Rubio Sounds a Lot Like Obama on Immigration

Senator Marco Rubio, apparently sensing there’s no open field to the right of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump on immigration, admitted Sunday that he supported leaving illegal immigrants right where they are. In a Meet the Press interview, Rubio said that illegal immigrants who haven’t committed any serious felonies should be allowed to stay in the U.S.

“If you’re a criminal alien, no, you can’t stay,” he said. “If you’re someone that hasn’t been here for a very long time, you can’t stay. I don’t think you’re going to round up and deport 12 million people.”

Hmm, where have we heard that kind of policy before? Oh right, it’s the very one we’ve heard President Obama espousing for the last seven years. Rubio apparently yearns for the good old days when voters couldn’t tell the difference between their presidential contenders on election day. But he’s a poor fit in a year where it couldn’t be clearer what the conservative base demands.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are crushing in the polls, and their dominance is largely due to their uncompromising stance on illegal immigration. Voters don’t want to hear talk of how it is an “act of love” to violate our laws and take up residence illegally in our country. Workers don’t want to hear about how we should let 12 million illegal aliens stay in the country and take jobs away from U.S. citizens.

Let’s talk about that assertion, though, because it’s one we’ve heard from every establishment Republican in the race, save Trump. This idea that it is impossible to deport every illegal immigrant. Why is it so impossible? It’s a gargantuan, expensive undertaking, absolutely. But impossible? If we had a president with the political will, it wouldn’t be impossible. Needless? That can be argued. But our country only runs into the impossible when the objective isn’t clear.

The ship has sailed when it comes to luring Hispanics over from the Democratic Party with weak immigration strategies. It’s not even clear that it would have ever happened, anyway. It was a foolish idea based on a transparent platform of pandering that has nothing to do with what’s best for the country. Best for businesses that depend on undocumented employers? Sure. Best for Wall Street? Perhaps. Best for America as a whole? What possible argument could be made?

If Rubio has one, he’d better start making it fast. Then again, he needn’t bother. Anything that can be said, we’ve already heard from Obama.

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    • You must be kidding. I’m not paying $800 for a black powder pistol with a conversion kit for center fire ammunition. I’d sooner buy the black powder pistol and 2 or 3 spare cylinders and shoot it as it was intended, for considerably less money. While I understand the thrust of what you’re saying, money is an important dimension to the plans of most of us and this one isn’t practical, as you’ve offered. I’m not concerned about the govt. coming for weapons because I’m convinced this is the line in the sand that the people will not allow to be transgressed.

    • You will be reported! There went YOUR idea… bang, bang, phbbbbtt!!!

  2. Bryan W. Carpenter

    As I said months ago, no no to rubio. If he is the candidate why go to the polls? He’s establishment (caving) republiRAT.

  3. Of course, all ineligible candidates support obama’s amnesty. Cruz does too but like his college friends used to call him – a “slickste”. He lies to us every time he makes a statement against immigration because in fact, he voted for the H1-b visas, supports illegal anchor babies and citizenship for illegal immigrant parents, and co-sponsored a bill to bring in MORE syrian refugees and to “…give them jobs.” He’s too much of a repugnant slickster to get caught, which is why the voters need to research the candidates and throw out the frauds.

    • Very good outting marlene and you are so right!

    • Most politicians are bought and paid for by rich people wanting cheap maids, gardners, now construction, It people, engineers. My company is even complaining that they can’t find maintenance people so that will be the next group of workers to be imported. All this FREE trade is nothing more that income redistribution on a Global scale. If you talk to a Liberal they will tell you that our Country is Illegitamate. (spelling)

      • I believe that most maintenance workers are now enjoying the benefits of government welfare, for the deliberate purpose of pretending American companies need foreign employees to fill their positions. It’s all part of a very devious plan to destroy us.

  4. Dah! Been saying this all along. The little rino is just now showing his true intent. And he will act just like BO. Cruz will too. They are all junior senators with greedy ambition!

  5. Impossible to get rid of them???? HAHAHA Just one thought: HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET HERE TO START WITH?? Send them back THE VERY SAME WAY! DUHHH!!!

  6. While I technically agree that it is next to impossible to deport every person who is here illegally, there is no reason that the effort cannot be made … close the borders, make HB1 visas near impossible to acquire, remove financial incentives (public assistance, tuition, etc.), end the legal recognition of citizenship for anchor babies and maternity tourism …

    As to qualifying which illegals should be deported by beginning with criminal illegals … I think Rubio should really look at that statement, as criminal is a synonym of illegal.

    Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that our “lawmakers” have such a firm grasp on the basic meaning of such terms.

    • Yes, those that came in without documentation are “illegal”, but don’t confuse them with others that commit additional crimes in our country. I think many would self deport if our system became more functional, Obama doesn’t follow most our immigration laws, “sanctuary cities’ is a concept that needs to stop.

    • But what you fail to realize is that the undocumented workers are the basis, the BASIS of our jobs holding up the economy. The usual American white worker refuses to do jobs “beneath his/her dignity” and the illegals (if they are) are doing that work. Your dinner tables will dry up without those workers. Don’t make yourselves worse off by getting rid of the workers we have!

      • I have held jobs and still have a job that is “beneath” my dignity and education (BA). I work hard and I am honest and if it helps feed my kids I will work it. I have done landscaping, clean houses, waitress, commercial fished, worked in a fish cannery, and currently as a summer job I clean swimming pools. I am a caucasian 1st generation American 49 YO female and proud of it and I work these “beneath me” jobs! The hell I am going to let some ILLEGAL immigrant take my job away and food from my children! Come here legally like my parents did and learn the English language!!!!

      • Which is it Georgie Porgy? Your on drugs and/or booze? Had a severe brain injury? Where born stupid? Are a paid PC Lib-TARD troll? OR is it all four? Seek help!

  7. JUST ONE QUESTION….DOES the GOP want to win one for a change or Continue to LOSE ???????????? Is Reality setting in that More than Ultra RIGHT Voters are NEEDED to RECLAIM our Country from the PROGRESSIVE CRUDS???
    Look at the past Few Elections for CIC….we got ODUMBO TWICE isn’t that enough to may be WAKE UP a FEW???

  8. Rubio? Hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s right, not only no but H3LL no!

    • He’s no better than Obama, a complete fraud, just another RINO, globalist shill like Christie, Kasich, Bush and Fiorina. Only real choices are Trump, Paul and Cruz and throw in Sarah Palin for VP. Trump/Palin 2016 unbeatable.

      • I can guarantee your demise if you even consider Palin in anything. That entire family is T-O-X-I-C!

      • I just read that Palins son was arrested for beating up his girlfriend. That can’t be good for a Trump/Palin ticket.

        • Would not be, but make sure the story is accurate, the media loves to bash conservatives, especially the Palins and he is an adult, not exactly moms fault is it?

          • Not her fault, but would probably cost her votes anyway. That may not be fair, but that is what it is like in the political world. I do like that she has endorsed Trump.

    • O’ MALLEY!! after the Piano Legged SOW is fitted with a one piece Orange Suit and the insane Socialist gets fitted for a white Straight Jacket… who else do the Progressive Idiots have left???…..:0)

      • Rubio!

        • SOUNDS GOOD TO ME….I was just Campaigning for those poor Delusional Progressive IDIOTS to give them ONE Moron to Represent them!!! and based on UTTER Failures as Mayor of Baltimore and GUV of Maryland , O’Malley seems the Perfect IDIOT to be the DUNCE’s leader..

    • RINO RUBIO no way!

  9. The first thing to do is close the border. Add troops and no stupid wall. Then deal with illegals.

    • Test fire every automatic weapon every 15 minutes while facing it South. Give Orders to shoot to kill & take no prisoners. Have troops help the deportation of criminals, invaders, moochers, illegals…….and yes help build the fence…..Semper Fi

      • Jarhead,
        Do you ever watch the Border Wars on the Justice channel? That points out a couple of huge flaws in what we are doing. We simply do not have the manpower on controlling illegals or drugs. It also shows we have a revolving door policy. We arrest illegals but deport them and they are right back within days. But for us to jail them would require huge facilities that are not feasible. There are thousands of vehicles and trains crossing the border daily. Traffic jams at the border are large and daily.
        We have walls already in many locations but the walls do not work. Tunnels are also found after the fact often which decrease the value of the wall in the first place.

        • A strong, tall, electric wired fence is a good start along with our Military conducting WAR GAMES with live ammo at our border. Increased penalties for illegals returning after being deported…5 to 10 years in prison farms growing their own food. Increased penalties for any business that knowingly hires an illegal or any none English speaking person. Booby Trap tunnels when found. And of course fixing our BROKEN/CORRUPT CONGRESS has got to be the #1 goal!
          We did not give up after Dec. 7th……..why do it now?

