Ryan on Trump: “Republicans Need to Come Home”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, with his tepid, late-coming endorsement of Donald Trump and his frequent criticisms of the nominee, has managed to make himself some enemies on all sides of the political spectrum. Trump supporters have been angered by Ryan’s unwillingness to fully embrace the billionaire; NeverTrump conservatives have been dismayed at his refusal to disavow him altogether.

Ryan has tried to have it both ways, but to his credit, he seems to have hopped fully aboard the Trump Train in the final days. Instead of tempering his enthusiasm with the usual hemming and hawing, Ryan has thrown his support completely behind Trump over the last week.

In an interview with Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Ryan confirmed that he had already cast his vote for Trump, telling the hosts that it was important for voters to “support our entire Republican ticket.”

When asked if Trump saw eye to eye with him on Obamacare, Ryan didn’t hesitate, saying the their views on the abominable healthcare law were “virtually one and the same.”

Speaking to radio host Hugh Hewitt the next day, Ryan reiterated his support for Trump. “Republicans need to come home,” he said. “Republicans need to vote.”

Perhaps it’s only at this late hour that Ryan has fully realized what it would mean for Hillary Clinton to become president. In Nevada last weekend, the House Speaker said that the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s server was an omen of things to come.

“For the young people here who didn’t live in the ’90s, like we did, this is what life is like with the Clintons,” he said. “It’s scandal after scandal after scandal. Right around the corner, another investigation, you don’t know what’s coming next, playing by a different set of rules, using the system to help themselves, not to help us. Good grief. Do we want four years of this?”

Hell no, we do not. And – no offense to Mr. Ryan – we don’t trust him and a Republican House majority to stand in the way of Hillary’s liberal agenda. We’ve seen too much compromise over the last eight years to hold onto false optimism.

Ryan’s reputation with Trump supporters is unlikely to be salvaged by this last-minute round of enthusiasm, but hey, better late than never. If Trump wins, maybe conservative voters can find their way to forgiveness.

If he loses, though, Ryan’s months of lukewarm support may come back to bite him. Big league.



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  1. Ryan is wrong. The GOP needs to get a spine. Maybe the members will learn from the way people are supporting Donald Trump, a non-politician. Go to hell Ryan and take your spineless, Un-American, and unpatriotic colleagues with you.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. Dump all of the RINOS

      • I think part of the trouble is that we want to dump all the RINOs except our own pet RINO. So at election time we continue to support our RINO because “he’s really a good ole boy and he gets us stuff from Washington.”. He’s not as bad as the others.

        • All bad all the time two faced turncoats. Just another reason to vote Trump

        • Lots of times money paves the way for undesirables, and others do not have the funding to run against them. Like it or not, it is a motivator, and makes bad things happen.

        • Anybody with a pet RINO is the same thing and also needs to excommunicated. (I I had my way they would be run out of the country.)If I cannot trust you behind my back I will not trust you to do the right thing ANYTIME.

          Trump for the White House

          Clinton for the BIG house!

          • The “pet RINO” was a collective term since I do not personally “own” a RINO. On at least one occasion I have found myself in the position of voting for a RINO who is opposed by a “hard line” Democrat.

      • Let’s hope Trump is able to get term limits on those scoundrels so they don’t live there forever and screw the country like they have been doing

      • Tuesday is trash day. Just another reason to vote Trump.

    • Not only a spine but some boy parts and some big feet to stand firm.

      • Never forget we elected them to represent us and even when they didn’t, which was most of the time, we re-elected them! This is our fault and our problem. We need to EXTREMELY VET them thruout their life or if they don’t do what we want to have done, fire them as they are our elected employees. If any taint of the almighty donor dollar, they are automatically fired. Now, only 2 terms, period. We don’t need old men like McCain, McConnell, who are there to feather their beds and rip us off. DO NOT let any political parties in your area tell you for whom to vote. We, the people, will start making those decisions again for ourselves just as we have for Trump. The RNC and DNC are both on their death beds and deserve to be.

