San Francisco Will Remain a Sanctuary

For the family of Kate Steinle, conservatives, and anyone who wants to see this nation’s laws upheld, this was a bad week. Democrats in the Senate blocked a bill that would have defunded cities that harbor illegal immigrants and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a resolution that basically said, Yeah, we’re going to stick with the same policies that resulted in an innocent woman’s murder. We’re good with that, thanks for asking.

The Senate bill, in fairness, was destined to fail. The president had already threatened to veto the bill if it landed on his desk, seeing as how it runs exactly counter to his dream of full amnesty for every damn illegal immigrant in the country. Until there is a Republican in the White House who understands the grave threat illegal immigrants pose to the United States, no meaningful legislation will get through.

And it’s probably naive to think that San Francisco liberals would abandon their agenda just because some random white woman died. What do they care? The 60’s never ended in San Fran; if they sense an opportunity to “fight the power,” they’re not going to pass it up. It takes at least ten white people to make up for one person of color, especially if they’re here illegally. But even if
Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had gone on a mass killing spree, they would have found a way to excuse their policies.

“I’m so proud of San Francisco,” City Supervisor David Campos said. “I’m so proud that notwithstanding the climate at the national level of scapegoating immigrants that San Francisco went against that.”

“We cannot allow one event to dictate 25 years of our city’s policies toward undocumented immigrants,” said Supervisor Malia Cohen. “More importantly, we cannot allow hateful conservative news stations to drive how we make policy decisions here in San Francisco.”

No, when have Democrats ever allowed “one event” to change policy? Except for Ferguson. Oh, and the Charleston church killings. So if Kate Steinle had been black…

But probably not, because this is Priority #1 in Obama’s America. Not because Democrats are genuinely distraught over the plight of illegal immigrants but because they are gaming the system to gain demographic dominance over Republicans. Obama has given his immigration policy over to advocacy groups like La Raza, knowing that a Hispanic population explosion could give Democrats the political edge for decades.

“How many Americans must die at the hands of criminal aliens before the Obama Administration addresses this public safety crisis?” asked House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte upon hearing of the San Francisco Board’s resolution.

It’s a question that should be on the minds of every voter, but it’s being drowned out by all the fake moralizing, some of which even naive Republicans fall into. There’s nothing mean or evil or racist about enforcing federal immigration law. That the left has managed to embed this myth into the national consciousness is a dark omen for things to come.


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  1. And San Francisco will NEVER get a dime of my tax money. Would like to see it, but it’s too full of loons.

    • Maybe when it costs them some real money in tourism they will decide it isn’t worth it.Hit them where it hurts,in the pocket book!!

    • Whom are you kidding? The gazillionaires in SFX do not want your business. Do you not understand that?

      Why am I wasting my time?

      The ciapionni is good, however your spell it, however you pronounce it. Abalone when you can find it. Oysters anytime, forget the old wives’ tale about the “R” months. Try to be there when the fleet is in, if you like seafood.

      But read the Constitituion.

      • Better question..Why are you wasting my time. You don’t know what you’re talking about, so how should I. And, one things “Progs” agree on, they want your money. And my money.

      • Well I’m certainly relieved they don’t want my money because I sure as fuck would not give them any.

        • Have you checked your tax return this year? You give ’em plenty, if you are gainfully employed.

          There is a reason why they are feasting on cioppini and sipping fine wines by the Bay and why you and I are not. Hint: slaves work to keep the rich where they are. The chain-gang is where we are because we are out-voted.

          Suggestion. Pull the plug on TV. Don’t watch movies. Listen to opera: “Norma” is thrilling. Above all else, vote against all tax renewals.

  2. Rifles on the rooftops

    good- keep them there and not in the Midwest. sanfran can keep all the qweers and browns they can pack in.


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    • I’m with you on that as I’m sure many others are too.

      • San Francisco is the home for all QUEERs in the U.S so there you.They love to blow these wet backs.

        • “There you?” Stand up, get off your knees, it may be that I will recognize you then.

          Lose the attitude. It makes you sound … um, it makes you sound queer.

          • I disagree with you absinthe. Boone is just telling the truth. You just cannot tolerate a different opinion than yours. You have to agree about San Francisco!

          • You are right. I am wrong.

            People want to live in San Francisco. That is why a small condo there costs $5 million and a 5 bedroom house costs $125,000 in Fresno. It is why it takes 2 months to make a reservation at the hottest new restaurant in midtown Manhattan, but the McDonald’s in Yuma has jobs open for people willing to work in Yuma.

            You and Boone are right. I am wrong.

          • I like San Jose. San Francisco is dicey, but I have close family who live there. LA, only in Belaire and the west side. I was not admitted into Beverly Hills, although it is all public land. DC; oww! Too many relatives to even think about there. This is all rather fun.

          • Is that you down there absinthe didn’t you go to St. Louis with the rest of your good buddys the QUEERS.

        • Also the USA women that are eager to marry and care not what they get.

        • No they lost a majority of the Queers when they made St. Louis their reigning place and Missouri is in such troubles over it all!

      • Nor will I ever go there. The Steinle’s need to sue the life blood out of S.F. at least 8 or 9 figures. Sanctuary cities don’t have the right to exist IMHO. Hopefully the next president will stop all funding and support of any kind to any sanctuary city and laws will be passed to make the city leaders liable for any illegal felon released. They should have only one choice, call homeland security so they can be picked up for deportation.

