San Diego Manual: “Founding Fathers” is Sexist Phrase

You sometimes hear people who are neither liberal nor conservative express befuddlement about political correctness. With no particular horse in the race, these passive Americans shrug whenever the latest controversy about a word or phrase comes up. So what, they might say. Yeah, they’re being too sensitive, but is it really a big deal to start saying [New Liberal Nonsense Phrase] instead of [Old Meaningful Phrase]? Aren’t you guys being just as touchy by opposing it so strenuously?

And this, of course, is how the insanity spreads. Everyone knows that cringeworthy feeling when someone older refers to a “Negro.” By the sheer force of our desire to fit in, none of us want to be the last person in the community using language that everyone else has buried in the past.

Unfortunately, these changes are not without consequence. Inevitably, liberals substitute phrases with new ones that are less specific, less meaningful, and more conducive to their political goals. No one wants to call themselves “pro-abortion,” obviously. “Pro-choice,” though…now that’s an idea everyone can get behind. And that’s just one of many examples.

In San Diego, a new city manual on employee communication includes a section on “Bias-Free Language.” According to the new rules, city employees may be penalized for using such destructive terms as:

Man up
The common man

The cherry on top of this Socialist Sundae? City employees should avoid using the phrase “founding fathers” to describe the men who set in motion the greatest experiment in human history. Instead, workers should limit the term to “founders.” According to the manual, employees should not only avoid all of this sexist vocabulary in their own communications, they should actually disregard reports or research that contain it.

So here we have liberalism and political correctness run amok. It’s one thing to fill up your left-wing blog with this kind of social-justice wackiness where you use words like “womyn” and pronouns like “zhe.” It’s quite another to see it in an official city handbook. They’re creating offense where none exists. Seriously, if you took a national poll, how many people would say they were offended by the term “man-made”? A dozen? Less?

Americans who aren’t invested in the cultural battle going on right now need to wake up to what’s happening. Liberals are using the “go along with it” nature of human beings to claim more and more political territory with every passing year. It’s annoying and it’s ridiculous, but it’s also much worse than that. It is subtly changing the conscience of the country in a way that makes traditional American values seem offensive and obsolete. Unable to win a fair contest of ideas, liberals are steadily changing the rules of the game.

Now let’s man up and stop them.

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