Rubio and Cruz Take Biggest Swings Yet at Trump

Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, realizing that Thursday’s debate would be their last chance to put a serious dent in Donald Trump’s lead before Super Tuesday, came out swinging with a ferocity not yet seen from either candidate. Rubio was especially prepared for battle, but both men seemed to understand that it was no longer a reasonable strategy to fight for second place. They hit Trump on his business record, his inheritance, his stance on healthcare, and nearly every other issue they could come up with.

Whether or not it will make any difference, however, remains to be seen.

Trump, who hasn’t been hammered this hard on the debate stage yet, handled the pile-on relatively well. One of his best moments came when Rubio accused him of being the only one on stage who had hired illegal immigrants, to which Trump responded, “I‘m the only one on the stage that’s hired people. You haven’t hired anybody.”

The melee between the three frontrunners left little room for John Kasich and Ben Carson to maneuver. Carson, who has made it a point to complain about his airtime at nearly every debate, had perhaps the biggest laugh of the night when he pleaded: “Could somebody attack me, please?”

For Cruz and Rubio, it was a change of pace from several weeks of being at each others’ throats. For once, we didn’t have to spend much time on their debate over who supported amnesty and when. But their truce meant trouble for Trump, who had to spend the evening defending himself from the newly-formed tag team.

Attempting to become the first choice for establishment voters, Rubio was clearly feeling the pressure. He’s losing to Trump in his home state of Florida, and a loss there could spell the beginning of the end for his candidacy. While going after Trump in this kind of direct fashion is a risk, he’s out of options at this point. Regardless of how much they hate Trump, the RNC isn’t going to simply award the nomination to the second or third place finisher. If Rubio wants it, he’s going to have to go out and get it.

Assuming that Trump plays this in his usual way, Rubio is getting ready to feel the full wrath of The Donald in the coming days. If he can survive, it could signal to the donor class that they’ve settled on the right man. Certainly, he’s already doing much better than his former mentor, Jeb Bush.

But if either Cruz or Rubio want to dethrone the champ, it may be that one of them must leave the race. As long as they sit there and split the shrinking pool of non-Trump voters, the plurality will go to Trump. Rubio may have had a good debate night, but as we’ve seen already, it’s going to take more than a few good lines to derail this train.

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  1. Carson’s line, “Could somebody attack me, please” was the best line of the night.

    Seems it is Crunch time for all the candidates.

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    • I am older than Carson and you. I told Carson Dr. Carson not to associate with Repubs and TPs. GOP is a party of rich White males. I was shocked when Dr. Carson dissociated himself with President Obama. You remember at a party Carson renounced Obamacare in front of President Obama- a fellow African-American. President Obama could not believe it was coming from a fellow African-American. I hope Carson knew Blacks were relegated to poor clinics and hospitals. Not now with Obamacare. Of course White Repubs and TPs loved it a Black man hates Obamacare. Obamacare enables poor Whites and Blacks to have access to preventive medical services. Dr. Carson could be a millionaire for being a successful surgeon. But it seems he forgot he is Black and that Repubs and TPs hate smart Blacks and White women. Remember how TPs and Repubs treated Herman Cain, Michael Steele, Allen Keyes, Michele Buchman and Sarah Palin – like junk. And I have seen quite a few Blacks around my neighborhood who do not want to be seen with other Blacks. Now Carson will find out the hard way. His polls are down. Tuesday may be his last hurrah as WH candidate. I wish him to go back as a surgeon not as a politician. He is welcome to us Demos. We will make him US Surgeon General- not President.

      • Dr. Carson is not African American.
        He IS an American of African descent
        obama is only God knows what, but he looks like a blck arab & is most certainly NOT American in any way shape or form.

        • Obama is an American of African descent and therefore he is an African-American -adjective. I hope you know your grammar. Dr. Carson thinks he is of British descent; just what like Herman Cain and Michael Steele claimed. GOPers threw them out. Dr. Carson should remember what betrays him-color of his skin.

          • Dr. Carson is an American of African Heritage. All of us should be Americans First and secondly proud of our Heritage.

          • One cannot serve 2 masters nor pay allgiance to 2 nations.
            obama is definately NOT an American.
            Dr. Carson is an American of African descent.

          • Good answer Emma. Glad Carson is not prone to bowing to these racist thugs.

          • You make me sick. That is why President Obama has been avoiding Black Repubs and TPs. They discriminate against him because his father is pure African and his mother is pure American. Does President Obama have an African accent? No. He speaks like other people.

          • Or like Harry Reid said, “He [meaning Obama] only has an African American accent when it is to his advantage.

          • Richard Trundle


          • Let’s not forget Hillary’s “negro dialect” speech:

          • You are, as is everyone entitled to think.
            I wish you would try it.
            You might like it.
            obama is a bastard, in every sense of the word.

          • Barry would only have been a bastard child if his father actually was Barack Obama senior, who already had an African wife and therefore could not have legally married Barry’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. There’s no proof, however, that Obama senior was the father of Barry junior, since Barry’s alleged birth certificate is an indisputable fraud. It’s far more likely that Frank Marshall Davis, a self-avowed communist, actually sired Barry. Barry closely resembles Davis, but does not resemble Obama senior. Davis was a friend of the Dunham family, had nude photos of Barry’s mother taken at his house, and mentored Barry during his formative years. Those are facts. Everything else about Barry is purely speculation.

          • I stand with Barry’s grandma! If she said she saw him born, she did! Grannies are NEVER wrong about such things!

          • I did not mean so much biblically, but yes, he is a bastard in every sense of the word.

          • I knew what you meant, Emma, and I agree with you. Let’s not forget, though, that Barry is simply a puppet of those who are truly holding the reins, and is simply executing their agenda in compliance to their commands. He has no moral qualms about doing so, but If he didn’t comply then of course they would execute him.

          • That is exactly what We the People want to do, or see done.
            Publicly. I want to be positive he is finished.

          • Obama’s mother was underage when he was born, and therefore has never been considered of any consequence! Also, DNA tests show that ANN DUNHAM was NOT Obama’s mother—so, who was?

          • You make me puke. You are so out touch with the reality of this world.

          • He is correct.

          • You are absolutely correct!!!!!

          • He is mulatto at best, despises true Black Americans , well, hates All Americans actually, appears mor black arab, is a radical muslim usurper, a queer & is sure as sin NOT THE LEGITIMATE & LEGAL POTUS!
            His skin color is the very LEAST of my concerns.
            He has committed crimes not only against America &Her people, but the World.
            He has committed, &STILL COMMITS, crimes against Humanity.
            He would do well to remember his namesake…
            sadam hussein.

          • You make sick. Why don’t you talk about Bush II who causes ISIS. Look how many people died after Sadam died. We have lost more people than Obama who captured Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi morons. You should be proud of President Obama. Did you hear the job report today. USA added 300,000 new jobs in February alone. And here you’re whining about USA. Please join me and vote for Hillary in November.

          • I simply do not have the heart to try to explain to you any more.
            Takes all kinds to make a world.
            You have a pleasant evening.