          • Jarhead,
            Do you ever watch the Border Wars program on the Justice network? They date back a couple of years but cover about every phase of border control that we have and they do it daily. We have fences in many areas along the border but they are not effective. They are breached often. But yes, tunnels are found often as well. I think troops are better than walls. Drones and lookout towers are also used and seem to be more effective. Boat patrols where possible and drones are also used. But the manpower is lacking. Drug detection at border crossing are also swamped. Even trains are checked. Both utilize effective scanners and the use of drug sniffing dogs. But the traffic is horrendous so a lot of drugs go undetected. Drug runners crossing the Rio Grande and other locations such as in Arizona are also in need of additional manpower.
            Therefore I believe more troops on the border would add considerable enforcement of both drug and humans traffickers.

  10. Early in Rubio’s emergence on the national stage, prior to running for the Senate, I liked him for his clearheaded articulation of conservatism. After being elected to the Senate, he lost touch with that mode of thinking and hasn’t even remained true to his Senatorial duties. Now he wants to be President. He’s reminding me a lot of John Edwards now. As far as I’m concerned, he’s finished in politics.

  11. I don’t mind immigrants coming over what I do mind is that that get welfare, medicaid, housing, etc on the taxpayer’s dime. If they want to come over let them make their own way as our ancestors did without all the free stuff from the gov’t. Or if you come over we will help you but any offspring you have you support them with what you already have don’t expect any more taxpayer money to survive.

    • We are being deluged with immigrants. They have to assimilate into our culture. There have to be limits. They’re here in such numbers that they’re overwhelming our workplace and displacing American’s. Shut the dam_ed gate! Round up all the illegals and deport them!

      • I hate to burst your bubble but there are ALREADY a number of cities and areas where the Caucasian people are IN the minority. Methinks you boyz are a bit… late??!

        • George or is it Jorge. Cut federal funds to the Sanctuary cities and let the taxes to pay for the FREE stuff cost the people electing the idiots running those cities. Let them turn in to third (that’s 3 for you) world pisholes like the rich in those cities want them to be and see what happens.

          • Either George or Jorge is fine, I don’t discriminate, I’m proud of both as a German/Scandinavian ancestry. I live both in Bauru, Brazil and Stateside. As sanctuary cities are invisible, cutting funding is highly improbable. Two local churches have registered as sanctuary churches and they pay no taxes… you’re going to penalize them how? I adopted a undocumented worker from Honduras for two years… he worked two jobs, worked harder than any WASP ever did, learned to speak English most excellently and was a model citizen until he found a wonderful Mexican teacher and they moved to Mexico and are living happily ever after. Now THAT’S the type of world I want to live in. You? Nnnnnot so much! You actually sound… unhappy! LOLOL.

          • If they harbor illegals (i.e., criminals, invaders, etc.) they should lose their tax exemptions.

          • Nope… won’t happen. Our side is winning!

  12. These A-holes know how to self deport these Criminals, Sorry NAZI Democrats and RINO’s, but you can force them out of the United States the same way MEXICO does it. We make it illegal to HIRE illegals, the penalty does not go to the Illegal, you send the Business Owner or his Representative to jail for 90 days 1st offense, 1 year second and 5 years for a third. You use RICO to confiscate property of landlords who rent to illegals. Let the legal Visa holders speak out and let them have an easier path. As far as what is printed on the Statue of Liberty, If you notice she faces Europe, That’s right Europe, not South America or Africa, so if you people who can not learn and understand history, you can at least look at REAL references.

  13. Other nations in the world do not have an open door policy. Just look at Mexico’s and how it is ,much tougher and stronger than ours. Our politicians take an oath to protect and serve the Constitution and the safety of the U.S.A. citizens. They are failing miserably from the top down. Of course we knew what obama was before he came in. It is all part of his fundamental transformation of America and redistribution of our wealth. We need to get him out a conservative in. Then undo everything he has ruined by executive orders,laws,rules,regulations, or just by different depts making changes. Build the wall,send them back. They will self deport for the most part when threats of arrest happen. The ones that can not afford to go back we may have to assist in their departure. Democrats wanted another 10 or 20 million voters as well as the nanny plantation state depts to take care of all of them.

  14. just follow these steps…1..change immigration law to read a child born here is a citizen only if the parent is a citizen..2..stop all benefits such as food stamps ect to non citizens…3..mandate federal e verify…4…mandate all state and federal material of any kind including schools be in english only….5…deport all recent entries regardless of age and country of origin………..then sit back and watch them go back home to their real countries

    • Heh heh heh, tain’t gonna happen. It didn’t when Ronny let ’em all in… tain’t gonna happen now! Accept reality and quit honking into the wind!

