San Francisco Schools Offer Ferguson Curriculum

According to the San Francisco Examiner, five teacher librarians on the West Coast have decided that now is a good time to start teaching kids about Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement. To that end, they’ve created an online curriculum filled with documents from the Ferguson grand jury, videos, poetry, lesson plans, and links to publications like The Atlantic. Is there any doubt as to what point of view this curriculum espouses?

If there is, you can put it to bed with a statement from the San Francisco School Board, which says the curriculum “aligns with the district’s greater efforts to promote social justice.” Well then. As long as it aligns with those efforts, I guess it’s okay. Certainly, there won’t be any great outcry from one of the most liberal areas in the country, but it is a wake up call to the rest of us. Not only are liberals using the public school system to advance their aims, but they have already decided that the Black Lives Matter movement is one without any significant controversy.

And this is how history is rewritten before it is even done.

It’s unlikely that the curriculum in San Francisco will spend a lot of time pointing out the dubious claims made on behalf of Michael Brown. Teachers imparting the material probably aren’t going to share the fact that Officer Darren Wilson was, by all legitimate accounts, fully within his rights to shoot his attacker. No, this will be history as written by MSNBC. And schoolchildren in at least one city will grow up thinking they learned the unvarnished, unbiased truth.

Will this kind of political teaching spread beyond the bounds of San Francisco? What do you think? How does it differ from graphic sex education, twisted views on American history, or any of the other liberal education platforms that started in California before sweeping across the nation? After all, we live in the era of Common Core now. What gets taught in one place will soon be taught in all.

Is it as biased as you might fear? Well, the first sentence of the “Overview: What Happened?” tab of the curriculum is from the New York Times: “Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed on Aug. 9, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, in Ferguson, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis.” Whaddya know, the gentle giant narrative has eased its way right into American history.

Other readings include titles like:

– Boys with Tender Hearts and Big Dreams in Their Hoodies
– Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s about white rage against progress.
– When whites just don’t get it
– Most white people in America are completely oblivious

Yep, looks like the kids are going to get a nice, well-rounded look at the events of 2014.


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  1. Teaching this in schools now, with the teachers unions having their present views and mindset, is sure to only increase racial antagonism. In my opinion, our school children already get way too much “opinionized propaganda” from the mainstream news media.

  2. Propaganda based on false assumptions ment to further poison the minds of people who have been deceived by their chosen leaders.

  3. Stupid San Francisco teacher librarians! The Ferguson event was the lack of proper parental upbringing. The 18 year old was a thug who thought he could “bullie” his way in life. If his parents would have taught proper moral respect he would still be a vital living person contributing to society! This is the true way of getting the message to the younger generation!

    • San Francisco deserves a Ferguson event. There are too many queer liberals in San Francisco and a well implemented Ferguson Missouri event may indeed thin down the queers in Frisco and a few more idiot Liberal Bastards!

    • I agree with you but M. Brown’s real mother & father were never married & guess what? His stepfather & mother aren’t even married. M. Brown was raised by his grandmother & she couldn’t control him either. So now you have all these derelicts who will probably want to cash out on their own ineptness.

    • By all accounts brown never was a “vital contributing member of society” soooooooo
      Nothing ventured….nothing LOST !!

    • Yup had he had a father figure to teach him instead of getting up every day which guy mommy was doing was his father he would be alive today ‘ everyone blames SOCIETY for these things I blame the lack of GOOD PARENTING

  4. Here’s where their Ferguson curriculum should start and stop …
    “If you attack a cop … You might get shot”

  5. No surprises here, as San Fran has always been a bastion of leftists and other morons.

  6. These librarians should be taken to court to stop this propaganda. These LIES are tantamount to what Hitler would teach. Therefore all those Children in SF are being lied to. In other words, those librarians are actually domestic enemies now of the Constitution and law.


  8. So much for our Property Taxes being pissed away on Public Education.

  9. Half of history really is hiding the truth. Ignorance is a choice. It is left up to us individually, to seek it, and understand it in our own way.

  10. What, teaching racism, looting techniques and arson skills?

  11. Why do we even show interest in anything Calif. Does? That’s the true land of fruits,nuts and high Rollin liberals. Just wright it off give it back to the Mexicans,as they are the biggest group there and go on about our business. Oh ya let Texas have a country of thier own.

