Sacramento Cop Killer Is a Twice-Deported Illegal

It’s always somewhat infuriating to hear of a hard-working police officer killed in action, much less two of them. That fury is doubled, however, when you realize that the man who killed them shouldn’t have been in this country to begin with. Such is the case in Sacramento, where a twice-deported illegal alien named Marcelo Marquez is accused of shooting two Northern California sheriff’s deputies.

While gun control advocates are falling all over themselves to call for restrictions in light of the school shooting in Washington, I haven’t heard too many of them call for better border enforcement as a result of the NorCal case. According to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement department, Marquez was shipped back to Mexico on two prior occasions – 1997 and 2001. These deportations stemmed from a 1997 conviction for drug possession.

A False Construct

Liberals like to paint a rosy picture of illegal immigration, preferring instead to call it “undocumented” immigration, to take some of the sting out of the concept. They want us to believe that immigrants are tireless workers, one and all, just trying to make a better life for themselves in the U.S.A. And while I’m the first to concede that many of them fit that description, it’s negligent to overlook the many who don’t.

Consider a report from the Center for Immigration Studies that came out earlier this year. According to their findings, more than 36,000 criminal illegal immigrants were released by ICE while awaiting deportation proceedings. Among them were almost 200 murderers, 300 kidnappers, and more than 400 rapists.

Obama’s Agenda

Feeling pressure from Hispanic groups who called him the “deportation president,” Obama has encouraged prosecutors to apply discretion when handling deportations. This “discretion” policy has led to a 40% decrease in deportations. Of course, that’s not enough. Obama is widely expected to push through some form of amnesty after the midterm elections are over, a move that could have drastic implications for the future of America.

We are in a mess. Democrats are pushing us towards fully open borders and Republicans are unwilling to stand in their way. The fear, of course, is that the quickly-growing Hispanic population will vote them out of office. But we’re in a situation here where politics are getting in the way of hard solutions. It isn’t just about crime; it’s about the economy, welfare, the rule of law, and American culture. Unfortunately, the problem has grown so enormous that even Republicans with a backbone aren’t really sure what to do about it.

What is certain is that something must be done. It will be costly to solve this problem, but it will be far more costly to let it fester for the next twenty years. Real immigration reform should include a stronger, more authoritative Border Patrol, denial of citizenship for those born to illegal aliens, denial of public benefits, and a huge crackdown on those who violate our existing immigration laws.

We’re going to take the problem of illegal immigration seriously at some point. It’s only a matter of whether we do it now or after the country has been changed irrevocably. I vote now.

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