Ryan Desperate to Unite House Republicans

The honeymoon is over. House Speaker Paul Ryan was given the benefit of the doubt when he took the position from his predecessor, John Boehner, but conservatives in the House of Representatives are warning him: The pressure to stand up to the Obama administration isn’t going away. On Wednesday, in a speech to the Heritage summit, Ryan said his goal was to bring Republicans together.

“To quote William Wallace in Braveheart,” Ryan said, “we have to unite the clans.”

Those clans include the Freedom Caucus – a group of conservative representatives who have proven to be a mighty thorn in the side of the party establishment. According to the Huffington Post, Ryan met with several of the Freedom Caucus’s top members prior to the Heritage summit, and the meeting “did not go well.” Conservatives in the House are wary of Ryan’s willingness to go along with a budget agreement Boehner struck with Obama before leaving office.

“Paul Ryan has two choices,” Representative Mo Brooks told HuffPo. “He can either support a financially responsible path that rises to the challenges that America faces, or not.”

In his speech Wednesday, Ryan told the hardline members of Congress to avoid fueling division. “Don’t fight over tactics,” he said. “And don’t impugn people’s motives. It’s fine if you disagree. And there’s a lot that’s rotten in Washington. There’s no doubt about that. But we can’t let how you vote on an amendment to an appropriations bill define what it means to be a conservative. Because, it’s setting our sights too low. Frankly, that’s letting the president define us. That’s what he wants us to do. That’s defining ourselves as an opposition party, instead of a proposition party.”

What Ryan doesn’t understand is that conservatives inside the House and across the country are sick and tired of watching the Republican Party act as a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda. Defined as they may be as the Party of No, they have failed again and again to actually block the worst expenditures of this administration. In that way, they have become the least-effective opposition party in history.

Furthermore, it should be incumbent upon party leaders like Ryan to realize that we can no longer let Democrats and the mainstream media define what it means to govern. Of course the media is going to accuse Republicans of standing in the way. They want to see Democrats get everything they want. It has escaped notice, apparently, that it takes two parties to create gridlock. So why is it that it’s always the Republicans who get the blame? The problem here isn’t so much how things are being done in Congress – the problem is that Republicans have no idea how to spin it to the press.

For far too long, this party has established a game plan that involves being more like Democrats. If that’s what it means to be bipartisan in 2016, count us out.

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  1. Somebody needs to tell Paul Ryan AND the Republican establishment that the CLANS ARE UNITED!

    They are UNITED against Amnesty!
    They are UNITED for closing the border, FIRST, before we talk about anything else.
    They are UNITED against 0bamacare!
    They WERE UNITED against funding 0bama’s policies!
    They are UNITED against 0bama’s unconstitutional executive orders!
    They are UNITED to do anything to stop 0bama!

    And MOST IMPORTANT they are UNITED in the desire to weed out those Republican elite that have betrayed their constituents wishes by capitulating to 0bama’s every wish….

    • It sounds good but only 15% of House member Republicans are in favor of your list. The rest are Rino’s like Ryan. That’s why nothing gets passed in the House that the GOP knows is veto proof.

      • All the more reason to elect a true conservative

        • No such thing.

        • And the Process to remove the Establishment RINOS is in the PRIMARY ELECTIONS in each state….Once it reaches the General Election….GAME IS OVER…

          • I am worried about the delegates in the states and who they will throw their weight behind. The people might favor one candidate and the delegates favor another.

          • My reference was not to the Presidential Race…but to the Congressional Races….We need to Throw Out the Incombents during the Primary…Because once they get to the General Election….They are usually back in Office…


        • I’m with you but as Dolly T says “No such thing”. I don’t trust any of those running to be “true conservatives. Watched the last Republican Debate and there was a boatload of “conservative” commentary which always appears at election time, buy the very people that were kissing Obama’s behind and voting like a democrat. There is a reason why not many Senators or House members get to be president. On the other hand governors do very well because they at least have experience in governing. I’m still not committed to anyone but surly am committed to making sure it’s not a democrat or a rino.

          • I don’t like either governor, Christie’s state is against the 2nd amendment. The young lady that was traveling through his state had her CCW with her and they locked her up for 48 days, I think she lost her job and I don’t know what happened to the children. Christie could have entered her in their 1st offender program but they waited and he finally pardoned her.

            Kaisc, seems to be big government and an insider.

          • Well it appears your fond of Governor’s. So let me ask you these questions . Which of the 3 governors is for Amnesty, which of the Governors has liked extra fees added into their budget plans that we pay while they make claims that the fees aRe not tax increases. . Which of the governors does not like common core, which of the governors ,has gone along with goverment making health care decision which leaves the residents out in the cold , which of the governor’s hasn’t increased the size of their states goverments. Which of the governors hasn’t gone along a path way to citizenship for illegals . Answer ALL three . So governors of their ilk are not the right choice. John Kasich lies a good lie. Jeb Bush lies a good lie an Chris Christie lies a good lies so screw the establishment governor’s. I’m voting for Ted Cruz.

          • Saying that governors fare better in presidential elections in no way says I prefer them. Just like saying senators and House members don’t do as well doesn’t mean I would not vote for one. I am far more concerned with a candidates political philosophy history and not only during election time. Cruz seems like a decent person. Very intelligent, very capable as a speaker. But like Ryan, he is more talk than action as a conservative. Check his voting record. No so good opposing Obama’s agenda.

          • Actually I have gone through Ted Cruz’s voting record. He an 3 other senators have voted solidly against Obama’s on at least 97 % of the issues . The other 3 senators are Jeff Sessions ,Mike Lee , an Rand Paul I haven’t a clue as to what you’ve read . But clearly it wasn’t the actual Senate recorded votes. More like some spin doctor establishment propaganda.

          • Bryan W. Carpenter

            Who filibustered against obamacare? and who stood with him? I voting for Cruz.


          • Bryan W. Carpenter

            Cruz is for border security and against amnesty. That puts him above the establishment non-patriots.

          • I’ll Take Cruz over anyone you would consider supporting. Fact is Cruz has made his Career over fighting injustice ,As Solicitor General of The state of Taxes He went an won 9 times before the US Supreme court Representing 9 cases based on individual an states rights issues. His entire time spent in the Senate he personally stood up against both Establishments an for individuals rights . His voting record far exceeds any others record standing up against Amnesty , Obama no care health care. Defending 2nd amendment rights . There are only 3 other Senators with near equal records . Senator Rand Paul, Senator Jeff Sessions an Senator Mike Lee.