          • I honestly cannot believe you or anyone else could possibly believe what you posted.
            The enemy is squatting in OUR WHITE HOUSE.
            Wake Up!!!

          • Honestly, did you really want USA forces to stay in Iraq? For what? They had conducted elections and voted for a president. The president appointed his Iraq Secretaries and had an army. Do you know why that government broke down? Each of the top officials wanted 4 virgins as wives; they were wearing suits and enjoying life at expense of USA people. Obama said, let them govern themselves. Now a splinter group called ISIS was born. If these Iraq officials had not engaged in luxuries, there would not be ISIS. ISIS was born of jealousy. Obama was right to leave them alone. We do not want our people here to die for other living in luxury.

          • O good grief!

          • Now that definitely sounds racist. So Carson is not falling in line? Disgusting!

          • OBAMA never renounced his British citizenship! Instead, he came to this country on a coveted FULBRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP which he obviously did NOT earn! He got elected on fraudulent documents, and the American people have suffered the consequences!

        • Richard Trundle

          MY BIBLE SAYS HE IS A BAST. Cause his parents never married. KJV says that if you know where to look.

          • Now, THAT was uncalled for, and YES, they WERE married, but MR. Carson couldn’t take family life, so bailed on the family! Mrs. Carson divorced him when Ben was about four or five!

          • Richard Trundle

            I wasn’t talking about CARSON I LIKE HIM. I was TALKING ABOUT OBAMA,his parents never married. VERY TRUE

          • obama, or whatever he wants to call himself, is indeed a bastard in the Biblical sense, &in fact, in Every sense of the word!



      • Yeah, you get all the free health care just because of the color of your skin. But, WE are paying for you. Get rid of all the whites as you want and you will have NOTHING free because we pay for your lazy asses

      • As 0-bama is a man without honor, one that lied to get 0-bamacare passed. Those lies hurt everybody, black and white, rich and poor. It denigrated the office of the President of the United States.

        How could 0-bama expect someone like Dr. Carson, a man with honor to follow him just because 0-bama is black? Dr. Carson is a far better person that that.

        • I know you’re raised a bad boy. So whenever you see Blacks in your rich hospitals and clinic, you cringe why Blacks are there. Obama is popular 91% in my neighborhood. Did you see that 104 Black lady in the WH last week? She was asked about the Obamas in the WH. She said her life had been fulfilled that a Black Family was in the WH. Me too. My life has been fulfilled that an African-American Family is in the WH. You can cry as you want -but history was made. I know Carson is a very bright man. But he wanted Affirmative Action with GOPers. They let him in and then dumped him when they saw he was African-American. The people in my poor neighborhood were just wandering if Carson was really Black.

          • I am not rich, you have no idea what you are talking about. Fail. Even poor people can have morals, and self esteem.

            Are you attempting to get a pass to see the rich folks in the white house? Sure sounds like the a– kissing that is required to get there. So sad, that 0-bama actually filled your life’s dreams.

          • The truth is President Obama made my life meaningful. You see, Repubs and TPs most of who are Whites had been bragging they were intellectually superior to us Blacks and that the WH was built for them. President Obama and his wife changed that. So cry as much as you want – my life is better now than before Obama was elected and re-elected.

          • I got “NEWS” for you there are a whole lot more Dems and Socialists that are far more racists than Repubs and TPs. The reality is the racists were Democrats when you were growing up. Perhaps you can tell me why the Jim Crow laws were created, passed and supported by democrats, yet somehow those same democrats now blame Republicans?

            You are wrong about “MOST” of the TPs and whites have been bragging about their superiority. Talk about someone living in the past with a chip on your shoulder.

            Now that you have had your life made meaningful, by this action, when are you going to forgive the minority of white people that you hate and get on with your life?

          • Facts are irrelevant to a black racist.

          • Yup, they sure did a great job of BO’s fundamental destruction pmbalele! You may find you don’t like the results very soon, Can you say depression?

          • Depression! I am enjoying my life fully. How can I have depression. Do you read my posting showing depression? Not me. You’re the one depressed that your friends and grandfather lied to you Blacks were intellectually inferior to you. Too late now – they have caught up with you.

          • Financial depression as in the great depression. No doubt you are a happy camper for a short period.

          • Is that why his economic policies like deflating the dollar hurt mostly low and middle class families and bringing in illegals have exacerbated the unemployment among black youths, as well as , a lot of other workers in America. In his book “Audacity” he even admitted that this would be the case with bringing in illegals. This so called Black man is screwing his own and you are swallowing the HYPE, MAYBE ITS HIM THAT THINKS YOU ARE OF A SUB PAR INTELLECT THAT YOU WILL BUY ALL HIS RHETORIC AND NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF. You surely have been taken advantage of, the only folks who have benefited are those who got more Food Stamps, and the illegals now depleting the welfare pool so many minorities draw from.

          • Have you seen article today -bashing President Obama economic policy. You might have been the one wrote it. The writer does not know that President Obama saved this Country from ruins by Reagan and the Bushes. The writer does not know that elderly love to work half time to maintain healthy condition and supplement shortages of workers; gas price is now $1 a gal which saves people almost 50% of cost of driving in 2008; inflation is down to 0% since Obama took over; that means if made $65,000 eight years ago you are making $100,000 compared to 8 years ago. Where is Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi morons? All decommissioned. Come to my county where unemployment is now 2% and employers want illegals now.

          • Dear Putz,
            Have you noticed the increases of the price of food at WalMart over the last 7 years[about 8% per year], that is because of deflating the dollar, and by the way the housing crisis stemmed from the Clinton Administration, even the NYTimes Financial section figured that out on their own. By the way the unemployment numbers if figured on the same formulas used in the Kennedy administration would be close to 10% and that would not include all of us working partime jobs at 27 hrs/wk thanks to Obamacare. And us Elderly “love” to work because the government has not given us an increase in our Social Security in a While. And the government has even admitted the average family has lost ground and their real wages have fropped $1200 per year in the first six years under Obama…I am not sure how much more recovery I can stand.

          • You have been watching FoxNews too much. I am enjoying life here and you’re whining about life. Come to my county and I will give you a job. Unemployment here is 2% and employers need illegals.

          • You have been listening to 50 years of BS that Americans will not do these meanial jobs….of cours they will not if you give them welfare that exceeds what the jobs are worth, and then in your infinite wisdom you want to raise the minimum wage; please explain that to me. It looks to me like you want another lower class to exploit. Maybe we should back off the welfare system both corporate and personal and see who shows up fo those “unwanted jobs.

          • Whatever country you’re living in is definitely not the USA, as the currently “official” unemployment rate is nearly 5 percent. Of course that figure too is a farce, because the actual unemployment rate is nearly double that. Officially, there are 7.7 million unemployed, while the actual figure is 15.5 million. The 27 million underemployed, and 94 million who are either just enjoying living off welfare or have simply given up trying to find a job, are not even figured into the unemployment rate. Over 46 million Americans are living in poverty, 45 million are on food stamps, and 41 million have no insurance. You are obviously either a total liar or an unaware individual which we who actually do our truth research refer to as a low information, or no information, voter.

