Ryan on Trump: “Republicans Need to Come Home”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, with his tepid, late-coming endorsement of Donald Trump and his frequent criticisms of the nominee, has managed to make himself some enemies on all sides of the political spectrum. Trump supporters have been angered by Ryan’s unwillingness to fully embrace the billionaire; NeverTrump conservatives have been dismayed at his refusal to disavow him altogether.

Ryan has tried to have it both ways, but to his credit, he seems to have hopped fully aboard the Trump Train in the final days. Instead of tempering his enthusiasm with the usual hemming and hawing, Ryan has thrown his support completely behind Trump over the last week.

In an interview with Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Ryan confirmed that he had already cast his vote for Trump, telling the hosts that it was important for voters to “support our entire Republican ticket.”

When asked if Trump saw eye to eye with him on Obamacare, Ryan didn’t hesitate, saying the their views on the abominable healthcare law were “virtually one and the same.”

Speaking to radio host Hugh Hewitt the next day, Ryan reiterated his support for Trump. “Republicans need to come home,” he said. “Republicans need to vote.”

Perhaps it’s only at this late hour that Ryan has fully realized what it would mean for Hillary Clinton to become president. In Nevada last weekend, the House Speaker said that the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s server was an omen of things to come.

“For the young people here who didn’t live in the ’90s, like we did, this is what life is like with the Clintons,” he said. “It’s scandal after scandal after scandal. Right around the corner, another investigation, you don’t know what’s coming next, playing by a different set of rules, using the system to help themselves, not to help us. Good grief. Do we want four years of this?”

Hell no, we do not. And – no offense to Mr. Ryan – we don’t trust him and a Republican House majority to stand in the way of Hillary’s liberal agenda. We’ve seen too much compromise over the last eight years to hold onto false optimism.

Ryan’s reputation with Trump supporters is unlikely to be salvaged by this last-minute round of enthusiasm, but hey, better late than never. If Trump wins, maybe conservative voters can find their way to forgiveness.

If he loses, though, Ryan’s months of lukewarm support may come back to bite him. Big league.



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