  12. Arthur L. Trevallee

    Hopefully they will teach the students the truth about Ferguson, and not lie about it. Officer Wilson was definitely within his rights to defend himself from this crazed attacker…period!

  13. What else can be expected from the granola state. Fruits, nuts ,and flakes.

  14. Libtard central, K.M.A.

  15. Teacher librarians? Isn’t that where they send the special-ed kids for class? The library.

  16. THOSE who CAN – – DO!!

    Those who CAN’T – – TEACH (libs)… and get a year’s salary for 7 month’s work, PLUS every Holiday off,

    PLUS Tenure (They Can’t get fired) – PLUS big fat UNION pension! ………

    • Pensions are generally paid by the employer and the employee. I am not aware of any Unions actually donating to pension programs however they do negotiate fair wages and benefits.

      • Frisco & L.A. UNIONS – UTLA
        All pay Pensions …..

      • Wake that guy up! All unions do is help people who don’t deserve their job…..keep their job, no matter how big a Fuck up they are !

          • Every union I’ve belonged to yes!! Been fired twice from unions and they even had the balls to tell me “I was making the other workers look bad” Because I was such a workaholic. Told me too my face!!!!
            So yes…unions are a Fucking waste in my opinion X-Men they are for marginal employees who otherwise would lose they JOBS for incompetence X-Men our just plain laziness.

  17. Does any one notices that none of the ” blacks” that have been shot by a white cop are squeaky clean. They all were doing something that I would never do. So That tell me that for most black and a lot of white it is permissible to have a lack of integrity and honesty, it is just a small Crime !
    With that mentality we are in serious troubles. We cannot survive with such decadence………

  18. Shameful. And the worst part is, the parents will go along with it.

  19. Well, It really doesn’t matter what these kids are taught, when they get out of school they will go on welfare, get killed by a police officer, go to prison, get pregnant and have an abortion, and the tax payer will have to foot the bill. These Liberians should be fired and not be able to ever teach again.

  20. Well well boy’s and girl’s here are a few titles that should be included from the communist San Fran school district!

    Niggers die when attacking cop’s, a racist act by white cop’s……
    Nigger wouldn’t have gotten shot if he wasn’t robbing….. continued story of whitey shooting innocent nigger’s.
    How to beat the system,get pregnant by 12. A true nigger story. A preteen guide for nigger teens.
    Law’s only apply to crackers..
    Integration of cultures,a niggers guide to rapeing white hoe’s……………
    How to extort money from the man! Best seller by REV Al Shitstain.
    How to earn a college degree by the time you are 15….For Niggers only.
    Nigger’s guide to robbing whitey…..hit the elderly.
    Niggers only steal because of slavery,
    Kill whitey………..after all it is only racist when white ‘s do it.

    All best sellers are 19.95 and yes we take EBT, NO I.D. REQUIRED. Order before midnight and we will throw in all the addresses to white racist’s~!

    Ha Ha Ha I wish the wiggers would wake up and I truly pray the niggers start to riot so that we can cull the herd!

  21. What the first & only page should state is: “If you are stupid & commit a felony you may encounter some type of local police intervention & should you resist that, God Bless You!”

  22. Are they going to continue the “poor victim” narrative based upon the LIES and exaggerations used by the protesters?

  23. Fantastic… Dumb the kids of the liberals down to the point that they are not functional, like Ferguson rioters. In 15 years they can destroy SF. Not a big loss.

  24. Brown was a punk,and he got what he deserved.

  25. To those residing in Frisco: There is no doubt that there are tens of thousands of sane, rational and generally conservatives folks living there. But when it comes to your board of education’s “approval” of blatantly skewed, socialistic curriculum, you won’t raise a finger to do a damned thing about it – will you?

  26. The whole unvarnished truth that should be taught in class, as it will in my home! Is be a thug……Get shot, ah so, so sorry! you had it coming. Good kill, chalk one up for justice. The world’s a better place. We all safer now. Woo, woo, woo! shoot em again!

  27. Take Aim – Shoot Don’t argue with a cop or get shot.

  28. Respect yourself, Respect others and Respect the LAW; Disrespect for any of those may lead to a premature death. PS – Notice I did not say: respect law enforcement, I said the law.

  29. Back in “the good old days” we were taught to respect authority and remove ourselves from dangerous situations, not cause them and expect to become heroes. These days, lying to kids gets them in trouble or dead.

