Rush Limbaugh: The Trump Tax Story is a Complete “Dud”

On his radio program this week, Rush Limbaugh said that the much-ballyhooed tax story in The New York Times this weekend did not exactly blow the president out of the water in the way that reporters clearly wanted it to.

“You’ve got this New York Times story — I’m sorry. The tax story, it’s a dud. It is a dud measured against their expectations and their hopes,” Limbaugh said.

The Times and the Democrats and the rest of the media have spent this week screaming about the story, which found that President Trump committed the unforgivable sin of keeping as much of his own money as possible over the years. At the presidential debate on Tuesday, Trump said that much of what was reported in the story was false and that he’d paid “millions” in income tax during those years that the Times said he only paid the IRS $750.

Of course, even if the Times story is correct, it failed to identify anything in the president’s tax documents that could be considered illegal.

Limbaugh pointed out something even more significant about the story, however: For all the talk of why Trump’s tax returns were so important over the last four years, the documents failed to show any connections between the president and Moscow.

“This tax business is a total bust because the primary reason the Democrats in the media wanted it was they were convinced that if they could get hold of Trump’s tax returns, that inside those returns would be irrefutable evidence that Trump had indeed meddled with the Russians, that Trump indeed owed all of his financial legitimacy to the Russians,” Limbaugh said.

“That this is why Trump never wanted to release them because inside those tax returns was the evidence that Trump and the Russians were in bed together,” he continued. “That Trump was a Russian agent. That Trump had gone to Russia to get bailed out. That it was the Russians who had propped Trump up financially. That it was the Russians that enabled Trump to remain financially solvent. And of course there’s none of that. None of that is in Trump’s tax returns whatsoever.”

It’s absurd, of course, looking back at all the Democrats who claimed that this is why it was so important that we see Trump’s taxes. Did they really think the guy was going to commit treason, get in bed with Vladimir Putin, betray the country, steal the election…and then lay it all out in his filings to the IRS? Boy, this guy is a bad dude – maybe the worst traitor in American history – but damn, you can’t say he’s a tax cheat!

Far from bringing down the president with their “bombshell,” The New York Times only managed to put the final nail in the coffin of the Trump/Russia hoax.

Not that it’ll stop Adam Schiff from talking about it, but hey, there’s only so much you can do.

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