          • What – there are 77 mil unemployed? You’re a liar. I know those unemployed now are Repubs and TPs who want free hand-out or entitlements from the government. Now how are they eating; paying for their mortgage or rent? You make me sick. If we have that number unemployed this Country would be in fire. There are really angry people in this Country when they do not get food or shelter. These are mostly Repubs and TPs. Trump has threatened to cut lobbyist, consultants etc. That is why GOPers hate Trump.

          • You need to go back to school and learn how to read. I said “7.7” million unemployed, NOT 77 million. By misrepresenting what I said, YOU are the liar. All the figures I gave can be verified at If you hover your mouse over any numbers that are shown, the source for that number is revealed at top center of the window, and you will see that most all of these figures come from government sources, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example. Also, when you declare that Republicans and Tea Party folks are the ones looking for free handouts you are quite mistaken. The people who want those things would never vote for a conservative candidate, because conservatives have always maintained that we must return to constitutional limited government. The Dumbocrat party stands for ever increasing the size and scope of federal and state government, and government programs that offer free stuff, and that’s why people who want that free stuff vote for Dumbocrat candidates. It’s really a no-brainer, so even you should be able to understand that.

          • So, you’re going to vote for a foreigner -Ted Cruz who will sell you to Cuba and Canada – making you loyal to Queen Liz. Conservative! These are Repubs and TPs who want to make Blacks slaves again. Look how they treated Dr. Carson – like junk. I told Carson not to associate with Repubs and TPs also known as conservatives. These were looking at him as a slave not doctor.

          • Where in your mind did you come up with the crazy notion that I’d vote for Ted Cruz? I never said, or even hinted, that I would do that. Both Cruz and Rubio are constitutionally ineligible to be President – just like the current usurper in chief. And it’s not conservatives who would make you slaves again – it’s the DemocRats who hope you will believe that nonsense. Yes, the same DemocRats who were the southern slave owners of your ancestors. I would gladly have voted for Ben Carson had he stayed in the mix, or opted to run as an independent. Unfortunately, Ben blew his chances of becoming elected by writing about attempting to stab someone in the gut, as well as trying to hit his mother in the head with a hammer, when he was younger. If you noticed, that’s what caused him to lose this race, not the color of his skin or any conservative looking upon him as a slave. He had been doing great, and was the best positioned candidate to beat Trump before his own words came back to bite him. You should take note of the fact that a black man, as well as three Latinos (Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal) were conservative candidate choices in this election, whereas no such choice was available to Dumbocrats.

          • What made life better for you? Was it the expansion of the food stamp program, the free “Obama phones,” extension of unemployment benefit payments, other welfare freebies, or a combination of all these?

          • I own a business and that why I am proud of what is happening in USA now. Well, if you life jump in the lake -we retrieve you before you drown.

          • What business are you in? Siphoning gas that others paid $1.79 a gallon for and reselling it for “$1.00 a gallon,” selling Obama phones that you got for free, or giving 50 cents on the dollar to junkies for their EBT card benefits and selling those benefits to others for a profit?

          • Does the neighborhood know obama is half white?? Oops, sorry!! They do now!!! So,I really hope you didnt forget to tell them!!!

          • As Carson said, he was raised white. But with his muslim leanings he is racist and rabid. In Kenya, blacks look down on and rule the lower ranked blacks. BO used the thugs in the US with Soros backing their BLM. Remember the protest after Ferguson when they did not get their checks for their raging rampage? That was not suppose to come to light.

          • You make me sick. Anybody with a drop of Black blood is considered Black. So we have all kindsof hues in our Black communities and we never even feel about differences in color.

          • Sorry that doesnt change the truth that obama was birthed out of a white woman’s womb!!! You may never even feel about differences in color but, you can’t dispute ,or change, the truth!!

          • And believe it or not we are proud of differences or non-differences in color in the Black communities. And today Marco Rubio was bashing Trump for not rejecting Duke -the KKK leader. Rubio should be ashamed to even mention Duke as associate to Trump. Rubio is a Repub and all Repubs and TPs love Duke as their leader. I have told you all Repubs and TPs whether Blacks, Whites, Asians share the same characteristics: racist and bigots, insecure, bullies, hate one another and callous of suffering of other people. All they want is money and women.

          • If you know black history you would know that the kkk was the thug squad for the democrats. they were all dems and beat down blacks and republicans!!! White racists support donnie “con man” trump because they know he really is a liberal, progressive democrat!!! Democrats supported slavery,segregation, jim crow laws and eugenics!! Do you think George Wallace ,Lester Maddox ,Robert Byrd, Ernest Hollings, Strom Thurmond, Bull Connor were all republicans???? It’s white and black democrats that have enslaved the black race since the 1960’s!!!! Duke just said this morning that he supports trump and wants him to win!!! All donnie wants is more power, fame, money and women!!! He will be a greater tyrant than the one we have now!!!

          • The problem of Obama is not the color of his skin. His problem is he says one thing and does another. His actions speak louder than his words.

          • What – His actions speak louder than his words? Obama promised us Obamacare and he won. Obama promised us jobs and unemployment is now 3%. Gas price is now $1 a gal. Bin Laden, Benghazi and Yemen guys are decommissioned. I am now planning to buy a 8 cylinder Lincoln Navigator because gas price is now cheap.

          • And a fewer percentage of Americans today have jobs that at any time in the last 38 years. To wit:
            “…. Last month, 56,647,000 women 16 and older were not in the labor force, an increase of 394,000 from August and up 1,066,000 from September 2014.

            That number also rose for [both black and white] men:
            “… In September, 32,387,000 men age 20 and older were not in the labor force, up 202,000 from August and an increase of 804,000 from September 2014.

            Other notes from Friday’s jobs report:

            — In September, 1.9 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force, down by 305,000 from a year earlier. (The data are not seasonally adjusted.) These individuals were not in the labor force, wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job some time in the prior 12 months. They were not counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey….”

          • $1 a gallon? Makes one wonder where, or from whom, you are buying your gasoline. Perhaps it comes from fellows who siphon it from the tanks of those who paid $1.79, which is the national average price. By the way, it was $1.68 in December of 2008, shortly before Barry took office. As for ObummerCare, Barry won by telling lies – that people could keep their insurance and their physician, and that ObummerCare was not a tax.

          • So you did not know gas price in Lancing was 50 cents a gal in December. It has now gone to $1 a gal. You watch too much FoxNews by Bill Orielly now we have found he is a wife beater and kids abuser. You and Bill O think it’s funny to abuse relatives.

          • Hey pmbalele, I have an answer for you! And you can thank Bo for this little jewel all the way. And it really ticks me off. OUR tax dollars at work thanks to our POS Prez and his lack of law enforcement.

            Actually the hordes of illegal aliens in the hospitals drive me nuts. They don’t come alone. The entire family accompanies them, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, and all littles. It turns into a zoo and if you need real help you go to emergency care where you pay, not an emergency room. So yeah, it drives me nuts and it ticks me off cause they are there for non emergencies clogging up the ER because it is FREE!

