants the
            federal government about thirty-five specific powers, eighteen in Article I, Section 8, and the rest scattered throughout the document. None of those powers authorize control of the health care system outside
            the District of Columbia and the federal territories. Furthermore, Congress may not commandeer state decision making in the service of federal goals. (10th Amendment).

            (8) Why is Obamacare, via its mandate to buy insurance, not utterly illegal in that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the
            party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”? (thirteenth Amendment). It is the federal government forcing people to “work” in finding an insurance policy – to take an “economically productive action for another, without compensation.” Is that not the definition of
            involuntary servitude? In fact, for the privilege of being forced to engage in “work” you also have to pay for a policy that you may or may not use. SCOTUS ruled in United States vs Reynolds that coercing a citizen to enter in to a contract (which is what a health insurance
            policy is) violates the “wheel of servitude” as defined by the 13th Amendment.

            (9) Section 1 of The 14th Amendment to the Constitution says in part “nor shall any State deprive any person of
            life, liberty, of property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Some proponents of federal health care have argued that every citizen must be
            treated equally, and the current health care system is an example of gross inequality that runs contrary to principles of the 14th Amendment. And how do you allow thousands of exemptions and special privileges for
            almost two million Americans who do not have to participate in Obamacare and reconcile that special treatment with equal protection of law for the other 299 million or more? (14th Amendment).

            (10) The SCOTUS has defined the Obamacare penalty as a tax. As the National Review points out, “This is a direct tax on the middle class. It is clear that through its proposed $500 billion in tax increases, the $500 billion in Medicare cuts, and the individual mandates and regulations, Obamacare will swiftly harm our country.” As a tax increase, it is a bigone. But, even if the Obama administration is now admitting the individual mandate is a tax, that still does not make the law constitutional. Rather than operating as a tax on income, the mandate is
            a tax on the person and is, therefore, a capitation tax. So the 16th Amendment’s grant of power to Congress to assess an income tax does not apply. The Constitution does allow Congress to assess a capitation tax, but that requires the tax be assessed evenly based on population. That is not how the Obamacare mandate works. It exempts and carves out far too many exceptions to past muster as a capitation tax. The Obamacare
            mandate may have been deemed a “tax” by Justice Roberts, but it is still unprecedented and unconstitutional even as a tax. (Sixteenth Amendment). The legal gymnastics and convoluted contortions that were
            performed by Justice Roberts are beyond comprehension. Worse, he engaged in rewriting the law as Congress “may have intended” instead of
            accepting what Congress did intend, in order to “save” the unconstitutional legislation by doing what he has no authority to do – re-writing a statute – not once, but twice. Senator Lee has written is succinctly: “He also changed the Medicaid expansion portion. The bill stated that if a state did not accept the new Medicaid expansion, it
            would forfeit all of it’s existing Federal Medicaid payments, leaving the state to pay for everything that they had formerly shared with the Federal govt. That was clearly an unconstitutional portion of the law, so instead of striking it, the Court re-wrote it, allowing states to opt
            out of expansion while keeping their current Federal subsidy. The Court”fixed” the provision to make it Constitutional.So we have a law which, because the Court altered it, is a law that has not passed Congress nor been signed by the President.” There are two things we know for certain about Justice Roberts’ decision in the Obamacare case. First, Roberts originally said the law
            was unconstitutional. He was the primary author of the opinion that eventually became the minority opinion. Then very late in the process Roberts abruptly switched and supported the constitutionality of the law. He then wrote the majority opinion. It was hastily written and
            illogical. Second, Roberts is too intelligent to believe the “now it’s atax now it’s not a tax” sophistry that is in the majority opinion. Evensupporters of the majority opinion described it as depending on twisted and contorted logic. The question is why did Robert’s switch his position at the last minute and write an opinion he clearly knows is
            false. Either Roberts is dishonest or he was pressured. It is not difficult to assume the latter.

            (11) The president’s own tinkering with the law, issuing executive orders to change it, modify it to suit his will, are clearly unconstitutional in and of themselves. He
            is not only violating the equal protection clause (14th Amendment) as he curries favor with his political friends and carves out special exemptions (See #9 above), but he is also re-writing established law in a way that is sweeping and discriminatory, which is not his prerogative.
            Article 1, Section 1: “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” We have a president, who should “preside.” We do not have a king, which brings us back, again, to the first words of the Constitution: “We the people.”

          • HAHAHAHA One of the dumbest posts I’ve ever seen. Seriously, you don’t have a fucking clue. For example, doctors asking if you own a gun violates the 2nd amendment.

            You’re a fucking clown. I won’t waste time laughing about them one at a time.


        • JUST EVERYTHING THE CLOWN YOU SUPPORT HAS SIGNED INTO LAW SINCE HE WAS ELECTED! Wakeup! YOU really should be examined if you think that way! away with your positions. Are you related to MLK?

          • In other words, you can’t name 1 law and what part of the constitution it violates or you’re too fucking stupid to respond to the question.

            Just as I figured

  9. THE asses that got elected only did it for fame and large pay and more money when retiring piss on the voters.

  10. Make no mistake, i would never have said that I would vote for Slavery, nor would I vote for slavery. That’s just nonsense as it would never happen.
    However, I would have said that I don’t vote MY conscience, I vote my CONSTITUENTS conscious as I represent them, not myself.
    Then I would say that if I, due to my own beliefs, can’t vote as my CONSTITUENTS want, then I should not, and would not have the job.
    That is the only place for a politicians conscious.
    But, that’s too hard for the Commie left and their COMMIE MSM to understand. They don’t CARE what the people they represent think.
    Case in point.
    In the 1st televised Democrat POTUS debate in 2008, a question was asked of all candidates. “83% of all Americans say English should be the official language of the United States. With a show of hands, who would support that”. One hand went…wait for it..BIDEN’S. You haven’t heard anything about that, have you? If you didn’t see it, you wouldn’t even know about it.
    Then Clinton and Obama about killed each other to get the 1st word as to why they wouldn’t.
    It doesn’t MATTER why THEY wouldn’t. I was appaled. 83% IS te statistic. So they just said that they would not go with 83% of Americans for blah blah reason.
    MY point was, then WHY would anybody vote for you when you stood there and told us you would not support EIGHTY THREE PERCENT of what Americans want!

  11. Most are STILL trying to ride a broken bicycle. WAKE UP.

  12. I dont think that anything these muslim nations say is true. They only agenda is the destruction of the us and israel. I for one , as a christian have been looking for other vets who are willing to go and put a stop to the atrocities and murder of other christians. The potus is not going to do anything because he wont go aginst his own. You may think im crazy but i think it more crazy to sit back and watch this. With Gods help we can stop this.

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