          • So You say there are some holes in Cruz’s past that scare you. ! So what are these holes your speaking of ??? . I for one have honestly researched Cruz seeking all available non partisan historical avaliable data on Cruz . From The supreme court Justice who he Clerk for ,on through is service to the state of Texas as Solicitor General right up through present day.. As a self described Fiscal conservative ,semi social conservative ,with Libertarian leanings Article V Constitutional Convention of states Promoter and One hundred percent independent voter. I find nothing in the Honorable Senator Ted Cruz’s back ground which would lead me to hesitate to Vote or promote him. Absolutely nothing . O sure I hear all the same establishment talking points , such as he doesn’t get along with the party establishments, he won’t compromise. Non of his colleagues like him. You wish to know what I think about that. Well I say finally we have a man Who is grounded in Constitutional rights. A man who truly believes we are a GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE AN FOR THE people. AN screw the go along to get along crowd of both political parties they have each proven their only true interest is in remain in power , pleasing their donor class an enriching themselves on the backs of the poor an middleclass. Now you can vote for whom ever you please. Just do me a favor . When an if that candidate wins an you find we are no better ofF then we are now. Please don’t come out blaming others. For You chose to vote against the constitution.


          • Well my Brother an friend Thank you for your service to our nation I have also served . USN from 1974 -1978 Gunners mate second class or E-5 . US Army from 1978 -1982 . I also traveled much of the world while serving our nation . Some men can Lie while looking straight through you . But they do have other tell signs. Nervous twitch, veins on forehead protruding, skratching inappropriately ,Sweating , profuse eye movement , shaking twitching legs . Many more . I see none of that with Cruz. I do see many of those signs with every single other candidate, whether repub or Demo Rat. The Honorable Senator Ted Cruz is the only candidate. I truly trust to do as he clearly states. I give Doctor Carson a pass be cause. This is not at all what he is comfortable with . He is out side of his comfort zone. So all his tells can be atributed, to being truely ill at ease

          • We can look at anyone’s past and find something.
            So where and who is the PERFECT one?

          • I am glad Trump helped to wake people up by his boldness and for giving political correctness a good shake up and of course he can take bigger steps because he didn’t have to count on anyone’s money. Trump knows how to make money and can help a lot in that area.
            Cruz has been and seems to be the most consistent in everything and makes good decisions.
            We need an even keel person and he has a lot of experience under his belt. He definitely fights for justice and boy do we ever need that !!!
            I’m just not clear of his stand on Agenda 21 or Trump’s stand on it for that matter.
            Just know we MUST beat Hillary and Bernie.
            They scare the you know what out of a person.

          • Well This you can count on with Cruz. If the establishment’s thinks it’s good ,Cruz knows it’s a rotten rat.

          • Agree!!!!

          • Your choice is Simple, then. Donald Trump. Not ONE governor in the race has the experience as Donald Trump does in his little finger. He has projects all over the world and has create tens of thousands of jobs.

          • Actually I think Cruz is the most conservative and everyone in the establishment hates his guts. So based on that, if Trump does not win, then I hope its Cruz.

            Rubio is a used car salesman, he is a big establisment suck ass. You could see it when Christie called him out. What a phony !!

          • The true conservative is Cruz. He will prove this when elected.
            Trump couldn’t define conservatism when asked.

          • Maybe so but until he petitions the SCOTUS to clear up his questionable eligibility I won’t commit. You know darn well that the DNC is going to file a law suit at the very last minute to cause chaos when it’s too late to do anything about it. That’s why Hildabeaste never brings it up. He has no choice but to deal with it now and dispel all questions.

          • As matter of fact . The Eiligiblit issue has already been taken up. On behalf of Trickster Dr. Benjamin Carson who filed suit in the state of Illinois. Questioning Senator Ted Cruz’s eligibility. The courts decision came down 2 weeks ago the court held an completely sided with Senator Ted Cruz finding he meets all requirements. As a natural born American citizen. So that court order Ted Cruz’s name on the Illinois states ballets. If an apeal makes it to the US supreme court I can guarantee The courts findings shall be exactly the same. Way to many Neophytes think themselves all knowledgeable when in reality they know jack squat.

          • I saw nor read anything about the Illinois decision you mention. Why would that not have been on every conservative leaning site in celebration? It is a really big deal and as I said the DNC is just waiting for the right time to pull their normal B.S.

          • I read it on WND . Google search you’ll find it this I am sure.

        • Elect the BEST. That’s Donald Trump. He will close the border. He will send the Syrian “refugees” back to Syria. He will send the illegals home. He will create jobs. He will make our military great again after Obama has crippled it. Trump does not speak out of both sides of his mouth like career politicians Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump loved this country and he IS a Patriot.

          • I would like to see Trump kick that Bush monkey right on his establishment ass.

          • I would prefer he DROP KICK that liberal OUT of the race! Karma

            Annoy the Hell out of the “Establishment” Republicans – VOTE TRUMP 2016

          • Trump has said things that needed to be said. I agree with most of what he says. I still believe Ted Cruz is the better fit. He knows the Constitution, I’m not convinced Trump does.

          • Phil Your spot on Cruz is the only true conservative. He is the guy he was 10 years ago, 20 years ago ,30 years ago ,He is that same pro Constitutional Conservative. .yesterday today an tomorrow.

          • So You believe Donald Trump had a revelation from God 366 days ago. Because 365 days ago Donald Trump was Pro amnesty
            365 days ago Donald Trump was pro abortion,365 days ago Donald Trump was pro Obama care or single payer socialized medicine. 365. Days ago Donald Trump was pro higher taxes. 365 days ago Donald Trump was pro gun control. 365 days ago Donald Trump was pro common core. 365 days ago you could not tell the difference between Trump or Obama.. just do yourself a favor do a Google search on Donald Trump for the year 2014 2013,2012,2011 2010 2009,2008,2007 2005. Then come on back an tell me you still believe Donald duck .

          • And your “facts” are from? I doubt 365 days ago Trump thought much of ANY of those topics. He’s a VERY busy man and doesn’t worry about issues that (then) were irrelevant to his business. He probably just went along with some cub reporter’s query to avoid a confrontation. His current views have lost him more money than you or I will ever see. Why would he unless he truly worried about our country. Stay away from liberal sites.

          • It’s called EGO, Narrsisium . I hope he is for real but unlike many of his supporters . 30 years of voting has given me an education, not easily forgotten . I’ve seen many come an many go. The one thing they all had in common was the ability to lie through their teeth while smiling an denying… Donald Trumpertantrum duck isn’t any different. And that’s Precisely why I’m voting for Cruz an only Cruz..

          • Vote for who you like but you’re wrong about Trump. He is NOT a politician let alone one who has fed from the public though all his life. Running for president is COSTING Trump money. The rest are being funded by the tax payers. ALL of them – even Ted Cruz who is my second choice. Donald Trump is a builder and developer NOT a politician. ALL have super egos – even Ted Cruz. Only Trump and Cruz want to make this country great again after we have suffered two term under that Afrikan fool. So spend your vote as you see fit but spend it wisely.

          • How much money. Well it’s clear he has made millions on the new deal with Univision . He made millions an the deal with miss Ubiverse. What millions he has gotten 100 of millions of dollars of free publicity. On the backs of cable TV subscriber’s. Yea each day the man is making money . But Like most folks who are one dimensional thinkers ,whom only see the obvious. But fail to look beyond the present moment. No Ted Cruz is the only True Real candidate.. Not some ego manic who runs behind smoke screens.