          • You make me sick. I have told you, you have half information who is to blame for illegal. It is Reagan and Bush. Reagan brought Rubio father from Cuba in 1981. Thousands came and some drowned. White people with boats make millions to bring Cubans from Castrol. Rubio and Cruz parents were among them. Then Bush signed the amnesty to allow poor Mexicans here. So it is Reagan and Bush to blame- not Obama.

          • That is a two way street pmbalele. You sicken me as well!

          • I find it amusing that Michele Obama was responsible for shipping Minorities[read welfare cases] away from the University of Chicago Medical Center to save them money and have them shipped to worse hospitals, this did two things, got them treatment later than they needed it and the treatment was inferior. How nice, A community organizer type screwing her fellow minorities while collecting a $300,000 salary, quite a girl that Michele, maybe the humanitarian of the year.

          • Which tells me you live in a Chit-cago ghetto !

          • I can’t understand why you and other black’s keep referring to Barry as a black man, and the first black President. As his mother was a white woman who had two white parents, Barry is no more black than he is white. It would only be correct to claim that he is a mulatto, or the first mulatto President. Carson, on the other hand, did have a black mother and black father, so if elected he would qualify as the first black President and enable you to correctly claim what you currently claim incorrectly about Barry.

          • Good luck with your definition of a Black person.

          • It’s not a definition – it is biological and hereditary fact. Your “one drop” theory is a definition borrowed from southern racists who referred to anyone having even one drop of dark skinned blood in their body as being a negro. Most dark skinned people don’t like the word negro and prefer being identified as a black person, but the word negro comes from Spanish and means black. People come in all colors, and those colors range from lily white to ebony black. I have seen people who are truly black, but there are many more who are brown, and I’d say that Barry is tan in color. I have absolutely nothing against Barry’s skin color. My wife is about the same skin color as Barry, but she’s a Filipina.

      • Donald Trump will make Dr. Carson Surgeon General.

        • Dr. Carson will be cheap to accept Surgeon General. He would have been VP if he was in Demo.

          • He wouldn’t even be part of the Democrat convention clean-up crew if he had tried running as a Democrat. There’s no way they would accept a candidate who believes in returning to constitutional and limited government.

      • I don’t think Dr. Carson would lower himself that much!

      • If you don’t like us AMERICANS, then please pack up and leave! We don’t need your racist views!

        • Dr. Carson hates African-Americans. Did you see his rallies since he declared bid for the WH. No Blacks were allowed in his rallies.

    • But Rubio got the longest and loudest applauses of the night. He made donnie look like a clown when mr. perfect couldnt explain his healthcare plan and kept saying circles, circles!!!!! That was hilarious!!! Marco made him look like his grandfather!!!! DUMP AND CRUNCH THE TRUMP!!!!

      • Rubio has a record that is not what I would call stellar. Have you talked to the people in Florida that put him in office? I have, and they ALL walk out of the room backwards when Rubio is around.

        Simply put, they do not trust him. What Rubio did to them, is not forgivable in their mind.

        I did hear Rubio say that he supports, Term Limits and a balanced budget amendment and would support the efforts of the Convention of States… I like that.

        • Can’t believe a word from his mouth. Florida will not carry Rubio, they hate him like we detest McCain and Flakey in AZ. Bad candidate and definitely are RINO!

        • Tell me pray tell what the Con Man from MAHATTON-B001Thinks about David Duke and his Tripple K.

          • The establishment is trying to make something out of that?

            very interesting. The establishment wants Trump out eh, and Rubio in. We will see if the establishment can deliver on your 95%….

          • You make it up, I’ll read it. Got anything real?

        • Then you must have a pee poor set of friends and acquaintances in Florida. Talk to the 95% of Florida voters who are not in the current tea-pee party and you’ll get a more unbiased opinion of Rubio. Either that or study the image included in this post so that you can KISS up to Hillary in the manner that she expects from the peons that she rules over. A vote for Trump is a vote for Hell-ary.

          Now don’t forget to bow your back and bend your knees when you pucker up for Queen Hillary. Your’s and your family’s life depends on it.

        • yea the main reason they walk out backwards is they no marco is a closet queer and he couldn’t beat trump in any kind of debate or anything else for that matter…trump for president 2016 hillary for prison 2016

        • Richard Trundle

          JIMMY CARTER GOT ELECTED ON the balance budget plan and it still hasn’t happen. OBAMA GOT ELECTED ON PAY AS YOU GO,WHAT HAPPEN to that.

        • I don’t. The Convention of States is only a ploy to get rid of the Constitution as it is WRITTEN, which should NOT be questioned!

          • Not from what I have read. It is a way for the PEOPLE to impose their WILL on their elected officials… Without the elected officials consent.

            The Convention of State is focusing on a Balanced Budget initiative, and Limiting the power of the Government.

            The second would include things like Term limits for all politicians, and judges.

            I think there is a whole lot of disinformation out there on this subject and EVERYBODY needs to educate themselves. Don’t listen to one source, as most sources only propagate lies these days.

      • Richard Trundle

        I HEARD RUBIO IS GAY:::::

        • I heard that also. Would that be why Rubio brought up Trumps hands?

          • Trump’s hands may be small, but they have done more in his life building things than Rubio will ever do in a lifetime of foam parties! Other men may not have had large hands, but THEY helped build a country, RUBIO is only one of those sucking up the benefits!

        • So is Barrack – and the shmucks still voted for him !

          • Richard Trundle

            TRUE: THERE NO MORALS IN THIS COUNTRY SINCE OBUMMER TOOK OFFICE. All he knows how to do is golf and start trouble.

          • Richard Trundle

            A LOT of folks in this country have a mental block between the EARS. There blind too all that is true. Those GAYS and bunch more,isn’t going too LIKE FACE TO FACE MEETING With the REAL GOD.

      • Rubio? ROFLMAO!!! You got some good stuff bud!

      • Rubio is a joke! He IS NOT eligible to hold the office, has committed more crimes against the American people than he can count, INCLUDING turning against the very people he wants to vote for him and backing AMNESTY! He is also highly questionable on the matter of drug running—can’t tell me his brother-in-law isn’t still running drugs, and, how about the fact Rubio got the rules bent so BIL could get a real estate license–now, he can hide behind a facade of decency and honesty to run his drugs1

  2. Cruz got very little coverage over the weekend compared to Rubio… You can tell who the establishment favorite is..

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  3. Rubio seems fairly good at returning fire at Trump with Trumps own game.

  4. It really doesn’t matter what Rubio or Cruz do, as neither of them is constitutionally qualified to be in this race.

    • Right on, Rickoff. Most Americans know nothing of the nefarious neocon scheme pursued under the “PNAC” name. For those on this forum who generally know little about the real politics of that abominable, though influential, sector of the conservative right, here is a little primer:

    • Cruz, still up in the air.
      Rubio is not qualified.
      He was born in 1971.
      His parents did not become citizens until 1975.
      That makes him an anchor baby, not a natural born citizen.
      He is not eligible for the presidency, nor is he even close to qualified.