        • We are always battling bait and switch. They tell us one thing and forget us it’s all about them. Why are they not under Obamacare? Pass it then read it moron Pelosi should be dealt with serverly. She is s liar and a thief as is Indian Warren and the hall of famers that should be hung from thy nearest tree. Just another reason to vote Trump.

        • Well The ones I have voted for have done a good job for us. However, I have made it a point to not support people like Ryan! He continues to ask for money and I keep deleting anything with his name on it. The problem is we can only vote those out in our states. Plus we need another candidate to replace them with.

      • Wouldn’t it be nice? Just another reason to vote Trump

    • Ryan DOSENT know what that means. Some grandma sometime with a picture book might be able to bring him up to third grade level. Spine and hard and Dick how do they relate? Just another reason to vote Trump.

  2. Ryan finally sees that Trump has a path to victory on Tuesday and all he is trying to do is “Mend Fences”. Well I have a bit of news for this traitor to the Republican Party, “It is too late”. Whether Trump wins or loses this election, those of us who have always supported the Republican Party will never, and I mean NEVER, forget what Paul Ryan did to harm Trump and help Hillary. If this man ever had aspirations of running for President, he might as well forget them. I hope he likes his job in Congress, because that is as high as he will ever go and I think his days as Speaker of the House are numbered.

    • We need a REAL Congressman like Paul Gosar to replace Paul Ryan!

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      • Amen. Ryan is dumb as a box. He couldn’t even endorse ED meds. No one believes he has a dick. Just another reason to vote Trump.

        • GO TRUMP!!!

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    • I couldn’t agree more. Ryan also sees the damage he’s done to the repubs chances of holding the Senate and is trying to reverse it. I refused to contribute to the NRC and NRSC directly because of damage these weak kneed conservatives like Ryan did to Trump and only contributed directly to Trumps campaign . I will still vote straight down, but they can go whistle for their money.

      • Glad to see I am not the only one who sees it that way. When I contribute I make sure it is to Trump. Almost screwed up once until I saw it said NRCC and I nixed that and found a site that said Trump. I have usually contribute to the RNC but have been so pissed at them this year I did not. I will say one thing Reinc Prebus has been a loyal Republican I salute him for that.

        • Gotta be careful. You could be funding baby part merchants Republicans. Just another reason to vote Trump.

        • And being a loyal Republican was his problem. The GOP Establishment has been betraying conservatives by allowing RINO’s to exist. That is the problem with the GOP, it is all RINO’s. When they act and vote like democrats they should be kicked out of the party. RINO’s were the creation of the democrat party you know. You don’t see the opposite in the democrat party, do you?

          • Conservatives need to be honest and just leave the Rep. party. They have only had one candidate that they put forth that other non-socialist moderates could stomach, and when they are outvoted in the primaries, they walk away.

          • Basically agree but there are still a couple Blue Dog Democrats,,,I think ???

        • I wrote Ryan a few scathing letters. These guys are just plain STUPID!!

        • the only person I have ….ever…..contributed to was Dr. Ben crason…..I hope he puts ben in his cabinet.

      • Not sure he can see very far. His baby food formula must have been changed. Good thing member of congress not under Obamacare. He is neurologically challenged, too.
        Someone must have set him down and read a story book to him. Just another reason to vote Trump.

      • I despise Reince Preibus to the nth degree so therefore would not contribute to either of those groups. Went directly to the candidates that connected with my views. I would like to see both current major parties dismantled.

    • Can I get an “AMEN” on that!

      • Oh alright, amen. Just another reason to vote Trump.

        • I already have voted for Trump, as has most of my family (95%). As for Ryan, he is just a copy of O’Bohner without the cigarette stuck in the middle of his face! I just refer to the members of both the Senate and House as the members of the “New Democrat-Lite Party” aka: the GOP!

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      • James: A M E N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heat the tar. Somebody get a rail and I’ll bring some feather pillows.

    • Must have taken vitamins and a colon and brain cleanse. He is incredible. Dumb as a box he finally figures it out. Just another reason to vote Trump.

    • Dog Catcher position already filled.

