Russian Plane Explosion Confirmed as Terrorism

Owing in large part to the Egyptian government’s excessive worry over tourism, it took longer than necessary for us to get the truth about Russian Metrojet Airbus A321-200, which went down over the Sinai Peninsula on Oct 31. The British government was the first to publicly suspect a bomb, and now Russia has come to a firm conclusion: the plane was brought down intentionally.

Egyptian officials took seventeen employees of Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport into custody Tuesday, but the word is that only two of them are strongly suspected of planting the bomb on board. According to Reuters, law enforcement agencies have CCTV footage from inside the airport that shows a baggage handler passing a suitcase to another man by the plane. The second man then apparently stored the suitcase on board. So, as suspected from the start, this appears to have been an inside job to some extent.

“There’s no statute of limitations for this, we need to know all of their names,” said Russian president Vladimir Putin. “We’re going to look for them everywhere wherever they are hiding. We will find them in any place on Earth and punish them.”

It’s not yet clear if there is a direct evidentiary link from this tragedy to ISIS, but the terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack. This would make sense, considering that Russia is bombing the hell out of them in Syria right now.

But then again…so are we.

It’s time to make some tough choices about Syria, Iraq, and the Islamic State. They attacked Paris, they attacked Moscow, and they have vowed to attack Washington. Are any of us so flagrantly stupid to wave this threat away, like we do the Grand Butterball in North Korea?

This requires more than an “intensification” of the same old strategy. Because with every success like this, thousands more will be drawn to the ISIS cause. There’s nothing people like better than a winner, and ISIS understands that all too well. The more spectacular and devastating the attacks, the more their power will grow. If we are pursuing any goal other than their complete annihilation, we are wasting time that we can’t afford to waste.

Sad to say, but we need to get back into a post-9/11 mindset. Note, that doesn’t mean a post-9/11 strategy. We don’t need to go in and “fix” Syria. We need to clear all this other crap off the table, determine exactly who is our enemy – ISIS – and we need to bring to bear the full weight of the Western (and Soviet, and Iranian) world down on that enemy. Crush them.

It’s either that, or we wait until the horrors stack so deep that we have no other choice.

Why not let enough be enough?

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  1. When Putin says his country will hold those accountable, people listen.

    When 0bama says he will get to the bottom of it……. Laughter then Crickets…..

    Impeach 0bama now.

    • Ya stole my thunder, MAHB001 We have a cowering mouse as a president.

    • That is the difference between a man and a wuss. I would not waste time impeaching obama, just send in the military and drag his traitorous butt out in chains. If he fights at all bring him out in a body bag, my preference.

      • That is exactly what was done with spies and traitors…

        I call for impeachment only because I think it would slow him down a bit. And that would be good for the country.

        • I would agree 99% of the time. If it were any of the previous presidents you would be exactly right. I think with obama fearing to lose his power he speed up everything to get his agenda completed. He is so much more dangerous than any previous president we have ever had making him a unique case of evil.

          • Agreed.. That might be the case.. But I have also noticed (just recently) that the left uses negative reinforcement to modify and control our behavior.

            Don’t vote to defund 0bamacare, or planned parenthood, if you do you will shut down the Government, which will make it a fact that you will lose the next election…

            so we don’t.. I say what proof do they have that we will lose the next election if 0bama is impeached?

          • Well said, I totally agree.

          • Wouldn’t he lose his power if he was being impeached

          • He would have to be convicted first. Remember Clinton went through the impeachment process but continued to work. He was never convicted so he never lost his presidential authority.

          • Wow,That’s a bummer

        • I agree with you 100%, But who has the balls to start an impeachment process against him. None of our Senators or congressman have any

          • Congress levies the charges. They are like the grand jury. Then the senate will hold the actual trial. He has to be found guilty by 2/3 of the senate (67 senators)

          • Impeachment starts in the House and is tried in the Senate. My guess would be that many in the senate would impeach, but the Democrat party will not. They are too corrupt to vote against even the worst gangsters, like the Clinton’s.

            There should be a debate and vote in the House, that way we know how these people stand.

            Right now it is up to Paul Ryan as speaker of the house to start the process. My bet is Ryan doesn’t have the balls to do it either.

            The one benefit of starting the process is that 0bama will have to slow down on the impeachable offenses. Right now, each time 0bama gets away with a lie, or some small step towards socialism, it emboldens him to take the next step… This will continue until someone stands up to the bully.

  2. I hope Putin has the mindset that if they are muslim, kill them.

  3. What possible damage could they do in DC?

  4. and when pootey goes after the rag jerks anyone that appears to be associated with them will be roasted simultaneously…..what a shame the the USA has not had a president since 2008….and went through a time of mediocre oral office shenanigans 1992 to 2000 which resulted in the chinkees rapidly developing ballistic missile capability and a humongous manufacturing capability that will now allow them to support a very large army,navy, and air force for long duration operations away from home…and still the women want to “monica” him, well at least those that do not want to “monica” his former leg humper, the ho clintoney..

  5. Gee, do you think Obama will change his mind if the terrorists do attack D.C.? Maybe stop thinking they are the “jv” team and take them seriously? Then again, probably only if they get close to the White House.

    He won’t get serious about them unless they get close, and I don’t want that… Think of “president Biden” Nooooo…

  6. It remains to be seen ,if putin,will take action!!


  8. Of course it was terrorism. sheesh…..Putin and France will handle it. Now, for OUR safety in the states, let’s hope the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. pay MORE attention to the black internet, this is how they are communicating, and they need to pay attention to the BLM movement. particularly Farrakhan….
    Anonymous needs to strike again, this time, pay particular attention to the blm, movement, they are supporting terrorism and calling for hit’s on white people…
    See the trash below? That ghetto rat tweeted about gang banger’s killing Trump! Her name needs to be EVERYWHERE! ( SHAME HER!) This type of trash thinks it’s ok to call for a hit…. Sheesh. This is where we are at and they call it progress….sick!

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