      • Sorry, Emma, but Cruz is definitely not qualified. A natural born citizen can only be a citizen of ONE country at birth, as that child is born to the naturals, a.k.a. natives of that country. In other words, a natural born citizen must be born IN country to a mother AND father who are natives of that country. Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father. His mother, being an American, allowed Cruz to be an American citizen, but only through legislated allowances made in a Naturalization Act. A natural born citizen needs no such legislated allowances, as his or her citizenship is singular, natural, and incontestable at time of birth. Cruz was actually born with 3 citizenship claims, which is highly unnatural.

        • I agree with you.
          I did, for a time, believe he was & actually thought he would do well.
          After some more research, I have rethought my position.
          Trump all the way.
          The dema &repub. are doing everything under the sun to stop Trump.
          Because they are afraid of him.
          They do bend the truth into a pretzel. & outright lie.
          I am not a stupid woman & I do research all of this foolishness…then I decide.
          If anyone other than Trump is put in as POTUS , America, as we & the world once knew her, is gone.

    • Rev. Walking Turtle

      ^wo thumbs UP re the PNAC code-speech! So GOOD to see others Awakening to the Royal Scam at last!

      Tip o’ th’ Hangman’s Hat to thee, Beloved! And that is all. 0{;-)o[

    • What about donnie?? Rumor has it that mr. perfect came down to us directly from heaven, which would disqualify him to be the US president!!! It makes him an angel baby, not a natural born citizen!!! WOW!! This is getting complicated to keep up with!!!

    • He may be referring to the New World Order!

  5. Cruz N Rubio know they are history. This is why they scrape the “bottom of the barrel” and attack ANYONE who is more qualified. Actually, this is good! It lets people know what kind of JERKS we have in office and who to AVOID next time around! Go ahead you two, bury yourselves in your OWN shit!

    • A scraping of the bottom of the barrel in GOP politics these days will disclose a red-faced, blabbering, bombastic buffoon with the initials D.T.!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Ahhhh, headuphisass just couldn’t hold back. Just like A H lady, croco shit and nastyass. Does mommy know you’re out of the playpen dipshit?? HAHAHAHA

  6. Hopefully this swing isn’t as embarrassing as the two using the loser, Mitt Romney’s attack. Hey dudes, this is not Romper Room. Knock it off

  7. The more they swing the less I want to vote for either of them, Go Trump


      TRUMP lies to his voters and thats ok with you good luck

      • prove it little peewee. Exactly what lie has he told?

        • One is about his Christianity. Another about imminent domain. Another about his busnesses bankruptcies. I can go on and on.

          • One, he is a Christian. I was a sinner before I accepted Christ and now that I am born again, I am a sinner saved by Grace, still stumbling at times in thoughts or words JUST like every other Christian. Two, he did not lie about imminent domain. Three, being bankrupt and bankruptcy is two different things. When my medical bills piled so high and took over everything, I filed. I don’t feel like I made a bad decision, nor do I feel like I am going to go to hell for it. He made a good business decision about his properties in Atlanta until the economy crashed and hurt many many people and if you study and read, you will find that more than Donald Trump filed bankruptcy. Four, I don’t want a preacher or a holier than thou in the White House. I want a man that can make tough decisions without caving, get the economy going, bring back jobs and Most of all take care of our Vets and Military and Police. GO Trump, whether you like it or not. God Bless

          • I am talking about Trump. Not you. You won’t accept the truth and just babble, avoiding the truth. Trump supporters remind me of the Branch Dividian.

          • And you call yourself a Christian? You don’t know the meaning of the Word. God Bless YOU and them darts back at ya! hahahahah Go away troll back to the pit.

          • Pamela can you tell me just how donnie boy became a Christian?? In his own words he has stated that he has never asked God for forgiveness, never makes mistakes and never has to appologize!!! He has bragged about committing adultery a multitiude of times and you know the bible says no adulterer will enter heaven!! So, please tell me just how donnie became a true Christian and got his sins forgiven?? If he’s not a Christian, and you dont even care, then why lie about it???

          • Okay troll tell me what you think being a Christian means to you. I am a born again Christian.

          • God Bless You Pamela!

          • NONE should question the faith of another. Imminent Domain was vigorously used by the Bushes while erected the stadium for the Texas Rangers. Businesses are afforded bankruptcy protection under Federal Law and they use it every day…didn’t GM bankrupt then had to be saved by the American taxpayer???
            However, Trump never denied his Corporations (4) filing bankruptcy, he just did not personally bankrupt and he still owns or controls over 500 business entities, so what is the problem?

          • it is time for you to Fuck trump”s sister

          • Careful dude, she be a judge and she could have you introduced to Bubba.

          • How about introduced to JESUS Christ as she looks muslim to me.

          • Sad comment from another clueless minion!


          if you cant see the difference then you are very blind and dont want to know the truth Did you know that 2hours before Trump decided to run for President he talked to his close friend HILLARY on the phone There just may be a snake in the pit just maybe YOU MAY TRUST TRUMP but i smell trouble ALSO the things he will do will have to go thur CONGRESS and you know how they work i think

          • Oh? And you were listening in on the Phone? COME ON NOW YOU EPECT US TO BELIEVE YOU? Prove it!


            it was on the news so i guess you dont get the news sorry you are not being aware of whats going on and Trump BS is all you want to hear look good luck in your decisions just you have been warn like no body warn us about OBAMA AND LOOK WHAT HAPPEN

        • self funding never paid vets, his net worth, being a rapist, his hair, trump university, lied about taxes, about his book being used at colleges, lies about his companies in China and Mexico, liars about 113th rated tv show, lied about military award, I hate wasting time on crap like trump so i will end now. lied about missillies .lied about KKK Eminent Domain Being a Christian He is a fool tool never asked forgiveness a weak weak liar. Cheats on wife rapes her beats her no forgiveness a weak thing

          • OH my gosh! What a crock, ok, back that up. Show me articles or people who KNOW TRUMP and his wife and kids personally or Researchers and documented facts of all this. You sorry person, bet you cannot do it. This is the worst crap I’ve heard yet, hahaha, and that is exactly what it is, CRAP!


          i see he brainwash you to just like the millions that voted for OBAMA AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPEN GOOD LUCK his school he lied to his students

          • Still no proof on your part, just word of mouth lies from other candidates. Typical. GOD needs to BLESS You. Don’t write me again as I don’t like spam. Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. I am always prayerful about all decisions and especially important ones such as this. No one controls my mind or heart but the Lord and my own personal learning through trials, tests and temptations. I’m done

      • Cruz and Rubio lied about their stance on illegal immigration. They also lied when they said that Trump inherited $200 million. The liberal tactic of bashing the rich and successful. Trump also employs 30,000 people while the Cubans are on the taxpayer’s dime.


          DO you have solid proof of what you just said Trump does more trashing to other candidates when he feels he is losing he is a business man and doesnt like to lose even with TRUMP UNIVERSITY THAT HE TOOK At LEAST 5 MILLION DOLLARS THAT HIS SCHOOL WAS TO HELP STUDENTS TO BECOME RICH IN THE COURSES WAS OFFERING IT FAIL AND THE SCHOOL HAD TO CLOSE IT HAD TO LICENSE TO TEACH IN THE FIRST PLACE HE WILL HAVE TO GO TO COURT FOR FRAUD

          • You repeat only what you read. Prove it!

