Sanders: Illegals Should Be Eligible for Obamacare

Lost in the spectacle that has been the 2016 primaries – Donald Trump’s unbelievable rise, Jeb Bush’s anemic campaign, and Hillary Clinton’s continuous scandals – a very dangerous man is closing in on the Democratic frontrunner. His name is Bernie Sanders, and he is as radical a liberal as we’ve ever seen on the national stage. Given the man currently occupying the White House, that’s saying something.

Conservatives are amused and even a little excited by Sanders’ ascendancy. Like Trump on the right, he’s something of a Washington outsider, despite his career in the Senate. His political leanings are unabashedly socialist, making him the perfect representative of a dark blue state like Vermont. But his grassroots campaign is catching fire nationwide, a turn of events that we can’t afford to ignore any longer.

Sanders told Democratic lawmakers on Thursday that he would support allowing certain illegal immigrants to sign up for Obamacare. Recognizing the need to build a minority coalition, Sanders spent 45 minutes with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, trying to see how far to the left he can go without worrying the average American. Judging by how his campaign has gone thus far, that might be very far indeed.

According to aides, Sanders proposed letting illegals buy health insurance off the Obamacare exchanges as long as they use their own money. In other words, they would not be eligible for the federal subsidies that make the ACA affordable for low-income customers. Still, even that could change if he senses an opportunity to push the country a little further.

As far as Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) is concerned, these changes could make Obamacare more affordable for the rest of the country…somehow. A radical immigration enthusiast, Gutierrez introduced a bill this week that would extend Obamacare to illegal immigrants. He claims that this would open the exchanges up to younger, healthier individuals which would in turn lower insurance costs for everyone.

Sure it would.

Were it not for seven years of Obama, Americans would have little appetite for this kind of unrestrained liberalism. But now the stage is set. It could be that Obama’s most dangerous legacy will not be one of policy but one of cultural change. He’s normalized the radical left. And the media has done such a shameful job of challenging him that Americans now believe that it’s the Republicans who have gone to the extreme end of the political spectrum. Everything is backwards.

A decade ago, a self-proclaimed socialist would not even have the gall to run this kind of campaign, much less have an actual shot at the nomination. And while a Sanders presidency is still pretty hard to imagine, his popularity will almost surely push Hillary further to the left.

Losing this election…it’s just not an option. America has already become almost unrecognizable under Obama’s leadership. If we play with the fire of liberalism for another four years, we are going to get burned.

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