    • American patriots will never forget what Ryan did, OR the Bushes OR Romney OR Kasich. Any of those family members intending to run for Republican office in the next 50 years had better forget about it or change their name.

      • And don’t forget Rob the RINO Portman too. He is a shoe in this time but we must see he is a one term senator and has to go out with the rest of the RINO trash.

  3. Paul Ryan is at least willing to help out the Republicans and they need all the help they can get to stop the Clinton Trash! ,I am from Ohio and as You go around our State you see so many Trump Signs , a Few Clinton and 2 for Johnson , Yet we have a Gov. who is a RINO that came out and Said he voted for McCain , He was to weak to even go to the Convention in Cleveland , If Hillary wins it better thank Bob Creamer, Ceasar Vargas and Scott Foval , George Soros and their Project Veritas , That are paying Illegals to get many different Adress to vote From and then they get paid , Why are they even allowed to vote when they are not American Citizens ??? Freedom is not Free!

    • He, in essence, voted for corrupt Hillary.

    • We don’t actually have a governor, just some guy who is occupying that office at the present time.

      • I have doing car trades across western Ohio and Mich and Indiana ,I have been taking the back roads so I can look at Signs in yards , I have seen over a thousand Trump Signs , maybe 59 Clinton and 2 ,Johnson when I stop I am wearing my Trump Cap with make America Great again , Almost every one you talk to wants Trump , They are afraid of Hillary and her line of BS , She says she Loves children , but is all for Partial birth abortion ! She wants open Borders so we can get workers , but if we did not kill our Babies in the womb we would have Plenty of American workers ! Project Veritas is a project of George Soros and they are paying Illegals to come up with fake address in Different states then They pay them To vote for the Communist Democrat ,She and Bill got money on selling urainum to Russia and Iran , and now the Liar says it was Trump, just like she is in bed With the KKK but says they are behind trump , What a liar ! Why is it not in Front of a firing Squad ? And her best Friend is another Muslim , Huma Abedin !

        • I was in Maine this summer and bought a new car for my wife, of course I have a Veterans for Trump sticker on the back of my truck, the whole darned place was patting me on the back for the Trump sign, one guy said you are sure in good company here everyone around here is for Trump.

          • We were in Maine too. Hillary had to fly from Chet’s party to her home. Most people could run it in less time. You know Chet’s been in a drug infused coma. Hillary must have been so at home. Just another reason to vote Trump.

          • I thought we had a lot of Voter Fraud with Obama , but this time I just do not hear of any one wanting Hillary , Well maybe George Soros and hie Project Veritas where they are paying illegals to get an address in several States and then these Foreigners get Paid ! , in 2012 they would vote for Pizza , I guess it’s Inflation!

          • I have one on my truck too.

        • We need more like you. Because of folks like you we will see America Great Again. Just another reason to vote Trump

      • Oh another OBAMA? America is full of these parasites. Swamp cleaning time. Just another reason to vote Trump

    • Can’t stand your man, but know many from Ohio who wants to see Trump. Go Trump. Just another reason to vote Trump.

    • Hey Ed,

      Don’t forget Rob the RINO Portmen. Just another back stabbing saboteur.

      I am on the East side of Cleveland and do travel all over NE Ohio. Same observation as you. In an 8 mile trip from the grocery story home Friday it was 19 Trump yard signs and 4 Clinton signs,,,and 2 or those were “Hillery for Prison” !

      In my observations the physical evidance shows the FOS.

      • I went to Columbus on Saturday , The only place I saw many Clinton Signs was in Clintonvile which is between Columbus and Worthington , I stoped there to eat and I had two Magnetic Trump signs on my Car some one wanted them , They were Gone ! I went to Columbus To see My Great grandson in The Hospital ,At 18 and walking home through a park he was attacked by a gang which Fractured his Skull and left him for Dead they after 3 weeks have brought him out of a comma, We have a reason to remove Refugees , I am for Trump and Vote tomorow

  4. I’ve been getting hit up recently for donations to help Ryan and the RNCC. I’ve been donating ONLY because at this late stage of the game, we cannot afford to let Democrats take over Congress; but if I get another request for money in the future for these traitors, I’m making sure that I give to their primary opponents and telling these traitors why I’ll never, ever support them again. Same thing for Senate races for Rubio, Heck and Toomey. All the ones that turned their backs on Trump are all now in trouble. Serves ’em right!