        • 7papa7, obozo has already said he will veto any bill that comes to him to stop sanctuary cities. He doesn’t give a crap. Liberals in CA have ruined the state and continues to break federal laws without any repercussions! Federal law supersedes state law. Unless of course your progressive communists.

          • One thing I have learned in my 70 years on this planet. It is never wrong to do the right thing. The republicans were voted in to fight the obama agenda. Here is the problem. Many people like yourself take the attitude that he will veto it. Others take the attitude if they don’t put out good bills that they are not doing what they are elected to do. I say put out the GOOD bills and let it fall at the feet of obama. Let him be 100% responsible for vetoing good pro American bills.By not passing Kate’s law congress has said that an illegal murderer is of a higher value than a dead law abiding young women. That is disgusting and is the most screwed up of priorities I have ever seen. Guess what, now the republicans in congress will get the blame and obama gets off scott free. If we take your approach then the only thing that should be sent to obama is things that move his agenda forward because that is all he will sign. That being said what difference who is in charge of the house and senate.

          • Right you are my friend.

          • No, wrong you are my friend. You are pinning an attitude on me that isn’t warranted. I’m almost as old as you and I have never said the bills shouldn’t be sent to Obama. NEVER! All I’m saying is what he stated. I believe the bills should be sent to him and let him take the blame as you say. Having said that has Obama taken the blame for anything? NO and he won’t and the media and the commies will protect their black messiah. You seem to be hung up on putting blame at someones feet. What good is that? I mean when has anything ever stuck to this guy? When has he ever been held accountable? Oh but lets not worry about that because the blame is still on him right?

          • “obozo has already said he will veto any bill that comes to him to stop sanctuary cities.” That statement sounded like you were saying since that is going to happen anyway don’t waste time in sending it. If I am wrong I do apologize. I was just responding to the way it came across to me. I have heard far to many who believe that since it will do no good don’t do it. The media and many of those who followed him are backing off because of how there “reputations” are being damaged by supporting him. We are apparently on the same page and that is great. Send bills to obama that the people want passed and then let him veto them. It can only be helpful in the 2016 election for conservatives. Put bills on his desk that support the pipeline, that close the border etc. This is what the people want. Send them as individual bills that are not tied to anything else and it will put him between a rock and a hard place.

          • Thank you for your apology and I truly didn’t mean it the way you took it. No matter what he says he will do we should never give up on what is right. Sometimes when I try to make a point it doesn’t always come out the way I meant it and that’s why I explained it. We definitely are on the same page. I totally agree with you. Know what I’ve been wondering about? I’ve been wondering when his reign is over and he starts to put his library together, what the heck are they going to put in that library besides lies? 😉 I’m glad we got this all cleared up! Thanks so much for your posts. As for Obozo? I couldn’t hate a person more than I hate him and those who coo over him.

          • His library will probably consist of book by Alinsky, Marshall, Mao, Lenin etc. I do understand, about making a point, it happens to me all the time. Lord Bless you my friend.

          • That’s exactly what I said. They can’t put anything else in it because it would all be lies. However, we know that the Dems are experts at that don’t we? Thank you sir for understanding and God Bless you also Friend. 😉

          • I have always said that with the left it is always agenda over integrity. The most important thing to them is insuring that there anti American agenda is implemented and it doesn’t matter at all how that happens. If people have to die then so be it, if people are lied to, then so be it. Absolutely nothing comes before the agenda. They follow the principles of the koran where it says that it is OK to lie if it is for the greater good and the left believes that they know what the greater good is for us.

          • The fact is that our azzhole politicians, especially the democrats, actually care more about a Michael Brown being shot and killed by a white police officer, even though it was pretty much justified, than they do about a cold-blooded killing of a totally innocent women by an illegal piece of human crap!

          • Very true. That is why those who release these scum need to be held accountable and get the sentence that the bum should get also.

        • Call homeland security, under the Odumbo administration?! That will do a lot of good, and if this country is STUPID enough to elect Hillary, and I fear that it is, then it will only get worse, because, you must understand, the democrats see these scum bag people as votes for them!

          • I’m talking about what should be done and that the feds will actually follow the laws of the land. I know it’s a reach but hopefully we get a pro American president who will make the needed changes to insure the safety of the country.

          • Every Republican and moderate better get out and vote like their life depends on it because it does. If Killary gets in we are cooked for good! I still like Ted Cruz.

          • Cruz has been my choice for at least 3 years now since he came on to my radar. It is past time to get yourself armed and loaded with ammo, We will most likely need it.

          • I agree. He isn’t getting a fair shake either. Ted Cruz has proven over and over he isn’t afraid to take on his own party or the Demwits. I heard someone on Fox say: Cruz is not a conservative. I almost fell off my chair. Obviously someone hasn’t been paying attention.
            I totally agree with you about getting armed and loaded with Ammo. I have my own loading equipment, several rifles and hand guns. But the best part? I have my sharp shooters license that I keep up to date. I don’t mind telling you my eye sight almost kept me from getting this last one but I got my glasses changes and I’m spot on. My sons and I and my two brothers go to the shooting range every weekend. I go almost everyday because I want to keep my skills up. Lets pray everyone see’s in Ted Cruz what we see in him. Take good care 7papa7.