          • Donald The Trumpertantrum duck is no different then Obama . At least Obama was honest when he said he would change America. Donald Trumps I will make America great again is one HUUUGE sign it’s all about him. EGO NARRSISIUM.

        • I don’t know , the way the country is divided, maybe we need a blend of both. We need to find a way to bring people together. Probably its not possible. This country has created allot of liberal slaves due to massive welfare give away’s and also debt. You are never truly free until your free of debt.


        • Vote for TRUMP!

      • unfortunately, i believe what u say is true. i don’t know about the numbers, but we r in deep doo-doo. i believe this economy is headed for collapse.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Vladimer Putin said it right when the PMIC was first elected. He said he didn’t know if ovomit was insane or just intent on destroying the American economy..

          • putin was an is right about the degenerates in the whitehouse.

          • They are insane social Marxist psychopaths bent on destruction of usa as we know it.

          • Wish we had a leader like Mr. Vladimir Putin…

          • If tRUMP is elected, you will have gotten your wish!

          • Yes I would..A man that loves his country and military..

          • Whateva! Nothing pleases you blokes… you live your lives on complaining! You’ll always be unhappy about something!

          • That’s right ,,, Georgie Peorgie…

          • Glad you agree… now you’re educating yourself!

          • You follow me you might learn something in life..You can turn out to be somebody..I doubt it ,,but we’ll give it a try..It’s a long shot in the dark but stranger thing’s has happened..

          • “… but stranger THINGS HAVE happened.” If I followed you I’d have worse language and communication skills than a kindergartner! Take your own advice and remain dumb, dumber, AND dumbest!

          • Your a Lefty piece of pig crap..Like what you say offends me..Us right wingers will end up saving your sorry a$$ in the end..While you hide in the shadows ,shadow man..hahahahaha ; )

          • Mediocre try… Fail! As usual!

          • Glad your here to educate us! LMAO!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Did yo momma have any children that actually lived?

          • Yes, three as a matter of fact! Even if I were dead, I’d make more sense than you right wing blokes!

          • Melba, are you a bleeding Brit? If so, can we trade Barack Obama to you and get back the bronze bust of Winston Churchill. Hell, we’ll throw in Air Force One. PLEASE TRADE US!

          • No she had two that lived and she had a brain dead child named Geoge M Medley…ahhh hahahahaha

          • Comment noted/dismissed… source noted with a [email protected]! Such a puny response!

          • AH! A toothless limey? It all makes sense now!

          • Nicely said Michael..George M Medley is a human cesspool …

          • Coming from the consummate leftist whiner.

          • So will I. Semper fi.

          • LOLOL… Semper phhhhhhbbbbbbbbtttt!

          • These toothless limeys are still pissed that we kicked the Obama out of them, baby fed them in W.W. 1 and 2.

          • Yup, closed borders, no unvetted “refugees”, E-verify, balanced budget…………………..

          • I don’t think so.

          • That’s your opinion not mine..Least he don’t sell his Country out and open it’s borders to anything..And he stands up for his Nation and his people..Most of all at least he goes to war with terrorists..And doesn’t supply them with weapons to kill innocent Christians..You watch that video what isis has done to those little kids cutting their privates off and killing woman after they rape them..Beheading those people..It was the most disgusting video of all..And this is who their bringing in our Country and protecting and letting them around our children in stores and in the public ..They should be ashamed..And treating them better than our own Citizens..Like we’re being punished for something..You have your opinion and I will cheer on who ever goes to war with those animal’s that would hurt kids like that.And that’s a insult to animal’s comparing them to that scum..Pure Vulgar!!!! Our Country should be going after them full throttle not helping them..Maybe we’ll elect a President that love’s our Country and will protect it the same ..And will join the fight with Russia and who ever and end those evil terrorists..

          • He is a communist, look it up and see what it means for the people living under communism.

          • Oh well,, wish he was our President right now until Trump gets in there..

          • I think Putin killed/or had the last one killed hat ran against him and won.

          • It’s just speculation until proven…

          • There are 91 unexplained deaths surrounding the Clintons, mostly young, ALL close to Bill and Hillary. They truly ARE a the Clinton Crime Family. I don’t think that includes the four good men, including our American ambassador, Christopher Stevens. Hillary IS a monster.

          • I have read the Clinton Chronicles and everything that I can about them. Most of our government is corrupt. I read an articles that referred the Bush as the Mafia family. More people need to start investigating our politicians and work to change things.

          • Very true, as you notice all the Bushes always seem to want us in a war. They don’t protect our borders any more then any other president did. They benefit from companies that make war materials or contractors like Cheney’s Haliburten. Even in world 2 its known that Japan was actually pushed into the war because we cut the oil off to them to a 60 day supply. There was also a very rich American at that time that had factories producing war materials in both the US and Japan. Also the Dupont familly I’m sure everyone has heard of them. Of course they all kinds of products but they also have produced all the bombs used since WW II in all the wars and conflicts. I wonder who’s on his puppet strings?

            Also does anyone one know who financed WW II ? It was John D. Rockefeller and J. P. Morgen. They loaned the US government 500 Million once’s of gold. I wonder how much profit they made. I believe Morgen is one bank that went under that the government bailed out after they repo ed all the homes in 2008. So the bailout money was our tax dollars from uncle Sam to Morgen, then what ever Morgen got for the homes at auction was all bonus money for him. Allot of good people lost their homes because of the bank making bad loans. Some kind of racket Ha !!

          • And you know that, how?

          • jaybird, we’ve been brainwashed about the evils of communism by our government and the media and most of us react in a knee jerk manner to “them”. The fact is Vladimir Putin is highly respected by most Russians and by most nations. Barack Obama is NOT respected by most Americans nor by most world leaders. I”m a conservative American and love this country (NOT its leaders) but our leaders mostly suck. I’ve visited probably 20-30 communist countries including Russia and China and in many respects they are run better than our country. None are perfect but we don’t have much to brag about either.

            I want a STRONG leader in the White House. That is Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is a distant second

          • I don’t know how you can say that about Russia and China. One has ties to Iran, Cuba and the other to North Korea. All 4 repress their people. Do they own their homes in these countries. They do not have free speech and in China the smog is awful, people come here to have their children. We have a lot of freedoms in our country. Communist countries are run by “DICKTATORS” , true?

            POTUS is a pawn of the ultra rich, Rockefellows, Soros, Kissinger, Bush family, Clinton’s that want one world government. We have not paid attention years ago of what was happening, now we can and we should. We need to turn our country around and get out of the UN which is grabbing land with their Agenda 21. The ranchers and farmers are being harassed by EPA/BLM. Google Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) speech on the Senate floor Jan. 5th. about what happened in Burn, OR. People need to know and support the people there. We have had a problem with the EPA making charges against a farm and finally they backed off after the county got involved.

