Rush Limbaugh Confident: “Trump is Not Losing The Election.”

On his radio show Thursday, conservative legend Rush Limbaugh said he isn’t getting worried at all about polls, mainstream media stories, or pundits who say Joe Biden will defeat President Donald Trump in November. Pressed by a caller who is getting concerned about the prospect of Democrats taking back the White House and/or the Senate this year, Limbaugh said that the media was drumming up drama where there is none.

“You have gotten me through many, many years, the presidency of Obama — I didn’t think it could get any worse — and Clinton,” said the caller. “But now I’m really worried about this coming election. I would like to know your take. Even if Trump wins, what if he loses the Senate? What can he possibly get done? And what is your take on these close Senate races? Here in Iowa, I know Schumer’s spending a lot of money to defeat Joni Ernst.”

Limbaugh, however, said he was unfazed by the stories of doom and gloom.

“I’m not even paying attention to it. I don’t even know what the status of the Senate is, and I’m ignoring every Drive-By Media news story about it ’cause I don’t believe it,” Rush said. “If the news is negative about Republicans losing the Senate, I immediately ignore it ’cause it ain’t happening. If there’s a story about Biden beating Trump by 11, it’s BS; it isn’t happening. Trump is not losing the election, and we’re not losing the Senate, and we may win the House.

“All of this in the Drive-By Media is BS!” he continued. “Whatever Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are threatening or promising is BS. There’s not a shred of truth in the Drive-By Media. There’s not a shred of truth in all these polls. The polls can’t possibly be accurate. Ignore them! The things that are gonna the outcome of the election in November haven’t even happened yet.”

Limbaugh said that Democrats are still riding high on their 2018 midterm victories, but he reminded listeners that a midterm wave means little coming into a presidential election year. He said that Democrats’ confidence that they can defeat Trump is a bluff – they haven’t, and they likely can’t.

“When have the Democrats ever beaten Trump? They’ve beaten Republicans, but they have not beaten Trump. They’ve beaten Republicans in the midterms, but that was not beating Trump,” he said. “And that whole 2018 midterm, why did that happen? Fifty-five Republicans quit. Well, what the hell do you think is gonna happen? Fifty-five House Republicans just gave up. They just quit ’cause they lost their chairmanships. They were term limited out of their chairmanships. I don’t know what president could overcome a 55-seat retirement. They haven’t beaten Trump yet, folks. That’s why they’re going insane trying to.”

God willing, El Rushbo is right. Let’s face it: He usually is.

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