          • I personally think the Cruz could do for America today what Reagan did for America in 1980

          • I agree. He has proven over and over he’s not afraid to take any of them on. I just can’t for the life of me understand why he isn’t higher in the polls. The Dems are scared to death of him and I think his own party is afraid of him because he will shake the place up! That’s what we need. We need a very strong man for the job right now. A Christian and a man who believes in building up our military might.

          • I totally agree.

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      • hope they don’t afford it and fall flat on their face-hehe~

        • Yeah..that sounds better, and more deserving, although I think Roanld was being sarcastic.

        • I don’t! If they tank, who’s pockets do you think will be picked to bail them out?

          • DUH, why do u think they wanna continue?????
            it’s all about OUR money, they could give two shits about that trash killing- it was only one death!!!!~

          • they way things are going with the illegal alien squatting in the oral office and all the demcrapo commie lovers in the house and senate there may not be any funds to send to kenyan boyos supporters out there in crapafornia..

        • Speaking of… where do I get a listing of gatherings or conventions that may be considering meeting in SFO ??
          I may get wound up enough to let them know that I won’t be there, and they probably shouldn’t eithter

        • Maybe fall into the ocean and disappear!!

          • Partially anyway. The fault would take San Francisco and the line angles down toward Arizona. At least the BP will have a better chance at stopping the border hoppers, drug dealers, killers, rapists, etc. etc. Smaller area for them to patrol. We could of course start helping with the border fence along with an electric wire… well with horses & the horses’ arses. Now that the sharks have invaded the Calif. coast waters, it would not be very smart to swim the waters. Maybe they have taken to like the taste of hispanic.

        • bo is supporting these libtard bastards with E.O.’d tax $$’s

      • Nah, it ain’t costing them millions, except in your deranged bad wishes that it did.

      • The U.S. Patriotic working Citizens are the ones paying for all this bo created B.S. that only benefits his wannabe muslim dictatorship … !!

    • I will do the same, I will never visit nor will I recommend this corrupt and lawless city to anyone. Every damned Democrat should hide their head in shame. Protecting illegal-alien criminals over fellow Americans! They have hit the lowest of lows!

      • If we don’t visit DC, then we will not be at the table when the feast is laid. DC is worse than anything on the West Coast, but we all keep coming back for more. Beat me! Beat me! Just don’t call me queer.

      • SF has always been a filthy, nasty city. It’s always been the armpit of CA, it just got there faster under demwit control.

    • I feel the same way. One of the reasons that I have not visited my brother-in-law for years is because I won’t set foot in any part of the Peoples’ Republik of Kalifornia. He and his family are good people but, while not liberals, they’re not politically attuned to the degree that they can see how Marxist-leaning the state is. And, for them, going to San Francisco is a rare treat for them. I’d refuse to go, there’d be a spat and hurt feelings on one or both sides. Better to stay home…Illinois is a cesspool to some degree, as well, but it isn’t California.

      • HAHAHA!! You live in Illinois, the spawning ground for political corruption and a “cesspool” by your own admission, where more often than not your elected governors go to JAIL, and you are wacky enough to blacklist California??!!

        Give me a BREAK!

        • I don’t think he is crazy. California is a shit hole that hopefully will fall into the ocean.

          • Maybe global warming is the result of God’s plan to cast the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into the sea.

          • headstraightuphisazz is one of the parasites that live in crapafornia…he also supports all of the commie loving hos that are politicians out there…you know the ones with so much intelligence that they divert fresh water to the ocean for a nasty little fishy to live while lettings folks that grow food (one of crapafornias biggest domestic export) watch as their farms dry up and blow away…he probably has a crush on the SF ho, nance pe$lutsi…

          • I live in a the deep South. Being an ASS, you ASSume I live in the Golden State. Add that to the many other bogus conclusions you and your fellow wackadoodles embrace.

        • Nothng wacky here…I could well understand someone blacklisting Illinois for the same reasons. I don’t support nor condone Illinois corruption, however, which is mainly Chicago and some governors on both sides of the aisle. But I’ll take this place over a budding Marxist state like Califonia any day. I feel sorry for the law-abiding, patriotic Americans who do live there and in other areas of the Left Coast, and folks like myself who believe in the same values can relate to them.

        • At least they go to jail there which is more than you can say about Califate-ornia.

        • You think thats funny? Illinois, NY. are the breeding grounds for muslim & the jihadist camps, not to mention that there are human tacos present. Michigan has its own Jihadist camps (2), and there are 22 states that have those. The illegals are making our war with the muslims a chance to get their foothold into our City’s/States. Hope all you people are loaded & unlocked. Its wonderful protection for the killers, rapists, druggies, and burglary idiots.

    • they should extend that fence to all the borders of calif. and give calif. back to mexico!

    • I, too, will never return. Sad. As a member of the Marine Memorial Assn, I had to tell them that I would probably never return to their facilities, but my support will continue. Too bad.

    • S.F. sits on the great fault so maybe GOD will do justice with a # 10 earth quake that will also bring due justice to L.A. for their libtard crimes … !

    • i boycott Denver the city in the state of colorado because they are also a sanctuary city..they have denied this but the evidence shows they are exactly that letting illegals off the hook and not delivering them to ICE.

  4. I have no desire to visit San-Francisco..

    • Did one time & never again Could not find a straight bar or restaurant to go to. Land of Fags. Could never understand Frank Sinatra’s song “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” unless he was a fag.

  5. Republicans will be damned if we do, and damned if we don’t….

    I am tired of being damned when we don’t…..