            Just because we have problems in our government I do not admire these “DICKTATORS) and that is what they are!

          • Amen!

          • Then vote for Trump. HE doesn’t talk out of both sides of his mouth and HE is funding his own campaign. Who else is? NO ONE.

      • We need to take down the leaders first….

        Like Boehner we must let Ryan know he is on a short leash.


        • Yes I agree, but how the hell are we going to get anyone in there that will actually act in the interest of the people. Special interest groups flood them with money and corrupt them. Look at Ryan, I’ll bet he has a stash of money somewhere for taking the limit off the debt ceiling. Honestly I think we need to pass a law that anyone running for election should be funded by the tax payer money and no should be allowed to donate money. Anyone caught giving money from the private sector should be a federal offense and get 6 months in jail mandatory.

          • Well let’s take a closer look at tax payer funded campaign s I for dam sure don’t want my tax dollars going to candidates I do not support. A much better solution is free air Time equally given to each candidate. And a max limite on individual contributions. Ban super packs an packs in general. Keeping everyone on equal footing. If your unable to garner support from your community. Then your our of luck. Next we must get rid of super delegates. Reorganize the electoral College. But not do away with it.

      • that sounds about true otherwise things would be different. the congress an senate are sorry ass people who sell out , to the anti constitutionalist like Obama the tyrant in the oral office.

      • Well I dare say those rino’s will be facing a very,very tough reelection after betraying their electorate. The fact of the matter is they know it. Now are attempting to back pedal away from their votes. But unlike days gone past; The public’s memory is now quite long. And the many media reminders of their treasonous betrayals. Way to many to over come. Political Death to rino’s short is their terms in office. Paul Ryan has in fact betrayed the nation as well the party platform.

        • We must take back all the institutions. Both Political parties, Schools, Churches, Courts, Unions, and the MEDIA…

          My fight is with the MEDIA. Everybody, please join.


          • My goodness, that IS an impressive list. In other words, it will be a long, long time before you even hit the ball, much less get to first base. But… you can hope, nothin’ wrong with that!

          • Perhaps, corruption of this nature is hard to fight.

          • Implied corruption. There is no ghost around every corner!

          • I would say that you bury your head in the sand as to not be awoken. If you do not see the corruption in the media, then you do not want to see it and more than likely profit from that corruption.

          • No profiteering here. Go hunt in your own neighbor’hood’!

          • George ! You sound just like shillary when she says nothing here to see but a right wing conspiracy. Therefore when you say no profiteering here. The electorate should look very closely to how you manage to make your income.

          • Sure, nothing to see here, move along….

            Ain’t buying it troll.

          • That is exactly what both political establishments wish for us to believe. On the other hand . The most corrupt establishment, which of course is indeed the national media , has anyone not notice the lack of Indendent thought coming from any of the national media sources.. NO they to promote establishment candidates of their persuasion. They are truly getting an ear an eye full of the anger of the electorate. So I say Go Ted Go , an go Ben go . Knock um dead.

          • Join the fight! Boycott the MEDIA in a way that it will cause change.


          • Hard to avoid all but we CAN put a dent in them by buying NO magazines, NO newspapers, not watching the leftist propaganda which passes for news (even Fox News) Then their ratings will fall which will mean their advertisers won’t say as much for air time. The far left OWNS a the media, they OWN most sport teams and they OWN most of the jobs in America. And they WORSHIP money. Take it away from them.

          • Not watching is not working… This boycott actually goes for the source of their income.

            We polititely ask the advertisers to move their ads off the prime time news program time slots.. That way they are not paying for the lefts propaganda.

            As a boycotter, you don’t need to watch the programs. Mad As Hell Boycott tabulates all the advertisers for you… We focus on the Dirty Dozen.

            Please Join… http://www.madashellboycott.com

          • I am ALWAYS willing to hurt them where it counts most – in their wallets.

          • Thank you for your support.

        • Giorgio, an EASY test to determine who to vote for. If they voted FOR the latest $1.1 TRILLION continuing resolution – FIRE THEM.

      • We need to support the Freedom Caucus every chance we get.

      • The ONLY thing politicians fest is being thrown OUT of office. Dump ALL RINOs.

        And send a message to Paul Ryan that WE caused Boehner’s “retirement” and are willing to do the same to Ryan. We are sick to death of career politicians stabbing America in the back and we are tired of them caving in to Obama.

      • I think your right but we can bring a lot more along if we just put the hammer down. Hope that’s not wish full thinking.

      • maxx,
        Veto proof is the problem. But I hold that the more Obama vetoes the better the message to the American public. Voters need to see that and understand that electing another Democrat will only continue this policy.

      • Yeah thats because they forgot what the will of the people wants. Nationally if you were to take a poll you would find we the people are united, but the establishment politicans do not care. They all think they are kings. They forgot why we voted them in office. Its time to vote establishment guys out and especially Ryan.
        According to US government statistics as of 2/9/16 here is where this country is at.
        1) 12 Million less manufacturing jobs then 7 years ago. (Mexico)
        2) Lowest participation rate in ten years in the job market.
        3) 1.5 million seniors working part time because there are no other jobs.
        4) National decline income by 3%
        5) Negative payroll taxes payed by employers. This go’s along with the 3% decline above.
        6) Total number of people working full time is now 3.6% less then 7 years ago.

        My question is why do liberals and conservatives not read this? Why? These are figures put out by the federal government.

        • It doesn’t fit their agenda!!

        • I don’t believe for one second that “they forgot why we voted them in office”. The GOP Establishment Republicans (RINOS) never intended to do what they promised in the first place. That’s what is so frustrating. Lie, cheat and steal our votes then do the Benedict Arnold thing and we can’t do a damn thing about it. Members of Congress need to be put back under each states control so we would then have the right to remove them from office like originally designed. The 17th Amendment is what took out authority away. This was the federal politicians thumbing their noses at we the people. This is one amendment that should be repealed.

          • Well, now we are going to put a real asshole in office. I hope Trump gets in and stick it right up the GOP’s ass. Besides he’s got the best looking first lady ever.

    • Add we want the illegal hordes deported that BO has let into this country to suit his new globalist fundamental destruction of this country’s sovereignty.


    • United We Stand

    • 500 thumbs up

    • Yes we are. How hard is that for the establishment to understand?

    • Nicely said Mahboo1 couldn’t agree more..

    • I am against the Refugee Resettlement program, it will help lead to global governance per David Miliband head of International Rescue Committee.

    • THE demoRats will take over the house next year you watch because the Republicans are doing nothing that we the people want them to do nothing at all.

    • When the GOP gives into Obama ,time after time . But the GOP always gives into this piece of crap Obama . It is hard to be united when the GOP continues to turn it’s back on Conservatives .

      • The establishment is corrupt.. They are liberals in conservative clothing. Their allegiance is not to the people it is to the liberal ideology.