  30. I wonder if they will mention that he is a thief, and a coward, most bullies are—-basicly a trouble maker who was trying to bully and push his way around because he was bigger than most people, and beating a cop down in his car makes you wonder just what he was taught at home–not to mention his step father inciting riots saying “burn the bi**h down”—kind of clears up what it was like at home doesn’t it.

  31. Now we just have to convince the niggers that killing a fdaggot will get them 80 virgin goats~

  32. If anyone thinks this is bad, wait until you see the Brown family riding around in their own stretch limo looking for a multi-million dollar home. Don’t think so. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hollywood tries to make a movie about the genital giant. Then there will be the royalties from the books that are written about the evil white cop. Its a sick country we live in.

  33. Here’s my suggestion for SF’s Ferguson Curriculum …

    1. Big Thug, with a lengthy rap sheet, beats up a tiny Asian shop owner, in the commission of a robbery.
    2. Big Thug walks defiantly down the middle of the street.
    3. Cop tells Big Thug that the road is for cars, try the sidewalk.
    4. Big Thug attacks cop, tries for his gun, gets shot in the hand and runs.
    5. Cop calls for Big Thug to stop.
    6. Big Thug turns around and comes back to give the cop a second beating.
    7. Cop shoots Big Thug
    Moral of the story? … Good things come to those who wait.
    To the shop owner and to Brown’s other victims … This story had a happy ending.

    Once Sharpton, Obama and Holder had the “I was a slave last week” crowd
    ginned up, it was open season on Ferguson businesses. This was better than
    Obama phones.

    You’ve got to love the multi generation welfare artists, race baiters and imported trouble makers, who showed up to burn down a town and collect some (free) early
    Christmas presents. Sadly, it was pretty much sanctioned by our race baiting
    Muslim in Chief.

  34. The only thing surprising about this is that it didn’t happen sooner. Here’s hoping for a repeat of the
    1906 San Francisco earthquake, only stronger. The 1906 quake registered between 7.7 and 8.25 on the Richter scale. Here’s hoping for a 9.9 quake this time. And maybe if we’re really lucky, and the geologists are wrong, California from L.A. and everyplace else all the way to the Canadian border will actually fall into the Pacific Ocean. After all, even mother nature must be getting fed up with these fools, especially with S.F. being the epicenter of the progressive deep thinkers, a blight on the face of the planet. These are the very same people that have banned and/or tried to ban; happy meals, plastic bags, phone books, sitting on the sidewalk, playing chess in public areas – because chess is a racist game, it discriminates against people that can’t play, after all…. can’t have you flaunting your intelligence in public, bike lanes, smoking, any and everything
    to do with hand guns, bottled water, Segway’s, soda, food trucks, food carts, baby chicks, ducks, and rabbits that are used as pets, originally they also wanted to include dogs, but then someone pointed out that when 0bama came to visit the area, he’d have to settle for an all beef cheeseburger, parking anything other than an automobile in a garage, cell phones that don’t meet SF’s criteria because they emit too much microwave radiation, Battleships; specifically the decommissioned UUS Iowa (too much of a violent history), any images of guns or knives in advertising, including movie marques, and circumcision…..yes I did say circumcision, but remember we are talking about San Francisco.
    Surprisingly they somehow overlooked earthquakes. And the one thing they try to ban every day, every hour, every minute, COMMON SENSE, but it’s a futile effort, common sense never existed in San Francisco to begin with.

  35. MrPissonyourgrave .

    Nothing but communism.
    San Fran has always=Communism

  36. I would expect nothing less from that snake pit.

  37. Every day I thank God that I don’t live in a liberal cesspool like California.

  38. Of course this would fit in with the San Francisco mind set. If they dad a brain. Most of them are so sick with aids or drugs they will never know what is normal

  39. Librarians are the last people in academia to know what reality is. For certain individuals to take it upon themselves to judge the one-sided, racially motivated actions of Ferguson rioters as a reasonable social commentary is garbage, garbage mixed with hatred and intolerance to the judicial system. They should, every one of them, lose their credentials.

  40. Nothing like shoving ONE point of view down the throats of impressionable school children. It shows how one sided and ignorant these librarians are.

  41. California is already screwed why screw the pooch any further!

  42. Randall Razz Taylor

    STOP EM!!!

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