    It is time to be damned for doing something…. Let 0bama start vetoing things… He is the author of NO.

  6. By allowing these cities to get OUR TAX DOLLARS – NOT obama’s “STASH” – the Democrats are endorsing LAWLESSNESS!!! (AND possibly death or injury to one of our LEGAL CITIZENS!!!!!) REMEMBER the illegal Mexican GANGS and the Mexican Cartels and the Terrorists that are streaming across our BORDERS!!! NEVER vote for a Democrat AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yet they want our guns so we can’t protect ourselves. This is Nancy Pelosi’s city what would you expect. Do you have any Idea how much of the taxpayers money this witch has spent just on her jet trips and alcohol?

  8. Michael Dennewitz

    …….. BUT OURSELVES !!!


    • muskat antonopolis

      md that is the ONE thing that I will agree with you on….people have been
      asleep for decades…we are absolutely spoiled rotten and our “fearless
      leaders”…(many of them crooked to the core)…have led us down a path
      of lies in disguise and bs aplenty ….. any one of them who after this election
      can be shown to have been a part of the pillaging and raping of American,
      in a court of law needs to pay the penality….what is the difference in the
      act of treason when a rouge scientist or double agent sells highly
      classified information to our avowed enemy…info that could deff.
      harm America and the undermining of our Nation by the blatant disregard
      of the laws of our Nation and that will harm our Citizens, our economy our way of life,…..there is no
      difference….and any who participated in either case are guilty of
      Treason and should pay the same price……to make a mistake is one thing..
      but to continue in that mistake knowing full well what you are doing ….
      there is no excuse……I wont say trump in 2016…but I will say America
      1st and foremost as long as this earth exists…….

  9. As long as there is a single Liberal Progressive in the government of this state and this nation, this kind of perversion of the laws will continue. Sadly for the remaining Conservatives in CA there is no answer, they are out-numbered many time. Our Congress has not the courage to do anything about this, as has been shown, and our so-called DOJ is so corrupted that no breaking of Federal laws will be prosecuted, so just let it be. Vacation in places that have respect for law and order, which will “Never” happen in San Fran!

    • There is an answer,BLOODSHED!

    • Hello! Look at the Warren Court, a pack of crooks if there ever were. Everett Dirksen and other pusillanimous poltroons of the Republican establishment (thank you, Spiro, for that bit of inspiration) sold out for less than thirty pieces of silver — silver which in any case was soon devalued by the Federal Reserve.

  10. A good conservative city council should vote to become a “Sanctuary” for conservative people. If the crazy idea that a city can “vote” to disregard laws of the land [I still do not understand how that concept ever was ‘accepted’.] why can’t a city go to the other extreme? To use an old saying – “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

    • Actually, my father always touted the Deep South as a sanctuary for white Christians. The Midwest has bad winters. Blacks and whites get along down south — hell, we are related if DNA tells us the truth about anything. COLA is low, my mama was rich and the livin’ is easy, even though I myself am poor.

    • muskat antonopolis

      good point….I too am puzzled as to how laws can be broken here but not there
      …..don’t know how that all came about but in my opinion needs to done
      away with post haste….also comment by absinthe…pretty much true about
      the DNA but those things were kept hush hush and the secrets were to die
      with the last old one….but…today there is a LOT of interracial mixing….i
      believe that this will be a “brown” nation in a few decades….then them poor
      “good old boys” will be out numbered and will have to find something
      else to hate……I remember asking some of them years ago “why are you
      calling your cuz a n—–“?….the white boy said “he aint my cousin”…I asked
      “are you sure”?…and I new all along that they were related….ha ha….like
      I always say…never say never,,,,,I also told them that the picture of Jesus
      that your granny had hanging in her house was wrong….Jesus did Not have
      blond hair and blue eyes and was not White…..they looked at me like I had
      just peeded in the punch bowl…..I said that Jesus was very dark, curly hair
      black or dark brown eyes and probably no more than 5* 6 to 8″ tall…..not
      the Nordic type as many believed…..they still think that I am crazy…..ha ha
      well…I believe with Russia in the m.e. now and iran with the nuke, that we
      are getting ready to find out just who Jesus is very soon….yahoo….

    • It was accepted because of who was in office to allow and endorse it….maybe all small businesses should with hold their tax checks all at once in protest….

    • Great idea! A sanctuary city for people who don’t want to file a federal income tax return.

  11. tell the soon to be unemployed RINO to defund any and all cities thatdo not arrest and deport ILLEGAL ALIENS as a tax payer NO MORE OF MY MONEY TO THE STATES THAT ALLOW ODIPSHITS TO GET AWAY WITH THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!


    • Yep, take out all the fruits and nuts, and all that’s left are the flakes!

    • If you’re part of the scam, or are destined to gain “free stuff”, while paying nothing for it, the people who vote for liberal policies are ignorant, immoral, irreverent, uncaring, “progressives” (often referred to as Democrats or RINOs), who do so out of ignorance, greed, or only to enhance their own positions of power and control. It’s a dirty shame that the intelligent, Conservative, patriotic, Constitutionalist, thinkers are blamed for the poorly planned, ill thought, incorrect, or just plain bad programs that our government has initiated and supported with our hard earned tax dollars. It hasn’t been conservative thinking that is destroying this country from within. It is liberal policies that have Democrat/RINO support that is sucking the life out of America! This country, where politicians and even our own POTUS, routinely walk on the Constitution, and disregard the basic premises that it was designed to protect is no longer the country that our founders spent their fortunes, blood and guts to establish! It is an entirely different place. Don’t believe me? You must be exceptionally stupid, aren’t you? Bad times are coming – real bad times – and government will not be there to fix them! It is government that is their cause! Dialing 911 won’t help you! You have no one to blame but yourself!

