Sanctuary Cities are Protecting Illegals From Terrorism-Riddled Countries

Much of the illegal immigration debate centers around Mexico and Central America, but there are plenty of aliens in this country from places like Iran, Syria, Sudan, and other nations that have been identified as sponsors of terrorism by the U.S. State Department. And whether an illegal immigrant criminal is from Ecuador or one of these Middle Eastern havens for jihadist violence, sanctuary cities protect them from deportation just the same.

According to a new study from the Immigration Reform Law Institute, sanctuary cities over the last two years have prevented at least 44 illegal immigrants from these nations from catching their date with deportation.

“The IRLI investigation found that the sanctuary state of California leads the country in helping illegal aliens from terrorist-sponsored countries evade deportation,” reports Breitbart News. “Over more than a two-year period, California failed to turn 27 illegal aliens from terrorist-sponsored countries over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents for deportation out of the U.S.

“Washington state, likewise, shielded eight illegal aliens from terrorist-sponsored countries from deportation during the same time period, as well as two illegal aliens in each Iowa and Minnesota. Sanctuary cities in states like Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Texas also refused to help deport some illegal aliens from terrorist-sponsored countries,” the report continues.

In a statement, IRLI Executive Director Dale Wilcox insisted that his findings proved that sanctuary cities were not only in violation of federal law, they were putting Americans in danger.

“Sanctuary laws are no longer a theoretical faculty lounge debate, they are causing very real threats to our safety as individuals and as a nation,” Wilcox said. “Already there are innocent victims who have lost their lives as a result of sanctuary laws that defy common sense. If one of these aliens shielded from the law commits an act of mass terrorism, the politicians and activists who push for sanctuary laws will have a lot to answer for.”

Of course, this is a different sort of illegal immigration. Very few Iranians are hopping the fence at the border (although it has been known to happen). Unfortunately, most of these individuals have come here at the express request of the U.S. government. Through idiotic schemes like the Visa Diversity Lottery, America has taken in thousands upon thousands of Middle Easterners who have little or nothing to offer our country other than “diversity.” They overstay their visas, disappear into the shadows, and go to places like San Francisco where they can freely commit crime without worrying about being turned over to ICE.

44 people over a period of two years may not sound like anything to be concerned about, but remember: It doesn’t take a huge army of jihadists to slaughter scores of innocent people. The war on terror is never finished, and we need vigilant officials at every level of local, state, and federal government. When even a single city abdicates its duty, it endangers all of us. Sanctuary cities have got to go.

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