    • I keep getting those “gimmie” notes too. Seems like every RINO in the senate is on the scam committee. Since that same bunch has spent piles of money to oppose conservative republican candidates in favor of “moderate” (RINO) candidates and have made little or no contributions toward the presidential race, I hold the opinion that giving the establishment money is somewhat like supporting “moderate” Democrats. Why give the establishment Republicans money when I can get the same lousy outcome by keeping my money and watching the “republicans” cave in to democratic demands?

  5. Too little too late. Ryan has done more harm than good.

    Hopefully he’ll be replaced as Speaker with someone that has some intestinal fortitude and supports the Constitution.

    • How about Mike Huckabee for that job?

      • we could not do that as when Mike ran against Clinton in Arkansas the Clinton’s Claimed that Huckabee had affairs The Clinton’s are about as low as you can Go

        • Hey, I like Huck, He is a fellow Bassist! Love to session with him some time. I’ll evn play Keys of Guitar if he wants.

          Seriously, I think he would be very good at the job.

  6. Oh look – RINOs are trying to ride the Trump train.

  7. Oh…so now he waffles again and will climb aboard with the rest of the REAL Americans?…Go F**K yourself Ryan, you have already proved yourself UNWORTHY and a TRAITOR……..

  8. People just like Mr. Ryan have been destroying the Republican Party for years! If Mr. Goldwater were still alive he would have slapped Mr. Ryan on the back of his head and sent him “packing”! The modern GOP, who’s motto must be…………..”Coming from Ahead, to Lose, Again”! TRUMP 2016!

    • Sadly, Paul Ryan is only half of the problem; there is still the head liar in the senate, Mitch McConnell. I can’t comprehend what he may have done to bamboozle the folks of KY into giving him another term. Coal is one of their big ticket items and so far as I know liar McConnell has not even turned a hand to oppose the little despot’s drive to destroy one of our energy sources.

      • You are so right! I remember last election in 2014, when the liar got re-elected, he had run on his promise to get rid of the illegals. Once he got in, it wasn’t TWO days whereby he stated that he couldn’t do THAAAT! Kentucky – WAKE UP!

      • I fear that a majority of the members of the Congress are simply in it for their own wealth and power, and that is, in large part, our fault because we don’t stay “On our Rep’s” hard enough. One of my Senators will not even respond to my e-mails and letters, and he is as close to being Democrat-Lite as any Republican could be! The problem is the “Money” supplied by the Lobbyist and Corporate executives, who also supply mountains of money to re-elect them because they do “their bidding” rather than doing the Peoples work they were elected to do! TERM LIMITS, NOW! TRUMP 2016!

  9. Theoline Isaacson

    I no longer trust Paul Ryan–he has proved himself to be a self serving lying hypocrite–more off a Democrat like his wife who is a fund raiser for the Democratic party.

  10. It is to little, too late for sleazebag Ryan. Now he thinks Trump might have a chance to win. so he is kissing ass to save his own. A typical establishment, corrupt politician. I hope Trump, if elected, puts Ryan out to pasture in a desert.

  11. I hope he breaks his arm patting himself on the back.

  12. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  13. “NeverTrump conservatives have been dismayed at his refusal to disavow him altogether.”
    They have to CONDEMN him, not “disavow” him.
    Disavow means denying knowing him. That’s milder than condemning him.

  14. If hilly wins I will blame all the rinos who came out against Trump.

  15. Ryan has to go home to Wisconsin and take Rhino’s Mccain and Rumney with him. They stink, can’t trust any of them

    • Look guys let’s do something Paul Ryan is not smart enough to do. Let’s take all the rhino’s we can get this cycle and in 2 years find some good replacements for them. Democrats are not going to work with Trump you know that. So let’s take this battle on intelligently and benefit from it.