  13. WHY is this even an issue the sentence within the last paragraph says it all that being JUST ENFORCE THE EXISTING LAWS. If don’t like those laws use the Constitutional method and change them. That is the biggest problem as of late is that our politicians don’t know or don’t care of the Constitution.

    • muskat antonopolis

      yup…100% right…is it that the job is too much for them…they cannot comprehend the ins and outs of the equation…or are they just too
      soft (lazy) to do anything constructive….too interested in their legacy..
      or what….man! I cannot think of even ONE that I would give an “A”
      to…and not the Trump either…..I think he has reached his apex and
      is now on his descent…..?

    • There is the bit in our Declaration of Independence about “the merciless Indian Savages”. Now that we can not use Redskins as a mascot, how about “Merciless Indian Savages”?

      Oops, I forgot. Tomahawks are now subject to Brady national gun-control laws, like steak knives and saws.

  14. Happily I have avoided San Francisco for a number of years, and I will continue to do so. In fact I have managed to stay off the lib west coast avoiding the potential contamination so prevalent there.

    • Contaminate me, please. There are jobs there, there is big money there. The tax structure, the money structure (read Rand Paul’s father) directs our tax money to the coasts and to other, rather dodgier retreats.

      William Jennings Bryan had a clue about this. Wars have been our disaster, because they have been used as an excuse to exterminate the Constitution and to concentrate power into the hands of unelected elites.

      Look to the power of the Fed. In the meantime, go to SF and enjoy the seafood there. It is intoxicating, which is why their power brokers’ votes are worth 10 million of yours.

      • Enjoy the seafood huh?……………The only seafood you will catch in san fran is CRABS!

        • You seem to know a lot about our marines. They are the least risky seafood that you can eat. Navy is nice, but army is dodgy. As an old man who has been around the block a time or two, I am not easily intimidated.

          That said: no importation of slaves! The Constitution is clear. Those who import slaves should be called out for what they are: slave traders.

  15. The cioppini is to die for. Living is easy. Try DC! So much money, so little thought.

    It has been noted that the SFPD throws out Chinesers and Japanesers. These East Asian people are too bright. They are not entitled to “sanctuary status”. The Frisco-Lites want servants to scrub their tubs and toilets and to clip their hedges just so. They don’t want competition.

    The exploitation of imported slave labor is the one great secret of the Democratic elites. No one socially soft or politically aware will ever vote Democrat.

  16. The whole Land of Fruits & Nuts should fall into the ocean. Especially the Land of Fags in San Francisco. Maybe it will take a politician to be killed by an illegal to open their eyes. But, I doubt it.

    • As both a fruit and a nut, I take exception to your remark. I would never touch a toe in an ocean where lurks a shark.

      Illegals are imported into here as slave labor. The Constitution says that slaves were not to be imported into this country after 1808.

      If you know the right person, you can still eat abalone in SF.

      Don’t blame me. I voted for Franklin Pierce.

      • Really do not care if you take exception. And from your response think you better get off whatever drugs you are on. Definitely WWOD (Way Way Out Dere).

        • Am I wrong about the importation of slaves? Under the Constitution, the importation of slaves was forbidden after 1808. It made the fortune of many slave dealers who moved slaves south from such places as Rhode Island and Delaware, because the market in slaves was artificially restricted in favor of slave dealers in the north.

          Slave owners in Seattle, San Jose, SF, LA, NYC, DC etc. hate restrictions upon the international slave trade.

          Who am I to argue against someone who wants to throw me to the sharks?

          • Hell, the sharks would reject you.

          • Is it the oysters that I eat? Or the stingrays? Ooo, maybe the slimey, slinky, delicious electric eels! Something I eat attracts sharks.

            The important point remains. Importation of slaves is forbidden under the Constitution. It has been the Law of the Land since 1808. Let us enforce the law. Let us stop importing slaves.

          • Wonder if he found his gerbil yet?

          • Think they should make San Fran a sanctuary city for the LGBT community. They have a good start. The gerbil probably left.

          • They have already made it so,and the gerbil HAS left!

          • My guess is that LGBTs, having gentrified Pac Heights, the Castro and the Mission, have sold out at the top of the market and that they are now looking for fresh furrows to plow. (Yes, a pun.) Probably not Fresno or Yuma?

            If you can follow that far ahead (another pun), bet on the gays. They have a scent for big opportunities.

  17. A-Men Vernon! I’ll never spend another dime in San Fran Cisco, as long as they maintain that status!

    Being “ultra Liberal, X10″…….{ with Nasty Pelosi running things}……….This “homosexual haven”, for “homo’s, LESBO’S, & criminals, “WHY WOULD “ANYONE” want to support “THAT? ? ? ?? ?

    • As has been long remarked, the two signs of a Muslim-like heresy within Christendom: (1) an acceptance of divorce and (2) an intolerance for alcohol beverages.

      Jesus Christ was pretty clear on these two lines of demarcation. SF rates middle of the road here. They allow two married men to divorce each other — shudder at the thought of two men trying to divorce each other and a clear violation of Christ’s injunction against divorce — but at least you can get a drink at any hour. “Drink wine in memory of me.”