          • Trump University has 5,000 students and is being sued by three. It also has an A rating from the BBB. Guess you’ve missed the latest news on the matter. Harvard gets sued as well by the morons who they fail. TRUMP 2016!!



          • A non story.



        • These people are so envious of Donald Trump’s success.

      • Then clear your conscience and vote for hag hillary.

    • DUMP THE TRUMP CHUMP!!!! 2016

      • I will not say anything bad about Ted, because I like him, but he can’t beat that killer Hillary just can’t. I will vote for Trump and I can’t stand Rubio.

        • james cavalieri

          Check out the polls first! Cruz beats trump easily, head to head!! Cruz beats Hillary and donnie loses to her and bernie!!! Donnie has a 60% unfavorable rating nationwide, the hightest ever recorded!! He’s more disliked than Obama, Hillary and Bush!!!

          • What polls are you watching Obama’s private polls not true at all.

          • james cavalieri

            (Rasmussen Reports 2-29/3-1 2016) Hillary 41% Trump 36%. (Gallup Poll 1-30-2016) Trump 60% unfavorable rating>>HIGHEST EVER. ( NBC/WSJ poll Jan. 9-13) Cruz 51% Trump 43%. (Quinnipac 2-10/2-15 Cruz 46% Hillary 43%. (CNN/ORC 2-24/2-27) Hillary 52% Trump 44%. Now, you didnt even take the time to check out the polls, like I said, cause you and donnie dont care about the truth, since he’s a liar, breeding a cult of liers!!! Did you see obama’s name on any of the polls?? Now you can eat every poll!!! ENJOY!!



    • I want to see her hang, right along side obama, pelosi,reid etc etc etc.
      I would call that a Perfect Cleaning Day


        not a bad idea

      • Rev. Walking Turtle

        Have a proper hood, drop-chart and the correct size hemp-fiber rope. Need an able, strong-stomached assistant for the binding-up, a proper drop-trap room equipped with a sandbag and a pile of sand for pre-use rope-stretching (so there’s no bouncing-about post-drop, you see) and a stout beam directly above the trap-doors to complete the ensemble. Also a hot meal and a spot to spend the night after would be deeply appreciated post-action, thank you very much.

        Will travel. Reasonable one-size-fits-all rate. Gently respectful pre-interment corpse preparation is included in the standard contract. Just provide a proper coroner’s table with running water and a sanitary drain in the space below the trapfall, off to the side. Albert Pierrepoint’s kind-hearted spirit shall ride with us!

        Fact: NONE of the Lawfully condemned will suffer at THIS Old Turtle’s hands anywhere NEAR as much as ANY of ’em have inflicted top-down upon the Rest of Us from Kennedy’s murder forward. That is the promise of a professional. I stand by the quality of my work and craft, no matter the field of endeavor.

        Just produce the writ, post-sentencing. Will respond promptly to the designated Court agent when at last contacted. Damn shame it has all come to this, but so it has. Y’all do YOUR part and Yours Truly shall gladly do theirs.

        Now kindly DO turn to on the job and MAKE THOSE ARRESTS, thank you very much! Standing by now. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

        • I luv your post!
          And… I believe you…

          • Rev. Walking Turtle

            It’s mutual, Ma’am. Kindly rest assured, YT means every word and has done their Homework thoroughly. Moreover, imvho such an online forum as this is the best means to make best use of a very bad situation re the oughta’-be online privacy and security, per Snowden’s and others’ even more recent revelations.

            Ma’am, the Constitutional American Republic that (one thinks likely) yourself and certainly I were socialized into during our primary and high-school years was already being pulled out from under us all, starting from well before we were born. The Roosevelt administration’s “New Deal” has proved out over time to be a first-class Devil’s Bargain in therms of the comfort of the Social Insurance benefits versus the tradeoffs against simple liberty and robust freedom from covert slavery.

            My parents were both literally freeborn; their births recorded in the respective family Bibles. Their offspring all bear Warehouse Receipts (aka “Birth Certificates”) in the name of a tricky ALL CAPS “Straw Man” legal fiction that today’s Statute Court jurisdictions just capitalize-on all up and down Wall Street – at a substantial and reliable PROFIT.

            I know this all too well first-hand and it pains me deeply. So I offer my technical services in the service of a future well- restored Constitutional Republic as stated; it is the only remedial contribution apart from Common Law jury duty that I for one can reliably provide. But obviously, one cannot fill both positions in any given capital case that might be prosecuted, post-Empire, without creating a gross personal conflict of interest and corresponding travesty of Sweet Justice for the Rest of Us.

            So, having stared Grim Death in the teeth and prevailed under Heaven’s sweet and holy auspices just enough times in succession to actually know some few key differences between certain key things here in this terribly distorted and tortuous yin/yang-y life, the prospect of actually performing as represented herein, for this and ONLY this purpose, does not cause YT a problem. It’s a tough job, to be sure. But SOMEBODY MUST DO IT if life as we love it is to prevail.

            Time is drawing short. Rome is burning. Nero up and set her ablaze – at a GROSS PROFIT to Himself. Can you, too, hear Nero’s Fiddle from where YOU stand, ma’am? (Somehow YT thinks likely it is so. Just guessin’, though.)

            Fact: No empire yet contrived on Earth has failed to collapse from within, sooner or later. This one is the shortest-lived in historic memory iirc. The vaunted Trump is merely a top-down self-possessed fascist in a fine-cut tool’s suit. The others are morally compromised shills for the globalist agenda as well, one finds upon deeper analysis. Herr Schrempf (nee “Trump”) is imvho merely the most forcibly convincing of the pack.

            Tip in parting:

   may prove informative on numerous levels, if you will have it.

            This is a feature-length and fully-sourced documentary that makes it quite plain how it is that MOST of the US populace is kept running in tight little circles these days, even while most of those who are not doing so are kept busy “pitching tinfoil” at the few savvy ones who inexplicably ain’t buyin’ the Big Lie.

            Fact: YT’s got non-academic Ph.D.-level creds and accomplishments under their belt that dovetail precisely with the presentation’s content. Rest assured, what you shall be treated-to through that courageous February 2016 release is indeed all too real. Countermeasures are presented too; kindly do take it all in if ever you will and then pass the Word as best you can – again, as and if you will.

            Awareness of the problem is our first line of defense – and the first step toward SOLVING it. Heaven bless you and ALL truth-speakers in this benighted day and age, now locked-onto us like a dancin’ weasel ranging-in on the ol’ hen-house! Because even the malefic control-tech that can’t be “hacked” or cut dead off at the source, right now, can nonetheless still be defeated – once we merely know there IS such tech arrayed against the Rest of Us to start with.

            So, to crudely term it: Illegitemii non carborundum. Knowledge IS power. So there y’are. It’s showtime! And that is all. 0{;-|o[

    • the hag is toast.