        We must not rest until the spies are expelled from the party.,

    • With you.

    • Isn’t he establishment.

      • Paul Ryan’s ACTS show that he is definitely establishment.

        We can no longer judge people by their words, we have to judge them by their acts.

        Paul Ryan’s first acts were to shore up the Lefts problems by granting them funding for 0bamacare, 0bama’s amnesty actions, etc…

  2. Impeaching 0bama might unite Republicans.
    Defunding 0bamacare might unite Republicans.
    Closing the boarder might unite Republicans.

    Why can’t Ryan see this? Oh, uniting Republicans as in “We the People”, is completely different than uniting HOUSE Republicans.

  3. Ryan only wants the party to united behind him and do as he believes best, which is to suck up to the Democrat Party on every issue that comes down the pike. He can no more be trusted than was Boehner or is Obama. You cannot compromise with traitors determined to destroy the nation. You can only resist and ultimately defeat them.


    Nice Job Riance Pemis.

    You Couldn’t Have Staged An Ambush Greater Than The Bush wacking Of Lavoy Finicum..

    El Trumpo Knows Patton And Patton Says Never Let The Enemy Pick The Battlefield.

    Riance Pemis And The Rino Rats Have Teamed Up With The Demo Commos. The Demo Commos Introduced The Debates Along With A Rino Rat Name Billy Krystal From The Weakly Standown. His Only Job Was To Get Trump.

    After 12 Commercials ABC Always Be Communist Began The Rino Crusade To Ignore Carson, Bring Down Rubio’s Numbers and Attack Trump. At The Break The Demo Commos Critiqued And Promoted Jeb Bush. Their Job Is To Pick The Republican Candidate Who Can’t Beat Hitlery.

    They Tried To Take Trump Using Eminent Domain. Why Was Carson Ignored? Was It To Create The Impression He Was Not as Valuable as a Candidate..Was He Being Punished For Being A Black Republican? Made to wait in the wingso

    Trump Has Three Letters Added To His Title. TNS Take No Shet. As Soon As The Audience Got Nasty He Identified Them As Rino Card Holders and Big Donaters To The Riance Pemis Machine. He Called Them Out As Party Apparatchicks.

    Their Job Was To Ignore Carson, Destroy Trump, Rubio And Cruz. Promote Bush,Kasich (DOROTHY From The Wizard Of Oz) .I saved OHIO. They Used Christy To Take Down Rubio. Rubio Fell Back Too Often with His Attack on Obama. It Looked Like He Had No Other Game Plan.

    This Was not A Debate Tonight. It Was The Ressurect Jeb Bush Show. The Audience Was a Rino Stacked Deck. It Was As Obvious As George Stephanapolis Selling Hillary Hats.This was a Classic Shakespeare Plot. Take Out Rubio, Demean Carson, Crush Trump, And Neutralize Ted Cruz. Tomorrow Jeb Bush Will Be Praised In The Rigged Media as a Winner.

    Moral Of The Story. If You Don’t Vote For Trump You Better Learn To Speak Arabic, Russian and Chinese.



    • So, Tom, you, too, noticed how the questions were aimed to help Jebbie boy? Even the comments following the debate were hysterical, especially from Krauthamer. If the deal isn’t in, I’ll eat my hat. Inside-the-beltway-elites, RINOs, and RNC want Jeb – if that doesn’t work, then they’ll continue shoving Rubio down our throats and the Dems are helping them saying, “Polls show only Rubio can beat Clinton”. BALONEY sliced thick! Warts and all, TRUMP 2016!

  5. “Ryan Desperate to Unite House Republicans”
    STOP playing footsies with Obama may help.
    Ryan, you may be a fast talker but Obama is speaking faster, stop talking and start acting.

  6. I have a very hard time understanding why the establishment doesn’t get it. The people are speaking loud and clear against them but they will not budge from their self-righteous stand of “We know what is best for you”.

    • mallen, looks like they won’t hear us until we elect someone who is not a politician for POTUS. They keep insisting we support Rubio or Bush and we refuse to do so. Personally, I will not vote for any politician. Trump 2016!

    • The establishment doesn’t get it because they are too busy coveting power. They are so wrapped up in their own greed and money; they’ve got theirs, and they don’t care about Americans! They are only in office to get rich, and screw the people! We need to “clean house”.
      I would start by busing all those muslim “refugees” that obama is bringing in to DC. If I were the governor of a state that was getting a bunch of “refugees”, I would load them on buses and drive them to the capital and drop them off in front of the white house, telling them to go knock on that door – he is the one who invited you!
      We are in for a rough year – who knows what obama has up his sleeve for us? Be prepared! I pray that our military stands with “We the People” !

      • You are absolutely correct and I believe the military will stand with We the People.

        • So do I, since the military hates Obama & all he stands for. Wonder how the military feels about losing comrades in the hell-holes overseas only to have Obama welcome these Muslims into the USA.

        • The USA Military is under the DIRECT control of the President! Deal with it!

          • That doesn’t mean they will OBEY his evil desire to destroy We the People of the United States of America. -0 does NOT control the military. He may be the commander in chief but he can’t make the USA military kill American citizens unless he has his own military. I would not doubt that he will try since he is as delusional as Hitler was with lust for power. However the Lord Jesus Christ can destroy our land when people like you continue to reject His precepts…
            Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.

          • Yes the Commander an Chief is their Commander however . Not a single solitary military person has to obey an unlawful order . Given by any senior officer including the president. And it is with in their rights an it is their responsibility to disobey unlawful orders.

      • 500 thumbs up to you too.

      • unfortunately, ovomit is not bringing them to d.c. he will not pollute HIS neighborhood. he is sending them, in retro fitted UPS & FedEx planes, in the middle of the night, to little burgs all over the U.S. u can take to the bank he will keep no records of their whereabouts, so we will have a devil of a time finding them. that is until the terrorism begins. this man should be beheaded in public.

    • Most of them are in the pocket of the globalist elite. And, they know what is best for themselves only.

    • They do get it if you understand that they are in cahoots with the democrats. Have been since the 1960’s when the Republicans started being concerned with “social issues” because the socialist democrats led them by the nose into forming an oligarchy.

      • i believe it was during LBJ’s presidency that the democratic party was hi-jacked. we need to get this filth out of the white house.

        • You are spot on with that belief. When LBJ approved the War On Poverty bill the socialist / democrats led the Republicans by the nose down the “social issues” pathway. The democrat party was gaining supporters by “giving away the farm” and made the Republicans believe that was the only way to survive. Been downhill since then.

    • Could be Payola, drugs, brain damage, RINO’s, colon mucus impairment of sight, brain function & hearing – – select any two.

    • we have been asleep for decades. finally ovomit made us stand up and take notice. of course, we will pay dearly for these 8 yrs. that lying, terrorist supporting, America hating, baboon has 10 1/2 mos. to go. then we will pay that socialist traitor a pension for the rest of his damned life, including secret service protection for the rest of the family. this, after he and the orangutan spent 5 billion of our money on personal vacations.

