Rosenstein to Trump: You’re Not Under Investigation

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reportedly told President Trump last week that he is not a target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, nor is he a matter of concern in the criminal case brewing against his lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Rosenstein met with the president at the White House last Thursday and, of his own accord, decided to assure Trump that – much like Mueller himself said earlier this month – he was not personally under investigation. Trump, now secure in the belief that these investigations are only tangentially related to him, reportedly told aides that he would not fire either man, as such a move would only prolong this already-interminable investigation.

If this meeting helped Rosenstein avoid the unemployment line, he did himself another favor on Thursday by finally releasing to Congress the infamous James Comey memos that lawmakers have been asking for. Those memos were immediately leaked to the press, where they were picked apart by Trump’s allies and critics alike. Nothing really newsworthy came out of them – we’d already heard much of this from Leakin’ James himself – but there’s no question that, in their full and complete context, they were much less damning for President Trump than his enemies made them sound.

Which brings us to Friday, when it was revealed that Trump had hired none other than Rudy Giuliani (who was once Comey’s boss up in the New York U.S. Attorney’s Office, we note with amusement) to join his legal team. In an interview, Giuliani let it be known that he hoped to negotiate a quick end to the Mueller investigation, and we’re sure that’s what the president would love more than anything. Trump has been handcuffed by these dreadful allegations from the day he took office; we can only imagine how his presidency, his agenda, and his approval ratings would skyrocket if the investigation could come to an end.

The left has been trying their best to paint Trump as this Machiavellian figure who spent his campaign and then his presidency breaking the law to the point of obstruction, treason, and beyond. But even the most hard-hearted critic of Trump cannot deny that with every new window we get into what’s really going on behind the scenes, his actions become that much less sinister. Has he made mistakes? Perhaps. But he made those mistakes because he appears to be genuinely confused, hurt, and outraged that, as a true patriot, he is being accused of actively colluding with Russia in a conspiracy against the United States. He knows he is innocent and he doesn’t understand why it is taking so long for Mueller and the FBI to become sure of the same. And frankly, looking at all the evidence that’s been released thus far, we don’t understand it either.

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