    • Specifically ballots should be in English only. Also we need to deport all non citizens convicted of a crime. That includes DUI convictions. Every day Americans are killed by illegal alien drunk drivers.

      • Right. Naturalized citizen candidates must show a proficiency in English in order to become citizens. Therefore, ballots and voting information need only be in English. Photo IDs must be demanded for voting.

  15. Well, the Rubio adventure into the realm of the establishment politicians, as orchestrated by the RINO’s in cahoots to the greedy crony capitalists and the corrupt Chamber of Commerce, is coming full circle. The smooth talking flip flopping PAC man can no longer hide it from the American public. Status quo anyone?

  16. They think they can find and confiscate 300,million weapons but they can’t locate & remove 11 million illegals?

    • or ONE EL CHAPO EVEN!!! nad can they FIND one PENN Pretend Journalist any faster that they can find a “LEADER” in the Oval Toilet???

  17. Good thing Rubio is not Constitutionally eligible to be president or v. president, huh?

    • But is OBUMMER??? Careful Mass .. you definatly Elect Foreign Subjects to High Office from your State of Uninformed Voting Trolls..

      • No obummer is not….. and yes, the voters in Mass are in need of help. They still think voting along party lines is the right thing to do even when it bites them in their azz’s.

        • So far Massachusetts hasn’t been bitten that bad. We’re all pretty much better off!

          • You believe this?
            I wonder what people would think if it were possible to obtain all the information on federal subsidies to various programs Mass. has going? How many know the MaHealth has been subsidized from the start and isn’t the best of social programs by far? Socialism is a Massachusetts experiment in my opinion.

        • Hey ….. CRUZ was Born in CANADA… Rubio In the USA and BHO_ZO?… any REAL QUESTIONS??? Let’s try again…CRUZ born in Canada of American Citizen that makes him a US Citizen even MORE than Illegal Invaders ” baby” the USA as Children of INVADERS…Get IT NOW???..

      • The word is ‘definitely,’ and Massachusetts doesn’t pick foreign subjects for high office any more than other States approve them. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    • Maybe, maybe not! President Obama was vetted over and over again. Trump lost on that deal BIG TIME!

      • I do not believe Obama was ever vetted, never was any look at his eligibility, everything about Obama was hidden in procedure and not fact, every court to which a complaint was filed either had no jurisdiction or found a technicality for not hearing the complaint, there was never any evidence brought forth as to Obama’s Constitutional eligibility, even hhis BC was never submitted to a court. And, Obama would never have been on the ballot if Nancy Pelosi had not changed the verification form she submitted declaring him eligible.

        • MMMmmmmm… well, it’s kinda late in the game to do anything now. The USA can’t possibly be in any better shape than it is now. Very few voices complaining but they’re so LOUD, LOLOL.

          • Even after Obama leaves office, if the truth comes out, he can still be impeached and punished and everything he has done can be declared null & void. Lets hope!

          • Heh heh heh… you can always hope, but I doubt it will change! Things tend to be forgotten after a short time.

  18. Rubio appears to have something most candidates don’t, which is an ability to get an agreement done with the opposition. His apparent change in position on immigration is just politics. He may be the best hope to beat Hillary.

  19. RUBIO is a foreigner. He even sounds like one.

    He WILL allow MASSIVE immigration to bring this country down. So will Ted Cruz. Both are foreigners and HATE this country.

    And both are NOT constitutionally qualified for that office like their Negro forbear, and if you didn’t learn what an illegal foreigner can do that time then you deserve either of these foreigners who will turn this country upside down with illegal immigrants.

    Then they will TAX you to death for it with your own money.

  20. I hate to tell you I told you so, but this immigration situation is dead in the water! No matter how much you howl and growl, the immigrants (ESPECIALLY the ones who have been here for ages and have done no wrong) are here to stay, and you’re only driving votes away from your party. Not that the TEA/REpublican Party isn’t in serious quicksand already! You guys are PUSHING Hillary or Bernie right into the White House and they’re not even pushing hard themselves yet! God heavens… WISE UP!

  21. E-verify, cut off the employment and fine the companies hiring them $10,00 per worker per day. Put the Company head in prison for a minimum of 20 years just like a drug kingpin if they have knowingly hired Illegals.The kids can stay because they have been considered citizens, they can be given food and taught school in English.


    Send them all back lock stock and barrel

  23. sure makes Cruz look like a better and better option. Not a citizen-no freebees.

  24. Rubone reminds me of another rat that floated to america on piece of sewer pipe .. America needs real man for President

  25. Two peas in a pod. Get the lib’s out!

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