      • Totally disgusting. Maybe he won’t live as long as Bush, Sr. or Carter because of his extra curricular activities.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          One highly trained SNIPER could change a hell of a lot.

          • I am sure many would like for -0 to be removed from office but if he is shot, he would be made a martyr and we would have to live with his name on buildings, airports, streets, schools, etc. and I don’t think we want that. The Lord knows what is going on and We the People need to turn back to Him so He can heal our land.

          • YOU will be reported!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I’m sooooo scared Georgie girl……

  7. Ryan is now a traitor and a serious RINO, and most of the so called “Republicans” are the same, and just about as bad as the Dems are. Our nation is screwed.

  8. More like trying to stop Trump is why he is calling for them to unite

    • Ryan uses “call to unite” to mean the 15% of conservative Republicans should capitulate to the Rino’s. Just like the democrats call for “bi-partisanship” means do it our way. Different words same meaning. GOP Republicans and DNC democrats are partners in crime.

  9. As far as what i want is for ryan to clock out and go home before we rise and get ride of him as we did boehner.We don’t need any more butt kissers of obama but rather need a house leader that will stand up and say to obama no more money for anything.Start learning to pay your own way.Time is short and start now.You will have to later so get used to it.

  10. Ryan and McConnell don’t get it and they never will. I think that they actually do realize that something’s wrong with the party and in Washington, but they honestly don’t understand what. They just shrug off the anger expressed by working class Republicans. Why shouldn’t they? They’ve heard it all before and then these angry people keep voting them right back into office again.This is all just a profitable game to them. Instead of addressing and at least trying to correct the real issues, they play the party card. The party card is just like the race card. We’re told that the mess created in the past 7 years will continue and only get worse unless we vote the Progressives out of office. What they do not mention is the fact that little, if anything, will change if they do drive out the Socialist/Progressives.

    They’ve proven that as their inaction has shown since the last election. They haven’t even slowed Obama down. The flurry of unchallenged executive orders from the Oval Office continues unabated.

  11. RINO RYAN you have roughly 9 months to start acting like a republican
    We are sick of you RiNOS playing footsie with the inept lying outlaw in the rainbow house.
    Quit worrying about the liberal media and what the liberal dem bloodsuckers say and start listening to what we say.

    The republican party is on the verge of disappearing, we are through voting for the best of a bad lot

    • Have waited for the Wake since the RNC murdered the GOP……

    • 1,000 thumbs up. Like you said. playing footsie and having to vote for the lesser of the evils. Not going to cut it this next time around. Most republicans can see what is going on and I believe there will be a lot of them voted out this time.

    • You make it sound like a bad thing, LOLOL. If the present is what the Republican party is, you’re not losing much.

  12. Ryan is not willing to do the conservative things that will unite the White House. Ryan cannot unite anything. He is a backstabber and they all know it.

  13. LOL, I find it so interesting how much hatred that exists among Republican supporters. Nothing is written among these comments to improve the lives of the homeless, or the 17 million children in the USA that go to bed hungry as the restaurants the food markets rather give the food to the pigs. I read nothing about a GOP Plan to give all Americans citizens access to healthcare in the riches country in the world at a affordable cost. Again as the richest nation on earth, I don’t hear NOTHING from the candidates and supporters why the USA is not listed as number one in education, and availble in to all regardless of income. Reading these comments it is clear that they were written by racist bigots, who are the minority, but have manage to spew their racist hatred for 7 years. Does we the people include non-whites?

    • “Does we the people include non-whites?” I don’t know, does it? Until ALL races stand up & take responsibility for their OWN actions & work to create a better country & quit voting strictly on race and/or freebies, absolutely nothing will change.

    • Sick it in your nose liberal dem bloodsucking parasite
      It;s not aout politics and liberal fing garage any more a-hole.
      Dec 2014, of the people polled, 11.4% said yes their state should have seceded from the unioin.

      • Please understand that the US Military has the capability to vaporize, literally any conclave of traitors, at its will! Should ANY State decide to leave the Union, you wouldn’t survive without the benefits of the US government. Please realize also, that you blokes will have a fine time to move somewhere else because the land you sit your BUTT on stays with the the USA, it’s no longer yours! You would do well to just shut up because the southern States are a big drain on our social programs!

        • My My My you liberal dem bloodsuckers are thoroughly ignorant scum aren’t you?
          let’s start with, 74% of the members of the combat arms of the US military are from red states.
          We are not gpoing to move anywhere, we will simply close and fortify the borders of the 38 states in the control of conservatives.
          They would not be all southern state you silly a-hole.
          The population is about equal, the manufacturing capacity would be on our side and we would both have nukes.
          Besides you silly a-hole, why would you want us, you could quit sending money to us and we would no longer be using your social programs, you should be glad to get rid of us..
          Read a ook issued by the DOD, called, Domestic Insurgency you ignorant leech. silly a- hole, it says that the defending force needs a 6 or 8 to 1 numerical superiority to be

          if only 10 million armed Americans took it up you would need 60 to 80 million military to be successful, currently if all of them stayed with the union, you have about 500 thousand combat troops.
          You can rest assure that instead of attacking the military we would e hunting you scum down, first.
          if Secession happens, the federal government will do nothing.
          We will separate and applaud as you liberal dem bloodsucking scum starve to death.

    • Steve Crawford –


      Do you think Obamacare is affordable? Just ask my daughter (married with 2 kids) paying over $1,000 for O-Care with a huge deductible. Before they were forced to get O-Care they paid $429 per month through their employer with a low deductible.

      If 17 million children are going to bed hungry…tell Obama to quit giving it to the damn ILLEGALS and take care of Americans!

      I hate it when Liberal trolls come here to spread their total Socialist / Communist BS.

      • It happens to be the truth. Get over it and move on!

        By golly, Steve, TWO sane people on this entire blog… that’s scary! What you say is entirely true. If RE/TEApublicans even regarded the rest of the country as human, they would be working overtime in writing plans for the betterment of all citizens. But it is easier to sit back, bitch, moan, complain about everyone and everything else except to find viable solutions for today’s problems. Despite this, nothing will change, outside of musical chairs during the election, and they will be just as, or angrier than they are now! The Republicans, et all, JUST… DON’T… LEARN! Ah well, this may be a good thing for the future!

    • By golly, TWO sane people on this entire blog… that’s scary! What you say is entirely true. If RE/TEApublicans even regarded the rest of the country as human, they would be working overtime in writing plans for the betterment of all citizens. But it is easier to sit back, bitch, moan, complain about everyone and everything else except to find viable solutions for today’s problems. Despite this, nothing will change, outside of musical chairs during the election, and they will be just as, or angrier than they are now! The Republicans, et all, JUST… DON’T… LEARN! Ah well, this may be a good thing for the future!