      • Rev. Walking Turtle

        Friend David-in-MA:

        Kindly see Yours Truly’s hearty response to Beloved Emma, below. Then pray tell: Wouldst thou perchance gladly and competently assist a hard-bitten though still-compassionate lifelong professional in the Lawful hanging, post-sentencing to same?

        Fact: Shall need an able assistant, come the Day. Five walk in; four walk out. Then a fifth, merely an hour or so later. Horizontally, without fail.

        VERY important work! Let Heaven’s Land on Earth be cleansed of ALL the embedded Inland Piracy and ALL of that foul and predatory commercial enterprise’s baby-raping looters! We have *all* been bled white by that greedy-guts gang, all resident races’ dermal melanin content notwithstanding.

        Because SOMEBODY has got to do it. Just askin’… And that is all. 0{:-o[

        • I suggest you lay off the mushrooms and peyote buttons Walking Turtle, they are slowing down your brains and as a turtle, your slow enough already.

          • Rev. Walking Turtle

            Oh. So that “hag” of yours is “toast”, but maybe really just not that bad…? Oh well. Had me goin’ for a moment thar, Buddy. Excuse ME! 🙁

            Haven’t seen either of the abovementioned Holy Sacraments in many a day, btw. Decades on end, in fact. Seems some few others sorta’ gobbled ’em all up at a big fancy party for mere personal entertainment purposes. (For shame.) The penalty for high treason as Constitutionally provided-for should NOT be carried-out under the influence of any such thing, at any rate. Set-and-setting, y’know?

            Maybe not. Oh well.

            Not a job for just anyone, anyway. But askin’ gets this….? Well have a NICE day and may you live in peace even while your “hag toast” walks around scot-free on the surface of the planet. If it is to be done at all, mind you, it MUST be done Lawfully – or not at all. (Kindly do remember.)

            Good for all the True Colors to come out, anyway, Sacrament or no Sacrament. And that is all. 0{:-)o[

  9. Attacking a person during a debate is not the purpose of these debates. I thought the purpose of the debates was to express your agenda and attacking your contender does not meet that criteria. The RNC has stooped to a very low level by instigating these type of childish behavior on stage. It’s way about time the RNC establishment grow up. We, the People, have to send a message to the RNC establishment that this type of childish behavior will not be tolerated or else, face the birth of a new party and the demise of the Republican Party in which they won’t have a job.



    • What is going on is an attempt to push the establishments pick and not the pick of the voters. American government is supposed to be by and for the people. Certainly not special interests. However, they are attempting to push their candidate of their choice not ours. It is good we the people are finally standing up to these special interests and saying no.

      Currently party is put far above nation by both the democrat and republican parties. If something is not done to end that (like is now happening) America and out constitution are done. Our constitution is being ignored and our congressmen (at least the leaders of both houses) and women are not doing what they are elected to do and that is represent the people.

      Running someone down in order to try to raise another’s standing is unethical at least.

    • Excuse me!! Who do you think started all this garbage!! donnie “the garbage man” trump!! He set the tone, then you blame everybody else, just like he does, when they retaliate with his nasty tactics!! Somebody please, GIMME A BREAK!!!!!!


    What TRUMP is promising everyone in AMERICA cannot be done unless CONGRESS approves them and you know what the CONGRESS IS LIKE NOTHING gets DONE

    • His ignorant followers don’t understand that rudimentary information. They support Trump only because they hate the government and despist Obama and believe what they believe for no other reason than that they WANT to believe it.


        THANK YOU America has changed over the years and our leadership in WASHINGTON is the cause of their poor leadership to to people They approved 18 year olds to vote so they can get more votes in both parties However they wasnt thinking the way they should. YOUNGER people takes more time to develop their minds and 18 should be at least 21 but thats life

    • you just don’t get it do you, Trump is just the first change in D.C., others will be all of the democratic socialists who are up for re-election this time, can you say: Bye, Bye, losers, YOUR GETTING VOTED OUT!



  11. Donald Trump showed his true racist colors with his ludicrous disclaimer of knowing anything about David Duke and white supremacists. What cave has Trump been living in, not to understand that the endorsement of Duke, a former Klan leader, is something that any sensible, knowledgeable, responsible candidate should immediately repudiate? Trump instead acted as though he knew nothing about Duke and White supremacists. Oh, wait, I forgot: Trump is not sensible, knowledgeable, and responsible; he is just a blithering, bombastic, blabbermouth who attracts the lowest common denominator of voter.

  12. Both Rubio and Cruz are in a joint effort in diverting the conservatives movement from victory to failure, rather than stopping the progressive liberals from destroying our country. They are so desperate to be president, that they themselves have become enemies of the movement to halt the Obama machine from totally destroying our country. Both Rubio and Cruz would do us a great service to drop out of the race,

  13. Desperate Cubans, gotta love it!

  14. Rev. Walking Turtle

    NONE of the above for THIS Old Turtle, thank you VERY much! Until and unless ANY of those clowns come explicitly out in CLEAR favor of limiting the Gummint’s activities and powers to those enumerated in the “quaint old”(FNORD!) Constitution for the united States, they ALL stand tainted, imvh&repeatedly-disappointed_o, with stealth-NWO scheiss from Hell’s deepest pit.

    “Rules? WHAT rules? WE don’ NEEDS no STEENKING rules!” is clearly the order of the Day in BOTH major-party camps. Since indie third-party candidates are systematically subverted, undercut and weeded-out (witness Ron Paul and predecessors) by the mostly-anonymous and impuniity-laden Top Ownership of both camps, it’s all nothing but a frkn clown-show from THEM and nothing but Fool’s Choice to be had by the Rest of Us.

    My old heart weeps. It simply weeps.

    So NOTA for THIS Old Turtle. And a pox on ALL their houses! The whole clambake just stinks of rot from the core. Methinks the Haudenosauni (aka “Iroquois”) Constitution is far superior in terms of genuinely principled integrity anyway – THAT one stood and sustained the Right Stuff for FAR longer than the copycat counterfeit we got for window-dressing these days, from long before the Tall Ship Strangers got lost in the ‘hood and then gracelessly stole, corrupted and/or or destroyed exactly EVERYTHING worth keeping in trust for ALL the children.

    Ayup. NONE of the above, thank you so VERY much everyone – just DO have an EXTREMELY Nice Day come the time for the business-as-usual top-down-rigged vote-in. I’ll be off doing something else that’s far more nourishing to human life on Earth than ANY of that two-faced fork-tongued gang nor its made-of-money owners On High would be caught dead doing themselves for the Rest of Us, y’dig.

    So to hell with it all, which is where it came from to begin with and still truly belongs. And that is all. 0{>:-|o[

  15. Amazing, two people who are not Constitutionally eligible to be president or vice president going to such extremes, just shows their corrupt natures, I guess.

  16. Both of these idiots should shut up and talk about something they offer that is positive. Since being liars is not positive they have nothing of interest to say.