      There are patches of Islamophiliacs in this country where one can get a divorce without getting even a single drink. Shudder, shudder.

  18. When one of these illegal dirtbags commits Murder it is time to charge all the polititions involved in allowing this to happen with accessory to Murder See how long it takes them to change the law

  19. Not tpo worry, the only good thing about the large liberal dem controlled cities is that they are on their way to bankrupt

  20. Actually, I think this is horrifying, and a blatant attempt by the damnable democraps to make voter fraud a given in the USA. #TrumpIn2016 Rid the USA of the south of the border illegals and the Chinese illegals and most of all, the damn muslim jihadis the potus has brought in.

  21. Raymond Ambrozaitis

    I thought the right was the side of less gubbmint? If the residents of a city want to do something their way who are you to tell them no they can not? Seems yall want mo gubbmint not less?

    • The best option is to move to a red state, keep out the riffraff, and learn self-sustenance. When the SHTF as it will, keep a perimeter up and the rifles ready.

  22. “..until there is a Republican in office..” Is that some kind of joke? The Republicans control both branches of Congress, the Purse, right? What did the last Republican president do about Sanctuary cities? San Fransico has been a Sanctuary city since 1989.

    • The last two GOPers, Bushes, were RINOs, a.k.a. liberal republicans.

    • Unfortunately Republicans do not have the majority of votes in the senate to pass a bill. Unless McConnell uses the nuclear option of only a one vote majority that Reid did, to confirm Obama’s liberal appointed justices and cabinet, republicans won’t be able to get a decent agenda through the senate. Republicans need a 60 vote majority to do so, vote all democrats and RINOS out, bring in conservative, constitution abiding senators.

      • Weirdly, I knew Reid, I knew Russell — hell, FDR murdered my grandfather, and that is how I knew the Longs, they murdered my family.

        Ask the Kennedys!

        Do you want to know about huge thefts from our families in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela? I thought not.

        I am too excited. Excuse me.

  23. Ah, San Francisco, the home of Nancy (absolutely insane) Pelosi, illegal-alien criminals, and a wide variety of faggots!

  24. The big one could solve a number of left coast problems.

  25. My second favorite city in the United States since 1966, been there over 25 times. No more, their disrespect for the law is dangerous, anybody can be killed at random. Visitors don’t have a chance because we go to all the tourist places like Giardelli Square.

  26. I used to enjoy going there to visit, I will never go there again!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if tourists stopped going they would get the hint????


  28. All I can say is ” F–k obozo,F–k the demoRAT/libtards/ F–k san fran-gay-cisco and its board members, F–k the illegals ” — it will soon change and then we will hear these sh!tbirds whine and cry.

  29. Can you send me the address and phone number of mayor of San Francisco? I live in a peaceful and safe village on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. All of our “problem” residents have been shipped to the US. If one shows up. He or she is politely given a non-refundable ticket to the U.S. border city of their choice. If they stay and create problems (sell drugs or molest children). They are given a jeep ride to the mountains. Not to be seen again. Courtesy of the Cartel. Bad people have to look over their shoulder and do not last here long. We will now give them an option..San Fran or a jeep ride. Thank you US voters.

  30. Robert Michael Vincent

    Remember if the citizens do not take out the scum running SF theres alwalys the SA fault ….. due for a really big one. Who knows …. CA WILL break off and sink into the Pacific.

  31. All one has to do is look at the COMMUNIST Senators that are living in San Francisco and that tells the story, Until one of theirs gets killed or maimed, it will never change and I sincerely doubt that will get their attention

  32. GOOD !!! – All the Kweers and Illegal Beaners in one place !

    … Now, NUKE EM !!

  33. Why do half the blonds in San Francisco wear mini-skirts? So their testicles don’t show!

    • Look straight into their eyes. (Yes, it’s a pun.) Tell ’em you love them. If they blink, marry them. If they don’t blink, move to DC with all of the rest of ’em.

  34. Article IV, Section 2, of the Constitution is clear about prohibiting the importation of foreign slaves. I understand the temptation to flout the law — isn’t cocaine illegal? — but the wholesale importation of slave labor threatens the livelihood of taxpaying Americans.

    Why are the ultrarich stars in Hollywood so gung-ho on importing slave labor?

  35. “I’m
    so proud of San Francisco,” City Supervisor David Campos said. – See
    more at:

  36. I don’t understand how the democrats can block a bill when they are the minority in the senate, someone please explain this to me.

  37. Campos is a fine example of the radical liberal stupidity that prevails in San Francisco. San Francisco is an evil place and the sense of this evil is ever present when you are in San Francisco. Used to enjoy going there years ago but last time there 3 years ago I felt threaten and had to leave immediately—-the smell of evil was in the air.

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      I can
      believe that. I pity the sane people that live there. I just hope
      someday they’ll be able to flee that cesspool of demented,
      anti-American and anti-Christian believers. The day will come when
      they will be a reckoning, they will curse the day they were born.

  38. It is also a toilet for the homeless to defecate on. Therefore, San Francisco is basically a toilet. It is only natural to put shit into a toilet. Illegal aliens are pieces of shit, San Fran is the toilet that houses them.

  39. REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION to the COMMUNIST TAKEOVER of AMERIKA! aRmr==================? mInr, NSA!