    • Smelly Swamp Creatures.

  16. The one good thing Trump has done. Split up the obstructionist party.

  17. This litlle Catholic Choir Boy’s faith is as good as his politics. He’s not worth the effort it took for his parents to make him. If any seats in Congress or the Senate are lost and if The Donald does not win this election—the blame is directly on him, McConnell, McCain, The litle temple boy Romney, Terd Kruz, the Bushes who are now low enough for my dog to piss on, the RNC, and the rest of the GOP insiders who would not support the ticket…..I have the list and I will not vote for any Republican incumbent that is running for office.

  18. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Republicans voting rot Donald Trump have been home all the time. Where has Mr. come lately been all the time, eh? Rallying against DT in favor of Hitlar(y) Clinton and her Demo-rats gang.

  19. paul ryan will stab you in your back as he’s nothing but a closet democrat from head to toe.

  20. Ryan needs to quit telling the people of the party what to do! He needs to start listening to the party!!

  21. What Ryan found his smart pill? The communist and Putin must have been hiding them from this dumb stupid inept slow on the uptake jerk. Hard to believe this dumb as a box professional parasite politician figured this out. About time. Duh.
    Just another reason to vote Trump.

  22. Stand up and make yourself known loud and clear, nevertrumpers, with all your undesirable traits…we want to make sure you’re included when we start culling the herd of GOP misfits from our midst. Zealots from all sides of the equation that slither on the outer fringes of society peddling their villainous themes against humanity as a whole, do not deserve to be considered as honest citizens of merit.

  23. Ryan has done so much damage to the republican party he should be asked to step down! He will not be hurt, he will be offered a place in the party. That is the party this liberal should have been in to begin with. He is the reason most people are starting to believe that there are no parties, just one big club and all of you just waste our money and steal from us as tax payers. After all how many senators and congressmen have become million airs while in office? Looks pretty bad if you ask me! The Clinton’s went into the white house not owning anything, and came out in the top ten richest Presidents ever. These are the people that are running the country, These are the criminals that are running the country!

  24. Hmmmm! Who was it that tried to flush Trump down the toilet earlier? I of course hope Republicans unite behind Trump……. But when election is over, – I suggest that “RINO Ryan” gets flushed down his own toilet!

  25. DVC-Legal Citizen

    Ryan must attend the same community college ‘speak BS, but say nothing’ self-help classes as Kasich, Rubio, and Cruz. in an unsuccessful effort to up their knowledge base to a GED level.

    Saying: “Republicans must come home…Republicans must vote” is absolutely no endorsement of Trump. In fact it’s their crafty way of voicing their backdoor support of THE CROOKED ONE..

    • If they want to clean up America , it might be time for Democrat’s to vote Republican , I know I am still a Union member after Retirement , but why can they not see that they loose Jobs with the Democrats !

  26. Ryan is part and parcel of what’s wrong with Republicans in power now. They’re playing both sides to the detriment of everyone. They’ve layed down and played dead while Obama and his leftist cult ran amok through our government. Instituting absurdity after absurdity. Attacking everything we hold dear, right down to our flag. Dividing this nation instead of bringing it together. Absolutely wrecking our healthcare system. Destroying our economy, seemingly on purpose. Enriching our enemies while insulting our allies. And the Republicans who were supposed to hold them in check, to hold them accountable, did nothing, seemingly on purpose. They’re in the enemy camp now.And if there’s any justice in the world they will learn the consequences of abandoning your base for no better reason than money and fleeting power.


  28. Little Pauly has “woke up”?? Too little too late – After Trump gets in we need to get him OUT.

  29. This election has been amazing. It has exposed human hypocrisy, exposed a presidential nominee who may have committed treason, exposed the corruption of the media who are supposed to be the custodians of the truth, exposed the greed and corruption in high places and its influence in politics for their own interests, and an individual who has stood up, even alone at times to expose this. He has put his money where his mouth is. He has been focused with his message which has resonated with the American nation.
    May GOD bless America. What happens there affects the world. May Americans vote very responsibly.