  14. Hey we all need to unite to get rid of ryan in his next election. He has slapped every conservative voter in the face and put a knife in their back also. He is just like boehner and since the republicans voted to make him the majority leader, we also need to get rid of those that voted for ryan. It is hard for to understand that the washington politicans can not understand how pissed off the american people and how we are tired of lies, spending, pork packages, broken promises and giving obama everything he wants. Can not see the polls that over 50% of the voters are for someone out of the Washington elite. I am actual republican that has voted for republicans for 54 years but no more. I am an independent, no more support or money for republicans and in 2016 i will vote and support anyone but a republican except for trump. If we send home all the rhinos and the washington establicshment than maybe they will get to message to live up to their promises.

  15. Ryan just another RINO. Need a consevative as the leader of the house and senate. Then things will get done.

    • Jim Bridenstine (Oklahoma) for Speaker if President Trump doesn’t choose him for VP!

      Mr. Bridenstine is the guy who stood up in Congress in June 2013, less than 6 months after he took office, & said Obama and Biden weren’t fit to lead this country. The silence from the rest of the Republicans was deafening!

  16. Let’s see…
    1 – What is more important to Ryan? (Yes it’s multiple choice quiz time, boys and girls)
    A – the Constitution and the mandate to be PAY ALL DEBTS (as oppose to selling off our children’s, children’s, children’s wealth)!
    B – setting the hearts of the COMMUNIST democrats, like Pelosi and Reid, ablaze with delight at yet another “silly” neo-con Republican CAVE!!!

  17. Ryan does not want a united house. He is just like Boehner was. Both of these are ANTI-AMERICANS. There is not one ounce of difference between these guys and the liberal democrats. If they were for Americans our problems would be taken care of. Both parties are feeding public BS until they can close doors on us.

  18. Too little too late, Ryan. You once again screwed the very Americans who put you in office, not to mention those in Congress who voted to put you as the House Speaker. We’re done with you & them. All of you will find that out on election day.

  19. Try cutting off the disbarred dog-eating “down low” racist muslim loving maggots trillion dollar a year spending spree Mr Ryan !

  20. Funny, isn’t it, that the GOPe is upset that Republican voters are choosing outsiders like Donald Trump instead of career criminal politicians who are more interested in their political power & careers than in protecting America from the Communist Democrat party.

    Trump sees what we see… that we elected a bunch of Obama boot lickers or is that butt lickers?

    Ryan & the GOPe need to get up off their knees or find another line of work. Most would do just fine in a massage parlor.

    TRUMP 2016

  21. What he doesn’t get is that if he and the other establishment repub’s don’t straighten their heads out they’ll find themselves without a party that’s even viable. Good riddance to bad garbage. Look at all the $ we could have saved if they hadn’t even existed for the past 7 years… the O2 also. A complete waste of both to watch them even live.
    I don’t think he understands the hatred of the American people for his ilk. Join him? Really? Go to bed with pigs and one wakes up smelling like them.

  22. We the people, according to the Constitution need to assert our rights and declare war against this corrupt government and that means obama at the top of the list. Where is the balance between the two parties??? There isn’t any, they are all bought off one way or another. Most if not all the the Senate/congress/house all have side businesses on top of there $ 175,000 per year and only on the job for 5 to 6 months at best. They all refuse to go against this administration… “COWARDS” to the American citizens.

  23. Ryan talks a good sound bite, but hasn’t shown any willingness to stand strong and state the Conservative ground rules they will follow. I just don’t believe Ryan is strong enough to fight to win.

  24. It would best start with RYAN apologizing to the American people for Lying to them. The lie being, that the Republican run Congress would stop Obama and the democ-RATS from harming our nation any further. Then instead voting to fully fund every single one of Obamas dictates, planned parenthood, etc. Amongst the betrayals of this Congress, this was probably the most egregious. The leaders of the GOP owe America an apology, followed by their immediate resignations,. This includes: RYAN/MCCONNELL/CORNYN/McCarthy and other sleazy R.I.N.O. like the head of the GOP (SP) PREVIOUS

  25. Bending over and getting shafted is not what the republicans wanted before Ryan lied to get his position and it isn’t what they want now so if he wants to “unite” the party then he best become one of the “party” or just shut up and step down.

  26. It should be clear that compromising with socialistic liberals is not working. They have no intention of compromise. But the GOP does not yet have the votes in the Senate to override vetoes by the President. That is the situation that exists and the liberal know that. There were some compromises in the last budget formula but not many and none effective. But the two views in the House does not permit Tea Party folks to gain the upper hand.

  27. That old ad of Ryan pushing a old lady in a wheelchair over a cliff. The old lady was a conservative and this imposter Ryan is Obama’s buddy.

    • ROFLMBO!!! You guys and gals are hilarious! My goodness! So far, all I’ve gathered is that you’re mad as hell and don’t know what to do about it! Your comedic/entertainment value knows no limits!

  28. The Republican party RINO’ are united with barack hussein obama & give him whatever he wants, Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Master here you be Master anything your evil heart desires.

  29. I’ll say it yet again, like I did at the very beginning of the campaign season – the GOP would gladly elect Sanders or Hitlery before supporting a true conservative. They are complicit in the fracturing of conservative support and maintain “candidates” who poll so low that they should no longer be running.

  30. Paul Ryan, unite the party by resigning as speaker of the house.Then we the people, put the pressure on McConnell to resign or replace him. Any Republican that bows to Ovomit and helps his agenda needs to understand that we the people WILL HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE at the ballot box.

  31. Hey listen up punk-azz, treacherous bitch, we have had enough of your aiding and abetting in the destruction of America! Get some balls and define the demonic psychopath as the Muslim-Marxist jihadist that he is and his homo and lezbo communist regime! May you rot in hell you bastard! The citizenry is own it’s own as we have a two-headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy that is out to snuff out our private property and freedom! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr=============================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed! mInr, NSA!

  32. Hey paul, do us ALL a favor and take a LONG walk on a SHORT pier, remove yourself from OUR misery!

  33. Ryan is a treasonous moron. He came in and immediately took to smooching the dirty asses of the NOTUS and his minions. If he’s saying he wants to unify, what he means he wants the one or two true conservatives left to whip into shape and do as he tells them. In other words, become RINO’s. He’s nothing but a first class disappointment.

  34. Ryan, is the Wrong guy to Unite, anyone.

  35. tell Ryan to quit he joined obama

  36. If Ryan wants to keep his job he better stop listening to obama and listen to the voters who will fire him if he doesn’t straighten up and fly right.

  37. Lying Ryan is NOT the man to unite the Republican Party…!

  38. I guess LISTENING to the PEOPLE would be too hard!!! Ask Bone Head what eventually happens when you do NOT do what you are hired to do!!!

  39. Michael Dennewitz

    Ryan’s a RINO. He doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground..