  40. San Francisco is for anything repulsive to sane people and loves corruption and crime.

    • A small condo in San Francisco, DC or Manhattan costs $4 million dollars. I had to give my parents’ house away, no one wants to pay the heavy taxes imposed on fly-over country when they can feast on the bounty of Bi-Coastal slave lands.

  41. Don’t blame me. I voted for Franklin Pierce.

  42. Just wondering, what if it had been a black woman or Asian?

  43. Good old “Rancid Frisco, aka Gay Bay” shows us just how screwed up they really are. Had this unfortunate woman been a relative of one of the “leaders” of that hell hole, that bill would have passed with NO “no” votes and obumass would have signed it into law in New York minute.

  44. I will never set a foot on the street of San Francisco, EVER!

  45. I think that all legal taxpayers & legal citizens have a right to know where their tax dollars are going and if any money is being sent to aid, feed, house, clothe, educate or any other way a illegal foreigner then that state should be cut off federal funds until they deport and prove they have all of these illegal aliens!

  46. It’s California; what did you expect!

  47. Back in the early sixties I was stationed just South of San Francisco, and it was a wonderful city back then. Just shows you can ruin anything if you really try!


    This decision would have been completely different if it was the mayors daughter that was killed by an illegal.
    Hopefully next time it will be one of their children and there will be a next time guaranteed!

  49. The,” Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 18 USC 1324…………,” anyone who aides Illegal Aliens to remain in the USA in violation of said law is guilty of a Federal Felony which carries a five year prison term per illegal alien. Said law was passed by Congress of the USA to protect USA citizens from illegal aliens.All you gov’t officials of Sanctuary cities will be going on a 5 year vacation, and; you all do a dis-service to the tax payers of your cities that pay taxes for their children’s education and health Insurance.Your stealing money from the tax payers and are giving the money to undocumented illegal aliens that could be criminals or ISIS members.

  50. Gregg the voice of reason

    Time to boycott all the sanctuary cities as much as possible and in any way possible.

    Hit them in the pocket books and they will come around.
    And as always
    LOCK and LOAD
    MOLON LABE my friends

  51. who cares quit going there years ago, it’s like going to the slum now, you see weirdo’s walking the streets and who knows what else. Not a fit place to take my family anymore.

  52. When tourism is down and the tax revenues from Interior Decorators does not cover fixing potholes and policing the streets, maybe the Mayor and City Council will get their collective heads out of their fourth point of contact (a paratrooper phrase, not a suggested sexual act).

    • No, what they will do is what the State of California (led by Gov Moonbeam) just did. After asking people to cut back on water usage because of the drought, and then seeing a resultant drop in revenue, instead of looking for ways to reduce expenses, they did what all shit-for-brains liberals do, they raised the water rates.

  53. We need to do some fracking for natural gas on the San Andreas Fault on the out skirts of San Francisco to provide the city with natural gas. This will cause a shift in the fault plates releasing volcanic magma to burn the city to the ground eliminating the criminal illegals. The USGS has validated the earth quakes in Oklahoma caused by the fracking there; therefore San Francisco could use some free natural gas. The natural gas together with the volcanic magma would burn similar to a major volcano eruption.

  54. Every damned one of these libtard A–H—S are guilty of aiding & abetting criminals that are illegal foreigners which includes bo’s muslim terrorists, so called refugees !How many laws can be broken by bo’s minions of crime before justice prevails ….? The responsible libtards that protect these criminals have to be sued and jailed for contributing to any crime the illegals commit & bo defying his National Security oath !This sanctuary crap has all the stench of treason by all the libtards that support it … !

  55. Christian_Patriot7

    I’m glad we visited California in 1996 before things got too perverted. The National Parks were beautiful!! We are from the south and when we saw 3 sodomites walking together in the Red Wood Forest, we looked at each other and asked what was that? Two of the sodomites were males and the other sodomite, well, we didn’t know if it was male or female. So we classified it as an “it.” Seeing that sight make us physically ill.

  56. David Campos, may your wife and children be the first to be raped and killed in the streets once the shit hits the fan. I hate to say this to anyone but i’m so sick of seeing this country keep letting in all the people without background checks or security checks, this is so much bull, ME an honest, law abiding citizen, has to have a security, and background check to buy a hunting rifle, but any illegal can come and bring whatever he wants to this country, and no checks. As long as you keep doing this, we will be threatened. When the SHTF you all will grab your money and go to the first safe country to live out a good life while the rest of us become slaves and die. May you all burn in hell.

  57. I just sent a really nasty tweet to that biotch Malia Cohen telling her what I thought of what she had to say. 140 characters hardly covered it.

  58. What else would you expect from a bunch of stupid liberals from California. Now if only we New Yorkers could get Coumo the homo and his ilk to move there maybe New York could become a good state to live in again.

  59. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  60. another story the lame stream bought and paid for treasonous medias won,t cover.but thats ok we will be sending out this story to every politican we know,and the doj doh and to lorretta lynch and to the fbi,and will ask each one if them for there anwers to the death of kate in san fran,and by there allowing a santuary city to exist.that they our aware of the laws in the usa,and by there allowing these illegals{Means against the law}aliens to remain in the usa,is breaking the law.and by so doing they our allowing a dangerous and deadly atmosphere to exist for all legal american citizens.and await there answers.

  61. Hell all those Gangsters that live there are on pot and are as brainless as a rock hope alof them stay there period .