  30. Ryan clearly sees the train leaving without him, trying to rush to jump on. Got news for you, Ryan the train for you, ,left a long time ago. Every time you bowed, scraped and licked Obama’s boots, you defiled your Office. If Congress had any decent people involved you’d be forced out.

  31. Donald for the 4th time do not let that Rat Ryan anywhere near your Campaign he is setting you up again

  32. I hope Ryan’s GOP establishment ways of betraying conservatives does really come back and bite him in the bum. I saw his true colors several years ago even before 2012 and started calling him s RINO based solely on his voting record and not on his many speeches. He does give good speeches trying to sound like a conservative but his actions are pure liberal. That’s why I despise him. He is a traitor to the true conservative cause like his buddies Cruz and Rubio. I wish Wisconsinites could get rid of him without voting for the demonazi. Maybe the House Conservative Caucus will help strip his leadership role away.

  33. Those RINO Republicans are way overdue to come home. Hopefully, the horse hasn’t all ready
    been STOLEN !!!!

  34. Despicable, deplorable RINO. Some may say it’s about time. I say your ego got in the way of your future. You’ve identified yourself as a “gutless finger in the wind non leader”. Do your duty and resign the day after the election no matter who wins.

  35. Now he says that. Nothing has changed in the last 3 months except Ryan. Once he was nominated, Trump was the only option for wise honest Americans. Johnson’s international policy is “Speak softly, and carry a bong”.

  36. Those RINOs will reap what they have sown, and rightly so. They failed to support the nominee; the voters will not support them come their election time. Clean out the shed!

  37. Ryan wanting to save face in case Trump wins.

  38. Must be seeing the writing on the wall, but no matter what I will never trust RINO Ryan any more then I would trust Kasich the pledge breaker or Rob the RINO Portmen. None are men of their word and blow with the wind.

    Send them all down the road and see to it they never hols a federal, state or local office of job for the rest of their 2 faced lives.

  39. Too little too late for this little Catholic Choir Boy whose faith is as phony as he politics. He has done more damage to the ticket than the DNC ads. What a piece of crap he turned out to be. A lily livered weakling. Go back and crawl into your mommy’s lap.

  40. The party needs to come back to the home that it had for more than a century before Ronald Reagan. It was a party that welcomed different viewpoints. It did not exclude conservatives, having nominated Barry Goldwater but it did not exclude liberals either. It supported business but not to subsidize the already rich at the expense of the poor. It did not exclude religion but it did not use religion as a tool for the few to control the many.

    The party circled the wagons even at the cost of no longer moving across the prairie. It excluded all except for the most conservative, forcing them to vote Democratic and then cursing them for it. Half of the reward for business growth went to hard workers before Reagan with half to corporations. After Reagan corporations got 70% and by Duh-bya it was over 90%. The party could only convince the most ignorant that they were becoming poorer due to policies of Democrats. With religion in general and fundamentalism in particular declining throughout the first world, among the educated and among the young, too few vote as told by their preacher.

    Everyone but the tea-baggers should come back to the party as it was pre-Reagan. Tea-baggers can guard the circle of wagons

  41. We Republicans are at home, it’s Ryan whose jumped the fence.

  42. Ryan has tried to have it both ways, but to his credit, he seems to have hopped fully aboard the Trump Train in the final days. Instead of tempering his enthusiasm with the usual hemming and hawing, Ryan has thrown his support completely behind Trump over the last week.~~Too little and too late for redemption!! If WE as a party would have stuck behind our nomine from he get go, this wouldn’t even be a race….much less a close one!! It would have been more of a formality than a fight!!!

  43. Ryan ought to know, he is one of them ! This high ranking RINO has lost any power he may have had.

  44. Yep, now they can go home and figure out their fair share of their TAXES !

  45. Ryan is a useless &^%.

  46. I’ve already notified my congressman that I will no longer accept Paul Ryan as speaker and if he(my congressman) wants to continue with my support he had best do whatever he can to remove Ryan from the speaker position.

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