  40. Too late Paul. You have already shown you have more respect and honor to Bathhouse Barry than you do for America. The budget you just gave him which includes everything Bathhouse and the Demos wanted is proof of your perfidy. Too late Paul. You have become Boehner light and that is a sad example to emulate. Resign so a real conservative patriot can lead and bring the country ruining agenda of Bathhouse and the Devilcrats to an end.

  41. ryan is another Boehner ,mc Connell disaster for we the people, nwo agenda

  42. Until the House has all the Obama “Rinos” weeded out by the voters there will be no uniting of the House.

  43. Ryan is an open border globalist traitor. He should be ridiculed and shunned 24/7. Tear the house down people. Expose every rat in our cellar. Bold contrast only! I gag every time I recall voting that jerk as VP.

  44. Uniting the republican party is like a compromise, the right side always loses.

    • We will not compromise any longer. And the lieing rino establishment will soon face our rage like never before. An Paul Ryan is no conservative. Yes he is a phony, he is a fraud.

  45. The latest facts are that Ryan and the Republicans have a lot more problems than just uniting the Congressional Republicans. THAT… is just a drop in a very empty bucket!

  46. Well, good day! As usual, the Party members of “Can do no right,” have provided merriment, humor, and frivolity with my morning coffee and newspaper reading. I am thankful to you… keep up the good work at humoring 95% of good Americans. Please join us when you are up to it! Good…Day!

  47. His name should not be Paul Ryan, it should be Judas Iscariot. He has sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver. He is nothing more than a civil servant of we the people. When people fear government you have Tyrnnay, when government fears the people you have freedom. Doesn’t look like we have freedom today?

  48. The only reason Ryan wants Republicans to unite, is to have the newest 65 member, who currently vote conservatively, start voting progressive. Ryan is a disgrace and oh he can sing the blues just as well and Boehner and obama, but it immitates the flute of the piped piper of Hamlet. Ryan is a sell you

  49. Unite? Not hardly. What Ryan really wants is to suck in Real Republicans into the RINO fold! Do not forget his betrayal right from the start! Or his kissing up to the muslim president who hates this country.

  50. We took the majority away from the demoncraps and gave it to the republicans who then gave obummer all he wanted,. We wanted impeachment 7 years ago when he started this bull shit and hoped that it would stop when the GOP took over instead Ryan kisses pelosi and reid’s asses and gave the great liar all he wanted. Yes, I am against leaving Paul ryan in there, we need someone with balls who will get up off their knees from in front of Obummer and kick his ass!!! blunt enough!!!

  51. Ryan will go down in history as the douche who destroyed the republican party.

  52. Yes, Mr. Ryan, MY party IS the Opposition Party. When it comes to what is best for Americans (not the political establishment), let me make myself clear — I am Christian, THEN I am an American, lastly, I am Tea Party member/quasi-Republican. Mr. Ryan, you have your eye on the wrong goal. It’s time to refocus.

  53. He is a RINO and wants to reduce the constitution’s legality and authority with bypass legislation that reduces or remove the freedoms that the bill of rights gave us over the government. All of the anti-American congressional members on both sides need to be remove and incarcerated for treason. We are not a communist(socialist) nor an Islamic country, we are Free Americans to do and speak as we wish within the confines of the Constitution not one of congress’s socialist dictatorial creations nor the administration’s bureaucratic excretions.

  54. Ryan is a RINO with McConnell and Congress is at most fault with these idiosyncrasies that Obama terrorizes the people with. Poor wording of laws compounded by built in loop holes for their own benefit gives potential czarist the ability to manipulate them with by his application of his presumptive authority. Political
    terrorism begets physical and economic terrorism. Socialism including its
    related -isms and religious and anti religious terrorists are the enemies of the
    freedom of free people around the world. These infections are critically evident
    in the United states. Without diligence the people and disruption of the status
    quo of the establishment leaders on both sides, our only fait is eminent
    failure as a free civilized nation.

  55. (1) Ryan’s Omnibus Fully Funds DACA…

    (2) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Sanctuary Cities

    (3) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All Refugee Programs..

    (4) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All of the Mideast Immigration Programs That Have Been Exploited by Terrorists in Recent Years

    (5) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Illegal Alien Resettlement..

    (6) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds the Release of Criminal Aliens..

    (7) Ryan’s Omnibus Quadruples H-2B Foreign Worker Visas

    (8) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens..

    (9) Ryan’s Omnibus Locks-In Huge Spending Increases

    (10) Ryan’s Omnibus Fails to Allocate Funds to Complete the 700-Mile Double-Layer Border Fence That Congress Promised the American People



  57. It is time for the Republican Congressman party demand Speaker Ryan immediate resignation from Congress for treason and betrayal of the American people. If not that, then take over the Rules Committee and set the agenda for the rest of this Congress. We want total opposition to the evil President Obama.

  58. forget about it ryan, too many have been bought off the rest protect the corporations and insurance companies.
    Obama made it known that if he (or it) doesn’t get it’s way he (or it) will rally blacks to riot coast to coast.

  59. Ryan please resign and let a conservative be a good speaker and lead the party to unite. Then it will unite

  60. Ryan is joke. His master Boehner trained him good. The G.O.P. is DEAD as door nail Ryan. You are next pawn to fall.

  61. Ryan might want to work on repairing the damage that HE, Boehner and McConnell have done to the GOP, by refusing to honor the promises made during last election. Further more repairing the damage done by he, RYAN and the GOP leadership after they FULLY FUNDED Everything Obama and the democ-RATS demanded. Furthermore repairing the damage that he, RYAN and the GOP Leadership have caused by declaring they would NOT DO ANYTHING, ANYTHING to stop Obama and the democ-RATS for the rest of Obama’s Regime. This after referring to Obama’s actions as being ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
    Mr. Ryan, then blamed the splintered Republican Party on Tea Party and other Conservative Groups. Mr. Ryan needs to take a hard look in the mirror. Over 69% of Conservative Republicans believe they have been betrayed by the Republican Leadership / Establishment. If the GOP Establishment doesn’t pull its head out of their a$$es and stop attacking Conservative Americans and Tea Party groups, the GOP will cease to exist as a viable Party.
    That is not the fault of Conservatives or the Tea Party. This will be self inflicted. See Mr. Ryan, we have had enough of your lies, deception and coercive bull sh*t. Fight for America or go to hell

  62. Ryan need to be removed and find a Republican that is for the people as Ryan isn’t. He is too close to Obama and his ways. Find someone else for speaker.


  64. RINOryan doesn’t want to unite republicans. RINOryan wants to shut down the republican conservatives by forcing them to join him and other liberal-RINOs so that there won’t be any conservatives remaining in the one and only political party of liberal democrats and liberal RINOs. What a shame that after RINOboehner was finally gone, the RINOs who control the gop put another liberal RINO in his position. I left the liberal republican party a long time ago.

  65. Why not, we had a MOSLEM KENYAN for a president. Lets let everybody run for president.

  66. The GOP will never be united as long as three quarters of them suck up to Democrats.


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