  62. Vote out the dems at every opportunity and any rinos. Remove the base allowing this corruption. Send the dems and rinos another message in 2016. Still looking for a conservative to replace our resident rino, McCain. He runs in 2016 and anyone will be preferable to this old rino traitor. Six terms is what he wants. No one wants his butt in that seat again for six more years. For the sake of term limits by the people we will likely let the dem running against him have it. Kind of like the 2008 presidential run of his. BO got it because no one wanted McCain.

  63. Given my own recollections of the wonderful place that San Francisco used to be, a truly sad state of affairs.

  64. San Fransisco has now upgraded to a First Class SH@T hole.

  65. If the idiots of San Fran really think that they “fight the power,” it just proves how insane and scrambled their brains are! They’ve fought “the power” for decades and have won. But, just like the gays, they are never satisfied. The “power” they fight now is their own misguided twisted ideology IS NOW “THE POWER”! I’ve never been to San Fran, and will never go. I won’t spend one dime of my hard-earned money in a city like that.

  66. And SF remains on my $hit List.

  67. The American people need to learn that they control; some of the most powerful tools in the history of man, boycott and the wallet and if you want SF to change then cut off the functions and the monies and see how fast their liberal foundation is shaken. No conventions hit them hard in the tourist section just quit supporting them in other words. Do with out goods that originate there etc. etc. the paths are numerous.

  68. San Fran is full of the left wingers and boatloads of other weirdo types, if Us gets a Rep Pres they will start paying their dues, and who knows they might fall into the Pacific earlier than expected

  69. A sad day indeed when murderers and criminals can walk free and an entire city can disobey the law of the land. But what the he’ll The entire demoncrat party does not obey the law.

  70. Thanks McConnell.

  71. Seems like the Democrats leave us with no choice but vigilante justice.

  72. Every time an illegal kills someone in SF, the victims families should sue the board of supervisors as accessories to the crime.

  73. Anyone who is a victim or family member of a victim of an illegal alien in SF should be able to sue the mayor and the city council members of SF. They are in violation of federal immigration laws by protecting the illegal alien criminals they encourage to live in their city. They protect these illegal aliens but not the legal citizens of the city.

  74. San Francisco is a Sanctuary City for the Mentally Impaired, No longer for for Tourists, Drive Around it. Should be fenced off & the rusty gate bridge demolished.

  75. ALL Liberals, Democrats are for all ILLEGALS! I listened to the debate right before Christmas last year.I could not believe all the Dems were for ILLEGALS and against Americans. Shelia Jackson called Americans stupid.I know now, the Dem party is full of Communists and are everything that is wrong. We have to elect a republican that will deport the ILLEGALS, go by the law-period.

  76. California seems to be governed by Hispanics, and business owned establishments. They have gradually retaken what they have fought for a long time…..California. If San Andreas does it duty…..It will be part of the Ocean anyway. The Rest will belong to the USA and governed accordingly. The possibility of the illegals gaining entry into whats left will be small, and the BP can actually do their job. TRUMP IN 2016

  77. C’mon people. Think about it. If you are NOT in San Francisco, city of sin, you stand less of a chance of being killed by an illegal alien. Stay out of there! So many other nice vacation spots are available for us, so why spend your money on that nasty place? Boycott San Fran!

  78. Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein are both San Franciscans. That should tell you something!

  79. It should be a federal mandate that all states MUST report all Illegal Immigrants in custody to all the responsible US Agencies. There should be national database that ALL illegal immigrants who have committed a Crime that their information must be entered into the database within 24 hours of booking. There are over 6000 immigrants that are felons that should be jailed and then deported. These are the ones that the US should make a priority to deport first. 14 illegal immigrants are causing death on US highways per day.


  81. I will never set my feet in frisco again, they don’t have anything that any other city don’t have, except maybe a bridge or two. Maybe the next big earthquake will do the final job on them.

  82. That whole city can go to the devil. But then, our whole country is a mess. Why have we let the administration get by with so much? I fought my last battle. No one cares anymore. Just continue on your merry way.
    The End.

  83. It’s a beautiful city with nutty politicians.

  84. To think ,I once thought id live on the left coast. Thank who ever it was that made me see the light. When you protect the guilty ,and punish the innocent , you are guaranteed to burn forever.

  85. NEVER vote for a Democrat again!!! Will we NEVER learn what they want and how they go about getting it????????? PLEASE realize that the Democrat elite and Politicians ALWAYS get rich and take more of our money! Democrats want your money but NEVER theirs! Republicans want to make money AND also want you to work and keep more of your own!!!! Remember this when the Democrats want to “save” a species with your money, remember this when the Democrats want to support in MANY ways ILLEGAL ALIENS with your money, remember this when Democrats fund their Buddies’ Businesses that go under after tons of money is given to them, remember this when they want to take money from the defense budget as they are ready to send more troupes to fight a war in an Islamic State, remember this when they take money from sick vets and give it to illegals, remember this as their policies and regulations shut down businesses, ETC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

  86. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we live in a country that cares about people so much?! Why, we even care enough about people who are in this country ILLEGALLY, that we tell them there are cities that they can live in, and the law will not bother them at all! They are free to commit all of the robberies and murders they wish, and this wonderful country will just ignore it!

  87. Crossing San Francisco off places to take my family. San Fran will be a nice new home for drug cartels from south of the border. Congratulations idiots.


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