San Francisco Will Remain a Sanctuary

For the family of Kate Steinle, conservatives, and anyone who wants to see this nation’s laws upheld, this was a bad week. Democrats in the Senate blocked a bill that would have defunded cities that harbor illegal immigrants and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a resolution that basically said, Yeah, we’re going to stick with the same policies that resulted in an innocent woman’s murder. We’re good with that, thanks for asking.

The Senate bill, in fairness, was destined to fail. The president had already threatened to veto the bill if it landed on his desk, seeing as how it runs exactly counter to his dream of full amnesty for every damn illegal immigrant in the country. Until there is a Republican in the White House who understands the grave threat illegal immigrants pose to the United States, no meaningful legislation will get through.

And it’s probably naive to think that San Francisco liberals would abandon their agenda just because some random white woman died. What do they care? The 60’s never ended in San Fran; if they sense an opportunity to “fight the power,” they’re not going to pass it up. It takes at least ten white people to make up for one person of color, especially if they’re here illegally. But even if
Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had gone on a mass killing spree, they would have found a way to excuse their policies.

“I’m so proud of San Francisco,” City Supervisor David Campos said. “I’m so proud that notwithstanding the climate at the national level of scapegoating immigrants that San Francisco went against that.”

“We cannot allow one event to dictate 25 years of our city’s policies toward undocumented immigrants,” said Supervisor Malia Cohen. “More importantly, we cannot allow hateful conservative news stations to drive how we make policy decisions here in San Francisco.”

No, when have Democrats ever allowed “one event” to change policy? Except for Ferguson. Oh, and the Charleston church killings. So if Kate Steinle had been black…

But probably not, because this is Priority #1 in Obama’s America. Not because Democrats are genuinely distraught over the plight of illegal immigrants but because they are gaming the system to gain demographic dominance over Republicans. Obama has given his immigration policy over to advocacy groups like La Raza, knowing that a Hispanic population explosion could give Democrats the political edge for decades.

“How many Americans must die at the hands of criminal aliens before the Obama Administration addresses this public safety crisis?” asked House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte upon hearing of the San Francisco Board’s resolution.

It’s a question that should be on the minds of every voter, but it’s being drowned out by all the fake moralizing, some of which even naive Republicans fall into. There’s nothing mean or evil or racist about enforcing federal immigration law. That the left has managed to embed this myth into the national consciousness is a dark omen for things to come.


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