  17. Trump will be the next President of the US, a real President, not a radical liar like Obama.

  18. Rubio is traveling around the Super Tuesday states calling Trump a con artist and worse….Marco is really acting like the inane kid that he really is….A guy who has a good speaking voice and can memorize his talking points with the best of them……..That is until he gets rattled and starts blabbering in unknown tongues….He’s a loser that can’t carry his own state….

  19. again trump liars both Cruz and Rubio have hired people. They hired their staffs trump is so dumb. Trump the real weakling here. He can not debate, KKK in his family so denounces his dad. Any black should not vote trump. ever.

  20. Trump is the only hope we Republicans have and Rubio and Cruz better understand this. Rubio is for Amnesty and he has changed is jargon back and forth. Cruz I feel plays dirty and blames others in his clan he knows every thing that goes out from his underlings and the apology after is not Flying. Trump I feel is the only one who is on the outside from all the Riff Raff in our Congress and owes nothing to any of them. He can’t be bought he has enough of his own. The big thing is he knows what we the Voters are pissed off about and he plays it to the hilt. I like that it lets the bums who we thought we were going to get some action from these so called Conservatives and we got STRUNT in English it is SHIT.

  21. I have already voted for Cruz. If Trump is he nominee, I will vote for Trump. I will not vote for Rubio…he is in way over his head… He is not even leading in his home state or neighboring states who know him… Should Rubio become the nominee, I will vote write-in for Cruz, the first time I would ever vote write-in.

  22. Ever since Obama the Muslim came into power the Race Issue that was getting better has now enfolded into the worst since the 50s He has played the race issue to the hilt. By his silence and also the Black Attorney Generals he is condoning what the Black Panthers and the Black lives Matter are preaching and In case you have been under ground for the last year, it is KILL COPS AND KILL WHITES. I have not heard one black come forth and say this is wrong and should be stopped. S o following the presidents silence and all the black people you are agreeing with this criminal talk. I know if The KKK came out with the same talk KILL ALL BLACKS AND COPS There would be an all out Investigation of the KKK and the FBI would be called out to look into these RACIST REMARKS. Are the laws now different for blacks and different for Whites? Can some one explain this difference? A Black or White I would appreciate this Oh before I forget the Rioters in Ferguson who were black not one went to jail or even was charged with a crime. I guess rioting is legal now is that so?

  23. Rubio is a RINO. Another establishment pick (with and R in it). No more of that, especially this liar. He would be as bad as Hillary or BO. No way! Cruz is pulling political games too. Fed up with junior senators, harvard attorneys, and babies born outside or in the US to questionable heritage. Anchor Baby fits Rubio, mom and dad were not legal citizens when he was born, just refugees. BO sent this country into the trash can after he got a mess from a dynasty boy candidate. Been there done that. No more dynasty babies, no amnesty fools, no new world order party picks (with an R), no more good old go along get along rino liars. That eliminates the politicians, any of them!

  24. I am sick of the three ring boxing matches between Trump and Cruz and Rubio. Stop fighting each other and tell the American people what you will do for Americans, not for illegals, or immigrants, but Americans, What are you beliefs on guns, healthcare, and most important our borders and our Constitution. This is what I want to hear, what you plan to do for America and how, not how much you hate each other,.

  25. Rubio hardly ever attended any votes, I sure didn’t hear him speak up against Obama not like Ted did, they are backing the wrong candidate, but he is bought and paid for by the elite for sure.

  26. I am not sure I totally Trust any of the candidates even Trump. But Trump knows what the American people want and he knows how to go after it. Trump is the only candidate who has the courage to say what Americans are feeling. I have had it with these morons who talk the talk and don’t walk the walk.

  27. I want to know how is Trump going to save our economy, I want to know what Trump is going to do about Obamacare I want it gone no government crap at all. What is Trumps views on gun ownership, I want our 2nd amendment upheld. I still have not heard how to plan to accomplish all he says. I know his stance on immigration, I love it, and his other stances of Muslims. I just want more information, I am going to trust Trump and vote for him. I hope my vote is the right vote, hope is all any of us have. Go Trump

  28. Two people dressed as kkk standing on line in Nevada for Trump were black,they didn’t cover their hands

  29. Richard Trundle

    CRUZ was born in CANADA and at the time,his parents WEREN’T AMERICAN CITIZENS EITHER. I been hearing RUBIO IS GAY?????

  30. 1st Jeb then Marco. can’t the establishment Republicans field a winner? Something is wrong with their calculations.

  31. Finally one candidate declared the truth when Rubio said that Trump was a “con artist”.

  32. Go after Hillary, NOT other Republicans. Bring up her emails, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, close “friends” who are no longer living and had questionable deaths…ANY dirt about Hillary.

  33. Trump is our next President; or there will no longer be a Republican Party. This is the undeniable truth.

  34. Dump Trump, I hope Rubio and Cruz gang up on him, he’s nothing but a bully. Too bad they didn’t go after him a long time ago, he’s a democrat, nothing conservative about him and he lies about everything.

    • I will never vote for either of these two pieces of obama squeaze. They are insiders and owned by wall street and the establishment. They care only about them selves and nothing for fools such as yourself.

  35. Dennis B Anderson

    Rubio a cuban with dribble on his chin ready to take on the 35,000 green cards that were promiced at Mandellas funeral between Raul Castro and Obama. He was part of the gang of 8. Cruz a canadian who voted for illegal amnesty the very thing thats going to sink America no thank you.

  36. Richard Trundle

    They better watch it SWINGS work both WAYS:::LOL

  37. Richard Trundle


  38. Rubio is nothing but a money-grubbing, greedy immigrant who doesn’t belong in our politics, and DEFINITELY doesn’t belong in the white house!

  39. Wonder if cruz and rubio swap wives like they swap lies?

  40. Donald Trump our next President, a real President, not another fake and liar like Obama.

  41. The utter overdrive of their insults of these two insanely desperate Incumbent runners along with Mitt Romney’s hypocritical comments makes many in America ask why! Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz know that Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. is pulling to far ahead and catching him is becoming an impossible goal.

    The GOP leaders such as Mitt Romney calling Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. a fraud , liar, loser and complete opportunist makes one think why Mr. Romney happily accepted Mr. Trumps endorsement for his 2012 Presidential run and unfortunately losing badly against Barack Hussein Obama in 2012. Who is the real loser here, Mr. Romney? If anything that can be concluded is that Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. was most definitely embracing the Republican Party 100%!

    The GOP doesn’t want Future 45th President of the United States of America, Proven Republican Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. to be their Incumbent but embracing two Nasty Pesky Cuban Water Bugs Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz rudely Demonstrating their Accelerated Crudeness of Utter Disrespecting Commenting on the National Media Stage is deemed Righteously Okay! The GOP has sat on their hands on Bushes last four years and continued their sitting quietly with no voice for the last eight! The GOP needs complete revamping and The Donald is going to help that obvious fix once in Office and Inaugurated as Commander In Chief in 2017!

    We don’t need another Pesky Water Bug with puppet strings like that of Obama’s puppeteer George Soros had controlled him with for the last eight (8)! An outsider such as Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. opposed to an insider is America’s only best bet to be Prosperous and Great Again!

    SO BE IT

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